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7-30-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Jul 30, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL news director Dave Cohen, WWL First Take co-host Todd Menesses and T-Pot of B97's Afternoon Swirl about what stories are trending on social media.

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And they are translational yes they are. I hope you're having a beautiful Wednesday because mine is is I got three great people sitting in front of me. It's a wonderful way to start the day we are trending with what's happening in news sports and social media with our friends. Dave -- news director of WWL radio and it. Time Manassas co host of first take with -- courts news. And the beautiful teapot I called her. The special half of the afternoons -- Out at the -- 97. We have injured durable husband here yesterday I am I mean he. He claimed yesterday that he was 53%. He'd -- about it how the hell let's correct that well okay here's the deal. I told him I think we're 5050. By it he does a little work. -- work so I reflect earlier at the house professionally not a house. At a house like a ninety I've. But he doesn't work so I will give him. Well that's very generous -- -- very thought. And this is why you'll work together yet so beautifully really because you do to compromise than about what happened -- that. The heart actually hear around each other. Hours today and yeah. -- my wife and I love each other very much but we also enjoy our time as partner this is what we need a webcam and here when her face when she says. Uh oh -- yeah. Got a -- -- a and but she's smiling and I just have to say this very quickly could yesterday it was old guys in here we talked about it was national lipstick today in the -- a look at a blank look. But like big deal Angela. Tell me what you just said you did yeah we talked about yesterday on B 97 and I have sixteen lipsticks. My papers in your purse my part you have -- year. -- out in the bathroom. I did well that's the action. I don't have the lipstick on those problem and you could travel with all of your lipstick all the time yes. And we don't you really only wanted to timer brokerages may. Surely if the gloss and that I am not that it's three its its story are also sixteen by anyway we're gonna move -- I'd love this that's what Dave and I have got a piece of afterward. I also have all of lipstick I don't -- yeah me too. You're zero about it. Because if you don't we can land. That actually will because one of the shows -- doing today and I want everybody to join us. Because school it's gonna be here germs and you it is appalling. Where germs marking forget lipstick. -- hauling where germs -- that's our second hour even on the no that's right -- I can be close ever get cleaned every yeah. Well I just that was. Thanks for skewed this studio gets cleaned every -- you come in when it went -- on the it's like he walked into a hospital he's wiping everything down with Clorox and when I agree and I fell in for Tommy. And he comes on at 6 AM after him getting off the -- he always apologizes but you start wiping down everything I've taught. While I'm still sitting in the chair. Because it likes him so long that he's got to get a head start and then of course you know me -- my sense of humor it's like why you clean everything Downey's camp out for the -- and what do you do with the you know copy points and union. William Meehan who -- on at three times yeah. Now. Let's talk a little sports because once again sports kind of his news and this thing on that you're asking. Yeah out well you know we talked about yesterday about Ray Rice in the NFL and him being suspended for two games for the domestic abuse case again as his fiancee now his wife. Then over the summer. But. One of the ESPN host Stephen A Smith they were talking about this on the air. And he said basically. Talking about it kind of came out saying that. Women need to make sure that they don't do anything to provoke. Attacks and what he actually said was in and out I'll tell you write this he said Ray Rice his case to quote. He probably deserves more than a two game suspension which -- when it says. He says but at the same time we also have to make sure that we learn as much as we can about elements of provocation. And not that there's real provocation of the elements of provocation. At this point without letting him finish his sentence and he was delved into some amateur forensics and the elements and stuff. So he was kind of saying like he was talking about women should accept responsibility. For being victimized. And why those elements don't add up to Rio. Provocation now. What happened was. -- -- who is also any us -- and post. On Twitter. Then challenged him. And she wrote on Twitter I was just forced to watch this morning's first take a -- never feel clean again BM now aware that I can -- my own beating. Then she posted I'm thinking about wearing a miniskirt this weekend and hate to think what I'd be asking for by doing so Steven Stephen Smith. As -- Provo. Report also