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7-29 Scoot Show 9pm, Dog or Cat

Jul 29, 2014|

Louisiana is the 5th dog friendliest state in the country! Do you have a dog? Most dog lovers seem to love dogs but not cats - and cat lovers have their reasons for loving cats over dogs. Why are dogs better than cats? And why are cats better than dogs

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The sequel to the scifi movie short NATO debuts tomorrow night 8 o'clock the scifi channel it's 8 o'clock our time. Shark NATO to the second one that's the official title of the sequel brings back the stars of the original thriller slash comedy. But this time a storm brings killer sharks falling from the sky. Over New York City and is a picture of looking at right now five of which are trying to get a guy in a New York subway. So again this movie is is is funny kind of mocks everything that is a scifi movies so. It became kind of a cult classic last year short NATO and other short NATO to help. We've also been talking about flyers that have been promoting a straight white guy festival. In Columbus, Ohio authorities haven't been able to determine if the festival is really gonna happen September 20 or just a prank. But it kind of got me to thinking about. Well just the idea of a of a straight pride festival it's good blog tonight is titled a street festival in Ohio you can read to ensure that others it's on our web site. At WWL dot com and here's a quick update on our -- if you are pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong for parents. To buy alcohol and cigarettes. Went shopping with their teenagers. The number of people who say it's wrong. Is growing right now 33% say yes it is wrong 67% say no it's not wrong. It was -- -- by going to our web sites WW dot com also we've been talking about dogs and cats. Why -- dogs better than cats. Or what do you think cats are better than dogs. Louisiana ranks number five in the country in as far as the dog friendly state with I guess it's the most dogs per capita. We have for just over one point one million dogs in the state. And just under 900000 cats cats are more popular in the northeast a dogs are more popular in itself from Covington Casey Uranus can show good evening. But it's -- The story you're talking about those guys buying alcoholic -- -- but it is something happened -- -- at -- Europe incumbent and we're going. Haven't. Friday evening barbecue so that's about my wife's friend. -- -- The supplies as you know the -- we're gonna Barbeque. And we also welcomed by some more. They are. My wife's friend and sheets. She will 130. She's actually a little Ol and Bloomberg -- -- -- Under what you want. Carted her and shouldn't have -- -- an asset OK. And I definitely don't look under 35. They would vote to be either because it says that it would be circulated sale to a possible -- -- -- And not look anywhere in the year when you walk on. Young lady goes well. Arguably it was on 35 injection while. And it just sounded so. Incredibly. Stupid. Man that much yet one more reason why try and Wal-Mart. Is this just -- a case of of overreaction to it is this a case of of businesses trying to pass moral judgment on what customers just like what we we don't approve of this so we're not gonna sell this to me. Labeled what if it would be a what are they sell contents. I wonder if if they would judge people are buying a condom if you're seventeen years old and you go by condoning it or you know are getting deeper -- be judged. Did you find. I am hyper sensitivity. To alcohol that we would have united church I used abroad. The in the -- apple culture. And and -- care. You can drink beer extremes. But couldn't -- -- all our until January. And it always struck me -- making more sense because. Our -- sixteen year old problem down down by law. There's gonna do a lot less damage. Than a crazy maybe seventeen girls on the real all the caller is no matter how also Maria. -- appreciation service and thanks for listening. -- if you're join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening or text number is 877. A Wal-Mart innings a law and Ames Iowa. Refused to sell alcohol to a 57 year old father who is -- shopping for groceries with his his fifteen year old daughter a Jim Davis over to Wal-Mart in Ames Iowa. He tried to buy 26 packs of beer. In a bottle of vodka. And because his teenage daughter was there they carted her. And as part of a policy of if somebody appears to be too young and a group that card that person. Well. I guess I understand the news. The reasoning behind us. If somebody's Tony one that they can go in and buy a boost for. Sixteen of seventeen year old who were part of their group. Although when you're 21 and it's kind of strange to be hanging out with sixteen and seventeen girls although I do understand that that happens at the wrong with it. But this idea that there's a fifteen year old girl she did have an ID. Says that she didn't have a -- they refuse to sell the liquor to. It seems to me that this is this -- growing trend in America. Where people are passing judgment. On the decisions that we make when it comes to -- Do you think that's right. A TV this is all part of that whole argument about its business is not serving