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7-29-14 10:10am Garland: on immigration

Jul 29, 2014|

Garland talks with Bob Dane of the Federation for American Immigration Reform

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Visited in the old thing drink today. -- if there ever is being piled into or nationwide political campaigns. But according to the most recent studies. The prime numbers that have been held this year. Have had an average of 15%. Of eligible boomers vote. So we take a look at. What that means or we being. Govern to -- the extreme right they're extremely well why so many people. Lost interest in the -- a political process. Let me talk for a look at -- -- Roland thank you as a battery introducing new ways to fight poverty. We're gonna have a think tank going to talk about it moved on to a political at all so. What are -- another show and illegal immigration. Under their there's a couple of opening on Cuba and ordinances to. And some interesting development people like glue and -- George will. Coming out on this side of the children. Better here illegally. And and here's some things are -- for religious group that from the Pope the president of Catholic Charities US. A minute leaders of the evangelical. Cherokee world vision Southern Baptist Convention. What they're saying yeah I'm quoting them. The children who have come north fleeing violence and central miracle or not issues user children -- him to god. We're responded them with compaction. They want congress -- funding bill ball for the August recess. The love for proper handling of children come to view and -- industry it's under existing law -- From my image fleeing violence sex abuse and exploitation. Group -- top evangelical. Leading bills move key supporters of the GOP for decades. And it goes on and on. And when you look at the conservative side of it they say that President Obama is refusing to secure American borders. And the insinuated and they also say bluntly that -- all play about pilgrims to permanently. -- in the pleased alleged political power by getting -- world to you know in here. And trend for America forever to a socialist state. Well let's let's assume with current conditions -- Bob Dayton. Poking for fair Federation for American Immigration Reform while welcome -- Good morning. Be in. Good. What was every bit. Those. That wants something doesn't think Obama has not secured the workers recruits that. And since yet 100%. What is -- lax enforcement goes next several administrations left and right have culpability. On -- order a porous borders. But wind the president took office he would about the task systematically dismantling most interior and perimeter enforcement's. To such an extent that that we find ourselves in is sort of the bizarre new world of picking -- about how we think about immigration enforcement. And I think what what -- -- transformational. Changes brought about. Is that simply -- violating immigration laws in an open cell appears to be entirely inconsequential. You will be removed if you happen to have been convicted felon who has also committed immigration violations. Or if you are deemed to be in the national security threat but we seem to be looking the other way as to. Immigration violations or overseeing your -- and you know actions have consequences with that type of mentality. Foisted on by the Obama administration market we don't care about our laws. Why should we expect to illegal aliens. To will pay them. Okay you're you're so it's as we got a steal the board. How do we do. Well we like first of all you don't do it -- the just just descent because or the brick mortar -- wires in the world. Won't keep people out. If we don't stop incentives to come in the. So does that mean we don't they depend shall we do but we deep more. Well we not only need offense but -- I held out one by legislation in congress in 2006 that said finished the dog gone cents a little we. Did they said Ed 700 mark hopes that comes up if they ponder what -- they have in India and if they're funded that -- thirteen 170 miles you get 2000 miles more I mean to get 2000 -- All together. And I can't find anybody that's got a price tag and then I see -- little things. Fifty billion dollars to build three and have wilds of students in San Diego. Brownsville Texas that wound to build two miles of developers at sue me. Three years after the court session was so. And then pay you four point seven miles -- property -- four point seven million dollars for property. Number one how do we reported in number two wouldn't we do 2000. -- -- -- But the fans this. Been built Garland and it went pretty well wrote teleport in Arizona New Mexico because that was built on government property taxes is -- different manner because a lot of that land is is private defenses that wall right now so you've got the government suing landowners to get their. Get access to their land. Overall. You've got about 650. Miles of barriers but only 36 miles are the double layered fencing. You. You need -- people pedestrians in particular traffic. It's a cheap. Now it's not is that doable yes it is in is that cost effective you bet because. You don't ultimately illegal immigration cost of 413. Billion dollars a year in the United States for health care education and incarceration. If it's doable it in taxes is warned of Maine and report but I Uga is keeping close the border -- I totally agree but both. You conservatives. And liberals for years on the show. When I said. -- glows of -- you patted me on the hit like little puppy and sit com. You keep. You can't close the border so are you guys say. Let's close the border and do group with a double nets. Yet it's not a it's not like we -- It is -- Frontline defence against the bad guys and it doesn't just mean illegal aliens but increasingly. Drug smugglers and cartel human traffickers and terrorists -- disorder on the board that is not everything. But. All in all I am totally side. Of where is the plea and Tuesday. This is the and this where it all week here. We think we cube gone so we -- you