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7-30 7:10pm Sports Talk: NFC East Football

Jul 30, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to Rick Stroud who covers the Buccaneers for the Tampa Bay Times about the Tampa Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back it's a final how all of sports talk our resident pro Bobby Adrian -- guys -- coming up just a few moments we'll take a look at these years Tampa Bay Buccaneers in new coach. Lovie Smith and what they will be like a ballclub it's got a lot of Pro Bowl caliber players on that roster -- -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers can be a team. That he improves in 2014. 2601878668890. Rates in the is the number to get him ball. You can Texas 8787 let's go to Scott on I want a New Orleans got thank you for calling WW -- They got going on our -- Our -- and a lot -- last year -- -- about -- pretty much before every game how he was just sweeper. You don't worry kick off on the go back for a touchdown and maybe get a pick six and never really happen -- little -- yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. An expert -- cooks in the evening and -- -- but it's for multiple return. Well that that that thing is is very disappointing. That. You know -- Darren Sproles and I still think Darren Sproles has something left in the tank. But he only averaged six point seven yards a return. If you getting it done. You've got to average at least double digit gain a yard you -- stated before. If your pro bully around fourteen yards and even look at. They kick off return. We -- 43 yards that's unacceptable. You gotta be over 25 yard like for -- to Jacoby Jones. From Davidson ever since he's been in the league you look at the Texans. Oh at the Ravens approval he's average at 32 yards that out of the area when you look in. Improve. You know Q was -- you look at atop a kick return. -- all of us and facilitate leaving dollars is just like one less first down. They have to make as far as you -- getting into scoring territory. What they've steadily paying attention to that. Now you can talk about it you know talk a good talk with you got to go out there and produced to get it done on the field. Now be interested to see you were able to do that. But like you said out last year that was not the case we all know how significant that was -- -- -- When he had a courtesy within a seventy yard kick return against the 49ers that helped us win the game. -- You that you need those kind of plays that you look at. Like going back and I'm just gonna go back. Not even when I play and we had Mel grey and you look at Michael Lewis we just look at on the short -- Courtney Roby. Courtney Roby was at six receiver. Three emergency purposes but the reason why beat that team without so much even as a Porter picked returning was always wanted to do as far as tackles. But that we all remember he get significant returns. As a punt and kick returner. Remember he said that all opening the second half -- beat the Rams one time on the rodeo when it took it that -- house. Only -- -- -- to Miami a trip that -- seventeen yard line. He had that that's one area. To me that can make it different and you can reflect back. As the bandages observer in the team like we won that game because of -- a -- in and part return because it was that close. As far as the parity. But that we were toll at a disadvantage last season and then those series. Partner record there are all right and I think he's got -- -- -- time let's go to he would meet the field line to Q thank you calling at -- -- -- -- -- Question and are rooted in an article on at the end -- -- and Champ Bailey the likely cut. -- Now will we use the yeah that. The stretch even and that article article right yet and -- and not likely. It's just. Laid it up about -- out now. Instead I don't cut you off nicely ESPN and though the ESPN writer. That covers. The Saints is Mike Triplett. And I don't play well Mike privilege you don't deserve the that it got them I haven't seen that could you notice like -- you gotta keep -- perspective that deal like me. -- stays on the against -- on -- Buffalo I don't know it help -- Buffalo. I mean are speculating. The comedian last Mike Triplett. Said that. Who Wright who now Rivers inning ESPN. I mean everything to Saints for ESPN. If he said that. Within that would be is that they can -- that we didn't bragging I practice. Peter king of sports -- -- trio yet yeah. So out so. I'm Mike chip I don't think you ever think I'm like that but it is. I didn't get any in and I'm very much doubt about Champ Bailey. Aren't. Champ Bailey not think about is yet Champ Bailey last year was playing hurt not a professional football player. You have to be able to play hurt our you don't -- All -- -- Champ Bailey is healthy right now and he can hang with a twenty year old. So I I'm not saying he's been a top two quarterbacks all on Miller's right now. There's not four quarterbacks Benedict champion it would you -- I'm not that you're trying to make it out the roster. I'm not going. It's only my practice and yeah camp. In -- my practiced Champ Bailey is fighting for a starting job right now a guy with the opposite repeated Lewis right. You've got that wants yeah -- but I mean he's in a battle right now actor Robert Horry why. Stanley -- but he's not that night and oh no and I really don't think neither is it corn -- Just