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7-29-14 11:10am Garland: on the war on poverty

Jul 29, 2014|

Garland talks with Ron Faucheux of the Clarus Research Group and Mike Tanner of the Cato Institute about whether state governments could fight poverty better than the feds.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This year apparently -- -- -- river line. Is -- a few that the anniversary of president Lyndon Johnson the player. Unconditional war on poverty. And America -- -- -- work. Loser you know association of business and industry. About was some pretty interesting figures have their correct. The war on poverty 1965. Votes since then. The government spent more than thirteen reunion. Fighting poverty. When you include state and local government it's being prudent. -- deport 25 billion dollar investment. In the Apollo -- program put man on the moon. Two years later after Johnson's announcement roughly 19%. Americans. Live in poverty. Poverty -- entries child poverty rate increase. Current poverty rates worst. Over the thirteen years since 2000. And I like at a tea I just got about read it last night and that brewing time to. Talked to in the experts have formed an opinion but -- had a House Budget Committee chairman Paul Roland. Is is proposing a change. That an -- -- simple. A breakthrough in Texas remote monitoring. Consented to the states. For -- didn't sounds like a better idea. But it says that that that -- let's try to disprove. We bring in the expert Ron pollution political analyst president Clinton's church group bond could talk to you here. So let me read what what -- wall to Wall Street Journal says. -- is proposing to consolidate. A tool eleven federal anti poverty programs. Into a single funding stream for states roots there and 2000 citizens. Child care and have welfare. Redirecting more than a hundred billion dollars in federal support each year what are what are your thoughts. All the uninteresting -- -- and basically what he's doing it is it is really experiment and that's probably something. Record because some states. The year taking. I think it's about a role in poverty programs and and even though we used in the war poverty you know many of these the world programs that aren't technically that kind of -- that would -- -- -- Was talking about that basically. You know typical of these programs and Marty is in effect give the states. Well a lot Gloria certainly you can do with it whatever you want. And in the premise being that states are closer to. The people in their own communities from the federal government is that poverty. Yeah. May -- different -- poverty in California. -- property in Virginia so the program perhaps could be different. That's a good experiment they -- -- -- screen and but once you do that can be emulated by a story. And warm what do you see use of pro and cons I know. Not a lot has been disseminated about a -- just remove political simple. -- thanks so you know the problem on the alliance plan is we. You know a lot of broken systems. In the federal government. And and they need to be fundamentally Opel all cultures we. And he's going to get that. On on one of those systems are very expensive. And -- this taking one more money so so that they. I I think that it. How big pros it in terms looking at a doing experimental basis -- say that there is. Approach at least what he -- is not caught. Poverty programs. Like to. Can plug them in a way that the state and our local communities could decide sought for that. That's a big -- the negative. In the year you know we don't know civil war and if you don't try something like that should go to war that left compacted tricks and probably spent more money for the and of course. When you lead shrinks to the states as opposed to the federal government. That means you know fifty different being around the country and they got. And in -- on one hand you could say that's -- good. Because the program will be tailored to -- need to stay on the other hand you might say it could. Could be there because. Perhaps even more money we transaction so. You know any time you're going to do something that fundamental form you can always come up with a lot of detractors in the water. Criticism for. Not because people don't always know how it's going and but but a lot of bearing interest. And in vote. Could certainly even from what apple actually. Have been entry they like the Iraq ticket -- that should be looked that -- Had an -- blunder right go -- through my notes. And a I think community it's said that he's asking for state volunteers. We're part and it and you have. The match for whom it would seeing the states that are run by conservative governors conservative. Legislator would jump all over it because have always said return in the powered to the states -- Well I would think that would be the most likely approach but on the other side of the -- and state that. -- economic problem fiscal problem like we treat illegal trip since he. Says. It. Believe the -- they oh is an example the democratic -- there where where people may say that it. And -- -- -- with different here go com. I think it's possible that you would have interest or the nature and speaking. Governors state legislature like to have more control the pressure. Well -- if they're in trouble bluntly and Capote they have an old dog like Little Rock retreat still do it so to a -- -- would probably be. Popular -- crucial. -- -- just sort of -- regular birds break we're talking to. Political analyst Ron -- trillion president of via search group rose Richards group. What we're talking about I think very interest in -- from House Budget Committee chairman. Paul Ryan wants to consolidate. Federal. Eleven. Federal anti poverty programs. In to a single -- featuring. And that string would contain hundred billion dollars. And it's ended up to states. To run their own anti poverty programs. And it did -- and