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7-29 6:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Jul 29, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team listens to Saints Players as they keep us updated at Saints Training Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back sports talking to use it sanity into the interviews with the rest of the program Curtis Lofton -- Byrd Drew Brees and Tom Payne among a -- also have. Other -- fights from you from today's practice our resident -- hope you guys anybody pay you for -- 2601878. Texas -- 870. Eats at me. These young players. -- -- Finishing fifteenth -- Robinson pain Randy -- who would have the better seats all if you beat be someone else it's operatives and or opinion poll. You can vote online at if you get UAL. Dhaka and unlock the -- do you applaud these programs and it was validate the Hawkeyes play -- the date in training camp. You'd be hard pressed not to keep the tournament not to say he would he would the -- in the first all the forty's he would be five and ethnic group while universality. -- -- unanimous but certainly we'll all agree you can't go all the famous hook focus because every day -- it doesn't Expos beat the date. The spectacular slack -- The Beck showed a grand. I think you thought Al Williams is critical to our top guys play of the day football and -- world things seeking the perfect school. Got my vote yes and you know that's that's the thing about him I mean every day he does Upton that. Mean we have seen you make with -- aptly certificate yet right -- day one of the top guys and then today he catches. The greats like it. He did that to a 39 and back fielder in the in the blue bubble screen idiocy that explosive. So. The fact that he's doing stuff and every day and I think -- you know. At some point time it happened -- dropped one yeah reality again but at the fact that he had done it yet is definitely. Oh you got to save reliable hands is penalized. We don't always. Like I'll watch. You know that that's the now I can't think. Call -- the Pittsburgh. -- -- Remembering. Lance Morrow -- we've always talked about. -- okay. Lance -- the progress he's gonna catch everything so he's either drop the doubles drop that ball. As got a brand Mikell were on the flip side -- passes in every business -- And making big plays you don't most expect. I could drop the -- Well then you know that happens -- we see every worker and he got better. Not I haven't dropped balls in practice but no like you said uh oh here we have not seen the -- difficult catches. And -- makes -- -- routine and so it will be a news we're Brenda -- on the drops the past. 2601878668890. Eighths indecency came the league in 2008. He has hit no less. That a 118 tackles. That's right in his first season and thank you for the Falcons but since that point average. At least a 118 -- is the lowest total he had depressive 123 forever to the last six seasons. And a career high one for instance that the 2000. And eleven Curtis Lofton if they attacked me machine including a game -- season and a sixteenth that against the New York Jets. Thirty day deep into camp he spoke to the media he didn't seem Curtis won't. Curtis -- would you describe your relationship with David -- -- -- the middle to middle linebackers -- Plus -- cerebral thinking gone out there and -- as a reality just sliced -- he gets home. In the middle linebacker and up and middle linebacker zone. We go we go good together whether whether or fans or forgery Tressel are taxes. And it makes much somewhat easier because we're talking back and forth communicating. You know he'll he'll see some and I don't see. And just that -- real well within him that he's going to come from the competition gets you guys all the teams tackles like I'm more than you -- especially given -- -- every game was it -- most tackles. You know we always -- who wasn't bright horizon I -- gotten past few years ago. But I was familiar and I'm looking forward Ian Desmond lawyers got you don't have chairs on you in the that means he's up. No matter -- Well I got murdered man out there today and us that's great stuff and you know we we have really good defense and have good players like Obama better. Brilliant back in the full swing we got a couple breaks reps today to show though it looked great job -- did not have a more reps you first or decide. I mean obviously everybody knows the name knew he was it's. Well the more famous program Mario is tough like even the scoreboard. There's a great talent but all always he's just a great person I got the news accomplishing with the jerseys look. Know Scott -- and norm -- off to a and then -- should just -- his game what he brings -- the ball hawking safety. North turnovers turnover marshalls on court just by having them and that's plus four. Shout out here. You know he's he's a veteran safeties. He brings more -- -- conducive to those young guys -- -- and just this -- -- -- -- all -- defense isn't productive defense and that's what we've been trying to do. He's just trying to have that I continue to do throughout the how do you see the and -- junior coming to get down on the line as well just pushing each other and go from good it's great chicken and Nextel war. You look good. They see their dad enjoying your ball. -- -- Walker. Boston got eight guys and they're all Christian Brothers Cubs assistant pro helps -- -- -- so crucial for many good -- and -- -- they need nonetheless it was a decision. You know that she is she knows a push in the great. I'm excited to -- behind those guys assume they do this -- how Chad did so it's all -- well. You know -- -- results everywhere and we love we love having him out there and welcome in the locker room he deserved veteran leadership. That we need and he's played a mini games and so. -- you go Sabres -- you play this so we'll just go right here. It is true flyers sense knows your to a zone Grasso bounce -- -- him maybe make them a better player. But I think that back Curtis. Wealthy. Would you look at Curtis Lofton. And I -- joked with Timmons and and run the point. That's that he's been in the league come out of -- Oklahoma and his play with a -- to Malcolm the Saints. It's like you ovals. And there's a point not disappointed that. Almost you have to do some investigation why he didn't have. A 120 -- -- more in a season. You know a lot of these. Linebackers are top units of players. They always trying to hit it center more. You know to get to a hundred tackles. But he's like I took it almost kind of like the modern day -- London London Fletcher. You know London Fletcher you look at the Buffalo Bills the Rams. Finish it over the Redskins -- played twenty years to me and says is like unbelievable. To have that kind of production. He's no longer play this year -- you look at their consistency in being able to answer the bell. By Curtis Lofton week in and week out. And now also we talked to David Hawthorne. That they both like middle linebackers in and look at the flexibility whether -- a 3443. You know 34. You know -- a female a woman who dat nation members. Through four you have two middle linebackers for three. You have one. And in but they're both capable. Be able to do both. And when you look at David Hawthorne. Obviously -- gave the Saints use disappointed because he got hurt. And conducted tribute what are you thinking about well he's not really in the mix -- the -- and get rid of him that he turned a corner last year. In had an outstanding season. And you you know when you look at his track Greg you want the Saints rewarded him even brought brought -- -- -- He was a leading tackle for the Seahawks. At reliever positions. He led Seattle one year and outside linebacker and it it tackles and get over -- -- two more in also. As an inside linebacker. But then you look at Curtis Lofton. If he's not the leading tackler. He he's you know one or two and you look at it friendly competition that they have against one another challenge. One another. Even if price is not necessarily just in the gains but it practice. You know whether -- position or not -- can make that tackle. So we don't necessarily with that the second coming at a dome patrol. There's not -- mails it in by Johnson in the middle but they are legit. It started -- educate everyone he he -- have -- atop the that the players at every position. With Dave Barry I think that's even beyond serviceable. Because they markets is that right now. With David Hawthorne and Curtis Lofton in the middle played linebacker position is that they helped us. I have them -- defense now we will and is ranked as high. Against the run run run defense has been like. But -- 32 and ninety yet but they're very active and then also. And they were Hawthorne race that -- received a couple of times since his pass coverage ability and all of them aren't a big part. Of us being ranked the number two as the kids. Without a doubt that they give him an advantage -- -- Lofton. As far as getting vertical with a tied in in this team -- slot receiver he's called up on you know past you know 1520 yards and entering. Alright look at him he was sports though on WW. And welcome back to sports talk we -- at the Greenbrier -- West Virginia this thing so wrapping up their first five days of training camp but here. At the Greenbrier they will be off tomorrow and in a return to practice on Thursday. Friday and Saturday is the Vikings coach -- full credit for your -- bit because you know radio and Sunday in -- deal for Flacco in the next week. Will be -- -- Armas and approach it each and every day hope you guys about the event and on line as well and if you did you know that common operated jaguar thing. Which young saint idea will have the best year he apparel safety. Wide receiver -- cooks running back Larry Robinson a cornerback Stanley. It teach you