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7-29 5:10pm Sports Talk: Rob Ryan

Jul 29, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team listens to Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan from earlier today during Saints Training Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome out of it to a sport so -- -- -- you guys on him by a bear -- the -- -- -- Sammy at the greens are things can't use five days of the book and tomorrow but Flacco have the off. -- give back to work those five before they wrap up the first wave of training camp with their black and those habits on Saturday morning when he arrived here on the radio. Win it basically threw 601 -- and you can protect the city 7870. Operated jaguar opinion -- What young players have the big east you -- fourteen safety. If the power. Defensive back -- -- teeth. Wide receiver Randy cooks a running backs currently roberts' case you vote on line. And yet the that you had to come about via a few weeks back so we -- shout out in that group -- it will soon. 201 problem the beat who it out that Sammy. Eric in the -- and Sammy as the way over the week. He was only The Who get you've made or FO models to a long lines anything that wrestles with -- -- with us. And we. You always will and we knew she was fine -- he -- he would now she's a on who who gave him about it will make us make us all the way that bill this year we even know. Well a lot of feedback at the -- and it was -- it put -- face but keep it as we know it so. That in the TO families families you know he used to -- -- -- while we certainly. Give you our thoughts -- prayers. He is gone away for a while all of the. Well you know whenever you have illness and a family. And you know he talked to different family members who's trying to be encouraging. The individuals that. That are -- -- -- dealing with its amazing. When I've seen three years. You know going back keep -- pre Katrina. You know all almost a decade. And now how much they love this thing and how much it's a subject to a you know part of your life in and all of a sudden. Howell. You know just words of encouragement. By any individual. Like 'cause dealing with the media via -- Saints player. You know how they get involved also Children's Hospital. And and it just really -- -- given that support in that word of encouragement. You know -- in and how far it goes you know who acted alone ballot maybe they would have this morning don't you oh. Difficult so forth so. Naymick and of course but those books that always -- BT don't you. Texas so it the -- in the field and Sammy. Although fans. Which were your thoughts and prayers. -- -- -- -- if you see because the -- season oh that we talked about some young players. And out of the -- -- -- -- that we could have beat the I would -- -- -- -- is one -- dark cartoon -- but -- you know like you say yes -- You know he's the dad he gets -- -- those who knows you know because now it you know I'll be situationally with the -- Awesome -- do something that magnitude but. Like a fair game is is another young player that you could maybe -- -- Some the -- a couple of the course. -- is cool with that -- abuse I mean yeah. To answer with -- big east you know when I see it he said he'd miss the game at Boston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I mean you know it's easy to pick -- -- the Carl because I mean he's he'll be on the field just about every play defensively and meet. I don't even know -- means that he had last year. But until they got hurt it there wasn't a whole lot of people at the map when he wasn't on the field so I'm really easy to say he's a front runner but. You know here training camp and you you looked down to would you yield -- one day. -- to me it's all about you know who who continues to show up a mean guy that makes the play. Every practice -- views -- -- that it continues over the over the -- economy could throw it to an Internet quality steel player at right what do you mean it would it only got 11 game really underneath his belt in. That was yet so. He could easily be that. You know Hakeem hicks is still a young player that's right yeah I mean you -- -- to talk about. Leukemia at the pass rush moves at the vehicle that had so. Victor Butler. European tour but you could battle load of a guy that have to block it means. You have to throw in -- in Calabria and you know if people restarts it would be cool it. A lot of snaps though but he carried out the door and into. Nolan did it because he's more known -- that happened -- county. Yet -- -- -- on the guys that right into the defense continues to be among the -- you -- defense that plays and an absolutely no doubt about it and now I -- a win that we drab brown -- the -- -- -- the exact pick I'm looking here at the media -- I would have -- eighteen. I'm a member of the number okay fine if there you know the reason why -- decline as I'm talking. With that the reason library bring them out. To -- and -- live sports team I'm here for fourteen -- OK when we take him at fourteen. And I think I thought he'd be Robert Meachem Robin -- it was 27 overall in the first round right but to -- -- kind of like you know the guy branding coach looks special. I mean I think in. I don't know maybe I might get angle my face -- might so I would tell you talking about I don't think so but I -- -- and right now. Even as good as skinny but apparently the -- Robinson brenly cooks. And if I could be a flat out stud. He's. You -- -- -- -- go behind at all the he certainly got the talent. We talk about. I don't recall him dropping a -- no -- not wanted may be at making the cut Pistons slighted by -- -- all of you know it's it's unanimous choice between three votes that view. We seats up especially now. Well win Sean Payton ultimately. Drew Brees and ultimately the team loses the Ottawa -- -- I a non European Bailey will have the rules say that that back children throw today. Champ Bailey had also covered