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Jul 29, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know it really doesn't feel like July OK it was hot today but less human walking around downtown -- disagrees. This is there are really pleasant summer it's been hot and brutal but we've had a couple of breaks here like this -- right now with this. A cold front that has come through here and it's going to be a very pleasant nights of get out and take a walk if you don't have a dog pretend you have warning go walk around. If you have a sun roof you might want to open that up tonight convertible it should be illegal for you to drive around in the convertible tonight. If you had a tough -- out. And the issue actually get a ticket for that. So probably just down and enjoy yours -- -- won't last forever and then you know we keep hearing about this chance of rain coming this weekend but it's not going to be a washing out. You might have to find some other things to do other than just outdoor activity but that shouldn't -- because it is the weekend. Here's a WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol and cigarettes went shopping with their teenagers. There was an incident at a Wal-Mart in Iowa and will be talking about that in the top -- It is now time for tonight's top -- to date the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. You know as James -- -- -- It didn't get on -- the movie about the life and James Brown opens in theaters fighting. -- -- the movie was produced by Mick Jagger. Who says that he -- -- James -- moves on state and if you think about doing that Jagger -- and -- on stage like -- are some similarities with. James Brown. And nobody did -- James Brown. On The Rolling Stones were among the many British groups in the early sixties that -- -- that they were influenced by American -- indeed. If fact The Beatles admit that. That they actually took music from America. And we did it and reintroduced to the white America. I saw previous to this sort of was at the purge Saturday night I'm looking forward to searching for a movie get on off it opens on Friday. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The sequel to the scifi movie short NATO. Debuts tomorrow night 8 o'clock in the scifi channel. Listen to this creative sequel titles short NATO to the second one. That's the title of the move. It brings back the stars from the first thriller slash comedy. This time a storm brings killer sharks falling from the sky. In New York City. A review what the web site to a foxnews.com describes the movie as he would be bland of jaws. And Baywatch. And you know I would happen I have a conversation with -- Manassas and earlier today and and and Todd understands a lot about the scifi genre. And he was telling me that -- when the scifi channel would do movies when he would produce their own movies. The the effects were still bet that that people made fun of it suddenly decided to just start making fun of themselves. And the movie shark NATO apparently was truly funny I NC I saw some clips from it. A be on the air tonight affect the movies and by tomorrow night the movie will be playing at that -- that -- on the years on mr. -- catches and -- -- brunt. What happens is the on the original characters. -- go to New York. And veteran comedian Robert Klein placed the mayor of New York in one of the many. Celebrity cameos in short NATO to. And the mayor stands up and calls the city of New York to arms saying when when something bites us we bite back. And it's all. Really funny in the way that they do it very seriously also on today's show personalities Matt Lauer and Al -- On do some very serious coverage of this disaster. Sharks falling from the sky and looking at a picture right now other shark trying to get a hold of a guy. In a subway in New York. Now again it doesn't get more ridiculous than that and I'm looking forward to that that debuts tomorrow night shark NATO to. The second point number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Hobby lobby allegedly fired an employee because she was pregnant -- Allen claims that she was fired by the company. For taking off to have her baby now critics say that it's ironic that hobby lobby won the right in court to opt out of some birth control coverage in Obama care. But then they would fire an employee for having. Her baby and it's happened a few years ago and this is a company that proclaims to be a Christian it's an arts and crafts chain or around the country. And they did not want to provide aid to a certain aspects of a birth control to females because they wanted to protect life and so there are critics who argue that. Hobby lobby is being hypocritical by a firing this woman and you quite often we you know we see that we hear about it we hear about people who. Who do get pregnant and they're in school. And their teachers. And there's judgment that they're having a baby sometimes out of wedlock. But the alternative would be to have an abortion and the schools don't -- To support that so you'd think that they would support the of the teachers having debate that's a topic that occasionally comes up on our show. If you gonna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Serwer seventy and a -- -- 77. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Mark refused to sell alcohol to a 57 year old father who was shopping for groceries. -- with his since his fifteen year old daughter. Jim Davis was at Wal-Mart in Ames Iowa they refuse to sell him to six packs of beer and a bottle of vodka. Because he was with this fifteen year old teenage daughter. And you can't help but think that. Is this part of the growing trend of business is passing moral judgment on their customers. Now the Wal-Mart does have the the of the rights and they do have a policy of I'm asking for somebody's ID even if they're not purchasing the item. But I would think that this would be more along the lines of if somebody's 21. And there's people in their party that's. 161718. They're they're underage that might be an appropriate time to check Fridays so. The the policy wise we do request the IDs of people who are underage or part of a party even if they're not. -- even if they're not going to on beat it once actually purchasing. But Wal-Mart late yesterday said this was a mistake and the employee was wrong to not sell the alcohol to the 57 year old man. They say what happened is not consistent with our intent of our policy the last thing that we want to do is create an atmosphere where people feel. That they can't be in store purchasing things. With their children. I grew up at a time when my mom used to sit me -- me to the distort the convenience store the corner. To -- beer cigarettes. Should say here's the money go go get peace and I'm sure Betty if you remember those -- when you know your parents would make you do it so you see. You young people today see you've got to -- because if -- parents continue to distort two volume boost. Paris instincts and distorted by the booze and cigarettes they have to go themselves. They can't just. Pass it off when you never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. According to a new port Louisiana ranks number five in the nation. As the dog friendly states. Do you have a dog. I knew Angela was talking about disorder Hersh earlier. What are better dogs or cats some people love dogs. Some people love cats so let's let that debate Rajon tonight on this future. In Louisiana they are are one point one million dollars compared to only on so we're just under 900000. Cats. And nationwide it's a little different. -- cats are very popular in the south but I'm sorry dogs are very popular in the south the cats are very popular in the northeast. And for some of the cities and I lived -- like Seattle and Portland and -- and in Denver dogs are very. Very popular effect it's. It's really almost impossible to go out and see any place that has -- sidewalk on the stroke cafe area. Where they don't have water and and quite often dog biscuits. Out for for dog so those are truly dog friendly city -- do see that once in -- here but it's very very prevalent. In those cities so this'll bring up this debate why -- dogs better. If you prefer dogs why do you think a dog is better than a -- And if you prefer cats. What do you think accounts that are if you -- -- Russia with your comment tonight are numbers 2601870. To all free 866889. Nearly seven and a text number is 87870. Number three in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Our authorities say that they have arrested Antonio morsel in connection with the carjacking on probable -- at 940 Saturday night in Metairie. This is really scary. And -- -- has been issued for another suspect and then two other suspects I don't believe had been identified -- before came -- they had not European. Identified. This happened in a section abominable that so many of us are very familiar to. This is that the 600 block abominable. And bottom boulevard close to the I -- I'm I'm in that area very off by you know who we have on hold on to get to her just a moment Monica. Okay to bring everybody up to date. Monica called the show she was listening to this show is she was coming into new worlds the other day issues in Mississippi she's coming to loss for the first time she's from Connecticut. And that she called us again she got here we had a lot of suggestions for her as -- talked to Monica here just a moment and ask for. How was your first trip to New Orleans and it was fun talking to somebody about some of the great things that. That you can do. But what I hear all this talk about. There's climb in the French Quarter. There really is -- everywhere. And when you think about the number of people in the French Quarter -- -- per capita -- decliners is not that prevalent. And yet people do have this image shift I'm not going to the quarter because of -- Well I wonder if those same people and I realized this is an isolated insolent but there are incidents like this that happened. I wonder if people are now concerned about -- unbelievable -- Mean you shouldn't be but it goes to show you that these kind of things happen. When I hear about the scenario that you went down with this this carjacking these people jumped out of their their car and they'd they'd stop this woman like they needed help. And she pulled over the gunman made her and her daughter light on the ground and in the took off in -- car apparently forward to export they were in. One is