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7-29 7:10pm Sports Talk: Drew Brees and Sean Payton

Jul 29, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team listens to Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and Head Coach Sean Payton as they keep us updated at Saints Training Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our right to finalize how we got a lot of stuff negate to hear for our resident -- OK guys -- -- -- a -- recap on practice coming up. A little later in the Al operated jaguar opinion poll is online -- did you know dot com we are asking you. Of these young players -- do you think we'll have the biggest year this year it would it be wide receiver Brandon cooks to running back Larry Robinson would it be if it's about standings -- big east. All we know he'd be. -- -- -- -- -- his helmet he's locating the Cairo all you can vote of affairs -- vote on line if you give Julio Dhaka as he goes after All Saints practices he's Saints coach Sean Payton addressing the media. Just with the two transactions. Come both cherished birdie in save on Brooks yeah. Came on the roster today both passing their physicals it will just be Smart about the reps like we would any player that's coming back in. Many questions. Just it. Has been. Yeah you know yeah obviously the sooner the better when he's. Recovering. I'm glad we did procedure when we did rather than you try to do. You get through season in a maintenance mode. I know he feels better. -- yet so gonna be Smart here. We've got to a lot of time and help a lot of things that. That we've got to do in a lot of things that he's got to be able to catch -- -- but he's he's quick study we always been attentive and all the meetings. And it's -- -- a matter. John Sullivan at Bloomberg was feeling good. But as you almost like an emergency that return coming Lance Moore. Really played that role do you play that role Buffalo. So I don't wanna just put him in that role he. The first day you can see the Jets have pretty natural. And so those ball skills that we see at free safety you Tennessee's punt returner but that potentially could be something that. He doesn't -- in yet maybe it's more significant than that but. I thought he'd be fielded it. Feel fielded the the punch really woke the next Sunday Kosier -- being vocal at the cerebral aspect it's fair to strengthen this did its strength and I think the one. I don't know that that played a part in -- and his decision to to have the procedure done but mentally he felt. Up to speed with everything we're doing things so. -- now it's just physically transition back in into. Football players should. You look what he's -- It's. Been -- next. He's a great now. Well. There's a there's a handful of things that come into play number one we think he's a real good safety then we've got time on tests development him. He's he's also someone that can play in our three safety package he's also someone that is outstanding in the kicking game console. There really was about his overall ability as a football player and his skill set as a football player. He often times when it's at -- another team in the division. You really you have to eliminate that from swing you. With regards to whether you decide you're gonna matched your offer and not in due to his credit. He's really improved. And he's really got a good football instincts and he someone that will be very important to us in the role he plays both as a safety and also as a special teams player. Don't you haven't looked at the kill me at maybe I'm exaggerating but it seems like it's been the Florida. Better practices. And -- -- as well received even speaking please and not only this year but just want to pricey because you. That's one of the things that I -- about today's practice just on the field watching that is this there were moments for each side of the ball you know and so when momentum. Started in one direction -- the other saw the ball was able to come up with a stop for a play bumble the tape I'm sure that. Like it always does when you feel like he was really good they'll be things you you know you have to correct but I was pleased the tempo I was pleased with the you know how guys are moving around. So you look at the bubble screen type player like concert in the NFL -- numbered teams in college football. And looking at them Colts haven't had opportunities that will go home and all we considerably at how positive it hit him. Well there's there's two elements though the bubble itself is that little throw behind the line of scrimmage. Where he's running wide the middle screen is where typically. He's in the slaughter outlaw I didn't he's given him behind the linemen so today we ran -- a middle screen -- know wide receiver middle screen you know he was able to. Find his landmark. But no it that it's a way to control pressure and pass rush. And I don't blame -- I heard football speed tracks these guys like that -- -- and I have every. Seeing him in person has seen guys pass the audience that yeah if you do wrong field you can land yes. Absolutely so it's our job did. Get him in space and let him do that immediately plugged middle linebacker in the NFL to have -- and gave your personal liberal players. How much it's. Well first periods then there's a lot that goes on anytime you're you're playing multiple defenses. Anytime formations change strength. Reserve there's a lot that goes on him and so those guys have to be. Today's Smart enough to get the adjustments with the calls but but also communicated to him. Probably more challenging and home because of the -- but as a young quarterbacks -- don't Warren Griffin the third week. Pretty well I think. Brian certainly further along with what we're doing -- you haven't been here here and -- horse this is. For someone who's doing -- -- reserve as a rookie free agent this has done a good job with the limited reps he's been Titans. Well it's changed a lot really if you go back fifteen