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7-30 6:10pm Sports Talk: NFC East Football

Jul 30, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to D Orlando Ledbetter who covers the Falcons for the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They welcome back Alabama three of sports saw what I pros look at guys on and about the -- they were talking about who will be the biggest threat to the Saints in the NF CBC. -- C south that is the case you vote on line. If you -- you -- dot com coming up we will speak with the Orlando Ledbetter. Of the Atlanta Falcons we will talk to him this season about the half out to a four in twelve seasons ago uncharacteristic I think that it solid. Prior to that -- to the previous three years right now with thirteen three. And the number one -- you go back in the finance games last year what they did in 2000 and wail and with that in 2002 and well. They were I want SC seven in on one year and eight in one of the year in games decided by a touchdown this. They were on the bed and go right. Well and and you look at it Matt Ryan and I think he he doesn't necessarily hold the ball but. He was sacked a career high 44 times. Last season. You know living -- prided myself in. That the most ever got sacked was the low twenties this week at times that times two as he was sacked a career high 44 times in. And know -- interest in I don't know -- -- -- -- Saints fans are gonna witness this bit. -- just around the corner. You know -- HBO's series hard knocks is gonna featured -- Falcons. And as good a premiere or August the fifth. And so you know -- football fan you know him. You get to meet with the Falcons are doing it and how competitive and how it detaining. Possibly that could be I know watch him. This Seattle Seahawks and ESPN. I thought that the accused the price that was buried the team. And hit an -- Pete Carroll and how competitive that is now. And I brought a -- it would that the Falcons the due to try to get better they've brought in a former Minnesota Vikings coach Mike -- The coast elements of line. You look at pretty it's the end. -- Indies where they're at on the offensive line. And -- -- we talked about Allan Houston and that's the minimum line now. Who was outstanding. Ellis whose interests -- at thirteen fourteen years. That I'm a vote Todd McClure right okay. They've thought Duke got too cute you gonna get better. They've replaced that time of thirty young guy that did not workout that was a total -- Wearing it in hindsight. Time McClure should have been their -- Last year now you look what they did this year former Kansas City Chiefs scored John affable. Offered up to it right he's. Signed to play on that right side of that right guard. Left tackle Sam Baker remembers Sam Baker because bad. You never know what time with the president of the Arena Football League. The USC well -- Sam Baker he's back after missing most of last season with a knee injury. That required surgery and then probably their biggest addition. You talk about the best amongst the best as -- draft picks and now you look at that -- pedigree as far as the Matthews family. They were able but the draft six -- 510. Pound right tackle Jake Matthews. He was the sixth overall pick in the draft coming out it takes aim at the -- on him. Toby Bailey a -- C that was gonna happen. And -- you look at the tide in position they can spread the ball around. Will know Roddy White not the Roddy White ball we can look Julio Jones. Can he stay healthy. You looked at her have Tony is -- anymore not a tight -- they counting on. And it's almost like copycat incidents when you look at Jimmy Graham and how big he is. They're tied in that being the Falcons. He's in his second year is Levine's. Toyo lol well if I pronouncing that right but he six foot eight. He didn't call Jimmy Graham six foot eight. 265. Promise from Stanford. Last year he caught a couple of touchdown passes. But they come on him and Matt Ryan said he can use his size. With the match ups against defenders very similar to what Jimmy Graham those. For Drew -- him in Matt Ryan says that Levine. And leave on. At that has improved his strength compared last year as far as begin with a run -- we've. Run block we've talked about that would Jimmy Graham it's all about. Pad level and haven't them leverage. But you know without that's gonna feel under a microscope. In a lot of pressure. When you look at their expectations then who's in the hides the -- vidro who's not. Would you look off of playing in how it is they've been. And they can end -- building a new stadium. In an and you look at his charge it'll basically being 22 years of agent they can go to different direction. But I'll be interested to watch in we're proud that August 5 on that from aero would hard knocks at HBO. Just kind of see whether Iraq but. But I think we have an advantage over a thousand right now in the -- there was going to be. You know a couple of forefront. We got a kick goal of the season and win on the road at Atlanta you know and we all know how that team down to wire yes and. It a year -- boy that was in the but yeah but -- fear that if they didn't yeah welcome back we'll find out the latest on the part of the -- do it but. It's the home of the New Orleans -- radio saying things you also if Mason of course our resident pro day. There all the practices so -- -- the pros that it in Lee. All of course I'm with all the things that are things happening on the field. Do you when you're at Greenbrier at the latest on the go. Who knows who that is the gala -- I think that report. And