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7-28 5:10pm Sports Talk: Sean Payton

Jul 28, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team listens to what Saints Head Coach Sean Payton had to say earlier today at training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number two of sports talk with -- thanks to the hole is that the New Orleans Saints here on century Jim Anderson for stopping that will be visiting with him throughout the entire. Bought a training camp out here at the Greenbrier in -- sitting -- ain't very cool day today would be an understatement folks. It was chilly this morning out on the practice fields the black and -- It exit fourth Saturdays kind of -- the end of the tunnel they would have -- -- scrimmage on Saturday and he'll be off on Sunday. In the game because they played the St. Louis Rams. All in August that line so unlocked the -- to hear coming -- we're here for -- chomping at the the bottom of the hour news also wide receiver toon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And many others as well operated jaguar opinion poll on line at that peak at Uga comment by Q. To Chiming in. Do you think the New Orleans Saints run defense will be better this season the Saints went from 32 in the league a year ago and nineteenth. They were nineteenth against the run. Do you think the Blanco will be better all worth against the run in 2014. You can Castronovo. On line that that you do that you you know dot com and back to support notes indicating came in about being 80. Absolutely had just it just kind of alert the listeners don't want to listen very Palin the bit Watson interview how he views are running game. Oakland I thought it was very interesting the way that that he him I'll leave it that but the wind of that that he views the running game. You know we get to that now will play here and watch that because we're trying to get QB ran the Munich complete -- him because he's viewed. As the Packers Stephen tied in and obviously. A -- in like I hope we re energized by the rules who is very important. Could their like Portman it's tackle. But when you run the ball because their responsibility can get and their case they were they were better blocker than a lot of tackles yeah -- yes and no doubt that definitely helped the running game in. I've been Watson said he always trying to get better. And you know it to about leverage -- pad level. A lot of times that want to talk about who you block it as far as the size. In -- -- they're trying to work with Jimmy Graham that maybe beating complete tied in. That even go to a running play that Jimmy Graham will be that weekly. And you can't get it done that you could expect that considering. How we've been rewarded as excited what you're paying him but he's been. I believe -- by or an oval one touching guys last three years. At exciting position. I think we had a full caller. Report it to Jim grew close that out the last hour. Talking about he's all excited. You know looking forward to this season but. You know asking where we get as fourth in the secondary. Not yet the thing about this I was talking about the running game. That kind of kind of cool but radar I'll -- as the -- was number two in the national football. Knotted -- five. When and move forward the fit as far as the vote even given up yards but I'll as the -- with them -- I think too far right rear. Before he got hurt with a big part of that long we -- those at that 12 punch as far as that I cornerback position. Now look at as. Practiced that in college progressive where we're at. I think Rob Ryan give give every chance -- Pat Robertson. Whoever it might be. You know even -- Corey white in obviously Cam -- The better. Just look at them on notes in and what he was able to do break and now the quarterback will be at the -- position. When they start the team drills. Mike Keenan he'd dropped it. You know low talking about game turnovers. A Colston. A little bit of drag it over -- middle. And it would just amity in there because he's taken over the coals then. Big receiver Eddie is that the six -- seven yard gain. But like he didn't nice job in -- drop drop but that type that pick now the next play with -- Ingram plus five. And they had that feeling back -- -- passing game. Nice as the fifth -- you know I've mark three times. Were Keenan Lewis. Basically just knock the ball well. Past the pin at night getting it interception. But batting the ball away in not letting the receiver -- Now with that being said not necessarily a positive note on the back in a team. So far camp -- Robinson dropped the easiest it is that you get a ride and a chance. Colonial he attic that you can't beat two million dollars. And he is that he did a great athletic interception. Athletic interception both -- a linebacker all Harvard yesterday. I mean in and you -- all -- dropped to you've got to meet that label that a kind of -- it in he did not in his drone. In that regard branding coach which is very promising. He school -- -- one rout them account rumba a twenty yard out route. And and he rob with deadly -- by getting beat deep. Well Randy cooked and he gave -- a twenty yard. Pass -- a lot of competition. In the secondary. Candidate dark Arsenal far and we've talked about