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7-28 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Jul 28, 2014|

Deke talks to The Voice of the Saints Jim Henderson live at Saints Training Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to sports talk on our resident pros okay guys on and Bobby a bear I'm Deke Bellavia coming up wrapped up first break the voice of the New Orleans Saints Jim Anderson stopped by. And give us his take on the first few days of training camp black -- practicing two days period of practice. If folks that Campbell through Rick 71 degrees but it really felt like it was about sixty degrees out there this morning much more on that. Coming up a little later down the line must coming -- on today's program we have a lot of sound -- two of the things off. With the -- -- coach Sean Payton doesn't mean also the people speaking to the media picked up a 63. And also coming up with wide receiver in the most of us. Addressing the media so we have a lot of common and I mean think Watson has always of them -- to get involved a 5042601870. Ought to go 38668890. And seven operated jaguar opinion poll with a W yeah Buick dot com. Measure the north sank from ninety in the -- against the rush on defense. Would it be better or worse each year in run defense keeping Kay show vote on line. It did you do -- you -- that com okay that's thought well with you in there the last two days -- looks at the body of work and if you win by the first few moments of practice. You were probably disagree with hope people can look at the whole body of work defense that we hope you liked what they've done. And really that inside Israel is one that the offense has had that open hand but the last two days the defense critical hole. Yes and I have to say every EO Bobby this morning was summit there were times today when saint here's gash them you know in a running game. I mean I didn't see it as lopsided does that mean you gonna have. You know whether you your -- Kelly were the doing team whether it's inside Israel. He is gonna have plays that you're gonna pop open. But it was good. To see that that. You know if they in fact are making more of an emphasis on the running game. Haven't liked it. But the one thing I think you could probably -- more than anything else because it was so cool out there. That -- mean you guys were really into it did it yesterday was a good. -- off. Kamal the line -- -- -- guy in the end it's kind of state posted -- -- But today it was it was a little bit more should be down and nobody went to pushing each other and on one another anything like that but they were few tackles being made down there. In the inside drill bodies flying around he hit the ground. Things like that and like you say -- with that wind blowing the way that it was the temperature had -- feel like it was about sixty degree. And I think that that there really. As a court to practice went on that's probably why you -- NC bury me deep balls being thrown in today's practice if you didn't have the big -- catch by nick tune it you saw yesterday or Jamie Graham. Or the busted coverage on -- and the other day. Because the wind was blowing so hard do a lot of talented is not the ball like it was because of the thirty miles an hour gym and hours and out there is at the top of that thing and and the lock down that net that he would use when they do the extra point field -- Mean one man it was blowing when we look like a trip for all -- -- a -- way back and the next minute it go the other direction. And I mean it takes a pretty good gust of wind to get that big net movement like that so I think that had a lot to do with the Pacers practices morning Sean Payton mentioned it. In his post practice the things he says it was crisp it was clean that it's the one quarterbacks and her exchange problem. In the inside Israel though McLellan yes he has -- down and it. You cannot think it would work with the first unit in that in that drill which doesn't mean anything at all but. But he wait. You're gonna have some little bumps along the way where he you have loads and -- quarterback problem but but all in all you practice was good in. And again I I'll say this for I guess as long as I'm around football -- in early stages of training camp defense always has the upper hand. -- is gonna have their big play from time down but by and large defense. Has the upper hand in the early going because. Has been Watson says offensively you're not you're not really shifting into and a whole lot of things dictates the defense off guard him make him move. Anything to try to get those guys that position everything's pretty pinellas of that lack the defense probably has the upper hand. 2601878668890. Rates in the economic development for predictable as the Saints -- -- almost for a couple of those moments a few things with his own training camp today and the for a few days here. -- -- the green rank eighteenth game -- now gone back to data in -- what is taking