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Jul 28, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's just amazing to hear about a cold front moving through the area this time of year 30% chance of rain tonight is going to be a little drier but then later in the week we got a chance of rain. Welcome to our show -- nights I hope you had a great weekend's -- to the NK TO concerts last night house of blues. And saw another really interest in young -- talks on our action item. And I talked to these guys afterwards and to me this is another one of the young bands that -- represents the new direction of BC today. And a lot of them a lot of what they say in their in their songs are very positive messages and so we'll talk collectors are gonna share a couple of their their songs with you. There on the road to Fort Lauderdale where they'll perform tomorrow night. Also in Massachusetts and we'll be talking about this tonight -- topic today. They were over fifty people arrested. At a Keith Urban concerts. And apparently there's been growing trouble. With young country music fans. So is this a case of rock on rock music and continuing to have an influence on country music. When you think about. The way a lot of country -- look today. You can't tell the difference between them with their hair and tattoos and Iraq group. And the music itself. It is very pop it's not like country used to be so country music has become very much like rock. And I wonder if crowds are becoming more like -- Poorly behaved brought crowds at the past also logged -- his eyes hot city for big concerts. And we get the sort -- -- website at WW real dot com talked to very left of be productions. And was talking to him about it why New Orleans is such a -- -- destination for concerts and a lot of things going on in this city you just heard our news that the or -- It's gonna be opening up again as yet another -- theater venues so the venues continue to grow but this isn't this is a great time for New Orleans because. The the fact that there are so many concerts here now somebody big name concerts is a reflection of how the city's absolutely booming. And I saw the movie the purge anarchy. Over the weekend and saw the original talked about it last summer. So the sequel we'll talk about it later tonight. It's time for tonight's top rated nature of the topic things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. He certainly doesn't act his age -- think jagr turned 71 on Saturday. Further proving that you could get older but you don't have to get -- Was young generations today see some of their music stars still performing at 71. It's -- blog tonight is titled why we celebrate -- checkers 71 birthday. This is such a milestone for that rebellious. Anti establishment -- generation of the 60s of which I am. Quite often hostile witness. But this is quite a milestone -- -- 71 he's also a great great grandfather. Something that I'm sure he never envisioned when he was young so we'll talk about that tonight but the -- -- on our website at WW dot com. You can read it and to share with others it's all about why we should celebrates an attacker simply for first. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Arizona strip club has endorsed a democratic candidate for congress. The great Alaskan bush company in Phoenix is endorsing the reverend Jerry Martin. Who's a member of the progressive Christian coalition. The strip club appreciates more -- stance on affordable student loans and all day kindergarten. Presumably a couple of issues that would affect many of their employees. -- is running a close race in the seventh district seat against three other Democrats to replace retiring long time congressman Ed Pastor in Arizona. But it's interesting at this candidate endorsed by the strip club. Cannot vote for himself. Because he was convicted in 2009 of lying to the FBI and a case involving the then mayor of Phoenix. Phil Gordon. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You've seen the president do this along and I I I'm starting to see more more people do -- the fist bump. In -- close -- about somebody's list. Is this a greeting of the future. Pressed upon and others have been -- in this. It's getting more more tension off by myself occasionally doing a kind of liked it because a major -- And here's the deal a university in Wales has now concluded. That's the -- -- Spreads 120. Of the bacteria. That handshake -- So to me that's a good recent and celebrate and start promoting. The fifth spot what they did with the research -- they had they had to researchers -- they shook hands they fit sparked and a high five each other. One more glove covered with bacteria. And the other were clean sanitize glove. And and they measured the bacteria transferred from the glove with the bacteria to the other when during those three things. The handshake. The -- -- And -- high five. And high five wise less than handshake. Was was less in the handshake it's still more than the fifth spot the fish -- was. The most stairway to greet somebody. -- can you manage it like heads of state one day. Instead of shaking hands they're just they -- response. I don't know you -- I am sure a lot of people would think that it's. It's less than. West and -- totally friendly personal to do the fist -- but you know if if we start transferring in our minds of the fifth spot is acceptable. Then maybe this could become the new way of greeting and that would be a way of spreading fewer germs which again is a German folk I'm offer that. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Sarah Palin has more new Internet online television show called. The Sarah Palin channel actually is not a show it's it's an entire channel. She promotes cutting through the filtered news and finding solutions to problems. What's -- Sarah introduced. Hello and welcome to a new project. News channel -- -- really -- a lot more than new. Where were able to share ideas and discuss this season the find solutions. Are you tired of the media still turns well -- -- I always have been the -- do something about it. Directly to you on our channel on my terms and no -- The powers that heat most importantly. I want you to talk directly. I'm most needs without hearing from you and together we'll all be on the sound -- Washington DC's crony capitalism will go around. Well I respect -- she's doing this she certainly has a right to do it but how long could you listen to that voice. My gosh I mean it's not just to me it's not just what she says but it's it's how she says it. The subscription is 995 month which is about what you pay for -- I guess Netflix. Anybody Dee subscribing to that I'm sure some people will and I'm sure the late night talk shows will because there will be a lot of comic material available through. Through this Sarah Palin channel getting a text here that says the first fist bump. Is done in jail. Well again did or we can and are now saying that we came to the fifth spot because it was invented in jail. In the same way that if you Wear sagging pants it means your prisoner looking for for something. -- just because something starts in prison if it becomes acceptable and people don't related to prison. I don't think it's a problem in any event we'll talk about that if you've just joined this week. We're talking about the the fist -- spreading 120 of the germs. That an open hand -- prints so would this be reason to start supporting the -- I if you -- an update on our top top -- dates every night you can go to our website WWL dot com. At the top players a bar shows and schedules click on the -- page and you can get an update on everything we're talking about it. Never for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Has gathered 2600 signatures for online petition. Supporting a new anti harassment. Policy at comic con. Which was this done this this past weekend comic con this past weekend in San Diego and complaints ranged from groping to -- calling to general. Object object if application of women. Now there were a number of scantily clad female characters and we've seen them here nor on top I haven't -- but I I've seen them on the news. There are. Since sexy female comic characters. And people dress in these outfits and sometimes their scantily clad female characters. And I guess this spring we -- -- when you talk about -- -- defying women against this really comes down to the idea that. If a woman is sexy or fishing if she's seen in a very. Sexy sensual way. Does that object defy her to the point where she's not respected. And I effort to short him before when it comes to men's magazines. That's -- there's so much Photoshop going on there that women don't really look like that which is true women don't look like that in real life. Not even the women you see that are appearing to be perfect they don't look like he Lothian in magazines. And not to -- -- personal experience with the issue understand but that's what I heard. They don't really look like that -- but I never thought those magazines were degrading to women. And I don't know. I can't imagine that I'm that different than any other guy. But he seems to me that says it's kind of a way of respecting and an honoring women and nobody should use that as an excuse for doing anything inappropriate. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Over fifty people were taken into quite -- custody. At the Keith -- concert Saturday night in a suburb of Boston Massachusetts. 46 were treated for alcohol related illnesses. And 22 were taken to nearby hospitals. A Mansfield county leaders said that there has been a growing problem. With the younger rowdy country music fans. And their use of alcohol. Talk about this on the show tonight also I have to share of a personal experience. That was really on. A very traumatic experience last night at house of blues. There was a woman who was in the parents room this was -- all -- show what house of blues. And I didn't know until much later in the show that there was a parent's room and so. My girlfriend and her sister and husband when after the the parent from. This. This woman obviously had been doing more than. They're just a drinking. Because she went from talking. To sitting down. With their head down today and trying to stand up and passing out on the floor. And this woman. Had to be close to overdosing. Completely. And I do know nobody seemed to think that that was just from alcohol. The staff at house of blues was phenomenal. The way they attended to her way to took care of her. They. Kept this woman alive and also life you know like my girlfriend. And we switched before this staff even got there she and her sister rover there. I mean with their hands on this woman's face shaking her stay with -- stay with us to be her eyes rolling in the back ever had. She was slowing down throwing up and I'm thinking Jimi Hendrix all over again. So -- propped erupting again