in -- you go on line and if you do you know. Dot com he is always something you want it to be do you had to come in depth and wall to wall coverage. On the us in training camp. And LSU football -- just called us the final weeks the Tigers open up. Against Wisconsin August 30 Reliant Stadium in Houston at a public -- what they've done it's it's now off season you could be that person know what happened in the world of sports. But fixing the -- sports that -- seventy. Eight sit there and -- tomorrow all the program because there -- no media too and he's -- around FC south and you know when you look at. Not a question marks that out there for every team. Except the thing in his duties you could point out the ultimate sort of question I think the most stable team. You know coming back in his division without question is a New Orleans Saints. In the -- you know it's kind of like get -- that well. Going who's gonna who gonna challenges thing though losing the win that division last year without question. Yeah and you know we've we kind of discussed yesterday about. How we feel good about Tampa Bay would Lovie Smith coming in their court Carolina it was a team that. Won the division last year. They lost players on offense and then. We have some of their weapons on offense you know like two running backs are you know Steve Smith -- gone -- gathered. Been a thorn in his side but it is Bobby pointed out that front seven that they -- they feel very strong on Patriots and that's. That's what will keep him in a bunch of ball games. Atlanta be it really is argues they would the him but. As you -- active with the Saints haven't so few question marks in and really we need him when you do look at team I mean. Detailed notes somewhere where there's a glaring need in you know that's. And you can look at it. Several different teams you know it's Cleveland feel good players good coaching staff in in the case of the -- they have both. And a guy in the head coach Sean Payton did a lot of people considered in the top five of all coaches in the NFL I mean at. I've seen quite a bit in. I mean I don't. I don't know I might even rating higher than that I think he's you know he's a great game date type of coach makes the adjustment. Like that. So. It's nice to be on top in people recognize that your own opposite where the -- -- 26018788668090. Within him and hoping he would have been up a lot of teams coaches. In his division. In a couple of lot of success in their first year that John grew up in a couple of awful AFC championship game which he most culpable but its first few years it appears that these 204. He won the Super Bowl. -- sell -- she didn't stick with the playoff game thanks to the Bears NEC championship. In Mike's in his first season he comes in here and man has a while -- team. They go on the road a lot of losing to Arizona but you know they were that would be detain -- and they were doing it will also. It it's not uncommon for 41 year head coach in this division where they have stop before us the first year. In -- and it's been. You know other than the Saints when he needed 2000 -- following up with a lead to win season the policy you take it with a division but they were in the playoffs. The following year -- -- champion and -- well now. They had that the -- at all they didn't an -- You know in Asia were talking about those coaches right here how much exits first year coach -- -- Lovie Smith but of those coaches that you -- -- -- -- only one that had any head coaching experience to have before in late in the NFL. So you know Sean Payton in Mike Smith. So I mean you're -- -- I did I I think had there that's one of the reasons why and other places but yeah of course pay close it differently at him again I think that's one of the reasons why people. Do feel that Tampa could be somewhat of a surprise this year because of the track record of Lovie Smith. I do agree to coming up next we will hear from Saints. He -- that bag making it through the payments on the field this training camp this offseason he's Harrisburg. Good deputies time he's 630 staff offers news and we'll go Donnie. And welcome back to sports saw no practice tomorrow is a black and gold haul off and give it to work on Thursday. And it is all her new CD he grew practice Thursday Friday had the back in Los Angeles Saturday. And then everybody kind of gets a little breather on Sunday before the game to game week one. Any. -- market next Monday -- what is it about. The players it is pre season and I know will be -- and make. Although the landscape but a year and in the conditional paid him asking -- it meaningless follow us. In a good way all the time around I mean we aren't pretty puts -- where we've got to be we know we've -- called family game what's happened. But other didn't like that one. LA -- preceding game in the eighth. -- -- But the first footnote even noticed over the knuckles bought -- months he's got a