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07-28 11pm Scoot, Best Concerts

Jul 29, 2014|

What were some of the best rock concerts you ever attended; what year, who were the bands, and where was it held?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Since you're always has become such a big concert city for a number of different reasons the youth -- vitality in the area the -- absolutely booming and this is a reflection of all that. But also the state of the art concert venues that we have we been talking about it concerts tonight one of my favorite topics. And this is in the discussion on our IWW -- FaceBook page WWL radio how was this concert you've been to. I get to some of those comments here in just few minutes over the weekend over fifty people were taken into private custody at the Keith Urban concert. Saturday night in a suburb of Boston Mansfield. County Massachusetts. And accounting leader says that there's been a growing problem with the younger rowdy country music fans and the use of alcohol. 46 people were treated for alcohol related illnesses and 22 were taken to nearby hospitals. And it's have this. Problem crowd is described by officials says seventeen to 48. And female. Interest. I was -- to house of blues. Last night for concerts and it was -- Ali -- show and there was this relieved. Very traumatic. Scene upstairs in the in the parents' room. Where. A woman hadn't. Had too much drinking and may be something else as well and there were people player including my girlfriend who really now I think worked to keep this woman alive. I don't know if she would have made it and she was. Not just unconscious her eyes were rolling back their heads the house of -- staff did a phenomenal job getting their right away taking care of this woman until. EMS arrived but this is an example that sometimes adults. Don't have a good example for their kids and my girlfriend and and those with our group were really upset because this woman had a fifteen year old 1415 year old daughter. It was -- dancers at the concert. As far as I know everything worked out fine but again sometimes adults don't know which set a very good example. I saw the movie purge anarchy over the weekend as the sequel to last summer's the purge the movie the anarchy was never for the box office this past weekend. The movie set in the year 20/20 four. I noticed that cars in fashion are about the same. They did they're not -- they've looked the same they were driving the same kind of cars that we drive now I don't know maybe it was just cheaper to do with the way. But the movie set in the future Tony 24. And crime and unemployment -- all time low because the government sanctions a twelve hour period once a year. When all crimes legal including murder. And the idea is that if we as a nation purge our hate. Over one period of time once a year it would be -- more civilized nation the rest of the year. Did you see the Persian -- Vigilant to moving. Did you appreciate the message. To me this was from the purge and the -- anarchy. The message she is. That if we don't find a way to control. I hate. That we have when it comes to social and political issues is that hate continues to grow out of control. The purchase where we may end up. It was a really interesting. Interesting message about the haves and the have nots one of the theories with this this idea is. That and the government -- states the government is run by the new founding fathers. That's who's in charge of the government the new founding fathers. And it's a way to eliminate people who -- a burden to the system. It's a way to eliminates criminals who haven't been convicted it's a way to eliminate somebody that did something wrong. For example one fathered I don't think this gives anything away about -- the Percy anarchy tissue could read this -- in description about the movie. But. One of the one of the themes was a father who was gonna use that night to go kill a man. Who was a drunk driver who killed his son. Who got off on a technicality. But I don't tell you what happens because that would spoil it but there's an interesting development that results from that story. And it's set in Los Angeles. And it even explains that it's that rich people. They bite people to purge this man sold himself for a 100000 dollars. To help his daughter's. And it was -- -- was picked up in a limousine he was taken to a mansion and it shows it's this family and and all dressed up. -- demand the father and the suns are wearing coats and ties daughters are all dressed up the room has plastic all around it. And the man sitting in the room in the middle of the middle of the route sitting in -- -- in the middle of the room. And they're all about two. Used machetes. And do the message they -- is that. Did the rich can can by somebody to purge to first take out their frustrations with without being part of the violence in the streets. I don't think America's heading in this direction. But it does make you stop and think OK well maybe we need to get things under control. It's about hate. It's about the growing amount of hate. In America. What do you think America is gonna look like in the future where do you think we're had it. Do you think we're gonna look back on what we're going through now and say you know what. We we've really made it through some tough times we made it to a lot of controversial things it was a lot of hate but look where we are now. We're