based on what I've seen but. To me. If I had to play games Nomar. Camp would be my card corner. Opposite Ian Lewis -- the yeah actually it we've seen some good things that -- right. But he had made the but at the right yeah that he had made that it. Game changing play he could be -- -- that he could be leading the. Even interceptions. With or is that nice pass that the -- position -- -- the deal. We're Champ Bailey. I -- the deal has has caused a couple of take away yes that's right and you know as to when you look at that that's why. I mean I know it's only five prize that we -- see how the pre season. -- -- But I am right now are the five -- out of the Al champ -- he's healthy like he's right now there's no -- as Kelley -- make the team. Good he's a month that has Anthony -- started yet right now rocket right just based on my practices and they'll even if he would take a slight step back. I don't know lacrosse team or that I got out on the 04 quarterbacks better than him. All right with the. Welcome back it was ticking and on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers up next the bouncing take a look at in this division Rick Stroud -- -- with the folks six point WT AT Tampa. We'll be what does that this is sports -- you're listening to that UW. Yet photographers. And welcome back to shortstop. When I -- -- -- hokey guy John and Bobby -- bare it I'd be Olivia. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sportswear over a year ago but a vocal about their loss on hand for the games by. Five points or less they brought in a coach with a -- -- make -- to those who will vote. And -- his final season as a coach Chicago Bears they won ten games. Lovie Smith now -- in Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rick -- don't just now Rick over the books and brought area sports. It's booked at UT eight -- in Tampa six point in Rick. I think it. The national media. He likes the Saints in this division but also from what I'm reading you what I'm hearing the national media. Also likes Tampa Bay to be one of those teams that could be in the hunt and included a gentleman who played for the -- forcing you will be. Okay guys on him by being -- you share those same sentiment. Well I mean I think there you by yours were approaching -- -- like and city last year and Jeter was. -- good football players and -- and Andy Reid and the quarterback Alex Smith and and sort of lost anyway I don't I don't think it's I'm -- yet this year. Igawa what comes along those pretty good defensive -- -- go to the offense well lately and the quarterback. Just to count those. Certainly that is experience serves accomplished you'll get. This won't put up we will match years all of that you're that there is fire that they use in a page. My. -- -- with the draft it and pitchers trust him much like the Chiefs here are expected that the a lot of players on the roster and I think in most instances there where in Europe Rachel yeah. I think there's a lot of a lot of optimism in champ. It's just to question the just how quickly. Maybe since intentional and that influential and. Now you know Rick when you look at it I guess we are creature habits or whatever you have success. You reflect back but it's they'd like to be the Bucs are trying to recreate the Tony Dungy era with the hiring of levees in and -- -- Lovie. -- then when you look whenever you have success. And and you look at eleventh minute Tony Dungy and and their background. Is that a correct statement then and -- -- -- defensively. To be I think -- to tackle -- more call I. That the -- that the best. He's in the conversation in that you look at look but they David. You know outside linebacker and at what he brings to the table. I mean Kevin -- could be dominant. Amid Avian right scenario situation in another one run the ball Doug Martin will go with he could do with. It is like almost kind of maybe try to -- greatest force a winning program with Tony the he was able -- accomplishment Lovie Smith. -- I think there's lots of -- an -- regulars that began his approach and we're done source. I'm here to have repaired back in 96 and certainly. He's cleared on that defensive philosophy. On the sport the two new coaches involved. It's a coverage not more than incensed by. Certainly when you look gently and louis' offensive coordinator in Chicago. Always -- things that list movies knows it and believe in and create turnovers and scoring on being down. And that's what you can and unfortunately -- allowed you know somewhat so it only on nine is a couple. -- -- -- -- -- We technique is so important for the first file. You know what point in the real slot but I. Sort of sort of you sense that that that -- Lleyton. I'm Angela Eaton that's been sort of a so order Derrick Brooks not that the ability that you also emotional. About it all and yet. But -- on this week but. You know that. And there on early morning and recorders were finished though. You know I think -- -- -- -- instances of Michael Johnson the consensus there were a couple of years ago at surge with a parent roses along the players every down that green equipment now from Seattle. It's an offensive tackle. That's that's that's what he -- and solution. We didn't play or outside the left the sense that. Then the second and they surround the partly used in part to. Those it's definitely a pull or -- it was marksmanship she goes well on power from