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Jul 29, 2014|

: Have you noticed that New Orleans is suddenly becoming a hot city for concerts? Big and small - more concerts are making New Orleans a must stop on their tours. Why? What was the last concert you went to and what concert do you have tickets for?

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Mick Jagger a symbol of rock for over fifty years Saturday turns 71. I think there's reason to rejoice not be depressed and some people -- -- -- economic objectives that anyone that means I'm old now. Let's celebrate this moment. Mick Jagger The Rolling Stones were one of the bands that created the music games that this really reflected the whole image of the anti establishment generation of the sixties. That generation rebelled against the establishment with the general theme of -- trust. For anyway. It was part of the establishment and really the basic cut -- -- was probably thirty. And reflecting that faith in youth early in his career that jagr said at one point he didn't want to live to be past thirty years old. Mick Jagger turns 71 Saturday. And he's a great grandfather. Got a grandfather my great grandfather what a milestone for one of those anointed leaders of -- young generation that. Disregarded everybody who was. -- over 3040. When they were young the -- have just finished at 21 date tour and the guys are red. -- right now I I think a couple of -- private violence so who knows where they aren't -- they've got enough money to go where they want the stones had to just finished -- -- Tony -- date tour. They're resting before the beginning of the Australian and New Zealand toward October November. And you know we think about how Mick Jagger is still strutting and dancing on stage when you think about the shape the skies in an energy. It's really hard to believe -- 71 years old. The anti establishment generation the sixties is the baby boomer generation. And -- today's staff watched -- a position that I guess they never really invasion that would be it. The baby boomer generation is about 75 million strong. And because of sheer size. Is had the power to define almost every -- it is occupy. Boomers defined the sixties they define conservative movement in the eighties says state. As they got older started making money and -- -- families to move to the suburbs. And today they find themselves. I guess fighting some new big generations that are also trying to get attention and are helping define the world. But as these legendary rockers like Mick Jagger Paul McCartney Bob Dylan -- they move into their seventies. Baby boomers should rejoice that you know we made it. And today the baby boomer generation continues to define what that era means what it means to be. An adult earning seventy when you look at the -- seven he's like the new thirty. Mean -- parents. I don't remember anybody in our parents generation. Looking or acting like simulate Mick Jagger were some of the rockers today. Steven Tyler in his sixties to mean -- the list resort. In fact. You know it may have been the youthful nature. Of that group. There's now in their mid sixties and seventies the group that was new anti establishment generation the sixties people like Mick Jagger. That really forced younger generations to go to great extremes to be differ from their parents' generation. Extreme hair styles -- tattoos piercings. Because. Our generation. Has looked and -- so young for adults. In some ways we forced younger generations to go to great extremes to be different from possibly its face it. When I was growing up it wasn't that different from friends for me wasn't it difficult for me to be differ from my parents. Meters away like Mick Jagger. At 71. I have often describe myself as a hostile witnessed the baby boomer generation but I am very proud of the way my generation has continued to rock and roll. Any many cases. Continue to act and look the way they did when they were young. The fact that -- jagr this iconic member. Of the rock generation the sixties is now 71. And a great grandfather. Is mind boggling. And it's also very comforting. So what Mick Jagger and rockers from the past remind all of us. -- it's an ever double. That we grow old. But not. Well we grow older. It's inevitable that we grow older. We don't have to grow old. And I'm just thinking about all the songs over the years to mean the band's been together over fifty years should practice this tour is their fiftieth anniversary tour. I think it back on on all the songs and you know one of their early songs I think is is highly underrated. And I I am thinking about this destroyed Africa and I'm gonna played a part of the song now. Was your favorite Rolling Stones song. I think about some of the under read it Rolling Stones was me I love sympathy for the devil. I -- give me shelter. On their assembly popular stone songs that they're they're not among my favorites. But this early stones song usually really one of my favorites and I think the -- it's -- it's really a pretty overrated I'm -- really underrated. Like to think about that -- that I can. This is as used to run. Okay -- okay miscommunication with the studio producer all right we'll do that the coming up just to me as years of life. It was one of my one of my favorites on we're talking abouts among other things the fist bump. Spreading 120 of the bacteria that handshake -- so is this going to be the new greeting of the future should replace a handshake. 