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7-30 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Jul 30, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL listeners live from Saints Training Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I'd be a member of the team and the resident pros of the -- game Bobby -- and hokey guy zone and we would stay if it be fair to say -- eighth event in the world and we all three little bit. Veterans today we all got the final round around and these things around the hotel this morning because Saints had their first -- all that get back to work tomorrow and Friday in an era but the birth -- of camp. On Saturday what their annual black and gold scrimmage so on today's program it gives us the opportunity. And that's about a rapid pace we have each all the sound with the players and coaches there. But today we become a talkback. Got some high points of the first five days of camp and also take a look around our division the NFC south. When you look from top to bottom and over the course that -- the NFC south stacks up there with the best in the National Football League right now only behind the state. The -- he wins the voice of the radio -- analysts. But the Carolina Panthers -- soaking with Jonas in the 5 o'clock -- now. The Orlando Leadbetter he will be with -- coming -- in the 6 o'clock now -- with the Falcons for the ACC the Atlanta journal constitution and covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the sixth forty WTC. Down in Tampa. Will be Rick Stroud will talk all of those guys coming up on today's program plus operating Jack warping your polled its online at WW dot com. Which of the three teams in the AFC south do you think is the biggest threat to the -- thing Macy's -- the twelve for Carolina Panthers who -- -- yet they hit their starting quarterback in full action. In Cam Newton. Could vehicle looking to just won a handful of games not even a handful for twelve and now four and twelve. Tampa case -- vote online at WW dot com with the candle all those camp as our resident pro he would take all of camp. The first five days and move forward to tighten up a bit with it before Saturday like -- Scrimmage. -- a little time for the players to be off today. When it's an opportunity the golf course you can have it okay Bobby in either the rule was it changed can't go more than five -- that have a day off. I would imagine from a mental standpoint and take -- the hot -- these -- -- feeling -- lot better than -- -- -- -- -- there. If you're ever the other morning. 2 morning to my immediate aunts. Dollar -- Monday night yes. Now what would the second -- in pads you know body -- and everybody somebody in the media as John -- you know it all yet now. You know as opposed to go that way with -- regulars that he said it meant that we are still in the tunnel and we can't even see the light. In that now. But I will say this about it that now that it's on the way home at night. What they got now is they've hit the grass at the end of the -- start right you know look it was all. On to say Saturday. At the practice tonight tomorrow we get to put the pads on we -- -- here and it -- you've done it three days now. And -- body -- -- It doesn't sound like a big deal but. Every muscling your body is ate it right at that the lactic acid buildup in it went in the end. It just now with winning grand start because. You know you strictly -- -- -- don't -- right now whether he wants to work in full gear or the Eagles -- year -- -- -- -- work and how much beating Agassi exactly want. Out there on the field. And even -- it's only been three -- -- bad. You're tired you hit the guy across the line of scrimmage from me that your own teammate he's got the black and gold scrimmage coming Saturday but the black and gold scrimmage. I hope is his goodies. If he -- -- reckless yep boy it because now I can happen on a big tackling. So -- yesterday's practice -- it was I mean I am not trying to go overboard here but it was a good practice. As I've ever seen it the black gold scrimmage can be that good because again they will emphasize -- not anybody battled -- right we don't want live tackling. So I didn't have -- live tackling -- limit his green I think -- -- his -- Ingram but there are. I don't know if -- cut it to me that's kind of the point why I've practiced with so good yet you have got flattened the ball. And ability to pitch out but there was just so much help mold me. -- I don't look at McCain's -- -- out there and try to -- and he just -- off to a -- criticism that I am not thinking or -- -- here at Joseph Morgan ran a reverse and then it's a little bit and let it and the -- like poor -- yeah -- -- yeah I a couple of -- a little bit but today the only thing I'm -- -- right now is that you know. Even though training camp is