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Jul 28, 2014|

Charges of sexual harassment at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend. Criticism of sexy characters who some believe objectify women. Can women be sexy and not be disrespectful to all women? What is the greatest example of the objectification of women? Are sensuous female characters degrading to women? ALSO: Have you noticed that New Orleans is suddenly becoming a hot city for concerts? Big and small - more concerts are making New Orleans a must stop on their tours. Why? What was the last concert you went to and what concert do you have tickets for?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mick Jagger turned 71 years old over the weekend nick Jagger one of the early. Members of the rock generation and in part of the British invasion from the sixties. Mick Jagger is only 71 but he's also a great grandfather. Scoop like tonight is titled why we celebrate mig Jagger 71 birthday that is on our website you can read it and share it is on our web site. At WWL dot com. Since it's spreads a fraction of the bacteria. Should the fist bump. To that replace the -- That's a WW a pretty general opinion poll. Again chirping in my go to our website WW real dot com we'll target polls -- show you the other update coming up here just few minutes and also -- -- on our website you know we all as always at the latest in the saints' training camp. A team WBW deal is they're. And of Bobby -- -- guy shall enforce the saints Jim Henderson of the chief Deke Bellavia instinct sideline reporter Christine Gary T Bobby -- Jersey Steve -- they're all they are. And we've got to go wall to wall extreme coverage of the black and gold. Hi every for every weekday afternoon we talk about it -- sports talk from 48. And don't forget our saints training camps specials Saturday and Sunday afternoons from three to six life from -- training camp in West Virginia. Over fifty people were taken deprived of custody Keith Urban concert Saturday nights in suburb of Boston. 46 were treated for alcohol related illnesses. 22 were taken to nearby hospitals. And instilled county a leader says that he's been a growing problem with the younger rowdy crowds. Who go to country music concerts. And use alcohol. They go to country music concerts not for the music they go for the -- second but they go to party first. New Orleans has become a big concerts city and the city's booming a lot of youth a lot of vitality in the area plus New Orleans has several state of the art facilities. To attract big names. There have been a lot of big names so far this year -- canceled over the weekend. And you know like -- -- a Sara McLaughlin is that you know Friday nights and I think she's a hundred tickets from being sold out on edge. -- it would they're all coming -- me Elton John I mean the list goes on Paul McCartney's coming in October. We've just never seen concerts like this in New Orleans. What's the last concert you went to and what concert tickets do you have and what concert -- you anticipating going to. How much of the MK TO concert it was only just a concert at house of blues yesterday. And it was a very well behaved crowd I mean they were mostly maniacal and young teenagers nice to know the girls still scream. -- the band that was on before NK TO is they called to action item. And I really like him make that caught my attention there one of these spans that in my opinion personifies the new sound. If a young generation today. Which is very reflective of the sound of the eighties which young generation has really adopted his music of their -- So new bands are coming out with new stuff. It reminds me of the eighties and there's such such a positive message coming out of so much of this news today. I think that this is a really great indication that this young generation is very very positive about the future. I'll share a couple parts of some of the songs from action -- coming at this hour on this could -- Also I saw the purge of the weekend it was the sequel to the purge last year I was fourth at the box office the purge anarchy. One night for twelve hours. Every year. The government run by the new founding fathers in the future. Sanctions a night where all Klein is legal. Including -- And that is believed to have contributed to an all time low. In terms of crime and the unemployment rate. And essentially it's. It's it's a way of purging our hate which is such a great part of America today. On this this one night. I don't think that's river had it but this is one possible prediction. Of how they hate in America today could manifest itself. So where do you think we're -- do you think we're gonna look back on these things were going through these controversial times reliving it. Do you think we'll look back with rejoice. Or regret. Rejoice because will look back ago you know we got through -- we're a better country. Or regret. Think about what we went through then and look at where Atlantis today. If you enjoyed Russia with a comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven and a text number is 877. Also there's been a controversy at this this weekend's. On comic con in San Diego and apparently this is that the -- and every year. There's a group that is trying to get new rules in place. That would stop the -- -- object defying of women it would also. Set a new rules for sexual harassment. That people claim that there sexually harassed. At comic Con Ed have you been to comic con you did you experience any event. -- -- your constituents every WL. K. Okay let's talk about them on opening at the apple one Big Bang theory. Excellent ones and I just I -- that's going to be paying the one that goes on. -- -- They put you. Didn't get. It out it's been able not over the -- went -- in the -- -- the mountain. And that indeed Betty beard crept up the World Cup the mean we'd look at an apple opted. -- the girl in. A. Doesn't sound like walking into a fraternity