a lot better spot is that we're we're going to be in the future. Or are we gonna look back with -- and say things were so out of control in 2014. It's no wonder we ended up where we are now. Is that what we're gonna think about it. I have faith in the future this country. I have faith -- one -- we're gonna look back and much of the hate. And much of what drives. They just the bitter. Political discourse today. I don't know what it's gonna I don't know what's gonna happen I don't know how it's gonna transpire. But I think something's gonna bring us together and that's. That's gonna subside. I'd like to think that we would look back on some of the the the issues that we deal with today that just seem to be. In in some people's minds. A prediction of this country falling apart. I think we're gonna look back on some of these these controversies the way we know look back on on on segregation. And how stupid it was to try do to stop integration. Mean how wrong it was not just stupid but how wrong it wise for some to try to stop. Integration. We look back on that Dallas that was ridiculous. I talked about the softened I think it's I think it's indicative of of of how this country gets through things but you know then. The idea of the birth control -- In the late fifties and early sixties. Was so controversy. -- There were laws and I think the state of Connecticut is the the case that went to the Supreme Court but there were laws that the band birth control. The birth control pill was if you would take the idea pregnancy away from sex and it was gonna lead to absolute. Sexual anarchy in America. And some would argue that that is taking place but I don't see that taking place today. And I think -- look back on some of the things that we're battling and arguing about today. And feel the same way we felt about the -- can I can't believe that this country was trying to make the birth control pill illegal. And the Supreme Court ruled that based on right to privacy. It is constitutional. Here is a Texan -- I saw the first -- movie the whole concept they'd be very very comfortable. I know this is fictitious. But it's scary to think that humans. Can do. That to each other it makes me think of the days of slavery. And the Nazis. It's really it is it is scary. I love the purge and I love the perjury anarchy. Again fictitious I don't think the country's heading in that direction but I think it makes a really strong case for where we might be headed. If we don't figure out a way to come together as a nation. And become more united. And less hateful. Of each other if you wanna join our -- might be your comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. On steroids every text to say 787. A -- to what some of these comments on our FaceBook conversation -- to be a dual radio about the best concert you've ever been to. And here's a quick update on tonight's WWL pretty -- opinion poll. The question is on since it's spreads a fraction of the bacteria. Should the fist bumper placed a handshake. 44% say no 56% say yes give -- opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here is a text. We beat you look back. And hate we must join forces black white yellow etc. we have to unite. I agree here's attacks based on your description of the movie the purge. Sounds like lunacy. I don't believe that social purging. Would be good for humanity while I don't -- I just thought it was an interesting. He was an interesting scenario of where this country might be -- and it's all based on the hate. At least in America today. They hate it -- group has formed the group. The fear that one group has for another group and the idea that we could -- frustrations. By -- committing crimes and every crime for twelve hour period from 7 AM and two for 7 PM to 7 AM every crime including murder. Is legal. And people boarder at their homes like -- there's a storm coming. Mean these people have equipped their homes to. Really more than just border at their homes on some some people have had been the means with which to just totally make their homes like a barricaded fortress. All they wanna do is live through the purge. But then there are people who wanna go out and participate. In the -- Arthur year old Oscar show and every WL. -- make a common. Thing that we might -- The bracket it. Bankable you know what it will what was good what was. -- Yet in the report Kmart but Obama here. And you. Prosper in laws are good. And people -- aboard you know you're back on board did not get because it was a bomb. It but it'd -- -- Pocket able -- I mean I -- that call and needed because. And it. -- it -- so good because that man would do it. Well there are a lot of there are a lot of good things about to obamacare and there are some things there are a lot of things that people hate about it -- a lot of people who need obamacare just because. President Obama. Yeah. I mean I know I know people close to me who have benefited tremendously from Obama here. Yeah and not you know. And I'm glad that we put Kmart this year would get that good it would probably be well. You know the you know authored. The Republicans. Named it obamacare. Because that was a derogatory term Steve for here. And they aren't they were trying to make it seem like keywords -- Socialism which I know some argue that it is but they were trying to give it to they try to market it give it a bad name. But what they're doing is if if this does continue to -- like it's