of course -- about it -- team back on the team -- -- -- and go on with your -- trio. Welcome back the sport so we talk about the Atlanta Falcons as one about it trust and we need known for -- they've been with this was several years now be on -- -- it. Over the Falcons ATC. Journal constitution. The thank you so much for the time we talk about teams is that he's in the if he's not that it could be good because it the Saints Atlanta apartment Hutu with a three years for that with thirteen three it and number one's the and they were winning those tight games like the one they all the -- in the -- on the spot this season they here. What was the difference why weren't they able to win those close games in 2013. Like the eighteenth 2000. Wales 2000. I think they did it in printed they have meant by now. Some of the threat is and there are Letterman. Or. Able to play at a and elect some of the -- extractor. It's late I'm a little and it kind of backfired on the the -- play it was a big problem or last year. No doubt the and you look at begin the trenches. Matt Ryan I don't perceive him as -- -- looked at a football too along with sacked a career high. 44 times last season but then you bring in. Now and then his brother was bar room mate John -- when he played tight end or former Minnesota Vikings coach -- Mike Tice throw and all but the -- But just talk about how they've upgraded. Kansas City Chiefs guard John I still walk comfort out of that right. If it's Sam Baker coming back and obviously a Jake Matthews dosages but those additions I don't see -- they they can't help -- be better. Oh yeah no quit about him in the sugar but this year and it left and now that Joseph Holland. He wanted to met repeater can't badly drafted -- around the breeder is future but it looks like. And that there -- -- Those spots within player. Pretty sure that -- better than last year but he would. How much better demand being great or it just -- to be in -- room in there to upgrade the. That now it -- what is approach Arthur Blank are the Falcons organization obviously always want publicity you want that exposure. When you look at the HBO's series hard not everyone as familiar with that. Especially -- football fans and a very entertaining. Without the going to be featured on that -- a premiere August the fifth what is your take on that in and did the province organization. You know going forward. Being on hard not. Well the ticket opportunity. To program their. You know nationally there has been very years. You know from them there so we're here aren't good. -- -- Nate put together. Did that -- campaign over the last year. And one -- there. Story in the public is 300. Million. Point six million viewers that should get it. You know they're not on that they'll know much about the about it -- and I'll look the part. -- -- -- -- -- IDs being healthy but. Steven Jackson -- what did you take liberties that right now. Not now god forbid because you know the pitting you look at the NFC south. With Steven Jackson at the thing he has that they left and it's -- what did you take on him. Well anywhere and get around. He I can go conventional and it meant that -- You know at the running back -- with -- -- have a lot of mileage. And spirit both of those in -- gotten -- and he -- -- -- years. Currently there Dakota marketer got a quarter you can get out there -- Now what they were when you look at the NFC south obviously in NC a -- had to -- top to bottom. That is that is the top division but when you look at at the NFC south. I don't know what is your take on Lovie Smith and obviously. When I look at Carolina and their front seven on those who -- you given up. Thirteen points a game all the right behind the -- -- always have a chance to win but -- you break down the NFC south and expectations when they beat date -- -- Falcons. An -- what what is your. Guess as far as though what's gonna come about the division. This season. Well they expect the moon bounce back and he had a good thing with the thing. It had been put in at least -- it's been that way it's been for years. But he may go down here -- -- you know come back to back it. I don't believe. You I believe they'll -- passed him through they would lack of on thirteen. You know cut. We've turned it. You don't think are most proud of them there one years. They have allowed the big. That loud and very -- -- got to come back cement here now they -- bounced back like that. Right away so. Will they could be wrong there. It out the you look at. In out and like playing in the Georgia Dome what basically won it two years of Bateman now that's viewed. As a whole stadium it just talk about what all the blank has. As far as out for the Falcons and a new stadium and obviously abilities stadium you get to rubles just talk about that -- progression aware of that that. New brand new thing has come. Eightieth minute -- they go out opt out but. Which lies in -- -- and but he certainly. Wanted to get the stadium and then green were both Atlanta. That's part and -- hard -- thing you know you're gonna have -- still -- being -- -- -- hear you injured. And you know good on TV -- taking your show on the road there is still waited your. The Orlando let bad -- with a clinical for the Atlanta journal constitution the info the Saints are an and the pants this -- defending champ many people think the Saints on the team to beat in its division this year. Who do you think would be the biggest threat to the thing. I think lead they can't market jump up there. Yeah I agree. Let them know what it appears that indeed -- down on what. The