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Jul 30, 2014|

Is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol and cigarettes when shopping with their teenagers? Chime in and find out.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've got like a sack machine man. Doing it you know. Blown up. Titled did nothing about it like that James Brown opens in fighting this Friday saw the previews from us on the verge of anarchy this past Saturday night. The movie was produced by Mick Jagger. So it was a hands on producer wasn't just wasn't just they are putting his name he was an actual hands on producer. And he admits that he copied many of James Brown's dance moves on stage and you think about the way mixed -- around on stage. As he got a lot of the ideas and -- crowd. Who was really very very. Innovated in much that he did. Now James Brown was arrested a few times I think that's it's part of the movie. He did have somewhat of controversial life to some degree. But I think about Mick Jagger producing this movie -- around The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were among the British groups in the in the 1960s. They'd admit that they were influenced by American R&B. Infected Beatles actually took are indeed it mostly young blacks -- listened to in this country. The Beatles the stones and demands of the British invasion the sixties. They took aren't being read it themselves and they essentially introduced. Black music. To America. So with the forcing us through it opens up theaters on Friday. Let me give you a warning before talk about it it's the content of what I'm about to talk about. Is intended as satire. And should not be taken personally. By anyone. There are flyers that have appeared to be promoting. This new festival at Columbus, Ohio the flyers promote the straight. White guy festival. In Columbus, Ohio authorities have not been able to determine if the festival is really gonna take place -- just to crank. This straight white guy festival is being promoted were September the twentieth at Columbus is good deal park which is where they hold the annual gay pride rate. In talking about gay pride parades and festivals went on to show. You know I will occasionally you have callers or somebody -- attacks and -- If they have a gay pride parade what about a straight pride festival what about a straight pride rate. Okay. Would you support. A street. A straight guy -- I mean when you think about the the growing acceptance of of homosexuals throughout society. I imagine many people would support a festival that would would celebrate being street. Maybe it's time for straight people to stand up and demand that this country promotes in equality in marriage promotes discrimination against homosexuals in the workplace. Street people in America. Are exposed to news almost every day about court rulings. That proposed bans on same sex marriage are unconstitutional. Heterosexuals. Should have a festival that celebrates the fact that men and women should be together. Even though neither gender really totally understands the other. Yeah I think you that there at the straight pride festival. A critic dollars the disadvantages of being a homosexual we dissidents is being heterosexual. I mean there are disadvantages to being straight for example. A straight American couples at a great disadvantage. Because they can share each others close. Gay couples can. American women with straight husbands. Can't depend on their partner to contribute to the tasteful decoration. Of -- -- So I was an affair. So if this truly is a country built on equality. Why not a straight pride festival. To bring to light the countless injustices bestowed upon heterosexuals. It would be about politics. But it would also be about just going out and having fun. And celebrating straight yes. For all the world to see. And if there was a straight pride festival. What -- the festival include. I guess. The rainbow colors that represent gay pride they can be replaced with navy blue and khaki. That was to be the official colors of the state -- should be street professional. A boost would sell T shirts that would have phrases like. Adam and eve not Adam and Steve. And a slogan like a support equality in marriage or only athletes should -- each other on the bunt or T shirt that says straight happens. And maybe there could be popular songs that would replace Dave you know we are family and I will survive and it's raining men. Those are popular to gay pride festivals may be it would be songs. A straight up by Paula Abdul. A straight from the heart by Bryan Adams or Superman by by Kryptonite. No one concern I think if there wasn't a straight pride festival one concern would be that. You know the news cameras would only focus on those people who were acting outrageously. And that might demean the image of Wall -- everywhere. You know because they might stable you know practice that represented me I don't act like that. That's not for percent of a fall look at how those -- federal sex interact and we don't act like that so it's it's it's totally different. -- we shouldn't. Which -- what that on TV. And inevitably if there was a straight pride festival you don't would have. -- news cameras would catch street guys chugging beer belching. Pocket bogeys in public on streets. And you know again we would hear Hayward -- all that way don't judge us by the behavior of those who make it on the news at the straight pride festival. But you -- the country. That is built on equality. There's no reason not to have -- pride festival. Other -- the fact that it would