going. They're going to have four ever given a democratic president Barack Obama credit for this health care system. You know -- when Obama's see -- -- audit Obama here. But you know when it's dark wartime record Warrick didn't knock people wanted -- -- courted. But maybe it -- caught -- about the. I have a feeling it will always be called Obama care but but -- -- you won't be seen it won't always be seen as a negative thing. And well it has helped a lot of people much to the game much at the disappointment of so many Republicans in. I'd like to think that hey if it's best of the countries and I'll let you work if it's not best of the countries then it shouldn't happen but it shouldn't not happen because he came from President Obama. I ought to an alleged -- -- -- Thanks a listing here is a text that reads. Scoot I just started listening to your show. What were you saying about rich people and machetes. Someone sold themselves class talking about 21 of the the scenes in the movie the purge anarchy. And it's one of the messages is the Hanson and have nots. And in. In one case -- try to show different scenes of this this purge this. Twelve hour period once a year when you could commit any crime you watch without punishment. Including murder. And it's a way to get rid of some people who are seen as I'm taking from society not giving back to just eliminate them. It's a way to seek revenge against your neighbor got a takes early for some I said. If we had the courage should that we should make people be very kind to their spouses and their partners all year round. Because you and I the first thing. We could kill. I don't think we're heading in its erection I'm not promoting that but in seeing this one futuristic look of America. It seems like it's extending the hate that existed America today. And the the fear of one group has for another group and extending it into the future and if we don't get it under control maybe this is where we're headed. And -- he came to that the rich the rich could afford to. By somebody to purge in the privacy of their own home so they wouldn't go out and be part of the purge night which is very dangerous. Because they could be killed. But they could purge -- kids. They could get out their hate and anger. By killing somebody in the privacy of the -- home. Again I thought it was a profound. Message -- I don't agree with that or think we're headed in that direction it was profound and a very compelling movie. From Tyler town Brent a year on the -- shown to -- WL. I I do good and -- the best concert -- yet while looking back. Would it be and in the spring -- 1973. There was a -- -- in concert. I was only twelve vehicles. And I -- let me you didn't know movement that's what life at a hearing about it for. The matter I'll -- together in my -- station Atlantic and I'll remember a whole lot about it but -- -- was so -- But its impact on me and I -- that would be on the dance but I think I'm into the three times. I -- Palin in 1984. And also in 2008. And I enjoyed those -- You know I love talking about this because it's it's not just about the music but it's also just about that moment in your life and that crowd. At that moment relating to the band. It's not about the venue it's not always just about the music it's about everything combined. Story back I don't know where it was intent that we -- -- -- -- that club one night and -- room. -- -- back in the day they were really. Yeah stories like that that don't you never forget. I'm glad you Kosher right thanks for listing here a couple of comments on our FaceBook page -- VW already given -- FaceBook page. Just go to WWL radio and enjoys. Snoop -- opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers this is from Adam. And it says Snoop -- opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers I think details kind of Fuzzy. Yeah you know sometimes we don't remember a -- because it's we were young and sometimes we don't remember a lot because well we were just slightly altered. This is a comment from Tiffany Paul McCartney. CN -- is -- Fleetwood Mac. Russell comments. Southern salute City Park Stadium Sorkin 1970s. Marshall Tucker band and many others. I think it was this year. And if I'm not mistaken when Willie was it was part of that old southern rock thing in the seventies which was just a tremendous phenomena. Here's a text for you again -- tax a comment or face the pace of Keith. Opening of the dome Allman Brothers Marshall Tucker Charlie Daniels Elvin bishop southern rock 1975. Southern rock dominate. Not only locally but nationally. In in the in the early and mid seventy's. Here's a comment from -- on FaceBook it was a George Strait was her favorite to concert. Here's a comment from Katie big rock candy mountain. Feature reading. Four Borg fast I'm not really familiar with that. Here is a comment. From. Leanne. The Eagles and -- Guns 'N Roses Metallica 1992. The superdome. And Stephens says the best concert he ever saw was Chicago and earth wind and fire. In 2004. You know I -- Chicago I've not seen earth wind and fire but I hear that they just put on a phenomenal show I believe they donated their credit fest in recent years. If you -- join -- for the comic tonight at numbers 2601 a seventy. Shall free 8668890870. And our checks -- -- -- -- 72 does this sound like Bruno Mars means to me Bruno Mars music sounds a little bit like. Like earth wind and fire and some of the really happy