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745am Rafael Goyeneche

Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Story that's one of the hottest we have been trending at WWL dot com right now second time this week. And LTD's arrest and and suspended an officer the second time this week. 26 year -- officer Willie a grand place an emergency suspension without pay after being arrested on two counts. Of the indecent behavior with juvenile is two counts of sexual battery. On a juvenile. But before that earlier this week. Another officer. At ten year veteran was suspended. Offices Stephanie Caldwell charged with a domestic violence case. She was driving the wrong way is what the allegations say down north broad street chasing a man who was on foot. Earlier this month ten year veteran arrested placed on unpaid suspension and a domestic abuse case. In three days before that the first of four in the month detective Robert Hurst. Arrested on charge of attempted murder and simple battery the attempted murder charge later dropped grass field going entry. President of the metropolitan crime commission joins us right now to discuss morning -- how are you. Aren't aren't very very good I think. You know I can look at this one of two ways as -- identify and that the rotten apples of the bad eggs and and Megan for better force or. You can look at it as and the systems working -- can look at it as my gosh and haven't what kind of people we have on -- -- All right in every time. A law enforcement or shall. Breaks the law. It's going to be. Publicized and I'm not saying that it shouldn't because law enforcement needs to be held to a higher standard. But those four people and I don't think it's necessary reflective of the entire police force of law enforcement in general in any profession. They're going to be people that. Chose poorly and -- this service to their profession. You -- it out in Europe opening statement. The important thing here's what you problem surfaces you -- law enforcement. Treat them around them differently and they would any other. Conducting an investigation bring the full weight of the law now on even police officers so. We saw in today's newspaper former cares are shares deputy. Found guilty of murdering individual that he embezzled money. So again I don't think that it's necessarily. Indicative of -- -- problem in law enforcement. But I do think it's something that's serious and which are seeing is that. When a problem does surface law enforcement whether it's war mr. whichever place else it -- -- -- in differently. Than any. On an old dragnet episode I'll never forget Jack web saying being a police officers officers and endless glamorous list thankless job and and I think it is and I admire the men and women. That do it in and when it comes to around the country proportionately. Is this did did dot. Uncommon easily afford to have an -- and LTD as it relates other departments and in notes of big cities like Philadelphia Chicago's New York would have. -- -- have caught on knowledge. Well the frequency with which law enforcement which arrested and other jurisdictions. I would suspect that happens everywhere. In every professional. You know you have doctors lawyers preached and school teachers that are stated they just don't necessarily get the publicity. That law enforcement so disaster that in any profession they're going to be some people that don't play by the rules. But law enforcement is going to be in a -- they do break the law. Going to be publicized and rightfully so and the important thing is. But they can be treated as any other factor in that we're seeing -- -- here. That's possible. It seems like getting a look at the in no way is domestic abuse or violence ever. I acceptable but three of the cases were about that and the fourth was. Simple battery is what it turned into. As opposed to attempted murder which is where it started as can be accurate there and wanna make it rap deal is this is not. -- these police officers that are in trouble we're not talking about bribery or extortion or anything like that so I guess you have to realize that as well. Well a year again and they take a note to follow all of the laws are just. -- -- not violate the crimes of violence slouch. So I wouldn't bet any time you have any citizen breaks the law. They need to be held accountable what do police officer I think it. Police officers and law enforcement need to be held to even higher standard because of the position. Trust that the danger -- in the community. And I think that law enforcement is doing -- making it. To weed out the bad apples but they don't know what people are bill and no one's watching and what their own mother -- I always you know like a look at things a timeline -- snapshots so you've been around awhile in terms of I guess accountability to law enforcement officers taken an oath and breaking the law. Some of these things do you think in the old days we would have found out about or would they have been. Handled. I think that. Does -- so much more transparent environment today. But it was even 1520 years ago that's positive and so on court shortly we're finding out more as a community. Because of the aggressive nature. The media and that's positive thing. So you're right probably 1520 years ago. Some of these things would not have been publicized to the extent that they are in the community would be -- largely ignorant. What happened within the law enforcement agency fortunately -- changed. And I think that we are making progress as painful as events. That you just describe those or individual cigarettes to. I think that the future remains. I'm optimistic about the future. When it comes to law enforcement. Thank you Raphael appreciate your time and really do you.

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