homosexuals. While I disagree with your lifestyle. -- now it's I disagree with you buying alcohol now I have to say that Wal-Mart itself said this was a mistake and the employee did not act properly. But he is this not part of this whole trend in America. Of businesses and those people in retail outlets. Passing judgment on what customers are buying or or the behavior of customers. Wal-Mart said it what happened was not consistent with the intent of the policy. So the last thing that we wanna do is create an atmosphere where people feel that they can't speed in the store purchasing things with their children. But you know there are people who. Would have a problem with somebody buying alcohol or cigarettes. But they're teenagers around. And it really shouldn't be about the -- availability of the product you simply teach kids that well you know I'm an adult I can do this and you're not an adult. And you -- to -- that's what my generation was talked. Like in a generation be taught that today. If you -- for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number 6787. From the -- Mike you're on this crucial under review well. They -- that you know it's good night. They're pretty well you're -- down there and -- I don't know about Wal-Mart by. You know a lot of -- getting caught in our means a lot. He can't spell and I want them and their ID. I can't tell you that it actually I'm gonna buy a ticket GO. Well where I mean. I don't care about that but I'm not in trouble. You know well I do understand that you have to be vigilant but that and -- and you know I I -- have to assumed the worst of everybody but. I mean if somebody shopping with their teenager mean it it is no longer. Is it no longer allowed to buy something with your. Your teenager if your teenagers not old enough to buy it. Well I do not you know they're at their age and they have VIP or you can you can -- -- the earth and say I'm sorry. You care. Yeah I agree it did this is just an insane but I think this is part of release says dangerous growing trend in America. Like a political shows we're soliciting and Sam we are now on WW real good evening. -- important that it could stand. I'd like that I don't mean the market there and the previous column -- which you purchased it it is the law. When in doubt call it -- and recently the fifteen year old has denied the these are used in itself that it doubtful that person. And what the Oshawa where. The one for you that she looked -- younger than 21 of them. In the department would want to purchase. Part of it. If I ICE -- Ridley park. And it got that idea. -- -- it -- against the law is in the person who sell alcohol could actually be. I'll find -- all or actually brought to court held that it will probably Saturday. Yes and I I do understand that philosophy because it's so somebody could be a line in and and not have an idea I could be behind him say rob Bob by the boost warrior. Oxley individuals purchase alcohol or -- Have a little bit because of the fact it's -- -- patiently in the -- look at him and young people outside and they pay. Get big a couple of dollars and are some not so responsible illegally by alcohol illegal. If I would trigger -- -- cabinet. There and this is not a new thing I mean there was that scene and American graffiti where there that the guy. And who wears borrowing the guy's car -- -- -- percent fraud -- he went and did he when he got somebody to buy -- for so yeah this is this is not a new thing and I mean I remember this when. I mean I guess what not I mean. I don't know who did it but I had. I had done I have to kind of what what's -- half a plaintive. Canadian. Canadian club December -- elected Canadian -- Canadian a Canadian club. Canadian. Iris so Canadian -- I and a half a point to something in my blue brocade. Tux jacket in my junior prom and I was seventeen so I don't know who voted for me but -- was my parents and somebody bought -- -- so yeah this is not it is is that a new thing it doesn't make it right. And when I it was a right go to. You. A lot to drink -- out. That aging become part alcohol yeah willingness and I was I was seventeen at the time. And what you could argue calls it an aching back you know blustery you know 11. You know at the retail and it is all cannot take it came -- -- -- -- to sell all. Are you know being fine you know and the published in -- it's -- -- extra -- They do run archer and it's like -- send somebody in the ID or. If you -- not -- at retail was all ultimately. You know they're published a paper this are you know export policy which we -- scroll. Find an -- over all we shall all should you know Andre or -- department -- without eight. And I I do understand that but if it's at but if this case of of a father or mother going your with a teenager there's no problem selling to. I don't think so responsible adult has rightly or I think -- about being all where were urged -- call 18. A lot of child drink alcohol optimism that the -- to decision. You know it as short anybody -- -- or you all I. I aero side of not telling her down and. I I yeah I understand that when it comes to doing business you do have to be careful that somebody was gonna buy something even though they looked old enough. If they don't have an ID even -- in your