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7-29 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jul 29, 2014|

Dave talks about colder weather? Hot sauce, and driving in diapers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the 29 of July 24 team did you notice that on this Tuesday. Much. To you now. I tried. -- It's right didn't buy it you mean the lower humidity. In that really. I even just walking into the building a minute pay attention to it's like that it noticed it coming -- -- all around the air conditioner on the way here. Yeah I did there and now now. But it shows us. That the humidity is 69%. In -- benign duty in Iraq at this time and then not. What was the other good thing is out there summer well it's eighty. Temperatures on change for. Slidell 74. In number than it was say yes it was 81 yesterday 81 process of that this on the North Shore and I'm imagining on parts of other parts of the state they're noticing it. But we're right here on the gulf. And a little bit her -- navy were to still waiting for people are ego confidently up to just -- -- but. We could use a little break by congratulations to those talks on the North Shore. And during some degree who would -- up 30% less humid and that's it for them. That if you're noticing its X rated in the and he. Speaking of the heat and human. I am fascinated by the fact that hot -- is just catching it wow that way over the last year sales have grown a 150% now he -- I wonder why suddenly now I mean are now that's not a lot Steelers since 2000. Okay excellence fifteen yes that makes more cents. Yeah I think that's still locked though yeah well fifty in Louisiana food though as while we've always known it's amazingly wonderful. Full of spice in life. For some reason I think really the last generation we've seen it. Exported more than -- And I think that the fantastically wonderful thing because I did notice when I travel. Places where before there was only ketchup and mustard and salt and pepper Dayton. Mother -- a -- pots essar is promised when you travel out of state usually is only one bottled. It's it -- -- that exact right. Kind may not be the one you want yet in. I am. -- hot sauce man IE I enjoy pursuing great shots you do. And I think there is the right hot sauce for each meal you know one maybe Louisiana hot -- is right may be Tabasco right for another food and maybe it's. Crystal for yet another. And sometimes I want minera sometimes I don't sometimes I want opinion sometimes I doubt. So I really like to have a variety. -- Bryant five bottles are ya in the yardage right now because different things call for a different hot sauce. You know absolutely they have different tastes. Summer just hot sometimes at this one acts. And sometimes that while more of an injury labor sometimes one more to me that we flavors so you know it depends on the meal. I remembered all families and we used to do them might wondering doubters passed on but did back in the day he was bald. And we would use him like it was a as a test case if it was really hot spot on -- years ago has. Is Edward with -- corrupt and it would sweat on the top of his. -- bubble up. And I go OK that's a garden with his head's bald head way that we knew we had -- Seattle and in the it's the ball -- sweat test and this. The sad part about it was he wasn't that big Obama so Austria and let my wife was slated probably Georgia he used. Yet I think it's funny to see people come visit here. Aren't hot sauce regulars. Who made douse a little on the man. Again if you don't know which sauce and -- not much to use not going -- couple drops on it just -- the food and -- yeah Amazon. You just see the -- this -- at least on the forehead if not the ball. I don't know the Red Line. Yes you know start creeping up the -- and a tight and it is they're blowing their nose yeah. The hot -- makes the nose run. You could tell the beam me. You know real hot -- consumers that don't belong Latin -- and -- it but the people who. Regular hot husbands who -- it's kind of funny like that really shows that -- Erica have a is over and get the point where they start you know like -- -- gagging and -- dollar -- one putt. Now but the Red Line in the sweat be in the in the readiness as an advocate. Think. -- -- -- -- that made it 78 that you have a perfect shots out -- you'd like. Needed different sauce for everything and why if things. Just in the last ten to fifteen years that the rest of the nations get to nine and finally considering not so I'm and I travel a lot and I do notice. That hot sauces on tables in restaurants outside of Louisiana more than ever before. Not -- up in West Virginia through Steve Geller is with the saints will check in with him next will go on over the pinpoint forecast senator for -- meteorologist Alexander Sanford and find that but we've gotten through the rest of -- work I'm Dave Cohen thanks for joining us on this not Monday. We made it through Monday together folks and on entities. -- here Angela -- talk about her new trending show every day at 1 o'clock well I had the honor and pleasure of joining her most days and I'll be there again today at 1 o'clock this afternoon if you wanna. Join mean we'd love to have you listen in to the -- bills show 1 o'clock I'll be there along testament from. One of our entertainment brands and sports and we'll talk about what's going on in the world and what is trending I'm Dave Cohen at the early edition of WWL first news and it's time for your forecast. Today