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7-29-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Jul 29, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL news director Dave Cohen, WWL First Take host Todd Menesses, and Stevie G of B97 about what's trending on social media.

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I love that translational. That is terrific. Welcome to our Tuesday and we are trending in news sports and social media with our friends and experts. Date -- news director WL radio talk Manassas. Sort of I sort of sit around so liberally -- sensational experts. Let's just roll with a wake up we can do that took Steve PG welcome. Stevie G afternoon -- B 971. Always saying the better half. Some 53%. To three well they borrow. You know what you're trying to bust in here. I'm -- friend -- We have many things have turned about we have some serious things we had some sports things we have some very interesting thing to social media. But I just wanted to to start off because I'm sitting across three men that today is a very special thing. At least for half of America it is national lipstick. Analytic. It's national chicken wing dates and I think it's lipstick more than chicken. Lou that's -- I'm I'm more likely chicken wings I -- put lipstick today -- you want us to put on lipstick we don't have I thought ahead -- the -- chief -- -- chicken -- and yes it would but anyway and -- -- yeah. The other important thing and I think it needs to be mentioned especially in our world of sports this is a very significant day wine. Because it is happy birthday Jim Henderson. Our wonderful voice of the saints ended. Today is the fourteenth anniversary. Poking guy John's saint radio network debut. Almost vs the jets in 2009. That. Kim Anderson birthday so hokey pokey was a birthday birthday present to camp that's exactly right and look how -- Atlanta -- wanted to thank William Taylor for that. He's always so sweet -- you know -- -- man crush on Jim Henderson and I've never met him. You government and I have worked here for probably fourteen years and I've never a major Henderson -- he has a tree he is one of my heroes let's make that happen yeah I'll -- -- -- I get regular broadcast for sure we. Took away his nemesis like that -- Anyway happy birthday to -- and I hope that you do get to do everything to. We could -- we could not but let's not you don't know let's start with because we started with this yesterday it was such an appalling story. About the carjacking of the woman and her daughter ended you have an update to update committed. There is good news the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office has made one arrest in the Metairie carjacking that happened on bottom ball near the -- ten. And turns out that the this suspect apparently made a pretty easy to catch him. It was his vehicle that was left at the scene. Of the carjacking and Jefferson Parish officials say that he really did break down. According to his story he was. In New Orleans and a couple of friends that there's still trying to identify. Said hey can you give as the right to -- will pay for your gas. So he and three other guys get into the Ford Explorer it over heat's on the -- ten on the way to Canner. And breaks down to the poll offered on a ball and they got as far as the 600 block abominable ballpark. They tried to flag down according to police through their interrogation they tried to flag down several people to help them. Buy it. Two of the suspects. As they've deemed them now were armed -- had an AK 47 and one had a handgun to casual -- 47 in the back pocket. Pride in in his pocket again -- -- but we don't know why was -- Carroll who's gonna do when he got there with the AK 47. But according to police -- what was going on and he does have a long rap sheet and did not want to get caught. In Jefferson Parish with an AK 47. And according to the statement from the man they've arrested they became a little panicky. Afraid being in Jefferson Parish because I guess they fear Jefferson Parish. Authorities more than they do. Authorities in New Orleans so they apparently made the decision at that point according to his testimony or his statement. To go ahead and carjacked somebody to they get a vehicle and get out of Jefferson Parish. So they've made one arrest they've issued arrest warrant for his second of the four suspects and it still working to identify the identity of the other -- us. Was there any word at all the video that the homeowner hands that shows the car that was. Carjacked. Coming back around yet what they spent. For what they have found that now that the woman who stopped to help these guys who were in the broken down. Explore. Actually made a Utah Chia -- she was going the opposite direction and passed them all okay. And the next place to turn around it's close to veterans boulevard where there's a you to -- she turned around come back to see what you can do to help them with a fourteen year old daughter in the car. That's when they saved the anger on the AK 47 came out they forced the the teenage girl and the mother out of the car took the car and fled. But I guess it left a lot of us shaking our heads in the newsroom that. They fled after carjacking this woman on the daughter but left the car there. That this guy -- And there was some confusion about he had bought it but not change the registration. But they found DNA in