his sentence where. Who's calling him an opportunity grant and asking for states to voluntarily. Participate. When they get called to secure 170. Should week. Who would you volunteer to do this thing that I did that side. We're thinking about what I think is very interesting. Idea. House Budget Committee chairman rob -- of Paul and it wants to consolidate. About eleven federal anti poverty programs. What we're going into a single blood being streamed for states of about a hundred billion dollars. We've got Brian -- here with -- -- political analyst president in the colors from church group to. Help educate my -- on the subject let's go to the -- and for -- second David sent Crisco you're room with brawn told. Ago and -- out. Good timing on this because. I have respect for poor and one -- pretends to be an economist. That. The worst things that in economics don't put eggs in one basket. And that's an economics lesson that goes back to -- -- So all. To put all of the Americas in one basket and then do it. Various crooked. Internships and nodding. You know he's got another incumbent. I wanted to try as -- -- -- two hour. Instead were actually coming up with a political -- -- to get incentivized to. -- and Erica attracting and so nobody wants to come here nobody wants to emigrate to America. That seems like treason to me. Didn't let little slips that one thing done abroad and what do you think gives a bra and should you have thing to put all leagues in one basket. No I don't think so in fact that he's strong interest the opposite. -- sport is that all of your exit now in the in the federal -- -- And by taking. Taking the body in the orbiting the state. There is the money would be used to be -- close to people what -- Federal bureaucratic -- -- thing I would point out is essentially what he's going to do is used to -- Used to use the community development law grants. Well. -- bill if you remember the Katrina. Funding mechanism that was used outside and fund FEMA. -- all recording engineers. Was in effect CPP you ought Gloria that is money that which you -- Well here in Mississippi the money woes are. Caught that old school committee -- -- inflict -- -- so it's not so that hasn't been used Detroit. War. All right. Let go to Steve -- bureau LeBron portrait. Barn golf -- moment I thought I'd gotten shorter. Where well. These block -- It is the misuse of this corporation and watched it it should stay level. Going back -- them. Ever popular feature ample of the casino revenues will be there -- education. But it sure it won't -- only know the money everywhere in the world. Some of what education. What you say -- Resolve. The damaged contention who bought tag along your artery. Check this morning that there's certainly ensure that such an -- And -- hold on for a huge a more as people questioned that the agency that is. Saying what many people say -- out of window of the money in -- -- -- in his shoes. Do you think you're kidding me ms. Hughes now in Washington. More we've got to lose him. Arm of an open notes. Bob we're pretty good and we keep a little bit closer watch -- I don't think we would have more. She'll lose because everybody would be -- using it warned that it does not know nobody's. Keeping an -- on at least he has some federal oversight. As little as that made people watch get chopper Washington. You know each State's. Our church was her preacher well we've got pitched -- all however many millions of dollars. Oh wait we need ten now that's. Being married that -- structures -- tour. What do -- -- I don't know a thinks he reflects what a lot of people think. What they think they've put forth with a lot of people think and I think -- -- in the French literature or straight government and misuse remotely. Just like the federal government -- that the there's no guarantee that won't happen. Bought but the politics shall lakers. It is not popular with the way the federal still at the end and you're not happy with the way this state government should be doing it. At least look at a planned betraying the way XP -- And to put in the trade school or actually is what you can we can't always guarantee -- -- And in the critical. They're pretty. So you could only more. I think that's what was going. We should be doing more -- countries -- have heard what the whole country. You know. Asks state -- one of volunteer electronic ghetto of -- A portrait of great some poultry picks -- -- -- they could do it. -- a couple of years it will portal. All right here here's the personal little bit different -- Just got through doing an hour. On on the illegal immigration issue and pointing out that each party. Keep saying we should don't. And they never do. Kay Dubya planned. They can give them -- and trolls they can give you starred in an Indy. Now one of the ways are many ways that -- and what's pay for us to replace food stamps. Housing assessments. So full service opera and the British -- vegetable pro. Economic. Development Administration. Former is market nutrition plan. Reduce sprawl and and the additional child tax credit. By using Social Security numbers. And he wants to do away with the use. A stringent system. Of sentences that were given a nonviolent prisoners or one hand. The liberals and -- and like Brazil and other hand they're conservatives confide in -- currency. Is it doesn't does he know that this politically. Dubbed -- have a chance it's all part of mid term elections elections coming out and these these guys can agree on and the thing is they're really in the real hope this could get done. You know there's little hope that -- possibly get done between now. This year election. They -- what it is doing is spreading out the walker is -- it is. On Baltic country fears are so true you know -- -- for solutions. Ballots figure out a way to campaign on it and ultimately to truck after. And most of which he quickly were tried to do and and in particular Social