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7-30 5:10pm Sports Talk: NFC East Football

Jul 30, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to Carolina Panthers Radio Color Analyst Jim Szoke about the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk all of our resident both of the guys out and about the eight yeah I'm Ethiopia. Who will be the biggest that this thing to see how this -- would've beat Tampa Bay would be an airline that's a pretty jaguar that you -- be in. Looking around the recipes and starting in each of the remaining outs. -- beat us today both former LSU tiger and LSU and CC players in the pros who would be paid well. What better way to become one of the highest paid players in the history of the national football only -- -- do was only a matter. He is a dual threat player he's one -- -- very unique players at any time uses it on the football. He can change the course of the game and -- ballclub that if you think it over the Colts the last few years. When we have -- talked about a host city. -- -- Dallas other teams. This may be a good balk call which you'll money you know all what hole every Cardinals could actually play in -- all backed -- well -- Arizona's got a good chance if any of those of the team and Patrick Peterson. Just gotta be -- and playing well at the close out the season they beat Seattle at Seattle FC at Seattle and and it that you -- it would. Bruce Davidson in the USA BS BC you know what he's if we know it's a long season he said we -- -- -- visit him. Well we we we shot ourselves that's put in the first month and had. If you would. Vick through Reed of Arizona Cardinals. In not only could be holds that is probable we have a great chance with this course that homered to. With all -- that you look at Patrick Peterson. You know propped up to him because he is that his appointed. -- he's -- at LSU and now in the NFL. 70000005. Year contract forty million guaranteed. -- -- he's been a player that has been the -- -- I was talking at the break. And I think guy. That when the Saints played the Cardinals. That we can pass the football. Because he showed no way to build the run against them. And now this Jimmy Graham -- -- Peter is there a slant route for a touchdown. No we were able to that basically. I'll put it will put on the Cardinals because you get past the football. Compared. You know without running game because you'll get a run against the Cardinals him when you look at how good they are in. And you look at. At the NFC west and a competitive. That is that few NFL teams were hot then. You know down the stretch 2013. At the Cardinals. -- won seven of their last nine games they finished in its sixth. Under first year coach. -- -- that was that was not good enough to be a playoff team. So what they want to get off the fastest start. You know at this they the last eight games -- Carson Paul Werth or what they expected. And the Q you have the negate though. They don't plaudits of their murder Cardinals are going to be in the hunt. In that NFC west and it's unbelievable you're atop the -- for the rants on the Woody did. Competing against the Saints that it ended the fifth of moxie with the break at a table. But top to bottom the reporter break Olerud to bring this up because the show you the 49ers that Jim Harbaugh when you look. Now on -- the speakers that. Since the 1970. Because -- like a history the NFL. When you look at the AFL NFL merger. Fourteen teams have reached three consecutive. A conference title games and five -- reached up fourth and build -- that the Philadelphia Eagles program at Donovan McNabb. From 20012004. But like the 49ers. The New England Patriots. Well also have an active three years -- And you know when you look at we in the conference final and how significant that is to get that point. But you look at the 49ers. You think about what Jim Harbaugh has done and that's why the head coach does make you different that's why Sean Payton. Does make a difference with this -- -- you look at the great coaches Belichick. The horrible both Yemen John. -- doubtful with that right now in the 49ers. Three years ago it was starting over. Would another you coaching staff and they had finished with a winning record. Think about this now -- olds who you figure the 49ers and head Joseph Montana. And Ron Amadon. Bill Walsh did and what they were able 22. But you know -- had a slump. And when you look at it they had theaters that are winning records as 2002. With that Jim Harbaugh came over from Stanford. They're 41. And 141. Since he took over including five post season win. That kind of speaks for itself just goes to show you that only to win the NFC south tennis ball right now. Because you look at an okay we are a playoff team -- it's gonna take. You go back it's doable and obviously. The appeal of Danica thing or anything makes a difference right now. Whether the 49ers. The Seahawks. Eating Green Bay you look at the NFC north they're like candidate favored. And I think wherever he get that home field come