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Jul 30, 2014|

Dave talks about if it's bad to have a Southern accent, if you work on your birthday, and cooler air

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this thirtieth of July 8 2014. Yeah it's. Hump day you better believe it -- fans. You're -- you're darn right. On yeah -- yeah did you have you done. And I got it -- I feel the difference. Kind of dead. And then we're not even on the North Shore no. And it feels so wonderful I'm -- toxic to North Shore commuters that they -- generally all they said it was wonderful. Rollicking. Rollicking over there absolutely. I has stepped down last night -- throughout that they -- plan. My body there last night and one as a -- -- out there was little reason. And all things considered it boundaries you the end of July this is unheard out. Yes. Everybody did on the job at that time day in -- frolic in Compton. You're driving please do it absolutely was gentle hum for the draw absolutely so -- and enjoy this NATO doubt. Yeah. And we're making our way to the weekend you know -- all -- number will be 60% of the way through the workweek and -- non toward the week. I just need to football game so. Well we don't have that much longer I know it's coming up that this weekend but next week and half of football that. Pre season albeit. -- like pre season football. -- at this point it's one of those things where yeah I'll take it as -- or I'll I'll take it. Absolutely do I don't particularly targets -- you know everything but I think they do have to do it. Maybe just maybe two games I liked the first one the first one and out of excited about because it is the first one. Then after that it like. This for real for yet click on drag after about it that's okay. Yes it is to vote if you feel that I don't know that it's football weather yet obvious. If you're enjoying the weather this morning text edit them and it's in the -- I would fields where you far. I can I now locked in to the building this morning in downtown new world and actually noticed a little less I did I did. Hey you wanna be part of Hollywood south by I'd sure like -- our story on production assistant. Do we -- the production assistant does you know I'm I've talked to enough people they wouldn't care as long as they could use some things. I'm not movies that they'd be there yet when you're around all the big stars I mean everyone has been coming all the stars from Hollywood. Have been coming to Hollywood south. To be apart of and it's very simple of the information at WW out now you have to live in Orleans or Jefferson and you can be a part of the mayor's office of cultural economy men and assistant boot camp next month the two day work. I'm constantly hearing from people who say IC all the signs. I see I hear about Hollywood south all these remember how to how to write it and how how. You know what do you do I did and it and it really fosters a lot of people and I think this is at the start of something good. -- production assistant boot yeah I was seven on the West Bank today at those signs France's highest award I did you should not one. Just wrapped terminator five and the next. The reboot I guess of Jurassic Park -- and -- fun time more movies filmed in Louisiana. And how it was in Gaza. Little plan comes to make -- without him about fifteen minutes or first news here -- WL am them and count gonna go to the Eyewitness News. Pinpoint forecast and an -- missed meteorologist. Alexander grant for you know yesterday it was more about tells are also up to be Jim Henderson it. And the day that -- dot guys John join the saints radio network broadcast. Yes it was a big day -- taken the week off apparently for her birthday you like to go to work on your birthday or do you like to take off on your birthday. To go to work in your birthday you do that thing -- and the money -- and maybe your co workers give you little cash for your -- there. Today have a little party in the break room and sing happy birthday with a cake. Next minute 78 that you like go to work for your birthday or do you like to take off for your birth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But not -- also -- you -- -- and sports is Steve -- the saints are taken the day off today we'll find out what -- Coach has planned for them. -- it is summer fun forum on this first day off after weeks worth intensive. Training. Taking it easy today with -- I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for being part of the early edition of WWL first news on this home. Now being there with Angela -- at 1 o'clock this afternoon for what stranding limited time on that you know join us this afternoon 1 o'clock tomorrow. David Blake. Will join Angeles jail for what's trending along with characters. That take a look at what people are clicking on the most -- WWL com WBO FaceBook page. Tuesday what people earn it and our viewers in the Weathers this morning got text messages coming in -- 7870. Window down cat mark another West Bank. Banks Atlantic that it navigate them as a pot to a 71 drop. Posters on the North Shore it's off Saddam yes it feels great as another text messages rates 77 from someone up here and independence that says. The announcement pre season is better than no season and all that -- pre season football. And thank you for everyone detects and remind me that the hall of fame game is Sunday so we do have