years there was a time where you know even hydrating. Was. It was viewed differently you know and so the more we studied soft. Soft tissue injuries the more more we look at. Ways to prevent them you know and then that's that's one of the things that. I think every year we're looking at how to we have you know how to we eliminate the hamstrings -- -- we eliminate a few of those injuries that may -- slow player up for a week or two. So nutrition goes into that rest. -- number of things in -- and I would say this we're still learning to you know we're still. Really paid attention now we can improve better units out. It's. You look. How I was not but see Bobby's older than I have had. I'm. But it I was in that generation where you take a water break your that was a sign of weakness if you bend over and you drank water. I think you know obviously that silly -- did just that note it's time of a group. Why don't the players like cam Jordan Q -- you that you drafted they've seen what it's. Quite a bit. Definitely. -- it a positive way. With jam and he's someone who can get on an edge because he's very good did apply pressure. And he's very athletic inside game is for him it's it's the improvement of techniques pad level. Just what his. Experience of playing he's got such size that. When did when he uses his technique he gets as bad global down he can be really really difficult to block. Don't take us through that. The played good yeah back shoulder throw and it was love Brees to coax. It's like a Champ Bailey had great coverage -- seen it jrue looks over Jimmy Graham Colston -- he would -- -- -- don't obviously defensively it was a because -- back we still Champ Bailey you can have been coverage. We just feel a little bit. Well. It's. We're not the first. You don't when you start getting some of the bump and run coverage we get. -- it's hit or miss with a deep deep and go route and then you're pretty soon you begin to located a little bit behind him. The team that does a great job of defending that in press coverage -- Seattle you know they're they're really good with the rise around. They've -- couple different techniques that euphoria. And then kind of bait you -- that throw but. I told drew Brandon made a real good plays. You know handling the bump and friendship what you say it was a position. It's tough to say on top -- tough when -- press and then be able to handle you know that's not to throw which. -- if you went way back it was like that under thrown go route -- wherever it everything stopped and came back to the ball and puts that defender. Tough position often times it you know potential penalties called. It's no -- Shocking news. He -- watching tape of him right. God someone else -- yeah I didn't -- so many times we sit in those meetings thin it is the area scout. That has -- background. In. This goes back to even dressed in Jimmy Graham. You know and so someone's got. -- -- pro player in the game and believe strongly in a player. Whether it's a draft pick they wore a highly sought after free agent because. When the draft since we're not calling every free agent there's an order. And and so. You know the guys that are in those areas your round. You know they'll have a player too that they really. Wanna stand on the table for and -- you can look we've done a good job was later rounds free agent players we've been able to. Develop those guys and then they found their way on the roster so. No differ with him. An area scout starts with. You know of recommendation and then in that it's -- really created the vision it was Julius Jones just. There was to it or not I don't wanna I don't wanna give -- wrong areas Scott argued it's -- you can complete story but. He would always go areas go out and that it would be that cross checks out so there'd be at least two reports probably in his case for. He quit his body work and builds. I know he's a tall guy but mentioned. Well -- Heatley had a knee injury and he had an injury. That. Limited his production as last year compared to his junior right. And so you know he's a player that might it might have been drafted. You know that had he not had the injury that set him back a little bit his final year. But. I like the size. You know we would we got a couple those young receivers that are long and they give you good throwing radius. -- Internet receivers that are experts struggled. He's like he has a real nice field speaks -- route running are you don't get comfortable with him. What's different places he talked about and we'll just. Well still. Making sure that that your. Or commit one specific position that you. If you got a real really don't look at the formations and we've lined him up an extra few times she's come inside based on the way to formations and called. But he's handled the the install especially for not having been here from some of the spring work he was in San Diego withdrew in the summer. But it's still look a transition. I've picked up and on the map lets him earlier he's even a few years ago just how Mario. And I'm actually. Right back. You didn't go ahead of me three years -- if you got surgery it hurt something that could pit lane right. Now I. I think it I think what he can procedure he had done. Was not necessarily. A different decision or process than it would have been five years ago now. I think good. The maintenance element that that's required without it did is this something that all of a sudden you're just kind of playing with the this pain in him and it's important look the most important piece of the in the equation is. The communication from the player how it's feeling how it's affecting him and then and then find them that you know the doctor he feels comfortable with -- that that. Has conviction. As to how it can be repaired in and so we felt really good about. The diagnosis can and then the decision. With regards to the procedure. I don't know that much that would have changed five years ago or further back part