place at the district. The land and go with the linemen the defensive linemen go they can't get loosened up the heat this Natick and he eats each other. Keep it inside 30. And go from my vantage point -- sometimes you know once once that -- it's been this whole Olympic movement -- -- it. But you could not knowing anything about football and you could not oh well what route rhyme with -- on a what do it was doing. You can have got as close if you were just listening in the you would know doing what they weren't happy they weren't that real had been 00 you got a lot of -- oh right off the bat it was almost come it was like you know that's. This trio in a commitment to -- you know win the individual -- right pad level and in a row -- which is he way what real pleased. For blow by that and it well then educate the fan. And we -- -- inside through it's I drove mean. -- -- -- the same time when it's -- is going on the wide receivers and that the that the -- going 11. And that's an -- to win. If not 85 posted -- time not that there's no rush it is. A receiver to quarterback throwing at you with a -- so I think eighth time that's when they have the inside through which is basically. Run the Pittsburgh is run offense now it is 907. So all fits in theory should win now a bit about the team. Where they always put that added safety at the fill the gap and -- -- to the running backs is they need you mean. You and keep running backs held its eagle at this week -- flying in there. It and knocked it out running backs but it is -- nine on seven drills but it is on the Syria as the if you are running back bounced it out. That look good on the field but not necessarily be successful. If the -- the artist guy who has that gap control would make the plate now. With that being said. Rob Ryan had the right the it's it's the York Jets it's Chris I had -- -- taking his right there. It should have been a three yard gain -- as the tackle it's a thirty yard gain plus. Still up but Rob Ryan -- very colorful. It's like you just got up the partnership right there in the Mystic River walk that are -- water. Because -- language -- kind of salt in -- got to embrace it is almost like expect no quarter given local water. And now from the get go he's tolerant come on get after it. Of all let go. Now a team hicks is definitely a bright spot that thing I think John at that -- it would be a bright spot alone. A team -- to be trying to stock a stop the run. Along with -- Buckley and you look at that rotation. But all of us and he has that nice run. -- gash type play. And you get positive yards Pierre yet. You know four yards and -- and then all of us that they kind of -- through the -- Rob Ryan Eagles that's it. Hit the freaking guy that you kind of just imagine what was coming about because -- Robinson though. He gets a long run it and -- accident in. A year ago and and now Rob -- thing right up the middle right up the middle on the defense and eagle or ecology downhill you got to be downhill. And there were a point of attack and not let it in the office getting momentum where all of a sudden if it's a four yard gain that's a positive play but -- -- really hitting them. On the line -- -- to individual players. That really stepped up would be teammate. And then also look at Hiram walker. I'm not -- the backups nice play by -- -- walk rate noted as a pass rusher. Propels. You know he's -- New Iberia. But I have to think without that Lotta these -- -- cash plays. It was mainly against the back so I guess that's kind of good. I don't know it's gonna come about in a pre season game but it -- necessarily against stoppers would you consider. You know he fits. And in up but it bit there it was -- -- bars today. Had a nice gas as -- there. That the running back circulated that the with a -- he had a nice play. So that's that you hear of robber -- going on and over on and on he says. Dull in other words okay we -- had that nice cutback if he does that he says rob right -- overrun their -- basically saying. You got a million Simon and what you're doing. At the bottom line is looking and everybody and telling them to do you freaking job. So it was very colorful and I went on and on and I got kind of Nate is -- Middlebury -- -- -- old school football the language that I have heard by a number of years and his sidekick you got. Rob Ryan got open they get any better than those two guys and coach Payton loved that that they get they get in these players these in demand. What it takes to be atop the it. All right he's Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- I'm peak ability -- -- -- -- coming up later in the program on some misplaced as commentators will be critical work before the top of the 5 o'clock now with the -- they knocked him right here. The W did you go back to sports so I'm all about resident pro hockey guys on and Bobby a spare time the ability and in the ultimate that'll come in the boys. The New Orleans Saints GM in this -- -- thank you so much -- Jonas and I answered these abuses. 