WWL>Topics>>7-30-14 2:10pm Angela: on a new way to give charity

7-30-14 2:10pm Angela: on a new way to give charity

Jul 30, 2014|

Angela talks with Neel Sus of Susco Solutions and Michael Ferrera of Bridge House Thrift about innovative ways to give to the needy.

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Well do you ever get weary of seeing so many panhandlers on street corners tired of being approached by people asking for money. If so you're not alone. But there are surely times you may want to help to help someone get a meal or even a place to stay the night. But how do you know the money you give will go to the cause of food or shelter. The solution may be just an apple way. Yep that's right an app that can help you give without worries. Our guest -- us founder of sauce goes solutions. And creator of care backs and that's the app. Care backs. Welcome. I think -- I am now this is fascinating this may be the solution. Because we all have moments of guilt everyone was even though we. We are hearing. Not just anecdotally that issues of more more panhandlers. And the concern that in fact they're the not the homeless ones that desperately need it. But let's separate that aside we all see sadness. And we are a generous people and we do and help people one on one. But there is a discomfort of if I give somebody five dollars will buy drugs will just be the alcoholism will. What can I really do to help -- your app. Karabakh. Just seems to be a beautiful solution. So tell us about it. Well I mean. Basically mum -- our motivation for creating it was a sense exactly what you said is that a large percent I think of people in America in the world are. -- -- generous -- help others. But there's that moral hazard. OK can give somebody five dollars ten dollars one dollar. But when it goes to drug purchase lower something else and look at the illegals -- to die it's that you are trying to help somebody. But every time you give there's a certain percent chance actually calls -- And you know. 045 years ago. Adam. I've been of this started really bother me as someone who you know once again in my. Parents actually immigrated from -- I spent my Summers there and so always kind of -- not poverty. As a soft spot for it to him -- and Bernard. And you know a couple of years -- gamma four years ago the I -- estimates of how I avoid -- so what I did was actually bought like ten McDonald's gift certificate cards like ten of them. And you know so -- try when when it would happen was among commodity and try to get them but when those cards so two things happened one I would never -- to carry them. Ending to throw like well there's -- mcdonalds here. But three what was really what's good about it is that people I know I don't want this so automatically people self selected. So -- a good way as okay as reversal selecting out who don't really want help and sells one good thing about -- OK well how do we. You know solve the problem. In them in a way that doesn't required the donor. If you will to you actually change their daily routine like to remember to stuff your pocket full of cards is not list. On one -- we also looked into who has passed the buy food stamps in -- -- knows that has the benefit of being useful in many many stores. Without their ability to arrive at all could even like that you can't it's legal. -- is illegal it is legal left food stamps -- illegal illegal is illegal thing to buy food stamps even with the motivation was talking. But more importantly than -- the legality of it is that. He EBT cards now replaced him so excited feasible. Right and when even solve the problem of having to remember to carry something extra. And so that's kind of where an idea of care backs came from you know we've been attacks pace for nine years. And we were one of the first companies on mobile 2009. And you know as he can actually born of that away that after due to a one -- setup in the application we put in your info credit card information. After that initial process. Then you know somebody. Comes up to you and hasn't hasn't -- it's literally four clicks -- you play your phone open app. -- you on again of click dollar amount. Click confirm and boom you're dime you get a pin which goes up so let's say you know let's say don't -- tend to him. I click give its. It's gonna compensate -- against point 920 get ten dollars in socialist all the vendors -- -- one on top so for example. Here chances are it's -- -- back it would be them that bridge house official which show up as a top result so let's say. BO OK look and Johnny Cash army that I'll actually give you ten dollars to use some excellent. So for weeks later I'm saying okay look you tell. You know there's a couple of ways you can go Buccaneers on his neighbor's house restore if you tell 4920 and that you got you know attend us from me today -- -- about. You for that and don't sell the 49 when he is the pin number -- so I've already set up in my account like your back account all my information with democratic. IC person who's hungry we are looking for close. And a place to stay that night it's OK I don't have any money just -- -- saying I go to my phone I hit the -- I do the process that gives me a pin number right 4929. Whenever. Here's your number. Person I'm giving to -- remember this number right. And you can go to these various places and