January. Makes the difference. What do you continue to playoffs and have a great chance quarters Kubel with your holds and those bowl games and it I think it is that close. At that I look at I'm not adding a third of Cardinals in there because they got to prove it for the beginning the at all the great start. But I'll look at San Francisco. Seattle. Green Bay. I guess that I think the NFC east that the NFC leads. That's how we ran the ball it is bank of Philadelphia Eagles and that that at -- -- competent until proven differently. -- and I'll look at who we got to compete -- it. The connected through mobile we've got to get them Miliband and that's why it's much more that you haven't double digit winning season. But actually getting possibly the twelve let them at least in at that thirteen I don't know fourteen which is that -- that they that kind of performance. In the NFC to get that animal that he probably. Pokey you Bennett -- even as gal and now analysts and this even -- it is I don't know didn't see that book I like the Patrick Peterson he's a tremendous player they don't pay players like it is just to be paying them. And you know. Michael -- contract out of the potential -- to keep preaching it but he's the guys laid a foundation hope he can become a guy got forty million dollars. Well in the first place I mean when I saw it pop up on screen right there that think that in -- at stake in what he still under contract. You know apparently it's not -- and that is taking it in. Cardinals' front office have been discussing it. I mean to me it wasn't like have been here and Patrick Peterson out -- -- you know I need to be paid more money he you know on one of the top. The only one of the top quarterbacks in the league and not an up and -- gotta hold and I'll write a novel without me two days not complaining. About me -- hit it right here or they are just a moment ago. They were showing lap practiced it and the Cardinals out there any -- they're practicing with them. Once they know apparently he made -- training camp only that and it on here with -- -- -- probably approached him -- -- It would how much that at the end -- the original contract bombing do you think two years it was that he -- -- yeah after he's a run but -- I think it showed what the Cardinals organization they teach him. And also the fact that he knocked -- -- Bailey vacancy look at all the money that written -- it look at all the notoriety -- -- -- I happened to be a -- German fan. Gone right I mean I think we got a terrific player. But really truly if you gave me one of the other I would take Patrick Peterson not because I'm an LSU guy. Anything else it's not just because Patrick -- completes a -- it for you because I -- you have. Either return obviously can strictly the corner awhile. I mean I think that that Patrick Peterson is is good theory is that they're rich Germany's terrific. I'm just saying if you if I would -- him not just for the sake put it on the you know manager. Of another club is Patrick Peterson would be my guy but oh if I had Richard -- would complain either. But Richard Sherman you know you talk about these jurors scout when you're playing like this I'll. All the scouts. -- -- -- it was going to be a great six era and oh yeah. -- Richard -- was drafted in the third round. Yeah. I got to look the I -- I -- been out there air area I was not on the level Patrick Peterson is Patrick Peterson. He was viewed with that success. Even -- elephant they won right out of -- Ou yes I I mean I will say this. They aid in I've only heard through the grapevine that wasn't scouting it and we can cure leukemia. Jim Harbaugh with the head coach at Stanford. And I think did he may have said this a few things that. We're not very positive may be about -- terms toughness or thought that line along those lines. And as you mentioned that there was never known to be a tough ballclub. They'll Harbaugh got there he changed that culture. They're running team down I mean their team that's a legitimate contender budget a mile yeah you know they do to win the I did well pac twelve of them yielded it is a team that you you mean it shouldn't it be in a national. Title contender yet it but none of that was with every play before Harbaugh got there but -- Any given this just hearsay that I don't think it. Reports through the scouts that team there were going back via mob ball on Rick Germans toughness. And I think that's why after Seattle beat once and each year. -- -- Putted out Jim Harbaugh would drag him on a bad player coach you know but I doubt you don't know. But in that regard. You know I can see where Richard Sherman might be a little bit bitter about that but. I'd I don't view Richard Sherman as the guy that's not good in run support to a eat I think he -- -- -- -- job -- Guy that -- got up and become a big guy they can hang the it to go to break can hang rich chairman Patrick Peterson with the with the Browns Joseph hate. Yeah it is that the -- the right there on that is. I decrees that it's forty meaning Yankee -- will be a game looking around the NFC south. Coming up here on this program he's by the Bears hope you guys on this is what's on what -- as a pro -- -- radio that because you're. And welcome back to sports talk. Without breaking down the NFC south after the bottom and Allen who's the team handled the first that's got to -- with the on -- -- the thank you for calling WWL. -- able. To reduce a minute to be. -- -- -- -- You wanna make history and it may -- it repeated and it caught the demand in UK. Producer you've been. In old enough that they we outright. QB it wouldn't -- caught Mike Keenan. Burton. -- -- -- -- Debated. In the toe -- Bible at speeds and -- But the good news is good for the same number. Well you'd have to look at -- -- play like Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady you know Drew Brees -- it's obviously Payton being. In the AFC west of it that they get most impressive to me. A by Patrick Peterson and I agree with you -- we can't lose your Mike Keenan Lewis now on the all on the Seattle Seahawks defense Nelly he would be Dominique. But with a little bit about the Conan thought I'm I'm with him on -- but also would -- say maybe the quarterback so -- that it had been used tactic going against the -- -- Yeah and they -- Japanese decent run equipment bag who -- and one quarter ago. They can't pass like Drew Brees and I was number I don't think you can look it might what might look at the Carolina. We're you know imparted to him being brought up that they thought about what Cameron old caddie -- -- -- -- -- But it'll have to be my body -- yeah but there's certain teams in the game. Then because of what they do other teams try it today speed. And the Saints and other teams in it though it's not get more physical like Seattle it target mode if anything like Seattle because. And the -- brought you beat the running game because of the running game. If you had to hit those elements and to take the ball keep the ball with those -- more teams are trying to do some of them out there. It might look at the top cornerbacks. Patrick Peterson. From day one has been that it when he came out of Florida. To go to Ellis you know they were projected that he would be a Dominic caller. Think he's a lot of what the fourth game if you ever -- -- well right as you look at Joseph Haden. Now -- -- Florida but he's gotten better and -- -- -- -- rural area. You look at Richard Sherman. He's gotten better by Patrick Peterson. From day one if you look at -- Peterson. Lived up to expectations. Or what they've come on. And I act as Marty was drafted with the Cardinals. And I think when he breaks -- -- table. You look at special teams he's a returner. I mean yeah he is a guy that's explosive. Can help you win not Hollywood I keep -- six. Our agreement to play as a corner but also he's done it before the NFL level and keep that return for a touchdown now with that being said. We had him in the superdome. Could -- against the Cardinals. They Drew Brees a whole passing attack was outstanding instantly get the car that we could pass the ball. But the Cardinals would have beat him in like he did it and it bit tight but didn't get past that. We exploited honey badgers reached bloody packed Peterson had advanced. But the Carlton could run against them they know what I mean in that it it credit -- like yeah yeah yeah I don't know. Luckily the defense will come back but boy it was all looking around the NFC south division because -- that was what counts most of the New Orleans Saints right here in the south was -- off with color analyst for the -- radio network -- so. -- BO and it was time is 532 -- the first -- -- with him hands. And welcome back to -- so what -- resident throws hope you guys and Bobby -- I'm the ability of black and go well they did not. Practice today but they will get back to practice tomorrow and skated to address the media all wide receiver Marcus Colston. Left tackle drop -- dates good doctor Q -- -- it's a lot cam Jordan. Quarterback Ryan -- that will have all those -- opposing coach don't pay their vote coaches at the immutable right here on -- -- W do you AM FM. Dot com that he's an ace in the million dollar contract extension. 48 million and that beat them. For the Arizona called on the ballclub that was -- -- -- but in the final week of the regular season a tight game with San Francisco. And it came down to who was eating potato -- but well you know a lot of things open and about because that was also like. With the Saints there was will. Because if you think if they would have won if it -- them. And we would have won the game even though we right beat them they were a game and hopeless so it just goes to show you how -- -- myself several outlook that was knows the book you have. But you have stated date book out that. They've got every team in the west particularly these statistics the better. Didn't lead in the grave wondering am I saw what was -- -- got to do -- players no doubt but you know he'll have -- -- with got a solid team around him. Right