the Titans and complain that ineptitude jobs and go out. He can play that well -- Yeah it's been since he's been. Are there additional uncles. -- so I think and they were very good defense and sent off whoever it is system and those guys buying them. And being their gaps so that but I can include. With orders he sort of reached what happened there was -- -- which is keep our. Now a break got nothing against Josh McCown. That I do is. You know -- you can correct me if you think I'm wrong but I'm looking at -- both. The roster. To be out they in and where Drew Brees is that right now. Along the likes of a Peyton Manning Tom Brady -- -- -- that if you put Drew Brees. Well as a starting quarterback for the bucks and you put Josh with -- The starting quarterback for the Saints but then all of us done an academy would probably be favored to in the NFC south. And I recognized -- Emeka can organize it the Buccaneers -- great question you're talking about all the order. Ole Ole same order -- and through treatment they're gonna put -- You know report your game and there are -- three touchdowns and certainly. Just not in there and that level -- you know it's been in the -- believe they're better decade. Since you started training camp as starters in the sisters pretty. You know not many older or archery you're you're constantly take away. You know as last year's third -- thirtieth -- oldest quarterback. Tortoise and I think that Brad Johnson and chip but it was 3400. Birdie. And a lot. What their pay your arms wouldn't do that it was the Bears started five games. He hit thirteen touchdowns -- that you look the same personal Jay Cutler slightly a lot of people thought maybe you should have been in there at big targets and Brandon Marshall. -- son -- as -- now he's got that Jack has expired the greens might Gammons and expire. The draft I get -- you know law and all all of closed up. After injuring pitchers -- flat so he gets some big weapons that he's used to throwing to it. And you know I I don't I think they're going to be out there and in the division at quarterback. But what they're gonna can do with experiencing at that thing and -- -- -- a replica with the term has. I like your typical 3435 here or back in the sense most of those guys get that age and they know everything. That technical skills have eroded -- out -- really good athlete that means he's. He's tremendously mobile he can throw on the run. You know he he just has great athletic they're not like they're rich -- -- -- back in the day. So that -- Maybe -- didn't -- his career like -- -- Al worst since there again he's in a radio in my life and they think and they'll plated the straight which is going to be defense running full well. Richt is far isn't going well right now how -- him going on the Lovie Smith refuted. Why you -- got to consider what we've been through there appear prepared this is the third coach in four years brokers so. You know who it was brought -- that they require solid dungy that you know could head coaching experience is a major -- for them. It went in game one season but -- not that ordinarily. But in news more disciplined regarding Greg we're not -- there that coach -- well. He -- you know he he was sort of a I'm a taskmaster a lot of things went wrong last year with a smirk that. Or just treatments situation haven't Cutler. -- that he was under -- they started ordinary. If not completely fair comparison Cutler as he -- -- spiritual when you're in his career at Chicago. They're sort mercker thing credibility marker after a week or just Chinese wall. It won't won't need to -- didn't lose you're voted dungy deeply into a sort of professionalism that you all along inflation. It's all -- coaches just what the what -- once. Small also with the football team belongs walls. And immortal that -- -- look at all or forward you're here they're about so much -- Rick Stroud rich -- over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the UDE six when -- down at Tampa recap if people follow you on Twitter. Well you can also follow it and to have the great times actually -- much of that as well it's such a travelgate. More certainly has its going to either throw more on Twitter. At all so well. Rick thank you so most of the time we think about the big new -- Patrick Peterson break in the -- sent -- an extension. Well if I'm not certain what does not like -- that appreciation shouldn't you all want things to him about what it was. It was sure yeah so it -- pawnshop where you know what it's -- Extra ring as always thank you -- -- the right extra you know I think -- from them about the points they talk about Cuba. It's almost like. But it's. Look at the 2002. He's going to use third year now with the organization with this thing right however Nixon. In Italy a snap in his first year. He made me -- with three starts last year so you could see -- He had normal Mike Richards unit and here yet -- game if he's the Richard that he's the silly season he's thirtieth he's -- the opposite for me in the big action. In -- same thing it will now. Count thirty 34 years old but you look at what he's on he did he do it all the back. To be. Well they get -- -- described them I'll talk to look McCallum that his brother who backs that Drew Brees. Kind of described them as the Portman Manning. Week both of them double digit careers that speaks for itself you know look look now with the