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7-29 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Jul 29, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL listeners giving up to the minute coverage live from Saints Training Camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon and welcome to another -- the Saints radio I'll go with the training camp appeared at the green right Sammy. Slamming same sentence beef is that the game here what -- afternoon when we were -- chomping at the season -- Drew Brees Curtis Lofton or infield was. And generous birds -- cares what he cares where he was backed out on the few days and with the line rooks. But being grouped with that out and practice would hit on all that give our guys. Take on today's practice as always our number -- can -- the 5014601. And seventy -- -- 3866889. 08 have played at a program we'll give you the top guys. Saints training camp Malia that day is this -- doing that beat him throughout training camp August take on that. And did you hear all the presses in the latter house operated jaguar that your goal was online if you give you a dot com -- younger players which -- do you think we'll have -- -- season. Safety. If you -- our. Cornerback -- I'll -- tees wide receiver Randy cooks. Our running back Larry Robinson all you could vote other kids to vote on line that -- you dot com. It takes -- city seventy -- and you know completely about who you musical word the 1000 dollar summer as players there's confidence. Right here on WW looks on from the -- picked opponent Ryan yesterday you could be -- excellent. As always told Bob -- to Kasey -- about keeping guys owls thought well we'll hope that hope. He felt that they were so one of the better practices additional -- -- Well maybe he typically does not allow a sloppy practice that happened but I thought today was about it in the practice love everything changes. Right from the league yet go win they went out there in the did their first team period. I mean it like that the first thing that jumped out at me lose you can maybe make an exception he's hit -- of the way. The deepest and got the round pick and off the -- got -- -- -- my lap or anything like that. I don't -- that what's that the owner of the it was just one of those things on Payton -- it out with them before. When around the practice field like guys. To mark the day off. That at all in practice round days but he'll lift the level good note that -- and have a really good spirited practice. I'm animated you know maybe -- transitional off from Bill Polian he was out there watching practice. You know Bill Polian worked for what is serious. The radio -- -- in India does a really good job -- -- -- there be politically you know obviously a man with a big name around the league so. The calories from Tokyo to -- issue and offer him but. Whatever. Decay was it just the way that the example of everything that. At first team drill. Today it's in the league we went so well beat the tempo was so good. Just. The way the -- Reno -- he couldn't concentrate on just one player. At least he happened to be one to pop the ball in the -- flavor like that it Champ Bailey with the interception. But got it -- around yeah you could do when it's a really good practice. You know today again it's their third game pad the first day of rain. Yes that you wind blowing like crazy -- morning it's nice and cool out there com felt like a fall day. It was that the reason it was a good. Really didn't make it given at the -- the only it did stop in the right in the sentinel 71 of the paper lays out of the box and -- the playback Champ Bailey in Indian. Kind of turn around Patrick Robinson dropped an interception. But then the next couple of very next play Keenan Lewis dropped him an in -- in. And after that -- white comes up as a pass breakup and so the other defense one that. But overall when you look at the entire practice. The the fourteenth period that they ran the seven on seven it was -- actually it was VP fifty in. -- -- -- would go back that it gives the that tempo and house review was that means. And that there were a few tackles made out there on the field today and yet the guys know that that's -- no nobody would certainly wasn't going to be anything that. It was unique dragged them by can ground Houston everybody was flying -- the ball and need to make in -- -- collision with somebody else knocked into the ground. But the justice. I mean the whole day it was it was fun to watch and you know a lot of movement -- -- Brandon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With that guy in. The -- Really you like I guess about it. Only a couple of things like that -- that didn't make it. -- Griffin had a very good day seem to be off target. Alou -- right. Threw an interception. -- in Biel Patrick Robinson. He -- you know he does everything. Pat Wright has the right at that point and hopefully he could be leading this team interception he should have -- exactly in I mean he does everything well right at the point. You know now you can make this special late night in a statement of all ages he gets credit he has that and oh yeah yeah right a couple of times you write every daylight on the ice color coverage. Patrick Robinson -- -- good break on the ball and knowing that he's there he sees everything is perfect right up to the moment where he could really make it not to make spectacular advocate for everybody's movement and not exactly. -- -- -- You know and like if that guy happy period you know I'd. You know in the first period like -- in the way it started off you know I opted out -- the ball really well. In that the particular drill now Utley had the ball a for the defense that he'd been may get a running the ball and I'm not. I'm as being objectively and tell me maybe if you observe the