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WWL>Topics>>7-30 9:10am Tommy, what affects your credit

7-30 9:10am Tommy, what affects your credit

Jul 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to John Ulzheimer, a Credit Expert with Credit Sesame, about credit scores and credit ratings

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The inevitable Dave Johnson with the called -- signaling that we are heading into our final we hear of the lightning that we ride every morning called morning -- yes -- hump day it is too -- that you -- easily seen it like -- -- -- today it is to -- as an -- and I catch it at that time I drop don't know must be an ancestor. Maybe you could bring you channeling an ancestor in damages to the mood for some Rome tonight. This afternoon actually a gimme a -- -- golf now is David Dudley gets off at noon. And begins at -- On -- what do you plan on lifting. The Africa. Tom Blake gets off at noon. And he hits the -- I don't think you've seen a sunset how long are on government it is on us. That's pretty much over by this they ship has reached pointed out -- you marker arts I David thank you we're talking about -- added to -- quickly do you hate owing anybody anything I want. Absolutely and I did -- frogs for most of my life and I hated it. And than mine mine and loving wife got me on the right track thank god should and turn things around and edited it brilliant now I really like it. Inducing because I get turned around the other way -- it. At a different at that in my -- yes you do I got thrown overboard though we're not here to talk about that we're here to talk about Americans and their handling of the debt and we have a a credit expert David it was a great last time John Paul Steiner. -- credit expert for credit sesame and if you have any questions about your credit rating. About something that happened to you about something that can or can affect your credit score. -- guy because I was countless time my jaw drop literally -- morning John you -- are. Well thanks for common on mine my jaw dropped when -- told me some things that would affect credit ratings and other things that people think will it. That don't so before we get into -- wanna try to work as many calls and as -- Hannity 60187. Neitzel 3866. 889087. When we go to Kevin a -- throughout the West Bank been holding on for about fifteen minutes -- it's good morning on -- WL. Yet been more -- -- up at like you're an -- this jail and then when you apply. On the order. A few years when applying for a job some companies want and what you credit history. There is nothing to do with the job itself outlawed in the legally is if they can do that. And -- and their response. I thank you keep let me take a shot at this John OK and then you can correct me I would guess. I it's because they don't wanna get in the garnish meant business. And I would also think it is legal for them to do that you tell me if -- close way off base. Now you're you're right on actually there's a battle statute called the aircraft reporting act. Which defines under what conditions credit reporting agencies are allowed to disclosure credit reports. And one of the reasons. One of that item. And that federal statute. It allows for the disclosure it is for employment screening and. It's not only pre employment screening it continued implement tree on the net consumers don't understand they think once they get the job -- don't -- But it also continue to implement screening at while. There there's a but the difference with respect to report that -- formed what is screening in quantities for example for underwriting and wound or stop. You have to -- -- over written permission for anybody to play your credit report for employment screening you do not have to get over progression. For some -- your credit report for landing in underwriting. -- -- and second and probably the biggest difference between the two is that credit score. Is not included what purports -- employment screening. We're obviously it can be buy it on credit report used for Portland and. But you you have to be pretty deep -- no water to get to -- and don't yeah. Well it's not necessarily that they're just looking for the possibility you'll be dollar garnished it is it's really more an issue of responsibility to be a great example. It do you really want to hire someone to be your accountant if they have tackling on the Chris -- think now you. And in some cases. There are actually restrictions on the use of credit reports or employment screening. Not that type of job that you're applying for a your applying for a job to be human resources. -- -- Access to sensitive company and also employee information. Are you can bet your bottom now -- with -- credit report -- you're doing something like trot trot. Or -- -- landscaper. Then they're probably not going to spend money to pull pull credit report because it. -- as a caller just mentioned. And you draw the line. He did beat that Democrat Republican. -- to do with the job and. One thing that you said last time in a phone lines still not -- if you wanna grab 26 1870 till 3866. -- 89087. I think the thing that surprised me most last time you were here John. Is when it comes to bills and and credit rating began a day or