the car whether it was -- sweater -- they haven't told us and fingerprints in the car that led them to the owners so the first arrest. Three you know is as far as investigations go relatively easy now they're working on the. Threat. As a major break them. That's a major break yet okay we're gonna lighten up a little bit we're gonna go to sites camp Todd. Who. Well what's which trading now at saints camp just pop up you know every day we talked about this yesterday they do. The quarterbacks -- at the end the competition with -- all the guys. Well yesterday Israel is now -- we have -- our FaceBook had to be fueled account you wanna see the video listening to post it and coach Sean Payton actually participated. Industry wasn't a quarterback he was an NFL quarterback -- and and collagen high school and NFL and it's an American Gladiators styles -- As Drew Brees describes it to everyone basically they have several football set up to have the targets now on the on the field. Their football set up on. On cones. And barrels. And as their running towards the football. Someone is throwing tennis balls that. They -- they didn't dodge the tennis ball now there there's no -- tennis balls now they have helmets on. But if the tennis ball hits them then they can't throw that football they have today and move on to the next one. So it was pretty interest in watching them do this and watch coach paid at one point he actually -- to get away from a tennis ball slides out and throws the football and does hit the target with the football. However they did at the first time through and drew and Luke McCown tie. Now they have a rule there can be no ties no drew does not do -- yes so they started all over again. And do the competition again and this time Luke -- won the competition -- two days in a road who has lost two days and -- -- -- off so he has not been happy I think we're lucky that this isn't what we're playing on Sundays this year exactly -- they get their football players that American Gladwell I think it I think it's all part of the plan C they put these videos out and the rest of the -- electorate as a losing -- back up guy he's no threat. Like they really believe that it. But I just a lot of fun and help some loosen up so and then they show the bruises of the tennis balls now writes no the guy the guy what was funny at the end of the video if you watch it and on our FaceBook page -- at the end. The guy that was sweating the most was the guy throwing the tennis balls at the end of dramatically worse -- through here is that kind of -- -- it was a -- equipment -- -- -- -- the -- city -- they have to stop and get the balls and says so he was like worn out by the end of the countdown just that there -- -- defined as having -- by -- that it very clear here. -- Drew Brees gets hurt. Doing an American Gladiators he better not diving likes coached. Shouldn't be well let's let's let's go to kilogram broke a flag. -- let's put it this way. He wasn't throw in the tennis balls hard yet but if he's diving to avoid -- -- well if you watch drew watched the video if you watched rouge run. He's really Connolly. And -- that he's not really throat -- OK guys I want AVG just sit right there because we're gonna take a break come back and find out the very latest trending on social media and Angel on WW well. We are trending with the news director Dave Cullen are wonderful sports guy -- Manassas and Stevie. Stevie G you're gonna take us to come. We'll take. To comic con in January when it comes to New Orleans but right now. And -- and executing at last they have little comic cons all over the big comic con every years in San Diego that's what's going on right now has called comic con. International. And comic con started out you know as a convention inferred for nerds basically. Self this time I look at comic book collectors but they call themselves -- I think there that they're OK with that term. You know -- like -- that society doesn't understand us and how much we love comics and get into the story and stuff so it's never a convention. And now society understands them and it's pretty much the coolest place to be and that's where all the paparazzi -- this week. They they announce all kinds of stuff the first preview for the Batman and Superman movie was there Ben Affleck showed up. The Wonder Woman costume. That's going to be in the bad man vs Superman though though the girl who played it yet on the costume for the first time and and mitigate it now the Walking Dead season five preview Hunger Games and 200 gain while. All of that all the stars are there everything they act like the nerds are in the back and used to be more for us now they still buy insult comic book economic -- I think so I mean yeah. They still do they have it here I mean they still do that and and David we're talking like I've said before to many people and I collecting comics for years I started when I was probably seventh grade and have about 101000 in my house to my wife's chagrin every. Detail those those. In the -- like a lot of optimism and Petraeus and they survived but the thing is it started out that way worries more about. The guys that wrote the stories and drew the stories you get to meet the guys that wrote them and and now hold the stars come from the movies and they start bring you know these people and that's where they -- things and the one in San Diego has taken off as V -- on the go I