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Jul 30, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did you love today did you love waking up this morning do you love tonight it doesn't feel like -- in late July. What a great night for Wednesday in the pour on the points in Algiers and bag -- -- reform -- perfect evening for that. Also I saw on the news earlier today that their says something really unique on the North -- now it's it's a movie theater where you can get drinks and food. And it to I guess it's a very similar to canal place which is where I'll -- movies downtown this is on the nor shall I think it's called the movie tavern. But it's a really great phenomena and it's something is this -- around the country and it's you becoming more common in this area so. I take advantage of that it's a -- now the only -- problem with those things is. Sometimes during the movies the service gets to be a little distracting so trying to be mindful of those around you a few more if you ordering I haven't been to that situation I don't know exactly what's movie tavern is like that. It's a really nice to have the scale movie theater like that. It's time for tonight's top candidates -- the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Shark may go to the second one the much anticipated sequel to last source scifi channel finality shark NATO. Short NATO to premiere tonight. On the scifi channel. Tara Reid returns as the character that she played in the original movie as she said a shark NATO is possible. Now I'm gonna quote terror read here. She's the blonde very cheap -- in the movie. She says you know he can actually happen. Meaning a short NATO could actually happen. She says and this is a quote. Which is crazy. Not that it's the chances of -- are like you know. It's probably. Takes -- probably like pigs. Can fly like I don't think pigs could fly but actually sharks could be sucked into tornadoes. There could be a short NATO now issue right is it even possible for there to be a shark NATO. Will discuss that's a little bit later in the show I found some very interesting information about that possibility. If -- a short NATO tonight it's going to be on again August the second 4 o'clock in the afternoon and at 6 o'clock. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. As unbelievable as it seems. Is happening in a Florida woman has been arrested and faces felony charges of child neglect for leaving her two month old baby hot minivan. Now here's what's really amazing about this story. She took her nine year old son. To the doctor's office. Left her two month old son in a hot minivan in Orlando. She realized that she left the baby in the van which he was in the doctor's office with her nine year old son. Rushed out to grab the baby brought the baby into the doctor's office think -- close to a doctor's office. Where doctors were able to stabilize the baby debate -- was and taken to a Children's Hospital. Where the the two month -- is is recovering. This good luck tonight and I I've thought about this and wrote a blog about it. There is one. Sure way. To never ever. Forget your kids -- car. It is the one absolute. Positive way you'll never. Forget your kids and our car. And that is discussed in this -- blog tonight. Title one sure way to never forget your kids and how carts on our website at WW real dot com read it and share with others if you know people who have young kids please share this with them. And as many of these cases and as we talked about this salaries just amazing that. They continue to happen and this is a threat -- -- in the summertime and also in the wintertime especially places where he gets very very cold for long periods of time. Make his or only die in hot cars they also dined -- cars so this blog is our website every review well dot com. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. America's hysterical response to marijuana dates back to the 1930s. It was a movie titled reefer madness and I've occasionally reference it on their show. It reveals the horrific effects of smoking marijuana. Well the the perceived. Horrible effects of smoking marijuana years ago this movie came out in 1936. Reefer madness is basically. A comedy. But it wasn't intended to be comedy this was intended to be very very serious this was a serious message. To the American people. We've got the trailer. From the original reefer madness. Here it is. It's. -- boys and girls are having the heart of the local soda fountain innocently they then. And -- uncover new and deadly menace lurking behind closed doors. The burning we need to win its roots. Didn't have -- -- you'll dvd you do which is vicious crime can be grown in your neighbor's yard rolled into harmless looking. Cigarettes. -- didn't and then it. Or watch case. You'll meet build. A one stroke. -- -- Destroying Greensboro they were behind the moment's pleasure. -- Okay. Yeah. It is too late to the as the original trailer. From the movie reefer madness in 1936. And that expresses. The hysteria. That marijuana handed it and it inspired in this country in the 1930s I mean to me that is just amazing and if you if you haven't seen the movie. What do you smoke or not doesn't matter if you haven't seen a movie it's it's really funny to look back and just to think now. Hysterical people were -- pot. Its roots are in hell. It can easily be grown in the yard I mean that is leading to suicide and is it's -- it's ridiculous it and I love. I love the panic in this in the movie and when you see people smoking it's like there there's never one person if you've ever known your life. If you've ever been around anybody who smokes pot. There's not anybody who's ever acted like anybody acts in the movie reefer madness. We'll play that again a little bit later the jokes I just think it's very funny number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Second NO PD officer has arrested and suspended. This week officer Willie a Gant senior has replaced an emergency suspension without pay for being arrested. 