says she was an an abusive relationship once and she's aware that men and women can both be the abuser but to spread the message. That we've not -- wrong. What's interesting and all of this is he has now been suspended he's off the year forty week. From his shows from the radio show from Travers stakes show that he does and hire ironically and all of this and I and I understand you know I didn't I I don't agree with them I'm hoping you I was brought up you don't hit women period. I've had you know girlfriends that are. Hit me urban man Amir try to hit me and I've never hit them back there's there's always a way to do it's -- you don't have to get them back. And and then of course it just me that's the way I was brought up but at the same time I find it kind of funny or ironic. That he suspended longer than Ray Rice the guy who actually did. Beat up some beautiful woman you know as I got guys -- two days he misses two days org this guy suspended seven days. For saying that. And then you have. You know it's kind of caught on a life of its own you have Whoopi Goldberg making comments about an element. Her comment was because the -- she met him before when IDC in in the images he'd be on that she says you don't slap -- man. And not expect to get slapped back right and so she said that again she said summoned to the affect of women you know a -- gonna hit somebody don't if you hit a man. Don't hit it not be expecting to be hit back because chivalry dead. Is there any evidence that ray rice's then fiancee now wife hit him before he debt we are all I know -- -- that's what Stephen that's what Steve Smith was trying to say we don't know what happened. To provoke it but a lot of people were saying it doesn't matter what happened to provoke it. Look at you -- all rights you don't walk away a -- especially if there. In my opinion it matter I have seen and it situations where girls women. Will sit there and get in someone's face and hit them. On them and all kinds of things and you just watching them. And to -- it does matter of people do have breaking points now yes. The person should ideally walk away but that's not always the case and then next situation I feel like both of you. You should be -- but in this case even if and I don't know that any evidence that she did but if ray rice's then fiancee now wife was hitting him kicking him whatever. Would that ever justify punching her in the face and. -- -- underground so now dragging -- and -- -- not at all not at all but they both should be in trouble they both -- if there's the legal action bone -- face legal action well and we what I'm saying there's never any excuse to. Beat up anybody buy it legally they both should be -- Battery is on wanted to touch run if you ever talk to anyone who doesn't want you to touch them theoretically make a deal of the battery -- but usually the woman. It urged him. Ultimately if demands that number does not -- first it if they're both -- they both should be chart they boast of truck but nothing. I think ever words in the face cruelty would -- you'll walk away yeah grow up you walk away in -- shunned. Yeah I Liggett and I've had I've had women try to hit me like I said and and take a swing at me and it was governing college had a bigger ball -- -- well. Well now that's okay yeah exactly but I still didn't hitter. Which he -- I grabbed her arm to try and she can't get away now -- -- -- some very there's two ways to do it without punching it writes a professional athlete -- eight. Huge landslide -- absolutely could of -- -- -- her to stop that if if she really was the aggressor which we don't know. But. While the. Which you -- think it does go back to the bigger issue it's easy to say. That's why I like with a woman sent yeah let me put on the short skirt because oftentimes it does turn to women. And what did you do to aggravate my writing you to promote that. And you know something there should be a great signs a woman holding a sign you know let's not talk about my close let's talk about -- -- so enough of it. Let's just. Nobody should take it. While an outlet but I mean you agree that people should be held accountable. -- -- -- They learn to get hit back what was probably a beautiful woman on tax of one and and you scratched his face -- applause they've been they've been arrested or. Though I situations where I'm most men. -- and as this this most anti. The most I don't want to press charges racquet go and say all of this little woman she beat me up I want to press charges are gonna pursue those charges plus I think in any situation you can probably assign percentages of blame him for any and they are going abroad and our percentage of battered husbands out their Harriman -- beat up on you see those stories as well. And a lot of times it's because men don't wanna come forward and admit there has beaten a book no that's -- -- about a money got to get to who committed. The -- most heinous crime and who should be the most guilty I think is when it comes down to either way that we whether you're talking about two people fighting. A man and a woman