WWL>Topics>>7-30-14 12:10pm Garland: on voting

7-30-14 12:10pm Garland: on voting

Jul 30, 2014|

Garland talks with Texas A&M professor Kirby Goidel and Dr. Ivan Miestcovich of UNO about why so few Americans vote.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All minute shows have we don't on this subject do nothing congress. Now we didn't -- take a five week -- or else. And to us I mean in a very quick little Google. They haven't decided on the minimum way that they haven't decided to on extending. Unemployment and -- then decided on the immigration system. And -- -- equal pay for women border funding goes on and on and on. And the question as. Is is this really. A do nothing congress or are they doing things were not where parents oh or -- very important. Whereupon. In the and pursuing the tract was how Susan don't try to produce. The lowest number of legislative proposal since the Clinton administration. That. And on -- experts. Congress the number. Our congress people. The number -- who have produced five group drew pieces of legislation. Has jumped 81%. Compared to other congresses in the -- Represented his who've been introduced to little or no legislation come from both parties. And veterans and newcomers alike better understand this and the result would serve veterans -- in this. The media today including bring you talked usually. Or conservative. Or liberal in June 2 big scream louder than of the -- get -- read or watch or listen. So while we try to do we try to bring professionals. And in this this industry. That can correct the media stories or at least put a meat on the bones with veteran -- the year we have proposed Euro curbing Goodell. Department of communications taxes in and a political communications. Specialist professor welcomed the show really do appreciated the -- Beyond. Are how we -- the media says a do nothing congress true partly true or do you. It's absolutely true and in the situation continues to get worse every every session the the legislature and worsen and to doing to -- -- last. And there are people who say well that's a good thing we don't want congress to be too much in Europe Europe and they're actually productive that's when he really worry about them could do and we don't want to do. In NY that that might be a fair point that's not a sure when you're out. Major issues fiscal issues transportation issues that issues. Problem it really need to be salt that we -- all. Because of the politics in underlies. How congress currently operates. You noted. That that we have a number of -- congress people doing last and in you don't expect him. To do more right now in an election year. And increasingly is more important that people stay on the right side issues and come back and say. Yeah accomplishment. And that the board changes that would charge hero and regular -- -- order due to election election year. That presupposes. Ventures -- presupposes. That we don't want them to do anything. Because it might be something we don't lie. And they would complain. When they drew some don't do something. That causes us thing. And what's the name of that and how do you get to some productivity with that. Yeah that absolutely. The Republican input -- in voters is part of the problem the people there. In congress right now. Will be reelected most of them will be reelected by wide margins Kirby K okay like the like Eric Cantor this I think that -- Eric Cantor Virginia. In that you -- more and you know beat them it's very possible some high profile members will lose leaders who lose. There's great senate race and Louisiana. Primary -- remain great news I think that the overwhelming story will be despite the fact this congress doesn't do much despite the fact congress itself does not very popular. Mostly in the between members will be reelected because they're going to congress and they're representing viewpoints that people. Got elected to represent. When you. They're not getting much done. I have to a congressman while back that use the -- congressman. And I said two or injure your pay is in that glory to then it would seem there be some approach with the job we do that you peek at that -- you get up there because. We can pull you out. Brit -- with all means at this point. And it -- there. They're great clubs -- -- and you get the best tabled in the -- thrown -- and their experts -- and you get to meet. Famous people and -- you get operated in the nation's capital. If if that's the catnip -- that keeps somebody of their new. -- isn't it Smart not to dual odd to you basically that's what the people want. Because you've just said that we keep returning the incumbent -- Yeah I mean it. But we we don't always reward people. Who who -- period or try to reach compromise with the other side. Who can come back and say that they have a real record of compromise. In the major proposal comes through that can generate some level opposition. An Indian Eric Cantor it is great example look at is. It was a very partisan. Republicans. And the criticism against him that he compromised too much with Democrat. Until you've -- EXPE. Even -- It was not seek compromise and it will. And so you have to watch that you better -- were seeking -- make -- carefully. Mentioned in this and it's been delicate and you know. The other thing that the timing I think a lot of people right now we're sort watching and actually we have an election coming up let the voters make the decision. Republicans sort of in the game of obstruction initially doing your part the Obama administration. I think immigrants -- also -- that -- and play. We're gonna play it right. Let's say those are Republicans won't do many. It will just keep growing are saying -- he has on the people and they won't accept -- we know they won't accept them Koppel will be able to blame him for the do nothing congress. Governor -- brick whom come back a motive something relating to shall