3132. And uses his you know 36 here 36. Man man I mean -- it was between now you know when you first cut any major differences well I think the amount of people -- lot of interest certainly. The amount of people on the sidelines in the way technology has changed. From a television or in radio standpoint. The fact that television in the old days you -- sitting next film from earlier in practice if you were on the road at Vero Beach or whatever. And your day was over and then in fact I was just thinking. The first time -- as a channel -- that I think we ever used by technology in sports was the day that Bobby was signed. Well in -- rust in 1985. And of course the net and came eye technology which was so predominant. It now on the day of the Internet social media it's a 24 hour to Asia as you well know -- because you were 24 hours and Morse. -- has been so kind of I would say it's on the way here yet. GM is god I've never began with people. They have driven to speed and and made a trip is shorter as the years passed away it was the fastest 141516. How amazing it is that discipline isle Maine and locating go -- they would be able by the book on the team yet in my constantly. It's a ball with things with some duct tape that we I went I. I made out all right I don't -- a -- -- that that was the -- -- me right -- answer -- every five minutes be limited they would -- -- rented the -- and yet -- it was only reading a -- -- here and receive the technology is that your exceeding the limit your -- it is like oh. Jim we've gone back -- the level of excitement so for me you know one wants someone has won a championship at any level it's kind of like what and that's -- -- -- means you win a championship and -- this season that. You know what happens may be better than others but they'll go to won a championship. Do you see this as maybe as much excitement is much. I mean it's just the local have nothing we get that there's a lot of excitement 32 came from -- with. The national media is is buying you could build a safe bet right. Yeah I think so too because especially because of the Saints have played so many nationally televised games recently and everybody loves drew -- -- about the style football the Saints play. They love to televise home games in the superdome in the Mercedes-Benz superdome do the networks the Saints have a very colorful fan base as we all well now. And they win at home so I think all those things that conspired this is an easy team to root for. Mean you look at this team and apart from an incident I think in the last year with. Joseph Morgan me off the field do you lie this is a team that's had very few things happen off the field that people -- look at askance at. So it's a good budget guys well coached with a great leader in Drew Brees. And a great amount of talent and I think if you look at the roster everybody's encouraged at this point but if you look at the roster with some of the additions they've made. You gotta think that maybe this is a team that's going to be a championship caliber they're close last year I think one thing to take that I think everybody's heartened by. As you look back at last post season. To lose by a touchdown and two point conversion to the Seattle Seahawks and then see what. Denver is this -- Seattle -- Seattle did to Denver rather in the Super Bowl and I think it just reinforces how close you are the maybe being as good as any team in the NFL. -- -- -- -- This is going to be a training camp that you belong to come to an island just sitting there you know you go -- watch practice in the morning and you're done. He currently the fifth I mean you volunteered to come off the -- and I he's. It all the kids and all of that game in his that is good. He earned what he looks so lonely when he's there hang around over total tally it different but it's amazing news -- want -- -- -- they've done it's great I mean I could sit up with you in the stands and have the best vantage point. And in television you can never do that because you have been next to your photographer to make sure he's getting the shots that you need. Make sure this communication that you don't wanna write something that he doesn't have or I always wanted to know you know tell me your best video I might not have seen the statute that. But to save some time pitcher there's so much pressure to churn out so much stuff. Tell me your best video -- right to it so you have to have that communication down on the sideline. Now I'm at at liberty to be up there with you -- have a better vantage point we could never do that in the past so. It's great I mean I probably don't have to be here but I. If I were sitting at home I'd be wishing I work and I don't think there's any short cut to preparing for season. And without being in training camp as far as the play by play guy goes and I'm sure. You guys who feel the same way as part of the process it is it is this is how this is where we