WWL>Topics>>7-29 9:10am Tommy, why we love our pets

7-29 9:10am Tommy, why we love our pets

Jul 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to David Grimm, Deputy News Editor at Science magazine & author of Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs, and Gail Melson, a Professor Emerita at Purdue, a blogger at Psychology Today, and author of Why the Wild Things Are: Animals in the Lives of Children, about why we love our pets

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Not bad right now. Final Howard David we've been added three hours got one more and more to talk about them. Pets and the love of pets and and how much people can spend. Occasionally analysts say this that there was a -- lot of pets yes for the love of pets. On a serious note there was a pit bull attack in and a young lady from home I believe it was to get a double WL dot com you know you can see the pictures there and I think it really. Drives home what kind of damage -- big dog can do if if not properly. Restrained and we'll talk more about that is the hour unfolds as well Davidson people before we get -- guests are defending new. Saying leave Blake alone. You can definitely feel that it's cooler. Anderson says David directly to you know -- doctor ahead on right now but. It's your head on straight now says David something about the Yankees didn't cover pay up or you won't be walk ins. If you ever and then there's another new -- baseball why would you do I -- She's Hawkins 20 it is another one Blake Euro WNBA team. I didn't country eaters so -- Mellencamp on -- are what kind of degenerate gambler which you have to be to bet on WNBA game this very ground. Com announces timing here I know. -- hereditary David don't let Tommy pick on -- it is definitely cooler this morning 90. Because my glasses didn't followed up on -- locked -- so I'll drag city so. If you look a year if you -- join it if you if you are delusional like LA. And note that baseball at WNBA or you think it's -- routes I want god bless -- I want you to go home and trim the -- now sorry I didn't do still that feel I don't think I need to do that again but -- tell you what I do need to do is -- some pressure -- and some maybe. It'll be too cold to get that done. Thank you David your day another David David Graham joins us right now about a book that he's written and it goes along with Louisiana being the fifth friendliest dog state. In a country we love our pets here and David grim deputy news editor at science and author of the new book citizen canine ever evolving relationship with cats and dogs morning David. -- -- armed. I guess first off a little bit about your book. Well basically the book traces the journey cats and dogs from wild animals to family members of thousands of years ago these were. People wildcats in goals and to date they are sleeping in our beds and in in both cases we can in the family and -- in some cases. Virtual children to the boxer figures out that. How we got here and also we're we're going and also -- that's an interesting changes that are happening inside a -- each -- -- to -- -- -- to -- to be treated more like. We are and I'm like children in the court and -- -- law and so. Trying to figure out how that happened and again now where that is taking. And society in a relationship with our. As you tell me -- before we get to where that is taken a -- about your story when I believe was like kitten you adopted. Well right to I am mark and I adopted a couple kittens -- about nine year Mexico just burned at the bell and that from a shelter and a few months after. We brought them home Jasper army a -- Where did you massive kidney failure you know these -- very energetic kitten and we walked one day you were crumpled into himself and it looks like you don't debts or we end up rushing to tour emergency clinic. Where he spent three days -- cut the capital -- into machines that'll cut these complex diagnostic tests are. Specialist in the internists and all the other stuff and and it ended up costing about 3000 dollars at the end of the day which which even though we -- a lot of money back and we're after the span because it or to become. Part of daily now that's kind of impetus for the book -- beef here why why would they would spend as much money at a cat. And it only known for a few months and as I sat there and emergency government -- -- owners around me doing the same for their captain dogs. It how to get this point there really going to -- so much emotionally and financially. These animals. And how how did we get to that point because I -- Boxer puppy at home about four months old and the day before yesterday. I would have gladly spend anything -- alive. Yesterday the way she was -- David I was tempted to killer myself. Yeah look you know Jasper. Luckily he's he's he's so what does -- and fairly healthy backed debt. You've learned how to turn on my alarm clock at about 4 o'clock in the morning so -- picnic. There's some some -- wondering significant someday they'll receive life -- it you know this goes back and forth. You know they say the -- kid gets the bird and -- That's great. But that you know I think that that this relationship really has changed dramatically in the last century a lot of that patented. How to do with cats and dogs -- indoors CDs to be operate animals. Once we start bringing them inside the -- -- leadership and the members of the family especially starts speaking our. Couches and in our bed and in with our kids. I think a lot that's been driven by. Smaller dailies are divorce rate to empty net staying. I'm also just by the right the technology