WWL>Topics>>7-29 8:10am Tommy, go to a football game or watch at home?

7-29 8:10am Tommy, go to a football game or watch at home?

Jul 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Doug Moreau, LSU football radio analyst, about LSU football games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very interesting conversation. With a Doctor Who is I guess pioneering that. Freezing doctor Vinod DOS and LSU Health Sciences Center injecting those needles and need that frees the -- breaks -- opens up. Lasts for about nine months I think is -- -- -- and -- if you wanna know more about it and go to idol Vieira IU VER a dot com. In Alia LSU health sciences center for 1217100. I think it's about a thousand box as it stands now but the insurance company will not cover that. Once you know I think once the results of doctors and maybe that will naturally well because it's much cheaper there's a financial incentive to do it. The knee replacements and so for a pro or anti Atlanta a thousand bucks -- they get me back to jog and I do it and -- Sure you Sissy panel and you know we talked about this earlier just seems are so many people that have any issues and serious ones and ask the doctor about this I really do wonder about. Pounding your knees on the pavement. Even with the proper shoes for all -- not to mention without the proper shoes. For all of those miles on concrete I just wonder if if now we're not paying a price for that -- don't know but but you know again dikes and -- the -- that is. Allies did giant man no blood pressure problems and enough and then in the went down -- it. A Texans and Tommy be honest as an ice pack era helped you have never felt any better after applying ice packs. I'd David for a long time was where this text there was but then I realized. You know you got to be consistent and you can't just put it on for like a minute. Are rolling because if it didn't work they wouldn't put ice and all of these NFL players or athletes when they get curtain. And I planter fascia I just one time and he'll I get the shots in the heel yeah very bad words while I do -- here dead. And -- as animated disappears taking a nice Cuban and slowly rubbing and over the he'll. Unsealed. The ice -- Melton a lot of pain over command ice you know when his swelling and and it works. So 260187803866889087. If you wanna weigh in. On anything we're talking about and and areas a what do you call -- tropical. System. In -- in the Atlantic disturbance disturbance that they expect to form. Into a tropical depression -- will lay out an audio off the coast of just live in more than off the coast of Africa and it's expected to. As they say now take that that right turn as it does. Far away I guess from the eastern border of the United States is in -- be doing a lot of that. -- -- -- -- Or the other right that's what the odds on on a probability that's kind of what they were sand in those early predictions. Right. -- David and we come back about -- issue football and downs he's that is some tickets left. For a lot of home games and more asking you would would you rather see him play. A weaker team and get the win are much. Bigger better team and the and risk lose and it would then make you more likely to goers and nobody -- TV. Weary and stand around and everything you want the drink no drive and no part in. And the bathrooms are right there when you need them so we'll talk to Doug morrow big Manning is LSU football analysts and actually goes -- does Doug. To. I'll tell you when we come back as matter of fact Tommy Tucker -- you glad you with -- us on this Tuesday morning. Tommy Tucker -- WL about to be joined by one of my favorite people to listen to you on the radio when -- she was play and it is Doug morrow. Football analyst and former tiger played tight -- he also kick the football and and we mission done last season no disrespect anybody else but we mister -- on ranked. Economy and it is -- important not -- we can't yell season. -- live. According to a new record greatly outweigh your colleague. October about like what it up through the debate -- -- included in. Luke Perry and it could go ahead. We're fortunate to make it back -- the treatment Norplant regain a looking -- at -- And look at -- trying to discount would Jordy did Jordanian John -- Jim sounded great but you know way back to John Ferguson I guess maybe you bring me back to the date but. You do a great job you really do it done again brought. Oh we get some look at here at LSU's home schedule an analyst summary in something wrong the only two games that are sold out so far. Our old miss and Alabama correct. I don't argue with no -- that much better. I think that's what it is and I'm just wonder and I needed to balance. Do for somebody determined what opponents -- she is gonna play at home and secondly is -- a balance of guaranteed victory here and and offsetting a tough SEC schedule or is about money how to -- work. Well that. They -- quake. Occurred in your life I mean you've got coaches obviously would prefer. I think what capital LU has this year in India and fit in Denver well and -- -- here. I think sixteen players leave early. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you play in all a lot of freshmen that played -- being -- here. Bob and -- Game didn't seem that -- -- -- -- -- Well. -- tell. All of our game. -- might be younger players get -- should be very future. Of beginning at. So gaga picked it up pretty good treatment and they all got. Your big question equation is that you that -- outcome of the game. Into Olympic Games. And that same figure at camp victory throughout these are -- -- that I'll react and I don't know that anybody's ever been able to put together. Planned for. That he trotted out year by year you've got to get -- -- and their anger at security at a time. I'm you are returning game and somebody. Continued got to play all that well and prosecute that he's the border -- -- go somewhere else. Complicated situation you know players are going to be about -- here. -- may be. The -- Oh no question that picture can be opened people talk about your entire. I know no disrespect to any of the other opponents is Sam Houston Stater UL Monroe or New Mexico State but their programs obviously are different levels and and as LA she -- just wonder and from a fan's standpoint. Is it harder for the fans -- geared up for that and and actually go I would think obviously it is there's tailgating. And all the fun involved with Tiger Stadium the tradition offset that and as a broadcaster. You have a hard time getting geared up for for Sam Houston's later you'll Monroe one of these teams. You know there. In a way that true Brit in a way -- -- On. Our ability. As being. Try to communicate to people who live on the right. That is people who you know make your own unique. Large group -- in the stand. Or they're not able to get to a only ship. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You lower. A picture of that vehicle. Global feel it make it to me you -- -- -- of course when you play Alabama. And play ideal and idea seat -- retained. There's a lot leading to. -- -- up in the stand more could not. Obtain. And -- straight. And that may not be great you know you can have it be -- game and let go. And on -- I would think Doug they would rather than the win over Sam Houston State nothing's guaranteed of course. As opposed -- huge game against Stanford and Stanford beat -- behind. Well definitely. Part of the opportunity to win. -- and win the -- much -- I don't know the one of the object come you know when you play well maintained critical ally like -- -- -- play and particularly when you play in the -- you -- get -- pretty. Every game is going to be cold in that can be very critical in -- -- -- problem because our treatment. We've talked games being one -- well. You increase your risk inquiry a great deal. And that should -- about that factored into people talk about it a lot about the factors -- a lot. That it can. Play raptor -- quad. Early in the treatment get on the the other saying they do that and did it in two -- -- condition. About you injuries that might really. Your country and -- Doug we're about out of time but in terms of about quarterbacking LSU who wins the battle lower. It's some kind of I hate to say platoon systems and kind of part time quarterback we think. You know epic -- Kind of you know Arkansas won that game didn't have her okay didn't have an exciting game although -- back and -- it right. What an error that say it was a freshman with the -- cooler -- can be a true -- this year. At -- lot of talent in -- credited in the rain today which is currently will -- or. He made. The ultimate plays that true -- -- going to be going though. They're not legal -- and with the quarterback. I -- a lot of good point. Done Alicia long and happy season and again you know we we like Jim in Georgia accordion -- Ali elbit. Record. -- -- -- -- again. A court order -- like it and -- because it was anyone that. Yeah that's what. It is me -- being -- -- Doug morrow and and Jim -- may get me completely confused. On the line thank you -- maybe I should take a season. They've got a great thought could be good news about collecting data on the. Thank you to die guy eight point five but it's about a senior moment as an -- in my brain frozen here and set in my need timely get trappings -- -- wouldn't have problems. And we're back. Tommy Tucker talking about -- issue here and -- WL I wanna talk -- when we come back. About that the ticket problems -- issues happen and and basically I think it comes down to David Blake would you rather play. -- cream pops and and it will let me let me say it this way. I -- whose program is nowhere near. The level of yours. And K because everybody plays hard for every team and while saying that. But it team whose program is not as good a Jewelers. And he'd get that guaranteed went although there have been some scares with our programs very