stuff from the the seventies or maybe even the eighties. We also to really talk about a few Christian bands that consecutive fans like the White House should -- a collective soul. Haven't missed any. Coming up out of the break that and I've talked about this on the show before but it's surprising to a lot of people. I'll play the music. The band that I went and saw that. I consider the best concert. I've ever been through its text kid rock and run DMC gutsy Kid -- he -- my list of top ten. But of all the concerts I've been too which was the best that's coming up on -- to -- well. Good to Led Zeppelin when they were. At the top of their of their careers in the seventies. I've been to so many concerts. But I have to say that the -- to -- concert in Baton Rouge in 1980 four's best concert I've ever been to and it wasn't just the music. It was just the crowd it was the event. That was a band that I saw there was born on MTV. And I was really interested in seeing how this man was going to manifest this image on stage. Went off a whole generation was in the crowd it was used to seeing close up stuff. And hit these guys are on stage how somebody can relate to that if there way up in the states. This was the first time I ever saw video screens -- for the concert. Surrendering in 1984 MTV really gave birth to that. Because they knew that the crowd was not but it was not going to be able to deal with not seeing closeup of nick Rhodes and Simon upon. John Taylor every time they choke most of the guys the girls would. Which green light to save itself I think to some great concerts -- start to dismiss the of the concerts have been too. But this was it was just it was the event it was just that moment it was during the -- and 84 if you were -- -- with a comment or number. 2601870. -- free 8668890. It's every text to state 7870. Here's a text 2006 opening of the superdome. To saints are coming. That's had to be an unbelievable moment due to Green Day. Here's a text I think Bruno Mars sounds more like the police to anyone else. And that's that once Sunday does about that I haven't that does sound very much like this sting and the police but that he's got this new song out. I'm young girls that reminds me very much of a Rod Stewart I think. Bruno Mars is truly one of the great talents. That's is is going to. Be popular thirty years from now for a young generation. John do we still have those that that music from. Action item. It's a bit I saw I Abington -- what's his concert NK TO. And I thought they were very positive. Mistress my senate house of blues but there was a band on before them action item. And to me they reflected. -- this new. Type of music. Now we know that young generations have really kind of adopted the music of the eighties as their own. And so to relate to that. The new groups today many of them like imagine dragons American authors. I guess to some degree NK TO. And action -- They are now doing music. That sounds like the eighties but not only that I'm hearing a very positive message. I'm hearing a message about no matter what happens don't give up. And to try and do the best you can't. And to me these are very very positive messages. If music reflects society. If music from a four young generation today is reflecting the positive attitude. The net Newser there's a young generation that has a very optimistic view of themselves in the future. Maybe in some ways it's kind of criticism of the world that we're giving them. But one of the powerful messages that I hear that Condit seems to go through it's it's kind of a common denominator. With a lot of the popular bands today. Is is this idea that. OK so the world stuff so this of painful things so bad things happen. But you have the power to make it better and you have the power to get through it. -- -- -- play a part of a couple of -- this is a song called to will be fine and this is from this this. I just think that there's a lot of positive piece together today which says positive things about a young generation. This is one of the things that that I'm hearing give a little more give a little more than you did before and we'll be fine. A young generation is is bonding over this idea that this week the establishment my generation. Is giving them a world that's far from perfect and not that we had a perfect world. But they seem to be very optimistic about what they're gonna ultimately do with the world I'll play another -- going to gonna sprinkle play another cut to another piece of one of their songs called brave. Which -- to do last night and again it just destructing is one of these songs with a very positive message about. How about a young generation if you wanna join our shooter -- with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy. And a text number is 87070 the -- like tonight is titled why we as celebrate big -- 71 birthday. That's on our website you can read it and share with others it to be WL dot com from New Orleans Cameron -- WWL. -- here at Cameron. Out there -- -- -- partner black -- where do behind is a friend he was Greek. Great. Rather they not that great ever uncle that. So that -- To know needs are out there. Yeah it's always it's always interesting to see just leave the the different demographics that are in a crowd of almost any concert today. I -- -- there aren't -- yeah you are out. There or. That ought to acknowledge. There. Back in order for people coming back that other. -- -- we get