this that I'm against a bring it -- now the it is down love 42. I'm a guy work in this thing that -- the safeties Pierre award. Ease the rookie out of Jacksonville native got a couple of rookies. When what you look at it. -- Tuesday even at three rookies. That's not traditional SEC or big time schools like rotated Jill. And in the fifteen -- Courtney Roby Toma 6300 -- the -- with your from Valdosta State. Along with Lawrence -- That you lord for six foot 5295. All night I'll also rookie out of Valdosta State he would had. That's activities do you look at it to Valdosta State guys. Would you go back to appear award from project those -- It's things like he's always. In the bigs make -- plays in a public interest it today. That that interception. The idea warned today now this was -- good -- -- nickel in them -- sixteenth hole getting used that number because. Or who you think you have a sixty hope we talked about that. Atlanta or in order remained steady but now that's a big receiver Brandon Coleman. When you look at it now being at six foot six. But he kind of went through his hands in -- theme. But very. Where play about the Arab articles that would -- interception. And I'm standing right I'll be at the bags in Alan Keenan Lewis from the West -- very vocal. -- -- -- Champ Bailey and all and I don't you think that the play it bad looking get it done. So like at them as being a big name in the meeting room -- -- that now that we aren't ready to UPS lawn with it yet there's still -- -- -- than that -- other -- that was kind of comical and interest in. That Pierre. That appeared here. That yeah you know they're well one of the apparent that was -- Warren is known as Pink Panther. Probably and that's saying -- a meeting room biking in those and -- -- -- -- -- it is and that he caught it reacted to the balls solo. I don't know we need is secondary. To play like you played last year but -- that is truly going to be among the best. And the jury's still out because I'm telling you -- the two biography of my career before you heard the with a big part of that success. Oh opposite -- and -- the quarterback position. That's the case you can about the eBay he's okay guys -- the yet become Williams Saints coach Sean Payton. -- relief -- victim but Zach Strief -- team and been watching a lot of sound of it -- in your take as well this is sports talk on the home with a black and gold WW real. And welcome back to sports are coming up after the bottom by the hour news and take a break they will come back he would -- chomping -- -- -- After the day's practice also -- you've been Watson wide receiver in the team. -- the quality of the -- picked up Butler and Zach -- in the last of the days. Weather has been interesting to say at least a steak at a rain forced it down the hero and to date some cooler weather but as a walk down he'll. You could see some of the members of the Saints at Stanford kind of what it was a comedy film. They were running back a full open down he'll. Doing some cross that exercise and picking up that comment dumb bill wait -- him at any moment now that would -- in. Who coached me right after the practice did you wanted to work. I am ranked pace you recognize him they're fun no -- the scouts. Didn't really knows the other couple -- with. That was quite a -- work out that they were doing there and they start out and they were -- -- -- I don't know exactly what you call that it I caught up -- deal you know over down some like it because there's tiger crossed it routier you'd have to weigh in here and run up the hill and and it may come down and -- welcome -- -- so. Well -- I our target date is there right now -- -- -- you notice anything -- you -- like to work -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know kind of joke of but it is kind of like the lifestyle. Which Sean Payton has brought about with this organization. And I still think that interested investigate. That I don't know how many coaches. Did conditioning test when their prospective team that 32 teams. -- nothing shall pay only one that I would not be surprised. I mean they can -- a Dicky the other coaches that are in shape we will -- Austin. I beat you because it works and I think -- -- slow -- motivated now is believe it and that at this stage in it. But when I look at. They what it takes and a healthy lifestyle who wouldn't want to do it but Wright well all I know is. And I kind of joked about it is Andy Reid Garrett needed you to cheat -- -- -- fifth and he does it. And obviously they have coaches that are in shape with Sean Payton is an unbelievable. Condition and a putter respect yet. The players respect that when. The coach ask you to do actually -- are a conditioning drills and then you know that as it means something to do that he's not doing. Now I'll I'll I'll organizational things around for years younger than me so he's probably 49 if you were right through the years in the with Sean Payton hit it the -- symbol or is like. Account like it Drew Brees he's almost like a mere thirty young thirty. I could this you know when we're in right now. No doubt about it crossed it is a streak in the nation that's and -- it where we do with it's it's a popular on the heels of peaks and valleys and he was talking apartment