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7-29-14 12:10pm Garland: on voting

Jul 29, 2014|

Garland talks with Curtis Gans of the Center for Study for American Electorate about why voter turnout is so consistently low.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know we've doesn't really shows. Over the years it's during the elections. Where have we talk of the amazement about how few people vote. And a a couple of -- acquaintances -- conference from people and highly educated. And they just -- And you know we've we've had conversations about it. And about a -- -- and they -- and we've just launched. Total for August and we don't think it makes the difference. And -- -- wrote a report. By via human for the Shelby American electorate. And here's -- quotes. The numbers in this for pool report reflect how deeply citizens. Return to -- from political engagement. From positive feelings about one. Or another major. Political party. And thankfully we have the Euro -- that quote to India. Head of the -- reports to voting for American electorate. Occurs and Karzai appreciated all Burma. Are. It is Perelman. Mortgage breakdown that reported to him in his report. They're groupies but she's is in first paragraph. It talks about troops in the study in the says. Based on the to -- states that have already held their primaries. Fifteen to 25 states. Turn out. Was the lowest -- only three of the wounded five -- an increase. Over the last midterm election. Back in 2010. Google want to produce the bigger -- that was Mississippi were aware of the big team party and Democrat wars. And taken together just 15%. Of the voting its population is. Jeff bell. Eighteen point two million people. -- 122. Million. Is is this something that has always occurred but we just didn't have these. Met groups that technology in the communications. And know about. I don't know I've grown up I've been tracking voter turnout for thirty years. And I have a book over -- voter turnout since seventy made it. Well what we have. Offense when you are. Post women's suffrage -- in 1960. Is based steady decline in turn around and general election. Since 1960 with the exception of new. An operational elections. And what you see in that study is -- and the Democrats. Has had a decline in primary statewide primary concern around. Every year since 1966. And that turned -- This year foreclosed wait that's state the total. Is the lowest ever. What would have happened if that group progressive disaffection for American politics and the disaffection. From either one. Two part. It is this simply. A reflection. Of the week history goes have other civilizations. Where -- struggling to form when there have there most contentious. Issues. And -- in on the road to a forum in a concrete forming political entity. Is in for everybody involved and and motivated. And votes from participants. And then as things get better and get easier and get softer. People lose interest or is this an exception. What you have there what you have. Is that people. Will tend to vote when they feel that there's something important to this side of it. We have the polarized election of 2004. You know over the war war in Iraq and you -- no. Highest turnout since 1960 it. What what was that person. Well. You know -- group I've. It was but -- it was about 60%. We haven't even a higher percentage. And 2008. You know which is -- both polarization and people. You know seeing Barack Obama trying to figure. But in 2012 we went back down the escalator. And we have the lowest turnout since 2000. And I think this election we'll have lower turnout than 2010. The -- declining trend out. Is a reflection of the -- issue. How we run our campaign and 32 attack -- No reciprocal attractive to essentially give the public the choice between bad and awful. Parties there missile lines from you know the Republican important at this point where into the Reuters Americans that are. And the Democratic Party with a clear definition. We had a decline in civic education in schools and normal quality of education generally which is beginning to be reverse. We have young people all around him outsold both groups are so well -- large majority don't discuss -- We've had a fragmented effects. A communications technology. You know which people are increasingly. Burdensome better. Hand held devices. Or other computers. Which is connect with their small community where community at large. We are promoting. The Robert certain. Consumers values it is expensive. To -- communitarian values. There are big thing it has affected decline in turnout. We also have this situation. -- -- progressive. Over tires and equality -- You know bottom and -- -- -- -- hope that I'll live politics can made. Let me take covers for a moment conduct. Listen closely. If you mentioned something else and they it would give more to. The pride -- affects a technology. -- I have so many questions about those of us whether we're talking with the Purdue's condenser rector. Senator persona for the American electorate. And they have studies have recently. Issues. That is scary. When it comes to how many people -- not participating. In and their right to vote. What do you think does this -- you dude dude not vote if you don't vote -- Two's exit 272. Over here who were in the country at six eggs in ignorance to rule itself. But. Started about a sort of from the centers seller for the Soviet American electorate. And it was based on 45 states that are more -- on the primer is. -- acting under the wanted by sellers are -- That turned out it was a war was ever only through between the clubs or an increased. Over the -- mid term election 2010. List. Taken together. -- at being percent of voting -- population. Cast ballots or eighteen point two million people out of on June 22 point eight million. And we have the author and director. -- and reports studied for the American electorate workers instances. And is the on the -- Cubans and talk and talk in depth about this. Both more get more into the report. You mention bill and the pride when I ask you one wives and -- Many reasons you give -- fragmenting the effects of technology. Know the judge young people old people to tour instead Graham and tumbling in -- -- and -- -- does that word is that movie. While I do. Tell you a little bit about where it's hard. It started with television. Like to -- -- brought the world community into your living room but what it did was bring you in the of the citizens -- -- Inspectors in consumers. Two but since -- -- At least one television camera and we have -- nightly news on. Speed channel. When people have them on the amount of shared information. All of a sudden we had cable and satellite with you know 400 channels. 