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Jul 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But what success really -- success ponder that today if you will late eighteen Tommy Tucker Julie speier joins us right now and online dating expert. Three carjackings in the New Orleans area as a result of people trying to meet somebody that they. Met on line. I guess really meet face to face -- and then there's this game going on in Florida I think it is where they. -- tries to get you to send them a nude picture of yourself and then the people's say in we're undercover police officers you were dealing. Are sending these pictures doing kid your -- is 101000 dollars and in. -- speier joins us right now and online dating expert morning Julie. Good morning. I am doing well and it was not easy to -- out last night that you're gonna be on what is. -- -- attorney near you wouldn't have been about midnight with a that's okay just -- tell me what makes it online dating expert. -- Actually been in in the Internet dating industry -- twenty years. Very very early adopters of the Internet. Starting with helping people to create their -- to try -- -- a dream dates. How big of a businesses that. It looks at each -- that two point one billion dollar industry and it dating and it's over forty million singles. In the US and on that actually are on the campus of -- And that number again. Port eighty and now and all the money part of it. And I am I'm. I'm Bulger in divorce so -- pretty much doesn't mean anything to meaning when -- it's all about the money now just getting tell me about -- How do you even begin this process. -- before we could go they'll let me ask you this in terms of statistics is. Is there -- approval or any data that indicates how much -- of these. The meetings are on as to how much yard deception like gonna show catfish -- mind a successful. Well most do when it except for about the -- we can't be bad news of course that frightens. I have heard that need to be one out of ten profile. Are the kids think they. Or keep them -- -- -- or something like that term money from you. Somebody that you know basically on the Internet to do -- -- So it's it's it's not being -- but it could be up to 10%. So. Stupid. -- 90% accurate that's pretty good. Accurate and at least the fact that there are single Payer advocate for somebody could mean online. And they began to think about their age their way to get to search. Pat pat seems to happen a lot more frequently. -- here's the deal. Do people go into this knowing. I there's a buffer here -- they say they. If they say there are 55. Probably 62 I mean they are their parameters that people can pretty well. Subtract or add to what is put run on their profile. Well typically there in the options depending -- aging certain people on the twenty and 38% think it altered. They're afraid that I'm going into search. So rapidly. Hit by ten pounds off that their weight and it may take. Five to ten years -- decades. -- -- And it department car into the into the -- And -- it's an earlier shot. You -- on inspector agent I do believe in chicken appetizing. And I think it's good to attempting in New York has. Oh by the way I. And my agent accurate I think -- fine. Friction just let them know you line who has actually shaped up yet and each. Get a couple of minutes talked to lose. I would -- traffic is one question I would like to ask you when we come back and we'll open a phone lines in any questions. Or stories about online dating for -- -- are online dating expert at T six -- 1878. Toll free 86689087. -- questions it is. I did you take ten years or 1520 pounds off your profile it would seem to me. There's that whole relationship is started with some lines and eventually gonna have to fess up and there own thing as me but it was a long time ago war. That was me was so many pounds ago will discuss when we come back eight when he three timely hit traffic now that would go to Terrell Robinson. Tummy -- grades when he talking -- my error are online dating expert -- want to call. Pure luck I Michelle river ridge good morning your -- with Julie and and why. Good morning I can -- -- I was on. Singles match dot com or factory here. -- area there's an -- -- and -- gentleman on a Friday. And a couple of years ago when you're gonna get married last year. In name online or in person. -- -- And then I eventually -- Montana and encourage them. Wow and Julie how common is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- they basically. Want to -- one of five people do -- as a result of online dating we -- that is on site report. Hundreds of thousands of marriages. I actually declined today and getting married on the beach here in Malibu in California. Who met on the inside on the one year anniversary of that first stage. There are a lot at the story. And we had a couple bad stories at Atlantic hopes to other thing. That basic -- dating site would be made it. And report any suspicious profile and eating in a little odd to balk at the day lord don't count. And we regulations and very happy here except. We -- story here that that resulted in a rate allegedly a repo one and invited a management online to her apartment and then. In the bad grown man and things did didn't and it and it didn't you know charges rape and and a man being arrested. LA Escude is -- ever a wise idea to invite somebody to your home on the first day. Absolutely. Not and -- this story that we hear about it. Our stories where where people are knocking Smart decisions when it comes to meeting somebody for the first time he she needs and at a public place. You should always let somebody know what happened -- -- -- and where your colleagues and check in with them on the gates. And a blatantly. Ninety definitely drink states because. At the time that sometimes you end up going home without mine and you don't know it and it can biting problem. I did before we let you go we appreciate -- time. On the you know you -- twenty pounds she shaved ten years. And -- -- -- had the fix that it's I won't KE LI TNN that really. I would as a rationale there was an idea you'd think in that they're gonna the love you -- liked you enough where they'll. They understand might use some big to get a man I don't get that whole thing. The movie -- on strategy. It's like going on job interview pretending that you graduated college and having to recruit her spine that that you -- when an affront to man. It's important to basically have instituted -- earlier. He did you're gonna send back and think nobody knew it -- -- a psychic is there anything that you do and and I and I wonder what else. Are you lying about it. Do you not really have a job -- you hiding children. Quietly United Nations of the most important thing you can do is protect it. Well if you -- person that is communicating with someone. And see either. That they posted their current status last night at -- party but anything like their online dating. Do you keep up eight sites like FaceBook and social networking site. Frequently sometimes opposed to keep it up that an 8910 years. And debate -- reason other. Thank you Julie I'm sorry to cut you off -- we got to get to news.

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