we did you know. Where Joan that bronzes polling agencies and -- -- years. Said the -- looks all of the primaries and -- this year in this country. It was something like an average of 15%. Of the eligible voters voted. And that was something like two million 123. What would come about if those kind of figures are right Corey you've been there you've been new year. Being racked. Are -- -- being ruled by Tea Party on the right -- and these extremes -- mullah. We're coming right back we have proposed Euro Kirby -- with the Texas -- and department communicate. Welcome back and we've done many shows and -- to peruse the do nothing congress. We're trying to get better handle on why is this occurring -- Is it costing is and they would get paid for Dennis. And I have a professor rumors. Content -- to grin as some of the bird whose time propose your curb ago ago. With Texas in -- department communications. With those specialties and political communications. Professor embryos. Liberals. A -- on the show with abuse senator and believed about some congressmen or conservative. -- wrote congress spurs. Better built on the show when it's -- them. I don't understand the gridlock I don't understand. You not compromise. Both sides. Always kind of had -- on the -- and say -- You you don't compromise. Your beliefs. About why they call this republic hundred number for a and the one question always ask him which are never given an answer to okay. That that seemed like a reasonable -- -- what's the in game. If there's no reason to compromise. How do we keep going -- Kim we do without government. Yet no we were not willing to compromise -- -- get -- could be the most important problems that are -- in our country. The congress' is very much divided. -- epic democratic senator and Republican. House. After the elections very possible Republican. Controlled senate but we still president Barack Obama. If you're not willing to compromise should not you're able to get anything done. And -- -- into over problems are big -- -- important that they require compromise and acquire those sides giving up a little bit in order to address the interest the problem. And in drawing a line in the sand and you know there are sort of core convictions that maybe people should compromise on. But a lot of this is not -- conviction and -- Just being obstinate for the purposes of obstructing government for a political -- which is to win more seats in the next election. And this admittedly. Strange question but I wonder about Google for -- put should monetary wanna talk. Will do -- show on the infrastructure will -- the American Society of Civil Engineers on. So they were given the entire infrastructure -- State's a deep mine nose in particular that the bridges. And all have been Limbaugh. And -- tell us how bad it is and we've got to sort doom and something matched. Because we don't have the funding and it's gonna get more experts. They'll all have the conservatives on in the itself had smoke RT. We spend more on our bridges and -- doesn't for instance. More than anybody else in the world applause. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives a lot of money to the Democratic Party so of course. We're gonna have bald little liberal news media reporting on so. Here's a situation that is -- they're true or faults. It's either breathe in deep trouble. Or it's a political scam. But each side. Goes and gathers the information that verifies what they already believe. What what happens if we keep doing that I mean this is congress serious stuff right. Yet he didn't emphasize. What the problems are indeed. An added feature -- I think we know that. Not not just representatives. And senators and elected politicians that most of us don't reason like scientists don't look at evident to draw conclusions. We -- you can like lawyers and don't know -- -- lawyer. We we have a conclusion that we need to support -- we gather the evidence to support that conclusion. And and so it's difficult to know who to trust in that situation. Yet he can't can't reach a conclusion on that this is a new problem and needs to be addressed and it's going to be very difficult to address the problem. And increasingly across a wide number of issues. We see people arguing over different set of facts can agree with the fact -- It ordered him to move the problem forward. And part of that is and understanding that if you read something the problem you also agreed that there would be to do something to address the problem. And and again I think so like a broken record broad -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been hearing over the years. What we heard. A little bit -- appraised of what's the end game of that. In -- it's sounds melodramatic. But I've been -- Cold War. And we had differing opinions. And we had different racial groups and we had different income groups but when it came to. We're we're going to be in big trouble if we don't agreed to do something. We did some. Do you see any chance of his own thing getting done. I think -- typical very typical short term I think at some point. In order to really fix the problem and that people get. Get fed up with that that they that they demand change and -- and -- -- and couldn't a lot of it was an attempt at a that to me each and -- changing. The well what we look at again and again you know that congress were very low approval ratings. And all the members of congress. Not all but an overwhelming majority of the members of -- being reelected. Which told you that there is -- fundamental flaw in the system. If congress isn't doing its job. People don't like the congress that there's somebody should be held accountable for. For the outcome. Comes in we're missing that accountability peace in the later system structured. Include individuals can go and they can obstruct policy and they can be you know they can. Not actually -- and -- and they can you