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7-28 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Jul 28, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL Listeners live from Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ready to go to the final out all of sports talk -- pro to recap today's practice and also. Who idea from Zach -- who spoke to the media for about nine minutes earned it this afternoon or today after the saints' practice. Now smoking and the care facility on the green at the Greenbrier here it was -- yeah. And just the mobile who hear from picked -- up and vocal throughout meat is healthy body to recap -- -- -- -- it takes the worth sports eats it eats at me you took him into the with the black ankle. If you wanna think you'll approach into all things happen sports just picks that worked -- that he 78 Sydney you will be on our -- on their lives. Operated jaguar opinion poll on it yet you give you -- dot com or asking you to Saints finished nineteenth against the run in 2000. And thirteen that was up from 32 to nineteen how do you think this thing to -- this season -- be better than they -- you go -- that is good. -- on line at that you do if you -- -- countless guy who had -- expectations for the defense and himself a year ago but got injured before he took the team was picked -- Butler. The -- that the -- spoke to the media. -- -- -- your -- in the comment that your expectations for the defense go from the worst that they weren't going to Waltz in the fast. Obviously you get your injury ridden team is gone and done we'll. For a top five defense. You carried those same sentiment since this year that you can beat the top defense in the league. Yeah same guys. So -- here you have to say that you'd have to say that. This year we split it up -- you like to be number one. And then that's an every athlete you know run pass on third down fourth down. Everything like that and I think that this is a really good you know the coaches everybody is focused on singles. I think this training camp this is picked up pretty good you know guys that I -- anything. Soft -- look forward to get out there and I think we should -- number -- it's. -- Come back it felt like ten years. It's let's go a long time coming up values of the bag out and pass them you know yeah -- you know healthy again being able to run around and do my teammates and I don't. They'll be enough. Healthy now and you feel. Do you feel like you can break me but I'm patient yet you feel -- pregnancy yeah you feel like starting is still allowed his hello -- Only had but you can do -- got to have played football that other stuff is and other people but under the gun -- tied for the -- to watch him put on film and where that leads to a start government take my job part is -- -- -- those are going to try to do the best that I can do as a model. I think you're having a night earlier it's always good physical challenges you returned home and -- and -- my first time we've had a major injury like. Because you're. Coming -- presence that you angry. And at all this calamity that its heels faster so you just kind of tell you focused towards you know we have guys like that now that. Physical -- it's -- overtime the other -- you know. And reckless and fly around making plays and how worried about -- it's me or is this gonna have begun. -- those plays happen and pulled -- he's got to get out there and be able. Won't play again I'll be there we're told Rob Ryan a couple of days ago and he's he's looking forward to you getting a real game action. Especially as a senior getting after opposing quarterback can. Just come -- don't consider with a six -- share. -- -- -- -- assertion seems almost fifty sacks you think you can add that in and do you have a goal may need to get got doubled the exact yourself. I mean it's all personal side I just wanted to help my teammates and whether that's getting out there as a rotational guy starter -- is there. You've got to feel like as a player and that individual competitor you can get out there and he -- the betterment of the team and I'm -- someone can do get out there you don't work hard hands and into the team. Any data because your heart problem Paul is seeing a man to. In -- -- you understand the business aspect to people coming go injuries happen and guys are tremendous players and down they want training camp and it happens all the time. And that's why -- -- it's such a hard grind out I think got a lot of you don't understand how tough it is fundamental. Physically all the field for you. He suffered an injury yet you don't play football but that weighs on you. The rest here when you're at home you -- you walk your dog having dinner with your house or your wife you know I relate to tell you your family and stuff like that that's the carries over. And so it's there's an and his stuff wasn't good in man why James junior Kansas you have a breakout season. Paris comes on the team -- night -- -- makes them. We're it was okay. How many went went into the well can I hadn't seen that again I -- those guys who played tremendous football they're tremendous football players. And when you look at it coming big deal the team win to put up. And I mean we almost us -- right. So I apologize relevant again. First and I was happy and you have got appreciate everything the team as those guys but it's. It was night and I was guessing that it would be -- You couldn't immediately -- he didn't I make I'll guess I'll tell me I guess anytime you can you don't notice that by. When you got players like that yeah all things cam Jordan -- Guys like that when I've been playing good football I mean. Like cinnamon and person you are individuals again and it was just great to see my team some. That -- -- and Watson all the middle. Miss his special connection was to. Yeah Eagles got to -- -- around me. And -- Smart he's got some fairly Smart Cubs go on reds mean to you want the best tandem and ultimately you know as far as battling the system and speed insists that allowing knowledge of the game -- -- -- to -- and those are just really so -- let you know those guys. Yeah you can do you know it's time. Mussina and another stop. Put some I didn't see him yeah. Texas I think that when you got special guys like that you expecting to -- special all the time OK so when they're just an average of one or just good you know it in the great you have to get on -- you cannot slide and -- us good rightly didn't. Which makes you didn't help me get my -- enough players left here and I thought yeah. Coming home. They're -- status hasn't really -- home game. Teammates don't look down -- me as the guy everybody just -- and part of me. Note trying to help because I can't get out unpleasant the wall again maybe it's time to think about what -- there's pre season games and I community crazy man what gets into. -- it really didn't feel like I'm not a dog I've been taking care one day at a time. Just some daylight savings having been -- nationals eighteen months -- so coming to dinner was over and myself it did. Beckham has again and I I think one at a time you know training PG he's training camp daylight again. Finally gets that first pieces again you know hopefully you know you feel good you feel good. Everything no bad instincts and cover back he's able to go play football again we're down the gym visited there -- -- people aren't. -- yeah. You but you know that -- -- and end result is this what's coming out where you say you got to put those long hours and we have a coming as I got a lot you know green coffee and doughnuts so that's the trainers and I can promise that -- first I don't know morning. And so I'm glad that those days are over and how that -- -- presumably not rub anyone didn't. When I was. Okay then great and hopefully he understands. We know how to work guys and you know one overall -- on his games are good. So I've not seen in a winning coach being like a Belichick likeness on May look like those guys. Takeaways this year we talked about being number one it's amazing that she -- -- top five and not having -- it was just talk about them priority in the turn and number. And I mean even last year we made it -- yeah you know to -- taken the ball away but I think that guys have. More so this year -- got on top of that. You know guys -- much the ball whether it's incomplete pass -- can government within glory in our interception or fumble or anything like that Gaza trying to harder to create turnovers and just become more about. No conscious -- size that can make an. -- the Butler addressing the media -- you know -- but those -- those guys Bobby did come in the nation that we you know first pulled pulled drives to the side. He is a technical he exits high expectations for right. Blood is one of his -- you know and every coach. Meaning leaving goes back to now we look at the history. Hope you've -- appears to Braylon. Yeah I think there's different who's now coaching with the Rams here a week Greg ways -- means they'll it's always to a three are a handful of guys. That coaches familiar way. Different environment and they wanna get an opportunity will be the Butler. It's one of those guys that Rob Ryan he didn't mention look forward to him getting after opposing quarterback. This is primarily that was his role with the Dallas Cowboys the obvious indices. -- be. That every down. You know linebacker. Look at Victor Butler an outside linebacker. How are you first second and third down when we can rush the passer or or from his -- -- QB. Who wanna see him do that. In and I think uniforms so. You know when you get hurt. You know when you're healthy output obviously no matter what you playing football and I kind of take that for granted -- to you lose your health. And ended it very humbling. We realized we try to land in the NFL and -- -- being a secure veteran. He's pretty much filming that have been looking forward. When they're putting on the -- and obviously get an opportunity. In efforts refusing game against the ran. All right it will come back -- it's more recap from all pros for the guys -- Bobby Youkilis who you think itself it's a lineman that veteran of the from group that dean. Zach street he would Jahri Evans in the mountains to get mine and owned the team both drafted in 2006. We'll continue with sports felt Saints -- coverage from the green. On Saints radio WW. And welcome back to sports talk on Deke Bellavia alone our resident pros Bobby a bear and hope -- guys. Here. At the Greenbrier we inside. Sammy Sammy it's coming up with some of the -- expected to address the media marketing Drew Brees. And Curtis Lofton among of those who have that sound Foyt -- mark here all the Saints radio if you do you have a -- -- that. Big. You know little and I think all these notes and a collaborator with -- on. And it's amazing to me. Howell. I don't know and I think you live up to expectations. How I've been there -- impressed we've branding coach -- you know he was still in school at Oregon State with the quarters it's so we get to see him. Abilities in and mini camp. You know we on the offense he has. Talked about. I've never seen him -- drop a ball. Look you know I was