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07-29 11pm Scoot/ Carjacking

Jul 30, 2014|

Does the recent carjacking Saturday night on Bonnabel, make you not want to drive on Bonnabel any longer?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our show on what is so a very comfortable July evening late in July it was hot today but. It was a nice breeze today in the CBD but I'm walking between some of the buildings that you get like a really great -- less humidity. And a very very comfortable night especially for this time of year. And and just remembers is its hottest city is you know we think it's going to be this way forever but you're only and actually a couple of months away. From nice cool weather. The sequel. To the scifi movie shark NATO. Davies tomorrow night 8 o'clock New Orleans time of the scifi channel. The movies listen this creative title for the steeple shark NATO to the second one. It brings back the stars of the first thriller that really turned into comedy. This time the storm brings killer sharks falling from the skies over New York City. And there's one scene where there's a shark in a subway trying to get the guy. Now it's my understanding that scifi channel produced some of its -- movies. And it would they were criticized for the graphics -- criticized for the computer generated images they weren't very sophisticated. They were more like cutesy from from the eighties. So it's my understanding the scifi channel decided well. Since we're doing movies that's. It looked kind of hokey let's just let's just take it seriously and do real movies that are that are hokey. I guess that's the best way to describe it a sharp NATO is well it's supposed to be a thriller. When I first read with this movie was about and thinking oh my god how could anybody watch that to mean the idea that there's. A storm in. Los Angeles. That it sucks up all the sharks into the storm. And that the tornado is delivering sharks into downtown Los Angeles it throughout the Los Angeles area -- this is just so ridiculous well apparently. It was supposed today. And it was taken as -- ridiculous. And silly movie and so now there's a short NATO to the second when. And this is a storm brings the killer sharks into New York. Tennessee is the original characters they fly to New York. There's. There's a review at foxnews.com. That describes the movie as it would be blend between jaws and Baywatch. And that it really is funny. Veteran comedian Robert Klein plays the mayor of New York City. Anyone of the what -- the scenes in the movie he's calling all the New Yorkers to warrant saying when something bites us. We bite back. I mean that's the kind of thing you'd expect me -- -- to say if there were sharks falling from the sky in your numeral is right. On The Today Show personalities Matt Lauer and Al -- do some very serious coverage of this disaster of sharks falling from the sky. Script and it's. Is I get it's it's it's a mock. It's a mock thriller really something to -- that shark NATO to the second one premieres tomorrow night 8 o'clock I'm like him -- because I'll be doing this -- show. But I will look forward to in reruns here's a -- forget shark NATO. Knew mad Max next year Charlize starent. Tom hardy as Mednax. And the original -- Carter is back. My favorite villain ever. And see I didn't see mad Max I never really. Got the whole mad -- thing and as I said I'm not real scifi guys for something like that can slip right by me and -- not to pay close attention to it. The -- Carter is back you know since I didn't see it. I can just figure out that this is. This is a pretty bad dude. Mean obviously if you nickname is the -- Carter. You're not doing anything it's this very pleasant bestowed blog tonight is titled a straight pride festival. In Ohio. And kind of talk about what it would be like if we had a a straight pride festival. Is -- need for -- that's on our website you can read it chairman others it's WWL dot com and here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is it wrong for parents to buy alcohol and cigarettes went shopping with their teenagers. And it's a case of a 57 year old father who was shopping at Wal-Mart in Ames Iowa with his fifteen year old daughter. And they refuse to selling to six packs of beer and a bottle of vodka says he was humiliated. They refuse to sell it to him because she's fifteen year old teenage daughter was there. Now Wal-Mart the corporation said that that stored made a mistake. And that is not the policy of Wal-Mart I just wanted to make sure that we cleared that up. I Jefferson Parish authorities have arrested Antonio Marshall and in connection with the carjacking took place on bond bull Ford Saturday night in -- This was about 940 Saturday night. And arrest warrant has been issued for another suspect at least this was the information before I sort of -- and a two suspects have -- not been fully identified yet. This happens in the 600 block of bottom noble art. In Metairie that's close to the -- ten and that's how you get on the I ten from from veterans highway. So this was in a very well lit populated area there's. Ford's. Explorer. That is apparently broken down. And two guys jump in front of a car with this woman and a fourteen year old daughter. The two guys pulled them over our -- then to come help them. As if they need help. And they're told the light and on the ground to other people jump out of the Ford Explorer they jump in the woman's car and they take off. And all of this happening in of what is considered to be a very. Safe neighborhood well lit and high traffic area. So is it fortunate the crime is everywhere. But there are people who -- dot com the French Quarter because it's dangerous. Uninsured those same people are not going to worry about driving on -- boulevard which. Is the place where this happened and anything can happen anywhere. According to the information that they're getting from the the person they arrested the Ford Explorer began to overheat. And so exited on -- boulevard. And since they were in Jefferson Parish. The suspects were really nervous about being stranded in Jefferson Parish with guns. So they decided they needed due to carjacked the car so they can get on there as quickly as possible. Don't you find it interesting that. They were afraid to be in Jefferson Parish with regards. Should they be afraid to be in New Orleans with guns. Should they be just as nervous about being in New Orleans and or anywhere. With a gun. And if that's the case then maybe New Orleans should Buick. It is a Jefferson Parish. Make people nervous. If they have guards. In my -- if you're if you're nervous. Because you have guns and try to get -- to respect imagine getting out of a car with your guns and carjacking car. I mean I I guess I guess criminal types put themselves in really desperate situations and they do really stupid things that. This. This could have had a much worse ending because the mother and daughters -- as I know are okay. But doesn't this really bring up this this other issue of whether or not it's safe to stop and help people. And we things like this happen in the news we're we're skeptical about wanting to help people. Also the news we we hear about yet another case of some guy who's trying to meet some woman on line. Andy ghost Demeter instead of meeting the woman ten guys carjacked the guy's car. It's amazing to me how open and naive. So many people seem to be. When you meet somebody online. It could be anybody. And you go meet him and I guess this is something that happens and it happens all the time but does this make you less likely. To wanna do that. And are you less likely to stop and and and help somebody. When you hear about cases of this woman. I mean some people say would've -- -- I've I've told people the stories I would've run over. I would kept going John -- studio British I would run over. But then you're gonna have a whole different set of problems. Remain -- dole that they don't need help but then who jumps -- for your car. I mean that's an indication that that there's a problem. So are you less likely to stop and help somebody. And what if you see some running on the side of -- -- -- really does need help. What is my needs help changing attire. And yet we've heard of stories where people are on the side of the road. And they. They fake. A broken down car. Somebody stops to help them. Other people jump out and rob the person who stopped to help. And it really is sent me this surreal statement about about human nature. Animals don't do this to each other. But humans do. And as I've talked about in the show. This was one of the things -- really impressed me about the message in the movie dawn of the planet of the apes. But the message was really interesting in that is that that humans. Are more evil to each other more malicious to each other than animals. These humans needed guns. The -- the apes. Could survive in a civilized society. Without guards. And this is not. -- promotion of banning guns. Is bringing up the issue of why human Steve guns. And humans -- meets gun -- speed -- guns to protect themselves because other humans try to hurt I mean it's a case is obviously. You use guns to protect yourself from animals. But I would say I don't know what the statistics are but I would think the vast majority of Americans that own guns today. On guns because they're trying to protect themselves not from animals. -- From other human beings. Have you stopped to help somebody and are you less likely now to wanna stop it helps -- Have you ever had a problem stopping to help someone. I'm nice to be honest if I'd see somebody in the side of the road broken down I mean especially at night. Pattern of -- up. I guess it's easier to call now -- just about everybody is a self only if she could call it saved his car broken down maybe -- ago help dispersant. I don't know if you call 911 for that today I'd like to promote using 911 for real emergencies and I guess in some ways that's that's an emergency. But I guess that's the thing to do. Is to simply call somebody and and that's not to help. But I really think about what there's this woman and her fourteen year old daughter must have felt. When these guys chip out in front of the car. Saying help them and then they pulled guns on him in order to get out of the car and why immigrants. Only the mother but the fourteen year old daughter. And can you imagine what that felt like. If you are join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. Dines nearly seventy. And our text number is 877. Here's a -- -- being afraid do carry guns in Jefferson Parish but apparently not New Orleans they must remember when Harry Lee was alive. Here's a text about my comment about mayor land true and and short NATO in New Orleans a -- Andrew wood off for the sharks swimming lessons and apologized. For the streets. That he doesn't have the money to fix. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. -- ever face every Saturday and we'll be right back. Is it wrong for parents to buy booze and cigarettes while shopping with their teenagers that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll here's an update. 