mind you're going I know -- for 21 I just can't do it. I don't understand that policy. Sam glad you called if you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 87870. So is -- 57 year old father who was. Was not sold 226 packs of beer. And a bottle of vodka. Because it's fifteen year old daughter was with him this was at a Wal-Mart in Ames Iowa but the Wal-Mart to the company said that was wrong that was not consistent with that with policy. Is it is that a -- is that wrong but I mean if the sprints -- the bigger issue is wrong for parents. To buy their alcohol. Or cigarettes. In front of the kids. That's a -- W a pretty general opinion -- give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com this is the Scotia or what is a very comfortable Tuesday night in late July. We'll be right back at a WL and welcome back to our show it is Tuesday night according to a new report Louisiana ranks number five in the nation is a dog -- estate. Because we have so many dogs here so we didn't having this debate about which are better dogs or cats and you can join us with that comment. We're also talking about whether or not it's okay for parents. To buy booze. When shopping with their teenagers. As a double W a pretty general opinion poll is it brought prepares to buy alcohol and cigarettes when shopping with their teenagers. The number of people who say it's wrong continues to grow 37%. Say yes that is wrong 63% say no it's not wrong. It was your opinion by going to our web site at W real dot com. Every day which he starts or shall 1 o'clock every weekday deputy real actually start to -- with what's trending on WWL. -- Angela and friends for a candid fun in that conversation about the day's top trending stories news talk social media sports. And joining Angela our friends from B 97 magic by -- channel for all of your favorites too Debbie WL and three WL. And you could hang out and catch up on what's trending every day. She begins her show and 1 o'clock with what's trending on WWL in open -- financial and right here on WB well above a year on the Scotia good evening. Or expand it and -- that -- -- kitchen where in. Weigh -- on the topic. Well. Yeah. You know I think it's. 02 virtually. Are things that are illegal. In our country and for our children and the reason being in his outward increasingly. Living. Saying hey. For a third in the -- for helicopter period and what it does it effect that publicly that trickle down truth. The younger generation of optical. Yeah -- critical thinking go out there that read it critically -- -- That welcomed onto exposure change people buy -- things and act certainly. In society and will participate. And -- siding and an open mind and accept people in -- different are they look no matter what color general interest. Where you work -- eleven the most important thing. It has to be aware side so he could except people who are they are out there are and here. Iran but I think it's okay to teach kids that you know your kit I'm an adult. And your -- are. You know would I would go out with by parents who in my brother and sisters and I would go out with like my parents when we were kids. My parents are drinking cocktails with friends in their ordering us a Roy Rogers or Shirley temples so we're we're we're having a mock cocktail. In Iraq glance it looks just like a real cocktail at my parents are drinking. And we're pretend to be grown up with them. But that doesn't mean that we became drinkers as a result of that. -- But the difference. I think it's nothing wrong with training people. Out from an early as possible and take away all the Disney -- ridiculous movie. And the court to infatuation. -- Of the way the world really works. And are prepared at a younger age. To actually be a grown man program. And that that -- -- to traders look to -- a grow and grow -- that if I had a cumulative. Detrimental through the younger generation to not be fully aware of all it's a lifestyle or there or otherwise perpetuate. A kind of an open mind. Andy what brought brought awareness that there's more than one way -- critical and still may be trying out. Chico the -- through any number of different guy. But Bobby you think it's okay I'm I'm trying to iron which I understand you correctly you think it's okay for parents to buy booze when shopping -- their teenagers. Absolutely actually on that topic at that further. Back in the outlook it doesn't matter. In my. Yeah I mean I remember my -- group at a time when my mom sent me to the store with money to get beer for her to get cigarettes. And that probably culture at a very young age you permanent. That the -- handled yourself. In that situation where are you might be. Obviously. You're proud surrounded by other well but you're -- Bobby going to recover stationary specialists into WB roll on your way -- -- I was thinking about candy cigarettes do. You know they'll sell candy cigarettes anymore. When I grew up there were candy cigarettes. They looked as. I guess it looked as much like a cigarette is a candy cigarette could look like candy cigarette they -- they came in boxes that look just like I don't know winced or Marlboro or whatever government with the but the actual names weren't lucky strike. But that would just like it would just like a cigarette box. And we -- candy cigarettes. And I don't know one person. Who became a smoker. Because they played with candy cigarettes. I can't think of anybody and and maybe just happen to you and I just haven't haven't heard of it. But I don't know of any cases where people have blamed my parents bought us -- Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple. When we were kids and that's why I have an alcohol problem today. He did that ever happened. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight we're we're talking about this case in Ames Iowa where. This 57 year old man was and was not allowed to buy beer and vodka because he was shopping with this fifteen year old daughter. And even though Wal-Mart the company admits that there -- plea made a mistake and should have sold in the that the alcohol. It seems like this does bring up a bigger question about. About retail outlets in retail workers passing judgment. On what people buy or who they sell to in the case of people who are homosexual. Is just the right way to go in America. Our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or text numbers 877. A -- -- tonight is titled a straight pride festival. In Ohio. Yeah there's talk of straight white guy festival. In Columbus, Ohio we'll talk more about -- you can read the blog and share with others is on our website at WWL to come out from Alabama -- you're on the -- show. Yes -- that's -- Where you're eager called holes and not -- the smoker just a steeler team. Okay all that -- -- hit it. He's so they actually had the that the cigarette manufacturer name on the candy cigarettes. Yeah I remember -- -- I don't think look just like real cigarettes but I didn't remember that it was actually the names of the cigarette companies. Well rounded. Couldn't believe what we spoke to be quick we leave it behind and you don't smoke. You Alter -- Argues that. I. -- -- bill -- report all but. And people. You know -- -- now -- it and the network well. At all. And let the idea -- -- you and our country you know what. It into the radio ever get that. -- -- -- -- But it -- Story you know. The UK opened. At that. Point. I just I didn't remember exactly what the to remember exactly what do the whiskey was a -- a Canadian whisky and and I was talking about this in reference to the idea that. I was seventeen at the time so obviously he's somebody had to buy it for me because of legal drinking age at the time was eighteen. But I remember being at the east Jefferson junior from here in New Orleans and I had and has a -- of Canadian whisky and my. Blue brocade tux jacket. You know TV turned out to be just fine remember the person I was with and we had a really good night I did with. It is it was so I don't know secret seven or something I don't know what it was Minnesota got a Canadian -- that I wouldn't drink today. That was the that. -- -- -- -- -- I'll know what Jimmy was and I'm honored that you're traveling across country as a truck driver was secure sure we always welcome all the truck drivers. And everybody who's on the road today at night -- -- and I appreciate you giving you call us anytime. -- -- And from battery Cassandra a year under the WL. Yeah and oh my god you're in that may be. On that mattered at. You'd. DN builds. Well and -- What you and I and -- ask. And I had bought bought thirteen years. Leo yeah rightly. So. And she turned me back and I've ever. One in. Hospitals for the weekend. And went home. She did not such as well one. See if he -- me that. My cat. They're like happy I don't get it from there you know that I happy to eat -- Me and you -- human and -- because you give to them. I -- I. Am. They vote on them that. He and me and me. -- -- and I thought about it. And that my point and yet by any. And I know. And that's an active litter box. He's like yeah like yeah me he likes the BOE. And I'll just hit it there. -- -- Again. And why can't eat -- not. -- are they -- what happened there I need. -- -- -- -- -- vocal about water. I can't vote Jerry Michael and -- yeah I. It literally like blowing -- Michael Matlock and. Cassandra what do you say what did you say to people who say dogs are better overall companions. We caught it. The other hand. You know how well you -- the dog how long do you. Add. To it yet how to -- to eat broccoli in the -- that might not work. You know faking -- then we went everywhere. He went he ought to pop -- -- He went he -- why. You taker and black and your art and see where you take it back. And eat just had a bomb and now. You know I can imagine I've I've lost a couple of tests done in -- in recent years and it's just really really hard. Yeah I guess it's fair to say that dogs are more open in showing their affections and cats but cats are very affectionate. Army acting like one -- pat you backed it like sitting right next to me right now he could I. Yeah yeah yeah like I'll I'll eat me want. Cassandra I'll let you go -- can I appreciate you calling her show. Our faith in Canada. All right you too thanks a listing so which is better dogs or cats. The general feeling is dogs -- or better overall companions which you can -- him and -- can take him wherever you go to a festival or you know walking around they really are. I guess you could