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7-28 6:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Jul 28, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL Listeners live from Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number three of sports talk alone our resident -- for you guys on embody a bear I'm peak ability we have a lot of Sam McKee two. And the next two hours including -- Watson Nixon. Picked up Butler and Zach Strief and right now we're Victorino about operated jaguar -- -- on line if you get you real. Dot com the Saints defense was nineteenth against the run in 2013. Do you think they will be better or worse. This season came to vote on line did -- give you real. That -- what he it's in a battle with don't think you'll want to see who will be the starting center. Tim Alito addressed the media following that day's practice in Houston but -- -- -- also smaller chance. Stalled there and -- think it's. Good Minnesota they're so scared to get better. You think you'll have a competition. -- your head feeling you know I was and you guys alternate different teams that turns out he's playing his way you can. Does this golden to a larger than her okay go -- -- conservative says there's million of us aren't so well why I'm back there. Notably a loss and also doing. It was washing a little self but he does write all -- -- solo home. You know try to pick up -- -- -- that moment. Those aren't around. Good event and it's. It appeared that is an older pitchers -- or once it's awfully good dinner you know solid moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- should tear the team that wouldn't think so it's. -- -- -- they remembered it for more on and on to the light years struggling with right now and they didn't you notice -- now. Yeah it's yeah. Yeah I have I make the haven't had any captain. It's. This -- coaches -- available for those are certain positions but it's been so blessed to have a guy. Who actually work to do and then. They don't teach you things us this season and a dog doesn't here. It is not so good no gloves and anything you'll become just another you know where the bowl trying to make this team better. And then transition. Martin -- that helps you get the foothills. Thinking negatively yeah. Learned a lot to me. You can shoot some of those Little League thirteen years old then you've just got to try to live. Try to be balanced offense doesn't want to use them minds obviously. So being -- bounces. -- -- Save you more -- I think if you go and zero to a game doing what ever worked at plus Morgan and his -- start getting. -- Cardinals plus zero when they were in terrible things are talking with -- small room so. I think it's you know when they give me -- -- -- that's hard to run the ball so. One -- so I don't know I think coach has been really great about a no holes on the straight and looking and seeing -- -- good -- there and watch it later -- against them. It's the biggest transition gardens. Muscle while Alonso. Friend findings -- now. Well. It's definitely the same time it's the same because last series competing together on the team this -- competing for a job when the starting slot so. So coming into it and -- the same same fundamental is does in this Bill Stewart -- -- no accident so well I don't think there's way. Only you can take any player is offered to take days off for mile and a solo especially when they don't groceries -- a position where there are some of the mental challenge. You can just bomb. You know mom and identifying. Defense isn't it isn't like you're going this believe me it helps -- drew is drew does a lot of little -- but well I'm still not there for me. No just just say stuff and I think my -- on our -- it's wearing us open so. It's. Just feel like -- as good -- any help your game -- it's. The other six and bring your guess deal unless -- yeah it's all in LA just -- so. It's -- In the leagues nobody in and one of those main drew that you sent through the -- of land open of sop up some pretty big hole. Yeah the is pitted dog fight. The first talk with -- lining it the first few minutes of line now if you look at the whole team you total perspective. It's a big advantage that is sick the second and third string. All of that that line for the second and third -- the with the line as far as in the rankings. The only bright spot I was good back -- on the today. And you -- state is that Tyler Walker. It -- The guy three year veteran. Did you write very good -- the most intriguing if he -- probably elaborate or this the more intriguing. 