Louisiana Tech. Now remember following Josh McCown in his career. You know he initially went SMU. In any transferred to Sam Houston State. Now you look at Sam Houston State that's kind of house -- the vigilant doubly name they. Rivers and his solid confident national championship game and win the plate and -- that go to statement judgment now. You compared to Luke as far as expectations coming -- NFL. Josh work now. -- -- with the third round draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals back in 2002. Mean he wasn't a free agent he was it -- late round traffic. He was drafted in the same row as Mike Glenn and out of North Carolina State was that 2013. He -- a third round. The Josh McCown came in Italy whatever you drafted in the first three rounds but the scouts have seen them. And a lot of expectation and I think he's finally matured he's not beat up. So when you look at even though eleven years it in the Lee. That that that's the most -- Drew Brees said he's a young 35. Vote what Josh McCown on the unit experienced. The able feels like he's maybe been in the league maybe three or four years. That's so that's I think he has a lot left in his tank in with that experience the NFL experience I think that's why. He deadly got to give the edge of a Michael Landon. And what he was able to do with the Bears in those big receivers -- you look at that. And then that was -- you look at the big wide receivers but to have -- Buccaneers Vincent Jackson. Then the eagle they wanna -- him so that -- Buccaneers paid him. And he's deadly. Live up to expectations than when you look at that size six foot 5230. Pound. And now they gonna have Mike Evans six foot 5245. You almost have to hectic corners Mike Keenan Lewis does damage on that -- that beat cells in the future. The -- to challenge those of big time receivers when you consider the other side. And you below the top of the -- route they -- on the comparison though what was. In Chicago with the Tampa. House on entry -- I think he's open topic to put in the book might get because. I do with him in the league yet I'll put my I'll put Mike in her book it yet so. And it if it's very compare to receive an accountant going to. And running back situation meet Tampa Bay is it that the ballclub and yet it speaks -- -- we saw him a few. First hand you know a couple of times. It got it in the they've got a great -- go pro will count Utley -- eats we eat a big big guy -- Barton at the unbalanced. And and now -- think the cats one -- as they get their season. It the bullet that beat them all. Oh god that look at what it Vontae Davis -- yep -- from the Brasco LaMont beat David you know I want to hit the -- mentally Indiana game and make me headache upset India and they've earned it looked at Oakland's go to these big and that's a whole thing you know they think is likely next Derrick Brooks and they're not start from scratch noted on a -- covered was not there at you know would lead you -- you know credit -- the players there or whatever I mean regardless. Those guys on that roster so it he's got the pieces to work with I think we all three year agreement Lovie Smith that good football coach he's known. For everything he does he instantly but optimistically I mean to me. That's Hillary that gave Carolina the edge over Tampa is what is Josh McCown and did he he's new to this system. He's been in the league a long time but he is his first hear an assistant and if he picks up no thing place like he does Chicago. Think they'll be some might be reckoned with every week. Yeah are they they they've got the players in the of that about it now many people feel like that the majority if you got the coach to. In the obviously it would take time out come back or three point what the thought of the it's -- the second phase of practice got through the first five days now this week can't -- Signifies he's thought to see that the toward collided into the zone because they execute this time. Will be preparing for an actual pre season games started Duran era and we're prepared this weekend for the black and -- in -- -- -- -- -- hasn't practiced Friday practice scrimmage on Saturday. And everybody will be off on Sunday at sports folks since camp coverage from the Greenbrier here. In West Virginia all black and go radio WW. And welcome back the sport saw what our resident pros -- guys and Bobby -- I'm beat Bolivia on the Blanco back. Practice. And you know practice on. Thursday Friday and in the back -- him to be home on Saturday. Off Sunday at the world to tune in week -- you -- day Friday. It became a thing for him that you know Michael -- earlier. And anecdotes that he wouldn't a lot of excitement right now with all of them I think is the parity you've seen the course despise you. If the city you would think they fix things around from the team that Bob had a coat on it you know and now you know. Eat it happens it happens everywhere it -- it happen a lot about people optimistic. But there's a lot of optimism thing -- -- well -- feel like you know if you think that the number one thing I think Saint Louis Q talk about. We've come close -- That he has that they stick out against the Saints order pretty much any opponent we've made because -- now you'll. But they feel that it's Atlanta -- breakfast then breathlessly and played the Cardinals at car fatality he'd be a completely. Well and again they did it also backed