reelected but -- march -- Speaking what their constituents want to speak. At some point completely -- to be -- when when when there's progress. When you sit there something wrong could be something is something wrong with the system could be bogey. Or wrong with the solution Bolick has said before the break we're at a -- Roland a regular probe and doing it for forty years. And he was on the show yesterday saying that out of all the primaries this year -- it being pars and the people. That are registered or boating -- couple million people that are almost a 123. Million. If it were not voting. It is all of this because we've got the radical left in the broad accord Roy chewing of the poll. And and very few of us in the middle. Yes. That there -- -- of -- in the middle and and certainly when it comes to primary election so if you start inside the state most representatives. Actually. Are running in districts that party -- their political party Democrats don't like being district President Obama won Republicans are more likely to be in districts that Romney won. They're not likely to lose in the general election possible there are some there are some concepts -- out there but it's really in cold streak when you look at -- overall. Competent maybe forty in the house. Representatives. And in so there aren't a whole lives truly competitive seats and -- running in districts that are saved. So what do they see your well you do and the primary election it -- only about Christine. -- of the people want most incumbents are gonna be challenged with a partner. But if they are going to be challenged with in the primary they're going to be challenged from the ideological extreme. Going to be Liberal Democrats and Democrats and liberal but the incumbents not liberal enough. Or conservative Republicans and the Republicans not conservative enough until they're gonna push them further to the extremes. So that they can address that challenge. That's what they have to worry about it because the elections are so low turnout that -- a group like the Tea Party which doesn't have majority support. Can really influenced politics -- showing up strong numbers and primary. Final question. For something to get down. -- the country and some former parish and some big former publisher. Have to be could tree nudged. Do there have to be a catastrophe. Before we change. I sure hope not but if you look at sort of the history. A long history of American politics. What we can see it could really major changes major ships we -- in the period where. We don't address problems and -- were faster and hang around for too long. And then they erupt into a crisis and that's what you really -- country move forward and large large. Large leaps and bounds you hope that doesn't happen but right now you look at it change how we fix this this this problem when they're with. If they're not. Something really compel action. And and most that crisis is saying it. Professor and a thoroughly enjoy the competition there really appreciated time we have agreed Tuesday. I'll wait until. It's a bit of bill brigades said when he -- five to -- coming up next ruler. Directors have viewed professor of finance that you're known talk about all of this cost of what the -- costing ups. Very interesting we're thinking about we're talking about word -- connect shirts about. Often called do nothing congress. But a little double mobile pretty jog or opinion poll were -- and every day. We askew and most of was called them the do nothing congress but or -- to blame. Where and as the expert told whose -- -- -- -- yearly poll on the primaries held in this country. About how many people Bogans had 15% of the people on average showed up for those registered to vote. And I think the numbers that the primer is insurance on the like. Two million people showed up out of a 123. Million. And we have all week the problem broke that the congress 70% of you say yeah we are important that is pursuing. As always I'll go to room two doctor I've been much to -- should directors -- who professor and it's that you don't know. When no one as complicated questions about quite complicated subject and professional welcomed his show again. Glad to beer Carlos. Just cost walked where and when will you look at the pact. That congress. Admit they don't do much. And we seem to be fine with that we were -- most all incumbents. Is terrific costs related to that sort Kim we'd just. Rocco long -- -- would virtually no government. Well you know I think there are a couple of dimension that is not worn and I think. You know when people point the finger back -- the ones who may be to blame for. In some ways we are we may be that the way forward in not the -- -- some people thinking. Just the -- if congress doesn't do any thing and I am getting. Some benefits from the other corporations or private individual. So -- living on welfare getting housing assistance. I don't want them tinkering with my -- I don't want them messing with my package because that packages -- not may have bought lawn art for. So I don't have to worry about -- touching it. And meddling -- it there on the European English now is that. Is that no cost to to you know to society into the government and to us as taxpayers. Absolutely not because you know those in other kind of and looking -- weight programs they it happened to grow by themselves. But you know if we if congress -- -- do something. You know then that means that ethical Matalin and it into those programs whether to cut out of program reduces spending in the program. But things like that and whatever congress starts mentally. Then you know there is not in the interest either because obviously. They've got a really low rate I mean you can't you can't low. And in what they are probably but. You know you look at it they don't take any votes. And they don't take any action. Then. Then -- -- credit side. Yeah there's nobody