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7-30 6:15am Tommy, Saints update

Jul 30, 2014|

Tommy gets the latest on Saints training camp from WWL's Steve Geller

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- talking about the saints and talking about apparently it's game showed it today which is good even as a kid Steve Geller joins us now from White Sulphur Springs. West Virginia home of the Greenbrier resort where the saints. Are holding their training camp and -- gallery and as a kid I -- a game show host worked one day a week that they tape five shows in one day. They were nice suits and they hung out with pretty girls and by gosh it's what I wanted to be. You know I heard. Earlier you guys playing -- pressure look theme music and again I desperately want to go on that show because I I love the way Emmys but now looking back about it. When you saw that the win it wasn't too good repayment and you lost money. The winning. I can't we would come and take all the money. I had no idea what you're talking about it just. I just looking pre game shoot me. And well as a result mountains and and stunning about this say about that yeah Harrisburg. Yeah it was great to see him back on the field probably we haven't seen in the organized team activities. Or maybe can't because the back surgery was placed on the physically unable to perform was the star camp and then boom. He was back on the field yesterday had a feeling he tweeted out early in the morning he was thankful and happy -- was calico does that mean he's going to be on the field today. Short of what we got up to the Greenbrier. Number 31 on the view from the saints have full pads and you know the -- shelled out some big money for this guy in free agency. So it was a must to have him before pre season game in my pre season game number one. In my opinion just because he has to get acclimated to his defense and while. Draw patent and rob -- saying he's ready mentally right now he's discovered yet physically now in the football's -- but definitely great news for the saints. When numbers and learning and number thirty -- at 31 night as one buffalo. I have to check that's number you work buffalo the probably. See that's an incorrect -- really have to try again whole -- so tell me what else went on it entering campus Allen did dare generous bird ever take pardon. Team drills or not. -- -- a lot of individual -- stuff but never with the with. Individual with -- physician group -- gets it right exactly and and what about a -- Will work and that question was is he going to be ready for the black -- scrimmage which is on Saturday. He wouldn't elaborate on that -- that's all official homepage right now. Com where you know Stephen and I don't mean to. To be difficult here but. You said the question is and as the game show host I would be the one asked that question. Seoul. October on jeopardy. And what were on solar initiatives that are out but Meachem was happening and ride a bicycle who else is on the bike. Palm Beach actually was partly back on the practice field after missing two days with a bad back. So it was great to see him out there as well it in around one trouble making it up. Quite trouble is Kenny stills that he's still riding a bicycle. And is it just seems like it is sometimes injuries here as you well know any NFL and in training camp. For whatever reason why she was linebackers and I remember correctly they seem to come in bunches that position for whatever reason. -- they got they got bird back from the PUP also rookie Davone rooks is back off the physically unable to perform list. And Robert Meachem was out -- was back after missing two days with a sore back the only person. Right now is currently. Jonathan Jenkins is still on the physically unable to perform list defensive tackle but he's doing a lot of work. With the tackling sledding at pectoral surgery so I imagine -- hit nets led party should be good ago. And that also Kenny stills that ride the bike with a -- not getting anymore. Information -- -- -- as to what exactly or how much but how will have a timetable we're expecting. My -- wife had pectoral surgery but it think it was probably -- different procedure. Thanks Tom snow. Yet and -- to Calder left but listen what about the today what's going on to date there. Right now all the players are off today so we gonna be a lot of a team bonding going on Drew Brees mention that. He's just hang out with the guys. Do some things around the Greenbrier resort to a where they are and that probably watch some film before they hit the practice field. All morning so no surprise outings like I think they went on a water slide one time was and has slid in and -- heard earned. Another time -- go to movies there's some kind of planned activity like that. There is a bowling Alley and a movie theater nearby so that they could possibly do something like that. But shall -- is very tight -- because he does not want us following -- round. And -- -- in that the the Greenbrier I guess is plenty to do there. Yet there's a -- horseback riding golf six extra. I'd Steve Geller well thank you so much have a great day over there and in three years since what Roger Goodell and Drew Brees have spoken is it common. For -- quarterback too often speak to the commissioner in passing or does this indicate some type of ill will bad feelings. You know I I don't really know how much contact Drew Brees would have. General -- with the commissioner I don't think would be he's not he's not me you know. League representative -- have to be content and it cost the conversation with him but I would they could Dell's been down here. Four saints games may be. But I would late drew either I kind of of a person who holds grudges oh. They try to give them Beagle died in what's go on commission but there's no real reason I guess to be buddy buddy with them. -- once somebody wrongs you that's it. -- -- gets pretty. Arm out I might be terrible to say but it's pretty bad we get on pretty hard to get back up my good side if at all but I'm going to want to get my bedside you're done thank you Steve for being so honest and for the report is always. Our economic.

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