were proposing. Some planes. No one. No one does now we are waiting to house leadership. Bill from from Boehner today. To address the border crisis but I can assure you that there's no text to in their dealing dealing with percent to put a bet that the more globally. I mean he. You don't need that but restoring order. Really involves expanding he did not only be infrastructure at the border Garland which you've got to reduce the jobs magnet. But once she did and because the couple paradise to assume that the job its done want to put up the stats unless you have meaningful work site enforcement. In a willingness inside the country to enforce the laws on the interior and it's simply saying that the borders secure because there's suspense without interior enforcement. It's like putting new locks on your door with a thigh in the today the tools -- adored the -- way you know. All right good -- took a break here would come in -- -- worth thinking about illegal immigration. Get answers couldn't we keep hearing both sides saying we should we all. We could we should and nobody is plain nobody's telling -- -- to call. Nobody can tell us politics. In its. With the American people that enters the two of them and both sides. -- the Acton and give me the plane dub -- Or were doing the show and illegal immigration reasons I'm doing and I was listening de -- to a true with the U weakened. And should show on and his book and for the people the -- You've got to stop illegal immigration. You've got to change immigration where we bring in the best and brightest and and and the way you supposed to be. But -- or any site and giving us the the particulars. Either side says that about trying to do to try and talked to. Right now we're talking with. -- -- Spokeswoman for the corporation for American immigration war problem and -- here and heard you don't believe these numbers but. Of -- in the -- the reader from publication one conservative to liberal last year -- removed. 360001000. Illegal mark. End. The belts number I can buy two or eleven million illegals in the country now. So we could do that every year and not have anybody come here and it would take years thirty years. -- -- -- what to do. With the ones that are here they'd be weak figure rep. We can't thwarted -- it -- If you're not going to deport be your man up. Up as a write in the you're not going to deport yourself out of this problem now that is not to say that would illegal aliens come into contact with the laws when they're identified -- -- here on -- that they're not remove. But ultimately did you know this is. 101000 dollar question did you get appropriately you know the picnic so what do you do with twelve million illegal aliens already residing in the United States the answer. Isn't terribly difficult. You remove them women as they are identified according to the law that you otherwise allowed them to -- mold themselves. Voluntarily. Which they will. If we try the magnets that caused so many mistake here you know. We were doing and why have we done that big group we've had Republicans in power. We've had Democrats in power. A look at android bright board report. You're sales representatives. Has put upon or to stop. It virtually no congressional hearings have been held to investigate. President Obama's category local violations one. I think. It's seriously soulful truthful -- -- -- Tibet question in that is repealed by the next time you ask your local politician at the town hall meeting what the true purpose of immigration. And you will hear crickets chirping. They fail to understand better emigration -- system our laws. Are designed to server brought national interest not political parties looking for instant voters in not. Companies looking for cheap labor ultimately the solution is. In the broad sense -- we need to do deploy content to the public wants congress. It's got to insist the president start forcing their existing laws -- rational reasonable enforcement's. Doing a lot since. All congress with all due respect I don't think -- answered -- question. Why haven't they done it. Conservative. Congress in particular. Has said the walls going to be built. -- laws have to change in current laws have to be enforced. Why haven't they done. -- well the only thing broken water system appears to be in willingness to enforce the laws and again you -- this corrupting influence now for almost forty years. For cheap labor by the US. Chamber of crony capitalism. They exert enormous they tremendous influence over immigration system with that -- with a bright. And the Democrats -- low skilled -- on Saturday immigration turnstile. As a means to all to be electorate in their favor all that late. There is the institutional forces political and corporate. Immigration seemed to work for them what you one guy. The word but lead stakeholders in what happens in more than one to bear the cost. We're the ones who were disenfranchised. So I think the only answer is once it's the start doing their job the president needs to uphold its office and enforce the laws. Congress. All Democrats and Republicans need to reassert their rate regulation. And the public view what I need to do our job. Demanding that our elected representatives duke players that's probably the bottom line. Let -- -- -- of people drink here were actually heard it a thousand -- Republicans can empowered them crunched and power note that this change. And if the Republicans when they got in power. Went up against the business community. Over the violations facing your flagrant and then they wouldn't get elected to dog -- You -- have the business community. Behind June. To get into office where you don't enforce the laws but then. We come -- this kind of made me. Democrat Republican or any in the -- gridlocked and nothing gets done and it's always. Have endured at the other guy. Schultz what do we do we just sit here and let me get worse. I think we're seeing -- little chink in the armor the chamber of commerce in. And there to you know they're old archaic that controlled the Republicans looks supporting capitalism