to point I think that is you'll generally -- to me. So -- hit obviously. Speak very loudly. With respect to accountability. And with their responsibilities. Here board -- in and I think you're probably bright -- Could it also be tied in to eight a lot of education -- apart and beaten. Not wanting the education. If we see it in programs and give you that I -- want them to market and a looked at the a cage fight in Mississippi. Between the area democratic India to the party. And it was all -- Where you get rid of this incumbent. Because he does not and blood but increased cost in Washington. And Mississippi. Leads the country with 43%. Of all the revenue. Coming from the federal government. Alabama's next and we're number three. And we all the states. Talk about we hate Washington. Don't want big government. So. We're happy we're they're not doing anything just Richard talking about. -- When I realized. All absent for a aboard like that that fifty billion for the wetlands. And one point three billion for the drinking water of that we don't have and the hundreds of millions for the consent decree. And the 38 million dollars a year for the new fourteen billion dollar flood protection. What what happens when. We arrived there. Or an educated don't wanna get educated going to hear the education. But the food the the chickens come home to roots. -- I think you hit it right on the nail right on the head there unfortunately. Just you know thousands and thousands of people who. You know just -- float along don't want have to using their critical thinking skills. Don't -- have to try to connect the dots in terms of you know how does it you know decision eight possibly affect me -- -- -- more -- affect the meeting be. And so on and so what is sorting -- back. And you know trying to think through. Is very different than just jump in on here and -- And click into a bunch of different stuff that comes across. You're Twitter account -- comes to crush of FaceBook account that comes across even on Yahoo! whatever -- of -- of actually using. Which is it's all night you know which in which training right now probably some you know. You was you know movies or something whatever but it. It's not it's not what people. You know tend to really wanna focus -- And in some respects are yet talked to people told me that is just 24. It's not. So it was kind of got a hole. -- group generation of people out there are more excited about you know reality TV -- other nonsense. If you really have abandoned. You know critical thinking skills as it applies to them specifically. And you know politically and so. All right it's a good break here just joined were worth thinking about. The contradiction. In particular in this. Beak and well -- we say we hate the government. More of news sent them a much more. Of small government like Paul Roland do. Assuming notes. A hundred billion throughout the states to. And me in the federal programs and says. But at the same time what we say we don't want the federal lord she it's. We don't want them wasting money were one of the biggest recipients of and in one happens if an action. Lewd acts through an infrastructure that Clapton. Or the things that are important note for not being making. Come right back here called your comments two's exit rule one -- You know we're thinking about the do nothing congress -- were also thinking about the do nothing electorate in the primaries this year. When you put him all the gelding the United States -- Edwards about 15% of voters actually chewing a -- which raises the question. They may not be doing anything but it seems like we're very happy that they're not doing anything. Better understand that we have a professor. And doctor I've -- months code professor. And that you ago. Doctor let me bring in mark. -- we rumored conversation mark your Rwanda but via. Yet I don't good. I just want to record there are excited to sit well for increased bang people and -- -- out there -- problem. And and Mississippi won -- state. And -- get Republican support or opposite thing that they're good people again. But the bottom line you know what you're Democrat our republic and you support if you again. Unless you know toward you -- that they've been that they cheer leading UK. And end bet and -- for the problem and most people don't go don't go and and if it. It's unbelievable. What you know the -- dare complain complain complain back in one Hannibal. Marco opting to run. Doctor -- when things burned into my memory. Is the the after could reducing people on the rooftops in water up to their next. Saying how did this happen who did this to me. I need help. Why didn't anybody do anything when -- been told about it for thirty years. Do we need. Another catastrophe. In this country. Before we we respond. Don't think anybody want to seek capital items they want to I -- that how change comes about well. In some ways it is I mean you know we saw that I guess with Katrina here. You -- it changed the landscape but it also. Does structurally changed a lot of things that. You know that we do here in government went from you know seven -- that the war that was so you know have a big -- You know I think we've got people who were more. At least the local level more politically active. Yeah I think you know if you look at where it was the most successful. Economics economically successful states in the country. Which is that. Think about it. It's right next door at -- Texas. Okay how often does this state legislature meet. Could point. Every other year. Okay now my you know my thought was they got a political class in congress -- political class in Baton Rouge for that matter. So you know one thing we might wanna consider way to -- line probably exist you know pipe dream or my thought is to. Limit congress took a six -- session. And then the other six months they have to take it you know glad -- back to where they live. And