laid the foundation as well for the rest of the season just like the coaches and players -- You would have very difficult time in pre season not seen the team because of the numbers of guys in the Al. After that first series win is Drew Brees market -- and giving him there out he'll eat you've got to be able associate that that number two names. You're exactly right -- every year you know just as we all try to look at -- do differently to make my. Broadcast better what can the players do differently to have a better season what can I had in my repertoire -- thinking today. In -- traditionally when you put together your depth chart -- your starters for stand down. And the starters played so seldom announced they can. You know for the wide receivers in the running backs have to go -- numerically start with the lowest number numerically go to the highest -- -- allow me if I do after I had my charts to find that number more quickly than if I'm pouring through the starters who like you -- her first series. And then we're seeing all the. We and it's your article vertebrae along those lines that was sixteen at that life and you get noble yet Atlantis Florida as radical in -- and that's true value having you have to divorce yourself from whom you've seen. In that number in the past and he still make that association. When you see that number you think well that's also that's so it's. -- in this day. Is the voice of the New Orleans Saints -- -- his take on how he thinks practicing on the first few date including today's practice that you don't you don't lose time. Is 53432. Type of person who go to Q Hansen. The sport so well on our resident -- -- guys on and Bobby a bear I'm Deke Bellavia offered a jaguar thing imposed thing what nineteenth. Last year and against the run that was total in rush defense and -- a -- 111 yards per game do you think the Saints. Will be better or worse in 2014. You can -- vote online at WW dot com. He can take of the voice in New Orleans Saints Jim Henderson Jim book dvd is a floor beautiful as an opportunity kind of give a -- on the first two days of. Well in the second day in pads but obviously the weather's a big deal I I can't remember the last time I hit on. Three layers of clothes on July 28 to watch the Saints practice was actually -- For the most part I think it's the highs -- that was could be 49 overnight here tonight so that's been great I think it's attitude everybody's. Quickness little quickness in their step that it certainly has allowed the Saints I think to to play a practice at a greater pace. All -- -- I think one of the things I think they came out today. That will probably be echoed in the next few days as the recommitment to the running game. And that's something they talked about a lot they're stressing it more. They hope to be they certainly got talent at the running back position and some depth. Seasonal saying can never actually running backs that they've got some good ones there perhaps some goodness it won't make this team. But I think one of the reasons when you look back on last season. They arc and -- that today. Now running the football what you have to run the football late in the game to control the clock and keep the -- opponents hands I think back to that New England game. At it that you think of what Mike -- -- that that was her fourth quarter it was at least it seems like six or seven times that okay. But he's getting the crap knocked out of him. But we move in the change we eat up the clock and all of a sudden the game's over. -- -- well in hand. In that matter thought to have that work parts of -- to -- -- moves in that rotation. But if you get through that and -- it was a dog that is Backstreet and NL where this is on -- being paid to pitch at the numbers. That we you look at who want to -- admirable. We had the greatest show whatever we break broke the Rams -- it. That's not by accident yet and it was six rushing that. And it's so he -- back to that. In the passing of the Drew Brees with no I mean I don't know how you could stop this thing. Now and I mean the idea of being able to run the ball and control the clack late in the game as we while we're talking about -- that New England game when they couldn't get that first down. Had to get the ball back to a -- Brady who beat them in the final seconds of the game in the Saints truly at one. So that's an important part of having a running game late in the game. And also the elements you look at Seattle. And Seattle's one little fashion attack it -- over overpowered you in the passing game but they've got Marshawn Lynch and they're going to be games. Where you have to contend with the elements like that final game against Seattle. Where that running game becomes predominant because it's so difficult to throw the ball. And so I think both of those things I'm sure Sean Payton is look back at last season's. Currently if we run the ball better we beat New England if we run the ball better we might have beat Seattle