scary that have not. That you didn't expect you expect him to be big blow outs and sometimes you know added and this happens in football the other team can get by an emotion for about a half. Then bigger stronger faster winds out escorted out of hand but. I think we were playing too many. Of these so lesser teams sister -- had just seems like every year they've added another one. Well. Rankings coming out that evening on Sunday. Where would you rather play the big schools Stanford and and nine you know would they depict West Virginia whomever I don't know that. And I have a top to idle idle state pick another I say to weekly wings in the schedule at most. To that and on more than two and you'll go along with the losses if they come yeah I mean it's like -- a -- -- if you become man you'd you'd have a a great ranking and be very high up there and and would you -- does HDTV factor in this anywhere because not only watch in the game on TV before you can see everything so clearly -- HDTV not that this matters but just. As an example you concede that the metal flakes in the helmet you following. Ellenberger in with a close up shots. It is. -- bomb blew it with the experiences that he had either the superdome with the saints game moral issue or somewhere house to me colony note TV that's a pretty -- -- opinion polls. Or at home and as it stands out about three quarters and at home crowd home -- and not nearly eighty and sharing -- just got it -- and it was just -- It now. You mean a 52 -- yes the cost of -- All on its own garbage -- That nobody -- seriously I'd rather watch it at home I really -- -- -- am -- coming back it with your calls at 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. And -- David Blake with that WL percent. And Tommy I take -- -- -- earlier take a little staff outside and you will notice the murders so little nicer culminated right opted -- attacks ailments I enjoyed that could you make it either like some good hot soup. And as -- up with tears on and his ninth reason. Dana Dickey advised and I agenda in the elevator went downstairs and walked outside to feel cold front it really got -- on room -- -- Nice up and I don't know what drug it is the Euro on. I don't know what kind of cocktails you've had already. -- on now you have to have noticed a little something in me tonight. If you walk. To a corner and stand in the breeze. And really let your imagination run wild you might feel -- you might notice that somethings different but. As it stands now I don't think there's exactly a touch of fall in the year now. It could seem me be your own memories. The Eagles and usually the -- nicer to notice a difference in the -- And if you wanna call it what -- when you put in one's calling but he diffusion. All right of the light we're notices when your eyes and start to see beautiful -- and you -- hey you know what we've still got August to get through. And you know August and September -- yeah early October gala September like to play it like it's. -- -- You know we're gonna get to the conversation of ones and in the turn couldn. Always Halloween every year but we get that out when these same thing over and over. Isn't this is an Anderson -- about LH UN and DTV. Dozens aging go to the game and recorded with technology afterwards if you want to and budget afterwards if you want to -- I wish you do it the other way around watch on TV that go to the game in person if you like the outcome but they're pretty good actually they -- like -- Gaza -- last minute win for the saints against the Eagles -- last minute went for the tigers against Alabama and if if you don't like it then you just stay home. I don't know if they'll ever come up with them but it's a good idea the bird man good morning bird man you're on -- WL. You brought -- -- the they've -- break and to -- six blocks away from Tiger Stadium. And -- -- schedule all these two teams ever. Who goes. We can't give -- the fact dead. Should put it would never. So what he's saying and you would you rather have a tougher schedule and no -- more people would go to the games. I would definitely think so because I used to live like six blocks away from Dodgers stadium and -- -- -- scored. Lot building shook. Do you do it always suggested doing that Auburn Auburn an earthquake game was even here -- am confused. -- -- Totally wired and support. I cracked my drywall. Now. So -- BBC toppers schedule. Should we get. To be that conference's tight as they can't because it wouldn't -- it -- -- -- -- -- and and I -- I don't know what it. -- may need hot sauce. Yeah archer but he needed on but he put it on when heated on. Anything we have. Scrambled yeah are -- group. I don't potato salad. And have an opinion. You tried and been to Atlanta if you like would you put that pertain to sell as -- taste like buffalo potato salad bury but to lose about L issued a morning. Here and one on the merit and I collect beat LSU they thought well there's no legal copy. I'm like -- done and