we're looking for partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions at 20% chance for showers or storms along the coast but most of us will be dry and feeling a little bit drier -- we had that we less humid air working and from the north to the south. You'll notice it especially tonight I think North Shore lows will drop to around 67. South of the -- -- will be around 75 but feeling a little bit nicer with that lower humidity. Still a little less humid for tomorrow with a 10% chance for rain mostly sunny and highs tomorrow still hot around 91. From the pinpoint forecast sent her I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramped. Her night while David Blake and I are not feeling any difference because it's eighty degrees at the airport in Kenner and 69% relative humidity. Spoke to the North Shore maybe noticing a little different clear and 74 degrees so that's about seven degrees cooler now than it was at this time yesterday at some -- or texting me at 87870. And that they do feel the difference does a nice cool breeze in gray Louisiana says one text messages -- seventieth -- Now the president doesn't summit where they are at the semi what does it out and it feels good. Hundreds -- onto a feels great might just call in sick. So I can cut the grass than other Le'Ron injures 69. Degrees right now. -- to a 73 cool and rise though. Spoke just because we're not -- here in downtown new parliament doesn't and you can't enjoy it coming up to me a text messages about your favorite hot stuff get some comments. You can still hot sauce of -- you have one go till. Or UA variety type person to -- like noodles needs ones that type of hot sausage gumbo needs another Campbell I need another stuff. I just I'd pick and choose my hot stuff is based on the tastes. Now that he's not tossup in West Virginia to keep themselves. A little warm because that -- sweatshirt and sweatpants Steve Dallas up there on the Appalachian Mountains. Good morning -- that's offensive lineman Ben Grubbs join the list of players not participating in practice at saints camp coach Sean Payton would not elaborate on any injury. Receivers Robert Meachem and Kenny stills also remains sidelined coach -- did talk about how he thought the -- second day in pads went though we're good tempo practice. I thought it was Christmas. But there were a lot of things we can -- -- him -- corrected linebacker Victor -- happy to be back in pads and on the field with teammates. After he missed all of last season after blowing out his ACL and organized team activities -- it was -- watching and not playing Butler was proud that the way to DU to perform last year. Got Curtis Lofton doesn't camp toward thinking picks and guys like that when I've been playing good football I mean. -- teammate first you know individual second and it was just great to see my team Soledad. Elsewhere in the NFC south panthers' first round draft pick Kelvin Benjamin has been diagnosed with a bone bruise in his left knee and is dated date according to coach Ron Rivera there's no structural damage but the wide receivers -- is inflamed former LSU tiger Jeremy hill continues to get carries ahead of BenJarvus green Ellis and -- camp the second round draft -- was inserted as the power complement to GO but Garnett organized team activities and hasn't looked back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or by -- three Dave go to New Orleans Steve Geller in the mountainous West Virginia will be right back with you and ask you. Are you feel about the saints in the injuries now led. Have a few players -- line is this just normal training camp injuries or is this the -- the injury bug fighting this thing to see with the best thing about that after this. Five point five -- go -- into our own Steve Geller in the mountains of West Virginians Steve has the injury bug -- the saints or is this just normal for training camp to have. 45 players not able to practice. I think it's very normal right now especially since it doesn't seem like there's anything major going on with the any of the players. Bent drug sat out yesterday with an undisclosed injury Robert Meachem is this second day with a back. Coach Payton said that they those who specifically. Would be back in the day or two but he hasn't alluded yet. So what when we could expect Kenny stills back another receiver that's missing time he pulled up a Little League and its first -- with aquatic tree so that might be the only one of concern. At the moment on a couple players started on the physically unable to perform a stunning updates on the status. Jared -- -- Jenkins still working out on the side of coming to us the observer you know these are they don't -- that look seriously injured they're out -- running around just not getting it. Right I mentioned also Jonathan Jenkins you know big defensive tackle and he had pectoral surgery this offseason meanwhile. He's hit the the tackle X -- right now at full speed I can't imagine that his chest is that much of the conservative he's doing that. While you're making me feel batters of the injury bug has not bitten as it -- little bangs and bruises and minor things the guys got to work through and overall the health of the saints both on offense -- defense it's pretty good and a. Yet saints are definitely looking good right now and it was fun to watch he practiced yesterday come up to the field then there's music blaring for the first time. Everett trading camp coach Payton decided to bring a little little bit