everything. Cutler Cutler in that there -- people out -- like. That we thought. It happened over -- it. -- A lot about the people -- never afford certain acre lot the pair on a book on my back pay. I I understand it do you feel positive about the future Cameron. I you know I think that there's a couple -- -- we -- killer partner of a lot or. We -- certainly a lot -- -- the artery for you know not back. But not altered the temperature at the lot EU we can actually change -- -- -- know it actually aren't. But -- also susceptible to a lot of misinformation on -- -- ossetian -- There. -- I assure a lot of these these plans today and you know I've just mentioned a few but there are a number of -- -- -- Many of them very very popular summer on their way out and I just I I hear this. This positive message coming out of these these -- in and I believe that it entertainment as a a reflection of the audience and so that would reflective of positive attitude in young America. A bit over the web -- about the -- -- protect them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have a daughter who does. A panic at the Disco -- yeah I know about the west -- Baptist church and about panic at the Disco. They try their protests there. And what Connecticut this data for every web for about the urged protesters that showed -- they don't need a lot opera what impact the court but they -- a couple of hundred dollar alike. You're right group. So go the more that showed up the more the gay rights group got. You know from Connecticut but it looked -- donations up about really all I was. Great way to punish -- Cameron Eric do you think America's gonna look back on this battle over same sex marriage and think why do we have this big argument about tennis. The on well. But. Eric Wright. -- our current. Your parents ever there. All caught. About one -- I don't know why. It -- to see how partner change how that would be different they are out. Karen -- and recover station thanks for listening you call us anytime -- You know before -- 2012 presidential election. The Republicans were saying that. If Obama's reelected. The economy will collapse. That hasn't happened. And so these these dire predictions about what's gonna happen. Quite often don't really ever come true. But it doesn't seem like people they -- to own up to the predictions that they made. And I relate this to predictions that. -- sex marriages gonna ruin the content girl ruler America could ruin this country. I don't see how that could possibly happen. Only 2% of the country's -- According to a recent study. And -- I was around 3%. There are people who in the gay rights movement who will say no we're 10% of the country no it's always been I've always known to be moral 3%. But there are a lot of people in this country who support equality. So that's why this movement is getting so much attention to I honestly believe it will look back ago you know I don't know where we had this big argument. In the same way that they were people who tried desperately. To stop integration. This was it for America. I think this country's gonna look back on gay marriage and that debate in the same way they believe we look back on the battle over integration. Here's a text about concerts I -- to Duran Duran I was twelve years old at Saint Louis great conserved. And I named my cat Simon Le Bon very handsome cat. And I would say this Simon -- bonds quite handsome man. And nick Rhodes is quite a handsome young lady. Here's here's facts are kidding but he is a little feminine. Great concerts Springsteen municipal auditorium 75. I was there. Led Zeppelin there in 73 Moody Blues they -- in 71. In Jethro Tull thick as a brick and -- long 7273. Elton John in Baton Rouge and pizza palace 1974. Eagles' hell freezes over 1994 superdome 75000. People rolling stones' steel. Steel wheels tour in the superdome. Here's -- taxed. Aziz seat top Jay Guy -- last concert Tulane stadium I wasn't this year. I wasn't there by it. That was and did they cancel a concert. -- did that mean that the police were there it was well there was a lot of trouble in fact the generation is now the establishment which part of that. Big -- top concert at Tulane stadium. And things got out of control. So before you're too critical of the rowdiness of young generation today. Look in the mirror and remember that your generation was pretty rowdy as well. Here's another era and another segment of a song from action item and this is another one of the Hindu groups I think it I don't know how big these guys are gonna get but I think they have potential that the singer. Honestly I saw him on stage. -- he reminds me of of a young Adam Levine from Maroon 5. And these guys had the look in the personality and I think they have the sound. But the main thing that I here's here's an up and coming group they open for NK TO. And they have a positive message. Here's a song called brave. And initially stood out in my mind aside I heard this when they were on stage. It's about. It's about being brave no matter what challenges you face. So there's not a lot of a lot of hope and young generation. A lot of conversation about the matter what what the world's like. We're gonna be okay. Here's part of brave. -- -- -- Action -- Think they -- -- -- -- you can't give up the fight's signed scooter we'll be right back on -- WL -- -- the movie the purge anarchy is sequel to it to purge your which was a report the box office