you -- that you won gold. Border NAND -- and didn't -- -- political BR. -- do -- old ordered. Agreed to hire your bowl in New York Jets under the Q what about once it becomes pretty compared to be. -- big time game against. Now stands heard. Even Notre Dame some audio ala Alabama. -- -- -- the human. -- Richard Neer Oklahoma right. That's I was trying to think of -- and when pop and in my mind. But yes some like data storied program. Tennis. -- -- -- -- -- -- and we are currently I -- that we in agony were upper hand and -- -- hold them accountable. -- America. Onions to the typical two occasions so maybe it. I wouldn't think. Got you Barry thanks a lot -- leg occult and thank you for for listening to -- we talk about hot sauce is Louisiana's. I think the leading producer of hot -- in the nation and I think there is that it was hot dogs which is -- nets look. We just hanging out in the morning like we always do text comes in you guys are jumping the gun if you're gonna feel as front it'll be tomorrow morning. So maybe David Blake's imagination is overactive all though. Another Texas weather feels great like all the loans east Folgers Coffee a little on the North Shore you can feel a little bitty bit of difference in in terms of watch in. Tiger's game more or saints game or any game. They -- -- and says there's nothing better than tailgating in Saturday night in Tiger Stadium no matter who we're playing. You tell me what you do would you be more inclined to go to an LHU game if they had a more. A tougher schedule or better known opponent. There's -- about TV would you rather watch the game on TV than go to back in a flash under the W. I am I hot sauce and and them trying to figure out here that. Louisiana is what Jordan the number one. -- in hot sauce or because Louisiana hot sauce as a favorite or put plywood -- And we -- hot sauce market grown by a 150%. Since 2000. More than mustard mayonnaise ketchup and barbecue sauce combined and they're saying at Louisiana hot sauce is now a generic. Name more terror more no matter what and you used. Around the nation. And a member Lisa tell a joke a long time ago that. The couple was married so long they were on their second bottle of Tabasco sauce Beek is back in -- day people would keep -- and refrigerators and and then they did top would get old dried out but now people use and like crazy and and it's crystal of course Tabasco canola pepper sauce. That are original Louisiana hot sauce I think going to be. Crystal guy maybe Louisiana because -- more injury but that's just me Mike Indiana Ohio and evidently go to morning to talk about one of the really one of the more important issues of the day witches. On. -- -- -- Tell me about it. Holly -- and anger -- the ballot but you can't talk about the boat or. I get that immigrant labor -- like that not when you put it on. Not too much -- activate my route that have been at that could -- that certain bank do like -- good data out like on Jumbo. You read my mind to some wondered if you have to put hot sauce on it in red beans or whatever. If it's season properly Kurds did do you just like not to taste of the beans -- not the case of the PT like hot sauce. Well I find that I don't like that vinegar flavored and Judy I think. But and do you like it and I thought that would go. I am giving you free tickets CL issue in Death Valley. See the saints in the dole. Do you wanna go he gonna put up with -- the hassles of of go on any live event or are you to stay home and watch it on HDTV or does it no matter who their plan. Went on. Nowadays I don't buy it anymore and it might build. Like I am certain are but now that they owned. Watch on TV in the current pack of beer back but a lot cheaper then one -- And I'm guessing not stand in line in the restroom. Thank you Mike and let you culled and -- there -- appreciated. 853 more when we come back pressing issues of the day like spicy or mild -- put hot sauce on. And about -- issue a lot of games on game -- -- tickets still available as matter of fact the only. Games that are sold out our Ole miss and Alabama. One is homecoming I believe so. Was listening into an LHU game and does it matter on the opponent doesn't matter rather about the opponent would you rather in season. Some of the better schools in the nation like Vanderbilt Vanderbilt is an SEC east opponent I think yet. Maybe USC Notre Dame teams in the top 25 but not necessarily. You know world beaters UCLA may be Oklahoma State have some of those teams come down Louisville. Bailey you tell me when we come back right now time for -- WL Traficant that we go to Tehran province. Tommy Tucker coming back talking about Louisiana being the fifth friendliest state in the country when it comes to dogs and also. -- tragic story ascension parish deputy drowned trying to save his rookie and we'll talk about -- pets become so much a part of the family when we return money here from U2 -- WW well.

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