talking about that. Makes it difficult catch. But now that this repertoire sort of speaking you would expect this. Considering. Besides Sammy watch -- that thing. A number of teams that the number two. Now receiver going in -- NFL draft. While much in -- 101. Of these that are quarterbacks and receivers Spurs that the that the back. It's amazing. When he's running a route one -- he's flat out winning it was like clinic out there but the precise routes that he was running them at the end. That being a branding coach and also you look at and I think it's worth it worth noting -- will always well always -- And -- we'll assume -- radio so you know in the semis here and it turned claim everybody that knows him like you referred to like that. Well coached him at 30 and it isn't like they have it. Week ago like actually I've done as an -- is not that those coaches that I around them through some guys that we think we knew running like it in -- hook route a curl -- or morale. That the coach. We've used Randy hook route running ability because it is precise. -- to each other receivers how it's done. So that's what I mean -- when he's putting on a clinic. And out there because it would be observing. -- how to get it. Done right in my round -- miracle on him and Mike Riley was it Tokyo trajectory. And -- -- been on this staff yeah it years before exactly so abuse -- kitten. Basically a finished product -- that -- -- eighteen -- NFL coach -- so that you income by any surprises shocked now. You look who invested in whether -- and actually -- draft may. Look at it as Stanley. On that -- right and now look at actually but he he'd be aggressive and yet in that. But the current situation. You -- a couple of good plays. To me that last aways to go and I'm sure Rob Ryan is aware of this when he's off the coverage he needs to be more aggressive. The -- receivers grill -- being you know round about sort -- be in being able to jam them and -- run with him -- that I think he's that. Has -- the big receiver. And he did drop a pass. -- like at times and you look as good as they're in -- it was. -- maybe drop a pass the practice. -- -- the practice. The big physical receiver when you look at Brandon Coleman. I think you have a great chance. Talk with -- Christian about this to make the team because it's physical presence. He's six foot six to 25. He's the rookie. At a Rutgers. And now he's very its lead in that -- -- -- -- -- -- but obviously panicking and you need to catch the football so that's out of -- about we talked about it tonight though. -- area and team in the 11 with special teams today. They were working on. Kick off return and that's an area like the part return I would definitely. And need to get better it and in this as a team bill. Who worked you don't double team in blocking the -- The -- is the guy two guys and outside in in double team and they obviously trying to get as quickly as they can. You know punt returner. Like that you had to do with the ovals. And comical and it's been got to give Steve all he was that is behind all. And he's done them and nineteenth the rookie receiver. And a little guys to do. Learned about it Illinois. They will put it will put on him. They would double team -- inactive. Great effort. -- -- and all of a sudden. At the end it is warm body was getting cramps even the ankle incident but he went in. You know he was -- and hard. And because you know they'd like it's you know a year ago -- pirate term. Expect no quarter in the water with it overnight given Steve although water even when he was down they were keeping him. Down that you look at it there -- on the pass rush. Well in -- return about particularly. Blocked it a -- we don't know how important that is. Particularly when you look at it's the -- that block. The Bulls -- block -- opened -- the superdome. Bulls Katrina against Atlanta Falcons so we've seen him working on that through. Now they went on the 77. All it's got off to a great start emitted its early breeze but more -- it was forty yards on on on a crossing route. I'll look at it quarterback. That is competing with. If you look at it -- right -- -- when -- account. Brian Griffin he's getting a lot of reps at that. He hits Octavia Jones the rookie year we did at navy or. About since they in the fifteen. I still associate that with a Courtney Roby. -- we got. Brian Griffin to show on TV he'll -- let's do it being on another crossing -- in the also right grip and hit. Tarvaris could hit like a plastic covered me on twelve yards well on a swing Ralph. And now -- the right on it and hope you know I was talking about this it. Don't -- Bannister who voted it but I think it should be at Corey why. With work and -- safety. And I you could -- different packages whatever you wanna call it. -- always the quarterback primarily. But today was that -- a good position. -- state it there's no quarterback -- fifty yards deep in the middle of the field he hit yet yet though whenever that pack might be. That's where Corey white blood. And now we elaborate talked about the 1010. With alignment and it just it is the all or state vs the through Gillette. At that that would have been at the events actions and and like last year also Jahri Evans. With Hakeem Nicks now we went the team period. And but the defense that started getting the momentum at that moment and -- start. -- like him who is very active but we differs for ladies and now we drop the drop that. -- interception which schools and -- dragon over the middle. And and and really just force in there so yeah I'm confident yet that mark is Goldman. It and