45% say no 55% say yes that's or WWL pretty general opinion poll give us your opinion I go to our website WWL dot com. We've also laden talking about. The very -- comic con. -- -- convention that was in San Diego and we've we've had it here before but the comic con convention. I had -- has had some controversy. They're 2600 signatures are online petition supporting a new anti establishment policy. At comic con. Which was in San Diego this past week and there's a group known as geeks. For Condit sent. It's kind of a take off on geeks were consent. And they were complaints abouts about harassment that range from groping to -- calling to general. The -- object defying of women. And disks around some of the scantily clad female characters at the event in this group is upset and they want there to be new strict rules in protecting. You know this this whole idea of of consuming which is called -- play. He's a very popular part of the convention. Male female fans dressed up like their favorite characters sometimes a man might be Wonder Woman. And cushy seat and in the French Quarter quite often. Or a woman might be Wolverine so is sometimes they they transcend. A genders -- dress up as -- -- their favorite character. Well some of the characters are or kinda -- Some of the characters we are scantily clad outfits. Now. Nobody would agree with broke. But I just I don't know I I've never been and I just can't imagine I. Without having been I would think this is a group geeks for -- sent. I would think that -- over reacting. If you've been the comic con when it's been here in New Orleans or anywhere in the country. Did you find that this would be an uncomfortable situation for women to. And again if you're dressed like that again with the exception of groping. And meet people -- gonna look at you. People are gonna gawk -- you. Whether you've got it skimpy costume on or not that's what you do when you dress up you try to attract that kind of attention. So was this an overreaction by a group. If you majorities for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a tech's number is 87870. Over fifty people were taken into private custody at the Keith Urban concert Saturday night in a Boston suburb. 46 treated for opera -- related illnesses. And 22 to 22 -- were taken to a nearby hospitals that's how serious it was. And a Mansfield county leader says that there's a growing problem with the younger -- of country music fans. Using alcohol and going to the concert first party and second for the music. If you and enjoy pressure right numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. A -- numbers 877 this is one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs and I think it is. Highly overrated. Brilliantly written. I -- underrated. -- He's 29 this week she'll be right back. You know this is relatively new music. The script right. Chris -- That is likely remind you this hello this song gotta live like you guys. You know people were dying. To go -- all these wonderful things. When children what you've done. Anything about -- when you can. There's a lot of positive stuff in music today. And if you just joined us hi I shared. Parts of a couple songs from band called action item which are heard at the NK TO MK TO was very positive and intricate to his his house of -- yesterday. And decide this young band action item reminds me of American authors a lot of the bands today. And just very positive messages in the B six of you've just joined us so we're gonna share some of that with -- a bit later. And Arizona strip club. Has endorsed the democratic candidate running for congress. The great Alaskan bush company in Phoenix is endorsing the reverend Jerry -- who's a member of the progressive Christian coalition. The strip club appreciates more open stance on affordable student loans and all day kindergarten. Two things that I guess presumably. -- relate to the employees at the at the strip club but what's interesting is a law opens running in this a close race for the seventh district seat. In the Phoenix area against three other Democrats. To replace retiring longtime congressman Ed Pastor. Now. Interestingly he can't vote for himself. Because he was convicted in 2009 of lying to the FBI. In a case involving the mayor of Phoenix at the time the important. You gotta love this guy he can't vote for himself convicted of of lying to the FBI. He's endorsed by a strip club if you enjoyed this -- with a comment about any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688 -- nearly seventy. Our text interstate 77 -- have been talking about new world is being such a great. Such a great concerts have you now but it it has always been this way. You know geographically. In New Orleans is kind of the end of the road they -- we're not what we're not prone to -- were just passing through so let's go to New Orleans. The one thing I noticed religion Denver because of the location of Denver it's just it's sold loans such a major city right here in that part of the country. That almost every big band every band on tour came through Denver. Had a lot of great venues which is what New Orleans -- has. But it was also because. Of the geographic location and made -- Denver got as many great concerts is you get in Los Angeles. And I think it was because everybody's passing through way we mice will stop in Denver but -- worlds wasn't always that