grocery store bridge house Salvation Army right places like that. And you have ten dollars worth the credit there. That's exactly right and then if they don't carry with them. We recommend that you know if donors happy to carry around and that would probably -- need to. -- writing down some arguments on. But if you think about panhandling I mean at xmas and happy and get a dollar and we're not ignored. So I would we know and hope that the motivation of the fact it's a five dollar minimum when -- would help kind of make it easier to remember if you will. And we kind of we -- struggle with how to do this validation process had to give credit the Salvation Army because there are the first people we approached. After we were -- -- far along with that. And we told him. He read it we had a -- idea we also an idea about like asking -- -- mean managed rats and like. All this stuff for him taking a picture. And their like just to depend. You know again you're the five dollar minimums and enough motivation -- does -- give them credit for that that stuff leased him. -- process. So somebody than ghost and Salvation Army or rich house or a grocery store or any of your -- Margaret. And they know they go to a manager had had at the check out person now. All I don't have any money I just have this. Pan on yes the -- whether it's -- turner had. So in the bigger grocery stores you know you're gonna go to customer service and then in the smaller stores just may check out -- -- stores in one place to go. And but all these tours have been trained and we actually have video by a sheet and signage so all the stores have been trained. On the process to present from vendors -- -- redeemed care act. Okay. It's really -- it's truly fascinating and it it it could revolutionize. At least for the donors. I'm I'm curious and we're gonna take a break and come back your thoughts on. If they won't meet some or even except for McDonald's car. What is the response going to be to kind of give the pin and I'm gonna that's going to be worth five or ten dollars. Is it going to be motivation enough. For them to actually go to place we're gonna take a break we'll be right back stay with us and give us your thoughts on this 260187. 2601 -- seventy financial under the W. While I'm calling this the art of giving because -- -- is the founder of Cisco solutions. Has created an app called -- -- Which is a method of giving. Two homeless people to people in need. -- out where you just check your own app. You go to a two party filled -- to credit card information. Go up the person you're just opening up. And so I wanna get five dollars minimum Nortel Nortel government to wanna give and it gives -- a pin number you give that. To the recipient who have -- can go to various vendors. My question for Neil it is. What do you think that that will work with the recipients. I mean will they want to say okay. GR really wanted to catch -- I need the food so I'll go and acts the grocery store. Right soul you talked to any homeless people or any people in need about. Their thoughts. The ones and so we talked Osama and the ones that we're genuinely need excited about the idea I mean. You know he can get into it this way it's harder to Kimberly -- and so like if somebody's so if you are almost personally received a significant cash and actually risk that you wouldn't advocate -- -- into a store. So for those who actually want the goods. And that it's not -- responses mean. That women comment about making sure and anyone carry a pen going for her to write with -- decide that. You know. It's been pretty -- -- Ounces of the recipient would just have to remember the four number -- number what -- the amount. An email I have five dollars my pin numbers this and I'm going to. And that -- there a number of vendors some of them -- grocery stores some of them are places like rich Nelson were delighted to have Michael Ferreira onto his. Michael and you're with the bridge house store correct. -- -- operation restore operations so you -- thoughts on how this will work. Well first and we're really happy to be one of the new -- spenders just fate in this program -- wonderful. Our our location. Is perfect for what the program wants to accomplish. Restores right next to the bridge where many -- for. Most homeless now all they know it from the -- then we kept returns the year. Where we give it -- and keep voting and colleges away. We just had one Sunday Christmas in July and this one for Thanksgiving and one person. -- and we're happy that we feel we can off I don't at some longevity. Reports suggest immediate help. Clothing. Shoes socks underwear -- caps so I'm betting things eating utensil and apologies. Column. We do -- out clothing twice a week now. But with the care act program recipient can now acquire at a clothing. And item and not offered at the regular it -- Especially with the policies and coming artists around the corner. Available would be Jack it's sweats sweaters shoes -- knit caps close calls point it's all the things that they need. And you know we leave it there and will those goods and that they can actually at some will be one. Now this is it and it's great to hear from you that as as one of them as one of the vendors -- also say that if it's a matter of food is working with grocery stores. Still looking for other vendors. Yes we'd love to