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WWL>Topics>>7-30 8:40am Tommy, carjackings in New Orleans

7-30 8:40am Tommy, carjackings in New Orleans

Jul 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to NOPD 6th District Commander Bob Bardy about recent carjackings in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- our conversation about. Internet scams and meeting somebody online -- don't really know. Continues right now with you know the 86 district commander Bob Marty morning commander. Good thanks it's taken time -- some. Tell me what's gone on -- these carjackings and -- is it just men think in that stuff is too good to be true in trying to in anyway. Actually it the -- and it's it's coming on to cite the key Qaeda today thanks site. -- people are going on line and he has shut Serbs -- -- -- And meeting. And mostly silent in and meeting on different friends and and they they make a prearranged meeting location and I think that that particular point. A red flag -- goal you know it's -- emotional. Night -- -- You know. They enabled. Now. It's -- you know. And you just think well who I guess she likes me here here's. Do you do they ever -- as far as what's happened before on -- -- he'd talk about it with the ongoing investigation but there were actually. Even meet a woman tired do they just get -- in the -- yeah. Yes it and not in it in two occasions data that are a female. And now infected wanted to say that when the incident on. Went to an -- in the country which happened on July 11. They. A pretty long investigation. And -- that I would call it -- and caught. We have a family audience and I don't I don't wanna be indelicate here at all but. Mom went when they meet these women let's put it this way is it strictly platonic meaning and then did that the people -- criminal -- thugs to take the car. -- you know -- to this time Betty it's related to ET awards and you don't. You are. A younger generation. Computer generation. That is is different ways that meeting in France and we don't believe it is situated to. In type of law on going prosecution and investigation at this particular time it's different. Did do you think it even though it it's widespread that it it's gonna move -- -- what I mean by that is that good knowledge of that it's scam and carjackings been widespread. Are people -- continue to fall for this thing and that it's too good to be true do you think it's gonna move to other areas of the city. That trip but so are going on TV now on radio it's in the next step -- -- communities used to be a little more. Wiser the more prudent in Indy can doubtless you know where not to stop and can we do not want Stein. You know younger generation from using the computer. Truly love and LTD is not against -- love are they commander. No no not at all. You know -- on Google and raised there but. In the end it's needed yet on TV is that if you gonna abuse practice. -- -- Pliable comments sent the he had goats and is actually need to money you don't know you know prudent reasonable outlets you know years ago there was some question of the most immediate pull up leased car wasn't sure. Shut out the -- that there should drop to police station. All five states and certain. And the money while watching engineer that their public -- watched the ball -- ball. You know you know exactly like me and that's that's -- a -- skies are always they think in the wrong way now. And at that point. Get -- recommendation that the people gonna continue to practice a particular point there actually goes out just walk off the only -- you know. It's a different shut them. How the Internet is being used -- exporting its case you know jurisdictions -- the -- similarities we. Our. Regular so there. It did in the award chebaa. Camera for cash and mutual at least in the mountain. The opposite so and so and abandoned. That they'll get out the -- you know I think both so I'll go to. Oh well -- place you know. Just don't show what and so -- -- -- this week and so there on the and that. We don't check certain Nazi yeah. And she invited into the house Apple's site and didn't. So when you're typing on Craig's list and the guy says. A K it's a Rolex 300 dollars you bring in cash right there could be trouble -- real quick before we -- to go. -- about the of these citywide crime what happens tonight specifically against as a relates of the sixth district. How will be in in. That -- Auburn area Albert merry merry area and it's right around Louisiana. Avenue Solutia. Saratoga street. Like a little while and the sort of each state should -- we get that treat today and -- all of -- on channel your. It's public opinion that this. The community. The community actually walked to the -- and he urged people to put this in the front office. It's simply put is. If you're an -- and it's an organization and a bundle it together. Everybody's he's not that the state used it to you about it they -- you know. I -- thank you so much free time in a good luck tonight with the with the carjackers and you get sent to.