probably be -- What else. Would be part. Of a street price festival. If you -- join -- -- with your -- tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And -- text amber is 87870. Here is attacks have read your being a blank a satire or not you are. Denigrating the straight pride festival behind the auspices of comedy. Oh my god. I would never ever do anything like that. So why not have a straight pride festival. Now what would be part of the straight pride festival. If you -- an -- -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. Our text numbers 877 -- think about the disadvantages of being straight in this country. And if I wish somebody hit share close with them couples can share close. What you find somebody your own size of your day. This is this can show will be right back. W well here's the latest release from the band. In 1975 and I love to introduce new -- definitely producing it would like to use new music is doing his offer music on this show going -- -- race. So it's called girls disadvantaged business song. Which reflect on the show. Kansas felt in 1975 in when I struck -- -- -- -- he said. -- his fans reminds me it's pretty polluted sounds very much like defense pretty validity from the eighties they had one hit. A perfect way to think just if you can find that let's go into the next race where -- critically I love this song girls five and 1975. Again. Another band out today this sounds very similar to the eighties. I love a lot of the stuff that's out today and we quite often played on the show. I've given a -- with a comment about any of the stuff we are talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. All free 8668890. What's happening or -- receive 787. So if there was a straight pride festival. Would you go anything that would be fun. And what do you think would be part of the straight pride fest. And maybe have a better idea that I -- I think initially that the rainbow colors would probably be replaced we're -- navy blue and khaki. Or something like that also tonight we're talking about Wal-Mart refusing to sell alcohol to a 57 year old father. Who was shopping for groceries with his fifteen year old teenage daughter. Jim Davis was at the Wal-Mart in Ames Iowa and they refused to selling to six packs of beer and a bottle of vodka because he was with his teenage daughter. Is -- part of a growing trend of businesses. Passing moral judgment. On customers. I got a text and somebody earlier who said. They might have assumed. That he was dating her that it wasn't his daughters that it was his girlfriend because a lot of people date older men and lot of older -- date. Much younger women well that that's that's true. But. If you're shopping with her kids. Is it okay to buy alcohol. Is it okay to drink confronting your kids is it -- to do things that are legal for adults to do. In front of your kids. When I was growing up maybe when you were growing up you experience the same thing. Our parents had this basic philosophy and -- were the adults repair -- your kids we can do this and you can end of conversation. Is that different today. To join Russia to -- with your thoughts -- comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Protects every State's 7870. From Pensacola -- you're on the -- showing -- VW well. Okay. We need and aren't I wonder let's not let Asia and teaching lesson. I hate it but -- is that he rented it to channel and happened that is going to be out thanks. I didn't like it. But on a couple of things you and let's see which one you wanna talk about are urged you're going over that you know we talked about it since when you shoot down. Yeah also you're doing topics about alcohol cigarette. As it it is it is it OK four is it okay for parents to buy alcohol with their teenage kids. I can't be on how important it isn't my mom and a very. Armed. Pro Louisiana. Mom mom has never drink her life. My dad. He drink Beers that's cigarette in my mom and young age she's taking about -- corner and she pointed out and she -- you know what alcohol alone their lives in I had that in my mind. I grew up with it and we got church I went to LSU in 1990. Are entering and intent to join the -- because I never learn it and hope I never. I would not exposed to that like gravity -- You have it so that everybody we gotta get there that they don't cut it -- -- later. He changed his daughter again it's a very good possibility they will build -- noted at some point you know -- You know I remember things world a lot different and I think in some ways things were were better adults were not afraid to be adults and I think it's it's -- to distinguished. The things that adults do and the things that. To that cigarettes -- all of my debt note she died from lung cancer -- her -- mind. And I used in the plane and get trapped. -- -- -- -- -- But there aren't guilt in this liner notes -- -- And -- beyond which you called Christian church twenty years old -- me during our you'd call. But as you get older. You know what you are you know as we've all learned you know. Statistics that day and health issues you know. But it is what it is and I think it's -- is the main issues parenting. And I agree that you can electric you can drink super partner in that case and because by the -- Going you know. And those people -- -- to -- you know it's it's like Louisiana. Expects that culture I grew up in -- we've -- So I'll tell you all current scenario. -- And incidentally where you were never taught at home -- how to drink responsibly. No pat burns to -- it and then it was you know. But. -- I knew upholding that my disinterested cited -- So while mom was listening. First on your cell critic but when -- went to Germany and then she would -- me for two weeks. So. You know. It's education it. -- in your parents now -- and so what. You know grandma and then having. It is so you know you have to rely on fans they're friends or whoever. Two point generator action but I'm in the military on for prior and I see it every -- -- student -- the first -- -- -- not call. Right here are two rules. Don't yell at him on investigator separate them and tell. Just come clean -- eighteen. You know they'll keep you were saying you know if you're gonna -- -- -- but my question is is drinking age you know it conference. 