completely different feel that you noticed that that's the least the second least amount of -- -- play is the first -- And it but he Cadillac a kiwi team's week you know we've got a game this week. Can't talk about you speaking at his residence so boy if you discount like -- -- -- -- up. So you know we you don't make you feel -- -- well I think the number one is -- it's the first football action since Super Bowl. Yeltsin everybody's been you know anticipate in the upcoming season and whatnot. And really and truly is the unit that first pre season game you started going well played series or two but. In all those guys that are. -- pushing for a spot -- -- but it could make it to that next level where they can become the starter or. Some of the guys down at the bottom in the roster trying to push just to make a roster. So I think you get a lot more excitement in it. But I think it really what it all boils down to it just affected you been without playing football. Since the Super Bowl and we know how big -- -- hoopla the draft is now so you know that's just one way to kind of suit everybody's. Want for football. So to speak because you can sit there Rob Petitti also and so those first it wears it like this year where -- Johnny man they'll -- would mean. It's it in ages so much talk about it but is not actual kidnapped him on the field doing it I think that's probably why you do see so much excitement. In the first ball game and a reason that there is the very little excitement for that fourth breezy -- it because people. And rightfully solicit round what happened in. Cry from my ticket yield to watch backups seeing guys that are not even gonna make it and -- Play that -- for the players in sales and after kinda that that final pre season game to be crucial to whether they'd make a roster not. But -- defensive end -- At that point that enough pre season football -- ready for. They really get kicked out. All right okay thank you very much -- -- going to take a quick break and come back and we will hear from Saints safety for the first time this off season -- -- this -- sports talk -- radio WW real. And welcome back to sports saw the roundtable discussion I think practice contains and our resident pro Topeka time Bobby there and also now we'll hear from Saints defensive back. He used here as Byrd addresses the -- It's hard you know anytime you see those guys in that work out there you know that's where a lot of -- I'm just thankful that I get together today you appreciate you know the little things a lot more you know we can't do. -- -- -- thinking about that and I've been able to do as good yeah I'm much. Mentally going through college ball. Okay. He had definitely you know it's a process of transition when you watch it on sideline seeing me go to the mental checks and things like that when taxi back there's CNN. You know things a little quicker that's the next phase of going through things and I'm making the right calls and adjustments in your wrist injury -- -- You lose we're done -- done. I'm Colin you that. -- what you're right -- you feel like when you. When you're a player such notoriety and you made a lot of money and there's there's extra pressure to get back on the field because of all publicity. Do so there's pressure did you don't feel based on the fact that they're paying you know such. Should drop and we can turn. Now I mean when you in years when you're out there he knows you need to do to get ready I mean there's. If you Russia self you know you don't do anybody any service -- yourself and Garret again. So there's a balance that they need to you know -- -- you know you need to walk that hum make sure you're ready to go out there you know eight -- orient yourself. Number just the pressure to make. Vs present day. Hell help side you know make things up so much. Turn over just didn't they didn't just figure out what -- I mean the players and our approach in this like. They're every semi pros and this year I'm just trying to get better and better easier now looking at. You guys are saying about you know. The money do things like dad I'm I'm fortunate to get better how can you better this year you know what's my role going to be how do we get better as a team are gonna help this team. He's not about me okay this about this team then you raise their. Turnovers I. Yeah I mean how is going to be impact players and that's that's what I strive to be and takeaways are part of that so. Would ever be an impact player accomplices then that's where I'm going to be and that's it's -- to me. Yeah fielding Gonzalez had -- -- it's. Played Syracuse as far as being able to. Some holes and only the second time in. Definitely. You know with the depth perception contract in the moment please I mean you get -- -- -- you know go on that high and that deep. He can check that Paulino. Passes that you like and it doesn't simulate you know what that's going to be like a deep ball