two late. It is not as bad as if you take advantage. Of say you know ninety days same as cash Jenna and a department store to buy luggage or whatever days you get north. Are you dominated. Will billion it would give you 20% off if you open an account with us and I'd like you to expound on that because -- that seem counter intuitive to everything I believed. While the world -- credit does not look back -- that one of the scenarios where it's actually very counter intuitive. You know what you have failed at every month lender -- mortgage par align your credit score the one. It -- that it had due date right in your post and make some form an opinion by that you do a quarter and then -- things start to happen when light. In the world credit reporting there it actually be emperor died. That accompanied it sends information to the credit bureau app to follow and there today there is a provision in -- -- that is. For you reports the mentally took credit reporting agencies have to be at least one all cycles wait thirty games. So you're -- his view on the. First of them on the -- on the best of them on technically your light and darkening currently the interest to your credit card. But you're not in it you're not gonna be now open to -- to the naked credit reporting yet he optical -- thirty days that we import happens. Which is quite simple like a built in great speakers for people who worked struggling and really -- even meet the minimum payment on the public. But even John let me interrupt for second if you're if you're did attend fifteen days late every month that's not gonna affect your credit ratings. -- that black right if you if you are perpetually ten to fifteen days light every month all your credit obligations. Then none of those companies. Can report that credit reporting agency but the minute you hit thirty days apple the world changed now don't get me wrong not suggesting you should do -- -- needed. Historical late fees and interest -- -- -- that and and coming across departure probably disclosure count because -- you can't make payment on time but it's very app that safety net. About political -- for protecting your credit report. But yet if you wanna. Charge whatever it is you know you can get some clothing and they say nineteen to 20% off the field on Harbour towns and you do that even though you paid in thirty days. That affects your credit. Tried because what you just done it is very unsophisticated way line of credit and during a quality even you know Black Friday at the end of the year we need to lose line. You know a lot of people take advantage of these fifteen and 20% offers -- opening in new part of the ball which seemed like it decent idea stating from box not dropping. The downside is that you actually applied for credit which means -- new inquiry for credit party sure which is the most problem I. And -- all -- in -- -- your credit report which have. Causes problems your credit scores while -- do it multiple times to take advantage of multiple discount offers in your compound the problem so. You know in my mind you the -- the wallet. On paper retail or are simply the -- part about it because interest rates in the mid twenties. And the credit limits are usually not more than a thousand dollars and I told the cloture I -- you those terms you'd think it explaining sub prime department reality. -- explaining pretty much every week credit markets currently circulation. While yeah I wanna get as many calls for years I can John because you aren't the man when it comes to. Any questions about credit score credit rating checking your credit. Finance charges. Who do what it is when you use credit they can cost you more awaited best ways to use credit. Worst ways to use credit -- Metairie morning on -- WL. Yeah -- to that question I got involved. Share. And company -- and -- last year and within the first three months but it legal paperwork. I realize they -- cultural and their obligations they rob has sought out AM and my question is. -- about back and that my credit rating and what recourse do. And you know what you're not the first person who doubt about time shares and has had a pretty disastrous story about them I don't know a lot of times are specifically that people keep. Any questions about how we can limit those -- Now we're -- right. Yet at times -- obligation as an obligation to what I'm ought to leave or any other type. At a liability you sign a promissory note. And -- not uncommon for the ball on -- pictures to show up on credit reports. I'm not only in the form but the. Default account and eventually at the collection and and and iPod and great news for -- but it actually I have more bad news which means that if that. If the -- and that silly new look for the amount of the debt especially the early on in your obligation probably a pretty hefty amount. Then taking it for for -- -- the default judgment against you if you don't -- opera you ignore the bottom. Which two in the judgment. It at all social credit report and that's when you start getting into sinners were taken legally try to take money away for new either forced liquidation process. A encouragement so why would work very hard with the service provider or credit or are you sir. Just make sure that you you'd -- by the debt to some extent. Coming in and -- Indian out of it if you can't they both for its support where becomes so much money -- leaving him no option but to -- year. Did that help -- now. That actually. -- thank goodness. The mound and not a lot. But I just can't keep paying good money and yet not an hour ago. -- -- trying to write new business now how much talking about a 100000. Absolutely and I get out and now. These. About the -- hey -- like -- and of course less than a month for. I realize that they told me that they. Now should they. And ordered yet. No pay it back out did. It and they wondered jar. -- under our committee yet. -- If they're reaching contract giving you dirt out of contract this year and they are obviously legal remedies to that I'm not aware legal expert I would. As you know they'd epidemic cost anything to at least talk to an attorney in -- that if it looks pretty obvious like their breaching a contract that you may have another avenue the drafting -- -- is just avoiding. But it thank you -- for the -- would generally speaking John. Not paying is not the answer -- -- the worst thing you can do. And major. Guys are so many people advised consumers to ignore collectors and ignore the phone call that. I don't know what in the world beat beat -- -- and accomplished means sticking your head in the sand and ignoring it does not make it go away just to force force. And in what what you know in the amount that they talked about. 101000 dollar mean. -- that it that it was a lot in my mind about an arson at what happened to obliges and when it goes into the thought it looked gonna start happening. Gonna start accruing interest so 101000 dollars can quickly become fifteen and 20000 if you ignored for years and and then it becomes -- anymore. He becomes more problematic than if you just don't want it today. I tell you John I didn't know what your response would be -- so it was a lot of money at least and I just 101000 dollars and think in well. Good for Yale a lot of exit to me at -- -- hang on Stephen Covington has a great call blowing a great question of the when we come back. We'll see -- doesn't look awful. But it's as what we see different numbers for a credit rating Steve that is an excellent question don't go anywhere hang on you'll be next to talk to John. Goals high near our credit expert credits as me. If you don't understand the way credit works if you don't understand why for example like -- have different numbers you have any questions about credit card debt student loans -- -- yet. Johnny -- 96 so when he seventy till 3866889087. In a lot of it as he said. Counter intuitive what do you think would help actually hurts what you think actually. Would hurt rather actually helps Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W I -- when he have been Tony -- signer and it's Jon Mills -- credit expert for credit sesame and we have a thing on his souring anybody that has the best question. About credit we will pay off all the credit card debt that they can't keep in mind though if I don't deem any question to be best. We're not gonna do it. Don't call and complain and I am just kidding around. Stephen Covington -- -- -- closure qwest's new Jon and centuries gonna have to come back after the news and answer but good morning thanks for calling. Yeah -- I have a question we don't want like -- -- house social and plot scroll. The credit score that they poll being previewed. Own is so low war. In the credit score which you can get personal Michael -- like the dot com and like that -- by -- -- -- -- such. So such a difference. Any I would -- Steve if people wanna check their credit. Hi you know way to go in what to do so you're not either being charged. Or given somebody that you shouldn't be talked into online or on a -- keys of the kingdom and for you know that your. Again and he's been compromised everything else on Johnson Donald -- hang out we'll get the answer when we come even Covington. Hang out as well as everybody else on the phone 260. 187 Neitzel 386688908. Semi David -- you understand everything about credit now what we're doing is a big mess it is that it gives them to make -- -- -- -- -- -- way to put it more with John when we come back here's David -- -- -- WL first news thank you David talking to John -- credit expert for credit sesame -- skin answering -- any questions that you might have. About credit scores and the use of credit in general and are pretty jaguar opinion poll asking you is there such a thing as good debt. Secede you wonder about different numbers as it related to your credit score when you go to buy a house and I'll land on which ones. Do the finance companies used as they go lower higher. And John Alzheimer how do you know first off before we get to see his collection -- even go blood checking your credit -- -- right way or wrong way to do it. Well the -- that can be very confusing and it -- there's no surprise that there's confusion about the issue. The everybody in the country have the right to the top of their credit report once every twelve months from any company that maintains that. And the dirt three generally recognized credit reporting bureaus -- reporting agencies problem Equifax Experian and Trans Union. And those company. All