actually become part of the world state living side inside the beltway in Washington DC. It's like living in -- and happily. And did you know these congressmen have. Yet these steps so you know basically young very bright policy wonks. We'll never see any outside of the classroom until they got into it into Washington. So you know -- into the all the idealistic ideas and I think I'm out there that making a difference. You know they're being information that it is certain information and is extremely expenses. And it changes propagate more the same thing over and over and -- you know it maybe you know maybe -- whipped. So -- congressional leaders we all congress needs. There's a real good dose of reality means go back. Get out of Washington DC. And get -- feel -- the people in your jurisdiction. Are expecting you to do then maybe you'll get a little bit higher participation. In the -- activity in in this feedback that the public provide and so on and so good positive. It just seemed like to his Coleman's suits. And I talked to a couple of senators that have been senators from very long time ago. And and I it's said to them why this is happening now why did that happened. In the path of third and civil war. And they civil -- we use to do is is you had to get bridges -- you had to do things. So you went to the office they came to yours. We've debated that we arguably got mad at each other in -- we compromised. And a lot of times it literally came down to. I gave them the last time. You've given this time. And we got it done. Do you these people in congress and the senate commonsensical. And have to see New Orleans can't survive without the wetland and the country. Can survive without an infrastructure. But they still don't hit a point where we have no choice -- it to get something done. Won't. Come from where it warned that gets sorted and -- Well I think one of I think one reason may be is meant that he only reason is that unfortunately everything has become so polarized now. Is that you know every time we gravitate. Toward something that is. Maybe commonsensical. Somebody finds a way to put a victim label on some group that can be effective. Negatively even if it's very minor. By some action is going to be taken. So we've got it goes so we've got oh hole you know hit them play -- out there. That if you want to you know one undermines some well intentioned. Initiative by well intentioned. Legislators here either and senate or house. Then you know that person can automatically think they'll get their interest groups there. That will come to you know come to their defense got a sense of the afflicted. And that will that person as well back off. I think visit there and we've heard so let you know. Several more -- -- -- several years now that you know in congress and elsewhere in Washington. There is unfortunately -- areas that -- leadership. You know of true leaders and tell you look back in days when you you talked about the compromise. You know -- had people there. You know who we're truly statement not politicians but the big big difference in his statement. And a politician. But state person. -- -- -- box or he'll box for others. Four others who -- in congress. In in on the senate side and let who could walk across the aisle -- crusted -- you know from the democratic side of the house to the the Republican side. And or the senate and bring about a compromise. That's going to be a win win for everybody. I don't think we have that we can win mentality. Is winner take all. And I think that get go to suggest. Societal pleased that we actually found ourselves in -- Weird you know you're that the media or is it reflects -- And then win at all -- no matter -- it in everything that you see on television or you know whatever you know whatever might. So it's it's always it's always struck in that way. And I think people just pick up on it. And they just you know don't want to -- and and getting well into giving up some ground is -- sport with a comparable. You know Linda and -- and it talked to because. I'm from do solomons of -- to you and I don't think we begin to enough of our style. -- what we're -- you prove. Border -- in oral. See I think you get more stuff than we are -- You ought to have -- stuff debate you know we don't get worse off than -- to -- and as well. Why aren't happy and that's and that's probably. If you look at urban areas are always you have the upper hand right. That exactly right it would get pure crabs and we're over. -- -- -- your -- Doctor always a pleasure figured the time and the expertise you had to the compensation. Okay Garland as always it was. They -- break come and ride the governor of ago did celebrity -- moral behind the -- All right -- who shows stinks. I knew it can you keep your attention there and -- it's called ET's. At least as good as they give 3 o'clock. Hear what they're gonna do. You're not a durable pulled my Libya after the show. And she's gonna ask him and bring in the experts did you know your carpets cable. Sponges. Cell phone remote controls. Even cutting board or during the year then you're where. That's what she did talk about 3 o'clock. What are the jury of his things around in the home in the world plays and all kind of tips on how to avoid all the problems that come with that. One of options that are doing something they've been doing a couple of times -- gonna keep doing it every day 1 o'clock which are like its candidates fund. She's she grabs a lot of the leaders from here in legislation. And they talk about ports trending two -- day so maybe sports may be whether they be news maybe just entertainment but it's a lot of fun. Also you can talk about panhandlers I always do you guilty of I don't give money. She's been talk about is Smartphone. Out that may solve the problem of deal. Double WTO brigade seventy years -- -- of five to reapply them and -- -- Cumberland directional goal way.