so overheating so they needed they needed a car and they said they needed to get out of the area because they were very concerned. About being in Jefferson Parish with guns. Don't you find that it testing. The suspects that they were nervous about being in Jefferson Parish. With guns so they needed to to carjacked the car to get out of here kind of reminds me the scene from the purge anarchy which -- so over the weekend. What I find interesting about this is so what the suspects are not nervous about being in New Orleans. Is is that. Is it more dangerous to be caught with a garden Jefferson Parish than in New Orleans. And if that's the case in order for the doing Jefferson Parish maybe they should do -- New Orleans. Because nobody should be comfortable in New Orleans or Jefferson Parish or anywhere. With an illegal -- Number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Flyers promoting a straight white guy festival have but I started showing up in Columbus, Ohio it's sort of somewhat of a controversy. Authorities have tried not yet determined whether this festival is really gonna happen on September 20 or it's just a prank. But he did -- get me to thinking about well what if there was if there was a street pride festival. Because quite often we talk about gay pride on the show their people who call to say well why isn't there a straight pride festival. -- cable let's explore that possibility. The -- blog tonight is titled. A straight pride festival. In Ohio. Read -- share with others it's on our website at WW -- account should be also part of the conversation. On our FaceBook page. And to be -- -- radio city can become part of the conversation I just couldn't help think about some of the things that would be part of a straight pride festival. So if there is going to be a straight pride festival that's what's that about some of the things that that might be part of that festival. Mean it's a relief. I need for one. And would you support it we don't know whether this straight white guys festival I've -- expanded to a straight pride festival but there's stray white -- festival. In Ohio again nobody knows if it's from the gonna happen on September 20 -- -- we'll be following that story this is one of the things we'll talk about on the show tonight and finally tonight's. Number one. On tonight's list of the top eight and eight. Yeah I looked for and -- players -- I don't I don't smoke but I think it's a funny so. The New York Times editorial board supports. Ending the prohibition on marijuana. So tonight we'll discuss. The benefits. And the problems with legalizing marijuana. Actually in 1906. In the United States beat the pure food and drug act. Required labeling on any products had candidates -- even know that they were products sold that has kept us. Now if you listen their show you know I don't smoke it if it was legal -- -- -- Just because you support. Something being legal. Does it mean you're necessarily support the activity feed viewers join our show with a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy -- our checks and receipts -- -- This is this future we're coming right back with your comments and we'll talk to Monica and find out what her first visit to -- -- what's life. Will be back -- -- throughout. Yeah I love the featured his music on this show and this is so this is the new release from the band called the 1975. They're original song was released would you like a lot of which just -- chocolate. This old girls but 97. I was talking to Rick Springfield who -- -- you know that's going to disband reminds me yes. Extra people live which is so called a perfectly back in the eighties which is further proof that a lot of the music a lot of the new stuff coming out today. Sounds very much like the 1980s. All right Monica was a listener that we year we now welcome to our show last week issue is striving to New Orleans she was in Mississippi listen to the show where she was heading into new worlds for the first time ever. And demonic is calling into it to let us know what her first trip to New Orleans was like Monica welcome to the -- -- Thank you can't get back you know we -- -- -- and we -- you know. I'm actually and it suburb outside of Atlanta. -- here accurate and I. So it had to tell us about your for we have a lot of suggestions for you I tell us about your very first trip to New Orleans. It was pretty hot IA land is my -- and it means you buy it Chicago like mother's. I. The charter of late is that it Alex's heavier been there for -- experience yes. It's so amazing I want their flight actually that there. I went hand -- no -- It's a huge crowd and got a snowball. You don't build up to date there called snow cones everywhere else in that they just they're really not like the syllables that we have here. Yeah it violated. Aren't asked in line and I laughed what did he buy it was worth it quickly swiftly again. -- Actor and I'm. And had melted marshmallow on top. Well it was amazing. And a mean it in nectar is a real popular sleep again here. Yet -- when it went up and at that earlier. Leaders and what would it. Where it would taste good with not to rationalize. That's kind of how I determine just -- great. It took a lot of pictures to show all of -- to your