and the house of blues did a good job in responding to this at this moment and here's the real. Sad part of practice. This woman who was totally passed out. Her fourteen year old daughter was down the concert. House of blues. Apparently they were being picked up in this woman wasn't driving. And then it was -- not the only player who was being really obnoxious and was on something apparently. And she gave even got thrown out -- a thinking that this is an all eight to show what house of blues what kind of example is is this for for parents to set for kids. But then I think about how how parents are often critical of a of a young generation. And yet we often need to look in the mirror and realize that our generation makes big mistakes too. And I would say this woman's about 35 so she's not part of my generation maybe she's she's part of -- but. Clearly an adult and I want Obama praised the house of blues and their staff to mean that this was this was in the middle of -- the domain act NK TO. And and fortunately none of the kids saw this this was upstairs. In what's known as the parents room which again -- did you notice existed until. Late into the show and actually was it was really critical because it's a -- -- they're addicted to drink and smoke because there's no alcohol downstairs at all. Or even upstairs the house of blues with field only to show but this was upstairs -- a side room it's it's called the parish it's a it's a separate hole. Where they sometimes have concert and just had a big screen so they were showing the concert in that room socially kind of a cool thing on. But I couldn't help but to just couldn't help but think about what a horrible example dissents and I can't imagine how this woman feels today. So we don't know we set a good example for kids to. But then you know here's my generation of rock generation that is very critical of the young generation today and here we have all these complaints from this Keith Urban concert. In a suburb of Boston Massachusetts. On the the leader we have Steve Mansfield. County. On board made it to select selectmen chairman and I guess it's kind of like our version of that City Council member perished. A council member. He said that the the crowd the predominantly is causing trouble is somewhere between seventeen and 28. And female. And they're going to these concerts to party. And not to listen to music. And I can't help but think about how this might be another similarity to. Country music. Imitating rock music if you join us with a comet tonight but I mean you were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy at a -- -- is a 77. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. George is becoming a concert destination for a lot of big names we've seen him so far this year there are more coming up the city is booming. And one of the reasons is I I talk to -- left for beaver productions earlier today. And Barry was telling me -- -- why he said because of the youth and vitality of the area plus New Orleans has several state of the art facilities. It attract these big name concerts there's a Mercedes-Benz superdome. There's this with the -- center there's the sinker which sinister spin darn -- just state of the art condition. And then there's the UN Lakefront arena. When there's a sold out Steely Dan concert this past week. And I believe Sarah McLachlan is -- the and -- Friday night and I think they're only a hundred tickets left. For Sara McLaughlin forty nights at the -- and a Lakefront arena. But we've seen so many huge axed from the town Elton John JEZ beyoncé. Bruno Mars Katy Perry Justin Timberlake is coming up this weekend August 3 so the king center. One republic August 21 you know Lakefront arena. One direction. September 25 Mercedes-Benz superdome Katy Perry October the eighth in this leaking -- and Paul McCartney. October the eleventh in the smoothie -- senator by the way. I'm not at liberty to announce these two concerts. Can get you'll hear it there's there's two big concerts coming up when during the holidays in one in in November the one coming after the holidays is I could say it like it is. There's. There's a cold weather. Express. It hasn't been here in four years and are coming back for the holidays -- holiday favorite. Cold weather. Express. And let's just say they transcend. Generations that's all I can tell you they are. And also coming in November it's not official yet but I did find out on the phone today with Perry left from beaver. That you've got a friend coming in November. That should be -- finally tonight number one on tonight's list and on the top eight and eight. The urge. Nike. The sequel to last summer's purge. Pushed him before. At the box office -- just Keith Urban. I'll make mistake on -- that was efforts I was gonna play Keith Urban at the other -- that was my miscommunication with the John -- studio producer. Someone -- where I didn't have any music for the first. That the -- anarchy is the sequel to last summer's the purge it was a report the box office this past weekend I saw the movie set in 2024. Crime and unemployment are -- an all time low. And -- Because the government sanctions a twelve hour period every year when Paul Klein is a legal. Including -- The idea is that we as a nation purge. Our hate. Over this one period of time once a year. And as a result we've become more civil. The rest of the year. Did you see the courage. Anarchy. What did you think of the movie. -- -- the