and free markets. Low taxes reduce regulations -- great stop but the selling LP American worker in favor more foreign labor isn't resonating too well voters. Especially on deployed voters and you beginning to see it split within the Republican Party. Between true conservatives true immigration reformers who understand that the chamber of commerce doesn't have their interest at heart. I mean although we -- the moral and the ethical high ground of business and political parties colluding to close down. You want the American worker in favor of cheap newly legalized foreign labor newly legalized. The Democrat voters. Bob. I appreciated from the show your good god and -- share. A lot of the same thoughts but you know you -- would have -- guests -- -- hadn't heard the pictures from I've heard. The complaints. -- we think is wrong but. I think of people listen close to -- specially in the people who middle. We're not here in two -- -- I appreciated call appreciated detail. -- -- That we're we're gonna go Newt put it for all of you know I'm talking to a conservative. But so what. We've we've gotten sent these silly clubs a sock. And get something. I'm you know listening -- to -- they treated -- real good on and they said the same thing over and over a proposal bore. And Angela. Who wouldn't answer. Wives and now. I gave him the the mild -- stone these. He didn't. I asked him about the money are -- what the money is for 23 mile. That you ask yourself. If these people personal against illegal immigration. They're the party of business suppose. But they can't stop business. From hiring illegals. Their the parties of closing the border. But they never -- was surprised that. They never give its a -- and scared -- and they never give us how to do and keep in mind. Collapsed six years that I been on the show. Both liberal and conservative senators and congress. Think and liberal think tanks and serve when it's. It would seem light. If illegal immigration is such a bit injured to this victory. That we need to close the borders. Oh lord -- Didn't close the borders we're gonna do Thursday. What do you do your brother in the military. And you're so much it would cost but -- well. It's the big battle to close the border. Price durable play we still follow what they say -- No other show and illegal immigration. And the reason so don't amendment to have those listening here and show VO. And chair of the that bed or sport keeping the people that are here in this so blading and men and the people who -- against it. And she kept asking him questions over and over again that when. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not odd ball it's the other parties. Now a couple of interesting development and -- shall we do. George -- Glenn -- come out on the side of the young children running cross our border. Where you have the Pope. President of Catholic Charities USA. Evangelical. Charity world vision. Southern Baptist Convention. And they're saying. That. They want the two parties to quit treating children. As political football. -- congress about some funding bill. Before we August recess. To allow for proper handling of children come to -- and state -- base today. Because they're fleeing violence sexual abuse and exploitation. With the conservatives on Angela Jones and the Indians. -- The kids -- -- mostly teenagers. Rodman. And Obama is get them sits down there to. Model. Law on -- to. Two months ago op but so forth and so on to hurt you can only -- it build the walls user who of their from the -- -- well. A lot of religions -- trees and disagree. Missive from bright board not exactly. Liberal publication. Nearby countries. Also seeing rapid increase in the number of central Americans. Seeking Asylum. Even nick well which is one of the poorest countries on earth. As being flooded with the succulent secrets asylum seekers from central. All right -- -- at least get some. Remark recorded in their respective directors and for immigration studies mark welcome back picture or appreciate. It. So what -- brilliant I keep hearing over and over here. The answer is yeah it's to the question I have as from sutures and always control and -- I've always said. Well if illegal immigration is so dangerous and so that what are we closed the border and they. Conservatives and liberal you can't close the border. Him and closed the border should. It depends what you mean by close the border from the view we easily in the -- 2000 miles apart in the park in the mean the ports of entry level -- the crossing points. That's what you mean can we shot -- so that we actually lead in only those people we want it and and the answer is yes we can do that -- -- was ups. Well I mean frankly wouldn't necessarily cost much more than spending now -- worse that what we're doing now. Well what we -- we have a much better. Handle on the border then we used to. Now I'm not trying to you know say it. This whole issue was about 7000. Children and walking across our border. In this and the issue there is the reason for that is that we're letting the media and and wait and giving them papers and letting them go towards those that's almost not even the border security issue that's. Our of this administration. Basically not. So how do we keep people from walking across the border. In for reports with what he's talking about where. We have more fencing but fencing has all of that. We need we do need more Border Patrol agents even though. The number of agents is double what it was ten years ago and the a lot of people say well that's enough that's too much what's what you what you want. This really put that in the context so today the Border Patrol even notes double the size that he used to be. Is still smaller than the New York police department. And it has to police 8000 miles of border and its smaller than the NYPD. But Obama is. Calling for more than. Three billion dollars part of it is to increase support for. Almost not -- no actually. The money he's required news you report. It to the money. Calling for they're calling them but they're calling it you know border related stuff it's not to increase the number agents. It's actually to pay. For resettle. -- illegal immigrant miners in the United States. -- -- to take a break when we conduct. This in one on one. We have built. 