right yes yeah that that's the thing. You know he got. Managed managed to eat this certain point you gotta make a handful of plays help the team win. If you -- on a great team and evil I played late eighties early nineties I didn't realize that. If not a great team do you get 101112 wins but you played -- percentages. And you know to make a difference where you amongst the best in the NFL with. When you look at the Arizona Cardinals. Hewitt -- Philippines were hot then they were down the stretch in 2013. Won seven of their last nine games that the finish at ten at six. Though they were on their first year coach Bruce variance. He he's old school. He's still takes that approach. That we wanted to stop the run and and run the ball. Now that's easier said than done. Considering they could stop the run because they run the ball in and they've addressed -- -- off with -- -- because that's where. They had to make I would say it dramatic impact. Going forward now they're better left tackle. According to the group coach Bruce variance within the added. It Jarrett a belt here property out there right at left tackle him he should at least that we should be better eleven Goran getting offers -- picked. From last year -- member Jonathan Cooper he's now back. So when you look at it. But their run defense that there at the end of the is like you know can't even pick up a yard against them. Because that that their defense is strong enough. To be an identity we considered they would double wanted to hold National Football League in yards allowed last season. And that kind of speaks for itself and that's why -- say they're old school football. But you know with -- then they try to get that is doable because it's rubles in their backyard. But they gotta get all the great started big and have a chance that they did that do them last year. He's the voice of those who beat the color analyst for the Carolina Panthers -- team that won the NFC south as it was -- number two seed in the national football conference. The Carolina -- this government team so you don't is -- Jim thank you so much for the time it's training camp time a year. First of all what -- -- watching the -- they progression of Cam Newton how is he doing. Cody Pickett can do in grade. And there is at least on schedule and the schedule. The monopoly offseason ankle surgery and you well know as does Cam Newton -- Carolina Panthers -- -- Derek Anderson played here well the Cam Newton and that you seem to be ready in the eclectic throwing obviously I'm lucky that he he you -- time person -- regular season purple. Now give when you look at these numbers that you could see why you could see how. Carol I don't want to while twelve games and I don't know how. -- you'd better this when you look at Carolina the this last season. Ranks second only with Kubel champion that being the Seattle CO2 its fewest points in yards allowed I don't select pulled within yards allow. But I know we were excited the Saints only given up nineteen points to gain if I'm correct at this. Carolina given up thirteen point that's unbelievable that you look at. We were excited here in New Orleans we had forty to have sex with. Carolina -- led the NFL with sixty sack of Eagles those kind of numbers if you could repeat that again. You can't help -- be in the hunt because that's winning football. -- absolutely make played so much easier for everybody else all that its team defense and keep the score low and you know all the that the big components of that deep center back because it was really the front seven that was -- the star does the potency of the two n.'s Greg party Charles Johnson back again -- double digit sack -- like two years. What really took the -- went to the next level I've here with the first two picks starlet to -- and take a short that the that the tackle rotating and with the other guys like Edwards and so forth back and it's great rotation and there. Rookie -- a key defensive player of the year back at middle linebacker Thomas Davis got a -- all types these last year correct you a story back from those three ACL surgery. And then the secondary. While also seeing is there but good double B you guys know Roman Harper so we'll -- How close he used to being you know help the Roman Harper that he was previously with UConn that they do. You're familiar with them from Atlanta comes and that might -- -- players' safety positions. And then him now but -- was at the bright lights here and tested rookie quarterback we played really well and brought it like Jason from Arizona -- America prepares to into the pats secondary that should be better actually tell -- personnel lightly and what it lets your. So it's -- about the secondary -- better so even though they lost I think he -- Mitchell -- that -- Steelers via free agency. You look your captain -- and always love that name accord like it that you'd think that they'll be better in the second there. I do I think that the good players you mentioned Mike Mitchell had a standout season and I think I'll play in