message. The movie is a prediction about where America might be had it. So that'll lead us into a discussion tonight about where do you think America is it. What do you think we're going to look at look at what's going on in -- in the country today. What do you think we're headed. Do you think we're gonna look back on these times you were going through right now and rejoice of where we have garden. Or are we going to regret where we have gone because of what we're going through -- day. If you saw the purge. If you understand. The message of the movie. And again the purchase said in the future although one thing I noticed about 2024. We still have the same cars around and fashion is pretty much the same -- things haven't really changed. But this is a really interesting message it's about. It's about human hate it's about aggression. Is an exaggeration of course of life is every movie is but it does give us an exaggerated theory if we -- America might be headed if the social and political hate. Continues today. If you gonna join Russia with a comic tonight about and we were talking about and if you see departure of what to here -- your impression the movie. Our numbers 2601870. I thought -- -- Heart stopping I don't it was just very compelling and and thrilling I mean you -- your I was riveted throughout the movie. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Here which seven and a text -- 7870. Astute and will be coming right back with your comments on -- WL. I -- I was a boy band but it's really not this is NK TO song is called classic you hear them a lot of our sister station the -- It's not a concert last night the house of blues original -- shows is an interest -- things were going on there but I'm not going to end -- told -- these -- really good guys. And it was a huge beating Greece. I was like the only guy thing. I mean this doesn't but nothing but -- -- and nothing but young females that you know it's interesting to see these young young female still screaming concerts. And it -- the guys came out for the beating Greece is they started screaming and then they were kind of screaming all the I wouldn't say it was like beatle mania but they were you know they were screaming and having fun to these were two really good. Guys -- I enjoy talking to them a brief as it was. And they just got a lot of really good music and KT -- chance for a Malcolm Kelly and Tony -- And Tony are actually -- with the purge toll -- was the young guy. Who comes up to the door in the neighborhood. In the first perch here it's a porch. And they did this little -- success before the concert for the of the VIP group again really really nice people. But I'm also interested in also talking about this this other -- out and play a couple of a cuts from from two of their songs. Action item. In these guys I think again it represents a new direction music which is every barometers of the eighties and had a conversation with one of the guys after the show. And you know he confirmed that he sees it from his perspective as well but they also action -- like -- American authors like imagine dragons. A lot of positive. Lot of positive messages. And if music. Represents the audience. Then what we're hearing is a lot of positive music that represents a very positive attitude. In a young generation today. Which is a good thing now I'll I'll share some of the -- -- action I. -- coming appeared just if you -- a summit purge over the weekend if you saw the movie when it give me your opinion of its please call our show and also. This is on a prediction about where where America might be headed. Where do you think this country's had it. Are we get a look back on all the we're going through now the battle over same sex marriage battle over to legalize marijuana. Everything we're going through now or we can look back. And rejoice because. Think about what we learned about ourselves -- and look at where we are now. Or we can look back and regret everything is going on today and where it led this country. As a nation. To to an issue with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven in a -- oversees 78 separate from man to go -- Euro Disco chilling to be WL. And it is here at it and -- -- a couple things. So you talk about where. And about. Their spiritual battle -- it -- approach stepping. In. It battle -- that. I mean didn't know that shots fired. That words and on top. You wanna talk much lateral -- -- Romero won but it just the process. Are the one approach. And -- economy where. -- think one of the problems is that. The premise that the truth is based on that you -- troops -- -- People because the movies out there may be true and if you went -- Commit murder and that it would be okay and and partner they be. Doing what I'm. Right now. And violence is that it in the that was you know -- I'll. Be here. And that that was the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I know that is the case in in in in so many crimes that. I'm starting to get the feeling that based on what I hear from people in and based on how I observed some of the crimes that are reported in the news. That there -- lot of crimes that may be committed out of revenge and I think about this carjacking took place at 940 on Saturday night. -- believe the interstate very high traffic area. Nice neighborhood 39 year old woman and her fourteen year old daughter in the car a troubling inviolable south toward the interstate Saturday night. And two guys