thing thing. Now and I -- -- this early to -- Pierre Thomas he probably had his best run of camp so far -- a nice cut it was he was shifty but it -- like a fifteen yard gain. Mark Ingram has had some nice runs that anymore looked like you know five or six short of a yard run a very promising run. When you've seen flat out cash breakout runs who's who's been. Farrior are -- Andrew -- -- that could -- at -- know exactly if I'd say -- -- -- where you're going if you asked me to rank the running back right now I would say Kerry Robinson. Of ours today. Mark Thomas and marketing at be lasted well. That'll stroke accuse -- impressive right on some of the runs in -- in it it almost looks like the runs that he's getting a little bit. Taylor made points up to where they -- it means they may throw in in you know he's a quick Luke Nevill. -- affected he played defense. At two lane and they moved him over the opposite side of the ball and eat -- it's as natural as he can be. And you what I've been impressed with -- it that you can tell that he wants to do this so -- gotten in -- -- the coordinator you know including -- got a report. As far as ticket -- -- that you do not one over on the play with he's an excellent vision actually cutback runner right and outlets if you don't have the angle on him you know I'm gonna catch him and does so that's what I've been -- Tyrod he runs so hard. -- his vision. Coach -- me now is that one run. He had today if it was live tackling. Nobody knew it was a 4050 yard run if not a home runs when he when he catches the. And here's another thing about Tarvaris -- -- Not only is he doing a good job and running game. And an excellent job in the passing game and I can't really say about the protection but tentatively they -- day. It's designed for him trying it out of the backfield so they keep -- the ball. And then you look back the needle punt returns and he's on kickoff returns so I mean he we've played a lot of different. Roles and he'll have every opportunity to me. That play the role but they can get every opportunity to succeed. There and Sproles a position absolutely absolutely it he'll be the first event of and that -- believe in. And so far he's been impressive all right we'll come back and hear more from our resident pro hockey guys on him by BP opposing coach Sean Payton Drew Brees -- -- -- -- among others they are slow but this is sports talk on century you that you do you always are proves -- guys on and Bobby a bear Deke Bellavia. Tomorrow moaning coming taco of those sports in the mix -- both instances. Drew Brees at the open about it -- pretty youth and view a book unit but if you in the -- Q you've beaten the -- it is all for -- if the that is something that the -- took. In the morning operating -- or opinion poll of the young players. Which do you think we'll have the issue if the Saints wide receiver Bryan coax him back Robinson Kazakhstan -- team that tees. All the safety QB Cairo came to vote online at -- you give you that car. -- the long shots their original big teeth yeah in. But. I tell you what the -- and give Manila's again. Robinson would look narrow. Hooks. Pain okay I'm gonna break one at a time and hope he can elaborate -- -- his typical low -- Robinson had the pins it's feed them. I mean. I think -- Robinson. I'm not gonna go as far as Bill Parcells on the -- it as much in tune with that but. I don't know -- the next Curtis -- but to be compared to hall of Famer. Then you I guess you got to give my opportunity if that does come about. So we act firearms in the he'd be ahead of them is given the opportunity in the Kansas scorers carries -- the next. And think about Robinson to also. You -- game poking in and out but it is in. -- -- not talk about these yesterday you know when you look at running -- -- -- look at the end look at the whole body of work through it in the auto pick in. Isn't -- OK who runs it who blocks the news. Who's at the most complete that round and this time I'll let. And I just talked about strictly running judged strictly run in the football -- -- apple what make Ingram rounds. Picket if Thomas and just from running. -- -- -- -- Thomas and -- and just different of the football much boating and hokey but the meat of running and and you know I beat Alabama haters -- thought I -- and I save but if you -- overall view it might be different ought to. -- just run the football as -- NA and that's the way that -- just write him a man to go in and I'm talking about inside drill and we know when they do run the ball. Right the team period it I have to agree with that. And the most complete guy we know is beer companies are now is an area and I and I say -- through it piece is that you know if you come -- overall both -- everything he's he's top of the you know but it on the list that you have there you know it now with a guy like ironic and if he just use -- -- closer in the fourth quarter elected it would might -- in 2009. And I mean he may not see the field very much for three quarters in and all of a sudden he comes -- Well we are and know what team for Carl can do. I like Bobby and mediate I don't know that's been thinking back piece of you don't feel that much I mean that's it and look at it Champ Bailey that means he. He doesn't look his age right he's right he played pretty good -- Patrick Robinson if he's in the mix there somewhere else -- -- -- -- -- -- and understand these names because he noted there and it doesn't mean. A look at rod -- he's a guy that's been there are a little bit a little bit quiet this year but he made a couple plays today and that's kind of what he did last year. You know much about him after about 45 days in -- even those that -- and his ruling yet and a you know after he started -- -- -- made some plays wanting you know. Cutler branding cook is going to be