33% say yes it's wrong but now 67%. Say no it is not wrong. Give us your opinion by going to our web site at W real dot com. When you hear about a carjacking in a place like -- bottle boulevard 940 Saturday -- woman her fourteen year old daughter carjacked. At gunpoint. When you hear about that and the premise was these people needed help. Are you less likely to stop and help somebody does anybody do that anymore. If you enjoy an issue with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- there were seven text Amber's late 77. For -- at Howard here on this crucial into the W a good evening. Who want to make it now on about the latest opera. Now but I felt a lot of -- mechanical itself doesn't. In the shop minute now to help people outside the room for a lady this stop and help. Men -- not true road. With you don't barrel on the ball. And values who marked comments and I mean. There's not really too much you would -- what you'd -- yen it. You know public you know itself in trouble on the I'll watch a lot of -- -- huge -- At the most prudent people in the world. When you're due out any validity of old -- the Isle -- Man mark Soderberg. -- -- problems. You know the State's civil and light there's some blatant law. Let Paul put up that. -- how our end and defensive his mother it if from the story that I've read -- when I've heard about this this story on the news. It appears as if two guys jumped out in front of her car. And I almost demanding that they needed help and so I guess -- option would have been their run over room but what do they really needed helping Iran over and then you would be in trouble. In Oakmont brutal drought around itself on your gonna one -- -- somebody -- does -- you'll play -- on -- worry you know with. You don't stop outside the -- -- -- no -- -- -- struck late call somebody a -- but I was. Mean it's not using too much stomped out all the -- And this happened in such a how populated will lit areas Metairie Bible boulevard near the interstate. On limited I wouldn't stop. -- -- -- Anybody -- over a volatile laity. I am not so much light and mark my girls do not stop the -- on him to Wear light. Too long because -- You know there -- how they're gonna flavor to the spirit in which there on out there have been out there been times when not bitter red light. In the city and I'm I'm concerned they're does that does a moment when I get concerned. A doubts. About being a red -- thinking that anything can happen. And since you know like -- I'll become addicted to idea watt that are all coming onto the amount of Rahm learned. -- -- account of people that are in this world -- on the during the war. So much trust as forest people. Don't. Rule it really -- slumped in non. And that's all -- the -- Don't -- and Cole bombing. There would be shot that I photos stop. For any man ensemble group. Give them assistance for one bullet which you possibly do other -- get yourself in trouble I mean. You're going to weigh in -- now wants united as a people that deal broke down trying to stop people. And it doesn't look like a good situation nothing community you know about it just the situation now open. Development and in the augment normal from you know what department and the rumble outlook. Well I'd have jeopardized mop board being hero dog. For a. Anyway and and imagine what this this mother and daughter went through -- and guns are pulled out in their ordered out of the car at that point -- know what's gonna happen. Exactly and so you know my devices -- on. That's not smoke situation he won't put to self award in what most -- and as anybody that would do that the child. There's not using too much common sense and look -- -- Every day you should use some problems such an army and that's just not -- the -- to. Howard I appreciate you calling her show priceless thing down in the parish. -- it's actually resell my way back from Panama City last night around 10 PM. I saw a woman trying to hitchhike a ride on I ten. In the middle of nowhere. I'm a good person. But I'd never do it because I never know if someone. Will be evil enough to take advantage of man I mean it's. It's it's true I mean you see somebody hit you know they're there might be somebody who's out in the middle of nowhere on the interstate. How they got their I don't know and I guess that's another question while they get there. There are some people who. Might really need help in that situation. Who would stop. And either that woman is still there. Or she walked to a destination. Or somebody -- the -- And so often women can be used as an easy decoy as big eight if you will. To get guys to stop. And she's really part of a team of guys who were trying to -- some like I don't play or make anybody paranoid. And you have to use your own judgment if your interest in the situation where. Somebody. Might need help except to you to decide whether or not to help. You just really have to be aware of your surroundings in the situation. Again in defense of this mother -- was carjacked with her fourteen year old daughter in Metairie. Saturday night's it's my understanding from this story that these guys literally jumped in front of the car. So would you run over. And if somebody jumps in front of your car and you run -- from. -- still protected by the law is having Joseph funny car. And you run over. That's their fault. I'm not saying that there would be lawyers getting involved in it I'm sure that would be an awful lot of paperwork. But he somebody gets in front of your car. It's their fault they put themselves there. Here is a Texan reads I used to ride my bike around -- boulevard. -- -- -- -- I live in Hammond but he used to have an apartment in old battery a few years ago and yes that is very disturbing. I mean most people though exactly to Syria were talking about