of action to that the practice Joseph the -- the players appreciated that but he mentioned that to help. With the team focused on the task at hand on the field because there's so much outside noise going on during home games and especially also for -- LA -- That -- was a crowd noise or noise distraction thing that as Houston music that topic on swagger to you. Yeah exactly like I. Personally came up as a witness to what you're Rick Ross and metals thinking what are we hope what is this green -- crowd picking the -- the -- That is different hockey 25 minutes of -- sports here at WWL. AM mapped them and count your forecast for here in New Orleans. A cool front is moving through early on this Tuesday we do have a 20% chance for rain near the coast but most areas through most of today will be dry your. And feeling less humid so that'll be nice little treat not all that much of a difference in the heat -- is still around 91. Tonight mostly clear low temperatures drop to around 67. North of the lake still around 75 though south. As for tomorrow at 10% chance less humid conditions stick around highs around 91 and then by Thursday they humidity back. 30% chance for rain Thursday with highs around 91 from the pinpoint forecast center and meteorologist Alexandre -- I humidity is down a little bit at 69% at the airport scanner it's eighty degrees there cooler in Slidell where it's clear and 74. Degrees. Some people texted me saying especially Alan archer they are feeling the difference this morning. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the 29 of two lines. 2014. It's Tuesday and not Mon day and now I'm feeling pretty good about that -- out. Israel survive Monday we made it through together the -- I'm not. And I talked about this half an hour ago but I'm not feel on -- less humidity colosseum at any industrial on the -- here in downtown and on and it was a matter got a few people in the outlying areas texting me saying they were about. Now the president says it's eighty degrees and hot in -- I changed my honest are you know the president says no change still hot can't wait till winter. Now SI think Billy. May in May be really anywhere below -- twelve. Maybe not feel maybe that's an -- -- -- the border right there man. For those of you are enjoying a little less humidity congratulations but really evidence Slidell right now. The humidity is 87%. So that's note dropped me at all I mean it like it is 90% I think at this time yesterday was 81 degrees in -- yesterday's 74 down. -- -- -- the lower -- out but the humanity isn't much there yet Hammond 83% relative humidity 73 degrees. But about our favored dew point. 69. Yet -- points there. Movement. But the relievers into -- it's major fielding congratulations if not well I don't know what that. Police say a toddler crashed a Jeep. Well into an Oregon home. Services make sure it that -- back in -- his hope. That -- out to watch court -- Police say the three year old boy who was wearing only at night. The client in the -- last night. And knocked out of gear and witnesses there roll down the street. Through an intersection. And at that. Causing minor damage to about the Jeep and -- -- says. Would citing law can't. And they've been passed in the front -- am. And that vital -- up and I struck the jeeps that there up against you know. Do you buy after some investigation and they checked and the address to which the people long ago and they got -- back on the dark. And they say the parents weren't home. Another relative who was supposed to be watching I was asleep. All -- know -- police side of the 22 year old for failing to properly supervise the -- I can -- not. Cited for driving the level I can see this three year old running back in the house and putting on cartoons yes. Have any parked car the way he sought a parked car and what capital cereals and cards and action went to three years old early. -- -- -- -- I didn't as one minutes Maher offers an acute in the wrong with people filed at 22 year old was mostly one along there you ago. -- Miller join you when you get back at that yeah our. Me I don't get excited about garbage trucks much but there's brand new garbage trucks hit the street. In Jefferson Parish -- these bank in West Bank today with robotic arms on the front. That pick up the garbage cans and -- -- do many dumpster looking thing on the front of the truck. Dumps it into the backs of these high tech garbage trucks Chris -- have more on him. He WWL. AM and now I'm Dave -- thank you so much for joining here. On the early edition of WWL. First news announced that investigate the. Oh yeah do. And god that's a good morning and as meteorologist Alexander grant verdict for Laura in the pinpoint forecast that are. -- -- -- You feel any difference in the humidity in the French Quarter and little did you notice -- no no. I would and I even tried. And we're getting text messages from folks may be north of I twelve who are saying they feel the difference this morning. Yes yes it's feeling pretty good over there are some areas are right around seventy degrees feeling like. -- humidity but. Yet in the city are still at eighty degrees so that's kind of make in the difference today. And those viewpoints that really fallen down year to a point. I mean -- always tells me to look at the dew points verses the yet temperature yes and viewpoint is still in the upper state. They aren't upper sixties that's better than yesterday yesterday it was like any -- -- OK so there's a slight these -- -- humidity yeah I later today they'll be. It looks like models acting like low sixties and middle sixties so against the light but especially after we see the signs that I think tonight of an appeal of. I'll look at how they go estimated tomorrow morning at this time yet to be noticing it a little more -- here is still kind of working its way -- especially now. Back then again so that -- something to look forward a little bit of you know RA dissent in the meantime how hot will actually be. Okay today we're looking for highs right around ninety or ninety sit still high changed there it is that's -- humidity -- heat index won't be up around one thought exactly. And tomorrow. Tomorrow looks like I'm more at the same economic for about 10% chance for rain tomorrow highs around ninety line and slightly lower humidity sticks around. And typically lose tonight and into tomorrow morning around. Upper sixties from -- okay so I just jumped the gun I was just getting excited ahead of time be okay. It sounds like the real -- -- with -- tomorrow morning I think that yeah that -- and the next morning a little happ ran 69 -- -- -- I'm gonna make it Thursday got so stuck like still around 75 or so. For tomorrow morning -- right. Feel like -- Iowa sell some to look forward to. -- and out into the tropics that thing -- -- by yesterday as can't get its act together on it it's getting a little more organized and it does look like it'll probably become the next tropical depression or even tropical. Bertha the next name on the list but that's his way out there in the Atlanta rightly heat wave from. Possibly even getting into the Caribbean and ago ignited its living in about ten to fifty miles per hour -- -- running out Atlantic yet actually -- -- It'll approach the Caribbean islands lie and in the weekend and even there it's kind of hard to say exactly which island that the the most out -- that we're gonna last. We will count venue to keep and I that we need to worry about it next week then we'll worry about it. All right you ever lose anything. And then find it -- wave later and yet that amazing feeling of yes it happened it. Yeah I have put money in the coat pocket and oh yeah you the next winter but the coat back on as a twenty dollar bill on the blog and I know. Well Wisconsin woman got that feeling and she had to wait. Six years. Again. She lost her diamond wedding rain. More than five years ago and it really given up that he'd never find it he'd searched that house high and well now we know where it's -- In the dog's stomach. Or five years -- dog whose -- talker who's -- nickname is the food burglar. Was. Hanging out with the family and they were eating ice pops this article calls that I guess we call those. Obstacles yet they -- -- pop whatever you know popsicle. And apparently the dog grabbed her granddaughters popsicle on swallowed whole -- you know. This didn't do well for the dog the dog got sick as a result and two days after eating the popsicle stick the dog finally. Threw up. And they found that diamond ring in the -- Now. That the veterinarians at the popsicle stick may have dislodged the ring that had been sitting in the belly for all of this done. You can hang -- something out past -- it. They -- comes stays in your stomach for seven years -- -- that's true -- saying urban legend but apparently a diamond -- days in a dog's stomach for five years six years. Would you Wear it. Yeah. Yeah I took you know bleach put -- background wind. And again and that's. -- down and making Alexander transferred Ivan direct Eyewitness News pinpoint forecast center. We'll go to the West Virginia next to Steve Geller well it's heavier text messages on. Hot sauces -- -- -- you out -- -- kind of Stewart 150%. Increase in hot sauce sales over the last fifteen years. You have a favorite sauce I'll read text messages after this. I told -- people aren't actually made it 7870 say that they're feeling and reverence in Metairie nice breeze as one text message less humid cop car goes down almost a little chilly on the freeway. Okay another says we have a nice breeze blowing on the West Bank announces I live in ruling I woke up to eighty degree temperatures so I guess. All relative spokesman if you feel different -- if not may be back tomorrow morning to northeast wind at sixteen miles an hour at the lake front nine miles an hour at the reporting and so and maybe there is a little bit of breeze depending on where you ago. And it's feeling pretty good DA -- hot sauce hot sauce sales are skyrocketing. And Louisiana company through exporting it worldwide now 150% increase in hot -- sales and consumption over the last fifteen years that pretty cool -- One person says they're favored a slap your mama that's. Says Bob insanity stopped a couple of drops -- do for a whole lot of gum that's not. That's as I went to Moscow Russian they had to -- on the tables -- And as -- that was -- crystal hot sauce absolutely love it a basket with tasty and LC is to clean -- penny collection. And Louisiana that's not baby. -- general text messages donate them and it's -- crystal has great flavor not too hot as another another like me says Dave I'm like you gotta have a difference on street today. Am I I have my five bottles of -- that that person says that they have sixty bottles open right it would keep sixty bottles bots on. That's one for each meal. Some people need to and some need a lot and some need just a drop. Now aren't I don't have 60 I -- about five different sauces. Think -- up -- saints -- not the weather but in the competition offense and defense going adding giving it to other world of well competition to say that as says challenges are looking pretty good there's Steve gallery is up in West Virginia. Moore and Dave and happy Tuesday who dat nation. Receivers Robert Meachem Kenny stills -- still have not returned to the practice field for the saints and offensive lineman Ben Grubbs has joined that he was -- practice but in just shorts and a teacher and coach Sean Payton would not give us any information about an injury people Eminem Jay-Z and Fall Out Boy -- just some of the music being played a practice which has never been done before it came up coach Peyton feels able actually -- players come game day you're just looking for that mental discipline if you will. That ability to focus when it's noisy loud busy -- a lot of times it -- that way were especially when you're on the road linebacker Victor Butler proclaimed in the summer last year that the defense would rise to be the top beauty in the NFL and his prediction wasn't too far Roth as the unit finished fourth overall his forecast for 4014. He'd like to be number one and that's in every aspect you know run pass on third down fourth down. Everything in my bag and I think that this is a really good. Last year's NFC south champs the Carolina Panthers will be without first round draft -- Kelvin Benjamin for at least a few days after an MRI taken determine the former Florida State wide receiver had a bone bruise in his left me coach Ron Rivera says there is no structural damage running back Chris -- he's been released by the Indianapolis Colts -- violation of -- undisclosed team rule head coach chuck put god -- didn't go to the details about the former Florida -- other than saying. It was an in house deal and to LSU freshman defensive linemen were issued misdemeanor citations last week by campus police are separate incidents -- -- -- -- bio was cited last Thursday on a bicycle theft charge and -- god showed the previous Wednesday on a charge of criminal -- -- Both players were released immediately following the citations. So they have four on sports talk here from head coach Sean Payton plus Drew Brees Curtis Lofton and the Roth -- bush from saints camp in West Virginia Steve. -- WWL sports thank you Steve don't go away in sixty seconds will be back to ask you this there's some should be worried about what the -- Keep -- great news. Have anything that's I'm going to be skeptical would come as the event to the 554 Dave Conan New Orleans Steve Geller in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginians Steve I asked if the injury bug bitten 25 minutes ago on it and now it is minor stuff -- good. We keep and the defense is really. -- up and maybe could be fighting to be the best defense in the NFL this season giving Drew Brees in the offense to run for its money at practice. Everything sounds good out of saints camp. Is it too good to be true or is this team really on path to -- -- -- -- I think that the team is on have to be great or if you wanna look at a negative I guess there was during nine on seven running drills yesterday and the defense was getting gas but then again they didn't have. Any of the safety help but you can definitely hear. -- -- And Rob Ryan screening many expletives at the defense because when we're marking grumpier Thomas. Eric stranger I mean you -- -- a lot of all the running backs they were just -- the defense for at least five yards at least every carry. So that's definitely concern to the run defense which was an issue last year as well I'm but that means that are right back to run a pretty wild. Absolutely and and you'll always doing their job too but like I said there was no safety help they're so big and have that help in the gaps at the moment so. Patent -- say it's kind of a a real -- towards the offense but still wasn't good this. Blocking it out and using it as they're supposed to be as a distraction to see if they can overcome. -- I definitely have like a little bounce in my step on the -- -- -- the players definitely seemed to spoke you know. -- on the field during natural that the time kind of tune it out -- are able to focus to what they're doing on the field then. Hey I like the idea because when you're in the stadium it's not quite so much props special paper coming up with that. Back to Steve Geller in West Virginia fifteen minutes -- more sports here on WWL. It's slightly cooler and less humid today that beyond that now wait till tomorrow you'll feel it even more. Happy birthday to Laura -- -- today off Tommy Tucker -- -- -- for her to -- on our FaceBook page -- and wish her happy birthday to mr. meteorologist what happens next for the fun let's say what person we need to do is enjoy that beautiful sunrise in the western sky. -- look at it and inked in and moan and warned that predict it -- would notice. They only five knowledge -- -- -- is that the -- you're looking out the exit westerns guy. -- sun rising -- that's going to be crazy Afro I didn't leave -- About obamacare will talk about working with young girls older people will talk about LHU and their home schedule would not selling tickets would you rather. Have a big win I have a big game. And also talk about pets in this study from Louisiana and ascension parish deputy tried to save -- -- -- which when he drowned in those dog -- -- he's he has it all worth company and waterfront -- --

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