friends -- In Connecticut. I did I did I actually stayed an extra day or -- the lead on Sunday or Monday the troika. Walk around and -- pictured on Sunday and I did the coaster differently today. -- -- -- -- So so overall moniker you know -- new New Orleans has a real strong -- You've seen a lot of New Orleans you've heard a lot about your world is before you even get here it's in movies it's in TV shows it's talked about quite often. We have big events years you've seen a lot of Super Bowls and things like that from New Orleans. Did the -- live up to expectations. That everybody talks that New Orleans all the time you know -- -- -- -- urban street I had. One night and urban street I was writing say that was signed and just getting the tourists and eating partly meeting it and seeing all the different characters. Thing interesting characters. But getting yelled at by people who hired. Al what you got -- Yeah. And it was like being in New York we. -- And it lipped out here. Arie being I've aren't art. Great you know what you're doing that need to you know what. I was talking to somebody. Who is also at the park and she didn't want anybody talking in that serving her -- Where you are what you wait wait you're in a public place. You yeah you're talking to somebody and somebody else's there. I tried to get peace and quiet and they complain about you talking. Yeah. Well that's only that's not really indicative of New Orleans and they they shouldn't. It's huge it's one of those -- -- you know that you need you know sometimes. -- I -- and grade and that I was already leaning against the wanna come back there's so much more I wanna do it. He and everything. He's. It's history it's good for us to hear back from you because -- we kind of took an interest in you coming your for the first time and it was fun and a spontaneous part of the showed. Gonna tell you about some some things to do so I'm glad you check back with this I'm glad you had a great time you call us anytime and to please let us know when you come back. Thank you so much -- earlier this year tell me hide Monica have a good trip back to to Connecticut. And hit me -- and YouTube here's a quick update on a. Debbie give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol and cigarettes went shopping with their teenagers. 27%. Say yes it's wrong but 73% saying no it's not. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot couple of beach on that coming up in just few minutes. And also the -- blog tonight which is on our website at WW -- icon is is titled a straight pride festival. In Ohio. -- -- share with others who will be talking about what might be part of a straight pride festival. If there really was one if you wanna join us with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven. And a text of -- 787 we also talked about shark NATO to very very creative title for the sequel short NATO to the second one. It's gonna be on scifi channel tomorrow night at 8 o'clock here's a -- read so excited about shark NATO to. Been watching shark movies on scifi this week it's tomorrow night short NATO to the second one. It's all so -- got a lot it. And -- are talking about dogs and cats a new report shows that Louisiana ranks number five in the nation. As the most in a dog friendly state with I guess with the most with -- most dogs I guess this is figured out to per capita. And there are about one point one million dogs in Louisiana. And just under 900000. Cats cats are more popular in the northeast dogs are more popular in the south. Why are dogs better than cats. Do you have a dog. Why would you rather have a dog and -- And if you have a cat. Why do you prefer cat to a dog you know dog lovers to understand why anybody would want -- kept. But I mean I love cats. And dogs to. But what is so -- so what's what's great about owning a cat what are some of the benefits of owning a cat. If you gonna join us tonight I will let this debate rage on the shooter night our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recipient -- over -- 7870. Is a Texan -- have got two dogs. With. With my dogs northern style on land and the other an Old English Sheepdog. Also got two cats calico and I'm happy. How all four get along and I love every single parent I have activist -- -- a lot of people -- have both. I mean they're there you know what are the reasons and I are registered articles it's on our website WW dot com. Where the -- that dogs are popular year. Is we have so many festivals. And people take their dogs to the festivals and this is sort of a very. Very workable city so I see a lot of people with their dogs live to the building downtown where a lot of people have dogs in their brutally. That there really are are skiers places to walk your dog -- addition to go to. Lafayette square or go to a ball in -- park for for for real grass. Because shuttling grants to adapt our issue go to a pointers to would be well I guess it would be some -- -- importers also there. The median -- full of food -- in an entries. But. Why do you like dogs that are. Party like cats better. If you and -- and Russia to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 878 Stephanie and teen WWL continues to every day -- on sports talk for 48. From Greenbrier West