hard for him not to make an impact in some exactly. Okay would you say I would -- along those lines now. Who did not disappoint initially considering where they would draft and expectations. Cam Jordan. He lived out there expecting is done better and better in -- Carroll. -- Carroll is so impressive. As far as and you observed that you think you're not only a pro bowler. About a future all done well they get right now because we've done so far not goes a long ways to go. Witch's house movie looks -- -- psyche deadly it has an impact and be recognized around the league kind of like any of the Carol and. India won Drew Brees when he talked about branding coach today he did the other guys at all. Not only does he have straight line speed he's got shorter greatness he's got ability to come in and out of his breaks he gets a full speed in a couple of steps. So he did it you know it it and drew elaborate on the other guys long drive -- -- by every Anderson that -- speed as they go. Friends coaches running fast and again right from the get go -- the block exactly. Select him with his ability of special teams or turner to get. If he don't make an impact how much it's just a matter how -- to begin to -- it. A get detectives token I think he will simply because he's not playing with Chad Haney are geno Smith night breed it is or in the -- I think it will happen -- that. Aren't much off all -- although they practice and you'll take two days window the young players skinny O'Connell haven't Robinson. Also expand these opportunities. Cain Brandon cooks what you think we'll have a better year all -- you can vote -- cast -- vote on line if you do you know that cut. -- it's 531 I would vote for him for -- And welcome back to sports talk our resident pros. Who beat guys on him by the paper can now practice fully next allocated to a little thing -- -- it comes -- -- -- Drew Brees. Petersburg Curtis Lofton -- -- among those games to vote on line would simply be glad that this season in 2004 team. It apparently the only team that -- Kerry Robinson called for a cooks. About the continues to the press. Yet Annika at the talk about for a breakdown when a team drills seven on seven special teams all of that now they have individual period right after stretching. And -- noticing a drill and it brought back memories. This is probably against who started do in this. Imitated soars back in. The mid to late eighties. And then I was directly involved watching it in the early ninety's and his kind of giant hole who. And it's by the Davidson been outside linebackers. -- it's alignment and would it is that the giant like Kool green. And it's it's guys. Not wasted steps and get from point needed to point B. And as far as is dropping their hips. And trying to run around and hope. At the lowest angle and quickly she PP. In I don't know I don't think it's called who who drove with using the think that there be watch a practice and go back on airline highway and watch it units of line. And the background of that. And -- thought would hokey about this and I think is being a coach John Allen nick total in the comfort out that right. And if you played formula them opposing quarterbacks need him. Because he's always telling his slurs and that knocked the crap on the quarterback and really trying to knock him out thinking. Used at the Vikings and and he -- that we the Colts and Dwight Freeney and it was just coming out of college. He coached Chris Tillman. With the Vikings that I could remember Chris Tillman. When he went from the Vikings that a -- that he brought this drill. The coach bill Kol -- Who now that the that the line coach with the Houston Texans. And well -- local or coaching TJ -- the best. And -- with -- and in the NFL it just -- I thought I drove just to develop their quickness. And coming off the edge where. You don't need that much feel if you if you your balance is right and turning that corner. It is and help you get around the corner so I'm sure sure yet that -- practice. And it at in New Orleans Michael one airline highway UC their drill. Cameron jar and all the people that have been outside linebackers. It's really just trying to get from point a to point B as quick as you can. And Lauren hits when you do have that angle trying to bring to get around their tackle to get that quarterback now looking at a team hicks. I mean I was he blocked in the -- -- -- will be. And it's it's. As the varsity sled that he makes it looks like the junior varsity -- when he hits that thing using -- laying them brick in the bolts on it. That Hakeem Nicks it it's massive and I think well expecting. Vick sees it from him look and it's indeed it's a bag drills. And how demanding. You know coaches PP and I think -- with the -- -- the secondary coach Coronado home is. As young up and coming. A coach that I don't know what to do in the future which is aspirations the sport they wanted to BA coach. But he was unbelievable at the highest level come that the NFL. And being part of a number two ranked saint pass defense we get -- those players there was a rookie on an hour west of Missouri State Brian Dixon. And Brian is gone -- -- doing a drill with the work in. And he is John I'm told stop if you follow on the ground like basically what you gonna do before on the ground or nickname you missed it on the ground. You know you gotta get your blood up and get it going so appreciate go with immigrants enthusiasm. When he was working with the -- -- the backs. Now if you look at. Likely be to go and go along -- -- and that you know different team drills. Now. This is one -- the very first -- Joseph Morgan thank you were running -- diversity kind of -- And it got close like worse than what it was but I think who's in the process as a slipping so far of -- -- our reverse plays -- and out of a negative