mean it it's like. Some people that's on their bucket list to make it to the San Diego comic. Did they pay all these stars to show up let's say well target you know we when you make a movie. And you part of our job part of your job that we use is promoting the movie and you shall not -- -- Letterman you do Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel and I think part of it is that for a lot of these movies that sometimes the director will show up with an exclusive clippers something. And then a lot of the life like the the William Shatner casual show up and charge for autographs and I think William Shatner lives on but Priceline money. And money from autographs at AMOCO and now but there are a lot of government do well unpleasant and our way of making an inch six Monty says it's returning here. Yeah in January it's going to be in New Orleans it'll be a smaller one it won't be as big. Name wise but you know this storm trooper from Star Wars might be there but that's good but you know on a night. Like the one I was here last time around Stevie did have some big stars Matt Smith was there and -- -- just finished playing Doctor Who which is a big deal over several yes several members from the walking did Norman Rigas was here that's how -- -- a bit of getting in the and -- Wimbledon because he was here and they talked to in the because those are nerds of stars those -- feet -- how well those are dead as big star baby. So don't item count now is an all everything comic book related to anything other side fire. Fantasy basically him and this and zombie out that side -- -- -- other that is. But it's wonderful to see everybody in costume walking along the convention center boulevard. -- spending money here and spending money here that is exactly right we go back to news and this was really sort of another mind blowing story. Police woman now on emergency suspension. Gas. We got word yesterday and this is trending on WWL the outcome still today a lot of people clicking on this one. You know PD not only suspended but arrested one of their own. After officers Stephanie Caldwell. Well allegedly. Was in a domestic dispute and decided during this domestic dispute at 3:30 in the morning on Sunday. To chase down the man with which she was having this domestic dispute with her car so here he is running away she's chasing him. The wrong direction according to investigators down broad street on the wrong side of the neutral ground. Going against traffic crashes into a car knocks over wooden pole. And and cracked it in half. Half and then she could no drive no further mr. Karr would no longer function. Police are not releasing yet if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs but -- those tests have been performed. And that the public integrity bureau is investigating after resting in -- Caldwell -- charged with aggravated assault domestic simple battery domestic reckless operation -- vehicle. Hit and run for fleeing the scene. After all list and driving the wrong way against traffic. Ten year veteran. The and a ten year veteran mile. You know it just seems like this year we've had more police incidents like that. Then that isn't it true something in Jefferson Parish where the Jefferson Parish man has now been accused or parks or judged. By the judges guilty of the murder of a man but they never found the body. This goes back to 2007. But yen in in New Orleans there's been three recent cases of officers who have broken the law or been charged with breaking the law and in on time when there are struggling to recruit new officers and their losing officers at a faster pace then is that normal. You don't wanna have to -- suspend your officers in the Jefferson Parish case this case goes back to 2007. Where. A deputy at the time he pled guilty he responded to a one vehicle accident. When he arrived on the scene the driver was incapacitated. And -- conscious. And he has pled guilty to taking his wallet. Promise unconscious driver. And stealing his identity raiding his bank account using ATM card and his credit cards to rack up thousands of dollars in personal. -- charges. And things like race car parts and other things. And and apparently the judge now believes based on the evidence prosecutors provided that not only did he steal as identity but he -- like killed him. Because he disappeared the incapacitated driver several days later. Just vanished they still haven't found the body. They still don't know exactly what happened to them what they do know is that he hasn't been seen now in over seven years. And the judge said the circumstantial evidence was beyond a reasonable doubt to say that this former deputy that only stole. The thousands of dollars from the strive for bank account but also in an effort apparently cover up. Murder him and hid the body. Before we go this -- because I know that town are wonderful prominence -- some music that we're gonna play. As we're gonna have to go to new real quick dogs and cats -- dogs and cats. Well if you've ever wondered why many of Louisiana -- seem to be dog people more than cat people it's because statistically it's true. We have new data now that shows that Louisiana and it's really in the south Louisiana Texas Mississippi Arkansas this region. There are far more dog people and cat people nationwide there are a lot more cats than dogs. Largely because people tend known more in -- on three or four cats