and this is so that you wouldn't think. Drew Brees mentioned this that he was you know -- they weren't -- Randy coach spoke for five years. Like it was a veteran and a nine Champ Bailey at Austin coverage. Drew Brees Burnett when the with a 20/20 five yard gain an -- -- to -- with a back coach. What do you do in the media room that have been recovered now shall Peyton didn't enlighten me on after the eagle but you know but he told me. He says you know there's a great job on their plate defendant that. Because their get -- their head around so quick that -- -- yeah. And -- and you think OK I can't beat Richie show ever Seahawks cornerbacks over the top with that speed routes he would throw back shoulder. But they do an amazing job not only covered over the top of that fade -- But also that the and it's packed shoulder and -- -- the eighth inning to close. How how good the Seahawks are at that particular -- You know we -- in theory given you know all the praise that the branding coach in the evening to see if you haven't seen. -- He's like Michael Lewis -- that you know in acceleration with the -- Much better hands than Michael had. In Houston and a more polished receiver size -- -- yeah yeah we brought up attracted to and Mike Riley's coach appeared in a pro ranks. Yeah it's army he's he's got everything going far it's like he was almost an NFL since the before yeah exactly that's a much cooler climate can be hard for him not succeed. That's our pros. They have been with the Saints organization of course a successful season -- now we're with that you -- via radio the resident pros or guys on him about the it would come back we'll hear -- think the only. Rob Bryant here on WW. And welcome back to sports talk. I'll indicate to him by being there the ability is the we ago. And it's -- insane things. The greens grow up. Talking about that duo will he was responsible for the biggest output defense at the board in 1970. Anything he wanted to rob Bryant spoke to the media. You know middle here -- we don't -- if fiscally look you know restaurant everybody else you -- He's -- -- his rehab and do everything you know whatever that takes place in the desk chair we guess guys fans invest so well. They know more about the US SM I know what I'm -- he's right there but he needs to work on the ceiling he's a restless teammates and -- And that'll come on me for -- yeah. -- -- the great thing here is it's a safe so we do everything right. Can we say about everything. We do the right thing out. John and you know it's illustrators these guys if they have a plan for him. And you know so whatever so the Smart thing to do what we do so well. So we don't have facets and make sure that death. He's there when the wind up as soon as he can be tough ones when he's going to be beautiful full speed and a you know so that's always good. So the good yeah it's cool to. Assured me he's Smart guys so you know -- -- once he gets out there was amazing it used to playing them I'm sure -- -- -- Came out there you have a clear plan of what what you gonna do as far as playing three safeties more and that's what they when he steps. I think you know it's harsh free safety news you know the game's changing news as you know -- -- -- -- to have more guys accumulating comer in the wind. Can do all these different things and that's why they -- game it really doesn't call them in the three safety package -- -- a whole lot more than there's ever remember -- it's also worth. We were fortunate enough we got the Eagles are really talented safeties right now on the roster so well. Golf woods I don't play them -- and end there's a really good players. I used to get good people skills. You know supported us and he's gonna catch. You know in the end but also with -- -- experience Smarty Jones opened them in the ladies and end up. He's been great all your career could tell you. And I think they do one thing is -- turnovers and nationals -- its two best quarterbacks in the world. Did you know you got to play your technique you got to be disciplined. It's time and point where return or maybe we're guy has just gold they give. And you know he's he's been great golfer's career can -- yes you always ordering -- He's just got in the ball skills and in the Summers off you mention the hot -- yeah he was. There is very important piece. He's an excellent football. Player in the you know I've been on top resume as a favor -- -- such a low offer minnows you know straight you know we got for two years thanks so well. You know but our guys know -- -- coming. You know Ryan pace and Sean and makes you they're gonna keep good players around in the you know that's illustrated about a minute and you know it -- years that I suffered the -- -- -- time for a few weeks it's not -- for free agency does surprise me he's running a little input did you have. I has absolutely zero. Mathematics and I was happy I -- you know so. That was a much higher above me and that I was ecstatic when I heard the news you. That is saints' defense according to our Rob Ryan addressed the media today talked a lot about the return of saint saint Pete. -- -- hope you go back to wanna think conference it was as there what is about birdies it's a unique unique falls view is if he keeps the ball that is saints' nickel well. For a while and go back to -- you know what they do in the music yet -- John Payton it's at the podium or everybody it to right surrounding. Coach may have been out there for reform and they brought Rob Ryan now. Don't -- though it is skeleton crew. Because we can't bring its beat in every day yet -- but rob Bryant speak -- The league wants to week like that weekend most of luck guys maybe twice but he's oracle Gail and I mean when he got over there -- that it gets on me not so it means that -- Purdue in the team interviews at the same time. Albeit that company stars it's about -- it right when I mean everybody went over there like he did -- Rob -- because he has so -- And