yards. For a while -- -- Robert Meachem until aren't we minus yards on defense has been ready for that now we talked about the bubble screen at the middle screen. Hustle and described it at that would have been nice seven yard gain -- where you look at Brandon could you give one of the scene and in you know it's gone a gone and and that he ever -- is cheats that would with terrible angles and give -- a big touchdown. Michael he -- Champ Bailey is nice deep interception. All on the count cal product both. That he does all the best and along those lines to looking at. That the ball. Joseph Morgan Joseph Morgan had an opportunity perfect pass. By -- account he dropped it down the sideline. And gotten those couple. And when it came about with sweeping. And you know they were pushing and shoving. Joseph Morgan got to come up with a plate. Now look at Cairo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hard to tell but you know I just figure like. You know Hokies selves of that to help out the cornerback if we get it out there coupled with your great play apartment. You don't I think I have little knowledge that you try to be objective I didn't -- it right -- it yeah right yeah well well like yesterday it was hard to -- -- -- -- getting the ball out there. And ditto on that drill 40 record -- break right quick. -- Robinson. Looking at them at times you writing a note two pars -- dead and as we play. Plus one who knows -- and might even have been a touchdown knights could envision all of that and at the play was slow car Robertson like we said before. We riding over to we were running -- out notes those double digit runs market that and Robinson. The person than Pierre had a nice fifteen yard rumble or you look at you know with the boy you know that nice -- secure room and at those double. It was that you and you could help on the collegiate run yet again this is this is eleven on eleven yes it's not -- Theriot no matter is that theater where it went shopping yesterday you know like that it it would be a safety back the -- yet and I don't -- an insider I don't know it's eleven on Clinton and you know get on. All right we will continue our pro -- Japanese practice and the real Colbert -- promptly threw pretty please keep the keep that this sports talk. You'll listen if it. And welcome back our resident pro breaking down today's practice Keita gave him my BA there and I hope you guys that with him counts on 83 years -- Curtis Lofton. Raffia bush and rob Bryan all that you yet the compass musical word 1000 dollar. Summer as well as fans are here on if you that your eighth -- He's a bad day you can that then not technique he's become one of the ball hawking defense and so -- -- the prize free. Equities and his offseason that's eight years bird it. There's a reason to his -- about why he was viewed him on yes. And if you look at there was three special teams period and that was the last driven looking at the first period the guys just breakdown special teams. They'll work and on kickoff coverage and obviously working on their lane discipline. I used when you when he. When you give a big kick return. Somebody gets that have a -- KORs. Some idea it was and look to make his that it went this well enough to stay in their lane. Their forty gave big returns -- he could see him working on that. Also and pokey might. Thought different that I the -- like right now bookmakers have not missed the kick. A field goal they were -- mcdougals have 34. 38 and now 42 yards and they made all the capable kickers. You know whereas whether it's Derek the Yankees are Shayne Graham. And so you know evaluate in the chart kicks that are made her miss and then the last special teams period was a -- return drill. And so far you'd have to say Brandon cooks. And Joseph Morgan being the main two returners. And if we get to speculate right now UT branding coach depart returner. -- -- -- -- would be the first kick returner but -- in the with a punt return game. Also coming along with -- cooks in Joseph Morgan because. He was following on the field that was -- is Bernard returning puts you almost looks like house movie catches the ball. And that trust factor and he dated a few times of Buffalo and he really said he had done it. That's he's been backing college. When you went through a candidate at University of Oregon the Oregon Ducks but. He's almost like Lance Maurice over -- -- his hand. That it was an emergency situation. And you want to feel punt. A coach Bates -- looks really comfortable out -- field in the global when he wanted to do that as they get back into the swing of things. Because -- he's played at center field and beat it once sideline to sideline and held them adjust to high balls long balls. And that's how he connected at oak we even go to punt. -- generals like a long pass play and truly high you break on a ball and that's what he's noted for. How like Earl Thomas with the Seahawks what do you covers our line is -- line. Could be so good -- angles and obviously well they catch the ball. All right we'll come back it musical word in the 1000 dollar nation wide and some split on it very clear on that because you. All right it's time now for the -- word AA in the nation wide 1000 dollar case counties here all at WW you know. Remember now you can take this -- worked 87870. Eats a 7881. Each in every day when you critical word -- if you do -- you know. The radio and the co -- coming up also here I'll look accurate. But if for any given two years that my computer shut down but I'm more mean here. Trying to find it for you and that will be the Hugh Reid who. It's. As -- -- can't that is -- And he's. -- ago that the co were at this hour is swap is that you PT co workers now is swapped picks the words while it's deputy peak is 72881. Hit 72881. Of the -- word is why it's WA EP.