0101. Lineman matchup as far as when you look to pass protection. I'm trying to look people who drilled and look at it 101. With Drew Brees the quarterbacks throw to receivers hit the secondary. Did you glance overlook what's happening development of line. Both want to the most intriguing reps. When they get a chance go -- one another is to run arms -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And to -- Armstead is definitely holding his -- if not. Has an edge to -- which is encouraging considering. At that do you -- they had twelve sacks. Last year so looking at that match up. Now but the lead did respond after but at the beginning -- they got the best. Do you go let now the one thing who is now tackle eligible. Does that that was factories of position. Early on in. And and you and you look at he has now the guy. I think he's and and -- enormous competition. To make it -- that is price harassed the three year better out of Fresno state atmosphere right now because of the experience. He's their third tackle. But I don't know how solid that job is within that he got his behind with that it by Kenyatta Dolphin I'm in the 55 when you look at it that the past -- -- this seven year. Guy -- got Rogge reported season started might be back to high school in Shreveport from Texas Tech we all those significant play he had. Against the Falcons in that game we Kenyatta adults to get the best of -- Harris. And also like Thomas -- them with sixty before your -- out of Vanderbilt 67 -- 310. He got a abuse that a few times so he looks like Zach Strief. Who we need him we need him to play like that street all right coming up next to hear from Saints receiver nick and ran in the gonna give him. All the sounds of the day's press conferences after practice this is the black and gold home they won't -- -- -- WW. And welcome back to sports talk to Saints defense is nineteenth against the run in 2013. Would they be better or is this season cast your vote online at W have you -- Dot com -- he is again it going into camp meaning failed yes they have a good camp -- always -- -- camp good. He's going to work this entire offseason workouts OT in making it. Saints receiver too well for the first time at their training Cam Newton addressed the media following Tuesday's practice at the Greenbrier and -- between. The. Like this and you can. They know all you know just hits and try to continue. And I know what I did last year build off what I did last year and I'll come by here and men and you know try to prove myself every day and you know there's no one's job. I know my biggest thing. It is you know it is just trying to progress that has come out here proved myself you know stay consistent dominant team in the right place. Noting that he had to -- OK. -- giving you -- did you know it's a great star you know there's there's a there's. You know a lot of work to be done you know meet before the regular season gets started what. I know they don't want to you know they started. Think it's really -- great start it seems like it's. -- a few practice moving -- in the near like building you see. Yeah I'm excited that no matter what makes it like it's. Ignoring you all day you know you gotta love to get the ball as as a receiver and I know lighter than you know my job -- to go out there and make plays. You know on a balk call tomorrow and winning -- -- everything in my power to go up there and you know make -- It's. So -- It's. Yeah blood and not. Continue doing very well. But have been here that are innocent looking noses just got to continue inserts that come here and you know -- what I've you know done his his first few days and it's it'd be consistent and you know just us. Just just what team you know what I've been going on this all about consistency. You know you gotta gotta be consistent and got to -- that that trust. Are you -- quarterback. You know. It's. Older guys and untrue and I and then their intention and -- You know they've you know they've been playing together for a long time zone. You know. It's this very important for me as a as a younger players and continues to build that trust in. You know being consistent you know like Hurricanes on -- -- he's talking about so that you know it's a can trust it and initiated getting home. It looks like. You're in different ways. Isn't there always says that you know this season. So what time and I think you can't you can't. You can make up. You know chemistry you know if they need chemistry comes from you know repetition and handing them some time and you know -- this. Not you know -- few years now and you know that's something I've resigned and continue to develop you know mom on the first list -- didn't call you don't. Even now still gonna try to work on that every day and I continue building. Chemistry in another relationship you know the tournament. And it's really Tressel does a good example me. You were you would drill holes and you're around him maybe looks like -- through here in the ground because I think you still look out once you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's exactly like that annoys you know nothing's ever Berkman and as well you know you know in the game -- -- not perfect and you know I mean there's there's always going to be a very more than. That you can't control what got us well in practice dominant in the mountains and try to get it this close to perfect as you can mom and you know -- Go to net that -- can't chemistry. You know trying to get on that decision saying you know -- -- you know makes that you know a lot easier and you know win when you know what. One and -- thinking you know makes makes it a lot easier to go on there and make plays. If that occasion injuries. Weak ground it's. Hard