onboard more vendors I mean we we have ten here and so. Mean it's healthy sides you know from a distribution of walking distance from them for people have needs so where. We -- them more the merrier that we don't have a stable number here. Believe we'd you know. We know our next big steps are creating more awareness among both donors and recipients. I think recipients will be easier because organizations like the British house and Salvation Army. And cocaine and then it will be -- forming. People of their options and in the in the formula. And we have to say that for the Salvation Army a donation you give. Might help someone find in ninety a place to sleep at night. That's that's wrestles with the Salvation Army you can stay 66 nights every six months. -- for free but then on the seventh night and Ford you'd have to pay ten dollars or have received and dollar voucher. And so you know if you're giving ten dollars or more he could actually use that to get that ninety paid at the Salvation Army Tuesday -- You know I leave this building every night 9 or 10 o'clock in the same two guys a sleeping in serve and Alcoa opened the building right as I walked in my parking thing. On cement and I think you know. I'd give him ten dollars and it's hard out there it is hard and it's hot and it's sometimes it's too cold and etc. we have a caller Jay if Jay. Problem I'd put the ball a couple of questions or offer say that you know on a part of what -- -- -- like being a little critical but I'm not. Our art applaud -- -- doing on the mission to drop what concerns what happens all excellent ethnic claim they're home. They're donation in all there -- certain returned the -- out -- -- -- you know that the care. Apple what. Right so if they don't -- a donation within 48 hours. And that is something we mixed and it's gonna be donated to a local charity partner so in each market be different in new -- market it's currently its army. So you know with a bill that funds is gonna help somebody PO directly with the knee and do you get a ride off. If that's to a nonprofit. We're still working on that because in -- technically your pain care Max ride which is you know. Woodson right now under the Moscow banner whistles we were going to be spinning off. But you know so it and tell if -- -- is -- currently is on our profits so therefore. I don't think you can't however however though I do think that. If we could show the tracking the one's own Salvation Army I think we talked to lower about this model lawyer. And that an engine agreements Robert company Putnam. I would think that. Mean that we we -- definitely by the mechanism show the person how much went to a charity so I would think that it without proof that he be okay now claiming it but again. The other thing that dot encountered all I used to report. Burger King all and they had the same god was there it was he was challenged either. -- title should feature there may be developmental an overly. You -- knew exactly what is old issues war. But you know for sure the first few tar black -- -- stop you got depleted you're guilty about helping somebody like that. Every -- they saw me he would come to me and expect you know you know 45. Well. And -- acknowledged that it and then the other thing that I felt like that might be doing it's kind of perpetuating his dilemma that he never got out of the -- The panhandle by saying you know I don't know if he ever predicted it seemed like -- old adage you get some. What do Trish you you Peter Peter port -- he can -- from -- finished. Vineyard in the -- of life and maybe taking some of that residual -- you know from. But not Ricci -- and putting more of -- some of these places that some kind of you know all long term. All solutions will help for these individuals. Right I mean that's that's a great suggestion. And my understanding is that. The Salvation Army -- they exceed -- programs they're trying to help people get back on their feet. So -- does Bridgetown as a bridge -- specimens at his house and they both have programs that perform that function and it's not just the homeless shelter. But you bring -- very valid points and and something to think about -- I think that Neil is going to because you're right I'm now convinced after having done. How many shows we've done on the homeless and and down and people with major issues and and what are some solutions there are organizations that are out there I mean just. With the hands out reached two to help people but there are some people who are very resistant to help. Then the question is do you let them -- on the street. And and so you have to kind of balance that your mind that I really appreciate that -- we're gonna take a break go to the newsroom. Thank you for staying with this and give us a call 260187. They were talking about Karabakh it's an app. Again an activist. Just love creative minds and that's what Nielsen says he is -- founder of Cisco solutions. And he's the creator of Karabakh and again. Let's go back to our original thing of so you feel guilty if you pass somebody by who's asking for money your looks hungry. Need to place to stay. And yet -- uncomfortable. Opening your wallet handing out money -- -- -- ago he has created an app -- Karabakh where you just. Putting your information and from that point on. Minimum five dollar but any amount that you want again