you know I think he's you know he's speaking the truth when he he talks about it is you know he's a terrific job Brian -- and he's on. -- players that means I'm quite sure he got some input. It is who comes it will but. Get to your question the we look at here bird. Even before we put on the net today what does he do every day after. Practiced easily on -- that looked as if you knew joked machine -- and then not stick it to three Matt -- Robert couldn't have because I could be used to be in the the called volatility has put a big return but did the year right. But he noticeably does that they're not shoot him between three and one. The action -- -- machine to a right lip in he reached out and kicked the ball like -- I -- harassment and retaliatory. The football -- -- and he hasn't exactly. All right go top proposal because Johnny and Bobby a watchable we'll hear from -- -- -- read if you listen to the public if -- abilities this 530 to have the first thing -- we will go down. And welcome back to sports talk operated jaguar opinion poll what's youngsters on this team you think -- this season will it be. -- -- Have you Robinson Stanley Jean -- or -- -- or you can vote of the UKK -- vote on line that we did you know that our resident -- -- their take on today's practice. Christie Garrett quick hits team by a -- even -- upbeat as a rookie year each game every day it's all on line. It that you give you a cup plus -- video recap tomorrow's pro also but. Yeah. -- Nokia. If you look at okay you'd ever want to be any area via weekly. We've talked about. Like our return game -- return obviously a kick return or punt return within also. That's when a top four defense that you look where we were in sacks wanna say we're normal for. Torre Arsenal for pats in the tournament to the look at where we had run the right now it's leaves Tennessee. And I say thank god in a sense. That were able to retain Broderick Bunkley. Could you look at their rotation because I think it. Then. I came here he will play wherever the coaches tell on the plane. But I think he really can't explain on the edge was at the events have been. Where if you look in the trenches doing the dirty -- and the bits of tackles but that's just say thank god that Brodrick Bunkley is still on the team. But to be Edinson is he going as far as seems like he's moving well. Knows -- Gerris bird finally. On the feel and uniform. Well that come about with Jenkins. You know the one thing I remember at Florida. That Florida University of Georgia. He'd be outstanding. In that first quarter. And then go win the lack of conditioning. And now they work an amount that they he's confident -- and out there because he's a big man. Can you play four quarters and I think at times and looked a majority even against LSU. Or he was style. When he when he was in shape and -- a role in the and he would tend to Wear down in that second half. And always used this quote by Vince Lombardi. That you could beat a bad this. Dude in the world. When you're tired and your fatigue. That the team makes a coward on anyone's. In other words if you're retired -- -- we'll have -- want to or you'll be -- scapegoat. Whether you wanted to thank it was one good thing Nancy was with John Jenkins over there is usually they'll be UP right but. They are they he's working -- -- Danny around great coaches who is injury is obviously healing quite well because he's. He's on the go pretty good. When you watch team eight. You know literal they do and -- different drills and that's thrown at them that it's -- flip the B Heath. And he looks like he's put forth the effort -- -- just. Wheldon and outgoing part about Jeff -- in the old Yates and them and they can't. The extent it would baseball cap right doing nothing because I couldn't. John Jenkins is over they're doing took its history having conditioning yeah. Getting some football work done all rolled and once it's not going to be I I don't think it's going to be two very long while I think we -- -- hero now. Will he actually. Take place the -- in the news inside Israel. All the contact drills when he comes back that's hard to say you don't know but I. But if he's doing what he's doing right now I think being -- beat two very at all for your team back in here and he'll be like. Care expert -- slowly work him institute. And their delegates say that almost right now. That even if I he would be available. There Rhett that are routine that he's doing now all to make sure when he comes back that he didn't -- It's like the almost getting them in shape football shape trivial to contribute and play because I can tell you. And I -- that pleasantly surprised I was somewhat surprised. That -- his contribution for the -- that they come toward him last year and all you have to do this year is really. Occupy blockers and do is be stout against the run he don't have to be an every down the list of linemen if it's a run pass situation. If he could just come in there and do his job lets save that person can that's a run pass situation. You wanna go out to be stout against the run -- now it's second -- nine or are prizes situation but you won in style on the run downs. And anything you just do that he's doing his job and -- Saints uniform and. We're not pocket collapses and give it an accident exactly yeah now every now and then you know that's all you -- that I think yeah I think he realizes that mean he knows that. I'm not a real pass rushing threat to right -- -- anybody out if they can. You know this is another -- Glover right you know at all not at all be disruptive they go in August that the mean you're there to do a job. And that's abuse beat you don't you don't even really need to get much penetration which. Occupy -- even occupy blockers and let the linebackers currently. Let the law then the hall the doors of the world make the and I let him -- make it back to lightning than to make no it didn't do it don't get knocked back it that a linebacker is that