say they're more of a physical companion. -- a cat but that doesn't mean they cancel an emotional companion and a fiscal companion when your whole. I have to admit I mean I love dogs and cats. But I have to admit I'm I'm kind of a cat person you know that really that really done it's really desk -- -- Totally. Go against almighty germ -- stuff because cats jump up on account Ernie. And I don't mind. And guys are which are in the quarter reflect it but it's just it's been so hard. Losing cancer mean it's it's it's been a few years. But then I had left wind. With my last relationship and it broke up in India and for an. Need he passed away all last August was last summer. And that was really really hard effect I was on I was on the cruise and got the news that the cat who passed away and needed just crushing. And I -- over a stronger person to say well I can deal with it again but you know right now after losing a couple in in in recent years. It's. I'm not ready yet. And what I need to do is get over this and say you know what. There's. There's a cat right now in the cage. And animal shelter. And one day that cat's gonna die. Is either gonna die without your love in the animal shelter. Or is gonna die after a happy life with your love. What am I doing here at the Kentucky myself and to going to get a cat I'm not quite ready. But I'm getting ready. Which are better dogs or cats to join Russia -- you're coming tonight on numbers 260187. This is this crucial. Will be right back on -- if you will apparently there's candy store upper tenure that sells candy cigarettes. Puerto they have on the side of the -- could be hazardous to your teeth. If you did you pressure of the comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a text -- -- 77. Here's an update on tonight's WL pretty general opinion polls of the were talking about on the show tonight. Is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol and cigarettes while shopping with their teenagers. 39% say yes it is wrong 61% saying notes. Can assure you by going to our web -- WW dot com also growing has agreed blog garlands blog is titled if you -- close the border. Tell me -- It's a great -- take a look at that -- and others it's on our web site. At W well dot com. A there's a report that shows Louisiana ranks fifth in the nation as the dog friendly states because of the number dogs we have it we have more dogs and cats. In the northeast may be because of apartments -- more cramped living cancer more popular than -- A lot of dog lovers don't understand. Wanting a cat they don't understand. Owning a cat because. They think cats are an emotional look I mean I guess compared to a dog that is very open with his or her affection. I guess she which stated cats or or more aloof and dogs but you know I just -- cats to be very very affectionate. And catch her and as always feels good to get the you know that the Kemper. You can correct me if I'm wrong. But I remember reading not long ago. Debts. -- -- doctors still don't know exactly. How -- They don't know exactly. What the mechanism is. That makes him park. And I shall always thought that was interesting because it's such a definite. Reaction it's something definitely cats do -- -- you can feel it. You could hear it. Mean I asked her when somebody patsy which isn't very often but I -- You think that they would know what what caused this to happen it's it's it's kind of a mystery but. I just think about the cats that I had recently in Hollywood. Which which curl up and you know the they have plans and decided their faces and they've been left to almost kind of some would mark their territory. By rubbing up against it. Or something and and they -- to rub up against her hand and if you brought decided to test state stayed -- -- line item I'd love dogs -- I have to say I'm a little bit more of a cat guy. Here's I text about you know buying alcohol in front of your kids. It is it wrong to buy alcohol in front of your children it gives you the opportunity to make sure your children understand responsible drinking. Here's a text -- my dad started by me boos when I was sixteen. I learned to drink the hard way trial and error. You know I've often talked about this if we teach our kids to be safe and life we teach -- kids to look both ways from across the street. We teach our kids not to play with matches. Not to -- hot stove. We teach your kids to be safe and life. Should parents teach their children how to drink. Should you sit there with your teenagers. You might not want to admit it. But if you know. If you North Dakota galway in probably drinking college. Should you teach about a drink. Because I know a lot of young people go off to school without any kind of information from their parents. About how to drink responsibly. And maybe you could show that is this something that parents should start teaching their teenagers how to do my parents to teach me how to drink. Probably drink but it's a while -- a glass of wine but. This is. This is something that really isn't isn't taught. And seeks to -- for supposed to keep our kids safe and maybe we should. Teach your kids how to -- properly if you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dollars or seven or text numbers 87870. I hear is attacks to it breeds a caller had texted you would be rude remark about how -- people are unstable. And I can say the same thing about. An absolute dog or about dog people dog people or needy. And click the like a small child. Love all animals even human ones. Well the caller was having to text. Simply said that cats are very good for. People who are emotionally unstable. I don't know if that's scientific fact if that's the result of research but to say cat is good for somebody who is emotionally unstable. Does it mean to people who are cat owners and cat lovers or emotionally unstable. Simply means that if fear emotionally unstable this text or said a catch is good for you get I don't know. I know that pets in general. Are really good for people who do have emotional problems. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Series seventy. And I -- number -- it's every -- this is the -- showing a very comfortable Tuesday nights and we'll be right back and to be WL. A 57 year old father was. Not allowed to buy a 26 packs of beer. And a bottle of vodka because he was shopping with -- sixteen year old daughter at a Wal-Mart in Ames Iowa. Now Wal-Mart the company said to the employee made a mistake by not doing this but this does bring up a question about. About I I think there's a growing tendency for retail outlets to pass judgment. On people's behavior. Even people who are buying things. That are legal. And is that a good -- Here's an update on our WVU a pretty -- opinion poll it is getting very close compared to where it was earlier. Is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol and cigarettes went shopping with their teenagers. A growing number now 41% say yes it is wrong. 59% say no it's not give a sure thing by going to our web site WWL dot com from New Orleans Lindy your list -- show good evening. And -- -- -- country dog and cat together. -- Really can't really explain it now. But we had dogs and -- -- -- And elegant. And go looking at it on -- and now he ain't. My dog -- Ali right. Flatly chatter will treat each other late but he can't. And it kept open -- -- team. Carol did get. A lot more one in the other. You know it's it's it's kind of like to picking between your kids and he really should singular point keyboard and the other -- And I don't want people to do that but there are people who just I just don't understand why anybody would want to own a cat because -- such dog lovers and and there are people who own cats who would want to own a dog. In extra because it -- on my ink jet lag maybe thirty years I can't catch. And down Pat -- you weren't there. Merlot and a cat luckily it's going to attack why didn't try to control. And adult -- this or can account and she made -- that makes me and -- prepare. I -- I guarantee I find cats to be very very affectionate I mean I guess in some ways they're they're more. Independent in terms of expressing fear of their affection. And receive your emotions -- they're both I guess emotional. But to cats are a little bit more independent -- dogs and authenticity question about that and you don't walk cats I mean I guess some people to line I've heard that. I've never seen anybody actually do it but people do occasionally -- their cats. Cats are very different from from dogs and dogs are more of that that companion if you wanna go somewhere with your pet. You know you you could take the dog with you if that's what you need to and you -- dog over over cat but you know I'm kind of a cat person maybe part of that has to do with the fact that. I've lived in apartment four a number of years now. And I'm in department especially living in the downtown area like I have in recent years. It's easier to have a cat and dog. I'm. Ring me at least Katrina I should go entry at the time I -- what kept me change and looking. It out now did they did they do their business when they walked. I had really because. In adding that -- look at a tree. It would come. Now and my -- were eating habits aren't that in it. Settle and walked -- and they. Are threatening -- should or should they couldn't ski here and I. Just like a dog when you took -- for a walk they look for a place to. Do their business. They look for the scratching -- -- Obama is now in -- Indian and and they without you know by dumb male young again. Now I can't get locked arm I don't recently had a great the last -- entity in and outlook on 21 year old cat like I shall be -- I'm so sorry I know they know exactly what that feels like which is why don't have a camp right now. -- now and I do have one can't laugh. I'm -- -- -- and -- dog extra. Karla and me at my watch can make you beat cancer unit or. He can't account and and I you -- need. To mine. But I'll eat my cat. And how can I mean I don't get it right. And I appreciate you sharing your story with us and thanks for -- to be if you don't like you're losing a night. You'll ever see people trying to gather their group together if it's like really hard to get a group together -- everybody's going in a different direction. You know I always say to -- it's like herding cats. You can't herd cats. There are posters going up forty straight white guy festival in Ohio we'll talk about that we come back right after the news is Cisco show. Under the W well.