Virginia and the -- training camp. And from a beat a spring serve rob you're on the -- shown to be WL. How -- they don't do. -- alcoholic and that. Few beautiful dogs. Like capture. I tell me what you had to really choose tell me why you like dogs and cats. I just think that more people are inflated cats it just below independent which is fine with their. Loyal and obedient. -- Hindus many things try to double that thought. -- and then -- legalization. Of marijuana -- all far. Because every state that -- so far it's been an increase in revenue. And a lot of the big things then and -- -- at all I think that. -- -- fault that Paul Fireman. Off. Got a really review and look at the the record it's done and a lot of money -- generated. Problems here regularly you know going to be well positioned. And people on you know apartment and I'll have a -- and you're good at Chernobyl happened I mean -- -- could -- thought that -- coming. We all only two. Only to have legalized. -- while yours and others are ready others are set to vote coming up in November. I -- that's funny and so you know it's gonna happen I mean. Let's face -- alcohol and you know wanting not to mention about the catalysts. -- and -- at one Tom. And I mean thank god that I'm I'm I'm grateful that it's not the cocaine itself was. -- -- you -- but you know that's a far different subject they can afford different -- I am I -- and you know and I'm not a smoker -- I can be for somebody's right to do something even if I don't agree with exactly what they're doing. Rock -- rob I appreciate you calling Michelle thanks solicit. Yeah man yeah and -- dogs. Now all right thanks publicity -- And I don't think that was a Georgia fan necessarily. Here's detects the reason I -- of the perfect pet for emotionally. Unstable people from coming to Chris you're the Scotia good evening. I don't -- actors. They're pretty much a Philippine -- -- -- belt get in a dog are. You know part double date you know they are you gonna wait that. And be a lot -- and like eight. I've had both arm had one cat now younger on it was -- why are -- born. And out without whom -- get better -- at least or that need it. I've belt what moderate actually but. There. Yeah yeah I mean well. It it the rights and other people you know it really interact with them and yet in the eighth and add some. But some sort purple and actually you know -- -- round -- -- a completely. I'm oblivious how important thing owner. But I think dogs -- That's still become very attached to their owners but they are they're definitely a little bit more aloof and emotionally independent and -- I I I knew that that big cat -- and a I'm -- tree or anything that out. Chris a political show have a great night if you wanna join us for your comment tonight shark numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- Thanks -- 7870 among other things tonight we're gonna let -- can't dog that they see part of our show tonight. You know dogs can't park is definitely advantages to having -- -- -- -- start petting a cat sort. -- -- And that's kind of like a comfort thing when your -- can't. -- -- the last pets that I had in my life have been kept -- in the camp golf I love dogs too good. -- look at so what are the advantages to owning a cat or what do you think document. This is the Schuylkill we'll be right back into the WL. -- it is a very -- very pleasant evening late in July this doesn't happen very often we have been blessed with a couple of these cold front's moving through this time -- -- -- just remember as hot as it has to be and it's -- it's gonna still continue to be would really not that far away from fall weather so just you know bear with it. -- here's an update on tonight's seven W a pretty general opinion poll. Is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol and cigarettes went shopping with their teenagers. 21% say yes 79% say no. Can -- opinion by going to our website W if you don't dot com we're tracking that poll throughout our show. The poll was inspired by a story out of Iowa. -- in Ames Iowa 57 year old man Jim Davis was was not allowed to buy 26 packs of beer and a bottle of vodka. Because he was shopping with -- teenage daughter who was fifteen. Is this part of a growing trend of business is passing moral judgment on customers. And also tonight we are continuing to debate. Which is better. Dogs or cats and if you just joined us Louisiana ranks number five as the dog -- estate in the country for Baton Rouge -- your on the Scotia good evening. Sure it has been bedroom. I have any dog an English precious she's about. Or are there and the cat. It changed Benjamin in the -- two. And it went way I can. Stop here right here -- because. Benjamin is a dog's name precious as the cat's name and your dog's name precious in your cat's name Benjamin. Yeah that's the way it is here. -- it used to it and which one do you like better. Well -- was Marlon before what he would you know I got it together but I like them both where they get along so well. It's I like but I like dogs -- -- -- and that is just. You can take it all and you can walk the dog you don't it's more acute pain you know having. Darkest for the companion that's an interesting way to put it but that Italy. But wonder what you