knows about 230 million credit files and it's largely redundant information and it's not identical to what ignited a chapel Torre. Italy one place. Abortions due here on on TV. And on the Internet there's one place you can go in claim -- credit reports. Is that web -- annual credit report dot com you're not need a credit part of it there's no payment involved with claiming them. Around the actually get the domain right -- -- the -- correcting and Obama on a squad like it's trying to charge a percent but annual credit report dot com. Is as far as the sports gal. You know you'll have the recurrent reports you have. Hundreds of credit score is -- in numbers never match -- I'm even under the aiko which is the most commonly used credits -- the amount of Michael Gorham. And there'll be different scores that lenders can choose from and call girl for to a spike of course about where there's confusion because. The one that your mortgage lender may be using a topic -- -- credit card sure using. And today EE EE immediately different reporting agencies and so you know all bets are off because the data may not because I'm so it in my mind. It it's -- horror and counterproductive. To chase the number because you're never gonna get the exact number of the the -- using. The. Loving they determined Steve which number there in the news today always go higher it. How did the company's but the lender hot as a lender decide what number they're gonna use. How they have the the ability to pick and choose whichever school horrible and it which of course -- hype they're going to use for underwriting. In the mortgage arm and orbiter because any man Freddie Mac. Eight what's -- must be used and every other arm completely comfortable under so they can choose which Gregory multiple. They can choose what -- -- the poll they don't even have to poll like that were taken poll advantage or credits or to the competing models they can just use one of their -- Home built models and make a decision based on on -- War but but from the consumer's standpoint the higher the credit score and Steve and I have -- been through this but the justification then for the higher lending rate. And I would presume that if you qualified they would. Prefer. I don't know of this has anything to do with ethics or not but they would prefer finance -- the higher rate is a means more money for them. Yet while it -- to try to -- is that. You're getting good offers for everybody and it India I mean they would. Surely rather short 13% but you're gonna offer that four point 9% -- people -- -- 113%. So I'm okay. They are being competitive relative to the right and your score because they watcher business and bet bit bit. Visited the challenge that we haven't consumers is. Should we -- the credits roll regents and the credit report while while while there dozens and dozens and dozens of credit scores. Early recruiter reports and as long as they say. Good thing about to be information is correct -- keep you make payments on time and keep credit card debt low. Then work with them what credit scores being used to the ultimate -- Which is that your credit -- an easier time getting really competitive terms from mainstream wonders. Does that help you John Steve Adams. It's terribly confusing isn't it. It terribly convenient and at the net like you know and have not revealing about after the next that. There are a variety of places you can go on the Internet and actually get free credit scores. And they're different from the ones that the lenders using some cases and so even add another layer of confusion. To the next -- that. The interesting thing about it is that all the old the roughly the same between 30850. And the higher score. On any of those small is is better when I first or regardless of course being used. And as long as they're all in this 715 above range but you should feel pretty comfortable -- -- -- career out. So in terms of a loan Steve I don't know if you've been shot in and around or not would be better Johns. Not look at payment that look at interest rates first. Of course the media. -- -- blocked the apple right now -- election to really type EG due to focus on the monthly payment toward the terms look at the monthly payment you can afford it should take this to deal. Apple were polite you should always focus on interest rates. Because at the end of the day Apple's gonna drive the amount the Europe in the year and -- pain. Or for whatever it is that you find whether the car -- Or -- credit card carrying a balance where mortgage. Steve that you were you attempting to you know to tell -- your business but. Was this along the lines of trying to make a big purchase or borrow a lot of money and you had different lenders on -- different things. Yeah it from there it was they're trying to -- no mortgage and what we were on it and look for credit score so. About forty point tired and what we are back on a little -- So does that mean -- judge John they were gone with the higher number of. Now it's just that the scores that you talked about getting earlier from here on its web site which is marked by air or not the same ones that are being used. But the mortgage lending community so it's not a surprise that the numbers are going to be different