house. Are aware. And keep you and now you've been Diane. -- -- you know it but is not going to be. People need to call. That beautiful women. -- -- -- But. He has you -- -- like. Yeah but people. -- The book at -- And some of the outfits are kind of revealing. Because some of the characters to congress house. -- Like the other adequate content -- -- in a lot of people get. Goowy that make that they about the move the with one -- -- on the ground -- in the Indo com market. -- of illegal -- the -- He's not on compliment. He had been. -- -- -- outlaw it up so I'm eating out. And then you know you wonder if fight if that if that -- purging during morning growing getting all that -- the -- of it to out of -- -- -- during what time of the year helps -- become the rest of the year although we're really not come the rest of the army. We. One if you think about that pop back out about it opinion. But what you need a lot of the -- -- of the -- in each of these mean people will be -- not strange people. About it. Yeah that's for. I -- and I and I enjoyed our conversation if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments about anything we're discussing tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. And -- -- -- -- 77 here's a Texan reads you don't wanna be object defied cover yourself up I would be willing to bet the girls complaining. On the ones. Than -- aren't old are only there. To win not to have fun at the event. Because there's a lot of there's a lot of competition. I would say that's a good point I mean if you dress and certainly people look at you now nobody should be coping antibody. Nobody should be making any unwarranted advances. But there was a petition that was started -- -- con con comic con this weekend in San Diego on line. It is started out by gathering 2600 signatures and on line petition. On demanding new anti harassment policies. Now it seems to me that if you go to something like that you want people look at you. And if you dress as a sexy. Character you brought them to look at you as a sexy character. Amused when it's it's it's not groping. I don't think there's anything wrong with paying attention to those people who -- that. If -- been to comic con. As we have been here before numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- number -- 70% from Harry Joseph you're on this coach. Part of Arizona that you bring up. I'm starting to think about. There is -- while others aren't as popular. Opinion but I don't believe that the planet. A lot of thirteen want to live by himself. -- -- -- upon itself practically. -- I don't want to talk about the -- prior. There aren't. But I think we're going politically socially and culturally. Richard Burton. I think with the -- I'd be -- had debated thank. He can't. Commemorative movies. On George Orwell book 1984. And it that moving 1984 I always thought that. Is very you know -- willing -- was. That's pretty much work. In 1984. Or all of it but most people. Well people say that if you look at where England as. Poignant and -- we're going to be working them into England. Or Joseph will we reach a point where there will be a backlash will get close to the the edge of becoming that and then we'll. Who will as a country will reject that and in resort back to more the way we work. Not that it's reported citing sources suggest the what the people I'm currently on sale. I think. So I think that I think that Tea Party was. Who was infiltrated with people who had. These strong conservative social issues in the Tea Party as far as I know from the beginning my understanding is. This was a -- a fiscal responsibility is smaller government to less taxes this was not about. A social issues and yet there were people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and others who had the strong social. Issues on their minds and they became part of the Tea Party and that to the an infected the whole image of the Tea Party. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Iran in his leg and I tried. As well. I believe it was during a festival of Saturn and we -- terribly. -- involved and consistent. About it. But that their own -- Ronald. I don't think it was split class but definitely I have not plans. That's -- 13 of I have a population. Was. Really on welfare at Princeton and wants land almost a million people ultimately it. So it was right. For. Revolution. Four a class on arrest. So what they have been very tropical ruling class. Roman society. They up. And then everything. Very -- hall they have not classes to -- and liked to have classes and -- it's not another word in the try to imitate them vehicle and walk around him pretended it was good there's. At least -- bore hole for Obama today. And it was important that the. Yeah I do I I do remember reading that I'm familiar with that phenomenon. -- -- there has kept up but nothing has. A year ago -- -- idea was to -- steam off you know so that. As well. Well that's -- that's the that's the current. And it's also the meaning behind him money draw before Lance does -- before the sacrificial time of like you just totally don't hurt yourself. I don't think we're back we're gonna go to the primary like you're talking. But but. These leads constantly adapt and things of that mine -- There's a conspiracy theory that sort of thing coming out but the thing is that they want to be able to always controlled society. But at the same time. They don't want society. To dislike and to the point where they rebel. So they try to. Dampen things at different times and in the evolution of the human side to -- the boards. I just above -- get to break I'm glad you took time to a caller show -- a purge anarchy was number four the box office this past weekend its sequel to. The purge from last summer which at one point was number one at the box office. And it's a it's a government sanctioned twelve hour period every year we're all crimes are legal including murder. And it really is about the haves and