WWL>Topics>>7-30-14 3:10pm Angela: on germs

7-30-14 3:10pm Angela: on germs

Jul 30, 2014|

Angela talks with Catherine Lopez of the LSU Health Sciences Center and WWL talk show host Scoot about germaphobia.

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If you aren't a German -- now he might be after the show. Did you know that the dirty -- placing your house may not be your toilet. What about the sponge in the kitchen sink your computer keyboard. -- remote control. Were literally only beginning. And after we read the British study on shaking hands verses high fives vs the response. We are big time into fist -- Ten times more jurors in a handshake and a fist bump and five highs were twice as bad and so hello -- -- -- -- -- And nice to meet our two new guest won them you actually know very well the great scoot. Beloved talk show -- here at WWL. And a woman who may turn out to be our new best friend. Kathryn Lopez assistant dean for student services -- the LSU Health Science Center school of nursing. She is certified in infection control and epidemiology. She was in charge of infection control in the number of local hospitals. And has conducted infection -- search funded by the National Institutes of Health. I was gonna say we all this month what in fact. Kathryn Lopez does not believe and that's -- -- -- jumpsuit. I'm in my shaken her hand as because I trust her but then now I think about her work and it's like pattern of Russian mission can. It's not that to cook outs you have to realize that if you shake somebody's hand in it looks. -- in a wet. Our feels wet and it or -- hand looks dirty and you should wash your hands but you just have to beat you can be overly cautious about it and scared just to touch other people. Well I'm a resident during the fall by a -- not the only one here Kramer resident in term of votes to win this topic comes up. You know they they they bring me out as the residential phone talk about and I tell a lot of this is attached to my obsessive compulsive disorder. However that's not the -- on manifestation. However I also admit that she did buy term phobia is somewhat irrational. But I really I I can help. It's an individual thinks it's some people are scared of the things that you know where. Where did you have any idea where it came from what you is there any one particular thing you're afraid of. I'm not afraid of dirt -- I'm afraid of human germs okay. And I mean this really goes discos to their church on Sunday. God forbid the priest coughs or sneezes in his hand it's gonna give me communion. Later I -- I get nervous about that. I'm looking for the fist bump to. Are replaced the the handshake when it comes to now you know give each of the sign of peace. You know people in church. Do dissuade. And that and they really habits is Asia communicating we don't want to scare people away from communicating. With others I agree with you there are two completely different thoughts about church or other religious areas. I'm mcinnis and think how comfortable do you feel laughter and I agree with you with the priest you go to the other line I'm. Yeah and I can't bring myself to drink 100 chalice because it doesn't look like they're just doing too efficient job as far as wiping the -- but you know what people don't generally get six of them must be some divine intervention but I think. The big thing is that we have all learned that we must wash her hands and I really think that we are slowly but surely addressing the handshake forget that this. But -- the handshake and I -- I was reminded deny a talked about it the other day the man who founded Wendy's Dave Thomas. Was the first person I ever met in this was maybe 1012 years ago. Who within his company we were doing a program on a and a story. And we were one of the Wendy's places and to his employees. Who had obviously been trained to shake his hand he said no no we just nod our head and acknowledge each other which is very but the Japanese dealers send her. And he says it's because of germs and I thought oh my gosh here's a leading business person. Very aware of that so maybe were a little bit. We're always gonna hug and our our do you do you cringe when somebody who wants -- a few. No law are rather hug you than shake your hand. Okay now that okay if you're at a reception or you're at a public event and and -- or somebody saying good -- A woman saying goodbye and you would ordinarily like kiss on the cheek. Qualify seeing you know people tend to turn the same chic so if I see people kiss in this one cheek then I go to the other -- You are so it's true. I don't think this really is a very serious program ladies and gentlemen. But were -- -- is we have the super authority here and -- we can't script. Who we grew a door I'll tell you something I read all this information and what really got me -- That in public places were very aware in bathrooms and take -- with -- salt dispenser. In the public -- and 25%. Have fecal matter. I was shocked at that. I think of at least on safe trying to get so by Spencer. Well why are you getting so part of the dispenser. To wash your hands what we doing before you wash your hands -- I think about OK in my hands he'd be washed out of touch in the soap dispenser before their cling. How about I washed my hands before it's too much of venture could. Hook. But