not even a full week old yet. It now that grind starts and that -- I think -- let up a little bit about Tuesday of next week because you know. Have a light day we need to travel Thursday -- -- for pre season games but. You don't. Mentally and again I happen doc Stan Brock earlier today in number one -- know we were haven't training camp -- with -- But Danny goes well. When -- -- -- but it Randy you know. And he got a day off to them. I'm definitely -- is part of the job -- -- just you know the rules now down CPA and actually -- optically Watson today you remember him -- reality is imminent or -- neatly with the Patriots and -- And when I tell these guys you know -- the NC BA and how practice goes you know -- yes. -- -- -- -- and you Bobby and you know they they Olympic athletes twenty years ago yeah totally different. Game it's just different ways that that training camp if it. Getting back theory no question neat it's you know right now the guys that -- it and grinding you know it worked your way through it. But I think next week is kind of wind you look at what what's. What does -- a young guys don't know. The real training camp that start because once they go back to New Orleans for the vote weaker so -- yeah they are all find out just how but it was that the game after game. Yeah -- -- then that you got to push yourself to get that penalty is death when I hear it's gonna come naturally. And -- you talk about that grind and got it to you this. It doesn't matter is -- heat index is 110 are the -- just miserably trying to survive practice. Or it's unbelievable cool weather. When news or use over when you get banged -- the matter is hot or cold you don't get it feel like revealed playground or in high school we've never in my TO boys all the testosterone. When you develop when you start fraud and each other and all of our. Now somebody Keith clutching the arm it don't matter what the weather is your gonna hurt you being. Actually exit them from him for the game -- oh -- by now you know what I hate him and I get all excited in the you know that I don't have to hit them and already got. Islam or whatever it was I don't know but it's all put -- -- -- they outlook when Cairo to those people and you don't later in the program to. Who are Pro Bowl -- I was. I was doing some notes in the rule -- and over the course -- you use in the national football only home games. And also regular season games of the some of the most treatment. In the National Football League in one team -- that you get to stand out of the race but other than this thing to be okay. Regular season record wise and the fight against a variety of means that the -- the Patriots in in the states or write that I needed it at that -- you you may be some practice 1 that I -- who look at courts. Biopsy or not the utility program -- a quick come back the locals NFL notes the FC south so -- -- -- do with the penal code word the players can't practice all that all of sports talk today. Here on that you do it below is to do it well. From the win move that well in -- And welcome back to sports talk allow our resident pro -- guys on him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia of the team that C south Atlantic airlines and a company which do you think is the biggest challenge threat to that you'll think if you vote on line. It -- be that you dot com as we continue to. Look around and he's -- a little later. In the program taken. Care he -- and Uga. If they'll vote you wanna point out that -- of course that puts -- -- -- -- -- about the with many people would feel -- on the -- and mobility of the -- on -- counts. Yeah if you look around Gradkowski. And I think you know healthy. You got to put him in Jimmy Graham wanted to -- one thing here as a big advantage over Jimmy Graham. Is that he can run -- -- You know we -- by complete tight end. That's where. And now I think Jimmy Graham Bentley has board of -- -- sport the skill set. He's deadly. That being Jimmy Graham closed with a wide receivers that they gronkowski. And I thought you know that that take away from him that one thing Jimmy Graham has been able. That's to stay healthy and the Patriots it is glad to have group how's -- back in the pull Gradkowski is flat out. You know run block as the -- in and it's hard the finding guy who's usually. In under through three tight ends on the roster. You know the designated well he's I'll run blocker. And he's all right in the passing game where you know you can -- -- coverage -- not really. 