you know we live in a world where. We don't -- human relationships are more and more pure virtual occur over the Internet and social media we are -- -- cafe together the real error right on the all time and so. I think pets are really this sort of last. Lines sometimes in our in our lives that he's living breathing loving beings to be out this. Keep connection to you we don't as much have a connection to people anymore I think that's really helped transform them from your pets to our members of the heavily. Hill on the negative note here and on the other side of -- I mentioned before you came on and did you could see the pictures of a young lady it was -- has said homers actually Marrero. A local area here by a pit bull and and you know you hear about these things which you actually see this child's face. And you realize that you know there are some pets and and some animals that children should not be around at least unsupervised and are we more forgiving of a dog that's that attacks people now -- we used to deal or even more tolerant of owners that don't. Keep animals like that liked up. Usually they talk about this talk about Apple's a lot in the blocked -- I think a lot of this system is toxic respective owners I am with the Baltimore and we had that. You know big and it's due here a couple of years ago where our High Court the cleared the pulled inherently dangerous and a lot of people collectibles. The greener homes where were forced here breeder -- -- -- rather target it will receive -- a lot of it is actually treat packed vehicle there are a lot of pit bull attack but a lot of these animals are animals have been abused and -- treated I used for dog fighting used to protect. I drag in content things like that any animals were like we did a washout but -- -- -- eighteen pupils had. Going to elementary schools and children have autism are learning disabilities they start petting the dog the dog just look them in the face stares at that lovingly analysts at least. -- kids that couldn't really read before start reading from their class so. Yeah I think we really need to focus more on the owners but I think that we are. I think -- -- -- -- less forgiving because when he it'll become members of a fairly. To give your child were the last count -- somebody you wouldn't you wouldn't just. Forgive that you would you would punish them and I think we've been very. Very much punishing especially the polls because. You know we we sort of we want these -- be part of our family and we we want. To wipe out the bad behavior. From society but they're especially key in a Georgia couple years ago where the ball. Attacked a child and the judge actually gave the dog a lawyer in as always time -- you and your sister were doctors should be given a lawyer. And the lawyer. Argued for about a year and are you got the dog off the -- with is that beyond death for -- was about to be given a lethal injection. That the lawyer says we argue for the doctor -- and now living in this century in New York. No public service out of had a clean fire hydrants. Right. Although it's been probably doing its version of washing for quite some time. I guess they were talking about again get in serious here about a -- let me preface it by saying this. From the awhile back it one of the big box pet stores where you are encouraged to bring up and I saw a guy walking a dog actually the dog was awakenings guy. And this thing with like a monster -- ninety in and then come to find out because they had a fatal attack in. In May Sheehan and a dog mauled a -- to death in his third time the dog had been an adult. Turned out to be a cane Corso and I don't know if you've seen these dogs are not the -- to me they look like monsters they really -- some kind of cartoon version of a dog that. That's on steroids is -- and an NI ASA David because I just wonder if it because we let more pets in Europe home because we kingdom his family members. Does that open -- up perhaps to have. Pets that we shouldn't maybe things as the dangers here about people with. It to blow conservatism python's what -- they'd get out and and strangle the infants and in their beds may be dangerous dogs are or what have you got a guy here and AM trucks up and in the legislature to get up and decided that he. Was there was not able to keep that tiger. At -- -- that up but. But to people sometimes lose the fact that they lose sight of the fact that although they think it's a family member. That it is a big strong dangerous animal. I think it's true I think I can get into the mind -- people think well like I have a daughter out of the tent like China -- -- state. Or tigers had a what did Alpert remember. Is that debt. -- deliberate that's for somewhere between fifteen -- 30000 years but that's. And that's probably somewhere for about media 101000 years that the whole lot of time that these animals have been domesticated he'd been around humans. You know they're much much more domesticated much -- than -- -- counterparts mean we don't have that history with tigers are snakes are. Crocodile and to speak and do that there's a very good reason. Captain dogs outnumber all of her animals by fivefold as -- in the United States because. He had a very long lasting relationship with these animals. And for the and for by a large and about are these pick these two cases don't -- are very safe to have a couple. -- but these other animals we have no history of domestic issue with him and they're very he can be very unpredictable. And I think competitiveness about us. Before we let you go any of activate the cat and 3000 dollars and today I -- presume