get home media I guess when you're talking about you know going somewhere with you doggy dog would be more for companion. But when you're when you're talking about being at home I mean cats can be. Very much of a companion they'll come in and and -- a -- -- don't -- -- next to you or they'll lie in between your legs depending on how -- -- down. I. Anyway appreciate it just in the it's actually in change -- In the world so well here. Precious now walk market can't think Campbell each. Our goal. But get along so. Like dogs that are the like -- what they -- and it. -- -- that a goal and morality Mary Ball and -- kids. I'm glad you called -- and have a great evening in Baton Rouge it's very comfortable up there tonight. From -- town Mike -- under the W elegant evening. Hello -- -- -- owners that have a staff. Again adults and owners traps and the staff. It's still it's they -- The thinking of the he's a cat person. Well. Sentence. Itself in suburbia. -- -- Upsets in the to an option in -- -- house. You know it's city -- or -- of -- people mostly cats. But. -- jumpers and adult section -- double -- the paper. -- each certificate that there's a slippery. Might -- be able to show have a good night. And thanks a listing. I mean I guess you could argue that dogs or or more companions in general because you can take -- places but cancer free much companions at -- You know one of the benefits of having caddy is you can't leave the camp overnight. You know you don't have to rush home to camp out she -- sent -- a fresh litter box for the cat. So what's the advantage to owning a dog. Wire cats better than dogs are Weiner dogs better than cats if you gonna join Russia with -- comic that I don't numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text a -- 7870. I'm -- it will be right back on -- -- well. There are flyers that are promoting a straight white guy festival it's sort of the controversy in Columbus, Ohio authorities have not yet determined whether or not the festival will really happen on September the twentieth. At a park where the usually hold the I'm gay pride parade and and festival or maybe this is just -- that your star blog tonight is titled a gay street festival in Ohio. We surely that is will be talking about -- later in the show what's on our website at WW real dot com here's an an update on our WW a pretty -- opinion poll. Is it wrong for a person to buy alcohol and cigarettes went shopping with their teenagers. 27% say yes it's wrong. 73% saying no it's not give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com from -- to Kenya on the Scotia good evening. Are you -- this weekend. Mattered talking about how you can -- capitol that's you know not emissions so we can't keep dogs. We leave them without ignore it there are stale welcome back the next day because we and so was. Dog killers to -- water container they get people to sort that we can lead them for about -- blocked for two days. So they -- know to go in and out. Our editor at their house broken -- -- -- when they need to go birdie you know stay in the house pose a security camera so obsolete tomorrow we're gonna also. So I mean I -- dogs were just like consume all the food and fun of them at one time. No we. Read there's different ways where I'm at -- gruesome dog -- -- -- or he can play bought up you can start -- which means you just put the ball flew down. As they -- to regulate themselves that you guys had a global food fast sometimes applaud. Interesting if we could only get people to do that. Yeah guerrillas in -- not there there there. Well -- got at FaceBook page of the group oval 500 opposite of district and don't have a shot. And there's a pretty good group that received their dogs which is just put some double bogey and hungry -- directly -- -- So people trapped. I mean it's just how you rate yet. -- yeah I've never heard that before and I I've never heard of anybody leaving leaving dogs overnight. -- for two days. Are you we've gone down in New Orleans floor. Two days we've stayed statement like state the next day in nineteen on the next day in -- -- -- got to go to the net -- water container. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Around 2% -- -- my dogs we just need of everything in -- I'm glad -- called -- showing. That you know that goes with kids as well lot depends on how you -- it. Here's a text from David in Metairie. A dog looks at you and thinks he feeds me he pats me he cleans me. He cleans up after he must become. A cat looks at you and says he feeds me he -- me he cleans up after me. I must be god. He -- detects it reads when a dog looks at you it thinks. That's the guy who's gonna feed me. I here's attacks I don't tech game. Was it okay terrific dissent when a dog looks that you it thinks that's the guy. -- defeated. What account looks at you it thinks if you were just a little bit smaller IEU. So which is better a dog or cat -- dogs better than cats is part of our conversation tonight. Also there's -- A story out of Ames Iowa where a 57 year old father when shopping for groceries for the sixteen year old daughter and refuse to selling alcohol. Because he was with -- fifteen year old daughter was at the right thing to do this is Cisco show and we'll be right back on WWL.