I mean we've we've done by the short skirt things like that could -- -- say yes she probably should have -- like that but does that justify her being it. Yeah of course -- never never. And I love America -- how we can all talk like that. And you know something are ready poll says were asking the question meant if a woman struck you would you show restraint in not hitter. Women if you struck the man first would you expect him to have restraint. And not to Q back let us know give the results were project. To take a break and we're gonna come back and talk about. All kinds of things stay with us on Angela London anyway. Well we are trending with Dave Cohen Tom and -- and teapot from B 97. -- -- move onto the news story and not just yesterday talking -- now another in a PD officer. We mean noted yesterday that three times this month and a PD officers had been arrested -- And suspended without pay and we were saying this was becoming a disturbing trend. Particularly. In light of the fact that the you know PD has been trying to weed out all of the bad apples that's part of the reason. That you know PD numbers are down -- that that they were getting rid of bad count plus they're having. Challenges replenishing. The police force and and never -- from the mayor on down and -- that don't have enough cops. And then late last night we get word of a fourth. And a PD officer this month arrested. And suspended without pay this time -- aching a senior was placed on emergency suspension without pay after he was arrested for two counts of in decent behavior with juvenile and two counts of sexual battery. On a juvenile it was allegedly molesting children. As a police officer 26 years on the force. And they say that the public integrity bureau just became aware of these allegations and acted quickly. To arrest and suspend him and of course this comes right on the heels. A -- as we discussed officer Stephanie Caldwell a ten year veteran allegedly in -- domestic violence situation chasing a man on the street. The wrong way against traffic with her car crashing into a car -- in to a -- and then fleeing the scene. And earlier this month a ten year veteran officer Christopher Carter was. I've placed on unpaid suspension and a domestic abuse case that he was allegedly involved and and before that detective Robert Hurst was arrested and suspended. He was it to initially charged with attempted murder and simple battery. They attempted murder charges -- -- we have details on all four cases on WWL dot com and this is definitely one thing that while under what's trending with a lot of people are looking. A lot of people -- -- -- I think it's because it's so they're grouped together so closely this happened intermittently you have an over a thousand employees something. You know something will pop up but four in such a brief period of time. I just kept thinking what is superintendent surpassed. Thinking it's gotta be tough you know when. He is desperately trying to fight. Violent crime obviously they've been very successful bring in the murder rate down but we've seen a sudden spike in murders the last week or so last couple of weeks. He's been facing a lot of public. Relations issues as and you just got to wondering yeah how he's kind of what -- doesn't end. When dissident gimme a break you know high -- and these are mostly officers obviously that were -- we eat before he came on he he's only been superintendent now for what six years. And these are all been there longer but he really want to weed out all the bad apples and apparently there's still weeding going. We're gonna move over to FaceBook and this teapot and something that that you're -- educate me about the challenge videos -- keenness. In my feed just people sharing and some people sharing because they can't believe -- kids are being stupid but these challenge videos are. Doing things like setting themselves on fire like there's as one witness did. Or alcohol test and -- -- -- and he's in the shower but the water is doing. And and counting other kids to do and -- I don't know what I don't know what the challenge it's like. Challenge or there's another one to see if you know these two girls I thought it pass out. So they were holding a brat and someone with pushing on their chest so that they couldn't breathe. -- It's changed this actually started in and Europe actually there was a problem in England it was a drinking challenge. Kids are challenging each other to drink like a whole pint of vodka -- hole or something and and than they would challenge another friend to do it and show that they did it and one kid actually died. So when and if there were posting videos of themselves dying on investigating other one dime he should and he did it mean title -- later on but. But the thing is. I don't know why do kids do stuff like that I mean I had no intention. It all goes back to what an apparent savior so it's just gonna jump off the bridge would you jump off the -- with them I mean there's nobody tell their kids that anymore of something in the. Because I put on base but if you push this I'm