it. Between veterans and the interstates on viable. If you everywhere anywhere on on on veterans or that side of the lake side of the interstate that's why if you're in that area you take Bobble. To get on the interstate. And that would seem to be very very safe place a friend of mine lives very near -- here. And I haven't talked -- yet but I'm sure she's kind of freaked out that this happened in her neighborhood. This Ford Explorer. Was overheating. So these guys pull off the interstate to bottom I think they were headed to -- And there's four of them in the explore. And they're stuck they are inviolable. And according to the person who was arrested. They were so nervous. About having guns. In Jefferson Parish. So nervous were having guns -- Jersey person that they decided to use their guns to carjacked a car. Again. Why are they so nervous to be with guns in Jefferson Parish. And I guess they were trying to get back to the city. Because they weren't nervous about having guns in the city. That's a problem in itself. If you and join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. And a text numbers it 77. Is it takes a -- cutesy Bedard is staying alive one of the safest places to live. In order rest. Arrest report is mostly. On wanted. Outer parish thugs. Interest to. Us from downtown earnest euros coach. WL. Chaos -- going on ago good. Pretty good out of college a year -- out there they have eight cadets blower that's on WWL OK in that. That -- guys didn't actually jump out in out front over. I only. Keep passed them and I went to veterans in DC went back around to actually help the really. And -- it development happens it's I sort of showed rightly. Exactly and so I mean she was more negligent in -- in proper behavior you know which ought to be I guess he was kind of kind of embarrassed displayed it you know she actually went back because that would mean even more dumping achievement. Well did she really did put herself and her daughter at risk and and why she was trying to do a good thing which is recently that it's really senate. As a source stated about human beings. It's you know what Tom you know lucky you know despite the previous column -- She would have done more -- is making a phone call in -- that this ball the lady you don't put on weight it would turn out there who you believe. By and like the the caller suggested I mean this is not to say that there aren't a lot of women who know about cars. But he if you don't knowingly knowingly about cars would in my it and you fight I stopped to help somebody would put in my -- on can be of the right dosage problems. Exactly and it. Alicia was -- take on. -- -- Monica who's been. That's it's it's an open a dead girl knew about cars didn't she. And you would -- -- -- with. Yeah Marisa -- made it was a great great scene in the quarter as what are my favorite courtroom scenes yeah. Artist I'm glad -- -- they have a great night thanks for listening in downtown New Orleans here's a text that reads. And he's right though I wouldn't stop with my young son in the car bad mistake in now I'm getting an update on the stories is something changed inside a sort of a shorted clock tonight. Now we've learned nets news the woman with a daughter in the car. Passed up these people and then went back to help them. And again think about think about what touched her heart. Something touched her heart to wanna go back and help these people. And look what happened to. I think this really is sad statement about humanity you -- -- week week and we can't even help each other anymore. Here is a Texan -- grew up -- old -- in the seventies and never. Would've happened back then crazy now not the same and that's from -- Got a text day here's says it's thank you -- for reading my text I always feel famous when you do well I'm glad to do you know and if he's if you send a text. And you wanna put your name at the end of it on the junior you're Davis -- as I read the text. A text numbers 8787 if you majorities for the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seven and a text -- 7870. Here's -- -- -- remember when that happened to the lady that stuff happens so fast people say. I would do this I would do I have done that you really don't know what you would do until you're in that situation. And that's true and even though it happened in Metairie is a safe place I think it was just the wrong place at the wrong time. It just happened to be the place where. They wound up to desperate to yeah -- -- it's it's it's very set and the unit's sale of the week. Which can help each other mean I remember my dad would quite often pull over and -- -- side of the road. But that's something that we're what we're likely to do -- if you if you do that and you really truly help somebody got bush. But. I don't consider myself to be paranoid. Or person who goes around the world scared. I don't consider myself to be frightened. -- I'm very reluctant to wanna stop in and help anybody today because -- for too many stories like this. And so if you if you break down a -- you really can't expect anybody to help you so. Hopefully you have a phone with you when you can call for some help. -- hobby lobby allegedly fired an employee because she was pregnant. -- Allen claims that she was fired by the company a couple of years ago for taking time off to have her baby in this issue is come up again because critics are saying it's ironic. If hobby lobby won the right in court to opt out of some birth control coverage. In obamacare because they wanna protect life. But yet they would fire an employee for having a baby. And quite often we hear similar stories when it comes to a a teacher