and then knowing that something they know -- -- safeties -- -- -- We haven't been able to be honest do you have been around your teammates in the classroom and I'll let you tell us about your thoughts on what you've got to know from Kenny and Romeo on the residency. Just you know they're great group you know those guys you know. Coming down hey did you learn about a lot a lot more. And they're just a really Smart they'll both of them love what -- during the game as. Very valuable and I look forward to playing with both of them -- secondary as -- -- -- in -- and all the other guys but you know those two Rock Hill and and I continued their they're very you know special players and you know what they bring to the table here's -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean you. But there's a lot. -- coming from you know like guys looking up to me and stuff like then watching film let you know. Jimmy he knows he has a lot of tools that you know are uncapped year. And passing day you know. You go back do we know what he played in college you know he is coming down guys covering nickle slots up my dad and in the box -- they know he's coming back and he can do a lot more things you know his talent you know range is alive and I'm looking forward to seeing him. You know tapped into that you know and in which I know he really believes he's hungry to be getting more and be more clothes -- daily -- do. And your coaches that. Expressed OK I guess -- looking to put too much pressure on you to kind of be the savior to -- you -- cannot turn the turn the situation around. -- -- -- -- I -- do you feel that's kind of why you brought you kind of memories of that you can be as a person I think alone takes defensive -- -- Well he's nowhere six hits and is not about me. This about our team and look forward to being -- you know make an impact on his defense that's -- look forward to doing you know whatever is you know wherever that -- whatever category that is. That's important it is really good about the Bob Bryant now. Yeah I mean. Having the ability to do a lot of different things this was things I've been you know this series is these statues -- there's. That that's huge you know that confuses me a lot of offenses that creates a lot of opportunities for people to make plays. A lot of movement confusion so that that's a great thing he had -- Hornaday and then there -- utilize those things. Grew up an NFL I'll -- you learn any trick -- treat your dad be an all pro cornerback. Has for us. Get on the way you are you can pull hitter so we'll do whatever it. -- -- He can just get out the way you know -- -- is -- -- when I ask you know when I go to him you know give me pointers put. The most Torre -- me to grow up and learning. Let me do my thing I've figured out but you know he's always there are five questions that you. Players. Your black -- scrimmage on Saturday it's unbelievable for us and it's not that -- for every season I guess you know those courses to me those questions are. -- You know that's what they're they're gonna do I'm just prepared for whatever that whatever they actually do you know in this process and get so get -- -- here. Finally. It's been easy it's. More than enemy. There's been pressure I guess. You always want to be on the field that's good you know as I do. You and practice get better as the only get better get out there. So obviously it's been frustrating but I know something that I need to do like -- -- -- -- your an arresting and you know we have a setback and I messed things up -- so. When you really sort you know after the surgery. And start conditioning. Whenever the timeframe was. Are you headed off your back feeling -- Not sure I mean -- I did a little bit above -- a little bit. But yeah this is less in my -- you know consistently -- probably college. Sitting back there. Ours is UK okay. I'm just -- daylight as it car -- him again they're gonna seem. How available are they when you. And Bobby anything sneaky there it well he's gonna say America would use him and being. They -- you put managers bird Beckham -- part return all the -- He regained her as a per return I think that's more of emergency. Obviously the way he feels the ball in the consistency. You like that reliability. As far as you know he's gonna give you good few position whatever. I might be but he's doing that more. As far as you know technique he's been in the past. You -- you gotta go back to University of Oregon he did a few times -- with the bills. But it helps -- -- the football like on bombs. A deep passes and help develop him as a safety and I thought more seat he's probably -- should utilize or try in the and just take -- the punt returner because you have to track. People that's you make plays on the football and you take the proper angle now a couple of things first off. You know when -- look at Jerry is -- and my relationship going back -- his father. There's is