has been a heartbeat. Oh definitely and I think patience is I think his own something that's hard you know for a lot of people. You know as this. Never easy to be patient but you know that's that's that's life you know you just -- invasion and you know. Keep keep keep grinding keep working and you know you ready and you know be -- numbers or anything you've done -- -- was -- -- here. Okay that's okay -- you know there's just been continuing to do the things that have allowed me to have you know success you know thus far mark carrier and I know it's anything those things you know throughout the rest of my career and you know I guess they just got to keep keep working you know do things it didn't. You know you need to do in order to have success and come here anyway when the numbers well. Do you think we'll -- ups and downs -- any advice from -- stood out. It's back to its -- patient you know like he said call and I just just -- patient and be ready. Ryan who knows that there's anything you can twist it nominated noise but. You know you just us out here ready you know your opportunities possesses. You ma'am okay. You know -- that's that's hard for me to say I don't know what other people are thinking what. You know you know like a city that is just got to keep working and you know be ready you know when my number is gone. You know -- -- Do you know what I've been doing you know there's the things that allow -- -- exist you know thus far and yeah you know things are going well and I just got to continue doing what -- been doing it really -- what he's. Nosy nosy you know here we got a long long years ago before this season and I got to get this breeze isn't in the you know we'll see what most. Are you know it's just continue to build off you know what I did last year you know I don't have any. You know it's predictions for your -- -- -- noses just dogs and make plays and you know when my number is -- -- you got to guard royal family and. They know how frustrating bill plus if you have a good -- Paul's and -- -- it all fits your practice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clearly it's extremely frustrating and definitely a learning experience but you know it is something that you know you gotta you know sit back and you know look at OK okay. You know why this happened more than a change in you know. You know move -- you know take it as a learning experience and move forward there's there's -- learning experience is everything positive or negative and off you just just got to you know learn from your past then you know. He's a -- you know it was someone a better position for the -- And they say in any phase of mine by the university or success how you respond right is that is shown a level of maturity that is the homelessness and it. Nixon could easily suits them like all of and a mansion or not all that but you can do is only got -- you don't feel what you could tell he sees sane in. The right thing -- Elvis himself a comparable store and you have to you -- mature as a football player and he ride he realizes it's. Whatever you give army -- lately business as far as the growing. It you know process and and very disappointing gave them and -- when you reflect back you know from about last season at New York. In his dad's. If you look at bank via buck. Billy concussions is that we're decrease receivers. In NFL history you that being altitude. I would -- the it would that you had killed they can disappointing game against New York can never really saw action after that but I can tell you this. When I've witnessed in Tokyo trade is all the practices. That we witness what we feel like four price is now. Amount kind of. Doesn't track. I mean today yet and I know it's still early. But they do in the top receiver if you look -- number of receptions. And he's he's also an -- document. Branding coach -- dropped the pants I don't call me I don't drop in one. Not yet -- -- if you want if that's his communication with yet you out okay got that -- glad that it happened this morning -- -- correct but when he hit his hands he has the football yet it's not without any drops yet and that that's just something that. That'll come with time working on maybe -- Brandon the comeback route in drew Tony musical run ago so. I mean I've seen it happen a bunch of times even with the quarterback in receiver combo we played together in Marcus calls that he throws -- -- exactly but yeah I mean. When you talk about the that guy who is. Had that most impressive camp but this point it would have to be -- -- -- like that and you know ain't nobody and I do. I don't think -- quarterback necessarily go out there at practice I -- I'm gonna throw the ball and Elton I think they throw it to him because they'll look that they wanted there. They get open and of course the more he catches it the more they trust -- -- without a doubt -- like okay I'm throwing him no matter what now the only putter it's a it at that time maybe occurs. Would be double play a trooper I mean Jimmy Graham -- and it's at times -- that -- game if boring game -- run right but as of right now. -- through reading the coverage that would