if you watch if you touch the soap dispenser and wash your hands before you go in the -- -- the friction from the soap and water will get the germs from the soap dispenser off. Make sure use paper towel turn -- off to which you have to do come back out to repeat the same thing. Say that that's another one it's about towels in our homes could kitchen towels in particular. And you know sometimes we -- decorative ones that sometimes I actually use them I'll never do that again. Now it's all paper towels because. Correct well and that is the reason is because we feel like we're in our own home we clean up in the kitchen. And we put the towel and hang it on something to dry sometimes it doesn't -- it falls on itself and stays a little moist they get back up do something else. You may wash it if you wash your clothes frequently scoop may wash it every day but other people may leave -- there for a week it's the same thing with the sponge that you washing dishes with. It's easy things you can clean you can disinfect in the -- people can throw it in the dish in their dishwasher -- them all the time and it works it -- those are good things to do. I know when I'm gonna do and I -- don't want to close. I the other -- the garbage disposal looked clearly I would understand that that issue. Like 500000. Bacteria. All the -- and think about it but think -- -- garbage disposal when you put things in there it totally shreds everything and it an -- slices. So that's when you get such high colony would -- bacteria count would be it's just blowing it up in there same thing is in your bathroom in the Italian. To change your toothbrush up very critically there's multiple reasons for that which you would think it was it would just be your bill. In the with a toothbrush and if you. Where where do you keep your toothbrush -- It's an outstanding smiling right and his shorts toilet in the same room with a cup that ball bury -- it. But remember -- a flash an arsenal as a nation. The other piece -- too far the other thought about the -- you did just rush is if you had a sore throat. Or some kind of mild infection it's a really good idea pitch at their very cheap and get a new. Now this is the first time that are really appreciated my apartment does not have a garbage disposal. Let me think you know you don't but the stopper. Little rubber stopper again. That's the thing that I will now disaffected you know not vinegar or or -- -- -- on bleach and I've never done or you can put it in the dishwasher. Tonight he's very effective and I never think about release scouring. The -- dip gently to the -- this. This is good news is -- do you use do you like this is good this is making me more under don't know I can't do that -- -- out solution that I like -- are bringing up things but this is about solutions when everybody just stay with this we have a lot to talk about or talking about. -- -- -- And the authority Kathryn Lopez and L issue health science or stay with this. And all of this we've -- collars and continue to call we'll get to you to 601 except we'll be right back. Well we're talking germs beautiful germs and there actually many germs don't harm us. Right right yes and that is Kathryn Lopez on the issue Health Science Center and a real authority on germs. Another person who's a real authority who wishes -- -- is our scooped. Scott you made it selling we're talking about germs and by the way here's to what MI lined -- -- -- -- -- you have a great sensitivity to even the thought of before we continue and we have a a bunch of things we talk about I really appreciate Clinton holding on Clinton you've had a comment. There had not yet. And oh yes a Clinton. Or what. And. But it changed a anger non. Scientific evidence I go to the authority. There are lots of studies have been done but the anybody can do a study anybody can publish a study if they know who to contact about it. If you culture every one's hands and Iran you're gonna grow something some of those people are gonna be sick. I'm I don't necessarily believe that there's a lot of scientific evidence in the studies that I'm looking at right now are -- reports animal in that but isn't to be very careful with. Com what you read what you believe. And the best place to look for disease your local Health Department or you have access to computer you can go to www. CDC dot -- out. And there's you can click on every area there there's a whole huge section on hand washing. Do you just disagree. You don't need to wash your hands. Mean I agree I agree it is common sense of community it has comic couple low to talk about that alone. Above. Chicken someone and I mean you can what if somebody has -- you are British and shaker that's. Or maybe -- shake his hand and immediately go wash. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I think Colorado where. We protect so what are thought like that we -- -- Sometimes -- won't use them because it is. Mean it glow in the area between me. And put patients who. They -- on the war economy. I think -- even if you Wear gloves you still need to wash your hands and I -- I totally agree with shaken people's hands I think it's a wait. That we should greet other people if you're comfortable with that. If you're uncomfortable with that you can wave to the person you could not to them. But you know you wanna shake somebody's hand doesn't necessarily mean. That. You know you can go on and do the job that you -- doing on if you gonna go eat and wash your hands but other than that are not rub your eyes -- your face. I'm gonna -- you know you should be relatively healthy from shaking so -- processing and. And like I -- would be on our standard and brought them. It's a lot has spent a lot of it such a true. And note it. They. You gonna breakfast yeah and that's. Now Clinton your -- great you're great to Colin are really appreciated thanks so much. Thank you. -- -- the first day I ever had with my now husband and we just celebrated fourteen years together. He picked me up were walking to the restaurant parked at -- bought into the restaurant. We adjustments. We are walking down the street IC three pennies on the street and make it died. Because. My grandmother taught me see a penny pick it up in Albany and good -- IC three of them I don't even hesitate. Now remember I'm sure he was trying to impress me like I was trying to impress me -- not picking those pennies out. I sit here it's got to pick up the now we'd laugh about it but he has banned a physician so conscious of Washington. And that's what he. And it was kind of look at me with a sore puppy dog -- like you will wash your hands. And I said absolutely I will but it was -- we've talked about that about the difference. His sensitivity to it and how Smart he has been. And how few coals against and now where he is but at the same time unless it's a three -- We have to live. It's true and I and I would if I would've picked up to three pennies as well up. But we just have to be sent to -- benefit and you know if you pick up money money's on those it's just like any other. Inanimate object it can carry germs it can carry terms. Again that the reading that we were doing it was just interesting to me all of this has been instinct but in the vacuum cleaner. 13% according to one study of all vacuum cleaner Russians. Not the banks the brushes tested positive for E. Coli. Not that it. Will you ever vacuuming and scooped. I'm considering -- Can kick it to get somebody else to do it. -- no rights really you know we talk about restaurants hi I have this absolute habit. You know we've we have French bread and crackers on the table here in New Orleans. But after right order. I have to go wash my hands because I touched the menu. I can't touch -- menu and then touch anything at the table and maybe it's a little bit irrational but they are all people would've been. Touching that -- throughout the the day I have to touch -- -- this is a Texan and you I have to go watch. Have you ever seen somebody clean menus in the restaurant actually I -- most of them they don't own. But that's interesting when you're talking about ten tables because this is this one really -- -- Why hadn't thought -- before the ketchup bottle. Ketchup bottles on the tables. They say squirt and sanitize user on the outside the bottle just using a -- to clean it won't be enough. I tend to pick it up with a -- I'm gonna use condiments at the table to get up with a napkin into because I don't want my hand to touch the bottles and others have touched. That pin is gonna break bread the French bread or touchy thing on my plate. What else do you do when -- at a restaurant. I'm really not very much fun. It is glowing personality we had -- or. You know I. Unfortunately I I watch wait staff pick up glasses with all of the pick up four glasses with all of their. You know with your fingers and you know I -- I think about I think about that I think about the change -- I'm getting you know money doesn't stay with this very long at least mine -- -- so I know a lot of other people -- touching my money because it's got its. And with the fish a -- does -- need to be a lot of scientific Evans from me to think common sense it's about. It's about skin surface and the fist bump while it might be a little bit tonight in impersonal. I there's there's what it's -- less likely to do something with your fist and you're with your fingers. And so I'm less likely to put my fist near mine mouth and so and also this less skin's surface to air assault. That's why I like the fifth spot but it it is it is rather impersonal but you know we have made texting very -- so will the time come when we have. As as a society when we have made. The fist -- or personal. These are world question. And I want everyone to stay with -- and give us a call 260187. If you have any thoughts on germs are you never know loan. That something you touched did make you sick to 670. Let's go to the newsroom will be right. The subject is jurors and done with us -- who hates them and Kathryn Lopez. From LSU Health Science Center who understands them. And were all learning about them before we go on a wanna get our call lot Quinton from two of the now. -- That's great now my doctor. The position. One bit of position a par. Seventy. -- -- -- -- a party has not been cracked it would Burnett. When it took him -- trade. -- never worried about it one yeah. -- shape people's hands all day long he's 67 infections today I hit. I do surgery now. Not. Not. In -- in this circuit but you know -- doctors should be stricter launch and run well. Had a problem not you know on all of your patients a lot so I know you know. I don't know witnesses -- I