1617181. More than one question that point two point six. Yeah I know people who -- 45 we don't drink responsibly. You know and that's why that issue about that in and Arctic cat and dog McCain handlers seniors. Battling cancer. -- About -- aren't the dock thing you know and -- content on the essential thing if you like that. All right we'll go ahead of me but yes Mike you might as well why you're on the phone -- -- -- now -- dying right now probably I would pray that we -- you know and big guy. Every church every Sunday morning Sunday evening. Revivals -- are at -- in talks. -- -- -- -- -- I'll get a couple of people but I didn't stop there about to retire and they can't wait to come home. It and do it but pictures -- bit out there for some people at our news this whole thing with the -- gay pride -- the world but what it I don't participating. You know we're hoping their parents financial. Are as Richard said to her. Passengers egos you don't introduce yourself that they. Need that -- I'm heterosexual. You know you know. In the thing is you know looking at festivals. Wouldn't tax on it one at a park and into it. -- -- Yeah I guess there's there's there are posters up in Columbus, Ohio nobody knows if it's a prank originally gonna happen on September 20 straight white guys festival. Student we live in America. In that thing out loud about loans is is cyber. Indeed it is -- as she went through the military you say you're about to retire did you feel like you were discriminated against if people learned that you were homosexual to regain. No I don't do it. Ultimately I don't. Do you think that does it to people outside of the military made a bigger deal out of it in the military and those inside the military. You know skating and I like -- -- dad never put my visit stop and even though I'm excited about coming home I'm actually did -- so -- invited. In -- You know outlook warlords are they didn't know that's a Bible -- is -- Bottle a lot -- state. We need to I appreciate your call and I appreciate what you have done for our country. I enjoy your time left in the military in Pensacola and to make sure that you listen to our show and and call us when you move back. Idea thanks. And if you enjoy this for the coming tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven. And a text Amber's late 77. Here's a Texan Reid said thanks for letting me be part of your show I don't know if I can and listen to it in other parts of the country. But I can't wait to come back and visit again that's from Monica. We talked to Monica earlier for those of you who were with us one night last week. Somebody called her show she was driving into New Orleans she was somewhere in Mississippi. Driving into New Orleans and we we -- you were -- -- year he was going to be her first time in the city. And she's from Connecticut first time in New Orleans and a civil -- when he gets here she called a slate of that bank which -- which he arrived. And we were talking about things to do and and many people the audience for sending texting and calling it was suggestions for for Monica. And apparently she really did not have a good to New Orleans experience. She loves the city can't way to connect she she called -- show earlier. And Monica if you are listening and I'll I'll send to expect remind you that you can also download Debbie WL app. Or you could pick a sub you know quite often you'll be able to pick us up especially during the wintertime on a cool light you can pick us up probably and in in Connecticut. Which you cover 38 states at night. Getting back to this idea of buying alcohol. In front of your kids. I just I just think that there was a time when adults were not afraid to be adults. They were not afraid to tell the kids your kit. And now it's almost as if well if you do with that I can do it. -- kids shouldn't have that attitude. When he parent should -- a good example for their children. But -- there's things that adults can do that kids can't do. When we went out. My parents drank. And we wanted to be like the grownups and so my parents or with friends. We order a Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple. Which is a mock cocktails. And he comes in Iraq points. Now are there any updated games for those. I mean Roy Rogers in and Shirley Temple I mean that's that's going way back as it is it time to maybe update that cocktail. And with the book would how would you update the cocktail. Like for the boy it was a however Roy Rogers. Girl whatever surely chapel. The little boy orders Shirley Temple and just -- -- -- your -- on. But I think the Shirley Temple was with 7UP an integrated dean and where Rogers who was with Coke and and and -- But it issued update those things but see we were we were mocking our parents. But that doesn't mean that we grew up and drank in anybody who grew up and had a drinking problem could never blame -- -- the fact that they