way. And I talked to very left of -- production set earlier today. And he was telling me that and I asked him why he said he says that the world's is -- There's a lot of youth vitality here and there's also a lot of great state of the art venues. The Mercedes-Benz superdome. The -- king center. The sank he raved about the sinker and -- sued the state of the art nature of the singer now that it's been redone following Katrina. And also the you know Lakefront arena which can be set up for 5000 or 101000. As Steely Dan was sold out there Saturday night and I know the band one republic is going to be there are coming up in August I hope to get to that show. But this -- got me to thinking about you know some of the great concerts that we didn't -- by the way I can't say for sure I am not at liberty to reveal. The actual bands coming up liking to decoupling here it's Cisco he could get get hit about a couple concerts coming up. It during the holidays it's been four years since this. Large large orchestra came here. Let's just say that there. Well let's just say during the holidays for the first time in four years there's going to be that cold weather express. Come through here. And it's big time favorite of a lot of people and also coming in November. All I can say is. You've got a friend. Coming in over drive I can go that far with here's a quick update on tonight's seven W a party general opinion poll. Since it just spreads a fraction of the bacteria of the handshake should the fist bump replace the handshake. 44% say no 56% say yes. Give a shipping by going to our web site WW health icon and a turning on our FaceBook page a -- of your radio. But what's best concert you've ever been to -- -- Gregory you're on the Scotia. -- -- I can I would just saying about how we got the great thing you bet com -- Now you know like you sale sign here your your prisoner appear generational and a. Hostile witness to the baby I got off. Some guys. Are Tibet. Entered on the newspaper accounts I was right here or actually all the actors -- or what. It did lead the company beat. An idea I had acts on concert in any other city. It would be talking. The last concert at the where. And you know. But he great game played. I think you're at it should I don't -- -- -- call a fight back page. Back in that these days you know the -- rocketry -- But it talking they played for the pre outward that they -- -- rhythm section and it's the singing. Well over a couple under -- you know big big character. And a lot of war here all our embassy talking about jagr. The first somewhat the role in the superdome back at. Some girl to a little teenager. In the game and 79. And it seemed -- -- even a few of them. All the time they were great. I saw it sentiment or. Pocketbook I don't want ballot but -- are -- -- that the CBR. -- At all -- -- those people. Are so. Go to my bet that on that could be in. The last group -- at the out. And the warehouse was just so so raw. And it was there it was about the venue was just about. Oh yeah are. Along -- organic conceived stage you know all the people could bring blanket that there. -- wasn't there a time when they -- in freer you at a discount as he brought a. I've got incorporate. It back in practice the effect that box. Being fit what they balked at once which is why did the example that big banner. Norm and not a lot of money for what what went flying at Purdue putting it -- signed by the -- Remember that net. Public kick it to 250. App to do my friend -- we played on on you know all time. Improbable beat Bob -- in the birth mother in law. And I am in court that she and you'll enjoy. -- -- -- -- Has seen a couple times anyway -- the public -- not that that could -- -- what it would try to approach as far as being. We don't even among. The -- in our view that. I thought attached at the Lakefront arena back in 1993. -- -- along the way that was the that was incredible actor you know I think our problem. You know Gregory part of that maybe this city you know musicians -- while this city that -- just a really great move and I'm here. Some pitching. And you'd think I'm being pro game they. -- in -- the what the price stability to put out there relative to be -- we need to grow. -- it it seems like even relative to its. -- of that money that we -- to relative to the cost of living a country this were a lot more affordable in the past. Call me old in Egypt you know I'm not exactly did you original look at the moment -- you'll. Well anyway I remember it. It was. On page thirty toward thirty and twentieth ago and maybe the -- to be -- to protect Obama -- you know -- you know -- I'm just check -- -- it's like what. Really and he's not for -- -- -- -- -- and you know people figure out a way to pay for PG ACP and let you see people at concerts and a slightly obviously decided to spend money on this rather than something else. That period drew to get -- -- because it broke his neck out record stores were so everybody had to go to either delegate game music. On relative to the fact that people can by the music so inexpensively online hire them. You know I'm saying about why these guys when they do go on tour a lot of them don't even go on -- audit did it. It's again on the block and back again with general import that seems to makes cents. You know what I was talking to very left from -- productions earlier today. -- in New Orleans being just a city that's it's -- we've got