11 a threat. The world you look at Gradkowski. Every down tight -- and hopefully Jimmy Graham at times can't be that because I think he even better. You know beat you maybe blocking getting edgy in the running game. And how likely hokey nightly game. I think we had to to best run blocking tight -- -- will be greater and USC in my whole room dogma roommate John tight. And ironically I was talking with John in. He's living in Hattiesburg Mississippi it in the construction business in. And his brother. Is now now hope is rather them have success is all the brother Mike -- all with the line coach with the Falcons. And they've brought in my ties to -- turn around that bout result with a blind because the Falcons. It's radio why it was doable or busted it was a buzz. That's because did not win in the trenches of Oakland all of that the people at the line in they brought Mike Tyson and -- Mike -- there at the turn -- a -- And a beard Tennessee he's able to get it done that -- I don't know you'll beat Cuba but I always like it go -- -- -- -- yet again going with the local. Late inning head coach -- NFL -- liking this is not dead yet. Yeah and and acts of success that you know what you get their coach maturity you know utilities have to be willing to -- become like the military brat. You know you'll you'll go all over and now he's landed. In in Atlanta to trying help that offensive line. I don't know always kind of look at dark horses and I'll always kind of been. Lovie Smith and because and his consistency and that's saying necessarily and he's gotten a team ready to assume global. But I look at the talent. And it could depend a lot on what. -- the -- -- brother who Kendall when the Bears Josh what does he do attempt would be. But I would say I would -- Tampa Bay. To me as much as maybe even Carolina the Falcons talk I don't know do you feel that way but when I look at. Carolina. And you look at their weapons offensively with the receivers. Now they're right there with Seattle to about that front seven and how dominant. They are all on defense but look at Kevin -- individual athletes that they have. That they could be a threat and turn things around because. That they -- team. That can easily go when you kind of look at him out there -- 04 win team they'll make it joke from like four but the kid wins that it depending on what. That it's just a way to get from their quarterback position. I'm a little bit more afraid of Carolina. Because of what he -- is about that front seven that they have you know you look back last year. The team that the Saints struggle with and really that they had the last appears -- -- -- it is day. I mean it yet were not into football team last year especially operates -- In all it really deal with just a couple of -- you know deals we have made one nice run down on the goal line. If it's a bubble screen yet but their. -- struggling yes and he struggled against the Carolina that I know it was a terrible field. The final game regular season. But did they did two games against the Seahawks. So somebody with strong defense. That takes a team -- -- It's the -- trouble and so I'm a little bit more afraid of Carolina that I am camper right now just because I think in the big unknown. With Josh McKenna yeah Holly's gonna do we know I played in Chicago but he gave up the union that's it right you're right they would play it. So he's going into a hole and below -- like you got to respect for. The Lovie Smith elect him as a coach and he'll now have to face him twice a year I just don't know if they've really got. It everything I need to get to giant receivers on the outside it and yet it. And Mike Evans. You know Doug Martin last year -- a really good team. Against the Saints that mean he -- Really and some of that gets -- operates a -- through last year because they were the ones settled at quarterback but anyway I mean -- we won't. Oh until well -- go locally and as we go to news the -- A lot of fans would agree that you because you look at that Carolina defense the only ranked second. That is -- champion Seahawks in yards allowed and also fewest points you know we were all excited we gave well like nineteen points a game ninety and a half. What Carolina gave up thirteen. I mean a couple of thirteen -- then we all excited we got Marty to have sacked Carolina is the one NFL with sixty sacks. That I that goes the right there you're going to be in every game with -- they produce like that. If you deputies. For 32 -- refusal go to him. And welcome back there are resident -- look at guys out and about the -- -- they would you know black gold extra write your own thing trio that you'd be also the thing's all about maybe a critique it the gala. These guys hopefully they are in -- -- here right now in the wall -- -- rolled -- about when Bob Christian Rocco if I wanted to -- you know I've leak in the latest themselves pro. If he you know proved. Lazy you know I -- have been -- yeah I bake me some pain and I went back it was about. What does he if he has an eight -- edit the show here I haven't the last -- have -- and room numbers are there a year -- If you write that you don't. Have