on and we walk off. Through -- Osama like -- both tunnel. And Walcott then it would go to practice and in the course of the the weather forced -- out the other day but there. Even even close in the media it's an open book if we we we -- what -- Norman who will -- him. I told the -- and hope you guys estimates that I'm not trying to -- -- about it. Like that that long -- -- all that go to my -- few days are over I don't feel like -- -- Celebrex every day room on my knees well enough. That I want -- the price now. It's a lot harder if he ever had any problems that forty thirty. You look at hope he's he's also it's a lot hardy at that he this. Coming downhill. Him vs going resistance yes and so. You know it it it it's a great facility bit. No we paid out do you think it's so you have any deal like that that quote that kind of -- -- -- you get them into president especially Joseph living ago whatever right about that the last resistance. Yeah is that in that the like use that -- swimming but because they get to the point. What is that grind and now it's counterproductive. Because he knows our system so I think it. I did is more who. Like he. So now. -- he was he all right that they'll let you know I know that it might even Elvis noncriminal thump -- I think economic and on. The two point. -- I know I know a lot of licences. That is have been out to a night practice it's the distance from. Zephyr field over the it probably advice that necklace and deal yet which eagle but it had to deal and -- -- it we hit the wall he's back in meandering. Off now we've moved him pound the date. Yeah I don't play that thing is yeah you know it's good -- -- -- -- if you need to kill -- Jones and in you know then he gets to be counterproductive but we got it all worked out so it's going to be. That you know and I scored -- -- that's. Oh to Marcus on -- mile long Markus thank you for calling -- did you know. They are very you know all of this. John please remember that tactic to cure on these -- can. Yeah -- -- out he would have more fun after practice leader Brandt eight you don't you bring up giant piece that probably never seen it -- that -- line coach any coach like him. I don't know that you ever grew up. I mean -- Hammond. He was the coach that I seen coach you lost nine pounds and -- put himself. He had run out before practice and put the ball the opener -- thought it was crazy. He took for showers that day. In the third and David Potter all over everything at them like but. There's. A small forward it to see what the -- It's at this problem that bodies that you. Have a habit -- -- -- but I hectic I got too much respect for -- I don't think. But for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to me Q what you would project to get to -- beard. We had a collar tactic Robinson in -- -- Them. -- -- -- -- Robertson and and I think. Markets appreciate it is that -- grind looking for the best players you know really have that -- cracked racquet. We packed Robinson as the Nolan -- to keep it that it or in the last week. In the first round. But ultimately it's an NFL. Here's where maybe you reflect back statement. In game when he started. Was it the Packers on the road and I think error Rockets -- -- And at that meeting like well this and it. I don't have a -- Now would rob Bryant do. That look in his skills that. You know at the class the climate the big cornerback. You know -- talked about that wouldn't normally. Along with damaged teeth what you production. And like that it got Derek -- an opportunity out there right now I think Marcus. That rob. In my dignity and the other because they've paid a million dollars. To lead down the production. That's like he's definitely -- -- the and he produces. At camp regrets in the preceding games and rob Bryant trusted them he he might have the starter. But he's on the -- that because -- demanding a lot. Marcus thank you so what's typical come back here from Saints coach Sean Payton -- idea whose time is 530 ones I'm a person who will go to Don. And welcome back to sports talk another -- -- -- training camp a fried green right in ways that Kenya and it after the day's practice state coach Tom -- -- the media here is coach Mike. So. Just regarding our schedule -- we're still all we would call a schedule which is had a practice in the morning. And then the former walk through in the PM. And again this afternoon will be down on the lower field. Any questions. Coach just the way -- -- were -- to find a little bit we're not close yet it's we're not close we're we're in the tunnel. And there's no life right now and I'm serious when I say we're into our second had a practice but there is a point probably -- it depends on. The weather and depends on but it's all relative right. So we're just starting. Kevin -- you look at the film it's one thing that I hadn't been present level seven inside drill it all the offensive line. -- if you look at the cash. Well couple things can be in defense of the defense. When you drew you do what you true. Drill like that. You know -- without safeties and so much of the game is. How you're didn't anytime a safety. -- the box. You're you're technically fit now have to get cleaner as a defense but that being said it's it's a great drill. To. Not