some football this weekend. It's not saints football and it doesn't count but it is. Kind of Vienna now euphoric as. Lots of sunshine on this Wednesday get outside and enjoy the slightly lower humidity if you can now it's still going to be high highs around ninety degrees this afternoon. You might notice it feels a little bit nicer 149 outlook for -- is still a little bit cool north of the lake around 67. And south of the lake around 74. Tomorrow still hot highs around 91 and the humidity creeping back just a little bit at 10% chance for a spotty shower or thunderstorm. Friday ads that -- chance up to about 20%. Highs around 91. From the pinpoint forecast center and meteorologist Alexandra cramped. -- 76 degrees and partly cloudy at the airport in -- right now 68. And clear in slide down the relative humidity. Still 87% on the North Shore 66%. And the airports yeah -- I felt the difference out there that northeast breeze at ten miles an hour on both sides of the -- I think makes a bit of a difference I'm Dave -- the early edition of WW golfers there's definitely not West Virginia whether. It's much cooler up in the mountains that's where Steve Geller is with the saints who actually have a day off the training camp today but that was going not a camp let's go to the -- Morning everyone will blue what's the word I training camp yesterday as CT -- -- -- scenes players on the practice field for the first time this all season. After having back surgery this. Are you know anytime you see those guys for the network out there you know that's where one of these and you appreciate you know the little things a lot more you know we can't do. Head coach Sean Payton added that bird is a Smart instinctive player and shouldn't take him long to get acclimated to the team mentally he told. Up to speed with everything we're doing and so. Do now she is physically transition back into a football playing -- rookie to -- rules also came all the physically unable to perform list and receiver Robert Meachem was back on the field after missing two days with a sore back. Former LSU tiger -- Beckham juniors MRI has come back negative but -- still miss at least another week of New York Giants training camp with a hamstring injury Beckham strain has lingered since the spring and it's become a fairly major concern -- G men are hoping he'll be back for their second pre season game Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon is up fueling the NFL's imposition of a yearlong suspension for a positive test for marijuana is legal team won't argue that the positive test. Are sold more -- That they show uncertainty. As to whether they were truly positive and even if so where the result of exposure to secondhand smoke. And Blake Griffin withdrew from team USA basketball camp to rest a small fracture in his back injury reportedly isn't serious and occurred during the playoffs which may explain some of the lack of explosion Griffin showed against -- OKC thunder today therefore on sports talk a week's players have impressed the most so far plus a look inside training camps around the rest of the NFC south. From saints camp in West Virginia Steve Geller WW else. Come back here in New Orleans just a moment about what -- can do what their day off today the first -- opposites game. The past they've gone bowling they've gone to water parks that it's fun it's the event and it it would seem -- today dale and I'm -- on Margaret text messages right after this as well you feel on the cooler weather and you like to go to work and you Bertha. 525 gave -- -- on Steve Geller in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. But the weather like up there this morning Steve. Eight QE 48 -- totally cash out without we've heard it cool and -- -- -- sixties here in low seventies on this ouster of Britain and 48 degrees. The saints have been working hard for a week now at training camp. And typically on this first day off. The cut -- some fun have you heard any indication yet to what the saints will be doing today to get away from the football field. Well we -- department yesterday the only thing that Drew Brees would give us is that they're gonna hang around the Greenbrier resort he says he's gonna hang out the fellas. And -- few things around fair. That -- actually. And then watch a little film yet ready for Thursday so not much room breeze out orders -- -- -- I don't know horseback riding or you know go. -- -- may be noticed in golf thing may regions skeet shooting and that's in the biggest they've been tweeting animal -- cute again. You know happy -- -- go ahead of aren't. Yesterday the quarterback during their walk through -- them or their competition and talk about skeet shooting. They were throwing his -- up in the air and -- football Adam. That it anymore. It was a cut off. Right rookie Logan Kilgore and that a winning the competition as Drew Brees won any of these quarterback challenges yet. He -- the secondary count yesterday because they -- -- for -- be up at the end. And then all the quarterbacks to ever hit it first -- he goes what -- the assistant coaches throughout the frisbee -- -- it is. And it was just so happy -- off the practice field -- aren't quite by accident and I think it might have been his first victory of the care -- carpet QB competition. So -- pandemic it is have been right now he's obviously won the starting position but he can't win and these challenges