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7-29 7:15am Tommy, Obamacare cutting hours?

Jul 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Walter "Dub" Lane, Associate Professor of Economics & Finance at UNO, about how Obamacare is affecting the number of hours people work

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- 717. Something that I've noticed happening in and frankly it's happened here and I presume it's happening in other areas of the country concerns. The Affordable Care Act -- it's otherwise known obamacare in the presence that he's OK with the term. That term being used to define or at least named his plan. But unfortunately I think it's affecting some part time. Employees like they didn't realize it would Walter doubling joins us right now associate professor of economics and finance. And you know my alma mater and a friend of -- morning professor. Murray. Tell me about. What's going on part time workers and what the law says and and what the -- used to read in terms of part time employment. Well it's actually very very complicated and that's why we have you on -- The it's noted the thirty hour is historically. Firms have been able to define what they meant by upper vote by fulltime and part time some companies 32 hours some used when he EA. And it in the over any particular period. Well you know obamacare has. Huge amounts of pages of regulation. And now believe the federal government of the botnet notified thirty hours which is an average of thirty hours as being a full time work. And you have each company to do a calculation of all the workers every month. To see how if they have -- -- -- workers they operatives there are a lot of variables workers you know people that are. You know hired in this camps or -- they work in for some little time jurors you know Indian hospital in my head -- contractor come and do some certain things. They've got to figure out if they've working an average of thirty hours over eighty people look back period that it take a period of time that they define. Three and nine months and they kept average over that night but so if you work 45 hours one week. And have been real busy time that you go back to twenty hours a normal time. That does that that averages out less than thirty. And then maybe you'd have to employees they have to offer you insure its. But. You know so -- got -- do these once a month they've got a cap it all their employees. And in the -- that the company they have because this only applies to people picked the normal employee. But not if you're more full time employees -- its that you're more full time acquittal. So even if you cut all your workers back to part time if they add that you had a hard workers working twenty hours a week that can add up to. -- full time equivalent of like sixty works and so therefore you're you have to comply with the law to offer. You know health insurance or pay a 2000 dollar per worker penalty. Important result of this is that for many firms that are that are taking people that you don't usually work. Maybe 28 times 32 and they're being very careful to keep everybody under thirty holders. You know they -- they're they're looked like 28 hours that they don't. You don't have a double overtime period are so busy period where they bracket up a couple weeks in the pull them up over the thirty hour average and so what we have seen. It and number of companies that are taking there the workers and heading back there there. And so that has been one of the negative effects of the -- here. I don't think we're ready now we can hear -- going now okay good doctors so tell us if you will the the difference. That obamacare. Is gonna mean as it relates the part time workers I'm just -- with you we got. Your short and now it's very complicated nets 11 -- be on display but tell me about the album. The is that an average of employees and if everybody averages over thirty. And everybody gets in your answers it per employee. Well bill it's that you you don't you still offer. Insurance to part time him employees but. You also if your if your 150 employer employees don't offer insurance but -- you -- Xavier. Early in the medium size business. In a defining it you have fifty employees and it becomes very complicated count in our national scene. And then had been Horry. It ended a few other than to -- the big moments you know they have that they -- cutting back people. To make sure that they don't have to call that injures two year. To their part time employees. But. This part time is based on average over number periods to have to be careful not only just look at any particular week. We actually don't come up above our -- average period. And so they're ball we didn't have -- -- we've -- of certain companies -- Verbally announced this is that they are cutting back hours to a lot of police have pictures that Google bought it over the dirty -- operative. Because an accident that document. That it that they have these employees that they offered him and -- -- many of these part time police won't accept it sure if you give it to. Because they can't -- there. And the premiums. Even over rule the premiums have to be. You know and you can't think of that sort but but you have to make -- signed a statement saying that they've been offered a policy. And they turned it down. You know to at least 75% of employees so you know -- that the requirement just keep building on each other. Which are pretty onerous for the firms to keep track of but the net effect is it that Britain a question you ask me is our art is this affecting and replace yes and number employees are finding their hours are being cut back. So that you used to work a little bit more but they employers it will make sure you're clearly apart mentally I'm gonna cut your. So bottom line people -- wouldn't really be able to afford insurance anyway have to be offered it because of the program if they have more than fifty employees and they were go over thirty where she had some different. Details as far as he averages go with that. But the result is they wind up making less money because they get less hours because the companies afraid that they're gonna have to -- insurance that. By health insurance that the employee probably couldn't afford anyway. Yet now the flip side of that as many of those recite employees who tend to be low wage in part time employees means they're total income is actually fairly blah. Well they're totally income is currently though. That they actually in that -- now to big eagle at the apartment police number they can still ago. To be helped it -- and applied for injured and find out. That their insurance is an unbelievably. Good bargain. Some weaknesses in the old thirty of 40000. Dollar a year range. That they can actually get. Insurance for them before they can actually do. Injured like nineteen dollars a month. Really would have potentially no co pays that there you're near the bottom but that other summit those. That maybe you're losing in terms of their total. You know hours of salary but because of the Affordable Care Act. Maybe offered an unbelievably good bargain when it comes back to my picture yet told took a lot of them go. A couple more minutes I -- at Texas says. Kenya as a doctor who'll enforce it and how and at what cost and and I get to text from different numbers one of them says. So isn't that the evil employers fault which I presumed to be sarcastic her tongue in cheek. And get another one that says so is the problem with obamacare or is it with the greed of the companies and analysts use an economist and we come back it seems as though too many. Greed of companies as being sometimes interspersed with profit motives and and the government was trying to fix the insurance situation which wound up in employees making less money so. -- decide. Greed as opposed to returning. Profited to the stockholders and run the company in a sound manner a manner rather doctor ball. -- actually got there they tell me night on -- and have time when we come back some maybe can tell me now what you think. Well again. It's some of these especially rest ought to -- it is specially marked as you might imagine. And and the two of them currently asking the question that you. Able to remain open -- you can argue most of them should be offering insurance to their police employees after brawl. But some of these companies operate buried there -- profit margins. And it helped care cost would -- it to -- the equipment questioned whether they'll even be able to stay in business. You know ran across -- company recently where that they're abilities because -- a real issue here. So their whole range of different companies out there that are in so it should be offering more exit of the want to offer insurance. But they can't afford other regular destroyed this sacred ultimately came so. You get to the Republican. Doctor I appreciate your time we'll talk to you again I guess you gearing up for the full semester. But partnered -- out good like Vegas are. --

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