a lot of people have a lot of faith in Jeff Fisher. I mean I think -- and actually coach the college then he's in Tennessee. After awhile it yes. I'll I don't know -- they're like seventy years you know I don't know if the front office. -- you know I think it might well you know we. We've only go so far that kind of make a change in them and they do it. It's a knee jerk reaction of that because he's not playing well but I think if you don't team -- the football fan via preachers got a lot of respect currently. As a head coach. You know on I have opting to play it a couple of times and long time ago. But when guys like that if successful. -- it is to keep up with them like I do think yeah features the great coach. Just like Lovie Smith I mean they got a good background and they've got good pieces right there. On the on the team and somebody does that every -- somebody comes out of nowhere has that victory season the we don't know what it's like this so bad 2000. Lot of different reasons you but Hurricane Katrina it was that was the main thing. On topic and it makes the NFC and AFC championship game to somebody they'll come out of no where this year and have -- this season. And it. There will could be. A Saint Louis is plain and tough to beat him. That there is. Yet that you go figure dark arts like he did you know that you brought that haven't made bandwagon. A Cardinals. You know and I don't considered a cardinal the dark horse the -- wanting games last year but because. You know they got him behind the partners the Seahawks. But was going to be innocent to also in. You know you -- it would you tries. Greg Williams get back in the full. Which yet this year you know. When you -- -- they lost the Rams and big mile and days that that combination. Greg wasted and Jeff -- now -- you -- joking about this because you look at the first pre season game. Now the cat and mouse game between coaches and you know. I remember a Gregg Williams he did it to Jim Harbaugh its first game with the 49ers. All of us tonight Gregg Williams with his faith in its brutal decide to go work on a blitz package in -- and to prevent a first game I think we had six sacks. Kidnapped Alex Smith and Jim -- -- got a big dog that he didn't look like an -- -- blitz that they weren't really prepared. But I think Shula picking all they've got to build a great way is my -- work and one blitz -- -- exactly so we need to be ready from game one on the road even -- -- -- receipt and that he might decide if it is so game. It didn't work you don't. You know blitz bags -- could give 5050 deal so that'll be interested to see that it to me if you see blitzes. Coming in the first quarter when the states and -- play at Saint Louis who might he blitzes throughout the game. Andy deciding at this is where we go over all of blitzes for the pre season. Six point 786688870. Ease the be all -- the world with the game Patrick Peterson. These days seven amien doubtless the man yet. Out sneak I don't know should've called Hewitt and -- to -- this because that was lives yes that he knows there's something about it that's the it was apparently almost two hours. Well accused in the -- in it is that being. At the Seattle Seahawks. Now this healthy healthy never been a particular hard not you know we talked about. The Al it's going to be on Saturday Biehl what -- -- starting August 6 we -- look at the Seahawks. Yesterday. You know they start a -- when ESPN. Now. If you look at it a little different. And you know compared to what you the hard knocks and HBO. The NFL of fans. You know if you look at it ESPN. As a special access that is the oaks training camp. And I thought it was very entertaining and I'll tell him hokey its amazing how competitive that the Hawks beat it is even though there all the same team. They're constantly talking smack. -- off it and you could see it and that's why -- a creature of habit and it seemed like it was natural that him competing because they do that. At the in and day out night looking ESPN's cameras. They were focused on. You know -- competitive personalities heritage and every one but we've seen that between the lines. And now it's called sports -- special field training camp. And that was flawed two hours accused and I thought it was it very entertaining. And that was the first padded practices of the summer. For -- Seattle and how ESPN. I came out with this concept. It was a missed that Jay Rothman a rock and urgency he produces Monday Night Football. -- the network. And he said they're goals where they will hopefully. We keep breaking new ground to give the -- -- unique access that they haven't seen before and I'd say a job well done. From what I observe. And and he took an approach that you know why the Seahawks -- and you look you know you gonna be compared to what hard knocks and -- -- doing but he said. There's more character development. In hard knocks and he said. Our shall will be less. Personal and more you know football story telling on the field and not necessarily going in the meeting meeting room and all that's double -- actually. Having on the field now John gruden. Was a part of that and he was -- at the -- at the fact we get. To watch the champions and a sonic a little kid. Describing it but I though what a way to kick off the season. You could -- a competitive spirit. And how aggressive everyone was now. The magic of this it's not prepackaged. Like