Security. Directly right that they waited -- -- reading -- -- -- 11. That that could attract a lot of attention. Is that. VoIP saving money by caught on crime. -- -- what are -- being the body may have been convicted for non oil. That there are calling for. But that my -- real salt water and war -- you know all we letting these people out of prison and not so -- you know he obviously a tremendous -- tale that that you have to work out. But the bigger thing -- in the awkward. Lies in the front of anybody who want reform bill is only going away. -- In any detail any problems like -- build an account through her or all cherry Coke. It always easy to stick with the quote let -- go to waste treatment or continue. And at one of the reasons why we have depth portrait that we have the federal government that trouble lately go to -- You know I'm I'm actually -- or trying to is to I think Washington. Over the your liberal conservative prove beyond shell out of the doubt they can't do. A fraction of what their mission statement is. And if nothing else for turn the power to the states we -- will be closed raw and that there's. Fraud and mismanagement we've seen yet and we Gibril -- the -- put him back and office. At. LeBron always a pleasure I appreciate called -- and here are. Is that that's what we do -- -- he but it didn't we tantrum about it. Lot of times we'll put him right back in office. I personally think it's much better idea of the sending it off to Washington. And watched the more power -- states politically powerful. Dictate how we get spent and leaf with a little bit and control over what do you think in terms of 0170. Comes right. Word think about a player into a change the against the president Lyndon Johnson. Sort of the war on poverty and this year it was fifty years ago. And during that time. If the of figures that are breeding or correct. Would put about fifteen trillion dollars and anti poverty program. This I'm look and yeah and belt buckle regions so distribution business and industry and that is. And have borne out of pupils for his program -- we have -- -- land on the moon with the dune -- cost 25 billion. We've -- fifteen trillion. So far the latest surveys Soro senses -- war however the government these numbers show news. Probably bring in groups -- property -- inquiries current poverty rates are increasing. In fact when we have now. Of the worst over the last thirteen. Years nineteen to export poverty rate to remain high as. In the self and that is continued to be true. -- Thoughts about that is what I think about this is. And offers of what the -- and audiences thinking. We have our usual double they'll be O brother -- were opinion poll where we tune. Ryan's. Proposal. Once consolidate about eleven federal and -- borrowed your property programs into a single funding stream for states. Import about a hundred billion dollars into that stream and to me. So look too good idea I am a small government. Basically kind of guy and it just seemed like if we can and -- jurors they'd keep a closer eye on it. And perhaps. Do better for the state and federal government broad that the 8% -- totally disagree. As always have to tell you what I think we bring in the experts Mike Taylor once again. Give me some of his busy time senior fellow with the Cato Institute terrorist organization might welcome the -- appreciate the call. -- thank you it's always a pleasure to be with you. Well I think it generally step in the right direction and we have to realize we have a hundred in 26. Federal anti poverty programs 72 of them provide benefits directly to individual leader pastor and time the other as a sort of community why it. But that's a lot of programs there's nine different cabinet departments and I -- poverty program with all that duplication different rules for every want -- you're eligible for this program you lose eligibility crystal ball that program. And all of these being brought centrally out of Washington. With very little flexibility for the states and probably administer them. I think that's the recipe for disaster and you only have to look at that lack of results exceed fifty years in the war poverty does suggest that we're doing something wrong. -- -- -- -- And it suggests that it he would take eleven of these programs including a couple of the major ones who stand that and that the cast programs on the housing program but also some. The people of barely heard of like the others patient assistance program. And he would -- -- together at a single grant give it to the states. And require the state -- requirement Internet that it happened happily work requirements for recipients. And they would have to have some sort of plan in place to suggest how it could help recipient -- poverty that they've -- those two requirements they would have. Basically it's free use of the money to come up with an idea for other helped support. And it was -- Reid says -- you would it have the only federal rule and it hasn't oversight. Entity. -- didn't give many details as to how we would do that to the Korean another federal agency or -- today. Hiring NGOs. Probably go about it really. Explain exactly how this would be done that this sort of an outline it's not legislation at this point he actually doesn't explain exactly how all the funding would work. It designed to be revenues. -- neutral states would receive roughly the same amount of money. That they currently people most programs. But he didn't really say how it would work in the future terms of inflation adjustments that a lot of areas that still need to be -- now. And everything their Reid says the states. That derivatives initially would simply volunteer. And well look at the the liberal side of the V even though they're being replaced. There are doing with the fresh fruits and vegetable program food stamps. Economic Development Administration. Farmer's market nutrition program. I don't see liberals say