quarterback the Orioles have a again managers down. But I think there in the dark art in a good look bullet. Carolina got them in oh you know Jordan Gross. That's the problem or operate the it. I haven't seen that big lead in the Camden development yet. You know. Not think. You know they're not that big of -- ready gambled like -- last year you know and that river -- -- thing you know let them that amount. Tampered with in -- look at. Crap and got the quarterback and they need everything works more months he's the to be kind of consider doing it. -- big league talent that put her hand as. That deal Orlando AJ needs. -- Our -- weird social media folks came up with bad. You do you just do what dictated do like the I hear you. Yeah yeah good thing these days. You we're at now at the year that late date. And the Orlando ATC who dat nation of course that we we -- -- -- -- you don't like the Falcons what you wanna go to Vegas don't keep up with -- yeah about what's going on. Followed the Orlando bit better all the with a deep thank you so much for the time we should look over -- from our -- to what talk against him. All right you're expecting -- I've got figured -- great not. However I do the opponent knows it better covering -- -- felt that he deputies time -- 630 the first -- -- will go to -- hands. It was. Sport. I don't know guys -- about where. Be with them you -- about -- -- good news. With I mean -- because -- involved in the big things are getting that they know I don't know what you'd say it but it won't -- you have an article -- of the -- Now that's it. -- Okay airline that we already tolerant. Of Tokyo. I am. Going I don't know it. Yet but that that would really into it like to date. It that it will come through if he has the athletic ability and know them. You've got cute with it in the -- that only if things happen and go play well you know on the night because the fifteen years and feel like the spread out that morning wanted to years. Now with him -- we like we we we know. And pleaded -- knowing and it don't take it -- -- think like he's not multitasking in -- you don't know I was thinking you Ito will meet its all about you know if both pretty quick. And you know and I'm not throw them. I think it these the it was nice to meet -- -- -- with no I would be you know that now you got it my momma -- from the streets of Rio -- Elton yeah that's kind of and let's go to the phone I'd have to report and Julian on one do you think typical that you get Julio. Very the they quoted. It a little cold -- the to a talk about both takeaways and giveaways we always talk about the people have to pick the ball away political office don't turn the ball over. Right up there will be okay put it. And Lugo would you view that others don't -- it Drew Brees -- give the ball the way that we got to conservative office what you think like high risk high reward. That that at times you look through its on me talking about victim of football but it's him like Howell threw takes chances. -- that you are gonna have a turnover is that makes this sort of thing. Definitely that Mayfair. I think you can tell it was a beating him look. Didn't take away kind of beaten middle Luke did have a few lists all yeah it meant a few -- defense and the you what I thought our coaches feel that -- -- Taylor. Well -- an advantage -- along those lines and and look where we weren't. When you look at the takeaways and obviously protect the football. Now especially when you break down is that the season. The Saints defense force only four turnovers. It's week eleven and didn't force any -- in the post season against the Eagles are the -- as a result the -- were minus nine. In a turnover ratio -- your -- band. Now conversely. When you look at you all at they took the ball away fifty times. In the previous ten weeks. And that you look at it is no wonder to me that the state started the season. The six that hill and it finished 66. So you look at Keenan Lewis. He led the state took four interceptions. While a few if you leading interceptor. It could be around for five you have three or four guys over 45 interceptions. And that's why they didn't -- at the moves they made. Getting Gerris bird. Obviously in the second area could you gotta be a big -- evolve and I think that shows you. But the great start that we got off. As far as though we're six -- -- prepared we finished. And that and you look at their previous. You know ten weeks getting fifteen. Takeaways. Are first and after that will only got 43. Got a cute throughout the season at the all season at the long haul. -- what you protective of football or taken away all I know is. That when you look at the Seahawks. And the -- the -- is on the human notes somewhere but. Wanna -- the Seahawks it's ironic that at 39. I takeaways. Analysts say that that number we had you know when it's Kubel hit 39 takeaways that does that by accident. I'm that's -- heading into their nine takeaways. Of the when you look at it. That. That we got to get the thirty. I mean you gotta get to the point where. That that you know I haven't nineteenth one he -- a little one he's no Lou we got to get so when he's that thing and -- thirty to. You pitch you're one of the Angel can you go back and -- coming Rico I was to point out you know the supposed -- the season to a to a whole fourth in on Philadelphia's national hate everything else you know that the you know. All three and one at the four games. But you can 2.0 07 in Italy that you could point out Wales. Where a ball security in the in the Hughes was wasn't -- -- -- -- before with the