think it's an. You know -- workflow so it. They're good people I've met people from Switzerland. Were buried him over inhumane. An -- hundred rhythm and I'm like that touched -- -- in flap my. I'm a little stand that other ones in you this discussion. He predicted. -- I'm not -- and you go to the bathroom shouldn't change now of course. Our goal from patient to patient and -- ever about all the respect in the relationship. Or forty years and -- Our network on its fourth I that -- -- No but that's very interesting which are saying and yet but you wouldn't disagree that that it germs can be transmitted. This. Is transmitting that you've got your. You've got so me about these are. You talking about -- I got a call while all through your -- -- -- -- Almost everybody. But -- they control. All behavior. And I don't think it. The chicken somebody's hand isn't. Transmitted disease community you've got something very. Well doctor Clinton you are wonderful to call and I hope you practicing another forty years. I would -- I'm not walking -- -- but anyway so fortunate okay just wanted to call and I don't. I thought that might see. Now that's. Very interesting and I really appreciated thanks so much you're. Back to our. Kathryn Lopez LSU health science and your whole career has been spent and germ prevention in hospitals senator senator and yet we still hear of people. Who get infections in hospitals. Iraq a lot of it has to do with our own immune system. What are -- in hospital for how compromised we are are the people who are taking care of -- washing hands on they clean equipment between patient's. That you frequently see hear the horror stories go in the hospital Althea came out with this -- of infection. The patient may have had some underlying symptoms what they got admitted. But there are cases where in any situation somebody may get -- action and the infections with hospitals tend to be the more resistant ones because you have sicker people in the hospitals. And we are we taking too many -- Some people may be. You know this is a world where we want instant gratification I don't feel good today at one it'll take care of it. My advice to people is if your physician prescribes antibiotics for you usually it's attendee. -- course of antibiotics takes the entire goes that's with the directions on the bottle. Don't take a couple of days and you feel better and you gonna save that dose for the next time you feel. Or you know somebody who has antibiotics and you're mixing and matching them. You need to that have been in -- -- need to be for the appropriate infection at the time and do any good for virus it has to be bacterial infection. What do you. In your world what are you concerned. My concern is that people need to just -- use common sense they need to wash their hands they need to think about what they're doing in Howell. Diseases can be transmitted. You know I don't say that we can't touch -- that I like to visit people like to talk to them. But I think we need to be very cents a -- about I also think that if you know somebody's in the hospital that you need to advocate for that person. If you see health care work recombinant -- room. And you don't see them washing their hands it's perfectly appropriate to say. I would like -- to wash your hands before you take care XYZ. I'm very fortunate I have both my parents alive. I'm usually pretty calm I only have -- -- happen if I see them getting -- health care. And I have been in that -- it ought to be commoners don't just on your daughter and it's just I don't expect any better care from my parents I just want the same level of care for every. The -- it is conceivable that if somebody has the flu and they shake your hand and you shake your hand and and you put your -- in your mouth. You could get the flow. You couldn't. But again we try to practice that technique of shaken hands not touching things like i.'s most things like that we teach that health care settings. It's any in you don't want something on your hand it's gonna touch again moist -- number in your mouth your lives. So all of these things we. Talking about. The tomato look I'm out of aunts and you know screw this insult operative -- in restaurants. We should be alert that -- you know. Come on and maybe what Clinton is kinda went in this thing. We've got germs that are fighting germs -- and we all have things on our skin it's what we call our normal flora. I'm that's when we encourage families to visit when they can and hospitals they bring that person there -- normal floor. We don't tell you in only twelve people coming at one time but we need close family members. That's real helpful I think we just need to relax a little bit I don't think we need to get lazy I think we just really need to think about what we're doing. How diseases are spread if somebody's -- in your face or close to you and you can stick your hand at this most people's arms -- about three feet long. Don't just back up you just you don't want is mean I was in line when -- -- -- eyes cough and covenant on I'll go to the next register and they just looked at me like I was I don't think -- All I'm gonna stand analyst Michael from -- base it's the same thing. In anybody's office you notice doctor's offices during flu season people like back and yeah. We'll -- would be after. -- -- -- -- -- -- often