and -- probably just school. Who gets pregnant out of out of wedlock -- not married and we've we've talked about countless stories like this. A woman. Signs. Conduct. Agreement and a and a lot of schools have people sign men and women -- conduct clauses. And if your conduct as it live up to the expectations of the school they can party. But human beings make mistakes. Human beings are mortal human beings are of our fellow -- And the last time we talked about this it was a case of one teacher. Who was married to another teacher. I and that's our engagement of the teacher engaged to be -- And the female teacher became pregnant. By the male teacher at the school. I forget where this happened but I do remember this was the last time we talked about this of the show. The teacher was fired. Because she was pregnant and unmarried. But as far as I know the male teacher wasn't fired. That's hypocritical. And if people do make mistakes. And if the the the ultimate promotion. Of -- religion. -- most religious schools in most religions is to oppose abortion. Then why not use a teacher who gets pregnant as an example of what you'd do if you do get pregnant. Because ironically. The teacher could have gone on and had an abortion. And not lost her job. So. What are restore incentive. To do the right thing. Which in the minds of most people is. Have debate. -- -- -- She could -- had an abortion and kept their job. She lost her job because she was pregnant and the school said you're pregnant you're not married to sets a bad example. But what about the example they could have been made of the teacher. For this is what you do. If this does happen to me. If -- -- pressure with a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. -- 38668890. Saturday. A text numbers 87870 here's takes it reads as good bite from Metairie here ironically the two topics go hand in hand. I love animals more than people in general I'm an animal lover and an activist. And this world is so full of crazy inconsiderate people you can't trust anyone. It's true. There's attacks -- very good point about the pregnant teacher. Here's another text wasn't alive move wise move hope she learned her lesson. But she turned to around possible. Divine intervention. That may have saved. That may have saved the life and that's from a ms. Carter. Here's a text don't get pregnant by and and you know that's that's of an important lesson to remember -- you don't have to get pregnant. You don't have to have sex. Now I realize that people are gonna have sex but you don't have to have sex it's. It's not something that you need to sustain life. It is something that we used to propagate the species. It's on an enjoyable act. Especially if done properly but adults but it's not something that you need to sustain life. From Metairie herald here under the WL. -- -- -- I'll -- it done just to clarify something about calling 91 ones yeah. He didn't mention that you you know that it would be strictly for emergency use. Recently the eight ranking officer with Jefferson Parish sheriff's office mentioned to me. That 911 is how they handled all of player. It's emergency and non emergency. So. I think that's important for the public to know I would and that's the same in Orleans parish. And that is that when you hit in the issue for the police department. That you did not want one and don't feel intimidated yeah. About whether it's an emergency or our homes theory is something is just scored just do it. Yeah I mean there are really obnoxious uses of 911 like if somebody's -- orders not right the fast food restaurant they called 911 to complain I mean that's obviously abusive died when -- What you're saying is essentially diamond one is kind of if nothing else it's an after hours number for the police department. Yeah or even mean during hours they've really come to enhance another phone number. To really handle. Police department business. Yeah plot -- and I appreciate that information and that's that's that's good to know what I did say. You know and -- once for emergencies I think -- well it's always on the side of the road I guess that's that's an emergency but it's it's nice to know that. I ain't nobody should abuse it and again if you have trouble with your order at a fast food restaurant don't call the police don't call 911 but. If you need to get information to the police even if it's not a dire emergency. Then I guess so can use on one point. Carol I appreciate that information if anybody has any information that is contrary to that please call our show -- 2601878. Or send me text at 877. For Algiers -- -- on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- That incident is just minutes unfortunate and you know the -- the woman in but it could be stressed and is it about the ball the contrary doubles. Contract that thinks -- well the date time. You know although although when be under -- like he stated that sell it felt like he did it mean. It's still sign a contract he can't eat noble speaker Africa because. Well you know I mean you know technically the school has a right to follow through with the contractor but wouldn't it be a good moment to explain what you do. If you do get pregnant because people. People do get pregnant and that's why there's there's so much a protesting against abortion because people oppose abortion when people get pregnant when. They're not trying to get pregnant when it is. A mistake an accident or it wasn't a planned pregnancy. So instead of having an abortion you have to baby it seems like this would be a good opportunity for the school to have taught. The children that. This is what you'd do if this happens to you I also