world lot of things but I wanted me consistently. A a solid game with complimentary both it is not not as much of. Yeah well wouldn't you know when you think about it you giveaways are a little bit more controllable. That you take -- in that if somebody -- a fumbling problem. They don't put him in a ball game. Quarterback -- don't interceptions they Yankee and put in the back up guy. If Brady he pitched it back -- dropped an interception was they don't take him out of the game they could say you know. This play could return -- ball game around right at least it's a pass broken up. It's another damn -- if he keeps getting burned. Any different -- take him out but. There again that's not that's not a take away so. You you work on I don't topic ball security you know people wouldn't be much yet. -- Considered it the best running back in the league Adrian Peterson he's also known as a popular and but yet. Minnesota can't afford to take him out of the ball game because of what he means so much to their obvious though it's it's -- that -- that you definitely have to work on. Both ladies and optically beauties Eagles got that -- you know running back coach run with the ball high tide covered up when you're in traffic don't get loose with the football -- even. Beat relatively. If you look at that there drew may throw an incomplete pass but when the ball hit the ground everybody on -- it to start the football track that you have to act like the ball was laps of it becomes second nature to. All right let's go to Brian out and Ortiz on line to crime but he did thank you called if you don't you're. Colorado. Comic con you'll break on great sort of all the world from underneath and beat after the game that your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apart on you know let me answer just it was a big yell at me like a pull the rug like he's playing so well. Here -- baker baker pretty. Good. Record probably -- But they try to make pars out there weren't Klestil. And and now the other thing is any offensive coordinator coach would tell you and now we should be conservative you might think you approach that we have -- What we had Peyton Manning Tom Brady -- Iraq is that you should be more aggressive passing the ball. But the teams that are truly successful at times we just the one -- down. It's like -- you run the ball even -- didn't know -- in their run the ball would still get. The first down the game over. So a lot of times coaches. And I'm that they can have his opinions in both coaches do play the percentages that time as forest running the clock not you know get a first down. That you like that you can't give Tom Brady although chances at -- I guess you playing with aren't gonna get -- Yeah you know me you know -- -- -- in the nickel back to the point him out is that yes they know. Being you were on the football post speculates that the -- these are they doing enough about the ball right. There isn't -- about all right game when you give those teams but also -- -- had been the same situation. And I thought we outplayed -- that they would have we would have been in the dome in doing the same thing. And they -- that gave the ball back -- New -- we would have -- him just like they've earned and being called fame quarterback it. If your college in New England game -- lieutenant interception you know a lot of him eyes at -- time that should do it I gave it little ball. Yeah our ball because it. EAS that ballot thing is like now it's Nadal in hindsight. The only thing I think overall you can accuse Drew Brees is on pain of being conservative. That that they did to be -- more. Aware of that we need a first domino to throw it and I think it was just. Maybe a bit more confidence -- the running game me playing the percentages. The way out the best display in. But like instead if you don't get first down did you -- values would have could have should why. We did do this -- bag -- But at the bottom line believe it talked about that in practice -- Powell at the office of life talk you'll wind up being -- -- next three. How to -- developed a close knocking it doesn't matter the opponent. Until you run it kind of like what did they were Mike Bell hiding close out games. In the fourth quarter that that group frustrating. The opposing defense that defensive coordinators is like man you know we go to get a run and they do OK stop them that that's the. You show enough already you know you controlled the game and it's like how you look at that you use -- I mean you go in the -- it -- go but if you win that who. I think you CEO what you saw five and no ego I wait -- -- now you know nobody can win -- the five and -- the -- tickled to them you think you know. They're probably you know loud you could say it at six. Probably could have been -- beaten three down -- -- -- in the last eleven minutes into the complexity of things that -- -- top two seeds in the NFC I don't room. All pro the -- guys -- about gave him much more you look at this guy in the world and would take in all the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this roundtable here feels it can be the most dangerous team not sentencing in the south this season. It's the sports at all on WW. And welcome back to sports talk from all of our resident wrote Bobby -- took you guys I'm Deke Bellavia. Patrick Peterson is simply mean dollar extension forty million dollars guaranteed big news that the NFL. Around NFL world -- Arizona's team be mean if you could be a golf course this year this -- is in Glendale they will ballclub that was on the outs that. I'm looking in the