it's -- and put that on the other side and he's thinking about incarceration. Education aid incarceration making some changes. That are directly opposed to the conservative. Lock them up throw away of kiddie. And in particular education they -- I don't actually conservatives scorn for that do you see. States volunteering for this. Why I think it's going to be some resistance to the of this certainly. I do think that that he would all you know again. Sort of lumped together -- some of the child education programs like Coca. Like head start try to give states more autonomy on those. On the criminal justice side he's certainly want to he's certainly. Once again to think like -- say Rand Paul was going. And Rick Perry and Texas has also been a leader on this. In terms of reducing mandatory minimums cutting back at some of the drug sentences maybe decriminalizing some drugs. Problem trying to get. They'll do you let people put in prison which is the big problem in the theaters cities where it's. You have so many young black men in prison or on probation or parole was very hard for them to get jobs did it really makes a difference in terms of trying to get a future going. Like -- that would -- a couple of more minutes taking a break we'll come right back your thoughts or comments considered 170. Leading Republicans in the house come out with a plan where wants to consolidate. About these eleven federal. Anti poverty programs. Hundred billion dollars and through stream send it out to the states you borrow or against. Repairing -- -- Bob what do I think as a brewery in precinct proposal helps Budget Committee chairman Paul line. They get about try and consolidate eleven federal income poverty programs. In two a single -- monitoring the groups the states that stream. Would carry about. A hundred billion box. And he's got all -- changes that. He would include. And to me -- the figures that I've found. This year is that if -- anniversary. A president Johnson's. -- -- usual Warren poverty in America. In the -- whom we've spent about lifting four million dollars. And it gets there's a lot of good results on -- Think we should be seeing you more. For directing trillion dollars. Social and all that settled whose Colby experts to. Disprove what I think gore or give love. Ammunition promotes and Bjorkman might dinners with the senior fellow with the kid reinstitute. -- Number of people call away -- -- by our news says. Absent all that money to the stage users can on -- in the midst and what -- and his proposed in the probe related directly. -- on neutral third party would keep tabs on each of the different grants. And they would have you -- -- own people finding jobs. How many people were getting off the assistants. A maroon group moving out of poverty. And in the provider. It came up short on those metrics with their goal and they give jobs some audience -- -- your thoughts. Well I I think that the very tight in the area. That the experience. Maintaining control those -- uses it is limited. Mean after all we looked out of the -- Played gains or other government programs in the streets wait fraud abuse I don't think all -- going to be able to eliminate that. So undoubtedly they'll be solved problems with the state they'll -- state that are more corrupt than others that said. Who is that the federal government doesn't have its own corruption problem with the program now though -- -- abuse that some of these programs is very food stamps for example Medicaid. Very. Brought fraud rates. Elliptical but he -- welfare reform back the Clinton -- reform actually originated. In a series of waivers to the states negate the states more flexibility in network welfare programs -- revealed they had these beat Tommy Thompson was confident others. Let go away with some of the work great reforms that now we embrace nationwide. The state were meant the laboratories of democracy in -- -- words. It's been nice to get back to that what state experiments -- what works and what else. Got about a minute do you think there's any chance of of this passing it literally and intend. Are not right now but I do know that a number of Democrats aren't looking at proposals that. Deal would be they'd be overlapping programs and outreach programs we have. And bulked up all right also include expansion of the earned income tax credit which is something the President Obama has about four. So there's certainly an area that compromised the problem that right now we don't we're not gonna do anything in Washington per until after the election. Mike Turner always -- so -- I have -- always appreciated to talk and it. My journal here Slater senior fellow with -- kid who institute Daniel's case went to his libertarian organization. Coming right back Debra BO brigade seventy in -- 53 at. To -- wrong and I was right. Becomes it says that so more for more bread. Paul runs I did take a hundred billion bucks putting -- stream to the states to change anti poverty program. That's I think that would be for that. And you were as listeners according tour. And so difficult official double the bureau president judge were open people were about 60%. -- Total who disagree -- me be better -- the bed. But the question. Would the best way to fight poverty in America be turning over the money to states now. 55%. Of -- actually agree here for a reason I'm leading that wrecked. Quote by Ronald Reagan. The war on poverty created a great new upper middle class a bureaucrat. That found they had upon greater as long Tuesday to keep an up and the people there to adjust supplies dinner existence. And to -- -- with a look at the track record of the federal government -- the big BP's spill would be. Katrina. Neighbor you weren't pros wasn't. And I'd probably keep the money closes at home in particular. With a more powerful states than we have more poll in Washington due to money here with -- -- -- W. Figured somebody -- mortal five --