think it's wrong that is the male teachers as far as I know didn't get fired. He didn't know because he was part of the same night it was a male teacher and a female teacher that the ability to get pregnant and I remember talking about the story and last I heard in the male teacher did not get fired but he was part of that act. He should have been -- picnic on. Meet our schools. I'll tell you -- say lol yes but have. CNET you want came up at this regional because. You know it did it would. In the Woods Hole -- track apple but it did take it GOP should be fired as. Joseph I'm glad you called -- thanks listing in Algiers. If you and join us with your comment tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- was 8787. As a Texas says I admit that I have seen people on the side of the road while on my way home from work and refused to stop. I do feel a bit bad for not stopping. But in this day and age you have no clue who is a psychopath. Going to harm you or worse. I did stop for someone once and gas station and Carrollton. And I wish I never had I'll never do it again. You stop and help people. When you stop and help somebody today. And if you have any thoughts or comments about the news carjacking took place in nattering on -- 940 Saturday night. Here's our number 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas a -- seventy. I'm scoot it will be right back into the WL. -- tonight is titled -- straight pride festival in Ohio and it explorers. The possibility of a straight pride festival. And what that might be like. The colors would be rainbow colors if there was a straight pride festival I guess it be like navy and and and khaki your -- personally like that in. You know the music would be different may be straight up by Paula Abdul. Straight from the hearts. Bryan Adams it would be like it's raining men or I will survivor or. We -- family. But I I do hear calls -- when I talk about it gay pride when it's a gay -- time and we talk about the gay pride parade in in new world answer a few people who calls it but what about a straight pride. Operator festival. Well hey you wanna have would have. Bites. Do you need to have one. What would it look like if there was in a gay pride if there was a straight pride fest and it's in the blog and -- I you satire so if you read the blog -- don't be offended if it appears to describe you personally because it's. It's just satire. It's on our web -- she could read insurer and others it's attributed -- dot com. We have disturbing story. On our web sites about. A second NO PD officer a second officer. Within a week. Being arrested and suspended. Officer -- a grant senior has been placed on emergency suspension without pay. After being arrested on two counts of indecent behavior with juvenile miles and two counts of sexual battery. Of a juvenile. And then the other day. There was a woman who is female police officer who was arrested for trying to run over a guy. And I think this was domestic dispute to run over a guy with with our car. His current this guy. I was -- and I think I -- cramp but it's game it. -- a 26 year veteran with NO PD. And was most recently assigned to the you know PDs eighth district. Mounted unit. It's not fair to hold police officers. To a higher standard. But it is fair to hold him to distinct same standard that we all hat. And I just I don't know I may -- -- police officers -- human. They make mistakes. And when they make mistakes. Thank -- the police department. Catchers and -- of the about it. Here's a text Disco that there is good and bad I told by Obama. I felt. A darkness on the city. I love that I'm moving to. She's 83. She told me there is good and bad she said. I can I can contribute to the positive. I mean that's a good way to look at me there is good bet that there's good and bad everywhere. But the fact that this carjacking did happen. In Jefferson Parish. On the honorable. Highly populated will lit area. Is a very sobering thought. For a lot of people. Because that's the kind of thing that you'll be expect. When you're in the city. And can happen anywhere of these were city -- but again I still find it interesting that the guy was arrested. Told police that they were really nervous about being in Metairie. With garments. So we had to get back to New Orleans. Where they were nervous. About having guns. The -- -- that scenario. Here's a text when you have sex you take responsibility if you get pregnant you raise a child. I don't think anybody could say it better than that. People do make mistakes. And people do get protect. And if you're against abortion. Than what's the alternative. Have to date. And that's why I don't think even teachers -- conduct clauses. Should be penalized if they make a decision to have the baby. Here is attacks in Mississippi a few people stop or call 911 I've called. I've called for car fires causing attracted traffic jams as well and as a human being hit on I ten. No one had called. I think state police. Know my number and name people just don't get involved I mean that's that's true some people don't get involved and I guess we should assume and I think sometimes I may be guilty of this we shouldn't assume that somebody else is gonna call. Chances are somebody else is gonna call but what do they don't. What if everybody. Assumes. That everybody else is gonna call. Then nobody calls. And some people just don't get involved. And that's that's a shame an action last night is something that happened to -- Sunday night. In the -- from a house of blues. There was a woman whose daughter was downstairs at the concert was only to show. In this removes in the parish room and it had to be