have nots. In fact in order to purge. Rich people in the movie. They body. They buy a citizen. To purging their own home so they're not part of the violence on the streets but the family gets together and and they get to vent their hate and frustration. By killing this person. In the comfort of their own home. It was a compelling movie. This is the Scotia if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. -- is a 7070 we're coming right back on WWL. -- The parade of major stars of major concerts coming to New Orleans includes these guys one direction. September 25 W and Mercedes-Benz superdome might just have protections -- a few moments ago. As -- they've got teenage daughters they've already seen twice they're going again please help -- I don't know what to do to help. If the public to via MKT IN KTO concert. At house of blues it was an all major show last night says something very traumatic happened in the parents' room. Which is a result of the parent not being very responsible for -- behavioral or teenage daughter was down to the concert talk about that house of blues did a phenomenal job. Of responding to this woman who -- anxious to actually gotten out of control but there was a band that opened up for and KTK and KTO. Action item and -- again one of these bands that I think is very reflective. A new sound today that will define this decade. And there's a lot of positive stuff and their music -- their share part of wonder songs -- the coming up here into smoke here's a quick update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. And since it's spreads a fraction of the bacteria. Should the fist pump replaced a handshake. 53% say no. 47% say yes would it be too impersonal to do the that the fist pump. Where's that may be the new acceptable way to to shake it I think we're more people do that the the president's doing that a lot these days. If you rejoice in the comment tonight about -- we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Said he Texas a 78 separate from Gulfport Wayne year -- show. -- -- activity. You Goodling. We. She. Michael -- and -- and argued you'll update -- I didn't get used ago. Still populate people in the audience. It is I mean it is great news. Report people. He had his family and from New York. -- -- -- -- On the first. Group or wrong. They they. Speed albeit -- Gregory. And -- double -- via. And then -- couple -- day. Ego or. And -- -- out. -- you know she bought it -- It. -- our middle belt that you did. All. These. While. I am I alone here in the sheets worse so big in New Orleans years ago and there were people who are dancing to them every night they played in Michael O'Leary came back and how was it to -- Jimmy's. On -- Doing a lot of the -- often a lot of his his his own stuff he's a phenomenal great former I'm sorry I wasn't able to make that. It would it was great. And John was there and -- out on the Eduardo already be well in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And down. It would it would have to ought to ought not only showed that that was -- But the people in the -- a year -- union street people what -- -- and -- that was short on -- When she should play well and collegiate it was it was it. You know we just -- everybody thirty years later. He was a class reunion a concert reunion. I appreciate. I appreciate that. Our thanks for the update. And really that brings me right back to the -- blog tonight which is titled we celebrate mig -- is and simply first -- able -- do we do that well it's it's really years need for celebration. Mig -- 71 years old and a great grandfather. Talking more about that till later in the show. If you haven't heard the new format financially shall the first hour it's it's just a great way for her to start the show it's a new way to start the Angeles show. On an open mind and Angela hill every weekday at 1 o'clock what's trending on WWL. And Angela and friends have Condit foreign candid and fun in depth conversation. About the the top stories trending news talk social media. And joining Angela are our friends from B 97 magic by -- channel four and of course WWL and three W well. So hang out and catch up every day at 1 o'clock catch up on the day's top trending stories. And you never know who might show what's trendy weekdays. Searching -- show 1 o'clock every day here in WW well. Over fifty people were taken to private custody and there Keith -- concert Saturday night in a suburb of Boston. 46 were treated for alcohol related illnesses 22 were taken to nearby hospitals a Mansfield county leaders said. Then they have a growing problem now with younger rowdy country music fans. They use alcohol. And they're going not just for the music that means that's it's kind of secondary they're actually going to party. And that tends to get out of control and a fire fire chief said that they were totally outnumbered. And it was just something that overwhelms them and it I mean is this it is this a growing trend. Is that a growing trended to see people totally out of control with concerts and he did you notice when you go to concerts do you notice. The people I -- they're always going to be people lot of control. And really interesting thing is for fruit for all those who were so opposed to the legalization of pot. I've never seen anybody on pot at a concert. Who is out of control. And they all seemed to be relatively calm. They don't seem to be troublemakers. The people that I tend to see causing trouble but the people who were doing other drugs not pot. Org or drinking too much. And and as I mentioned in the the parents' room upstairs in the parish hall. There's there's there's no alcohol served at all either downstairs or upstairs at house of blues when it's all -- show. And the concerts over this this weekend with MK TO and action item. This was -- only to show but there was a parent's room upstairs next door. Where you can drink and smoke and and see the entire concert this week and an era poster