editor crazy old cat lady as we discussed earlier this week you on more than five. But in Louisiana their one point one million dogs that people have this -- there are fewer than 900000 cats. So the number of dogs that people. Surpasses by a couple hundred now. In the number of my hands not in the matter with having both that's actually are up ready opinion poll dog cat or other give us -- vote right now -- 29%. -- 71%. And that's why all that -- and -- I think it has -- to -- the regional like you say in the south because in the south you have more usually have a yard and you have more land thanks to have a dog. Northeast that you live in an apartment you -- have a cat when you can have a dog park and it also has something to do with the fact that cats are vicious killing machine that I do believe this is -- -- -- -- A fat cats kill birds before. I'm not blaming people hey how many nine well they wanted to they could let's put it that way they dominated night 11 calls -- have been lately of cats trapping people in their repeat this. If you look at exactly. But a couple of them that don't think it's an an epidemic by any means our bottling expert when number on -- -- in the nation member of an odd number I've dog loving yes. And we do it right okay now let's go to the newsroom come back and we'll we'll be playing some music with football. It's just killing which. -- absolutely back to camp. Back to -- camp where music was -- Well they played you know the saints have started the blasting music while they're doing their stretching and exercises and and a lot of teams have started doing that last year the saints did it. To start mixing up their -- remember in the playoffs. Coach -- joked as we had to go on the road in the saints have never won a -- playoff game until last year against the Eagles. And he said well you know maybe we do things differently to change the flavor of the Gatorade and put out new swimsuits and start to play music so. They change things up a lot so they were they've been playing music at their practice but. Not so much as the Denver Broncos. This is thought our website at WWL dot com this is also -- viral and it's trending big time. The Denver Broncos during their stretching warm ups played this. Marks get ready forming. And these. That was a plane and yet now they're playing it safe there. He recognizes. That's actually guessing that's rocky top which. Tennessee Volunteers each of their fight song. So when Peyton Manning heard that they played it for Peyton Manning. He then began. Dancing if you wanna call it dancing. Around while the other guys were -- directly to judge another man's dancing bills. It was put it this way he doesn't have the moves like Jagger that's election -- And he was dancing around -- the other guys are stretched and it's funny if you watch some of the other players in the video. They're kind of look at at a mother's dress tonight. What is he doing I have no idea what he's -- of the saints are playing rate. -- and -- now and a lot of pop music and finished playing Frontline rusty. Yeah what they got Peyton Manning fired up because he did go on have a. A pretty good training camp day that day but what's interesting also panned the camera over Wes Welker and we're saints team but. Wes Welker is dancing along what he's doing like this hillbilly jig kind of make it fun of what -- is doing that song just. Good to get a different perspective of these guys it is in a -- And it though it looks like if anyone ever saw when Peyton Manning is now we know is a funny guy he's all the commercials on Saturday Night Live. What he was doing was. Pretty close to when he played the cheerleader on Saturday Night Live years ago when he was in the Super Bowl. And crazy crazy that's what he was doing the whole time and it's it's it's pretty funny and it's on our website to check -- that. Interviews and at. Athlete but you can totally tell he's a completely awkward person get away from the field he's not like smooth in anyway -- smooth like Stevie G well I think so Steve -- I'm so happy to hear this. You think that iPhone six might come in two sizes. Well it's funny -- -- iphones which are suppose apple hasn't announced really anything. But there are sort of just sit back and letting the leaks go because it makes everyone talk about them. They haven't confirmed or denied anything but it seems pretty likely that iPhone six is coming in September and it also seems pretty likely that you're gonna be able. Which side you want either the -- one that's pretty close to right now. And one that's much bigger because they wanna compete with the Samson big house where the sense I'm big on Colonia and galaxy S five. Church I just switch from my phone to does that fit in your pocket yes it does and it's great humans aren't large pockets I love it so if you don't want an iPad and a phone you want something right in the middle you can -- An iPhone six that's big like that but if you elect decides now. You could pick one at that side that I don't yeah -- -- isn't gonna cost. How much is it gonna cost probably the zillions of what they usually keep but the about the same which is if. And -- friend actually one of the things I was I didn't hear about it -- Stevie because that was one of the things and deciding to get this phone from waiting for the iPhone was. Apparently iPhone or apple is disputing with the carriers because they wanna charge