at that time you. This is a real sacrifice for you and your -- There's the very desert so we were just we're just coming out of being students that we really didn't have a lot of money at all. But you know again this this -- become really like a member of our family and we -- after the times he's really. Like a child and when the -- taking -- -- and possibly the money will -- you know. Well wolf standing you know to -- it's just just do what you need to do. You know and as this in the article there were. And also in the book it's you know it's from the best money that we earn respect you know we haven't today. He's great cat except for when he -- the -- in the -- -- -- -- and that we were very happy -- and now they expect. You're talking again he gets up at 330 David such as soon yeah. At the -- exactly might help me get up and thank you timing and about the book and -- get it. To duplicate it in canine or -- relationship with cats and dogs to be noble bookstores everywhere and also. On Amazon anywhere you can now buy find books. Sounds like a very interesting read thank you sir David Graham deputy news editor. At science magazine author of Citizen -- on Arab offering relationship with cats dogs so we talked again David. Thank you sir I -- when he -- we come back we'll take you calls. At T six -- 0187203866889087. When it comes a year. Scattered dog is is there any amount that you wouldn't spend. To keep it alive. And do you think that the pets -- party your family and -- -- Do they sleep with the idea they sleep clinic cajun trying to get the dog to sleep with me last night it did for awhile and had to put in the cage -- it just wouldn't settle down. And just to be clear about this the guy that strikes -- did get to keep the tigers your calls when we come back and evidently well. Tommy Tucker talking about pads and and unfortunately it is that tragic story and ascension parish of 56 year old deputy that had been retired for a year jumped into upon to try to save his dog eat. Saw the dog and pondered barking near the dog had had gone into the pond before and and unfortunately the dog was man able to get out managed to get out in the deputy couldn't and he died. Giving his life for his head and and I want to throw that in years well would you give your life or risk your life. To save your pet. Be it in the water and a burning building one and year. And a sympathies go out of that man's family Bellini Brandon Mississippi hi you're on -- W good morning. Good morning term -- expect -- -- call. You quite a lot of thanks a listen for call and Antonio would would happen with you in your pants. Well recently -- 115 pounds go to retrieve the -- plan. Can't have his ACO repaired dammit surgical -- Enhancing and I love that name lieutenant Dan. DL another one named Forrest. And on the how much at stake as a batter -- like landing for a GM. Recognized I'm just wondering if you know lieutenant Dan if -- -- What he column. His sentence a dog did some kind of problem -- legs. Well tourists stay out trying to get on the pool illegal or -- China in 08 and bad. And he heard his name that we had the surgery and it was there is successful so far. And trying to get him in the car had to go down my stairs. And then he got so excited to get in the car and I was trying to keep him. Preparing to hit me and China pulled me down the stairs and hurt me really bad yeah. I'm trying to protect him from hurting themselves meanwhile economic drug meet them -- bricks there. And yeah. He's it as much as -- actually Donald special diet now on eight and currently used in much better. Some medical bills between you and him what he -- him. Well I'm animals thank god they you know they covered -- incher but. -- -- oh before without and he also went there on the treadmill under the water afterwards to -- the game is still a lot. You think he'll play this season. Oh yeah that. Yeah him and ask you outright but both. I don't. -- -- N and do you Shelvin that if ever the pop list would apply I think to be at billion bank. Physically and. Fought it and -- hold Z eight years old. -- -- -- -- -- Christmas Eve and he's going to be done this year was all about the proper and ending let me cricket and the yeah yeah that's my heart right there. Is there any guided discussion in your home about. Spend in the 4000 dollars on the dog. This is my heart and a man like these cute dog. Well featured on and in this dog doing that they yet. And that is the reason why didn't -- the ACL on the floor we election Vick that he thinks they can do whatever human. Yeah but I'm glad you tell branding god bless allele in and stay -- the break -- and yeah. Thank you appreciated 930. Time new goatee -- WL offers news and we'll continue. From. I come and Tareq -- conversation about dogs and just. And just think in here but that dog -- poor lady down the break stamps are now. It could have been any fun at all. Milk now hide right now David blinked at W offers news and we'll continue our conversation about pets -- family members and would you risk your life for your pet. Is -- public -- David Blake do you think you would risk your life for your pet. -- -- And naturally enough I guess you don't know until it actually had. Yeah likely there's so many situations. And that would you really know that your life was in danger. And if you're running into a burning building if your. -- got the artists like this things and ascension parish deputies that gave up his life trends they've reached your key now. Assembling it would would would you do it. It now idea and I'm really not really sure on -- -- even think about it images