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7-29 6:10am Tommy, Saints update

Jul 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's Steve Geller out in West Virginia about Saints training camp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David I get this text that comes in from joy and -- a tool it's a beautiful day in a neighborhood low dew point no oppressive humidity hitting me in the face let's thank the good lord. For this glorious day I feel like the attitude I did too and that's gonna be mine mine new. Red zone Dan there at dry every you say that -- my life yes it is. New England are gonna throw things and and have ferrets and stuff when you -- in zone on David and I don't. Read every penalized and worked so hard woods yet. We are right. It won't be all right snow or examine a breakdown it's sad moment. I am like Walter White without the money yeah breaking and -- he's he -- downsizing was in the apartment in the -- well the very end yeah. Marianne and while I don't crappy car -- at the drop all the money on -- not -- I -- let me ask -- this -- saw a couple of TV meteorologists last night one of them said this is the second cold front yes to -- July very very rare and jones' as the third cold front did that we have had in July. Very rare now -- I'm Imus that third one I'm -- in what if there was more nobody noticed that's about it because it's. God bless you enjoyed it here -- human and and it cuts in -- yesterday mr. willing to wait for this drive front this cold front and let's break from the field oppressive heat and humidity our viewers a lot there there'd be picking up the -- and -- what. -- You wouldn't -- want him to ride out right now but it did better. It's. I'm talking about a Brandon Cox says. Makes him feel rejuvenated when he's learning from number nine and Drew Brees says you know what. This kid makes me feel rejuvenated. While so do you like working with people that are younger role older than you'd do if a year older do. If you are older do the young workers it's. Wait if -- this is backward if you're older the young workers re energize you. Or if you're younger dual older workers inspire you or do you just aggravate the blank out of each. That would be it for you -- pointed out. Probably right there in the middle -- I you know the thing withdrew. And the rookie was this thing. So chip I don't know how many quarterbacks do this and I I would suspect it's very few. Come on down to San Diego. I know your finishing up school that are in Oregon -- come on down and nimble just will be -- on passing drills together. It's how you win. Yeah ice and a guy in radio used to do that with younger. Younger talents -- I think you know same guy and when -- -- it wasn't them you know was a good thing how bombs but. You know -- talk I think got to do dance move. Mom and don't talk about. Obamacare because there are a lot of people contacting me saying whoa whoa whoa what's deal here. Because they used to work 3839 hours a week. They've been cut back to thirty and the last because if they work more than thirty. The company has offered him health insurance is exactly so while it was a good intentioned as my late father -- used to say Raymond C. The road to hell is paved with good intentions because what profit a man if this is -- and is not him because he's deceased but what profit a man if you try to better somebody's life in -- up worsening. On intended consequences David car. That's more to talk about an LSU football lot of unsold home tickets because their plan pets these people like one. Wilson is is the important thing again Saturday now on Death Valley that I have too many of those it seems like every year they had a couple more they -- -- Angela Marie C. Blame kids in eighth grade one night. So we're askew would you rather have the big win or a big game. Because you know -- and -- also order a game. Really. Even if it means the tigers a three and three after six games. But you had a hell of an experience in the stadium yes as the -- -- at home and -- western sky on Saturday night it's time for football and Tiger Stadium. Don't talk about cats and dogs at -- ascension parish deputy. Scott 56 years old retired less than a year jumped into upon trying to rescue is your -- And they knew that he was in the pond because the dog was barking dog survived and he -- and -- talk about that Louisiana Meehan a dog stayed and our pets is much of a part of your family as any human soul like coming up led you -- Tommy Tucker in this beautiful Tuesday morning and if you saying it doesn't feel like a cold front. Hang in I think you'll notices the sun comes up it does feel a little drive back in flash on WW well. I Tommy Tucker 619. Clear to partly cloudy today hot. Not as humid that's what they're saying it's Evers and chance -- elated showers or thunderstorms but along the coast. So it should be dry here highs around 91 right now at 79 and likening -- to the rest of the week. Less humid tomorrow as well and Thursday the humidity comes back with a 30% chance for showers and intense heat. And humidity in the same -- Friday Steve Geller joints right now where heat and humidity. I'm guessing -- are not a problem. Not a bit chilly fifty this more atomic I get it cutting off. You know that's the first thing out of his mouth we don't need to hear that. Well