more. For the bigger phone and they are now. So instead of the usually 199 with a two year -- the -- could be 2939. That's what they were debating -- size matter. It to has allegedly US and -- -- talking about it today I'd like -- Because if you want. Watched TV on your phone you're gonna win a bigger now understand that now people who wanna watch. Well my time on their teeny tiny little to be I body huge screen big screen TV from my living room. Because I like to watch now people are buying big TVs and any phone now to watch their movies but when you're traveling on the plane you can't bring that big screen -- with him now like I might get upset with and it won't fit in the overhead -- you know and. You asked about -- second ago and there is something -- they tell you the price and the price is assuming you -- sixteen gigabyte phone but everything. Like all apps and everything they get bigger and bigger and bigger sell sixteen gigabytes was -- 67 years ago. But now you're gonna -- 32 gigabyte probably that's more than what they tell you the price is going to be and then they eventually earning 64 gigabytes and that's going to be even more it's going to be another hundred bucks on top. Alito with a two year contract and prefer. No adult yet again I'm in theory it would be 800 bucks with out the Contra. And it's 1400 with. And so can you turn in your old phone and get money for that -- but. It depends on how old is that -- more than two years old you'll get about ten bucks a and cracked screen like -- you know it lasts five dollars days Colin. Let's talk about some happy news care and that is the renovated orpheum theater it's happening you know the oh my gosh this is goodness. The theater boom that we had hoped for when they introduced Broadway south following Hollywood's -- the years ago and didn't have. Happened but it seems like it is slowly. But surely coming the -- now. Has the applications ready and wants to go ahead and renovate the new owners have applied for construction permit. To begin the renovation of this historic building because they wanna turn it into it symphony hall. It's going to be and the downtown development district is very excited that. It seems like the plan is coming together and you know we have this anger reopened and we're seeing plays there we're seeing. Comedy there we're seeing other kinds of shows and performances there and they are they really want to bring more. Legitimate culture. Packed downtown New Orleans so it's not all. Drinking and not be throwing in. Let me Jason as one who's been very involved in the symphony for 25 years. That was the home base that was the home. And they've been like wandering minstrel it's unbelievable what that symphony orchestra's John thank heaven for the Baptist Church where they do a lot of them. Beautiful beautiful acoustics. Course than a million Jackson. But it's not home and when they -- word came out that this was gonna happen. With the -- to Tina foundation owners and that marriage could happen it was like music to every -- Yet to be 17150. Seat theater. And they hope to have it open in spring of next year's front kind of a rapid pace here if they can get the permits and get everything underway. You know that or PMs 96 years old and -- -- it wouldn't it be great that we don't have to wait. Until -- hundredth birthday to get it back open that hopefully it's up and running in proving its worth by then. And that we do see more diverse opportunities for entertainment returning to downtown new worlds in the. -- the symphony take requests. That's because it's not like in the play Iraqi top yeah -- I -- I -- maybe I can't. -- requested the -- PO that's great or tweet them let me tell a maestro is such a good guy he would take that request rocky yes they would do it. A stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our trend and you know we're gonna talk about Roger can now more and more. -- -- -- And Tom Manassas is gonna take his back. -- to what West Virginia cool breezes. Yeah well you know what's up we have put put this up earlier we had tweeted it out to everybody in Texas after reading a terrorist Byrd is back. And he is back to camp today and of course on our website at WW dot com Steve Geller has linked in and put it at some videos he concede. Him in action so that's goodies off the pup list. And that is physically unable to perform yes. We just like saying -- because -- dogs state you know I used to think compliment and and make an injured pupil who really thought that that's what I thought a person that I that aren't dog -- little pop. But the but speaking of other things that are going on in the NFL low larger. Than what's going on at saints camp because we've got all the information you want about the saints at WW dot com. A lot of people are upset with the NFL. Right now Roger Goodell and also the and FL senior vice president of labor policy Google will birch. Ray -- you may have heard about this Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Had a domestic violence arrest yes. Is -- offseason there's video of him I'm. Actually dragging his wipe out of the elevator punched its Fiat might -- stadiums and -- -- -- and dragged around in the elevator diary -- they're now married the he received for that a two game suspension quite there now. Yeah married after that yet they are engaged -- -- -- -- -- drag out on an elevator fees. He's -- and everything