we you've got hard knocks and HBO. If what if it is the magic it not being. You know prepackaged statement maintaining the integrity of live action it was raw and real what I observe while -- Manuel looked a little flavor. Andrew presenting at the end like that with the hawks' training camp and now and it was very lively that's it's Seattle price are noted or. And and I I tell you what they had -- grip it was like nine different periods. In they were affecting individual drills and nine on seven. The red zone between -- that'd be that -- like we do here with the saint. You had that visual on television its -- the ESPN. Doing this for years become you -- I think it was very positive and -- a big mistake to be born -- to do this kind of thing. Vs the hard knocks and HBO who visit or full ball on the field and -- just hanging around with the all of the field in the meeting room in and really. Outside in the -- Our rival comeback your final -- this is sports at all on that UW. And welcome back to sports talk from our resident throws though because and Bobby ate there I beat -- with the overcast. We -- get back to the practice field in the morning -- the Saints ahead -- elephant out of like that's it -- do about it I'm -- feel a lot better. Well and you don't negative -- reflect back you know improvement and hope -- tell you this. I can reflect back I remember. When you finally did get that they often than it was after about ten days of two days. That almost you get trying to get back in the swing of things the -- watch it they get off to slow start. In the practice how vocal coaches. As a -- -- okay obviously the holiday's over you know they'll make some sarcastic remark. My god man we're doing pretty good that we gave you a day off and you know give and take advantage of is still. Let a lot of money if they don't ever Holler let's start the whole thing over again yeah like who are we know look at it at a table was funny when you're training camp. Now -- about it. If the six days so polite yet. In Pakistan W zero would be made it back repellent cook acknowledged but. In and mortgage one though Hartnell practice so review it yet reached my ex college jumped up. -- outlined yeah because they were all get together put in money and boom it win would be that David Jim -- would say. The stars hollow -- lower and that's that you're you're ready. 3540. Minutes in the practice. And some take them off and if you like at six. He gave me a Holler at Russell that and -- -- the outcome ought. Let's start stretching all over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway he's welcome to the law -- virtual. He may go back through the vehicle was beckoning him back in the -- in virtually every era it's. Now the cost us the easy divisional -- and they. Are. And you know an accurate and and you know what I think. And I you want to coach the kind of plus you or that you -- that you you don't even though he participated in the union know feel comfortable once they ride ride at the -- right because you meet him you know when you when you look at virtual. The he had a sack it's. No I don't I -- it gave us an inspiration right right at the same thing I don't notice and you -- -- still -- as a player. When you take a rent and the coaches that -- it doesn't seem so big you kind of know you can't. -- -- -- That that that don't notice here whatever and I don't think. I think that you have promise. Are then you have a lot of potential. No that's a lot of times the coach individual player they get Millen. Because they know they can play at a high level and wanted to be focus or trying to develop like for -- Hired Arsenal team no luck -- Robertson okay that I'm. And what he's talking about. And it's two mistakes he's keeping track. Now he knows I rob if you play you looked tired from two defeated every down back. -- he's not having any kind of middle class as far as whether it's first second or third down that. How high you good how you run the ball. Oh with a -- every play when they were a little different blitzes that you know who you block. And that some at a time but all of the time. So that's why you could you know Sean Payton -- guard Robert you play but I wanna make the best that he could be no doubt about it well we couldn't do it team -- Technical point they need to thank coach they don't so great. It poked back call -- -- you know we feel like this who moved here. -- go through every pick or lower back -- a -- -- the only thing and excelled at everything you know she's not here. And if you. Think you walk in the studio right. On the water yeah. You rotate -- a conference call and trying to couldn't couldn't go to the bathroom without and that's because he would suit and I would like -- -- a bad -- because -- over it like that's now. So certainly at odds dot com Ian Hoch mine -- -- apartment they had been often out stuff as soon as we sent it to. He even to him hands on new department I mean they call -- David Blake -- -- all of them with the team effort. Certainly Alison -- to unload four and of course that one thing -- all the regular T about -- -- -- and everybody here. And all of our sports team all you can listen to us in Texas as well what boredom on what recap what the cinco de. And that's the most practice -- -- the black Eagles and it's. Fall -- -- -- the ability as always -- by the end by the a bit longer legally -- goodnight people.