thanks -- And -- hooch wrong about the interest in the well you know it's amazing. You look at. I think -- it's an illness that tonight. That's -- in the market area and it's actually almost on the clock. Now put it. They all know and -- listen. You know what this -- -- don't want it more -- -- in my camp in every week every week if -- had to bounce that went well especially good on Monday night or Sunday night game he really can't reach you know you can do -- -- followers as I. Nobody got caught now you know it when I came here did you show now we do it five tonight vs 480. And in this light drizzle and I'm telling -- since the last night and has turned it all vote you off balance and I hope -- night. If there as I don't know him third. It is it what it's like with some reason -- like oh. Well maybe that's -- clotting. Maybe. I don't know I. But but you know it when I look at it always welcome this time because. Listen it was on a beautiful course I mean think about this it is like eight point 48 point five. You could play golf right now and it's beautiful setting -- and see the ball it just that -- it is not Darko correct and that we on obviously local time. Five to nine that you know at the college back at the Sean Payton. And you know Drew Brees and -- will establish here. And while we're conceded. Amongst the best in National Football League is that Guzman like a -- of being -- homer. I think they get that kind of recognition recognition from a national perspective. And really. If you look at the really Q when you think how long that lasts. He looks as 2006. Mean if you hit anything past five years and NFL that's a long time you look at Sean Payton and Drew Brees have worked together since 2006. Now. Yet the exception of the tennis suspension year. In 2012. To show how good crew is that the formula the foundation was -- -- -- That that's that makes things those special. And while I'll always think we have a fighting chance. Right now we Drew Brees and Sean Payton and the bottom line is and I still look at this. And I think is that more and as being the fourth ranked defense. We were the fourth ranked scoring defense. We hold anybody under twenty points but we've flat out winning majority time. You want it to went twelfth thirteenth game hold the opponent the body heat here in nineteen point there were winning if you look. Scoring all they -- looked this up. It doesn't get any better. Than the Patriots. The Packers and the Saints would guess what. That's Tom Brady group reached an error Rochus that's not by accident and grievance said that we get to thirty points. We get a win a lot of games yes. So we look at magical season 2011 were like 3435. Point. All the come ahead but we've been anywhere. Like high twenties to low thirties we do that then no we're always in the hunt. And he got to give a lot of credit. -- Sean Payton Drew Brees and you bring in Rob Ryan that's scoring defense along with Gregg Williams and they got to give them credit. Hold opponents. That in nineteen and a half or -- and eighteenth hole over the eighteenth and we're winning whenever -- Noticeable all right we're here Drew Brees -- on that you -- you're. I -- water Walcott was continues evil went out on the air for you who gets out there. -- Saints. Radio and keep up with things you could do that you -- you know dot com to check out the latest. Operatives and or opinion poll asking you what's of these young players we think we'll have the fifth season say he keep -- Cairo. Wide receiver Randy -- and -- are we Robinson. Stanley jumping tees all of that case you vote online. At WWL dot com you know clicking here. All won them when you you what holes they right now pizza do you think training cooks point 4% say. He can be the narrow sixteenth since they -- Robinson and 5% since damaging their teeth in 5% say other. Thank you so much would -- be the final. -- -- of all online opinion -- On the before -- was true too except when Saints quarterback Drew Brees talked to the media today. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- I mean we had a big play the minutes the other -- left side and we're gonna get it's all but man you know watching his explosive ability. It's kind of navigate those blocks -- hit a seemingly he has the same he's gone. So I think registers it takes and know we haven't been here the whole team. Tracks we haven't seen on film and seen -- done on the field and I -- Yeah I mean there's some guys that you say hey they're ministry like fast but not -- where you are that long strides compared you know. Other guys say shorter -- but not real long speak. I've got at all very short area quickness and -- great transition ability for them and then -- almost certainly. Street Louis we get ready to -- Back shoulder throw it takes time obviously we'll -- you didn't really cool thing. And to have that kind of time really Channing really had great coverage. -- this early on that yet to be really excited about that that. Very excited I think our mindset is no matter how tight coverage as always please go home. I think god knew we had a couple of those. Because other guys like me to throughout camp has. I think what's great -- -- young players back there -- sit there watch the guys have been here for a little bit and the subtle adjustments that are good. Horrible. Yeah okay. Obviously he made great play like that this early -- that's it does look like. It's all about what we do and after five years that's great -- -- didn't know really noticeably different for. There's no it's the most tradition its season and his dad you -- Yeah I've probably so most transition. Defensively I mean he's -- what -- the -- we we that are here defensively Will Smith scored a career Roman Harper -- Jonathan Vilma. You guys are part of this team for real time. Certainly a big influence a lot of records great but. That's just over the ball when he's not a guy you know I think what's been most exciting. This is what's -- You