count. All of the quarterbacks. That though when it comes through your progression. When they go to make -- is filled with Woody throw the football. All right come and I'm Nixon what's more -- we will hear from Saints I mean the Watson the first -- polls wouldn't that -- to be at 631 time the first then we will go to on me. The game by evidence -- but is -- the Saints and one of the top defenses in the and fail people Atlantic. How people laughing now. Thank you come from Iran on the West -- Texas 7870. When -- hear from picked -- and the next now and of course he's BC came to fruition Saints finished as the fourth this defense. From thirty seconds before the biggest turnarounds at the end -- NFL merger in nineteen. Seventy they say oh -- 134 or it's all for the yards allowed from 2000 in. Thirteen to 20120. And they've seen -- points off with a total picking -- over 2201219. In 2013. What he's a big part of what this thing long offense -- not at the game and his -- it is Theo very good and his leadership. Is one of the best in the national football only team in Watson spoke to the media following today's practice. It's. A few days now it's a little bit different from the first couple of of course of course though -- they always want a closer look different -- -- -- -- that's how you got her balls -- balls that's okay. And dusty just sort of past and -- supporting -- keyboards -- As the days of the how long it's a general but it's all. In order to it's. -- -- this game today got me running game. Different team you're okay dad brother my experience. It is it is and you know it's amazing how little leg before the Olympic Games. You know when the office may make -- the better defense -- And as -- as new members and how they're so close go Cubs releasing its so. Although -- just want to dominate. All the time we don't then that's also good because the defense is adjusting things we've done you got -- -- there. It's pretty -- innocence I don't feel that now there's. We'll split and then -- -- or Louisiana -- always -- -- a little bit is still here they get nice and I'm just. In the fifty's although we're we're indoors at that point but. Come the weather isn't especially different in this it's a -- -- for a couple weeks. No bid early experiences that I mean that everything it and it's clear run want to -- time there's -- there's some. It just didn't take notice and you can challenge getting ready to make him better at the right game as far as blocking. -- it is something that you always basically be about fifteen. Well it's a minority Carcillo did some work and also myself and trying to get better you -- just in the football's most -- so but. Number one thing we lose focus on is also worked okay. I think -- one thing that I really learn them blocking is that we know where we're overmatched by a lot of because there's not a lot back to sort of a much bigger and stronger than us but. If we ever look more like week. You get in the right position and -- -- placement hopes those in the blocking game as you know -- the -- -- -- don't we all work on is just a little more than pin placement. Come can understand really understand -- the whole concept of played -- so understanding at the -- just take certain steps to cut back court the next morning so why this helps us -- defense is smooth. So the weekend they get a position a lot. -- -- -- -- It's. Easy. Cubs -- -- anytime a guy goes fast in the past thirteen fourteen worry here is I mean it's no just told him this morning actually resiliency message on the cement. See what he'd always Bob Beers after you've -- it goes and -- saying you probably -- my morals. I've been don't know. And and he made some -- at -- doesn't literally the the truth of the matter is he's he's the first Dolphin -- thing you know my opinion -- is -- big numbers appear pretty soon -- someone forces us. Represent them an insurmountable -- I'm comes lose you learn from people like that I think it's great to have you look down on our team not just for the defenders obviously but. For the team -- the holes you have someone that Tom has made -- had the longevity in the league and I kind of see how they do things what made him successful. So long to figure out. I don't know he would resonated very honest with you stated they're one of the biggest UR's and I think everybody. And -- just being a professional and doing your job Tom is not always going to be easy is not always going to be fun every day. Home but as a professional you come out just like you all are you come out of your job mean you don't feel like there you do feel like Big Ben and that's something our girl from people who. I've been in the game for a long time is the way they approach to address the second there's -- pretty tough today what do you see it going against them. Well they are. They had a lot more movement today okay. Just listen up this this this doesn't look good in this period they've had a lot of moving around it just does a lot. And that's kind of how things go and thank him and tell you he's not off pretty Vanilla humble suddenly the ball. Danielle this is doing shifts and motions and didn't -- -- just