jump in front of the car stop it. And ultimately they tell her and the daughter to get out of the car two other men along with these guys get out of a Ford Explorer and jump in her Chevrolet Cobalt. And then take off. And you know why would you leave a Ford Explorer for a Chevrolet Cobalt in the first place in and polices say that they have taken it in the the Ford Explorer. Into it ended there you know headquarters their property either gonna investigated but as far as they know it's not reported stolen. An -- just getting the impression that some crimes are committed out of just hate and revenge. Well you know I can think -- can't disagree -- that you know that that that sort out what the percentages. You know -- -- -- you know you want it doesn't make trying to -- you can you can. Think. -- that that radio host. Knows that the upper -- it breaks. -- accurate to string to string all and it makes it that makes -- original stole my original thought crawl and is that accurate term. -- thing that's very right now. And we're currently at. -- It and in. Relation but I. Computers -- here since the late seventies early eighties. Now isn't right there on on the edge of the network became part of the company's operations. But you know. I think it is so much. But with so much information how do you determine. What struggle. Well I know that that is that that is the problem -- when we've often talked about that is through social media people appear to be experts in and people read the written word but. It's being written by people who were not held accountable to an editor to. To a news director or to anybody Anders. So much of a tendency now to. Find to pick and choose what supports your view become hysterical about it and then spread among all your friends. Accuse them you know that is the thing about the anonymity of the Internet is a double edged sword is that you know you think. You wouldn't somebody that. Right. Absolutely -- I've got to get to break and village cart chairman thanks for listing. If you saw the purge and you wanna comment on the message of the movie if -- solid message and it what you think of the movie in which you think of the message. On our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text numbers 8787 were also talking about new world as being a big concerts city. I'm major bands coming here more major bans on the way. And it's because of great venues and also this is just a reflection of how booming New Orleans is right now. We're talking about that is well. So -- concert of even -- recently and what concert do you have tickets for the you're looking forward to also here's a quick update on RWW a pretty general opinion poll. Since it's spreads a fraction of the bacteria. Should the fist bump. Replace the handshake. 38% say no 63%. Agree with me and say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com I'm -- we'll be right back. Let me live. -- -- -- -- You need. Me it is there. And train. Yeah Sonoma county and -- movie opens. In. New Orleans is a big concerts city it was always this way that we would have big gaps but never the parade. Major stars and just. Phenomenal acts that we have now. Can think of all the concerts that had been to this city recently. And more than their company. Time -- direction one directions coming in fact here's a Texas says so like all parents of teenage girls we have one direction tickets scene in two times help me I don't know how to help. But I can tell you that the the parents room for only two -- house of blues which was really quite phenomenal. With the exception of and we'll talk about this on the -- right to a woman who was. -- overdosing and it was a mother of one one of the teenagers who was -- at the concert and there were people there who I believe. Absolutely safe to life. I here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight since it spreads a fact a fraction of the bacteria. Should the fist pump. The fist pump the fist bump the fist bump. Should that replace a handshake. 44%. Say no. But 56% say yes skip Fisher opinion by going to our web site to be -- you -- not come to too impersonal to do that that the fist -- thing. I mean it's a kind of like it because undated manager before. We're also talking about the movie the purge anarchy which was a sequel to last summer's the -- was number -- the box office this past weekend. Will be set in 2024. When crime and unemployment are at an all time low. And a theory in the movie is that the new founding fathers. Now control the country. And the new founding fathers. Allow one night a twelve hour period from 7 PM to 7 AM once a year. For people to commit any crime they want including murder. And it's a way of purging or hate and that theory is that's why. There's such a low crime rate and that's why there's such low unemployment. But there's so many different aspects of the movie if you -- what you're talk about it with us. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven their tax numbers -- 878 separate and this actually got me to thinking about this this idea of we are we going. You know the movie the purge brings up this idea of where we could be headed. I don't think we're heading in the direction. I think we're gonna look back. And be proud of really what we have become. In the same way that we look back now look back at its segregation. We'll look back it. Ridiculous debates that we had over things like the birth control pill. We've looked back and a lot of things and realize you know what we're better nation today. And honestly I think we're gonna look back on all of these times. And -- you know can you believe that we once worried about same sex marriage that we we thought I mean nobody's gonna -- would -- at the wrong. But I think we're gonna -- practices in my personal opinion I think we're gonna look back -- -- this to have any negative impact on the country at all so -- it was is such a big deal. And I think we're gonna look back on. The legalization of marijuana. In the same way that we look back on. On alcohol being legal. A lot of people would argue that alcohol should be legal blood. It is and if there's a problem with this country it's the individuals that use alcohol. It's not the actual alcohol are from -- Brian your WL. Based. The articles and the petition about the comic con thing now and Diego. And my disagreement with you but it it would it's what the mentality that there is normalized growth being in. And it cat calls and not new to professional can't play at that big -- San Diego comic. And he is written. Both public at one awards I mean. San Diego comic con at the biggest one in nine states -- -- here. Right yeah I do what I did -- This one has been that it's well the big guns come out all the big comic book will be -- calm -- on. Betrayal of the most popular shows and be called to come open at night. These Google Talk to. That very day baby -- and full ten years one pair of bullet extremely attractive -- -- -- and some of the skimpy outfit one more away. You know return in the -- In which you captured by the job. And that's quite repeal. They've never experienced harassment never experienced groping they told me that this is blown out of proportion. And what the end and maybe the people that he can't actually god extremely socially awkward people. You and not that the optimal for even approach a -- of -- gutsy girl like that. So what they can only -- that they think that somebody go up blowing things out of proportion. When he got the stand -- Anna may be equated the creepy nets -- -- -- so. The security that you know god creepy. And the -- really get that I am trying to get policy should be changed -- -- it's not on anymore. Do you think some of these these people who go to comic con are being over sensitive. Well I think it's I think it's completely blown out proportion. Public that's what a lot of tech can't conferences in the that was a conference. A technology conference over a year ago and -- told a joke and you're probably seeing that commercial. That at a nightclub Guerrero makes a joke about uncles. And this this girl got edited but I got them both. She went on Twitter and -- big goal. Become irate about. It would that when the took it not -- -- I was just in between two guys bigger dongle -- and really -- goat and a cult leader that can't. Like you really at the BK a couple of EQ what you say these days and political correctness has got in there. I just think it's completely overblown based on you know out in the San Diego com com want never experienced anything like that -- know people we don't we he has some very very pretty -- belated. Never ever had any kind of experience like. And thank you know the equipment that I though you know they -- extremely pretty. Trying to. Yeah I what lives I've seen the pictures are I've never -- into one I I appreciate you calling our show tonight if you just joined us yet there's been a controversy actor comic con. San Diego there's a group that wants stricter rules when it comes to sexual harassment they're claiming that their growth to there cat calls. And they're basically object defied again think about the characters that they and they dress like. They kind of attract that kind of attention. Steely Dan sold out over the weekend you know Lakefront arena -- New Orleans is growing as the big time concert destination. This is this -- show of your -- -- -- for coming right back into the W. Steely then sold out over the weekend it you know. -- you -- which is one of the great state of the art facilities we have in New Orleans which is one of the main reasons Marshall and fans are coming here. A from Slidell bill you're understood show. That believe that. You know big -- what a wonderful are. So it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sure what they all welcome and should be bigger. That's great you know they didn't tour a lot too when they were to peak of their career. Who they spent a lot of time in the studio and they did some phenomenal stuff and they were very different and maybe one of the reasons that they're so popular now is that the generation that wanted to see and didn't really get a chance to see him -- time. Animate. A wall bracket you. Can't. And what a back seat them at that. Level of support. And children millions. You know I enjoy the critique of the show America thanks for listening glad you enjoyed it. New Orleans is becoming a big concerts city we've got -- to a story on our website at WWL dot com we're continuing to talk about it tonight. How -- concert have you been to recently and did you go to Steely Dan. Or what concert do you have tickets for the two looking forward to New Orleans is booming there's youth despite chilly here. And they're also a lot of pride in the state of the art venues for concerts of the reasons why New Orleans is booming as a concert destination. This is the -- -- -- this will be right back after the news on WWL.