were drinking Roy Rogers and and -- Shirley temples with their parents. I also thought earlier about candy cigarettes. They they came in boxes that had the didn't the brand names of different cigarettes. On the pack he could buy different packs of candy cigarettes -- the different names of the manufacturers. Came -- like a little cigarette. Cigarette box. We played with cigarettes. I don't smoke. I can't imagine anybody. Blaming their smoking on. Playing with candy cigarettes. There was a time -- in this country we over we were very content. To distinguish. Behavior. From things that we were exposed to. And now there seems to be this overall tendency to wanna. -- prevent people from being exposed to certain things for feared that if there's simply exposed to it it's gonna lead them to do it. And I think that. Takes a way respect for this idea of personal responsibility. Of the power that a person hands. To. Make the right decision regardless of what to play with regardless of of what you're exposed to -- Jewish site are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines -- it's having a text number is 87870. Here is attacks it reads maybe when she says free to come about she will want to celebrate. Here is another text the reason cashiers are required to card anyone who touches alcohol. At the check out. Maybe she touched it accidentally. Meaning to fifteen year old girl may have touched it accidentally. Perhaps I don't know I wasn't there are just going by the story that are reading now are one of defend Wal-Mart in saying that Wal-Mart. The company the corporation said that this employee made a mistake and did not follow the proper procedure. It represents the company Wal-Mart said do what happened in this case is not consistent with the intent of our policy. The last thing that you do is less do you wanna do is to create an atmosphere where people feel like they can't do you. Store purchasing. With their children. And I agree with that but this particular employee. Decided that because this fifteen year old girl was with this 57 year old man. She wasn't she or he I don't know whether it was a male or female would not sell him to six packs of -- And a bottle of vodka and he said it was a very humiliating experience. So I bring to -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol and cigarettes. Went shopping with their kids. Especially they're teenagers. Give a sure thing by going to our web site WB -- dot com we'll give it up to -- coming up here. In just a few minutes here is a text that reads. We do not need a street parade. I don't need to flaunt. I'm heterosexual. Your soapbox is getting tiresome. 2% of the country does not make for change. Well a recent survey showed that only 2% of the country defines itself as gay or lesbian. And that's always about where I buy iPhone -- -- There have been and larger predictions and that in their people who have this perception that the gay communities is actually bigger than that. But it's not just the gay community. The gay community supported by. Much of America. That supports equality. So the support for gay marriage is not just coming from 2% of the population. It's covering from a great many people across America who were straight. Who just support equality. And don't think the government -- and should be involved in in personal decisions like like marriage for example. So it it goes back to. The affected the ways in which -- that supported integration. That helped blacks a small percentage of the population. Actually. Become integrated in and we ended the same rights that that we all have. It was because of a lot of white support and so it's a lot of -- -- support that is actually leading to. The demand or this is growing demand for -- quality and customer -- but I'm just -- have had fun with the -- blog tonight. Which is titled. A straight pride festival in Ohio because their suppliers that have gone out -- a straight white guys festival in Columbus, Ohio and I thought we'd have a little. Fun with them by talking about what what -- straight pride festival I'll -- like it -- BI admitted when I started talking about this that the contents is not intended to two. Offend anybody it's attended to simply as -- as satire. And I just they think it's I think it's interesting we talk about these things to. To do the parallel of what you know. Heterosexuals. And would we think you know. Look at these look at these people who are on making it on the news during this straight pride festival what they're making fools of themselves status. Well that's we're likely speak when they see outrageous characters from the gay pride parade or gay pride festival on the news. But that's the nature of news to attract the most outrageous. Extreme. Characters. That are part of any event that's the nature of news so you can't defined groups by what you see in the news so there was some intent behind. The the block tonight. A straight pride festival in Ohio it's on our website at WW dot dot com you can read it and I share and others are here's the band that there Rick Springfield said reminded him of the new band. The 1975. It's critically this was their big hits in 1980s. This is the script -- and we'll be right back into the WL. We've also been talking about it which is better dogs or cats news deal love dogs do you not understand why people own cats. We have cats -- not understand why people own dogs I mean most animal lovers love both but there are people who really just don't understand if you had a choice while he would owner. A cat over a dog. And there are people who would rather