the defense starts. Disguising coverages. And us going there in the scoring zone and things like that so come this -- but Tommy gets the first intermission. Most of everything will be NN and the -- would be like a game type situation -- Enough Bob parred out the okay as a group. All of -- linemen and you part of the running plays well I've only had a couple amazing inside drill. Particularly today -- your accident being physical get fired up like and then you know -- what dusty did you -- to -- we won our game in any game now. Come -- honestly right now I saw tonight and tomorrow we want to I mean we are preparing clearly we've won but right now I was ready for the next practice. Very the next day they're trying to string together good and I'm also in drills. And you know that this just mistakes made and then you go back you look at the film. He's trying to do same thing the next day and the best you can -- Sosa really is this really a narrow focus right now. How about about these plays that he's played at Thomas Pringle together. -- can -- -- -- -- -- dynamic skill position players -- -- being caught on the sideline offensive but that Dallas several teams wind how commercialism. Going into the season trying to run game going. Whether they're very important -- any -- is a football team I've ever been on -- I've ever watched the had a good run game. And they knew that they can run the football when they needed to run the football when the defense knew they had thrown the ball. There's only look back at our season last year we played very well a lot of areas we can. Obviously points -- couple's house where we needed to run the ball and -- -- a game we were able to do so so there's definitely an assist or somebody doesn't negate the fact that. We do have a an offense that likes to score more so much spread the ball around to have a lot of weapons as you say and so we have to be efficient with both. And I think about when you're able to do that as an office and able to run the ball -- -- powerful ball was also able to throw the ball I played more holes to miss a ball. You got to beat us on the heels today you can really score a lot of points you can be successful you can. You can pitcher's -- you can convert those those third ones that you really need to come in order to move on the next round no coincidence or whatever you're trying to do. You know it doesn't mean you're pitching better -- But -- will not necessarily better balance and I think we just need to be more efficient we got to. -- is very important part of Dallas is being efficient when you have to use some good. And so if you have to run the football home. And Thompson again but when you do it you get the personality needs. And then my mobile good doesn't Allison doesn't need to do when you're not able to do that that's when you have a mission when you have to rely so heavily on who run on the head. That is Saints tiny -- Watson -- Hokies you pointed out -- you know sometimes we we didn't look at those numbers and his dad in his old. This team rushed 420 yards at a ball game when you don't that's about they have it's there restful. Inane that you look alluded to the stats and of course you could defend point you say well. The end of the wings or seventy yards on Warner aren't. Outside of that they wanted to win you know fifty although all fourteen carries it's it's how you keep doing yards Okie round ball partly Lotta times we you can do. At right is it the way that he put it made a lot of stances that you know and you're right you get tired at -- numbers and you get tied up in the word balance efficient. And in time he -- you know -- -- run a ball into which you get that first down that you've got to have. He's in his mind you know that's about it its efficiency years like -- Utley gave against the Patriots yeah I -- that was. That was one right there that you know it -- in here what -- it you know we did. -- fourth and a yard to happen is just too much you know to gamble on the actors. It's tough enough given the ball to Tom Brady three that would be giving the ball. One time on your side of the fifty you're definitely not gonna do that. So I yeah I mean you don't always look at from just a number there where we threw it 35 today we ran it thirty that's ballots. At the minute he said he wears that it is what are those numbers at that can be on how many refugees had. Yeah -- -- twelve -- which one is sending two of them came on one particular run so I just like the way that he put it because it puts a little bit more perspective. That would be cynical about it the Saints -- not a lot of running the ball -- the only news on it well when he get he would you have little bit of Andy. -- -- yet they keep the game because the team has changed that you look at the rules and -- both grew up. Where you'd run at the center of the past when -- I think those days are over and I think Seattle that it they that a right. But you look -- Green -- even New England. That they pass to set up the run. I gonna pick and choose and run the ball because you wouldn't utilize play action. But still -- a number of times. Getting you know it was