teenagers that orchard hang out with them. So it's a chance for you to be there but there on the -- at the concerts which we kind of -- and ideal situation. But there was one mother who. She had to be on more than just alcohol she had to be something else. And she passed out. Which throwing out lying down I'm thinking Jimi Hendrix. A girl foreigners and I immediately -- to get help. And my girlfriend -- her to her sister when I came back we're we're trying to get her up and literally. Trying to keep her talking. Keep for a week keeper focused her eyes were rolling back in her hand me I was really a very very traumatic scene. And the staff at house of blues to a phenomenal job of taking care of this woman with. With wet towels in in keeping her -- writing keep -- moving overseas she's not leaning back I really applaud the house of -- staff because. Is concerts still going on. And they've got to things to do but they they have enough staff members to just stop and -- ticker this woman until the EMS workers gain the second thing is is this woman's. This woman's teenaged daughter was in the crowd. And we all were worried about her now we have heard that. She had arrived home this woman was drinking and maybe doing other stuff she wasn't driving. -- I would assume that the that teenager had a phone -- they'll do. And she would be able to be in touch with the people who were were picking her up to I mean people were overly upset about this this woman's daughter. But it was it was good did everybody a took care of the for a few people that didn't move in and sometimes people don't know what to do. When something really bad happened something dramatic happens people don't know what to do. And they just kind of sit back and they're they're kind of frozen too -- -- people are embarrassed a goal -- in and try and help. So I was really proud that the people I was with a win over immediately. Tried to help this woman. A safe -- to their suspend action item and era a new young band has the look on the sound that it is is very reflective of the music that is defining this decade. And what thing I noticed about this band and actually talk to one of the guys about it after the show. Is that they have a very positive message in many of their shocks like the grand American -- best day of my life. -- like imagine -- a lot of positive music he says is reflecting a new generation. And to me that tells me that there's an -- young generation coming of age. That has a very positive outlook on life. Despite the world we're given. And so I think that's really good thing here's part of a song will be fine but he spent her last night's action item. And they're popular with kids but there's no reason why disband you know shouldn't get a listen from those of us who were part of the baby boomer generation or or other generations. On this is about. And I am hearing a lot about this in music today will be fine and so we're gonna be okay. I mean the world is the way it is but if you just keep trying and and in a lot of the stuff that I here's if you apply yourself. If you just believe in you work hard. You will succeed but here's part of the song will be fine by action item. Today that's a great message give a little more give a little more than you did before. And will be fine. And it was another -- to test -- out in my mine called brief and I'll I'll play part of -- coming up here just few minutes if -- -- join us for the comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or semi -- Amber's -- 77. It's quick update on its nice to be have you up pretty -- opinion poll since it spreads a fraction of the bacteria should -- fist bump. Replace the handshake. Right now 40% say no 52% say yes I'm majora fault I'm all for it don't take it personally but I like. The fist -- I wonder if that would -- replace shaking hands in church when it comes to and now offered to design a -- Senate shaken hands you give them the fist -- I'd like that this is the -- shield its Monday nights we'll be right back into the WL. And we have the latest from -- training camping Greenbrier West Virginia it's on our website at WWL dot com this is the -- Joseph glad you're with us tonight. Among other things were talking about it over fifty people taken into private custody at the Keith Urban concert Saturday night in a suburb of Boston. A 46 people treated for alcohol related illnesses and 22 were taken to nearby hospitals that's a serious it was. And it's still counting leader says that there's a growing problem with younger routing your country music fans and the use of alcohol. When you go to concerts do you notice crowds. Younger and rowdy here then we were when we were going to concerts. A from up Tony and -- crucial WL. -- -- -- Pitcher did you get on our idea. Key urban. There -- Mikey -- -- era for medical incidents. The 22 out correlated out power stations right. Eight -- Attendees via. There. I'm pretty pictures well. And it came up the ninety's you know. And my parents you know brought up on. Old schools sixty Lebanese rocket well and mitigate the you know usually you're like you're lucky to be alive. -- -- Maybe. In Japan Korea and Japan. Angle on all thing. You know there -- any kind of brought you up front my generation that would electronic music and there is huge. Huge the wade eking out and Andy's. Wearing a much lower. You know a group of people are being -- that our allies. Scored. Good thing or you know yeah I'm sure there an art and you know drug it would not. I think it's not really. Country music thing you know all right generational thing. I think that people are gonna do -- they can do and what's interesting about it the economic. And -- Oh went on not long ago. Call tomorrow and where. Not people where. Much much much. And years your -- A -- and and capitalization. Were so much low. Apparently misses this is some. You know there are always going to be incidents at concerts but apparently this particular area. Is seeing an increase