finding. Now I don't care who you're like I can't believe kids are doing it share it I'm conferencing and that that's it and I went giving them mutant -- and I. Say that she was happy that she saw it so that she can won her kid against them like why do you if you're being a good parent up until this point why do you need one you're kitten. That's on fire exactly. I don't know that this is I think it's a function of the technologies. Because I remember when I was a kid. We used to have count -- see how many. Helping us places we Katie and we would see who could eat the most Allah Pena's wife and I got to the point where I had like 4270. -- dumbest thing I could've done. I really regretted about eight hours later. Nevertheless we did it and then another kid become the next -- trying to beat the record and fabricated and I never did the knockout thing but yeah. Remember kids when I was in junior high decades ago would. Hold their breath as long as they could that have an advocate for a kick ball their stomach did not -- little -- -- -- and the eight ball over and passed out. Well now that you have you can put videos of this on FaceBook and -- all the kids in the world. I think it's just a function of yet he got as -- got an electric its look an atom line and make it two films. I don't remember ever do it any challenges like that maybe it maybe I was too Smart I. Challenge and I plan and I just looked at it's at now I can't do. I don't know I that's -- I -- to Iraq yes no. Everything my mind would probably yeah. I would probably be -- that like could you eat a whole pizza and you got -- -- that but not Allah saw a dozen doughnuts and report to doesn't nude art. It's scary and mean it it you know it's getting to the extreme and they are. And attorneys could have died. The well the one of the kids with the breathing he died. And then there was a challenge that was actually -- hospital and the ice talent -- -- talk here about where you dumped that water. Ice water on the person and someone died of a heart attack after that. If people are challenging people to donate money to big saint Jude and children. Of the places and it seems it's adults doing it they last played Philadelphia like OK guys have but some -- Eyes watered down and I thought coaches but. Suddenly changing your temperature that dramatic -- -- the sentiment challenge for kids are seeing how much sentiment it's -- to put in their mouth and hold it for how long. We're getting burns down through that wrote in this that some would even in an. Accidentally. Inhale. Some of the cinnamon yes ballots burning their -- and that they can ask parade yeah the vomit aunts and breathe and and kids are getting sick out property but he died from the from the I think maybe there was a death. From the sentiment count there were definitely -- hospital system and ratio should be kids do the dumbest things -- What. We want them to live. Back over to saint camp what about to Brandon cooks. Well real quick is that Elliott go to the news here but the national media week we have -- on our website WW dot com -- guys on Saturday yesterday was the best practice he's ever seen well from the saints. The national media. Are now touting as well. They said that I have been the headline read saints Brandon cooks. Is the new highlight machine. For the saints. They're expecting big things from release -- it was -- but Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees. As all the highlights but they're saying speed Brandon cooks is nothing but highlight machine everything you see you he's gonna do that all his tee shot. You're you're asking the wrong yeah that's. But but yet everything they say every played as -- -- you know he's so fast he gets broad program you're gonna see a lot of him on the highlight real. Unlike here in about that we also like here in about our news so let's go to the newsroom but stay with his guns were trending. We are trending with Todd Manassas and Dave -- and teapot and I didn't say that teapot took the time to look at saint Brendan -- -- adorable. Q well but you know what she put on some lipstick what is that I. He's in now what time what -- your ride went and looked up some cheer leader and talked about her on the air -- -- can get in trouble with. -- I would diameter it look like -- and troubled but it. It. And that they can about Q football players that got talked about now at a cheerleader is in trouble as my wife is listening I would never look it up yours truly knows him. Out but let us move on to something sort of intellectual. And something good news to October the LSU school of medicine grade school that we have. Freezing -- need. Yeah you know they have a certain there and it's one of only twenty anywhere in the world that we know who's doing business and it's got amazing potential model different getting rid of any pain really pain anywhere in the body so far the researchers focused mostly -- -- pain. They're taking small needles like acupuncture needles and putting them on the nerves that is being affected by the pain in the knee. They then cool those needles