via I think yachts an automatic on a reaction. As you just do it. And believe if you go. It Tommy's homer -- we have it posted Tommy's -- -- you can see the story from Ferraro about that. The big early got attacked by the State's agencies. Pit bulls -- pit bull mix and Tom did the dog grabbed the five year old slip then right cheek and we hear about these things and you can actually see the pictures of it and I'm not trying to exploit -- little girl in Albany think. It's easy to talk about in and as an abstract concepts and -- see it maybe you think. -- K when Wiggins OPEC craziness country maybe we know realize what it is that. There weren't that we have -- our house you know on -- giant are not sure the dangers that are right there are perhaps -- -- letter kids go near and not realizing there's a big deadly dangerous animal. But just as summer we -- -- that story with the year. I -- -- triple and it member in the in the moment and hide in the bedroom Aaliyah and locked the door and at all that -- to -- -- it also happened they can Italian doll I was gonna just throw in the cash for good measure and I it is to be clear about that Dario -- in the bedroom. Right so let's go do what does -- I presume -- actor gale -- and professor emeritus at Purdue University the on the monitor and night throwing him Drew Brees. Blogger with psychology today author of com. The wild things I'm sorry document and -- Cameron is why the wild things are animals and lives of children and I presume it's doctor Gail isn't it. Yet but could be here. -- good to have you -- Tell me about com. About -- -- how important animals -- when it comes I guess children and development and why it is that we presume their people and a lot of instances. You know. We aren't wearing a world where. So many family count in their home and in fact couched it like you know more than treat -- the console in the United States and it. Rapidly growing all over the world and so we're bringing animals into -- into her own. Untouched and largely we treat them -- family members each and it you've been. And talking earlier about how that happened at an interest thing. Aimed at. We. China skin that healing family. Beyond human being -- the animals that are in our home much and when that happened some time. And you're mentioning that we can treat them inappropriately you know we forget there animal -- start. Think about the little -- and -- You know treating them and humans and that part of -- ain't that good education that. Parents and kids need to do together to remember you know an animal and we need to respect their world should and understand. The animal nature. The animal. But -- -- you know to be part of families. Be really important for children and I we all of the story maybe from our own childhood. And an animal that. -- on caddick could even be pinched that is really important for us. And read search -- on the oncologist at the on children. A look at Harvard and like my colleague said that Everett is -- Children can get and companionship. That live in the long -- America. Quote family members. We had changed talent you know are trying to get my best friend. And I'm you know particular she maybe they didn't have a deeper. And back and ethnic rocked further. What true. Friends are you really count. A close bond with this animal. And and I -- am. Shall now about the -- it makes you feel like it's your -- spread. You're thankful like you know he the year for me teach I mean one thing. Our -- -- that they don't have iPhone and they don't have a point and -- such and they don't. How'd you know schedule their -- somewhere else they continue. When you always have time you and there are always so happy you even at. You're just the food provider you know you get that feeling they are really happy that -- which. The net instead. Is it. You know night he don't like -- -- something on my mind or I'm carrying heavy secret around with -- you know like. He can -- nobody. I know like -- child at the current. There will never. Well and lately. There's no disrespect. A dog won't tell that little spiel. You. And I think it's pretty known fact -- that. Exactly. Thank you -- there you go and -- armed by a professor emeritus at thirty million dollars. But you know I really do -- -- feeling that they can and I hate it. In an animal and be great for a child and having been stressed and they're like you know leader -- you're going to deplore it or they're having trouble. -- -- Now it's happening. In your life and they -- need -- shall cry orange -- a lot of -- -- Some human it is free and available. Room from where such and -- Thinking she -- sometimes. -- even though you know the pet and talk and act of good. Not to be Debbie blows you'll hear anything but. What about the other side of it kids feeling like you know -- did that the parent loves the dog and cat that dogs for the cats more than they do me and and again when it comes to medical. Attention for 5000 dollars worth the bills. To parents get confused sometimes they don't realize that it will acute needs braces so unfortunately the dog is gonna have to do without. Yeah I mean that we -- kind of attachment you know in Italy and didn't -- and you know an attachment gone wrong with it -- it think it. You can keep did you -- and where people -- become kind of an actor they lose their priority. All that much promote family. Where they had he would Jeremy how can. I haven't seen. Lot of example our you know parent thing you know life we are limited on -- we're going to spend it on and not our children now pretty. Usual. That app and it and you know thing. No goes