know and introduce you gotta get after you get more. And I just sit back watch Wimbledon second on the -- and -- the reaction here and get a lot of ball would grab during practice after practice. See the development. Matt is excited and publicity it's -- our reserves have been you have an overall number you in India and mushy mushy so we were to throw it forward to -- -- -- there's a better record clocking at the clock in your head coach. You know hey this you know this is a three step drop -- a five step drop what you're cheered serious there he's our third pitcher -- I was going to be just on top of it. -- a lot of appreciates -- he just get your hands or take off so. There's a timing elements everything you do put it all come from all sources your feelings. You know when you've been. It is yeah he is -- -- -- everybody screenwriters there is never. Such a great job of tightening. -- setting up his blocks that make decision seems at the sidewalk. Dozens and I was out about it. See young guys started kind of sick of us also Trace certain you know it's rolled to a great got a but. Yeah he's got this give you everything I mean. That's all purpose back and away in my opinion Tyler. But. -- pass and screen game pass protection unit and you know. They're concerted effort to get the ball Mark Ingram -- in the passing game. I mean I think all our backs -- legally do so much more space. 00 record six more concerted effort on that day. There's definitely more concerted effort in regards to just discipline whereas the underneath route structure you know when it comes to running -- -- -- where we need your. That's right depths right timing all those things. First and foremost their response was protection I think -- -- -- does -- double guys certainly getting better at a. Yeah he can get -- got a basket. Who do you think this. You guys think. In addition. Guys. My job public breath. You're on the -- Well I know is if you averaged thirty plus scenario a lot of football games. But there's -- -- that I mean it's your jobs in your overall. You don't want it's what he does a lot of bad situations face the body. You know over aggressiveness and your emotional player and great terrible great. Your aggressiveness. Cubs red bow around. But. I think there's a lot of just little things big he's -- and scoreboards like that maybe a bigger -- got a leader in the red zone. You know plus -- the red -- you don't really think you're you're kicking four field goals but your didn't you know four touchdowns well. That's another story because she jurors will back up your game get limited. Yeah awesome awesome it's Ellis just it's different. It's a different -- you don't look at Kasey -- and I just know. Literature for -- put that ball Ellis and hear what he's got their -- here. Gary's got a great jump on the ball and they just those who knows we have got to where you look -- -- And so just that's -- about -- much. I have to I don't know I don't know how like we mix it up though you know we. I think what are we had hells bells start this the practice that was a little different. Well I don't really don't notice it honestly it's it's an element zero. That just change things up you know Elvis there's noise and you can't communicate as well. There's got to be sharper. Maybe now it affects the snap count. -- both offensively did you sleep -- ski vacations so. I think that's that's been one of the points of emphasis this offseason as good as you prepare yourself to go to hostile environments you know. May give you don't get practice it's usually comes up with the ideas for your quarterback competitions. That's a group effort. But like we've we try to incorporate maybe some collaborative practice. That day so for example we just had a quarterback -- just got a little -- on the road. We -- -- -- day so -- is somebody got to work on good. We can have followed it to sort of make your make up its status of some backs ever throw out of it and there's going to be your winner. Three losers I hear yeah we're working through some coverage and well we got a couple competitions going. We had the -- For a -- like a quarterback challenge element that horrible -- things. Just you know stuff on the field and we've got to keep jobs Jimmie Johnson just before it after practice cutting -- McCallum. As. More victories. -- young Buffalo, New -- form has more victories. Right wrist and I both have three. Moment there's a coach who has won. There's a million plus and say we can't get this -- our -- -- -- it's back and -- but. -- ourselves up two weeks. Troubles on the you know you. Bruins when you think about you guys weren't the same team usually our home -- virtually. Yeah well. But that's life that's why we Beckham music concerts I've -- breakfast it just got to do things unexpectedly -- -- just changed the five changed the momentum our. You just kind of throw his control. Another variable enjoyed that makes things more difficult -- -- music. The noise pads that element of okay no longer every -- kitchen verbally. Now we just hear those signals your -- and yet we don't wanna lose to temple we don't want to lose the rhythm that we've created throughout the rest practice or. You don't -- dress -- games as we try to simulate. Are you right if you practice it but when you're hopeful -- that -- -- there. It's. A good quarterback. Definitely feel like -- will be no relief at all and are basically decisions will be at the beginning it's. Is slightly different you know so I think your -- you got to know. And you know allowed us to stay at. -- -- But -- I had just just as much confidence taken them from either good you're good news. Seems like yeah yeah I think he's -- but obviously a lot of help -- right out there are any self clear I think. Hill. I think del -- was thirty years offensively that can't see a lot of things go a lot of things so a lot of things. So he's able went back. -- subtle adjustment. Those guys so I think that's OK that's been a big thing. Any softer so we got we got free. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A week there's always been. You just never know what to expect good. All those guys played girls -- players present players. -- -- -- Quite well together and he'll -- -- so. There's Jerry is available -- -- can get out there you'll all go back have a. -- they don't allow you what is your way. Good morning good morning there was there was Bible at all yeah. -- obviously helps so much about. We get random drug test it out here but we always -- out there is always after a really good game did you enjoy. Yeah -- about it knowing how much attention are you saying that. Did you say -- -- a major -- the word you say that very seriously and I was completely Joseph nobody would know the when -- -- hello hello. I -- -- I'm not delusional have not. I noted that's. Job they've done that. Just short right of the U. It's. Going to be -- new -- and -- -- for a couple kickers. They're Carney John -- Of course when Anderson played but we're about business that's terrific sport more. I mean it can be done about things uniform place but you know it is I think is just this I think pressure career. History has certain milestone. Famously nucleus of several very -- they -- -- It's I don't believe -- just like -- go back position. So at that point your goal isn't -- it's Soros -- Sort of maybe. You've got to get back you're like OK what's the next step closer okay. Feel really good player will play. It helps guys like okay. It's really all 1235. In my head. I'm always Warriors side. It's what you don't really. Got to nobody's area it's. Time. Most things. -- -- -- -- -- things about OK. Okay are going to be easy but. I'm by veteran players like okay. And have fun like it did when I. Also -- -- my brother. Buddies from school or whatever it's still have that kind of -- mentality when it comes to a as a pitcher George hello George every day it's serious business. They don't give your at a job where wild. You know she's still -- You still have played a high level we've got to find a way to secure your body and make good decisions -- cars that. I believe I -- that maybe you had more work to go that we are taking your body howling it's the way -- -- change the there's a young guys did your -- well. It's Bob Murray advice -- this series. Feel like you can go out there and play the same level anything yet. The next she's playing like Tony fighters over the next day you feel like about ten years old and really on my. Just the recovery aspect of it there then I think probably change is the most dramatic thing for guys. Your ability to recover and in the end position. The next Sunday it's who put forth that same type it's just been. So. Man has my training changed from what effortlessly absolute. I focus solely on the things that war. Hope it translate to what I do on the field call this cross specific training. So what I do about whether or something or you're on the field in preparation for the game it's not directly related to what we don't feel twisted my. -- -- I have to do -- take -- my body after game. Jason here a little bit more there's more time I devote to those things that's probably going to increase it -- -- my diet. Sleep habits all those things. But listen. You hear about it more. Because it was then your -- your way. I agree photographer yeah of course you -- you can almost tore -- lost in the first all day you feel going yeah. There's been no good just good film -- DiFelice. Few things -- you don't have enjoy what we have here ball. Probably must also your first -- before there's a. And that is Saints quarterback. Drew Brees addressed in the media will take a final time around come back and get poking about his final thoughts. All -- today's -- practice day. For the black and -- this is sports talk on Saints radio WW lift and welcome back to sports talk a couple minutes later -- book thanks so much everybody back at the studio. Got him hand over by new department or promise of getting all the sports the each -- The quality of equipment at that time span calm. I. Came -- all -- -- -- you know. Sometimes a little penalty I don't think people and I think it's more than worthy in there close that we could -- -- do we -- here in -- green it was all all -- world. Back home base in -- years they've gone is the Beckett that. Hall of justice so beat it do the book the majority of the work that the most -- As well hopefully a final thoughts on this few days of practice as we in the break the. Not well everything's been going good French vote against some players back on the field on a little. A big bonus that like Pittsburgh -- Don -- do we have got to see so. And Bobby you know this I know anybody that played game after that third day in pads that's it. That third day is the worst day came from your own out ages it seemed to get a little bit better you are just not yet. And I think that's why he negotiated this in the collective boring agreement as far as NFL BP A the players' union. Because you that -- they've been the lack kick ass than your muscles start does that Nancy can see why. I could see they have no boarded three B streak full go -- they get a break. And ego you know we get a break down. You know with the -- it to be that of -- because who's winning. In the trenches but tomorrow when we get out. We gonna have a lot of NFL news also was going on in the NFC south was gone on in the NFL. And what make you used in before we leave only give props out that. Ex cowboy a running back who passed it with 64 years of age organized when you go way back Robert Newhouse a running back for the Cowboys. The twelve years last week he passed away he once threesome with a three syllables with Dallas. Not at the age of sixty fours so. You know condolences go out there -- -- -- Houston cougar and obviously with adult I'll hold guys on the Bellamy has always talk about it but the ball in the league elation well goodnight people.