to 120. Degrees below zero. So crazy coal and literally freeze that are. And researchers found that for -- nine month. The person -- days on and whom they do this procedure. Doesn't feel that chronic pain anymore and they think -- other parts of the body yet that the starting with the knees that it is battle is yet they may be audit. It would sort of nerve blocks before and using electrical impulses and things like that that. This is innovative and it's right here at the -- health science and new Juan islands where their thing but this reasoner. And you won't feel the pain and I system the name of the doctor I do it is doctor for not dots. He's an orthopedic surgeon at deals you know the -- will -- stories trending at WWL dot com the most popular and most NFL players call that playing at Lambeau Field in game except. I don't think that's why I don't want -- below zero but I did think about think about that any party your body hurts. If -- it's chronic. Well that's well -- the ice tubs and everything that you soaking after we work out what knotted it helps the swelling and it helps the pain go away because it. -- -- just picked that one nerve entertainer people with passionate. Down hundreds and that's what I'm thinking all the people with back pain I mean usually want to maintain health care hip and -- yes anything you can do that that's wonderful news it is wonderful that it's here. We're gonna move on to let's talk about what this is about the raiders in San Antonio. Lol well you know how things happened rumors are swirling in and so forth that. It's no surprise of the Oakland Raiders and Mark Davis has said that they want. A new stadium or that thinking of moving and and for a long time Los Angeles has been where they thought there would go back to be used to be Los Angeles raiders in the eighties when went back to Oakland only keeps talking about a team eventually end there though is it going to be a new team is -- going to be one of the old teams move and -- the raiders have been one of those teams at the mention however. Word got out that raiders owner Mark Davis. Was in San Antonio. Actually was and Eric -- there a couple of weeks ago when all this guy came out that this past Tuesday. And reports are that he was talking with city officials. And looking at things now of course the owner Mark Davis says look. I was in San Antonio was honoring cliff branch is his induction of the -- review interest scholastic league coaches and so you know -- all the main course out there as out -- -- -- -- -- he's a friend of it is and the former San Antonio mayor Henry Cisneros is a brand and he suggests that I just take the opportunity to meet some city officials and -- tan and we had nothing to discuss there was no real topic or anything that we talked about however the San Antonio express says. He did take an aerial tour of the city by helicopter. Went to the Alamo dome and check that out. Which would be considered their temporary home and has made the statements. Since his father died Al Davis. That. Defeat for the raiders he would talk of building a smaller stadium. So he's saying he doesn't want the big giant monstrosity stadium in Los Angeles at their bill that's what he -- Because he says what his dad would have liked for the fans in the history of the raiders. Would be for a small intimate stadium which the Alamo dome could consider being considered to be. In front of which he could place a statue of his. While there all Al Davis we know that after Katrina the saints were really that close. To moving to San Antonia. Now and and had it not -- For the NFL leadership at the time. Making sure that despite the destruction to the superdome and everything else going on the city seemed to come back. There was a real real possibility. That the saints may have ended up in San Antonio so that to that that city has been hungry for football since the saints played what four of their home games there. -- -- trying to. You know I have to I'm just curious when you say a smaller stadium like that haven't we talked about before that's that perhaps viewership. At home. Is really building and not so much going to the stadium submitting it may not need that huge rise thing. And and that's what and that's what he's thinking now of course they're saying if he would do that they would have to build another stadium the home the specs and so they have to be. After bringing up some but. But I just kind of find it interesting where he just says that those division alone. When all of his visit San Antonio we usually talk at the -- leaders and -- the Alamo dome and you know like it's ours does you could see why those guys would want to talk. And -- salmon and try to convince him to bring it now what's interesting is that -- two teams and in Texas as we know the Texans -- the new there the newest team in Houston. And the cowboys Jerry Jones. Bob McNair the owner of the Texans says. He would be fine with the raiders go in the San Antonio he's in favor of having strong franchises. And Texas is big enough that probably have three teams. It is say it is