and go to the NFC championship game so. Hopefully that commitment will continue you know they also mentioned. Teams can take away your run and then you have to pass against Arizona last year. Now with the Saints on how to prepare for a that they. It may perhaps weren't terribly ready for so they took to the -- and just laced them up through the at the -- -- program yet terrific game. So I think that's one of the themes. The fact that this answer at least now talking about recommitment to run. You know one thing on that I was looking at prior to the seasons -- -- are really interesting article on caused me it. Do to take pause -- really look at the schedule when I first came out we -- on all the -- are playing three out of four their first four on the road. You know the Saints don't play team with a winning record from last year too weak -- That's at home against Green Day. They only play one road game against team made the playoffs last year. That's at Carolina October 30 they don't have any games at Seattle San Francisco Green Bay or Philadelphia. Masters other NFC playoff qualifiers and the only -- the Saints play west of the Mississippi is it Dallas. So if you got to get off to great start he should mean you shouldn't and and the schedule is really conducive. Much -- opened at first blush when you saw them play. Three out of their first four on the road but also against. Fourteen to it would record. Now it gives you look at. Expectations. Obviously. You -- no matter what the sport MBA NFL. When you reward a player. And you pay him big money. -- him there you'd pay him what he's gonna do in the future. That I think truly when you look at statement if you are that'd be objective. That what we're paying Sean Payton is a coach were paying Drew Brees. As a quarterback. That we should expect another Super Bowl appearance I don't within a lead but you would -- because they -- been rewarded and we paid what they gonna do in the future. Yet to you know body when guys are in contract years they've been playing great as Jimmie did last year. They get that big money some guys itself satisfied to others as is as a Peyton Manning for instance it just Spurs them. Disperse them to be even better today to justify what they're getting in and to show people they deserve perhaps. Even more and I think it comes down to the quality of the individual. I thought Jimmy its first day on the field here showed everybody that he's ready to go arrived in great society is that they are proudest of now like the what drew were there are shots as I told we should stay in Miami haven't got it rained yet. So I think I've been very impressed with Brandon cooks early -- now -- mention mentioning today or sit in -- stance I haven't seen him drop a ball. I don't know it's not one not one of what I like about Brandon cooks -- you look at the number recognition oh. Number Kahne who who's been the last number ten trying to make a -- right. Is the -- -- they'd -- yeah I -- it a human error on the field they get right and something about that clicked right away Brian Cook them within a. Cuomo saying that what the voice of the New Orleans Saints Jim Henderson in a -- won't be long now week from on this coming week in it they will be calling their first. BC's game of this group of pre season and that's at the excitement the St. Louis Rams. Okay guys on by the evening Jim Henderson with us here this is saint radio WW. And welcome back winding down with it was a visual and thanked him and listen let's go to Mike in metro on line one Mike thank you for calling them you know. Yes I am pumped up I'm really pumped up I think it -- big. Moment. And it -- the Louisiana race seagate involved but -- Summoned -- volatile issue. And it and it didn't -- right way enamored. You need to be solid game stood upon. They better step on all of those I deeply into the back and I'll sit back in that than. Compare him to comment on the bag -- few moments. Am as moving forward now -- who -- if you. Look at the NC. It was issues if you but it. I would feel look at it the way it goes in four words. The Eagles -- -- care for the via via. In one of the awful may be could have won those 20 at least I made it very competitive game that by -- think it. One would be something oh when he isn't a concern. -- -- to -- the. Well as far as the Saints go I think is just not to have a month on number of injuries at the same position. I think the Saints have depth but -- last year you know their entire. That's secondary is pretty much wiped out at the cornerback position they've taken steps to rectify that. I think the Saints are obviously the favorite in the NFC south. What I -- have that has been Watson about this today that you might have seen what he said a couple weeks ago. As someone -- is interviewing him and asked him to handicap the NFC south is that -- worry about Carolina. The defending champion as to why he civil since realignment 2002 lead I'm sure he knew these statistics but. Since