going back. Almost 25 years awarded two decades. He was part. I don't know I. A big part of it helped -- in the NFL get free agency when you look at antitrust lawsuit. It was myself is that Gilbert it was a cornerback all pro cornerback with the San Diego Chargers. But -- on the -- cute quarterback with corporate form -- magic man with the Packers preview McNeal. The running back with the Jets feel. That's why brought up. It's amazing. You know what is static Thomas -- value to Jerry -- wiping -- bird. As an all pro type CB where is that wasn't all for Pro Bowl cornerback. So well dominant the it's amazing that levels. Where they're at right now in the NFL. Now offset this Emerson -- is bird came on board. When you look at what Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper there contribution. As part of the saints' secondary. Help that somewhat. The sometimes. Is that -- they were the whipping boys so to speak. As far as think Stanton who dat nation is significant gains maybe award in putrid at the highest level that helped -- win. Where we just prepare. Two errors bird print to the Malcolm Jenkins on the Malcolm. -- and Ohio State and a middle first round pick. But it's not even close. What we've accomplished. The last three seasons they'll probably make in his two or three times they'll be advertised people are listening. That is that you could see why they're so confident here Pittsburgh going forward. And what do -- tribute to make that the and it's better. If not 321. It's affordable and differences or is the last three seasons in your view few examples. For instance when you look at Malcolm Jenkins and errors burned. In coverage. Malcolm gave up basically. Twelve or two yards. Where. Where Jared -- it's right now and there are five portrait you look at touchdowns allowed recovery. It's I mean it is like 41. Malcolm given up twelve there's announcer number three you look interception -- dictate. And before we -- to turn things around they take away ratio. Hitters burgers at twelve interceptions and Malcolm's three. Miss tackles -- bring -- this all the time rob right call the perfect defense. But you gotta go to make the tackle. Look at Chris army in the jet ski. Remember one run now we had him backed up near the goal line that the New York Jets. Chris Ivory buses and out I think he -- like thirty yards or whatever and Malcolm right there to make the tackle three yards. But he wouldn't well if you look over the past three seasons. Malcolm -- it's as -- 45 tackles. That you errors -- a fifteen. That are you got that three to one ratio so you look at. You know what yards allowed in coverage there's not a -- inception. Missed tackles. That you look at Malcolm Jenkins and UFC he's a good starter. But a good starter again but not great. With the Harrisburg it's along the lines in the conversation. Got to continue to progress that way more along the lines of Earl Thomas and how dominant he's been a with the Seattle field so if you look at it. 32 teams so -- the year strong or free safety got to -- to do both. So I just look at from that scenario so as seat is 64 safeties. Policy Malcolm is probably in the middle of the pack. With Jerry is bird in the top 45 or. And I completely. Didn't make game changing play -- -- does yes. The bottom line. Now hopefully got Bennett's saint uniform by -- will we just going by his track record and what he's done the past three seasons. All right those are resident pros will be guys aren't in by being there on -- going to be welcome back squeezing Berrian but the loose and that's -- Sean Payton to break right here with things radio if you if you. And welcome to sports talk to the phone to -- to bug him loose off of Barry on Iowa very thank you for calling if you give you -- Oh yeah welcome I enjoy what for him that it's equipment and the -- -- -- bit. And to all a book and I -- well we've been able. And pat schools in -- talent and all that Djokovic is day number one but not -- course -- particularly the whole heap. He's handled the straight shooter who's beaten him in and -- -- in this role when it comes to regain its about two and keyed up. I just missed him a big game -- -- basic game will be real. You think you at the game and will be out -- And just to do so now hoping. And how to respond to him about it. What you oh really really good to respect the -- What in it is you know I know I optimistically we want them -- people winning but now they're back in. Who conclude -- competition but where do you realistically think. Bet we -- -- it -- treatment thank you. All right -- have -- we aren't that down the Saints are very good game you know it really -- where -- end up you know I don't know it is very they'll be in the playoffs I think he's if you look at the -- one of the top two -- magazine article about I would say a low ball number well we don't. Made it fourteen in his conference this sport so on that we give you.