but he only got a two game suspension enough our -- Seth Dunlap has written a really great piece about it on our website at WW dot com. And what a lot of people are saying is that what wait a minute wait a minute you're talking about. This guy beat up. A woman. You know from what we concede and arrested. He gets a two game suspension. Yet. You're gonna suspend guys for testing positive for marijuana for years. Or for other you know performance enhancing drugs for years this guy can beat somebody up. And then get yet another thing where. You know -- suspended a coach for a season when his players -- other players supposedly too hard on the field talking about the whole brownie thing. Yet this is only going to be a two game suspension and the NFL is standing by what they've done so for so I don't know what what the deal is with them why they think. Two game suspension is enough for this. Especially with Roger Goodell supposedly talking about the safety. And the violence of the game and trying to make the game safer and trying to make it so it's not such a violent all the awards okay it's just hitting women apparently it's okay to hit your wife for your fiance at the time and knocked around as long drag around the elevator in time. I don't know and and it's got a lot of people's Gretchen and I don't -- -- yourself and only when it's over ten inches if feminist groups that -- -- they're starting to do. Then I asked the NFL money I think this is got him in the pocket I think you're gonna see something more of this happen I think they just thought it would kind of not be such a big deal but it should be in jail for longer than two games anyway well he he was first time offenders are you from Atlanta as you go -- a program and he didn't do any time for now area because what is and what is the message you're saying we have the NFL is constantly talking about the message we wanna give to the young. Players to the young kids who want to play this sport that's what they settled -- in the bounty gate stuff that's what they said about the guys doing drugs what. Message are you now saying to the -- when you let this guy do this and only gets a set out to gain the messages don't don't take your aggressions on the field take them out on your wife at -- exactly that's which are sending. And in talking marijuana it's far workers -- an apple and a woman. Okay I really love hearing what you -- are saying and you are 100% correct and I hope that outrage does hit a pocket. They've done not until we must move on to shark native. This is what's important -- -- it's certain NATO weak right now definitely sharply on gummery and a shark shark week on Discovery Channel comes up August 10 that. Scifi jumping on the shark excitement and doing their sequel to shark NATO. Which is called shark NATO to the second one at the and they built a whole week around your premise the same tornado sucks up sharks and drops among people on -- them except this time it's in New York that's that's really the different Cedar City bigger sharks bigger -- they have bigger hand. I'm Billy Ray Cyrus is gonna get eaten and move in last time it was just if you've seen his remake of a -- break your heart might be glad about that. Well I think that's part of it I think that's why they want Billy Ray Cyrus to be eaten. -- -- -- -- Andy Dick Matt Lauer Al Roker Perez Hilton Mark McGrath and not all get eaten person -- -- -- attacked. But attacked by the -- they're gonna make appearances and run away from from sharks being thrown by tornadoes and what's in Mark McGrath any time. Stay with us everyone we're continuing our trending right after this. And I wanna thank the crew of -- -- Tom and NASA since Stevie G and we're gonna do sort of bar last round let's start with today. I'm very heartwarming started -- -- story that's trending now nationwide 21 year old Christina Chester man was killed riding her bicycle. By a drunk driver drunk driver ran over and killed her her parents have now found. Piece of paper on which she scribbled a bucket list. I think she wanted to do before she died obviously she can't do them anymore so her parents that started doing them for that hurt going to Niagara Falls taking flying lessons running through a field of poppies. They also posted her bucket list that FaceBook and that people worldwide. Are helping fulfill her like it was a four beautiful story mother cries every Davidson she loves it. OKMR -- sports. Oh well the thing that that amuses me is that Jerry Jones. Has finally admitted that he was this close I was Gypsy is close. The draft in Johnny -- Celtics as they have them star quarterback football Johnny football fan Dallas cowboy fans who want it wanted to in the taken but they didn't. Because they used to but Tony Romo but now cowboy fantasy and that just means word this far from a Super Bowl. Further away. And Steve Agee Jay Leno back on NBC -- my night on last comic stand up as a -- Mentor for comedians first time he's back and NBC since the Tonight Show. Doing it. Thank you guys you all -- wonderful we're gonna see you tomorrow. We have art yes -- -- it's a 1000 dollar summer splash cash contest the code word this hour is dressed DR ESS. -- the code word dressed to seven to 81 that's 72881. For your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. Without ever putting down your phone. Your chance and an easy 1000 dollar summer splash cash is one text away.