just develop toughness but really develop low pad level there's usually below. Below that level. Player wins. And -- typically when you have a drill like that you have. Snaps that are real good for the defense steps that are real good for the offense. But the ones that are really good for the offense seemed. More significant because you have a running back -- -- run down the field but defensively and offensively that's that's a back and forth it's a technique drills really. When you look at leveraging pad level and I was pleased this afternoon I thought our battle level was better than it was yesterday morning you feel Roman competition. God talk I thought we -- we've had good tempo practice. Numb. I thought it was Chris we'll see the film -- him there again that you can kind of goes back and forth totally kicking game as well we did some good things. But up after our second had a practice. There there were a lot of things we can -- -- can they get corrected secondary look. Really good today eighteen the minimum -- Hero. And Robinson when did you see that today. But you know it again I say this yesterday there's there's some periods were all of a sudden it seems like you're you're completely a lot of balls there's other periods where. Where you're not -- defensively. It was better today. Than it was yesterday in the morning -- so you just keep looking for signs of improvement can and do you want that to happen. Back and forth from both sides of the ball -- individual player to -- we -- you evaluate our -- according to -- -- -- those need to disease like. Hit an interception got us a guy's got his hands on the ball. Then made a nice play. No I think. I just finished talking about this what. With the whole team. But when you're looking at the safety position when you're looking at linebacker tight ended. All these players. Better trying to make an impression. Our -- have a chance to do that now and certainly they're gonna have a better chance to do that when we start -- pre season games and then every year there's going to be two guys that make it because of the kicking game news they cover kicks. Good -- -- they're Smart they know -- to be in. -- so. No he's a player that would fall into that category but. He's got good ball skills and then. You're appears to be. Good reactions and someone that we know this begin to pick up what we're doing so. You know we just keep giving him perhaps given all these guys were -- him he's one of those players over the kicking game's going to be real important. No different than a handful the other guys coming off an injury you know how they know they bounced back in him. I think he's in good shape then I think that. You know I think he's amid a 100% him and is just getting back into the football. Physically getting back into football. Shape them and carrying the Madson. Been doing all the little things well but but I am anxious to see. It was tailgate early and it's. Not part of it and everybody has been you know anytime you can you can. They. He's -- of course I. I get the ball. Well it would be both you know he can use a starter going into. Going into the offseason a year ago and you play so many packages and you're competing for snaps and then. And I think that he would be a player that's here competing for those -- opportunities didn't base more -- in some sub defense. Memorializing him a lot of snaps and state news that he's on the run very well excuse we get a lot of our safeties doesn't really enter his business is. He's not getting a lot of work and say you know he's playing he's playing me inside nickel. Seems like he's done -- -- come on yeah well might be because of information we've been and so he his primary snaps or come and a corner or in the slot. So it might be a formation that made it look like world and in and out coverage all the sudden put him high. But really his role is going to be is that there's a corner is an inside player in them somewhere in the kicking game. You take one. It's not a big concern. Well I think the point of emphasis. For our players and it is not only did our run defense our run offense. You know having the ability. To control the game. Both on defense and on offense. That's something we've talked about it we've talked about in this training camp and so I know. We'd like to improve. Defend and run at him. And certainly like to improve and get our running game then when you when you start. Defensively and you can take. The way that element from an offense that's pretty significant. Then we've played games offensively were. We felt like that area has been taken away and I and I know it just. They're really limits you that in the and so I think that that's an area we wanted to improve and but I would say that goes offensively as well and I think that that's. No just there's times in the second half. Were you wanna have a little bit better control of the game and in order to do that. It starts with front offense and run defense. Baseball you don't really it's. Something. Well we think we're one of those teams and knowing him. We we played that way and our first playoff game against Philadelphia. And and really approach the second playoff game much the same way so. Now would we want to improve that area yes we feel like that