it went -- it and it meaning a drop it and actually Mark Ingram. Plus five yards that in -- past the pin. It was back to back police. And it's always promised that the had been in nickel back -- -- nice. Like are you Robinson. Look at that defense. -- -- -- practices. -- you you he has averaged per carry a few times. Definitely it would have been -- a five yard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You cannot afford to have have that -- the quarterback center exchange. Whether a quarterback handing off to -- running back. -- to be perfect game he writes them at a time -- got to be right doctor Preston at times now that it that -- in the kitchen. Who Tebow would have -- and develop that that rookie -- -- for six foot 529 McDonald's Q what does that. -- this but he got in the back in a practice when they'll work -- -- blitz. Now the blitz very very first late Brees QB Graham down the middle. And and and Jimmy I don't know because blinded but he dropped the -- now with Jimmy grant birds drop via his Kampman has been outstanding I think Curtis Lofton. Definitely affected the past and in that right after that. The defense you know with -- -- -- to make this communication. Make it -- out of it about eight yard gain. It also Ryan grip but right Griffin and -- -- -- -- -- -- a quick slant so. It does get after the couple quarterbacks on the blitz. Fortunately it errant throw and then the big play in the fifth. Oh double 42 era Warren but to our cars to shoot -- well the rookie -- a technicals they. That he was able but the Cavaliers snaps -- the ball went through. -- in the -- and QB got to make that catch. At any -- overrated stepped and that's when you moved to beat with the -- get all excited on the sideline and they and then he basically with failing. -- billion and every one. Then I told you make that acutely. Solo reasons you get a bye now. How that Gerald Warren got the nickname. Make that. Now as they continued. Malcolm and then now could. Looked down. Jacobs that receiver. That they Jake it was bad analogy not make the a 25 yard game it looked like he held the ball -- alone. That you know could've been -- -- Now the last team period. It's a game in his own -- Buckley and he batted a pass from Drew Brees and nastiness a couple of times now. Read that Joseph Morgan on his skinny both -- communication. There at that angle I'm hitting it apparel is pretty on top of it and he thought he should have got -- the ball committed big to -- -- to repeat it. That will be it's communicate you -- me through Joseph Morgan. At that time did he drop back -- then dropped an interception in your mind that you gotta make that play. -- pars hit it nice long run I think -- utility guy Robertson have the longest run and it reprieve to bear to watch him. Plus fourteen. And it at the back you know -- -- late to practice and this encourages. David Hawthorne. Good pass coverage all wrestling route to his responsibility. For no gain -- -- -- not practice and Randy cook for the big. Plus 120 yard catch a -- factory Robertson used -- like you beat the night that would count the branding coach that's when he our game. All right we'll come back and if the exact streak this is sports talk on that be if you're. He's one of -- long -- to -- it really is on the saints' roster he heard his name calling late in the that are around that the 2006. NFL draft that with a man that built the foundation. -- -- Drew Brees got the -- who came over Dallas and San Diego. And they -- -- -- for the cruelty to win their first world championship he is a staple on the offensive line. And Jahri Evans on the no -- I'm talking about starting right tackle Zach Strief Zach -- addressed the media activities practice. That okay. It's good myself and -- than the six body count assignment and he's a young quarterbacks. It in your experience in the NFL is that the way it -- certain that a rarity as the season better. Didn't in my experience that tells Ben and I think that's why it happens here so much as there's been -- Colts drove for a long time. I know I've said hello. A hundred times but what Jon Stinchcomb. -- did for me in my career you know I've played behind him for five years and you know every day it was like I had to come personal coach them every telling came out I was. Try this do this and then again. At the same time on trying to take -- job which is why doesn't happen very much. Mom but. I think that in. Having that in a team is what creates. -- kind of a culture of success. Because. That that knowledge you gain. By playing this kind of invaluable and as good as our coaching staff is there's certain things you only get from experience of -- -- to pass that down I think -- team competitive. And it's been the culture and really that's it's a testament -- Mickey Loomis and then coach Payton and the kind of guys that they've they've always brought in here you know I think everyone loves coming to work because they're running good guys and I think guys trying to do the right thing and and really the right thing is to this to help those guys behind. Sort out the. And -- yeah. Well. Let me and I worked out in Atlanta and stay were Johnson's coach John -- to work out it's. He'll be ought to see that when he comes to do pre season games her husband -- a long time. Now he I -- David Johnson not and his family -- was his wife and his kids and I go to where John used to work out there's really how are coming -- it's up there John doesn't doesn't come with me. Love what John does for me in is there is no longer football you know I think just given me on the all the