yeah that is that reported taken a -- Obama come back missed teapot is going to be talking about teenage mutant ninja turtles. Right after this we are trending and -- -- has something very interesting about those teenage mutant ninja to. So Paramount Pictures is putting out the movie. -- did it the poster at the movie poster board and it's the ninja turtles falling out of -- building that's exploding. And it says you know to be released September 11 owns and got a bunch of them match because it's like all. -- you know maybe they can change that date. I'm fairly sure they can't change the date. That -- -- you can oppose it probably changed the post I have them falling out of an exploding building. Home like -- movie coming out on September you know nonetheless the -- got to do just fine reboot of Yemen the I know that I know a lot of people. From little bitty kids via the people in their twenties and thirties who are really excited about this because. It's been turned into totals have now been around for two generations. -- they started those who. As a comic book when I was in college we're talking about a off the air and it's. One I missed out on because it was a the first original homes and blackened why I didn't like the art work buddy of mine bought it's he -- -- -- -- be happening now like that on the -- Will that notes worth gazillion is now but I just how many do they cost and then. That was an independent comic and I think it may have -- bock back in the eighties and a lot of money. Because it was an independent comic and you know so now it's probably worth. Ten times. I know you have a vast collection but I'm an embarrassment so do you collect ones like Archie. And now you do more that's OK I had I used to and I was lead in the loop but those of non. Buckley's version -- Mark Austin it. Well the adult I can I can tell you that whole thing is to go through that with -- the adult -- either tutor for -- that is correct. It's like for the Archie has argued that you've done all right and even most of superheroes of die have died at some -- comic and some story man man Superman but. Teenage Archie is still alive and kicking it took him. Not moving on back to news Kazaa. Who has this -- Garland. If we want to close the border someone tell me -- this is actually the top story at WW well dot com trending now is a blog written by Garland Robinette -- And and you. -- -- -- And -- really looking very seriously. And at the question of what is the solution. For. The immigration from the US is now having and you're hearing calls from both sides of the aisle that perhaps it is time to. Close the border while he had two experts on. Who had apparently very differing viewpoints but both kind of believed. In the same way. And it's fascinating and reading from it as a war on illegal immigration immigration heats up we hear more and more calls for closing the borders these calls. Followed years of both sides saying we couldn't build a 650 mile fence on our southern border so once again the question is who want a close the border. How do we do it. And Garland couldn't really get answers. It's he seemed to be left with more questions than answers but the fascinating read anything other emotional discussion as well you know you know what I find interesting about we can't build the fence or build. The wall or whatnot is that. The Army Corps of Engineers. The US Army Corps of Engineers. Is built they giant wall -- offense and tunnels in Egypt on their border to keep terrorists from tunneling under they constructed that they built it. And it's several hundred miles long and apparently we can't do it here. You know I think we can do anything we put our mind to I'm just for money and I said this to Garland had a conversation it it's called priority. And and I'm delighted to see that they're gonna come up with ten billion dollars to help the VA system the system is it an American tragedy. And we are finally opening our -- to it and they're gonna all of a sudden I open the paper and there's ten point something billion dollar. -- that's the right thing to do but by golly we -- point something billion dollars. If we want to do something we can do. Well you know why the VA suddenly got all that money it's because the media focus so much attention. On these veterans who are having to wait weeks months or longer just to see a doctor in many died yes waiting to get an appointment it's appalling and our lawmakers. Govern by crisis and until the media. And the public get outraged about something it doesn't get necessarily attention it should if they've priority becomes to build -- wall. Along the border and the media and -- social media and -- grassroots efforts and it becomes an election issue. Maybe it happens because they can always find the money which -- another few trillion in debt I don't care. Print out that money I just have to update ready -- -- opinion ball remember the question was meant that the woman struck Q would you show restraint and not hit her. Women if you struck a man first would you expect him to have restraint in 92 back. 78. Some 