and he's got like ten vendors now in hopes to have many more. And you just go up to that person of the recipients say you know want to just put ten dollars. And it acts. Salvation Army bridge house any clothes than ten dollar credit here's your pin number you got to remember your pin number it's really simple. But right now it's only on android. None -- it about them until recently so until three weeks ago. He was only on -- we finally finally got approval from apple OK not fun process. But -- please okay for all of us apple people. We can now do it yes oh yes you can it's an App Store to look -- -- backs. And I wanted to go back to Michael Ferreira who is the store manager at bridge house. About what this means. Certainly to the people who come here. But what it means to you as the store. Well it means and so much because. We see them out all the time and we do want to help. And this takes our ability to help considerable level because of the continents by the people. And giving them -- items and instinctive thing on the -- yet giveaway it's how it's. Act something like that. And it's very gratifying. To be able help them. So and so it helps us. In what we do because -- bridge we are we are a -- before recovering. Individuals. Who are not able to. Or there. Really basic needs their basic needs. Come back into the community. So in. -- -- partners and sort we -- -- if you travel you all eastern help someone else can help you. No it and this is that again this is just a very. Created and yet. Very 2014. Concept. You know because I agree with you I think people do like to give and I think they'd like to help but we do and again because I'm one of the ones. We are a little leery of the signs being held up and every corner every time we stop the corridor and -- force stopped it we've got to get control of that. And maybe this is the way maybe it just will minimize it. If people realize they're not gonna get cold hard cash. Right I mean that's a very good point. Something also consider you know being at a minimum of five and as a Max -- -- even -- if we can add to that. You know if if you get say a couple Karabakh that minimum you know you're getting 2030 dollars. You know we don't misunderstand their -- -- get that amount I assume if you're standing on the score in the street the average donation in the dollar so. And so European may be seeing people at the corners less because there. The essentially get more money faster but also thought -- going to be -- restore hope hope we know. Like going to the bridge house and PO. Getting some fresh clothes possibly per job -- -- -- going to Salvation Army getting enough sleep and -- enrolling their program you know just you know doing whatever. So you know ultimately it's not gonna solve problems and -- that -- him. It's at least you can you know our -- -- differently Raddatz has the gives -- and Asia and so BC's meet its. -- I understand that you want to coordinate partnerships with the downtown development city -- young leadership how. Well I mean there's couple aspects to it. So there's just awareness so creating -- winners among that demographic who's most likely dead to -- The other is also. Related to kind of looking at how he helps all the problem long term so. On on the face of it you know one could argue that it's trying to motivate. Me or make it more common and on target speaking. Safer. But as we -- -- backs in the once we see that people are using it. And that it's the self sustainable you know there's a small convenience fee that you that is used to -- property expenses and we need to talk about that right. And so once you know once we see the people are using it then we can build out more more features. That really going back to Jay's point Ken you know globe help people -- -- so they -- good example would be you know. The ability to you when you give to somebody in May be your engagement erection mortgage conversation and you'll like you know let me give you thirty dollars and -- earmarked -- -- Beyond just him you know just an audience knows. You have to choose the -- -- right so. When you give you can tell him that -- -- or government you left time to talk to them about and again it's a grocery story that. Shelter it's what -- yet writes like a -- -- -- -- the -- and some Islamic center. So. You know -- as now the after you get to pin you -- depending on the way. But you know one of our future features you plan if it takes office to be able to your market and say you know what I'd. I'm an -- she give fifty dollars so you can go enroll in this program you know or something like that are giving -- more extravagant and that you know that if the demand is there. -- -- it would would be a case by case with some people say you know what you just need to clean up. You need to have a shower eat any fresh clothes and -- announced they can outfit you and then you know there's a job over here that you need to go -- to -- in. It can it can build I understand exactly which -- -- this just done what we've got to come to grips with this somehow and this is just one more method of addressing it. Right exactly yeah it's it is a -- it's. You know it's is something that kind of reduced friction and just said. Not -- a sense of what the problem because for years I just every day you know one and had talks Medea heated give. And that wimps like -- I