390. Of which you who -- -- tool they have -- they would have Indian defection. Politics and public computers in the fragmented and prevention. And then you have the Internet with several million web sites about which politics and public affairs is not choice. And then you have. FaceBook. MySpace. The various. Social network sites which are social networks not -- -- the culprit but who whenever you want to connect with. The you're street corners is icing on mine. -- people essentially obsessed with. Know their iphones. Right. Nowhere in that. Engaging with other people that's with a technological revolution has done towards society and those who knows that the consequence to a policy. And what's -- and didn't have -- we. Houses society. Include democracy can brought it alone with 152025%. Of the electorate participant voting. This is in prime you know and that -- -- this -- there and timers do. We're particularly well statewide work. You have even -- -- -- -- congress and state legislature. -- Creating an invitation to extremes. Because only 3% of the electorate. Of one party district. Open. Nominated candidates -- tantamount to a our general elections -- turn out and the news. In -- forties or mid term elections and in the fifties or. Presidential election which is also not a very. Turn out. Hand. Are our politics can be heard. There are things we can that we can improve civic education. Improve education within -- Community values libertarians. We can use education to involve parents. In the discussion of politics. We can see the game. Only one to advance democracy does that not put. Some regulation over televised political advertising either format or. Time. We can you know with -- -- no real minor parties we have an actual debate. You know that people who feel comfortable. Over a room and choosing. -- and that the -- there will be something. View and week which begins and pole position. We can change the way we districts -- in more competitive districts which essentially. Fewer opportunities. The extreme and either party. Dominant -- dial up but as a common thing that I think we can do. I don't think we've got to change technology but perhaps -- -- no parents. At least on the dinner table. People who know what those. Devices down. And discuss. Things to him for. He needed -- appeal one man's opinion of feels like we're we're sorting could be ruled. And Auburn. By the extreme right and extreme left. How much open like -- porn to get a blanket primary. Candidates from all parties and saying about it. Top two finishers regardless of party moves on to the general election when that forces back to the sooners and Barbara presentations. The answer is we don't know. So. It's possible the the extreme you know to give one of those two places. We just don't know if it's just started in California and started in the spirit to Washington. You know it is an interest -- experiment. That indeed should be followed up. I do have to quarrel with one thing -- which is if you have to say there was at one point over the extreme left. And the Democratic Party. No dominated that was you know back in 1970. Pre imposed McGovern era. Right now democratic party -- my way forward who is from Republican part of its way toward right. Known if grew more sensible because Republican Party gazans had a grassroots activities that. This is where news Mississippi's senatorial campaign. But you know I'm a little slower demand congress and state legislature. He could capture back the Republican Party it was. More centrist and it would capture back the ability to humans. I think you read -- what -- -- -- a few of his serve was the screen rumors on the left in the scream sound of it because it seem should be -- -- we -- -- -- -- -- -- thank -- so much -- -- those -- It's something we are all understand and hope that something could be done about and thank him for the time. You for having me it was a pleasure -- not there. And by -- super. -- and directors and restarted for American electorate. We'll come back role as fuel what do you think this you bother you at all loses its of concern. Or do you say. -- mid term elections 1015%. Of people vote. It was -- real important. By election. General election. Well we may have 40% 50% do you call for DoubleTree nude Tebow and wayward are. And if not do you think anything can be done. Tuesday exit row 170. -- for anywhere in the country it's accidents aided nuns -- rule itself. Did you -- in the think tanks poured a couple of subjects. We would finish. Thirty minute interview -- -- -- leader put some news to senator will be a study of American electorate. What -- did they elected for the -- suits that or reveal the -- embers drifting into the 25 states. Had. There are lowers turnout over only -- deported by insulin inquiries. Since 2010. Taken other coast of dean percent of voting age population. Voted. Eighteen people. I mean eighteen million people. About a 123. -- And the question becomes. Why Heidi or would be not voting. And these kind of numbers two's -- general when they itself and also what to go back to illegal immigration. The historian via. -- Paterno collect our tone callers never could get in the -- because -- We're in from Padilla. Detailed conversations with the experts. But I'll go back to that -- important thing itself and hopefully get -- your responses to some general won the celebrity. Told created six rotated and -- -- go to jail and that's in -- ago. I've been booming shots but don't mold and done so -- went -- do. Oh yeah Altria owned it. It -- unique in all it's beautiful earth upended the best -- in the his through the world. Read what can I help you Rhode -- Charlotte gauntlet of what people do not vote. -- a little -- on it especially the negative. It. -- -- -- -- Spoke with it and it is how much. -- it is not. Another name -- Backed -- Absentees. Or work force -- so. Read it. At