realignment 2002 the defending NFC south champions are all for eleven. Trying to repeat yeah so passionate about it and -- the NFC south is also place -- at the last the worst of first finishes a lot. And I think campus -- got to watch him to shoot two. I -- like you know if you look -- what was your fifth I want to say the only year following winning a high note came back with success. Was in nineteen Saints and they were thirteen 31 and ones who vote in the came back this year. And they finished eleventh by the runner up to the Falcons but he came back over the net now we've not success they look like off the map that the with a youthful. And you look at Carolina as the Saints fan and here it was wishful thinking you know that cam Jordan says he still matter. Cam Newton says he still not a 100% yet after the ankle surgery did you get in the offseason. Kevin Benjamin I think that's shaken up. And he went offered MRI think today on his knee that don't think it's serious. They get rid of their entire -- receiving corps. They have the problems on the defensive line with the defensive end who we had off the field issues. And so you know wishful thinking once more you there are reasons to think that Carolina's not going to be the team that it was last year and that's some of the things that happened the teams that win the division apart from like you say the Saints who were so competitive and conine and -- and then. You know the only thing Carolina in that that you have a -- and deference if you look at the top three front that is defensively in the NFL Carolina it and number. Captain Dolan a love that name now he's with the Vikings. And but you know that question -- say in NATO by the receiving corps. Have a great middle linebacker yet yeah -- Heatley and ha ha you know -- love him. But I'll always -- always been a levees with them I think that when it's doable. Without a competitive a team. I think it can win it though whatever. That proves that -- in the -- that is done if I'd have a surprise team. It it would be Tammany and not the -- with I don't know about what's gonna do anything. They got looked at Dolphin to be with a blind in the stretches but. I'll I'll wouldn't etiquette Tampa Bay a terrible -- -- of as the with the tackles. It's just -- that mentality. That -- it's an -- those -- brother. Josh McCown a would Kenny do -- we can with the Bears do with him. -- that's that's the question. Are right he -- the voice of the New Orleans Saints would be Jonas throughout training camp Jim thank you so much in Melbourne next week of beginning to look and looking forward to a peak and that's I think for us when you turn the corner -- it's a Monday game week to week goes by faster you've -- truly things to prepare for -- day to day basis to be ready for that opener. It's a game weekend that always gets people little bit more excited and we will -- -- be the voice of the New Orleans Saints here on saint tree EO Jim and is coming up next to give the code word in the 1000 -- some misplaced as contest on WW. And welcome back to sports we got a -- gates who including Ben Watson -- -- coach Sean Payton pose more of today's practice break now about president pro cookie guys on. And Bobby a bail wall to wall coverage Christie Garrett keeps you quick -- each and every day. A few moments after the practice -- -- that ticket to get Neifi are being interviewed and Christensen to accounts an overview. All the practice -- -- David hesitated books dealing Gillis and in all of the things that happened from the podium. With all the players and coaches that I have what is called the resident proved meaningless hokey guy Jacques embody a -- say. After each -- practice we put it down on paper inactive for our staff has cost the tweeting it's that you upbeat throughout the entire practice -- well. Taking pictures shooting you you name it we have it it's a great hopeful all sorts of information and if you're not there yet just thinks the -- -- -- 87870. And you can get all of the latest Saints formations and of course English target for me -- As a tie with Pete sick to -- camp. Also -- 60 point 7803866889. He writes in the is that nobody can -- operated jaguar opinion -- on line is that because you -- dot com. -- into -- takes on nineteenth in the league against the rush will they be better or worse against the run in 2014. You can cast your vote online at WW -- Dot com when it's time now with some misplaced has contest code word and the -- this now is lamp. The co workers now it's my LA MP Texaco were Atlanta 72881. -- 72881. For your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting down your -- are you a chance to an easy 1000 dollars some as biased as. It's just one takes the win. Listen for the -- where before the top the only -- tomorrow morning -- sodium and remember we never thought with Texas but individual player -- and data rates apply. Good luck -- Smart -- Q radio dot com and all of us here at their peak at Buick.