and more urgent arms it's very different than any other lending department. Don't poll -- your credit report and if your if your applying jointly someone and not all in the air credit reports and so now I have six credit report. Six credit scores. And -- that it'd just blame now and local news that you'd been able to your score to base their decisions -- -- because you have a sport that. Somewhere that's great but at the middle to score it's going to be used as the basis for their decision so apple you know. If you got that can it be that any. And 800 and -- that he'd be used to make their decision you know doesn't happen in any other -- mortgage. Steve hung Robin thank you vehicles Steve John and I mean to tell people their business -- hearing all of this. Makes you wanna move to a cabin and live awful what I can -- entrap. Well that here and people tend to have that about and in here here. You know I don't know I I just thought I'd like it would people would just kind of unit and take a step back and think about that. From a different perspective which is you know life who cares what the exact number -- it will open of course says amen good -- and I'm getting the best. An important -- should be somewhere between 24% right now. So it's not DCT is what you're saying you don't -- on that score you know. It's not happened yet he actually it eat or to be qualified for the bet deal you're in the sentence when he and a -- 760 rule that they've seen them but if you really want to put yourself. And that played horrible position here and get the best deal or -- off the -- of torture and force him meaning you can afford it. If you sit there it weren't so much its report different paper -- drivers because there so many different scores are all different but not -- defame. And so you're never gonna feel like the lottery. -- close -- normally done it so one common. And and you don't wanna you know get new. Up he and contests -- -- money Els and donate fifty really an 8510 whatever it goes up too because then again it's like an SAT's story CT where it doesn't really matter when you get that. Upper Echelon John -- on are nice enough to spend an hour would this help you with any credit questions you have visa credit expert for. Credits doesn't mean we come back mark Jason embody else hang on we'll get to you -- to find out more about credit. Sesame Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W well. And tummy -- -- and an interesting hour into John we got to try to make this a regular feature with TV and come on because errors as you said just some crazy. Rules regulations counter intuitive things when it comes a credit and organs and text here as well as the calls let me ask you quickly about credit sesame. Yet the credit let me matches vertical company it's one of the regional companies actually giveaway for credit score and -- from experience that. Experienced engine and you offered a summary of your spare incurred more melt the -- -- credit monitoring. The company generally pay about twelve to fifteen bucks a month for. And I'll be able to -- credit operative brought monitoring so. Now they cost a lot and global that is part is part is that the compliment of services -- the giving away you know pop to. I'm in Italy registered users so accurate just didn't get elements to worry Dan you gotta gotta credit dot com and -- -- to be user. -- get a text Sears says some paid off all my debts and credit card but my credit card -- my credit score rather is not as high as it could be. Because I don't have any debt how is that fair. So that. Medic unit that these -- air here there's nothing in the credits system and it penalizes you for not having yet in fact the exact opposite is true. What about paying off credit cards can't energy or not. The one of them wanted to. This immediate way term per credit score all -- a lot quick way to deal to close the account is that it may not -- I mean corporate what corporate stock paying off debt. Not talking about closing accounts but he says I don't have any debts of maybe you did close the account and and explain both scenarios yet. It looked -- the equipment away. Credit score and make it the issues did not have any debt and credit report I mean look we've got a lot of well our -- out of national television shows you. It stated these credits -- -- in Baghdad in the united. In an effort to cellblock that properly -- -- the reality is that absolutely incorrect. -- the sport that rewards you considerably for not being in debt especially credit card debt. And and and paying down credit card -- for compromise score improvement strategy. It is the most actionable way to do so because it'll take them on your credit report to be updated with the new balance. And your scores would just immediately been next time they're calculated. So. So that actually denied yet now he is all right closing accounts. One of them more retirement account or do you would bank. That ball you know I have bureaucratic part that's actually going to be better for my credit scores -- and that's actually not true. Not happening there's nothing in the court system the penalized you have a credit cards are penalized for Kerry too much debt and credit cards so. If you if you choose to relive all the