in the younger. Rowdy or crowds that are going to country music concerts going fours according to them going secondary secondly for the music and -- going to party. It. People going to party -- then. While that's what I'm getting from. The articles that I read about their subpoena wasn't Ayers so I'll -- I don't know when. That's why over we're talking about this tonight if anybody's gone to you know with the big. The big country music fest in Baton Rouge or any other than any other concerts or festival was do you notice that players are younger rowdy crowd. Now than there was in the past and that we see people who -- control concerts it's part of going to concerts I guess but. There's a line that you you know you shouldn't cross and we're there to be over fifty people taken into. Into custody in. 22. Set to nearby hospitals that's. That's that's a lot of people out of eighteen pounds. Absolutely right. Only. Two era in seventeen medical electronic music shall then. And electronic music artists -- not only gets somewhere that an Angel electronic music it's a bad -- It it's a very bad. And re really called damage at the kind of bring that awareness guns on them from a generation where electronic music really started they get they go. And you know we also in music room you know much integrated and -- don't. But it is futile you know what do you love to be what are you listen to today. Today I listen to. It is right now -- in my car. I -- into your show legally on work and then you know. Getting cute but are out there. Nice treaty back yeah artists whose. -- upland and always you know to. I mean you name it. Well I -- Johnny Cash some in you can go on. I didn't realize. -- Johnny Cash was such and influence to so many people in rock. And until about maybe I don't know 510 years ago. A mile. -- like I'm. Good. Figure rotten and certainly want to and a birdie and fifteen -- condition and it's. Candy apple red -- gorgeous you know it. Do you -- out and shoot Johnny Cash and Hank senior -- you know my country influence and there are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or -- Castro and and you know it he got that was but it shouldn't. And I appreciate your time to -- show. Thanks to listen I appreciate your input if you're -- showed your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. A -- a receipt -- seventy I know a lot of people in my generation bash. All the new stuff out today it's not nearly as good as the past and they. Talk about the negative influence of music and but there's a lot of negative stuff in music. But this is one of the band's American authors and also -- house -- -- recently. And I thought they had really positive stuff and Derrek and that reflects a new young generation and to me some this music reminds me of kind of an eighty sound. -- -- Jack and -- kind of thing I don't reminds me of the eighties. Coming up after this break or play another another section of another song from action item. And younger and that's another new young band with a very positive message does this mean to the young generation is positive about the future of America. And when I'm hearing is a lot of talk about personal responsibility. And continuing to try heart. This is -- show and we'll be right back on WL. And welcome back to the -- show and its Monday night to get agree weekend as a cold front moving through this series are -- really cool things off but it's gonna make things a little drier tomorrow. I think there's still a 30% chance of rain tonight then. It's going to be drive -- a chance of rain toward the end of the week here's an update on tonight's -- bureau pretty general opinion -- since it spreads about 120 of the bacteria. Should the -- -- replace the attention. Right now 46%. Say no but a majority 54% say yes. And I'm with the majority on this would give a sure opinion by going to our web site of the WL to icon here a couple of quick text about the fist pump I'm with you why he's shaking hands. I don't know where those fans have been I fist bump -- every one is a way of saying hi. Here's a text that really does reflect the hate that exists in America. Since the fist bump is a favorite of Obama but I will immediately. Stop doing it. So. Your -- for president. Is so strong. That that would change your personal activity. Because he does something that other people to I just again I think that speaks volumes of hate that some people have for President Obama. Power play another another part of of the song from this this new band action item I don't know if they're gonna become a big band or not. But they have the potential effect. The lead singer kind of reminds me of of a young. That is not as talented yet but reminds me of a young Adam Levine from Maroon 5 I'm thinking this is how Maroon 5 start. But I'm hearing a lot of positive stuff in music today. And they were to house of blues last night with MKT if KTO. And here's part of a song called brave. And again I love the message in the song when. It's all about not giving up its its. It's almost I don't know whether they're doing it consciously or subconsciously but there's almost this message. That reflects a young generation to -- it's like. We know the world is messed up. You know we know that there are a lot of problems we know that players debt we know that we're gonna have student most would organ -- all kinds of problems. But if we just keep trying it in if we do our best. Then we will succeed and I love that song -- and again I think we should be really excited that there's a young generation that has such a positive view. Of the future. I made a mistake earlier sort of a Steely Dan at the you know like for an arena -- it was sold out I missed it but I've had called earlier from supporters it was phenomenal. A -- -- Clinton is gonna be at the singer Friday night. And I believe there about only 100 tickets left for that -- New Orleans is a big concert destination this is the -- Schilling will be right back.