Ron Foreman who. And so involved in so much in new world class. The and he's he's quoted an RO article on our website at W if you -- don't count. But you know very was talking about how it's it's -- you know. When when we were growing up. Our only escape was music. Today are -- -- Yeah exactly it's somebody different. Outlets for skate today Gregory I enjoyed our conversation thanks for calling in going to listen to their behavioral night. I love talking about the best concert you've been too because it's not so much about. The the posh venue. It's about the event. Here's a guy is talking about. Concert that he remembers most is is Talking Heads at the warehouse. And believe me there was nothing special about the warehouse but there was something but there was nothing special in terms of structure. But it was special in that it was just raw. I mean it was literally a warehouse for those of you who were too young to have been -- concerts at the warehouse. It's in the warehouse district and I guess the lower warehouse district you're -- And not the best section of the warehouse district. And we would go to concerts there and there was nothing nothing offered their except. Except the band. If you wanna join Russia with a comment tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87870. And it just it's so great and I've noticed this -- last couple of years New Orleans has just become such a nature destination for so many groups. And so many big name performers handle a lot of performers that are going to be big names in the future and a lot of it has to do with everything from house of blues. To the Mercedes-Benz superdome and everything in between. From Vanderbilt John a year on this new show on WWL. And it sort of trouble mr. spoke by. Strong. Steps I started doing now football. -- -- years and years that. Anarchists that. Camaraderie there. So Buffalo -- -- a little less formal than it shake it up a lot of future a bit. Yeah it is it -- and you know sometimes handshakes are awkward if you don't grab somebody's hand in the right way. Is it's kind of an awkward handshake. Yeah and everybody's. Or right at the different agency and he stepped. No shake it all it does -- and are there areas that. All of it. Best concert. In the laurel I'm mid thirties. Altos school at -- and so do you. Sport. -- the corner. And I wish the world lost things like these past old it is. The Tennessee and all of -- cloture that. A more peaceful presence people's pain in the current spot like that -- on Peru to the feeling party. But there really like bring some. Able. It would have to be the right time of year of course I I guess some would argue that in in some ways we have Jazz Fest. But that -- appeal the appeal is much broader there. Voodoo fest might arguably. Right but I think that's that's a during the dormant Bermuda. Beat -- goal on all married. But you know that stresses of perhaps -- gesture. On -- only four hours for forty straight but it doesn't stop that literally. Apps that aren't -- at 2 o'clock or. And a under his watch and certain birth mark or -- or. I guess there's I guess there's something also. There's something also Johnny of appealing about the idea that it's it's not as structured as so much in our -- is so structured. Then. Those those those events are not that structured and it's just a kind of -- I'm a free form areas music. Yeah law as a new war will -- our target really -- law. The double -- facilities it. Joining let's go show thanks to -- you wanna join us with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- -- a 7870. I here's attacks earth wind and fire regret a fast here's a Texas a concert late seventies early eighties. All day concerts we have at City Park Stadium one day I saw Louisiana's -- rule foreigner. And Ozzie. Here's a text to buy you country superfast and LSU Tiger Stadium if you have bits of two of the by -- country music fest. A super fast. I'd want to talk to you abouts the crowd. Did you feel like the crowd was too rowdy. Because they were over fifty people were taken into custody 46 were treated for alcohol related illnesses. And 22 was serious enough to take 22 twin nearby hospital. This was that the Keith Urban concert. In Mansfield Massachusetts just outside of Boston. Enemy and -- -- leader said that there's a growing problem with the younger rowdy country music fans. And they use of opera hall if you -- item numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And protects our receipts have -- Saturday here's a text this is Ian from uptown. Stones NG. I check out to vintage trouble. They are like Led Zeppelin meets. Otis Redding meets James Brown with some stones and extent. I saw previous and I want to see the purge this weekend which will talk about a little bit later in the show. Phenomenal movie I mean I I'd love the message she was just compelling ways. It intense the entire movie. And I guess because there's justice possibility that may be the country will end up like that I don't think it will. But just the possibility that that might be the direction we're going in it's it's but it's it's ultimately based on. The then what what ultimately happens. With the hate. In America today they hate over social and political issues but again more on that coming up but I saw I saw a preview for the Jameson a new James Brown movie. Day movie by James Brown. -- daughter get over it to Jim what's a neighbor that their movie. Get -- up. It was produced. By Mick Jagger. And it looks like it is a phenomenal movie and I think that comes out this weekend anyway whatever comes out announcing -- From Georgia or Gertrude here on the -- show and every avenue or good evening. Pocket evenings. It is honor to be mistakenly gave. I'm picking you up that tampering in Georgia and -- -- how much can pick up this -- night. Like stimulus and Gertrude. Yes well this. Clinton big part of my heart is there which -- in an ambulance when I was nineteen years now a lot of marriage and they -- and for the first time in my life I'll listen in North Carolina and I went to a big city and I want -- loans and my husband. He passed away in Vietnam and I hate love you. And that was coming his heart and his soul and -- And -- -- -- agent ninety and about his story in the morning. And quite that long long bridge and come and I have a policy -- concealed its line. And I had never ever saying things like that -- -- -- the call mine this is where why is this. I was very excited and I was there you and but. So it would divorced when it came back from Vietnam and had a lot of problems I want and I understand. Grant plan. It went -- merits some money counseling and I did do it passed away in 2000 -- and a cancer. But lay -- reconcile their differences. Miles away on the court. The -- here you can't beat yourself up over things like that because you know sometimes we understood we misunderstand each other and we do the best we can at the time and if you're not trying to be mean which you don't understand some -- sometimes that happens and. Yeah. Posttraumatic stress environment and what the bits of the -- and and I come back from the war. I mean it's it's our problem but that there was. Really that was in -- well it was. Acknowledged coming and I want my best -- -- she was in and demonstrations against the war next thing that's supported now Vietnam different. No they didn't didn't. And unlike today people can people can disagree with conflict but it's always support the troops. -- Yeah because -- in and night I can't I that when it was dying of cancer. Bride and he died after 9/11 that it was. My sister lost that it was he was -- -- I didn't contaminants like that was my place to get him to be with him when he. But my dollar dollar went down there and it was within around the clock -- But that that spot in get they would get it done -- -- -- wanted to give one get back in the sense he wanted to defend. Now well of god bless him for what needed for our country -- -- going into -- -- I'm count because of this because. And an Alley and I don't pick it up -- felt that it could try and -- at the moment. I was arsenals and and I kept open that but the question because I stated that when they. I think it's straight but what went that happens and I can hear on the -- and the different. People who come to India on one player tiger mainstays. I can say. That was the turning to god that it loans because I mean it was so awful. And the only place anyone. If this test it and you know this horrible time. -- -- -- -- gonna get to break but you hang on Anderson has come back after this break we'll get your question if your -- stay with us. This is this do show on a Monday nights and we'll be right back on WWL. Is this song called bulletproof crying. This is this just -- -- -- -- on this Monday night or let's finish up with guard troops from Georgia younger tribute to go to tune in dot com and pick up the station now all the time we can. Download our -- to be well happen get necessity don't have to just tuning in with the weather is good. Well I appreciate that I don't have a computer right now or can and can't alliance. Well this is not question here. And here's where I am -- this is what they call the Bible Belt and what we're aware of the last because we have. What I have contemporary. Christian -- -- around their groups what I'm hearing. Is when I -- it differently extensions they grades this month from Australia. -- love from anyone is Chris Tomlin. Casting -- I don't know what if Mary and any of these guys the -- They're giving concerts mind they have to drawn crowds that and it's mostly on the paper on 66. -- that that there and the going to war without hearing like that they have like forty different towns that were the ones terrorist. You know in the United States to have been in -- whenever I didn't hear him mention in the world is at that -- comes in the lines or maybe there's not a there's not a requests for they this type music because I mean that people won't follow Maine is that. They still am very well and this is Anthony's mention names for the have a presence has turned around. There and and what they do there and you are standing you know we have wonderful remarkable miracle type things happen. The big concert I mean dire -- -- around there mind their people nine. I'll like it's mostly it's you know like to let me paying for any party. Portugal until their the other a lot of things that go into determining. Who goes to you know who goes to to what city in terms of them performing and I don't I would think that there's just as much demand here for contemporary Christian music is it would be in any city so you know maybe there -- other reasons why they haven't come here yet. All that you're you're not aware that there coming you know well that that would be. That would be thing you know it's somebody's in there and and