just item their last hit. All our. Or I don't care and I just feel like a jerk because you know to be frank with you you know a -- at a pretty. Of hooligans have been good American middle class life you know growing up and I've had a pretty well and I kind of feel like. If I can -- gives them to get back I want to. It's Leo walk away -- -- at risk or walk away. Feeling like I didn't do when I'm feeling commend you and help them it there is a -- there's a huge a few of the dollar. One way it works as it's actually so one of the ways that where consenting vendors is that. If you you know if they redeem a five dollar ten dollar Karabakh they're gonna get whether it's by check monthly or weekly year. From Karabakh are gonna get -- and and so. Same as cash right now when you go to a grocery store and you pay for. The goods on Amex. Spend ten dollars that stores on even again and cents right you're gonna lose three or four points. So one of the ways we've been on boarding vendors are saying hey look you're already an area. Where you have this demographic of people coming in and the other -- dead -- homeless and whenever and their you know coming in and buying things. We're just gonna give you. Essentially like -- bacteria in -- processing -- free credit card. To you know get more money so really obviously bridge loans Salvation Army happy Ted part of core mission help so that was very easy get them on board. But with -- other vendors even those who don't necessarily have a terrible bans the -- economically. Literally better than saying I'm accept discover right it's it's an additional revenue stream with no feet -- the way we can do that. Is that when somebody donates days that they're going to be. It's clearly outlined writes if you click five dollars it then says okay you're gonna processing fees and a dollar change. -- the idea is that basically. Processing fees equal to 3% to cover the credit card that's passing through camp accident probably and and exactly. So what they wanted to clear about is even if you donate fifty dollars. The 3% it's gonna grow to cover -- call actual -- we're gonna pay the credit card company but our. -- overtaking you know for further investment and it was only so we're not making more money per transaction its economy universal like look. We're creating the value -- you been to get safely and in return we one dollar and casino wouldn't be reinvestment and company with -- you know specifically towards corn. So it's a dollar whether to five dollar donation or fifty dollar -- a dollar plus thirty cents at 30%. Three site 3% 3% guys up 3% of five dollars is. Fifteen cents plus and plus a dollar write it still makes a lot of sense yeah you know OK got to pay for creativity right. Let's either that or it's too you know if we don't do that to me have to begin nonprofit grants to fund it so we right. We're gonna pay for one -- -- the you know -- to do we're gonna take a break but we're going to be back and and again will will take your call Mary I appreciate it to 60187. They will be right back. -- us again our guest talking about his new app called care back away again and let's go to Mary Mary. Hello I'm from count them anyway. Okay had to question and a I'll hit -- the same time one is for those who don't use the money. You know that there homeless people who don't you know the money came up to them but the money for it and then they don't. Is that. And then how much time to they have one year to year to -- coming out on the -- of what happened that a money. So right now the way that works is that once the pin is created. It's good for 48 hours in and after that after that point the money will the -- the money will basically flow to a charity. And idea would be that in every market you'll have a couple charity partners and are in currently. Salvation army's first charity partner in them it doesn't come on board and right now what would happen would be after forty hours and. You're gonna tell the president may have body announced that they know they have to get -- Yes that's up to the donor you know but because again part of -- -- yeah right that's what you correct ads on him. He would because the you know the recipient doesn't need a phone it's parliament makes this really great. Thompson the donors -- have to tell them you know what you are redeem it. And then after that point and flow to. Army but -- wanna -- wanna bring up though is that. We've made it to where you're not very far from Stoller funeral currently bagging Cecil so we didn't we that's what we actually had app on. The technology piece of this burst and it has basically been gone for eight months. But then you know in in -- got to give credit to my team on my idea for the most part that has been an idea and you know. We have four people have we have caller CTO last time and Lotta we can work with me. George and warmer and my teammates he did. He did -- a lot of and reached. And you know we spent months can vendors and it was it was not easy journey -- so Samantha and your question will be did was we waited we had enough vendors to where it's reasonable. That if you're really -- and redeeming this Karabakh. You know you it's with in half -- mile -- -- you know he should be able to -- it redeemed within forty hours. Mary I really appreciate that I'm not so much and also oneness Banca Mike Pereira