it seemed like he was born and alcohol. She passed out and was just in her if she was done as she was overdose. There there was something going on there that seemed well beyond alcohol. And lose the that the staff at house of blues did a wonderful job of taking care of this woman till EMS workers arrived. But they were in mired in my girlfriend and her sister. And I went to go tell laden. I wouldn't go tell the the staff when it happened at house of blues. When I came back my girlfriend her sister were helping this woman on stay up right she -- starting to throw -- and she's lying down I mean. It isn't that how Jimi Hendrix died. You know you could choke on your own your own vomit so you know they were trying to keep her awake and trying to keeper upright in in leaning over in in the right direction. And there were there were two women who were sitting actually closer to this woman who passed out. And they dissent they're. They did get involved. So it is true that some people just don't wanna get involved. Is it takes a -- hey I was wondering where folks publicity you guys in California. I was just taking my mom and might just talking to my mom and brother about how much fun I'm having listening to your show. And navy. Then and I could listen altogether so in Southern California. I don't know the station name. And is at the same time. 20 okay well. Yeah I mean this show is life they can. They can download the -- there's a WW a lap and I appreciate that the company to listen to our show morning it to share with people Southern California. We do get calls from California occasionally. And so just happened download the -- W lap where you can listen on line at WW real dot com and all that information should be here. -- if you don't get that information my email address is scoot. -- -- -- -- -- And just had sent me an email and I'll make sure that the tech people get all connected Q so you guys can listen talk about the show and I really appreciate the compliment. This is this -- if you wanna join us for the comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Or seventy. And our text number -- -- VA seventy. We'll be right back -- A joint leader talking about Wal-Mart refusing to sell alcohol to a 57 year old father who wears a shopping for groceries -- this fifteen year old daughter. Jim Davis was at the Wal-Mart in Ames Iowa refused they refuse to sell it to six packs of beer and a bottle of vodka he was humiliated your shopping was teenage daughter. And the first impression that I got from this this may not be the case but my first impression was is this part of the growing trend of businesses passing moral judgment. Our customers. And customer behavior. And if that's the case. And think of all the things that might suggest some kind of behavior. It would be it would be considered by some to be inappropriate. That are legally on sale. That we really need to try to to stop this passing judgment on a customer's behavior now. If somebody -- drunk and they're trying to buy alcohol. That's different. Do some shopping with their teenage starter. You really can't refuse to sell them alcohol. If somebody wants to buy something that's legally on sale what you think they might be doing with that product. Is really in the business. For party to a Marie or WWL. -- -- -- -- I just wanted to give a couple of examples of why not and and one could be used to me it happened in wet myself in a being caught three times in the -- it. I'd say 34 months. One. Alex -- not signing his life. And we were going down highway and his client on that yes. Started -- over the year ago commandant. -- nova getting back into the other line. So he 911. And when you do that you do have to keep -- -- Dance in the nation about you. Immediate. Immediate you tightening the kind of car of the cholera are you Korean. And we -- you act. And you felt. And then another plan my daughter what ride in the legion field. And it was in the middle of the day and -- between not Robinson and playable. And there's a woman laying on in each program. Nobody else on the ground. So we. Went and went Iran went up couple blocks that you get them going back like that -- if anybody let them. -- we did you know back it was -- that they did some arrow lakes are. -- -- I shouldn't say that they debuted at some people that there every morning in which they call it. And so we -- -- one line. And she said I'm not leaving until he took police. So we went -- -- game. Then a policeman was there. One -- the other people -- but I don't think he was with there. But we -- great to get out of the car him you know because that that. But that was affecting tan and another term I was with my sister and brother in law. In home. And say it died in Iraq. So that we the police. And my brother in law. Kept following him and my sister was getting itchy -- and she took -- home she was getting directions. -- to where we wore while holding him. And it guy. I don't know what he thought we will -- him but he turned into a driveway. It's stupid name and -- his lights on soda I don't know Lambert was in terms that he backs that. We the police no way that we and next thing you know the police come around acting goes up again and. So you've you've been close to situations not getting out of the car by achieved in there to make sure that. Something was done politically nobody. I I appreciate the call on at the end of the show and thanks listening to WWL. Here's a text there's a name for straight pride parades called -- draw well that is debatable. I think John -- studio producer jacares in the in the studio the back tomorrow night with -- others who show love you New Orleans.