on. Thankfully not a lot. -- in animal and -- Still you know there can be situation. Probably in a family we're. And animal really treated. And children to see. It and and you know getting really. And on and they also are treated and and it's. It's an interest in an alarming. And and and animal and into it. At the war or some other way -- -- English treated. On an honor. Dan Ayers and child abuse going on. And now there's some programs around the country and we're. Animal protection and child picnic church he may not that they realize it's every problem it's not. You know everything's okay but the analysts being treated or. Everything OK it's just the child being the street. So we know you know. In other words doctor one looks out for the other if it's animal abuse are reported then maybe the child abuse people get involved or the other way around it. Yeah yeah not because it's not. It's not it's not a sure thing it's not inevitable. It say it's written. If it there -- on suspicion of animal abuse in a family political he would. Red flag that need BP used coach -- and -- -- that maybe that should children. Age. Being in in some trouble as well. And again it's not inevitable that doesn't happen all the time. And it's kind of club. You know on a warning signs. And you talked about it kind of like a web -- and at that when there is its treatment and violence in our family. It -- not only is it it kind of strands. It might be. In -- -- you know our partner abuse. As well and and again on it and it. Well. It is another one of those red flag but it cases. You know families like -- get more and I I would. The animal in there in their homes. Then not answer do you get more bad -- Not to give them a moment more because it likely to you when we come back from the break about. Children abusing animals and -- -- like Greg. And it that's a sign of a deeper trouble or not understanding and you know sometimes. -- confusion perhaps a child things that's why when in fact it's not doctor -- melts and -- professor emeritus at Purdue University. She's the blog reports psychology today and author of why the wild things are animals in the lives of children in any questions comments. The front UT six 18780386. X. 89087. Tommy Tucker acted a flash with do you want to BW. Tommy -- -- pretty interesting conversations morning about pants and unfortunately. Ascension parish deputy DC choose old retired one year. Drowned trying to save his New York the New York heed the Atlanta but the deputy didn't make it upon. -- Elson professor emeritus -- party university blogger for psychology today and author of why the wild things are animals in the lives of children and doctor in the time we have remaining sometimes we use currency. You know toddlers. Eighty -- in the popular bit too hard over think in the cutie is stuffed in. And you'd -- let the child no it's not in and -- some of the the danger signs look bored because you know occasionally we hear that. What was it that -- mass murders here a lot of murders grew up abusing animals. Yeah. That really has become a concern because a number of them. Headline grabbing. Horrible match killing -- we looked into that background. East. Troubled teenagers. We find that first time that something like on. Some real animal treatment animal cruelty. Collecting. -- -- and two. I. Mean it's not meant to young children. Doing things might be -- cultural -- you know yanking. Kiddie -- Coking pinching. And usually that. Coming out of curiosity. Border. Ignorance and it's really not. Cruelty. Or intentional mistreatment and good her parents and teachers to be. Different. Are in the animal well -- studied that subject he emphasized I hear our intentions. Intentional -- treatment. And and they. The idea Fletcher. If you need child intentionally. Street and after the treatment when the animal is in pain or distress. The China. This year. Are you happy. Are really. Important warning signs that the child does need help. In. The majority. She says. Which seemed non intentional and the child and distressed. Not. Not. Feeling pressure and singing in the treatment and teachable moment for parents and teachers and children under you know something that they're not born knowing and that empathy. And fortunately we all come into the world. Thinking mean mean mean mean it. And to. Understand. That we. Need to put it not just in the shoot -- other people. In the I'll say in the -- -- -- sometimes other creatures. Here. See the world through others' -- And the court we know that we're reading headlines we know that that's the problem until. -- -- -- Really. Are wrestling with this and they're growing up and there aren't that great teachable moment and it. We call them. -- -- understand. Now. Something make some help heal it might be child pushed on the playground. Just because you wanted to get yours truly yourself. And it might see. The -- executing yanked strategic and would happen. Got to documents underwear on time I hope we have more time. Next time I haven't talked I've been calling you professor emeritus is actually professor of maritime at Purdue University. -- that's their right. What thank you -- of psychology today not the via the wild things are animals in the lives of children back in a flash under the W. -- Tommy Tucker -- WL we certainly love our pets and and -- we're glad we talk about that with all yell about all the different things Garland coming up think tank talking about illegal immigration. About fighting poverty in America. And about voting and why so few people actually vote thanks everybody for -- helpful talked to tomorrow morning at six.