true. How expletive we are. Well we passed instead of the past -- they're rough and ended up not that we abandoned the run right if we get to the point that we winners structured. If you're patrolling the temple the team. It kind of like the Mike -- syndrome. Where all of a sudden oh well the game's over. We ran 28 times but realistically. You're ranked twelve in the poured water and -- -- -- what he could you closed out the game. Could you trying to milk the clock and you had a lead right that's what you ultimately wanna get -- that the the that is best rain. They would have no problem with that. We get an early lead put the pressure although both an office because now they got to pass the ball to try to keep pace he catch up that you could -- ears back. It's pass rush and then they force in the mistakes and obviously you well -- you closed out the game. Oh with the running game because you have of the. All right still yet to come nobody here from -- -- and -- street there are resident pros each and every day union them -- guys and of -- event follow them on an island all of this stuff at WW real. And welcome back to sports talk alone our resident pros by being a pain with the guys I'm the Soviet. 260 when he 78668890. -- and he's the number that involved our resident pros by the end of the guys on. If you did take each and every day my training camp update via Twitter at the gala at Bobby. -- three AT. 53 Christie Garrett won and he beat she always. Texan now and -- count their pitches so flexible happening out there plus check out the latest on the Plaxico and -- for you. Today we had a winner right here in New Orleans at one. The 1000 dollars on the nationwide some plants -- Wisconsin -- thousand dollars -- -- they -- -- a nation alike on this unit that is -- -- -- On the wall added a lot about Romo had a Sophia. And we we got him the -- and well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No you can't win. There's proof with the putting right their locally and I all of that somebody won and Villanova and a lot of Reading area in I don't know not -- not -- He obviously put back back back to when -- with them but -- you know when you know we all learn you know them but it kind of youth you mean. Muscle or you with Nemo will Mo wasn't with the meat of this whole thing. Coming to -- with a brick house when you got a high school it was that's who he's got a son at -- it's -- -- you Bobby. -- -- every every -- a confident they'll be legit he's gonna do what. -- -- -- Now I must solve all your ball was seen you in the second hand with pretty -- he cared about 29 and missing -- fullback. 29. But he's an accurate throw. But he you know is he so -- gonna gonna today a year we were ineligible and it's like if you had to agree to those YouTube with wood out. What -- we got whipped by the coach wooden had them against a great little. Maybe think about it matters as far as now we're fourth in home this year -- he jumped off it but when did game it got the -- the. Think the -- but it isn't. He was ineligible and dedicated to -- cuts and no I don't now -- you could -- now but you know. One good thing you know they get their tickets -- yeah -- -- -- wrong -- affiliate. Rather a break I don't the double we will -- Brian they realized that they -- -- done that whenever I want so it was great -- it matters if we wanted to -- -- it's very narrow one of -- and so I think that's exactly -- thing you know you have this. This might lose it in the political correctness to learn about being on the street naral -- -- doing the right thing that the four record or break an -- job and our. And -- in this it was commenting on this. It's amazing when you look at the NFC south. And the parity and tight end Benjamin Watson. We talked to him today with the media. And now he was on NFL network and it was kind of Jim elaborated on this with tiny bit of Watson. He had joked about the Carolina Panthers having no chance to repeat their division title would who's doing who's recognized in the brew crew Europe. Peculiar -- just a history of a division that is barely a decade old when you look at the NFC south in the history. Now there if he felt was created 2002. That the NFL realigned the good saint Carolina. The -- that and look at it -- -- me now. If you look at his state Carolina proud that they had been in the NFC west with the 49ers and -- St. Louis Rams. In the end that's when those three teams -- the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Only been on midwestern team in the NFC central at that time the Florida in if he felt now we look at the twelve seasons it. His 2002 and no it has teeth out. Team has repeated division champion in each team has won. Three division titles with the books that 2002. In this -- 2009 night. Winning both titles overall that but I like the Saints are noble one and I best records that division form at a 108 whip in 84. Well about a Falcons are harder -- wind in the 87 losses way ahead of Carolina Tampa Bay. We can't protect our. The Falcons we have before game Lee are right he's -- Cain about it it's -- guys -- Deke Bellavia basis sports -- concentrating dispute at --