only cats and a dog and we truly there are people who are our cat people and people who were dog people. And according to a new report Louisiana ranks fifth in the nation in terms of being the dog friendly city with one point one billion dogs in just under 900000 cats. -- cancer according to this study are. More popular in the northeast and two and dogs are preferred in the south. I think about cities that I lived in most recently. -- Denver Portland Seattle. Doors were very popular in those cities. They were very dog friendly cities it was it was very common if there was any restaurant that had an outside -- screw area. Outside tables and outside cafe. It was very common in all of those cities. For there to be. I'd -- dog bowl of water. And also. A dog biscuits. A lot of places would have dog biscuits out for people who work. And walk around with their with their dogs yeah you can actually see that in New Orleans but it would be cool for -- that a lot more often. All right it is football time and we've got extreme coverage. Off the -- coverage saints' training camp with team WL they're there in Greenbrier West Virginia. Our resident pros Bobby beard -- guy -- voice of the saints Jim Anderson. -- plus the big chief NC sideline reporter Christie -- -- about baby your Jersey Steve Geller. They're all there working hard to bring you the best coverage of the black and gold breaking saints news and live updates from training camp coach Sean -- -- take on each practice. And exclusive six players -- refuse. Plus daily training camp recaps and videos is on our website at WWL dot com don't forget the show is double coverage our sister station. Thirteen fifty. Three WL. I'm double coverage in the morning from six to nine -- from Greenbrier West Virginia you might want to check that out -- every morning from six to nine. And then sports talk here on WWL every afternoon from 48 life from Greenbrier and -- training camp. And then there's the saints' training camp specials Saturday and Sunday three to six. Right here -- real -- the hub for everything saints football the flagship WWL. And we've always got to dated information on our website at WWL dot com and if you haven't done this yet if you wanna get the latest information on the saints not only during training camp throughout the season. And all you need to do is text the word sports. Too late 77. You'll not only get news about the saints but also news about L issue and the pelicans text the word sports. To -- 7870. You know you might be a case where Europe a car with people and you get this text alerts and you'll get news about the saints L issue and the pelicans. That nobody else in your group pants except you. You might be out you might be in your office you get the text alert you'll get the news. Before others and again just text the word sports. To wait 7870. Our service is free we don't charge for -- expected messaging data rates may apply depending on your plan. If you wanna join us for the coveted -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which salary at Texas a 7870. Here's a -- Reid says best friend's father caught me in their friends smoking a cigarette when I was fourteen. Called my parents got permission. May just smoked two packs of cigarettes in 1 evening. I'm 41. Never had a cigarette since. And that's from Jeff. I've heard that -- I've heard that that's a great way to teach. People not to smoke given that you don't the other night we were talking about. The one alcohol. Day you still can't drink to this day. Because you got so sick on. There's this one thing that no matter how much time has passed you still can't drink it. Because you got so sick on the boards and I guess that's what happens with smoking a pack of cigarettes I I've I've heard this this punishment. You wanna smoke -- either spoke the whole pack. And that nobody is so unpleasant but that's stays locked in your memory for effort. And some people don't never smoke again. Here's a Texas is saying in reference to the -- played Wal-Mart not to selling 26 packs of beer and vodka. 257 year old man shopping with is a fifteen year old daughter. Why don't people contact the manager when they have a problem it seems too many people are turning to social media as a primary option. That's true I don't know if I don't know if this person contacted the manager but he does seem as is the I I got the impression from the article Everett. -- this particular Wal-Mart -- silent. -- supported not selling the alcohol liked. Wal-Mart issued a statement the eight the corporation. Issued a statement saying that that was not congruent. With their policy. I hear is attacks that reason I used to like -- candy cigarettes. -- spice yours and Ben Franklin in Saint Louis I used to get all -- candy there my sister and I would go when there. I've could be able to pick up candy out of baskets. Still even a penny or five cents at the time. We now come out with a full brown bag of candy. And that had nothing to do with me smoking -- smoked for short periods of time. But I do not smoke cigarettes anymore I actually enjoyed the candy cigarettes more than the real ones -- I remember that distinct taste of the the the cigarette. The candy cigarettes. And -- a kind of a little -- tint on the end. Did database to look like he was linked. And I don't know about Hubert and my brother sister and I knew who Weaver -- to play with the candy cigarettes -- we can't eat the and download it. So was we were having a conversation it appears if we were actually smoking a cigarette. And yet I don't announcement today. Here is a -- reads. -- funny