600. In celebrity models the border seventy. Are meant. Can't even find -- page report estimated it could be -- some answers so. -- Aboard the -- 2000 we have 100 more. There's no money for that there's no proposal product. Anderson would you're talking about in closing these in report -- like Dublin. Are welcome back grouping of about illegal immigration that big Euro we have more recording this. Executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies Mort but this abroad for the every. I'm getting that from Forbes called for an old. Conservative -- 2000. GO GAO. And that. Average per line. -- it's a -- -- to a single logical. Would be the report no I knew you were mine. That's -- year. Border Patrol. Put aside 58 million or Korea and -- a line. Then you -- in the taxes. Where you -- quote over the Wall Street Journal and Texas ranchers. You're coming -- with the double earlier presidents. You're gonna get about where you're so. How do we secure. Billboard. Well I mean I want fencing matters but I'll talk about dancing in a minute but we need to understand that it's not just sent. It's a whole immigration enforcement has to happen inside the country at the border and outside. Country Richard kid do what Al pennant and. You do need an -- and everywhere. I've been to places where you really don't need fencing but you do and where it -- I think you need to have real sense. We on our 2000 miles of the border. Have something like forty miles. A double layered fencing the kind of stopped the Israelis used that actually works forty miles of it and that's it. And most. Of this 700 miles of -- roughly that we have on the border. Is just the vehicle barriers that loads things designed to keep cars from driving across the border. And your grandma can hop over I have hops over them myself physically is not being too. How much is that mileage was what's the cost. Of improve. I don't know that's -- mean -- -- it's roughly 30360. Miles of that kind of vehicle barrier as opposed to what they call pedestrians. -- -- If we wanna have the funding we do mean that we course we have the funding if we want to -- and -- we don't have funding for anything because were going to be you know were in deficit. Arts but you know that's. The question is what what our priority. Is defending the sovereignty the United States does that matter or does not. Aren't and I'm not prone to give you broke Tom and pro and lenders. We got 670. Model of fencing don't. -- -- old says we need 700. More you say we need to let us. Does anybody you know have any idea cost. Should be doubled should be singled. Hello will be effective DVA. Records that I'm looking at right now saying that illegal drugs have quadruple. Quadruple. In the last five years. Now if we've got fencing off. That is adequate in large sport however is that we can leave and stop. Vehicles would drug -- No I'm not saying that that -- them on time bound saying we do need. More fencing which is the fencing is an older sister who. And understand -- -- lawyer and it is if you don't block the broad door. He would do it's it's a good idea to have guns in the hopes and the German shepherd. Would you still gotta lock the front toward that the basic -- step. You know of anybody. That hasn't planned that has the finances end. The suit from bright board. Yourselves to rip bridges have the power to stop this. But there have been no congressional hearing it's. Held to investigated Obama's categorical while so even people who say they want it. No we didn't talk about. Yeah I mean that what you were quoting there it is. The fact that the House of Representatives. Isn't even trying to stop Obama from doing these. Unilateral. Amnesties forty amnesty people on his own who were illegally in the country. Without a vote from congress. And that among other things is the kind of thing that draws people. Just sneak across the border making job controlling the border heart -- that point -- you need defense but you also need to turn the magnet off inside the country. And the other just one other -- on the cents and this is matters with about this a surge of people in south Texas -- were talking. -- south Texas expenses are actually a little harder to deal with. Because the river goes back and forth and back and forth it's just treaties just physically. More difficult to defense -- there as opposed to Arizona which is one straight drive line. -- -- that would suggest this weekend. -- -- See it but what you mean by CO -- and no -- -- -- -- the Clinton dog but he. I mean my my point is we can't stop. All illegal crossings every single 1100%. That's just not practical we can dramatically. Reduce illegal crossings across the border and you know that that does good deal was and yet we're not gonna have a border like between north and South Korea. Where nothing -- crosses that border that's just gonna happen. -- Because -- 2000 miles long and it would require a level of investment. That. Sort of -- did not work which would be -- Let them we -- stop the conversation. About our. That -- -- ports nobody's saying we shouldn't do anything but stock compensation did starts where it. The first thing Obama ordered to -- all of the border yeah yeah. So far. It's. It its you're I've heard these arguments are producers troop were sold -- -- And we get conservatives all of who's good and liberals. Nothing ever gets done about it nothing. Sooner or later the American people sort seeing there's no way Andrews is just this. And -- in between. Republicans and them. Sort of where mark look always I appreciate the time you come and on the show you have a good day. All right. Take -- break double dubbed -- bigger celebrity it is a moral 53. You know we do stood and our -- too conservative organizations. Via this simple -- and weird you Glenn Close -- home what does it cost nobody has planned or an answer.