whose. Bill on the line with this from a bridge house and I can tell his enthusiasm but it means a lot and we'll we'll get back with him as well I don't wanna talk to Michael about. Michael Neal about. The future of this and you look at it in much bigger terms this is new to us and it's it's a concept that were putting arms around. Makes a lot of sense that you see it going further. I do I do you know again this ideas and making for people write it for years now. And around the same time we as a company soskovets said you know our mission is to promote social prosperity through technology. And really we've done it by helping businesses. Grow more hire more people -- make it where employees. Enjoy their job better tonight doing mundane data related stuff. And so. We know it's important for us to create value. For of that person paying missiles present receiving. But it -- a sustainable and profitable so we have debated you know do we spin off care acts as he nonprofit. Or you know do we spend it off as a for profit -- -- -- got intellectual property. And we debate this for awhile but again you are Courtney news he hardly makes how we make a business that. Helps people by the very nature of existence while making -- that you think about this great country. A big part of it is the fact that we levers human pension for competition. And capitalism. Right so no one big light -- of mind and implement company. Is to you know create products that help businesses that basically are able to help make the world a better place while the same time creating profit. Because here's a thing we really care but it. If a for profit version Karabakh standalone works. -- didn't investors. Who you know could help grow that pastor teach people how to fish pampering and those features but -- I want greedy people like Gordon -- don't really care about helping people to say hey wow there's a business model up there. Or somebody is actually helping people. As the core product but I can actually monetize it I'm gonna you know start Kennedys went -- we want to do different markets and so that's really. This would really gets me excited to sustain ability and -- palpable hopes that world they throw their place. You know I'm just -- and this is the first time we've met and I'm looking at tune on thinking you were sitting in college and you're an engineering student and your savvy with the computer. -- all this come from now. This whole concept. Against Tom couple things I think. I don't know you know. Being a child of immigrants that -- Always kind of appreciate -- we have I mean there -- you know they're on India. But you know he eats you very appreciative of being American when -- America she spent time overseas you know I spent 45 Summers overseas and India. And again the conditions we -- in with relatives it's fine but -- -- that abject poverty in that haven't have not divide. It's just atrocious I mean you literally have. He mentions and then you can see people who share awards -- effect meaning garner and they're also like this back wall it's just it's -- So it has always had a soft spot and kind of appreciation for the fact that I really don't. Have to you have to work to deserve -- have because he of the holes yes to assert himself main don't have much control and the background. All professionals. But not really self made you know I had to parents let me very much almost always talking about you know being compassion others. That was all about hard work in earning what you get not been too much. I'm really great at following -- night. And so that was I think part of it in and luckily -- got attacked him -- on company exist to solve problems and it's kind of work. It's working we're gonna get back with you. Let's give the six months yeah come back tell us what's happened with it who could be every city -- -- -- you not and that's the way to think cassettes the American way right you or something else -- -- I really appreciate this thank you so much for having an. And good luck with -- -- back remember that. Care backs it's on iTunes and an android coming soon -- Windows Phone but if you don't have one do you go to our website Karabakh Stucco. And you can actually still use a mobile web version from any mobile device. But it's on its own App Store apple and android it's they are ready for take. Thanks a million stay with us everyone we have another hour coming up but again -- -- Care backs we'll be right back. We are back one more thing with -- on real important. If you want your feedback. We do we do. My wife off my life -- electric she likes to remind me that he has always room to improve. With everything and and also applies to Karabakh and there's a feedback button. In -- when you're going now beginning around. We wanna hear praise when your criticisms. You know whether it's comments and business model or comments on new features you want -- -- -- vendors we want your feedback. On Twitter. At Karabakh FaceBook page but you know again -- use an app that's when -- can or can't really be upset about something that doesn't -- you want to you can click and happened to itself. Perfect so feedback button -- -- -- care backs. Thank you don't want everyone to stay with this we have a whole hour I think you gonna enjoy this and kind of a sick way. It's about germs. Wanna hear from you too. We'll be right back.