critical Hitler did to sort of speed game and not -- credit cards. I'd like to talk you out of that investment numbers Smart idea but it you're choosing to do it anyway. Then when you when you pay off the -- Leave the park open. I'm -- because you may change your mind the next few months then you'll have something available free use BB. And I you have a pretty aggressive. Protections. It off and on our credit card usage in and those were the highly profiled during the well publicized target data breach at the end of -- year. Because no -- is part of the it was stolen a page at time. For -- in broad. That that yet. -- and again we may be talking about my scores are -- -- -- -- at eight -- again. And the perception is that it's that did not lower because -- paid off might yet. You know always happens people call in at the end of the hour when -- -- time formal try to get as many as we -- same thing with. Tax and in this meeting it was quick answer this what about with a credit card. Paying the balance each month as opposed to carrying a balance if you pay the balance each month does that urgent help you make no difference. Well he he who first topic. Murky because you're paying interest and interest on credit cards are on average 15% -- -- going to be the most expensive -- your ever. -- -- you paid thirty days sometimes there's no charge and I think this person is asking. While it makes financial sense to do that doesn't have any effect on your credit reporter credit rating. -- -- -- Perfect audience you need to pay. -- every every thirty days -- yeah I mean what if you -- pain for a month Borger incur interest right so it makes great. Sent to pay for the month yeah I did I direct you look at my -- John Al -- another. Back in back I would suggest that you or using a credit -- such a way you can't pay it and what Vermont -- you're using it irresponsibly because not paying. At least 15% APR. On net debt and it it to retail partner and and 25% APR so. So I bet not a terribly effective way to build while mr. giving our money away Democratic Party. But doesn't affect your credit rating if you paid every thirty days oppose a caring about. Depends on the balances is that the credit reporting system has not real time so the ballot this ship operator credit report is based on your prior month's statement so -- The card and pay. All but -- -- -- again all right out of bounds Democrat pork. In order to get around that you'd have to stop using your -- one full cycle or decapitate all bought the closing -- Which is different than the DJ and and -- state would come out what is your balance. And the credit report should -- your bow wow. Element ludicrous is new loans is a very important question hi Chris you're on -- WL thanks -- But economic that particular mark caller -- question let's say you're able to get your hands on your credit report. Then you go about reading let's say you have six hit -- 700 credit rating in your life like that lol I'm out solo and you go about the report and find out that there's a lot of information on -- is actually wrong. How do you go about it and that changed. And also. How far back to -- on your history. Because just he's been purchased a car was labeled. Look at my credit report and will probably grow into deficits. Sure hope that stuff on me half the stuff -- -- They went way back comedy. Fifty years. My credit rating should be a lot aren't there more that you know which. Canada make in my interest rates higher for -- nice use. -- -- -- Not trying to catch up with John which means that question a lot of people and that the issue only a couple of seconds -- You immediately UN deal on the Federal Trade Commission that -- -- -- 21% of consumers have been air on the credit reports on it up like -- credit history because it can go back. Decades depending on how far back the -- want to keep that information. There's a protocol you can you can politic disputed the credit report go to the credit reporting agencies web site. Independently. And Iowa dispute and federal law requires them to perform investigation relative to your dispute and that -- actually cracked. An -- either delete it. After collected but that is that it accurate mail -- thirty days to do that and then after thirty days or -- They will send you an updated report the results of our investigation maps and possibly in total dollars. I -- get a pro tell you how much are we appreciate your time and and let's try to do this every month if we can because. Different people -- different people have different problems and it's very hard to understand its credit sesame SES AME dot com. That -- credit happening yes sir thank you John appreciate your time have a two week you -- you -- Donald -- credit experts -- credit sesame. And I'm -- wouldn't have a chance to get every call but let me let me just read this real quick -- -- local mortgage -- this -- says please advise the public. They're getting a mortgage loan if they are to make sure that the consumer does not have a disputed trade -- lenders Malone RM CR. We use all three and take the middles school -- of the three. Rates are determined by loan to value and credit score. So keep that in mind coming back on -- WL.

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