to keep. -- -- not beat the about it though TO because he. You. Want about these -- monopolies they come around earned a community clean -- and I like. All -- it was put do not deserve all of my door and as a whole game go today Casilla and Saturday moral clean his game a couple of extra towels -- if you'd you could easily mean a lot Dotson -- that the normal schedule. You come between 912 likely moral via obviously. At a price that -- with -- that that. Kind of a little disappointing -- -- the reason I say that. Oh we they had they had planned on those two weeks ago lightly water ran down -- down turn -- but then again they wanna give the young hungry yeah it did they don't learn about it although I didn't outwardly. Well why of the -- your local young young we -- studs and who's to cool. And I was like to call in July come on -- You gotta go in the Monte got to embrace it out so so -- that they'd decide not to go Whitewater drafted because they waited. It was a little bit me. It was Andrea Pia and but c'mon get -- -- do you embrace this is you gotta think about how hot it is we and it just enjoy the environment. In all -- know is. When I always Joan -- And even a question. Yeah you know why watering at the would -- I. I would have burnt the candles at both ends of why I don't know I'd have been without owls lead at night it's over the Eagles needed a Tom Allen not have been. Making that decision. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Media poll who's the biggest threat to the sanctity FC south with a thinning out -- -- Panthers the Atlanta Falcons proud of my issue throughout the previous three years they have been number one seed in the NFC thirteen three record to both of and now what was that team in -- in in 2012. And it could it be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cast your vote on line it's a pretty today or opinion polls -- music fans who were coming up later in the program you know Bobby. Since the 2009 season I went back in -- Hated the team at least at all not even close total -- home. Best record and its home record in New England Patriots a 61 in nineteen under regular season in five C that's in the that equipment thirteen. They don't impressive 37 in three at home and what's even more -- about knowing about it in it Spain. -- Reagan has three seasons where -- 80 at home. They were 80 at home and -- hand in last season. And 1112 it was 716 in two so they lead the pack but at that. It's pretty much even coming in six beaten Green Bay Packers they -- 55. Point four in one nobody had it tied right at Lambeau Field at thirty to seven in war now. Knicks in New Orleans Saints feet if bat -- -- -- we're right there are. Bobby in the -- 31 and ran at home. 31 home that is the top three -- -- Seattle. Baltimore Baltimore's 337. They are right up there at home they have the second best home record. But I'm in New England Patriots at 51 point oh record so a bit Spain to a boil when you talk about other in the league and compare -- overall record. And home the Saints in everybody else in the national. Well that's why it's his the golden age heyday of the Saints and and hopefully they'll continue because I guess that report Drew Brees you know it's been on national news about Drew Brees play Phillies 45. When I'm gonna pat myself on the back on the one brought up that damn question about to bring a young 35. You know I was it is the -- that I rent out my. Uncle you all these things in the year. You you have to you know use as the Oakland might be long and we don't know an amateur and what that. It's the sequence again. Asked him to game Duke UConn Duke out of authorities -- -- -- guy -- that you can't beat them but -- -- all -- electric commentary. Ethics McQuistan. But because because I still. -- know. Our our let a languages through excellent Peyton. I'll have to know where code for a right that are words on that come and have depth and I got resurgent that is intolerant which you can argue that response. And eight and analyze your equipment right it and do you -- immediate relatives but we have like you guys you know made it -- you know and don't know if I went up there one thing about. But. In England and now holiday idiotic and they are trying no. Bristol at I know it's gotta -- today while I'm Tania Alison atop my game errors bird. But I've seen him feeling well. And I know what he brings to the table as well as being that that appealed I'll tell you. It -- make -- do which means they'll part retired as entities that bought him. Played deep middle. Like Earl Thomas with the Seahawks and break on the ball go sideline to sideline forbidding the girls -- -- -- the admirals but make it the interception. That's something Malcolm Jenkins couldn't do you can put Malcolm tickets the middle that's the end any cut it did have come