mail pitch it's in six and that did that make it to the post season a year ago or hope it is NFC itself. I'm not rating is a bit like in the eighties but he you know it's both I guess that this conference is. Well you know if it gets to kind of talk about the Cardinals they were -- -- -- we talked about how good their defense was. Well as the day people only champion we're talking about Patrick Peterson signed his deal off the field just that -- Oh Palmer last year 83 point four touchdown passes in point two interceptions so. Carson Palmer it's gonna have to. Live up to hit into them. The bargain we can't do we really need that right in -- mean when -- when you have that kind of touchdown to interception ratio united open your offense. Get things done in his doubted that -- it by like you say in. That I don't know where the Cardinals beat the ranked exactly what was there scoring defense. Last year but there -- -- outside we used only point two interceptions. In sixteen game season year you're. Yeah really hurt and you mean your defense comes over there and an actor couple plate -- it back down the but I know what you're talking about the game. It really when you look at that. That AFC west out there that's. That -- strong eight pitches and -- maybe the -- played game of the season against us. But in recent years Saints have struggled any damage it'd. We'll all look at certainly the reds have more sacks than -- -- -- -- -- when you look at -- that they can get after the -- the right to throw at me obvious when based on one last song that one day we played rant now that they were not as good as San Francisco they were not as good as the Cardinals. Or Seattle. But they looked very strong that day. And so I guess I can't really when you -- the kids that division right here if somebody can have a breakout season at the quarterback position in AFC west. Then it and I are Russell Wilson fan you make the right man. But let's face it -- rely on their running game the do their offense well it Bobby they're opted to go through march on -- Yes it if you look at it wouldn't be fair to when he let him play in the NFL and the reception. Alleges they put him on whatever team you -- Q did you put Tom Brady. Peyton Manning Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers all in the NFC west. That it all that would be like the varsity vs the recipe JP get that and put me with those great defense he's in some later and offenses at that I that we you know we both love -- Russell Wilson I think valley cabernet at times. Could be an extent played but I feel like Russell Wilson. IQ Benedict valley -- But -- the show you we all know Carolina team and you look at the Cardinals. That that they were noble one. In as far as run the fifth so you know those -- Kenya run the ball can stop the run global most of the Seahawks. And Marshall allegedly tried to run. They could run on all on the court I mean that we could run away a good thing that Drew Brees. Could exploit him in the -- even go to head. Patrick Peterson -- back and all that we're still able. But to make big plays and hope you probably remember this play and I think -- in my notes. And the gun when the states play the Cardinals did that we three. Thought business interest in. Because. I'm kind of mine Monty Python fan and that black humor there. Coming over across the pond in England. And it was -- the dip down Monty Python. Black Knight kind of blushing. And even though the all of lives a cut off and he was saying -- there's only a flesh home. And really he say I mean I hearing got arms legs cut off as large as the players who have -- keep on fighting if you -- -- game. That -- member of the individual hokey and that is left hand. All of a sudden after making that yeah go back against this thing -- yes he gathered his faith in Rashad Johnson. His left hand throbbing makes attack against the Saints he rested -- trainers. -- to have his -- at all because get a glove on. And me and he has that -- And he says that up now that all that not only did you have that they cut off with a glove. But the top have been through his middle finger remained in the club when he took -- -- and that's and they brought out the play in this article. And Arizona State tees -- postgame reaction. Who would've made a Monty python's flying that night blows because after all their players who own but this happens though almost every other game but. -- and other state to lose part of a finger. That's something you can really just put. You know back on the but he took the approach bogey fittest on the you have to adjust to but in the day he said. He'll look at the glass steadily half full because I got nine more he -- I'm just gonna go to the flow that but that's guy like Ronnie -- say they haven't seen him. His pinky. I -- -- and got that their that development. To a Roth a -- get a tackle. It just shows you that that the NFL is very demanding. Even ability trying to protect you it is controlled violence and out there it's going to become a we try to tackle someone considering his beaten in everything that comes about that. All right much more this is sports talk on that you -- -- Our goal of sports talk and we will talk with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as many of our guys will be guys on about being there myself felt like they could be at all cost. In the NFC south and deceit and several oboe players on the roster and new coach. A Lovie Smith will break down Tampa -- got in the big east and the -- you Carlos Hank I will come right to you this is sports talk. You're listening to WW.