9% say yes. Find it interesting. Only 21% say -- Okay. Only 21% think it's a paper man and a woman after she gets. So anyway. Let this go over. Speaks well speaking of big money. Former LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson has cashed in with the Arizona Cardinals. He just signed a five year contract extension him. The highest paid quarterback it's worth seventy million with 48 merely a guaranteed. Now has its second catcher -- the -- -- any. Himself not only as a defense so MacKey also played offense anyplace special well he's only gonna play quarterback now the party he's not gonna play offense anymore he's a play on special teams he just going to be cornerback at least that's the latest coming out of Arizona Cardinals camp. But what's interesting is that now puts him ahead of Richard Sherman who remembered got famous for the big rant after the NFC championship game with a Erin Andrews on him and it Wednesdays at -- -- of so he now they're in the same division. The cardinals were the only team I think to beat the Seahawks at home last season. And they've gotten into a little bit of a Twitter squabble between the two of them overeat. A -- that once we came out to Richard chairman Patrick Peterson combined. To allow a touchdown passes and 2013. Peterson gave up seven of those saying that Germans better Patrick Peterson and tweets backs are you mad -- They've LM LM -- -- and then Richard Sherman then -- back to him. Can ever be too mad a picture of a Super Bowl ring. Sherman got the ring you've got the championship but Peterson has quite a bit more money -- yeah exactly -- better. -- I would bet that you want to go ahead of us probably cut. I don't think Peterson at a but they did this will be and to be continued and settled. On the field this year because they're both in the NFC west of the plea to the. And that will be fun to watch. United to -- but are you in two is that lea Michelle. Yeah she's not eat -- up and she just seems like a very clean cut lovely girl and she's going to be on an episode of Sons of Anarchy and any of you watched -- and I know. I think you know watch one wondered why you watch it after everybody -- -- Steve watches -- I catch it as you know we are on TV there. And it is the most violent show I've ever seen. Like they show you everything they shoot somebody use the it's not like you just -- against. And I just can not imagine this clean cut girl being on it. Letterman I think it was recently she's got an edgy side to her she doesn't showed -- got to watch Sons of Anarchy I don't know that it. Maybe she wants a little career change into parallel yeah feces and act Michigan we're trending stay with this'll be right back. Well we are trending with Dave Cullen who asked the very important question. Should southerners lose the accent while we asked because the national lab in Tennessee. Offered a class two. Federal employees there to help them lose their southern accent with. Saying you should be remembered for what you say and not how you say it the message was if you have a southern accent he sound dumb. And -- to get rid of it may be you'll be more successful. So we went out this morning and we asked New Orleans. Do you think that. People have a southern accent would be more successful they got rid of it. Overwhelmingly obviously southerners in -- when he ends like no. They're proud of this southern accents they think it actually helps them but this took off it is trending right now on WW dot com and on our FaceBook -- of people are sounding off. After the national lab in Tennessee descent it was -- go to an office classic devils a class big difference between the Tennessee southern accent and in the world so. Pat you on pace at US. Other -- -- he now. Let me Kelly and now they're cute they don't have to open. Our group and what about somebody with the Boston accent what about somebody with the main acts and I mean their lot of eggs or. His country gets a rookie. And yet but that that's not -- obviously Tennessee they have employees there who have brawls. Who have things we and they claim that one of the employees started this they asked. Well for class and helping to get rid of their accent so that they could be more effective like I -- be proud and tell okay. Drew Brees Drew Brees once again emphasize he's really serious about playing until he's 45 he's really serious I guess he wants the NFL the drug -- one more time. Just for the heck of. You know we got to save these tapes because when he's 45. Emerson remember we were talking about forty. 35 that he feels 45 point 50 yeah and this teapot -- dating naked. Yeah it's. It's people say it's very hard and the way people can hide eggs I don't think that -- they find people would say now gone that I'll take off my clothes and after them. It I'm coming up on the show. You all the best teapot -- 97 top Manassas and our sports. Dave Cullen -- can't thank you can see you tomorrow we're going to be trending again at 1 o'clock -- everybody to stay with this. Part 2 o'clock showing -- 3 o'clock were talking all kinds of good stuff.