answer that question we have these can't balance balance. Academy is exact opposite and very powerful and it's. Well it's it's it's really encouraging to see. To see good things happen I mean I was sitting at a concert last night at a house of blues in all major show mostly these young teenage girls and -- TO and action item and and really they were all well behaved I mean they were they were crazy for the abandon and screening there was no alcohol no drugs that tonight I could see. And there was a very well behaved young crowd. Yeah how well -- that's -- dominated -- you know there's some powerful messages in -- non non Christian music coming into powerful. You know. And the bad light house. The band lighthouse which -- become really popular in well in the two thousands. And -- house. Was it was a Christian band first and then they became more of a secular man. Okay and by that I -- that there in New Orleans. No Derek but they are national and I mean they haven't been touring recently but he you know you would you would be formally with many many of their their -- says they were very very popular band I guess this is around. The early two thousands and if the band starts out as Christian band and then they become more of a secular banned the usually keep -- that basic message with -- it might not be quite as. Defines. Specifically to to -- site. Our life from the Christian music you know whatever. Our religious music -- -- then you know they're afraid because of things that happened to him. Or should I -- I enjoyed our conversation. All right I appreciate -- -- thanks -- in Georgia. Here's a Texan reserve worked it by -- country superfast and for an alcoholic beverage company. And of course there were people that were very drunk at the music fest but nothing out of the ordinary. Or something's going on in Massachusetts. And -- seems to be this growing number of young people. Seventeen to 28. This is according to officials in. Massachusetts. Is say that there are really getting rowdy and alcohol use is absolutely out of control. And we see that and every concert but their seems to be and density increase. In Massachusetts and you know the other thing that you always have to consider the possibility that it's alcohol combined with. -- -- This is the -- -- your -- stay with his -- right back on WWL welcome back to the -- -- this is the -- -- house they started out as a Christian band and and became a secular and you remember this -- Missouri huge hits. And I've really enjoyed a lot of their stuff itself. I'm getting text here from people who are talking about fans this sort out his Christian fans have been became more secular. I'll White House is one I did not notice a collective soul. Was apparently Christian -- then became. More secular band. And I would think that you of these bands that become more secular it doesn't mean that they've given up their Christian beliefs and are we still think that there's a lot of positive messages -- -- -- and it's not like. They went from being like a Christian band to Ozzy Osborne -- report something like that. Also what you valley got a text here that I should -- was or is. A Christian man did not know that if you wanna join our shorter right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. It -- Amber's late 77 is a quick update on tonight's Evian you will pretty general opinion poll. Since it spreads a fraction of the bacterial 120 of the bacteria. Should the fist bump replace the handshake. 44% say no 56% say yes give -- -- by going to WWL dot com Maryland you're on the -- good evening. It. Relatively constant and apparently. Don't count them -- -- of the and win she hadn't had -- integrity and China and Japan to get it and contacting him to applaud the connections and that. It. -- -- -- Again and actually about how much talent -- -- Economists each story and. I know exactly how should talk about than a minute later -- What about the brand equities and the band members and they're good connections he wanted to split and -- -- Contract attention. To conduct. Problems you know that one -- and the country. And it came up to. And that to be a problem and and it's added that it would. Take about. -- America. Don't -- that you didn't think it and and that's fine. Job in Tunisia. And the big man. And fascinating. And and rows of course went on to have -- which became I think now Rosie is only used as soon as -- receptacle. That was that influence. You know Rosie was it was a beat nightclubs and you for a while -- -- Can come from Louisiana to know their -- Klitschko shows nationalistic and you know there are so many small venues as well mean there's the -- theater which is phenomenal. The sound system is unbelievable. It's a beautiful theater says that you always been been -- and there's the civic theatre. Which is state of the art -- concerts there that's phenomenal. And then now we just hear in the news that the RK orpheum. Is going to be renovated and will become yet another state of the arts. Facility. As one of the reasons two -- has become such a hot town for concerts so many great big medium and small. State of the art facilities -- what tonight is titled why we celebrate Mick Jagger 71. Birthday. Mick Jagger turned 71 he's a great grandfather. And you can read that -- with others it's on our website at WW -- -- I saw the purge anarchy the sequel to the purge of the week and we'll talk about that next under the WL.