that's going to be important for us and we feel like one of those teams. You don't -- -- it's. Everything really well both. -- There and Robert will be back here I think in the next day or so. But with regards injuries there's always Mike whenever we get into detail what the. Well it's it's. It's very important. No hey we have a great relationship. And he's someone that I've gotten I've got a ton of respect for -- we. We've got a real good line of communication. Then. It's it's one of the steps of function well they wouldn't functionality -- our program you know ownership. Front office. Coaching staffs and all of that. I don't ever take for granted because you if you look around our league that doesn't exist -- every other teams so. He served a real clear thinker. He's got great ideas and he's he's very steady in. Dealers that I could born on here without. Just going through all of his strengths but but the relationship in the consistency to be in. Know what is my eighth season but nine years together. That's that's important for some continuity there and do the same thing applies -- our owner. That all filters down and and I think the players are able to see that in him benefit from that as well do you -- -- -- he's really know -- -- You guys still found a home page you know I I would say is that it's good question. He's an interior linemen who he is getting a lot of snaps at center because it's it's really first full season. But he's also -- player that can play guard and the versatility but Lyman has. You know tackle that can play right to left were more interior linemen that can play garden center. You're only -- only able to take X number of players to the game and so. Generally it's either to back up so maybe three back ups and the offensive line so that versatility is important. When your friends and trivia questions I hear it's not. Trivia question Tuesday night. Yeah he's not you it's. Tuesday night. Don't worry about tribute right there. Once I got to the minute you do I don't know everything was okay. What we're done -- spring we've done in the fall just not training camp. But I think -- the point is not so much in the warm -- drills but as it is it visits. Like anything you know playing during. The team girl you can you're you're still having to focus and maybe all of a sudden now. It's not certain so much crowd noise but has just been -- focus on the next play -- big points would bring up his. You were in grade all the -- and have a chance to see the tape we just don't want one mistake leading to the next candidate you're just looking for that that mental discipline if you will. That ability to focus when it's noisy loud busy because a lot of times at this feels that way -- special when you're on the road. What did you learn from. -- love watching them. Absolutely. I think good. Mean Joseph someone that daily here I'll talk about schedule. Where our teams. You name and we we didn't mean he provides me and -- not always with what I wanna hear it and that's pretty valuable what what I need to hear. There was regards -- You know you get back to the the passion of coaching and teaching and then you have to have better than. The players want it and they wanna -- -- taught him they want you to give them means to improve and that's our job as teachers. Just made imagine this week hydraulics. Gives me and I don't lose it again 45. Just. I'm not sure just -- different he certainly is further along though is what we're doing pen didn't the improvement he's made. Just with regards -- protections. In doing so what you see is a player. That once he knows what to do is his. All of a sudden. Not SS and and much more the size of you know he's had some real good -- real good run cut today. He's a physical then and he's just really continued improvement one more question. That's what it's. Saying do you think you know like pouring. -- was given. Well we saw him. We saw him on tape quite a bit which followed Tampa Bay in about 45 games in the second half of the season. They did some good things in the running game in Minnesota we saw him come up on film. And then when he was a free agent in the offseason he was a guy we weren't sure we weren't sure that we -- -- Be able to sign. -- took a visit them and fortunately. Things worked out but he's a bigger fullback so he's got some size and some mass I think that helped that helped him but he's also got some flexibility. What's where you can alive because of his size and he can also run and play special teams. And it is Saints coach jumping KG can you want to point out some about the running game -- exactly who it struck me was elaborating on what you look at the -- especially the last four games Salo who ran the ball and throw about that Eagles game we just -- the Eagles on the road. I mean this is proof in the -- we averaged five point one yards an attempt. Had a 185. Yards total. 36 attempts. Thanking you you look against the Seahawks averaged four point four yards. -- would be trying to get to from the -- -- this season. At risk it's the kind of established his dirt pre season. And it -- to do that on the road Atlanta and then I Cleveland -- the season as the Kasey Kahne Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on going to be your view.