that you don't put you in trouble -- have a make a to make a -- he's there's some way yet. And I -- an Arsenal and it's. It we will continue this is -- stuff with Saints camp Covert C at the -- -- -- those -- birds don't pay Drew Brees. And Curtis Lofton is the sports talk on that you don't do it. And welcome back to sports talk our resident pros look at guys on about the eBay continues here on tree you debuted at you know -- -- if it meant little 53 on the and it Debbie did you and a well you with a -- that. And half applicable -- this thing to match the offer and they get paid he's been extremely well and that The Who dat nation. He's given him an extra shelf life -- most -- -- 25 our -- terrorists. Raphael bush spoke to the media today. But -- I think that they would you look at him you know I'm a -- institute. There's not a slight guy but if you follow. Like college football yet right South Carolina State -- -- and you know as has been program -- sudden if you go. In -- southeast this doctor and asked them yet exactly go let's hear from them but if I'm raffia. He's Smart player they did -- take too much desire. But he's an unbeatable he's studying you don't you ask me Yankee questions and -- thank you don't -- his arm just started Lorenzo -- Okay okay headline. -- We're not doing it just shows you know how they defend -- in the and in general this year. And no I don't sit you know with a lot of matching the deal mom wins his match in general and off of Australia especially as you know I was only in and come Simon doesn't. You know this game more gorgeous crowd so much better -- good. -- -- -- -- -- at home you know. -- -- -- staying home more assertive. You know -- -- -- moments Auburn not as fast as -- was slash or sarcoma a more aggressive more vocal than judges more confident. We didn't do -- big get a being -- -- -- year I guess if you for Jacksonville it. You're thrilled TV's getting your hopes of those deep balls today and that's something they'll say don't -- know that the meeting rooms in the they're the size -- -- -- to earn their yards and -- -- up about the home -- I'm definitely you know she did a deep balls and -- -- -- things. You know so we try to keep everything in front of us and make plays and create turnovers and that's a big disaster training turnover and make sure no balls go -- is. Competitiveness against receivers we've seen as well especially now -- seven on seven. I just look better groove period then though we gonna compete even against each other not so you know we give people discuss and Darcy was. We're just gonna do you want to beat them every time. How nice is to have their middle linebackers like person debut and middle really cleaning a lot up for you guys have to into the -- and tonight. So -- Carl you know Curtis is looking earlier on defense. They noted -- army's one other leaders on defense and those guys they're very Smart players -- we understand again well so let me go off easy wasn't about it. And Danny as a Raphael Lewis you know he thought about -- and he earned it once you get somebody's -- -- off the -- Anthony before you'd team matches. -- and take ankle yes I -- -- make I think -- our little bit nervous wind. He was get that offer -- that idea like -- -- compliant. Look this night were obviously had planned on because they jump right up the match -- operated. You know at any young player like like he is he. You know that you've been in rob Ryan's system so -- much more help with that you're not going somewhere else and I -- not start from scratch and learn a brand new defense systems so. I mean just speak for me I was thrilled to death the Saints at the opposite blue moon will match whatever Atlantic it. He's -- guys evaluate them. Yes would you look at Raphael push it in its all about the cat and mouse game. When you look at the the NFC south. And you know we had talked about there is nobody. You -- with the impressive about Carolina. Is that and truly when you look amongst the best defense is that in the NFC South Carolina deep it's varsity in the NFL. Last season ranks second only that is suitable champion Seahawks in fewest points and yards allow. And then now we are all excited I think what we had forty to have sex well. Carolina led the NFL with sixty sacks below the hole you look 38 -- the all of a sudden Carolina's. Free agent additions at safety. They take Roman Harper from the Saint Louis C a good read it's so to speak even the Roman helpless when it's -- -- -- -- Thomas DeCoud. Thomas DeCoud with the Falcons. And so he goes to Carolina he is the safety out of cal so all of a sudden. Atlanta saying we need a safety Thomas DeCoud let's go to Carolina -- that's why they were so hot and Raphael bush and over -- a month ago we were able to keep government. I think Raphael bush really turned a corner last year and how much confidence. He was playing with and if you look at it now four year veteran. You know we got him really off waivers though when you look back with Denver Broncos back in 2012. And I just as Argentine player big part of the defense especially at three safety package. That Rob Ryan with the utilized. All right we're looking to do with sports talks that it becomes Sean Payton Drew Brees Chris Lofton scariest bird enough I was here all century you that you -- Buick. All right meat to potatoes is coming up Sean Payton. Drew Brees series -- Curtis Lofton will have all of those interviews coming for you. And the next two hours plus operated jaguar paid people online at W did you note dot com. What's young player let the best season in 2014. Will it be. Ready -- wide receiver. Safety team look Arab write about how we Robinson all defense today Spanish team that tees so other. -- vote on line and if you did you go down accomplice who would you view the -- guys. Saint player. The day all they had become the fountain out of the sports talk. You don't mind -- that -- -- -- -- -- got a lot of takes the re takes the X 87870.