and sit. The -- -- proper angles in the if things didn't have the instincts of an Earl Thomas a errors Burnett that you have so that's an -- it would -- -- that yes I do that. They help me when I want the bit on those people to track. Throwing bombs that balls out there and you gotta take a proper angle to make a play. And so. I mean I'll be excited -- bird. With I was making it the way he was being a done deal would be workable. He's the case you came -- -- -- that's so key guys out the -- -- basis sports talk laugh from Saints camp. At the Greenbrier West Virginia all black ankle radio WW it. And welcome back to sports talk our resident pros look at guys on and Bobby Baring it Weathers who which team do you think is the -- -- the Saints in the NFC South Carolina Tampa. Oh Atlantic fans who vote on line that -- -- you know that kind. Yes well they got me to get a broader -- the threat -- -- -- in the NFC. In focus we look at the Seahawks obviously but. What would you look at the 49ers. That that has to be so what frustrating considering the success. They've had on the Jim Harbaugh. And not be able to capture those -- global now we all know how competitive that game was in the superdome. And it's questionable hit on Drew Brees arrived in any game now it benefited. I thought it was a good hit. Because it is basically in and the chance. Boo when he slowed it down you can see it as an idiot. But when you look at a -- or card games beat a team that whiplash a picnic to brief him benefited as it was not a fumble. We had them beat the 49ers and ironically that vicious hit one way -- the other -- the other but the point guys are coming back it down. In the superdome and be objective about like out chances. Against emirates this goal in new York and not necessarily. If we'd have to go out there because I think the 49ers. Are that good if you look what they've accomplished but in the gym or what kind of speaks for itself and in the gym and -- Jim Harbaugh and I go way back when he was at University of Michigan. I was playing in the US that fell in the early eighties. -- him and I've had a number of conversation and he's a legit. -- -- -- quarterback but I think he's unbelievable. Head coach in the theater like Sean Payton and amongst the top five I think in the NFL. If you look at their season ending defeat. That being the 49ers the last three years have come by twelve points combined. Think about this season -- it'd -- The -- going home. He's just over you know wait till next year the three defeats have come by a combined. -- will remember. When he is seventeen. That are New York Giants. 34 reported 31 and you all of when they lost that the Ravens in this -- And then last year when he threw his seventeenth of the Seahawks. In January's NFC title game in Seattle. Where it will where there when you look at it how close it is that -- -- find that line between success that fatal failure. They were eighteen yards away from potential. Game winning touchdown and an extra point in that final minute. Now we all know what happened we Crabtree. And you know. Yeah average over not being able to go the play Richard Sherman. Made the play cards could have been a different sort of what I like about Jim Harbaugh. In his approach kind of old school. And in that the football that I like. I know -- gates Stanford. A tough team. Being able to. All of -- I bring toughness this dampers they April what you thought that was kind of the nest and I put in USC in the mile. What that did not have a he's the one that started -- any kind of brought that. At a party united that Jamar goggles on the state that you're getting The Who says that you're getting better or you're getting words you never. -- -- -- And the new look since 1970. AFL and NFL merger. Fourteen teams have reached three consecutive conference title games the reported aren't supported that at all part of that you five I reached up fourth. -- Nolan -- the Philadelphia Eagles from 2001 -- two dollars for like the 49ers. The Patriots also have an active. Three years streaks that that's duty we had a good territory. We come back I'm elaborate more what you're marvelous and would go to its been amazing and difficult work in the summer as well as -- contest undisputed -- All right it is time for the 1000 dollars and -- planes and it's contest. And the code word on Wednesday afternoon -- you'll. The code word he's meal -- 272881. At 72881. For your -- to win 1000 dollars -- why you don't have to put down your phone your team it's an easy 1000 dollars that was my -- now just one likes the -- -- word -- to seven to 81 of them and it's a word. Before the top of the Allen news tomorrow morning at 7 AM during the -- type -- show. We have a chart but it but it -- takes that data rates apply good luck I'll radio intercom and all of us if you if you.