and the hasn't got a water park they've gone bowling league on this team movies while to wait to see what they do but they must be pretty happy to get a day off on. -- -- Payton was asked about the grind it can't yet he's like -- words that started here right now so let's take it take it easy -- that there is no light at the title -- right now. There's there's still just yet started but yet. After going through five straight days it's good to get a day off the practice field those -- be watching some film but it's about the compared to strap on the pads and hit. Each other Steve -- go frolic in that 48 degree weather what's the weather going to be like here in New Orleans. Looking good for today temperature starting off in the elite sixty's north of that lake feeling a little cool there stuff with the -- mailing in the seventies now will all be hot this afternoon with highs around ninety. But it will feel a little less humid out there. A 10% chance for a coastal shower or storm moving into today in the same story for tomorrow humidity -- that tomorrow a little bit. We start out tomorrow morning around 67 north of the late 74 -- and highs tomorrow around 91. Friday at 20% chance with highs again in the low nineties. From the pinpoint forecast center and meteorologist Alexandra credit for. 76 in -- at the airport 65 on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and 87870s. As nice a great feeling 65 degrees or Roger. Those of left walk at 430 felt like fall. On present tax and it's 78 tonight is my birthday just like any other day at work and no K a celebration of singing a happy birthday as has never taken -- for my birthday in 35 years. That's as I don't like going to work period hit it. And it's my birthday. I definitely feel like going to work. That's as I like to our immigrant they can I get paid double time rarely out that my birthday is. -- unity. That is that never worked remember them 346. Minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the thirtieth of July 2000 and portraying one -- day ago as a -- dog he's gone and this is the last. -- of July -- com. Day as it is. -- its fans view of the half. Everybody and I mount that -- up and yeah I can't see you on the radio but I'm doing. I see people doing that here if you're driving quiz time gently elsewhere hopeful day especially in this wonderful weather. You know I haven't talking about rollicking. And -- texted me at 878 David told Steve Geller you know it's 48 degrees in West Virginia off. God would not entitled to go frolic until we came back with -- more sports summit next to me is that what exactly is rollicking and how do you do it. I get that question often now and I'll tell you. It's kind of left up your own discretion. But I looked it up some dictionaries -- online told me that. -- yes please frolic or romp as you see fit play. I've behaved play fully and uninhibited and a -- And a inhibit or can one person tax credits that and it's nice that it's a wonderful 63 in Franklin -- and pay I think all things considered that's rocking -- -- whether you have for the thirtieth of July had another present on not -- the cars that -- roster until. This morning. All and it's horrible I know about it -- quote. Netherlands' day please stay home and just. Something. Wrong with evidence of it. Any accent that matter you know you hear the story at west and you know I did not announce -- write them -- -- -- this of that Oak Ridge, Tennessee our guys. Some employees at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee complains. After they were offered a class to teach them how to reduce their southern accent on you know. Yet in Tennessee you gotta be kidding managers and other call the whole thing off the course had been advertised as a way to make people feel confident in meeting. When one might need to speak with -- more neutral accent. Class was touted as a way to be remembered for what you say and not how you'd say it. And on nights is anything wrong with having a southern accent I don't think so at all it's there's have been. Probably more big deals cut. You know between southern gentlemen with big -- thick accents and you -- Ever medal what about a New Orleans accent justice of the Enron with 71 of the I'd like accents and I like Maine accidents like Minnesota accents. In Austin Jackson now. -- -- Do you think doesn't everyone at some sort of accent now I will admit I was taught in. Journalism school. That if I wanted to be marketable. In Rome in you know for radio stations anywhere in the country I should try to sound like it was from Ohio. And I did I had to have an accent grownup. I grew up in Chicago and there is this Chicago accent here and it's got kind of a polish twine -- yeah I would think -- and you know there's just some. Sounds that are pronounced differently. And down south. There's an accent. You know and so I guess they've they've canceled the class because of the controversy but should they have offered in the first place. And I want it over my listeners text -- at 8787 -- -- -- all the -- might. Is a top problem have a southern -- Yeah come on do the news in the morning. Now -- And well you grew up all over the place yeah. Yeah -- I don't know I'm Heinz 57 he spent -- them -- at that and held by Alabama yes I did that it was real -- over there you have a thin film I am now. Although. You could slide into one pretty easy you know when -- around not a lot it's kind of like when they say we go to Europe. And and hang out in the country for awhile you start picking up -- on the language. Allow the -- to go visit friends and Arkansas every year and by the time we finished at two week stint in Arkansas I was speaking with a -- and there you go and for fun -- as the kiwis to take an accent when I was in school we just speak with that -- all they want to start it's hard to stop you know like to say that's because the British accent and it's it let's -- -- were from New York today. On -- this whole idea of vote vote. I don't know fixing these people. In Tennessee that was not went over -- -- -- exactly guys if they were broken and I believe it up to our listeners to act made it 7870 is anything wrong with having a southern accent. And should you try to get rid of it if you wanna be successful. In meetings as this. Did the course was designed to thank you that we'll talk to about twenty minutes or fortunate Chris Miller joins us from NO PD headquarters twice this week. And several times this month that under arrest and suspend officers. What's going on that hope. I would do it again this meteorologists. Alexander -- in the ten -- forecasts that are Laura make displayed on the dance again just for -- as I want you to start to announce the up right now. You don't have. Been started a little detail that. We've yet and it's Wednesday home. I -- we -- on Wednesday of bad guys. You've got to do it last Wednesday Laura. Hump so hard she knocked her head that right -- ahead. I'm not saying you have to do that if you got at least move around to go to a point where like my closet looking at doing some wrong with. You -- I'm a coma. -- year. Sleek look and black outfit on the day get the hair pulled back here in the perfect outfit to do it on the up. -- -- -- Ireland are telling about right now every day. In a little bit and I get out. Alexander transferred in the pinpoint forecast center people are rocking this morning -- they really are feeling the difference this morning. I felt less humidity here on this after a few degrees cooler little breeze on the North Shore man people at Texas today it's 7870 that there just. Almost -- -- Okay good shape and now again knowing that the lake it's feeling pretty nice in the sixteenth this morning -- It is nice south of the lake were pretty much average for our temperatures but we took a little breeze and it is a little bit less humid out there. Well at eight and July 30 I will take any relief we came -- How much how much of this relief do we. Today we're gonna still be hot kind of like yesterday afternoon I headed out -- long -- tried yesterday and it felt great when I first got out there and then it. The temperatures are right now but overweight is still high. Though that's going to be the favorite story today highs around ninety degrees you make it kinda close upper eighties for a few spots. And that we do have only 10% chance for coastal shower or storm but it does stay less humid today. And it looks now that's gonna kind of stick around a little bit tomorrow to. Bruins zone tomorrow morning we could be doing this a little bit again I think all right but then it's over rent. Kind of -- Friday it'll start to creep back a little bit but actually Friday is looking a bit drier now you've been watching the point 78 forecast. We had kind of higher rain chances even starting on Friday about a 20% right now at twenty to thirty for Justin's body you're isolated stuff on Friday right and into the weekend. The weekend looks a little bit -- Saturday -- with 30% chance for some spotty showers or storms and Sunday looks letter with a scattered rain chance of about 50%. Outcast now they go folks if you got someone do this weekend you better bet it's Saturday than Sunday. To avoid those showers and we are keeping an eye out -- way of the Atlantic on the tropics. And a little area that could develop into something. That's right yet -- may develop to a tropical depression maybe today or tomorrow. But really since yesterday there hasn't been all that much change and it's got a little better organized but some of the thunderstorms weakened a little bit so just still keeping our eye on that. And most of the models show it not getting into the gulf curving up near the East Coast. That's right that's -- -- and it's right looked like -- -- had this way at least in the early. And now losses hopefully I'll keep our -- -- from the that went forecasts that are missed meteorologist known Democrat for Laura took her birthday off yesterday. It also Jim Henderson birthday yes -- knew that -- and it was anniversary of their hockey guys John join the saints radio. Network broadcast -- -- big day yesterday. Do you like to work on your birthday or take your birthday off. I usually end up just working things impact you know do they do. -- cake for you sing happy birthday in the -- right thing now all you can be yourself and -- people give -- cash Norman. It didn't out -- attendance is silent about it Hudson -- you don't like you what does he wouldn't like to celebrate your birthday. -- really don't know yet another day cool I like it play -- get that on go go overboard with him and I him. I'd like to work on my birthday yes yes -- just yet more people on -- happy birthday and a field but that's right where visibility have but then again I think it options for the day with my wife