good for you and tell me about practiced yesterday. Well as nice seeing the guys in their second full day of padded practice. The safety's. Had a pretty good day actually the whole entire secondary now cornerback Keenan Lewis really with the bright spot. Breaking up passes it seemed like all the time he got Fordham -- -- -- then. And -- hitter Joseph Morgan and it was just I think go to quarterback Drew Brees -- you know he -- the finger at him and Drew Brees even -- back. But come. I mean Kyra Robinson running back also looking good not just in running. But also picking up the blitz package which is huge. Made a nice stop on -- a caller oh. And the car we've been after the play -- tap on the helmet so it was nice to see that from the youngster and then on the nine on seven drills were there running the football not so great to see from the defense but great I guess from running the ball aspect of the saints. The offensive line dominating and every single running back to seem to get. At least five yards every carry. Bobby Hebert made a comment that he had never ever seen that in the history of nine on seven drill later on notional patent saying. That's really -- A drill skewed towards the offense there. Because they don't have any safety help on the defensive side to fill the gaps for the run but still. It was quite an impressive seeing every single running back just rip off of punt yardage. Mom is so will come West Bank had a good day good day yesterday West Bank had a great day -- and on -- ability is blog where you can see saints nicknames explained of course Keenan Lewis -- well Perry walker alarm I believe I got that straight. It would take a break Steve when we come back -- wanna talk about. Looking ahead to training camp. And -- quarterbacks how's everybody look in the -- in terms of back up we don't know druze can be the starter. And it didn't do him a decent kick in yesterday because I I don't mean to put the emphasis on the kicking game too much but. When it comes down to it that to be -- between winning -- losing a home field advantage not. Advancing in the playoffs not so it seems minor until you really need the kicker and we'll talk about that when we come back six when he want. Any questions you ever Steve -- 260187. He told three. 866889087. Me about training camp and the saints -- Always text and an 87870. And I will pass them along for. Six money to let's take a look at Traficant for that we got terror -- No competition there but. It is his. Is efficiency and his percentage. Numbers are very good and I thought -- performed very well for us last year you know. The last game of the season those were I mean awful conditions. He's someone that. Certainly is god it is in the mix and there's going to be a tough tough got to beat out and yet there is competition. I dead -- head coach Sean Payton talking about the saints kicking situation Tommy Tucker got a WL Steve -- joins us live from. But Greenbrier in sulphur springs -- person texts and and Steve apparently having an issue that. The -- Greenbrier is a resort located in sulphur springs so there you go we corrected it -- about the kicking situation. Yet you were mentioning that before -- to break it didn't see any of their. The guys going out yesterday but on Sunday. Shayne Graham went three for three -- donkey went four for four amble although those attempts were inside the forty yard line. So no one really has like if you could say no leg up in the company and right now like -- except for Graham I would give the advantage obviously since he is the veteran. And more experienced was on this team last year. Oh win Garrett Hartley was given the boot at the end of the season. -- -- -- -- terrible. The -- kicked in the last two games was perfect I was really instrumental in the the saints went over the Eagles in the playoffs. Did miss two field goals against Seattle but that definitely wasn't a deciding factor but. So he still got a little bit more approved now since that everyone remembers the last thing was him missing two kicks against the Seahawks playoffs. You know who you are from -- on your -- guy. -- one guy. So it was aim now was gonna cry come up -- now. So you said you didn't see any kicking yesterday's kickers do they'll play golf at the Greenbrier. No I was more focused on some of the -- and we're going out of the secondary with the linebackers so there's different just lake areas on the field. And I wasn't overwork the kickers were practicing. I get a couple of text here from different numbers talking about -- arm strength. Given -- ages Steve noticed any drop off an arm strength and other one is -- aging arm gonna be able to keep up with -- younger legs. It's fun out -- when folks are asking about you know drew getting out there days of course. When we talk to him on the first day of practice he said listen I may be 35 but he feels like he's 25 it's all state of mind but yeah. I understand where folks are coming from how's the body reacting. Drew Brees is a consummate professional and is constantly. Watching film in the weight room stuff like that. And I hadn't noticed any drop off at all. In his play in his arms race since coming here and I was six and I don't expect that could be the case I've. Tell me about. This drilling at yesterday's something Sean Payton said was based on. Oh when -- what was a show American heroes is something related throat a golf cart. I did see them post something of American Gladiators -- Yet they and shall pay it took part with the quarterbacks of the saints. Official website has posted the video. And there was basically these different stations you have to make it through while one of the coaches was throwing this ball that do if you got. You got hit by -- tennis ball you got negative yardage on the play. But you have to make it to each patient pick up the ball -- the football and throw it at who the targets now or in the end zone. Unfortunately. Drew Brees did not win you can tell he's a bit off -- account and that have taken the trophy for today. -- comes back ups. Where you would go on in with the same kind of blow lineup we Atlanta with McCown as the second guy and then. Right -- -- Ryan Griffin on off the roster. Well you know let's -- but it. I definitely talking to a resident broke Bobby Hebert about quarterbacks in. Because it would I would think that account has more of the -- because of his experiences dot com. But he sees that. Right -- release is a lot faster a lot smoother. Then that it accounts so he's actually giving riding Griffin the age as the number two guy right now -- truck stayed there on that. In terms of arm strength that guy's got a cannon -- Griffin. Oh absolutely yeah he did well with two angry wave and has been really thriving here with the saints we should see some pre season action. Which will be good for him. You know to get more of that game experience which is what -- the only thing that's really lacking right now right if that happened in game experience and honestly and hope folks are hoping. The -- see him this season. Because that means that things for group but. He you know a lot of questions are is the heir apparent I'd I don't know if that's really -- Yet you know and in terms of -- sank that would remind everybody before relate to go. JaMarcus Russell could throw it a mile. Not necessarily in the area of the receiver. Brady Quinn remember when he is playing with the browns. On two successive plays tried to throw. Deep long bombs at the end of the game and didn't get either one in bounds in that field was what 53 yards wide. You you would think you could at least keep it in the field of play but he missed the white -- it's a good 1015 yards. Thank -- I'm glad you joined as they Geller -- have a good day at training Campbell talked in the morning. You -- you bet 960187820386. Exit eight -- -- seven if you wanna talk about the saints and -- go back to something that. Drew said yesterday about -- -- saints' first round draft choice he said that they use of cook is energizing him and cook says that the experience of drew is educating him. So. -- gain some and if there's a big age difference Terry is it just too much conflict about to talk to you about when we come back right now. Tempered at W offers news and -- that we go to. Dave Ridley if you're listening and you gotta go to the West Bank keep that in mind a breakdown -- street exit heading from west east bank. And usually at least sometimes. And that happens early morning and lays back now isn't that nice way to start the day let's open it lets hope amendment trying to do. Alarming. In the morning. David and that's what we do we do to investigate -- were in. -- time and -- enjoying this summer alone in traffic but before you know it. Schools to be back in session and it is his crease. All experts. Would days -- demand those losses are -- and it is sidewalks and doesn't cross walks and everything. So. It's I'd watch that. It. I did see in New York when times are cab -- literally drive on sidewalk. He dead yet. To get -- ransom -- are you probably had one arm out the window was pumping his person yelling at somebody you know what I he may have you have -- say in Times Square in New York the -- -- I don't know of their talk and each other in Morse code. Constantly blowing -- that happened but -- -- I got a stress you're stressed there in New York Carl and I wanted to got hot sauce has Louisiana what the capital yeah Boston's manager and make it fast enough and you know -- started of course hot -- business on Avery island with the medical -- -- and they brought into nutria. From South America is an exotic past -- story is well known that and it was hurricane Audrey they got out in the cages and they started to breed and then. Before you know it the southeast was full of nutrients and it is from of course. The -- by squeezing it that they extract hot sauce. Pretty common story ones I'd never heard that celebs part of the story and Jordan pointed out with -- as Alabama education that is why nutria have orange -- Is because Alonso I'll if you see a new tree that is in Orange teeth it hasn't been. On squeezed in a while and if you eat them keep in mind. That they're already self seasoned if you get one with orange -- So I don't. Eight of people I think David sometimes get confused they think will -- Utah legislators so we can't talk about it now you can talk about any of this that you want to at any time it yet because -- 6 o'clock crowd they drive and then they can't talk about 7 or 8 o'clock topic and that's not true at all so. If you like to talk about any of -- -- if you're an employee or an employee here. That's jammed because of