knowledge and Mazzone a really -- he has to give what he does now as he gets me mentally ready to come to -- -- think that spending time with his wife and his kids and kind of their style of life on the country. It erase those lights down and it really calms me down a lottery for game. So he's still here and he's done you know I mean he's still. Huge part of the -- success that I guess I'll always say that. Jon Stinchcomb is probably the biggest reason -- I'm still around and I appreciate him and they love him like family and -- that it's a special special relationship that unfortunate. Look at that it's like 0907. Okay. Although you've only been a couple of times you know pretty dominant out there and didn't -- -- a few times you don't get fired up and it's. Really chip with the coach and then all that's what I'm bringing down the film when you have regular inside. Well thank you the first ball look. I've been a lot of inside drills there's two safeties still there and so then they're supposed to be -- CC you know out of me so. Sometimes you look early yesterday for example you know -- on -- -- outside stuff. This stuff they're supposed to be -- -- guy then there's another guy you know I mean so. I think we look at all these periods as as a learning experience leaving -- there's probably two guys and I could goes -- -- better mom and look at the same time we're going to stop everybody I know the defense doesn't wanna give -- play in spite of the fact they know. There's another guy coming outside and fill that gap you don't. I'm so there's good competition there might try to give us hicks got five after that period so we know. -- so you know there is definitely competitiveness and that's part of training camp and I think that the great teams learn to compete in those situations. There's a lot of that move and yet you know look we we want to have everybody be gash. It's never gonna happen so there's always some alert and suddenly get better it's a little bit on higher -- it's. Here. What can you tell it's -- -- there -- -- yeah well -- she was always -- always worked -- coming -- from the beginning and that's something -- so we already had that with them. I think he's a lot more comfortable. Move forward no I think that's a running backs as a whole I think the more comfortable in the scheme and what exactly were -- When you get a player like that that's fast explosive they can make you change direction. Runs really with a nasty streak and knows where he's most ago what he's reading. You know you kind of unleashing a lot of potential there so. I think he he knows he's got a lot of work to do still come by and certainly off on the right very good and I got broadsided a lot more -- you're one of the better. Rushing attacks and you know obviously Roger's role in the game as you can better. I think we'd like to be one of the most efficient rushing attacks you know I mean at the end of the day. I think that you wanna beat you wanna play your strengths. We have our best quarterbacks in history AFL and then we're gonna throw the ball. But what we get a chance to run and I know we -- by Jerry. You know I know that we want a deal to be efficient and if you look back at the years that that we've been successful. I think that's really where where the importance is this can -- consistently and efficiently picked up yardage. -- I think we can be. As good a running team as we've ever been here. You know I don't think that we need to be. You know the 49ers were running the ball fifty times a game because. I think that we had different pieces in place to be effective in the passing game. But I think does the mindset in this camp is we have to be a lot more efficient -- on the roster disarmament. And the. Dominant -- more about it but ultimately it's about last year but -- -- okay is there anything. You'll always different this year. Well and I think that -- try to think last year there was kind of -- renewed focus and yeah there was a big change happened last year mom and I think. Going into this year there's a lot more understandable much better. Consistent understanding the linemen tight ends and backs on what exactly is we're doing mom and so. There's that same emphasis that we had last year and though there's a little bit more success early I think there's a lot more confidence and right now I think guys are really excited. You know in that part of the practice and make the mindset in the past and up for me -- and is. You know we didn't get your stance -- said you know they're your head it's all passing game thoughts. Because at the end of the day and we'll protect injuries and that's a very important job and yet now it seems like that in mind signal an end of practice is much more. You know being physical. -- -- aiming points driving your back -- all running game thoughts mom and then really that's that's not -- and it's a coaching roles in the M you know kind of just focus. I wanted to and it means then. We look at the same it's the history. The -- and miserable it was the greatest usual there. Yeah that was expressed it's. Usually aware that -- realizing every few. Within the top ten rushing -- -- we came out. Absolutely. First of all it takes a ton of pressure. Not only -- drew an awful plus it's not easy to throw the ball that's about tonight's game I mean that's not ideal for alignment. I mean we want to run the football you know and there never times last year and look it's it's our fault we don't blame but ourselves. Where you get into the game and vineyards on the ball like this your run and get nothing or losing yards and