I had a great question to come back to have a great questions for Katherine about. You know we've we -- we're used to being in our our area by -- we. Find ourselves sometimes in a different environment are we more prone to new germs that we're not used to being around. That's a great question stay with -- everybody we'll be right back. Well we're talking germs with Kathryn Lopez the LSU Health Science Center and a real authority on germs as -- scoot for different reasons but let's go to doctor Luke thank you for calling. Hello doctor Luke yeah yes sir. Column -- in nineteen years and trauma surgery. Got -- that is county general hospital. And UCLA. And yeah I -- to old school but. I would want to compliment the other doctors called and I believe it. They totally ridiculous. Conversation. Okay called. In nineteen years that its operating tables -- 101000 gotten. I've been cut by -- scalpel. Punctured by needle had patient spit in my eyes. You indictment of all over the place. And that never want. Contract did anything. From any of those. Forces of terror. -- And I during wartime. Popular conversation. Because they're yes the part -- about that but I -- wrote it. What is that are picking up something in a restaurant what would happen. If you want that frightened. You don't belong restaurant here. I think if you really examine what you're doing is in ways you have been lies. To achieve a lot of attention from people. On the subject all you don't just. -- of the at all. -- Doctor -- you're doll you really are and I appreciate everything you're saying in the the life you've lived and I'm glad you've never gotten sick and I hope you never do get sick. But some people are very sensitive to this sort of without apology but your input is meaningful and it means a lot that you took the time to call thank you so much. Let's go to that question that -- You know very quickly I don't do it for attention I'm actually a little bit embarrassed. That I do that and -- I don't do that -- attention at all and I some bristling to -- -- CD but very very quickly. I'm Catherine if you -- minute I live downtown and so I have my certain pattern. But but recently I was at a party with a bunch of kids outside Baton Rouge. And or it was and -- -- party. And I was around kids in I was thinking well I'm around germs that I might not be used to being around in my more prone to infection. It could be because you know any time we have a group of children around. They're they're running around their plans have a good time you don't know if they're sick or not and those are. And that's a population you're not used to be in -- you're used to being around an adult population. And it really isn't the physical place where you work. Whether it's in New Orleans outside of that marriage is the fact that you're around a population that has a different set of disease. Processes that they get. I might not be as immune to what I'm running into there could it's a possibility. Well look let me ask because we have a friend who has relative who did come home from the hospital with an issue. With an infection. What should the visiting a friend or relative due to protect themselves from that infection. That's an easy things to do if you're gonna spend the night at somebody's house who came home from. That hasn't infection in wounds should be -- should have dressings or some kind of covering sometimes it's not possible to do that but do realize that. Just physical clothes on -- one barrier but if you gonna take a shower there or asleep there I would just the person -- can wash clothes separately. The temperature of the water and the temperature of the dryers hot enough to kill the bacteria plus the agitation of the soap in the water in. The washing machine should do it. Careful hand washing that contest. Let's one more time because we do here's the thing about infections that people get in hospitals. And what you were saying sometimes they come in compromise before my mark. But there are things that people can get in hospital yes there are. It's a place where people are very sick. And neighboring and multitude of things with them. There are things that we do in health care that if we don't take precautions by -- cleaning equipment between patients do the Smart things. Don't put pay if you have the physical patient -- don't put in a -- in the event but the patient we have equipment that stays in the room. Those are some things that we need to to be careful what we're seeing patients who missed ink is sick or longer they're getting multiple antibiotics there that. Greater risk for infection. We have patients that are transferred between facilities and we don't know what they may have been for it at that facility. We have patients who have. Tunes in every place they can possibly at -- plus extra so they are compromised okay very quickly we have a caller Pete and hair hand. You worked with sewage. Yeah. I've worked on so much Bob Burnett the odd years in fact it's -- -- in the language. Have been. And people and so they had kidnapped contractors any -- -- And then but you you took. You took pains not to. Not end up -- -- that in just normal course you know. No no no. I'll pay you more yet. I mean that. Thank you very much for college we hope you never get sick they let you stay with as everyone will be right back.