all the security. To -- Because they elbow a lot of people -- -- -- and all that -- they'll see any. We remember back in. And they know that what we won't like that picture. And it. People and it got. Me all night. Our position open at all. Very addressing. And a number of my friends that that don't vote. Have said boy you know he is if you go into vultures of school with a group of people. That are returning the same incumbents. Over and over and if if you don't vote for an incumbent year. Really wasting your vote because nothing's gonna happen nothing can change when what are your thoughts on. Now I'd agree that courts have been a little bit ball -- -- happy person because it -- all that you'd want. What changes to any one person who offered thanks -- I hit it. It do how -- -- Election -- keep it or ticket public -- -- he would vote. Tablets aren't that no -- -- -- know who -- would vote for me. -- -- even though after the election issue all saw it. So you could see the bloated. You can. You know you can't -- out. You can see. Along. Like aren't just may come home won't look at it back here sleep that well. It might it keep you that they need it now. -- -- change vote we'll certainly be -- 08. Election. Janice thank you so much for the call tell everybody in the the Villa citadel. No problem -- room. All right coming right back David actually hang on we'll talk cupid just joy and does. We've got to national. Stop -- really colts' starting. And it's senators center for the study of American electorate. There's been in place for very long time has been doing it's I think it's it's back in the sixties. And they basically came out actually believes -- it toward him vibes into issues of -- primaries. And out of 123. Million people there were eligible to vote. Eighteen million to 15%. I think that's a little scary what do you think -- -- While -- legitimate study that and studied the the 25 states that have had primary. -- for this year. Taken all of them together 15%. Of the voters that could showed up. Eighteen million people out of 123. Million. Camera -- in the questioned why do you think this is happening in them to you got any ideas what we can do and I think. David. David Durham doubled up. -- Just. On it and go on it's it's it's it's. -- -- -- -- You know and people we view where you put them. -- -- -- -- -- Let's show with the -- You watch him because money. It's I mean you know we. -- I -- -- you know you know and you begin questions we. In my opinion on the white. Yeah -- live and let me give you an example. The -- Oregon uses mail ballots. -- -- humid record low turnout. California. Where two thirds of the voters mail in their ballots so all the lords are not -- ever. So it's something more than just long line. -- And the Obama people that you'd get an audit of the -- I don't. Where they eat there I've been accused you hit the -- Hampshire because. The author of the report that's what pizza. The numbers -- report in the report reflect how deep citizens are turning away from political -- arrangement. From positive feelings about one another major political party and I had a debate this morning about illegal immigration. And -- basically total -- forties. A hole. You guys stay in group. I hope keeps ringing and I hope not agreeing on anything. Because you know our girl you're limited number. Of -- is on the way out -- -- and -- numbers streamers and and the rest of this in the middle. Macon groceries Korean those front he would college. And we're not a mood of whereabouts -- yet. Attribute to cock in the clubs he dual. -- -- -- Sooner or later. When McCain ends against the wall if the end of the road you can't take it anymore. We're gonna get entries. Where'd it becomes a bit too we shall vote and dividends intently what are you. Well. And -- politic it probably order yours. And many people are. It'll. We're supplying much -- I'm gonna do this time there's. Everybody talked to tell me. A bit more. What -- And I. Yeah. Should doctor. Or an education. That probably want. Amber. Knowledge. Com -- and I'm gonna I'm gonna tell people that. Shot it and it. You know that because people come -- I went to. How -- And our guys got to be really. -- David. I got to got to be candid. Do the same exact way and I have -- as war led. Off the record. As to. -- you ever -- electing John duds when he. We -- shows you all this food and money and and if your name comes up. He's complement to retreat and he ever attacks in the body. -- rules Koppel our. She's got an incredible record on Wednesday. I'm review all I can think of is that -- would -- a new voters. A keynote -- spell ago. -- -- I don't think you know what that is. Where does this does all the reasons why he's never get made it is a politician. A. Well not a knock on doors for -- I don't even know what the job. Marched you're not that. I consider. Very bright brilliant. And I think we would get out and Joker went there and -- And is element that anymore. Terry what it's been eight years and never differently as in the review ought to battled with a lot of people. I have a jungle probably as much as anybody's if not more so. The Mora talked to memorial and more impressed them and why. He thought he is -- type of communications. Ethics. And bring power. Doesn't get him to a major population popular and they. I've never figured out what David I hate to insult to bridge I agree with him. -- -- -- -- -- David you're in trouble. -- -- I'll do whatever it. -- you have good. I take a break double bill brigades celebrity 1053. You have to. -- -- have some fun at the union to show where -- this part of Brooklyn lights or doing what's trending on double rubio. And and where was -- one report that one. Ever wonder where your tax dollars are going what the plan of action picks and three in the presence that he. Residents Algiers told numbers one though. I've figured you'd have about six million people that show because everywhere you go people. Why is that do you with the streets. And -- your wardrobe budget strategy how and when it got started executed and everything else clause it is. Yeah her -- 47. Worst in America report caring for the children. That OK you would view. Interest significant correlate with the little kids and across the border the Upper Darby help negate celebrity and -- --