42 counts of indecent behavior with juvenile and two counts of sexual battery of a juvenile. Now I realize that police are human. But is it worse when police officers commit crimes. And if -- police officer you do what a caller showed a number of the police officers to call the show. How do you feel when you hear that somebody in your ranks. Has been arrested and suspended. Arrested for -- and committing -- are allegedly committing a terrible crime. This is the second person this week and the fourth person this month. And I heard somebody say earlier in the news that well let me just be bad timing that all this happens it at this point. Well I don't think this is anything that's going to. -- I indicates that there's going to be four people every month from now won't arrested in NO PD so I understand that the timing aspect event. But you know this just feeds into everybody's fear. That some police officers feel like their privileged. Some police officers feel like there above the law and that they use. Them the mentality that they get from being. In law enforcement. Those who enforce the laws they they take that mentality and they apply it to other aspects of their lives. And I was very careful to say. -- -- And fortunately. As far as I know. Not many. If you're police officer -- what are responder will be talking about that -- the -- -- -- if you respond to how do you feel. When you hear about. Somebody among your ranks being arrested and suspended for a horrible chronic. It if if -- to talk show host I would feel terrible about it. Not that I really think that unlike other talk show host not that I feel like I'm judged by other talk show host. Mean if it doesn't apply to me personally and I really don't take it personally but I can see how the public could start to develop a certain image of talk show host. In the same way that in some ways people develop a certain image about. About police officers. Never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A -- accent. Somebody sound dumb do you. A national lab in Tennessee is planning a class designed to help employees get rid of their southern accents. While the class was canceled following some complaints. And this is all about getting -- of somebody's southern accent. Because it might make it sound stupid. Now here senate. Southern accent remember are remembered goalmouth pile. All that's good -- cannot play in this format of the massacre did not -- anything in Neil's take he's captured banner and what they've done lost like tickle his faith. And they drop water on his -- -- smoking is -- Yeah I mean does that make commerce sound dumb does the does the -- Does the accent they go over sound dumb do you think southern accents make people sound unintelligent. And what other things do you think make people seem on intelligent if they're from the cells and also is there an accent that just really grates on your nerves. There's some people can't stand that -- that we all heard in the movie Fargo IG's. On the stove and he dared. Lot of people can't stand that accent or the Chicago accent -- -- cornucopia. A lot of people are bugged by by different accents will talk about some other accents as well but if there's an accident that bothers you let us know. And also do you think the southern accent makes people sound less intelligent. If you would enjoy additionally with comment about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy and a text a receipt sanity -- number three in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And our panelists Stephen A Smith we talked about this earlier in the week. He's off a year now for a week it's not officially called a suspension but he's essentially been suspended this is following a comment that he made about women. Needing to be aware of the things that they do to provoke men into abusing them. This was all in response to a conversation about Ray Rice the Baltimore Ravens running back who was recently suspended by the NFL for. Offered -- two games for. Allegedly. Knocking on his wife and there's video of Ray Rice dragging her. Totally unconsciously and body out of an elevator at a casino hotel. In Atlantic City and Steven Smith on first take on ESPN ESP and made some. Comment about how he's wrong he did say it is wrong to abuse women. But he said it's who's to blame. Given the elements of provocation. Suggesting that women were partly to blame for provoking men. And unfortunately there are some men who would actually agree with that. Is the apology accepted -- people say things they don't mean. And if the apology is as sincere as he realizes what he said and why it was wrong. I would accept the apology. Is the punishment of Stephen A Smith justify. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and RX numbers 877. Never to tonight's list of the top eight at eight. We all have critics. Some of us to a better job controlling our cravings then others. There's a new study that looked at the relationship between the region of the brain associated with pleasure and reward. And the region of the brain associated with self control. The study show that some individuals have more activity. In the region their brain that deals with self control. When faced with cravings. And others have less activity so they submit to the cravings. Don't -- great things. I crave things. I try to find ways to. Get over my cravings but I have to admit there are certain things that I cave in to and -- submit to mine submit to my cravings. But it occurred to me that one of the important things that -- you might wanna think about doing it comes to cravings. If your -- say I scream I can eat my body weight in ice cream. Any given night but I don't you be delicious. But I wouldn't look the way a look at 58 my body weight and ice cream every day. Now I'm depriving myself to some degree and you may not choose to do that but if you do have a craving for something like -- in the distance and mean that I'm better than anybody else. And -- the decent thing I think about. If the craving of the ice cream. Is satisfied and what a meter to me however long it takes to eat a bowl of ice cream if you trading satisfied so briefly. And if this is associated with pleasure and award. Then instead of relating. Glacier and awards. To eating the ice cream. And this is just an example it might be something else for you. Think about relating to pleasure and reward. To this concept of what you wanna look like which you wanna feel like. That is your pleasure and reward. Instead of -- -- -- it might be drinking. You might be ice cream -- might be chips it might be -- it might be sweets it might be salty things -- me but I crave crawfish and -- I'm talking about that. I'd say that because that's not bad for. But yet it if you have cravings for something think about it as high satisfaction. For pleasure and award and this is party your brain that it relates to that so if you could give yourself. Mental. Pleasure and -- mental reward. For not eating it would that not replace actually eating it which again. It only last few minutes I mean if -- if I start eating Eminem's I'm gonna eat the whole thing. If I start eating coming hours I'm gonna eat the whole back. So why even start you know I guess it's kind