this past weekend I saw that Saturday night. And there were something that happened in the news right in the New Orleans area. That made me think of the -- or take about that in just a moment they are congratulations and we had a winner a -- WL listener. Right here in New Orleans 1000. Dollars. Every weekday you have the chance just like disturbing WL listener to a thousand dollars in our nationwide summer splash cash contest. Just listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code work. And -- the code worked seven to 81 for your chance to win without reporting it found out. That's seven to eighty point each weekday Ford lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each Simone from WWL. Has won. Don't miss out on the money sign up for the deputy Euro cash club. And that's gonna give you a reminder text reminder about fifteen minutes before the code word is announced so you're sure to tune it. If you wanna become part of the WWL cash club text the word cash. 287870. That's simple text the word cash too late 77. We never charge for tax but individual plan text and data rates may apply. We will alert to fifteen minutes before each code word is announced so you'd be sure to tune it. The 1000 dollar nationwide summer -- cash contest. Is under the WL I don't forget the times to listen right before the top of the hour news 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM. And 5 PM. And good -- from Smart radio intercom. WWL. There's always something order website at WWL dot com -- Christie Garrett has the breakdown of the saints. On on their bitter on nine on seven drills are also why Brandon is cooking with gas. Just so much great information we are they your team WL is at the saints' training camp. In Greenbrier West Virginia and we got constant updates on our website at WWL dot com and if you wanna a sign up to get text alerts about the latest with the saints -- she's coming up and the pelicans. Is simply send the word sports. Text the word sports. Too late 787. -- -- Too late 7870. And you'll get to the latest updates breaking news on the saints L issue. And the pelicans as soon as it happens in and you're gonna get this information before a lot of difference to you might be sitting at your desk you might be. In a car. As a passenger. Not paying attention to text while you're driving of course you may be sitting in the passenger seat in the backseat. And say guess what I just found out about the saints Tuesday it's a chance to get really great information tech support sports. To wait 77. If you wanna join us for the comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. And a text numbers 87870 here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. -- since it spreads about 120 of the bacteria. Should the fist -- replace the handshake. 43% say no 50% say yes division opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. Here's a textile letters skater did not show up at the tooling concerts. The crowd got rowdy until CC top starting. OK so that was it like I forgot what happened there was some controversy I wasn't here. And I knew that there were so. Knew there was some controversy. And I knew that there were a lot of police involved and that the crowd did get totally out of control. Here is taxed oh this is about the band that I just -- to action. Action item sounds like Blink-182 meets owl city the fireflies on accuracy and here's a text I liked like a first hearing it -- reminds me of oasis. Here's a text. Yeah we need a new sound every decade had its own sound and music. It seems like after the nineties. An alternative -- alternative music a started to die. That there were a lot of new things in 20032004. And I think that's when the music really really becomes popular that defines the error. It's a paternity of the decade. 2000 wasn't win. The music that define that decades became popular it's more like 20032004. And this really goes back to The Beatles 64. That -- BC of the sixties. A severance of the force every 334 that defined the 70s8384. Defined to be sick and Charlotte it was popular that defines the eighties. And then the grunge ID 394. That defines the music of the 2004. The 2000 and the music it's becoming popular right now last year 2013 -- -- 2014. This -- the music it will define. This does Arab music -- one thing that I'm noticing in fact disband action item had it NK TO did it. Imagine -- does it. All American authors the -- does -- stays in my life they have it. And the that the local -- from Louisiana. Royalties. They do it. This has become really popular a single drum. That he is that is in front four like the lead singer deploy. Or sometimes somebody else will play but the but I've. -- precaution -- accent percussion. Within a drum up procedures if you don't start noticing that seems to be one of the really twisting. -- characteristics. Of of new music today -- -- blood tonight is titled why we celebrate big -- 71. Birthday. Big jagr a great grandfather. Turned 71 Saturday. Here's a tech's best concerts. Was it Led Zeppelin I wish. But that moment was a Jazz Fest I saw like Chuck Berry and Ray Charles thanks mom. I have a few more all right here's a text I think the band Kings of Leon is a good -- you know liking what it will come out of this I'd come out of this break with the Kings of Leon. Here's a Texan who L issued 1975. Ki moon was still living and incredible. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back -- -- WL. I love these guys this is one of the relatively few groups business to fighting the music. This -- Kings of Leon. This is this good show on WW -- the final update on tonight's going to be if you are pretty general opinion poll. Since it spreads a fraction of the bacteria should the fist -- replace the handshake. 44% say no but 56% say yes and as a German followed by be real happy with doing the -- And see an inch or 600. Because I'm a germ of a but I realize it's a rational. But he church because of the you know give each other -- apiece shake hands and stuff. Like -- to try to position myself in a germ free zone. Especially in the in the wintertime when people were all coughing and -- and sneezing in their hands. But it would be nice if you could just to the the fish ball now -- go offer to the signed a peace to be the fist -- elect the people -- to literally do the peace all right. -- -- -- you know I'll do that to people around me. It was an event that happened in the news. That's reminded me very much of the purge. So the purge anarchy over the over the weekend effect or -- -- thought to do woman I'm dating and her daughters. And part of her daughters as you know there was this guy sitting alone next to me. And it was what what one seat away. But he was alone and which was watching the purchase thought it was really. Kinda strange. If she was just it just kind of concerned that. That life might imitate art supposed to art imitating life. An issue she thought back on the the good the bad -- move and the tragedy that happened at that theater in Aurora Colorado outside of Denver. And you know when you're a movie. Something like that could happen. And it would take awhile before you might realize that this was going on I mean obviously nothing went on and it was it was fine but. Sometimes we're concerned that life might imitate art but when I heard about this carjacking. On bottom -- Jefferson Parish. Probable part close to the I 1039. Year old woman in her fourteen year old daughter were traveling south -- viable Saturday night about 940. She her daughter were. Were stopped in the cart two black males jumped in front of the vehicles. And ask for assistance. And then the woman pulled over -- green Ford Explorer. One of the men pulled out a semiautomatic handgun and the other pulled out a semiautomatic rifle. Once the victims out of their vehicle reward to -- on the ground. Then that the the armed men were joined by two other black males. From the explorer. But he left explorer. And they sped off in this woman's black. Chevy cobalt. Was this when it was just a crime to steal a car. It'd hurt the people -- -- a crime just. Just had a revenge. Just to. Vent frustration. So that's I think there are more crimes than we think. That our. Inspired. By hate. And revenge. And not. As much about stealing something. Because I find there's. And and police state they took the afford explore. To be examined. And as far as they know it was not reported still at least before went on the air there was no information about it being stolen. So why would you get out before exploring get -- A Chevy cobalt. Better gas mileage. I mean. And maybe they're gonna go commit another crime with it. Sometimes I think crimes are committed -- a pain and when I I saw this in the news today after I saw the movie the Persian it reminded me of the -- a from Carrollton very -- WL. Yeah I did -- you know you within that -- read that people want them to please give me fully lit the lamp. -- one not 253. Skeptical about 1000 -- and I thought I'd definitely remember that when the rocket will hit game and that kept Berrian. Pat down my own the whole group of them. Maybe water rail. Listen to me become -- phenomenon known that when it happened. -- you think you're so used to see my reference with these The Beatles in 64 but do you think around our country. 2365354. Was when Edward that it. -- and lol -- Alabama. You know allowed -- put -- in high school that remarkable came in the don't know what that but boy it I think that was before you don't you -- that it could go back and it did. And that's when it happened at that. Now. That -- campaign in. All that real market was that if they've had before wasn't 1950 -- contains about. America I appreciate you sharing that with mean I'm gonna I'm gonna actually look that up. Here's attacks in recent terror terrible stereotypes dude I'm a guy who goes to movies solo all the time guys and I do too mean -- I'm going to a lot of movies alone and I didn't mean to stereotype people who go to movies alone but I'm just and it's just interesting how people think today. In DC somebody alone and and it's it's it's sometimes you think that there might be something going on that is something last night that I noticed -- -- is this is all -- you show it at house of blues. And there -- a lot of parents there who were standing on their own -- kids were joined the concert. And if you're if you're. An older guy if you're a man. At a concert with a bunch of young girls. People looking -- -- weird. And that really shouldn't always be the case. When -- John -- for our studio producer Jack Harris also in the other studio tonight. On enjoyed our conversation this -- like tonight is about -- Jagger and why we should celebrate his 71 birthday that's on our website at WW -- -- have a great night we're back with more -- show. Tomorrow night's. Has always love -- New Orleans.