thing happened to my wife and teenage son at Wal-Mart my wife is going case of the year. Win the purchase was complete my son started to pick up the -- to help my wife. Carry out of the store. They were -- -- by the cashier. You know I realize that this may be the law. In -- realize that businesses. Must. Follow the law. But half -- laws. Just got a little bit out of control when it comes to things like this. I mean again I remember time when my mother would send me to the corner store. To get beer and cigarettes for I don't know maybe even I got vodka I -- even afford vodka for. Specifically are remembered in a six pack of beer getting cigarettes. And see -- kids today are lucky because your parents can't do that deal they can't make you go to the story get beer and cigarettes form because they have to go themselves because you can't buy it. I'm from Gulfport Wayne here on this crucial to be WL. I could anybody. Could. Drop about what you look at them to really. -- Just think it because you know. What you say is all the options. Of personal responsibility. That's the all responsible. Right. And I think -- such -- but I think that's something that we see with so many things happening in our in our country there's the assumption of no personal responsibility. They -- for its robbing us of many of our individual freedoms. Think. What -- In age and -- week -- and they. We re a little. And I mean -- with a lot. If if if you -- if you hit your brother. Or sister. After watching The Three Stooges there was never a temptation to blame the TV show whereas today there's a temptation -- to show. -- you you don't have to be for instance you know the order of forty years. You remember them or Chile or am on veterans right around. They got a chilly -- as well. Children born and pictures rocket which you can which has huge -- -- -- -- you -- project -- Call you out -- in Chile the walkout would promote. Duke Bob Dole throw open all year when it was up in the call are what went -- yeah we go to church. So year you are. So you're past the key to drive in it it's I remember I don't remember Kelly's but I do and even that was my neighbor I should remember that. Remember. -- remember you know college -- On these coming -- -- come to your car. And it sounds familiar. -- But what you're saying is what if what if there was a place where they would bring drinks to your car and your parents which is there in the car. And drink and again this would happen but what if it did of people would be criticizing those people were doing that because their kids in the car. Our parents did that -- us and we were told in no uncertain terms hey guess what your kid this is something I can do when you can't. -- alcoholic just to get it it should -- the general population take away my freedom. Or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wait I appreciate you calling Michelle thanks for listening tonight if -- -- -- stay with this if you wanna join us with your comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Protects Amber's -- 7870. Is it -- for parents to buy alcohol or cigarettes went shopping with their teenagers that is -- WWL pretty -- well pretty I WL party jaguar opinion poll continues to change. Now. There's a growing number of people who say no there's nothing wrong with -- buying alcohol and cigarettes. When -- with their teenagers. Little while ago was -- rather close closes has been all night 41% said yes and 59% said no. Here's an update the question is is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol cigarettes went shopping with their teenagers. 35% say yes. And 65% say no give your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com. The New York Times editorial boards a very. Credible. Editorial board. Supports ending the prohibition. On marijuana. What are the benefits. Part of -- problems would legalizing pot that continues to be discussion. In America. If you wanna join -- type your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or -- number -- 8787. Here's a Texan re Cisco love your show have you ever had a show where callers can call in. And report good news. I noticed an article -- WW LTV today where an old lady was trapped in her car. And kids helped. I read all these crazy comments. And noticed that people seem to dwell on the negative. I think we quite often talk about positive things on the show. And I don't expect to get calls we talk about positive things. It's much easier to get calls when you talk about something negative. But I even make a point sometimes as saying look I realize that it would be easier for me. To get on the year and take this approach which would be negative approach but I have to be honest and tell you that this is the way I see that it might -- something positive. And in my -- generate as much reaction. And that's the problem with much of the media today. It focuses on the things that drive people which is. More negative than positive. I mean think about it it I I guess in part it's human nature but we should challenge ourselves to see the positive as as well as the negative. If you have a bad meal of arrest order terrible service you're more likely to talk about that. And -- have a good meal or good service. And even if that might be part of human nature. We should change that. But I'm proud to say that on this show we're not afraid even if you're doing it doesn't get as much reaction we're not afraid to talk about a positive things that happen and let everybody else dwell on the negative things. This is the -- shield are coming right back after the news on WWL.