this thirty hour limit when it comes -- healthcare with obamacare I'd like to know. Hey have you or someone you know had their hours cut because of it. -- -- healthcare mandate in the field of business are you haven't staffing problems because people are saying you know one of fumbling in thirty hours and move and on. Not realizing that there rolling and get thirty to the next but they go -- their part time employee. -- comes LSU football lot of unsold home games and I. I think it comes down -- this would you rather play a patsy at home and get the big win. To help you may be with BCS standings although I don't know you're doing it here -- BCS this year. Check into it where would you rather have a guaranteed win to watch him play UAV. Which you know it's going to be big win -- would you rather have a big -- -- I -- Notre Dame Stanford comes in and you might wind up with the -- Notre Dame probably not the best example but to get the point. Tommy Tucker back in a flash -- hear from you on Debbie WL I Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about LH UN. Unsold. Home game tickets and -- keep -- stadium bigger which means more tickets available would you rather have. I'm patsy. At home no disrespect to the teams at their plan or regret would you rather have a tough game. -- the attacks comes in -- Saturday may not be the best example and L issue faux -- beats Disney character you went. And we do have you know some easy opponents on there and global would you rather would you be more. Prone to buy tickets if they're playing up big time opponent. Which also carries with it. The chance of losing and and did do you falling in in the rankings for national championship or play the panties get the big scorer. And move on and I think another part of this is where it is HDTV fit in all this. And now -- drama 3-D. HD. So if you hand. Big giant screen TV at home. You -- see that game better I think everybody will agree with at home and you will there at stadium. Would you rather that are would you like to have the atmosphere better of actually being at the game. Tailgating especially -- -- issue in the whole thing in here any announcers say. Ladies and gentlemen the son has found its home and a western sky on a Saturday nine it's time for football. At Tiger Stadium tell me at 2601878038668890878. And don't forget we get a code word coming up and a couple of minutes. And -- 1000. Dollar nationwide. Cash summer splash cash contest. Yes we had a winner Debbie -- old -- would listener right here from New Orleans so but at a like you know what would time it was. So you have to decide what you do with a thousand dollars because every week -- have a chance to win 1000 dollars what that summer splash nationwide cash contest. Just listen right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM weekdays for the code word you'll have won here in less than ten minutes. And then you'd texts that -- that I give -- to 72881. For your chance to win without ever put your phone down 72881. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide yesterday when I was from New Orleans wins a thousand dollars each. Each round so miss out on the money sign up now for debit WL cash club you gonna get reminder texts. If you text the word cash to 8787. Wheeler to fifteen minutes before each code word is announced. -- -- to listen it's the 1000. Dollar nationwide summer splash. Cash contest. In over to the times a listen weekdays 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM. We never charged protects an individual. Plan text and data rates do apply and good luck from Smart radio intercom and all of us here. At WWL retirement hot sauces well in Tabasco and I gave my version. Of the history of Tabasco. Sauce and somebody texted and instead you should provide hip waiters with you -- his story lessons. And they said there was there was no home misprint there are no typo I stress his story as opposed the history. But anyway is spicy food hot -- market is up like it's never been before Louisiana. His got a sizable share of that market and got us thinking about it text so that we haven't done wiles you can text. Spicy. Or mild to 87870. And will watch it throughout the morning. We are wondering what you put hot sauce on. And Jordan says he puts on his -- Which have never heard of but I think would be good. I put it on potato salad which Jordan and covered up and 88 gives it little tick I like I like to obtain -- -- -- origin has somewhat unit about you shelving I think you put. -- Sosa and crab cakes well. That's something I'm eating grits. And -- -- it as I would rather Jordan's eating grits and children's eating crab takes. 652 calls when we come back right now time for double WL traffic and that would go to -- Robinson. Tummy tuck and evidence be dug -- the code word coming up and nationals summer's last chance to contest right now Terry joins us talk about LHU and home opponents we have Terry. -- -- The conference play is so difficult. So try. Shall. So that I should work there. -- -- Somebody speaker -- couple dozen or. Play -- -- And all all. Trying to work on Miami. And the other thing is for real art stadium. The expert and he used to -- -- our game. How to get out Tiger Stadium that has been saying here got to Terry appreciate.

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