listen to him. So we know the importance that we know the value of it I'm certainly if you look at our history and most of us do. You know take the good years the great the great offenses that we've had here have been able to run the ball efficiently and so. It's really important and then I think we're off to a good start district. Didn't -- -- -- If you -- Yeah. Well I think first of all you just got to be Smart and I think you know. -- coach Brady and drew talk a lot about having routines. Hum spend time in the ice -- the waivers is extremely important you know to keep strong to stay strong to keep getting stronger. You know cold -- we've got all -- technology now. We got -- -- moves that impressed me I guess that your legs and you know get off your feet scratch. Did the right -- I know there are -- not a great job Linda. The nutrition aspect of our program that's Disney worlds ahead of where was 89 years ago. So I think coach remains very aware of them. From day and -- really focus and get your legs back being Smart. You're gonna get sore but at same time you can meet. Pro active in keeping your body ahead of the game definitely -- -- results aren't good -- when you have a favorite noticed something coming you. Burma taught kotsay I live in those moments I've moved since it's basically. You look like you're wearing boy advance. And it blows them up men and compress your legs and really just -- a lot like to guess that your legs. The difference I feel them before Raptors nine dad do every day and it's a -- on. All right it is Saints up at -- extreme to the great comeback Allan Houston will -- you execute final thoughts from all -- -- guys and -- -- -- who's a sports talk featuring Saints camp coverage. All the home of the black and gold -- that because you're. A back to sports article winding down what our resident -- -- the guys on embodied there with the latest on the Saints take the words what state seventy. Eight sandy let's go to H town Houston four Allen Allen thank you for calling -- -- you real. A tree. Island. On Tuesday morning to the degree -- What guys did victory. Over -- -- about them fit the Keenan and they're. That the red. Not so it would be -- -- guide play. -- -- then doubt no doubt golden gate -- GA did noble. You know about -- shipped out yet they do too much. You don't talk you don't it was on one. Even if -- spoken about the things we needed they've got. Go you know -- real. I was a QB your body. No we got to be given the well the party niners come back to New Orleans -- As the only at the if I gonna cause that's the only NFC opponent right now. But -- come with -- yards but. You know to truly. Say -- can bet that that that the Saints was scared. At the states weren't scared you can be intimidated now that's the borderline of being scared right now a lot of pressure when you're playing at Seattle. But the opposite. I think a player like Jimmy Graham. You learn from past experiences. And in would you accept the challenge. Visit the state to think about it they were so much better. It's like economically Seattle game we did. Well on that on that Monday night. I mean -- that we get the ball about so we create turnovers but we're only down by eight points gonna connect fourth quarter here -- 05 -- one -- we don't need marking the end if that equal and back. You know what Mark Ingram. You know they needed to be -- it it's -- that. -- that -- -- mental that the illegal. -- 80 I know it. You -- -- -- place you got him. They completely argue that call or Natalie I mean I'm not go. -- -- -- -- I I -- and Hugo most of them. You'll you know because he and -- but I -- and I know my vote don't count him before you think the game because -- right now passing. Game. But name -- and we asked him point favorite. You and I see -- Doing and -- inactive -- -- like I'm like. -- -- turnover you've known that it seemed like Tuesday cooler that the the lights at five. The repeat that you now two out of three you come by it. I've brought this talk about this earlier than me. The buy in and everybody it. Was the reason and it's out. Of the bad thing and it went one more you know because we get ready now we've made him what we think in the and I think if -- if they -- -- red area is so now -- it and now. But well folks who had a thank everybody back home down on the news and of course -- only one thing. -- rants in my passport name off and on I you can beat Baltimore up one. I think -- like it is done -- -- -- the got to raise while he's done a good job on the play and take care of things. While we are away from home I'm tire sports team ABC -- think down admits it was obvious thing that all of our radio -- as he has Dominique I am paying enough. The phone and when -- 20 on the aisle to get. How do you think of the Paula if you got -- down -- opponent we are -- the -- And wanna thank our great sports teams Steven Galaxy but they've been Christie Garrett. He about a Chris will be on in the morning it's six stadium right now to be sure it's kicked him out there keep -- that they think a lot of good interviews are tough to pick by the today. Six streets and Benito it's good stuff folk you know the week before -- the market saint X on the recap in the preview. And of course all of a wonderful texts and calls for calling you can't count this continues tomorrow you could go where the new -- -- at symphony in the morning. Thanks -- -- everybody out here green bra and it will. Full -- guys' job on the ability of their teeth this don't show as always talk about -- cajun cannon Bobby ate there on the legal age -- Good night people.