the campus and a -- -- -- your point five million dollar contract that will you speak for Mike Mitchell that business that happens. I kept the motto what -- been great guy. Good special teams particularly got but he is greatest he played. For what he gave you would never going to be bigger than 59 and it -- there are sometimes in the nickel corner and it is not going to be an every down corner. There's so many big receivers in this league you just can't compete with that. Week in and week out so it was like it kept -- and I think after with a like that they here but I think again I think overall the draw. There is any will be much of one that I can't think it's -- as good as secondary not better. Radio color analyst for the Carolina Panthers radio network GM so GM as we wrote break finally with so what's the toughest thing. About Carolina trying to do something it has been done in this division and -- repeat as champ. Yet that the questions for us are and how -- look at receiver that you would be -- -- -- action. So we got beat the -- but you can open Benjamin he's healthy he looks terrific you know the of the bank in the moment but 65 to forty -- jump -- catches with a span. And it's got good speed take a little bit raw but -- that that's going to be. That Plaxico or tech receiver we've never had. Your capacity -- and a lot will be solid so it they do well that could be an appropriate tackle position we don't know how Byron -- their left tackle. Nate Chandler at right tackle with the retirement during grows so if the tackle the play. Protect him and equipment the running game I think will be -- paper that's gonna come through there on the edges of the top of the. The radio color analyst for the panthers' radio network GM though Jim thank you so much that -- always appreciated their good looked uterus can. Thanks -- great yeah. Colorado resident pro -- guys I about the bad that's definitive account -- has taken -- Atlanta and -- the -- the way this -- sports talk -- radio at UW. And welcome back our our resident -- told you guys on him Bobby any spare time the ability when you look in the NFC south since 2000. And for the last these were the last season in the NFC. The Green Bay Packers have gone 5524. In one there 3271. At Lambeau Field. The defending world champion Seattle Seahawks have called 43 and 37 overall -- at 28 whale and the -- the the NFL with the 4931. During its fans you had a number one seed in two ways for years. They're point nine -- at the with Georgia Dome the San Francisco 49ers or. 4220. One in the north point 991. At this -- And right there there with the Green Bay Packers at 31 in nine of the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And with that tied the 55 we hands that's -- for the most in the NFC west seasons. All the New Orleans Saints in there and it -- the Saints were eight Nolan -- season at home OP. And now only three teams that they were 80 at home last year at New Orleans Cincinnati. Hand the New England Patriots so the flag and -- -- so many companies they would look at in the when I say for the last five. Over the course of five years consistency can be a season throughout with a point out of sorts that. Ran the ball you play defense. And you look at their team and over the course of time. The Saints this is this is a consistent frank. And that's which. Look at four. Is consistency over the long haul you know wanting to go out there -- be a -- flash in the pan am one season it. He'll have that. Undefeated home record as you say put him when you could do it over a long period of time technology -- just. And you know I mean I think it John -- make -- state they probably look at that when. When they're going through the draft process and free agency news they wanna sign you know because you know the QB play and eight home games indoors and and then this. One way trip with Atlanta to right there in time of year sixteen regular season game will be played in the home so that camera. You know you view you look for player that you know -- Sabres get relief. It. Does excel on her because I've seen a lot of cuts that don't move nearly a -- Our own grass as they do on turf so anyway and ended you know -- -- -- is that an opportunity give a shout out to do detonation that. When teams come into the superdome place nights it so it's a different ball game then. When either the Saints at the go there whatever it speaking of human shot out to the who dat nation young man here about names and McNeil from Shell met them the parent media came in here and they told right before. Hurricane Katrina he goofed -- the Californian and you know they went to New York anything came down here. Specifically disease Saints in training camp they came balance -- -- valuable business yet and so we wanna. It was shot out to Shell met him and -- detonation for any means he'll make the trek here like a training camp thank you for thing you know but since that happened buying these guys -- -- -- along the meeting came by biewer. It saints' radio that you -- Buick.