sometimes we go out to want to get them -- the two of us. I'm split I don't know the tough decision the lord chose to take today out so we wish very happy birthday yesterday I didn't on FaceBook. But we couldn't do it -- her. They -- at least two years on the -- it. Pat. Thank you Alexander -- Great -- to go frolic -- can't get on out every you know Alexander transferred -- to frolic in the pinpoint forecast and Canada are now we got -- frolic. It other really rocking up in the mountains and ten in Tennessee when it then West Virginia because it's 48 degrees as they wake up there. With the saints have a day off of practice today it was Steve -- to see what's going on things scampering after this and -- every text messages and 87870. Something wrong with having a southern accent should there be courses on how to get rid of it if you wanna be successful in them meeting. Remind you all. One person text me Tony says Islamic yet nothing wrong with my accent no. As as maybe it's not the south with an accent -- why that a southern accent why did the north that speaks wrong map this out right button. That's as we are the normal he and hundreds there's nothing wrong with a southern accent but is there anything wrong with someone who might want to lose it. As long as it wasn't required class I think it's okay. -- camp of the class after the controversy there and Tennessee. About class to offer people an opportunity to of their accent so they'd be more effective in meetings. Our prisons as I grew -- in Mississippi moved to California after college -- the accent as long as possible. It was always meant for picking up bodies. They loved consultant gentlemen and other says there's nothing wrong with -- accent but. They go on to say it in in the text messaging rates that mutiny I'm in the medical field and work in the operating room mom from Louisiana who was taught in school to speak with out an accent. So the surgeons would not have a bias against me. More discussion coming up today -- wrong with having a southern taxing it. I should stop that because once you start it's hard to stop Steve Geller. Is up in West Virginia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Awards saints -- the day off today but not Steve -- will be back for him in ninety seconds with more sports here on WWL live from West Virginia. Dave Conan -- and Steve Geller in West Virginia how cool is it out there this quarter and. It was 41 logo and yet still 48 degrees at their data Ireland's better in this 68 and slide on the seventy sixes in Canada but actually were enjoying this slightly cooler weather here -- not -- like you got -- there. The saints and have one full week in the books now training camp taken the day off today we'll find out later -- hold that pretty tight what kind of fun. The team will go -- today as economic team building exercise but. From a football perspective. After one week what do you see as the most exciting thing about this football team and the thing that concerns him. Definitely the most exciting thing to -- is rookie Brandon cooks because. He seems to provide while moments. On the field when he touches the ball which is exactly why this extracted him. And he missed time because he was finishing up school Oregon State but he really hasn't looked to be behind occur at all. He had a play yesterday on the screen pass where he got the block was patient enough to wait for and just what. Am gone so very impressive from him and to be the biggest concern right now. For the saints would be depth at the offensive line and maybe at a linebacker position. But there's a lot of young guys still fight for that spot so where's -- -- anxious to see what they can provide but those two areas offensive line at linebacker where. I would have it it's not really starters just that the depth behind them in case there's any. Injuries well I know the team must be excited and not have to hit the practice field for morning mark got an afternoon walk through today and you guys are saying it's broadcasting must be pretty excited after -- week. To actually get academy easier day where you don't acted -- on over practiced twice you guys get to a kind of enjoy things up -- West Virginia today have fun with -- -- Oh for that befell them wait for the guys that double trouble to get that with their broadcast agreement do some exploring. -- all right explorer away enjoy yourself -- Steve -- all right Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first. All right so we've been asked again is there anything wrong with having a southern accent I gotta tell him my wife is from central Louisiana. And she gets -- all the time. You're not from around here are you or where you from your accent is so cute. Anyway it's for the next four hours of fun topic Tucker will be here which get pummeled today you look the only -- It is amazing the difference and expenses and I mean even just go to Baton Rouge could go to the North Shore even 25 miles across the causeway indeed it's where you're in middle Tennessee I've lived in Chicago I've lived in Missouri -- in Texas I've lived here in the accidents are all. -- I've lived in Belle chase I've lived in Algiers in the accents are different there as we talk about the saints who retired about grudges and talk about carjacking. And debt and paying bills. All the same time we -- payment and the.

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