of like drinking or Coke or drugs or other things. If you're not gonna do it indefinitely then you know -- short now I'm not telling you not to enjoy life. But there are ways to deal with -- so I thought that's one of the things we've talked about tonight. What did you absolutely -- sometimes. I have to admit sometimes I caved in and I'd ideally history there's a soft serve ice cream. With chocolate syrup for caromed our -- cakes are pies are my guys they have some. Cheesecake these -- over here from. From. Copeland it's cheesecake -- And I had this key lime cheesecake. That. Was even better than I could possibly have imagined it to me. -- need the whole piece doesn't feel too guilty. There was red velvet cheesecake. There was chocolate cheesecake with nuts to chocolates here it chairman Alan I'm gonna have to shut up right now. Because it's just. And do you have any tips for sharing with others how would you use self control to resist ratings because somebody might love to hear your advice. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Early seventy. And a -- Amber's age 77 finally tonight -- number one. On tonight's list of the top yeah. Tonight the NO PD had several crime walks the you know PD seventh district crime blocker which says this afternoon it at 545. I'm assuming that's over or may be close over now. Our biggest climb walks just symbolic. Or -- these crime walks walks actually work toward reducing -- What would you like to have happen in your neighborhood what do you think would make your neighborhoods safe. Because let's be honest. I don't care how many police we half. They can't be everywhere. They're not going to be police everybody's house every corner in the city. And criminals will ultimately find places they'll find pockets in our society where there are no police to commit their crimes. And police respond to crimes that they can't possibly be there to prevent every cry. There's more citizens can do to prevent crime. Then police officers. What is it that you would like to have happen in your neighborhood or what do you think would make your neighborhoods safer. Let's talk about that tonight overnight when there have been a crime -- of these just symbolic. Or does this actually work of what the benefits of having a crime book because it shouldn't be just symbolic. It should be something that that that leads to. Reducing crime. And so what -- the benefit of the crime walked the unless it's just symbolic. And what would make your neighborhood safer. And you know we're talking about neighborhoods should mean here's a story about a guy on the loose and he stabbed his girlfriend he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death. It or -- states. Or monastery a very very nice neighborhood industry -- allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death. And stands the mother's well. Now nobody knows where that guy is obviously mr. Bruce usual. And we got his picture on our website at WWL dot com but you know this is really a tragic story of once again it shows you that can happen anywhere. Net 34 year old Bruce bush walked. According to authorities stabbed his girlfriend to death then attacked the Griffin's mother and she was taken to a hospital and is being treated for. For entries. He escaped apparently had a great Toyota site on XT the license plate number TTE. 46 point. So I want to areas. I mean again this is it like from other states make statements so you know crazy people can be anywhere. I don't know if he's crazy good obviously. If he did this this is a terrible crime. If you wanna join us for the comic tonight on numbers 260187. -- toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy and a text number is eight. 7070. And you think legalizing marijuana would actually reduce crime in your neighborhood. We'll be right back of your comments on WWL. -- -- Do you judge. People with the southern accent is being less intelligent that's a double to view a pretty general people give issue opinion by going to our web site WW real dot Kabul trek that -- on -- -- giving update coming up. In just a few minutes also -- was in light of crime walks around the city are -- -- rocks just symbolic or did they actually work. And what would you like to happen has happened in your neighborhood that you think would make your neighborhood safer what do you think citizens induces police police really respond to crimes. What is that citizens can do. To make neighborhoods. A safer place. Here's attacks that reads and I look to recent of these Texas verbatim a -- you were not very professional. I happen to be from Hattiesburg Mississippi and -- Slidell and on my own business. You know I do have the southern drawl and some of -- so called -- and asses. Are just plain stupid such as let me axe you a question. You know all you wanna do anyways talk about gays and gay rights what's up with that. We have more important things to be concerned about you know. But can I don't know why this person is a touchy because I never -- your intelligence if you have a southern accent -- I did kind of -- the going to -- character but that's because. The cobra -- character. On I don't think we discuss gay rights on the show anymore than it comes up on Fox News. It says something daily in the news and we quite often discuss it but I really appreciate you listening a silent role at all. I don't I don't really think people are intelligent they are a southern drawl but that is the perception that a lot of people have. And again selective kind of sensitive about that here's a text that read -- a woman was killed by flipping her vehicle in a neighborhood. She was doing sixty in a 25 mile speed so. Here's another Texan by cravings. -- I have a terrible sweet tooth I found that eating carves kicks -- in. So I have to avoid those -- possible also I chew gum to take care my sweet craving I was tired I cravings what are your craving is. What is it that you do to. To put yourself control. In control of of the cravings so you don't submit to every craving and what you say might really help somebody who has had a hard time dealing with self control when it comes to there. They're really great cravings are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. Or -- -- 8787. From a plus Donald -- this crucial to be to do well. -- -- While we -- Church here well. Program call it. At what it. -- -- that eight people. Or at. Trouble. -- submit. And actress. Want to go. Parts. That ball it's able. I. I'll step. Out now. That's that's good and and you know Donald how often do we hear about all the signs that were available before somebody went on -- shooting spree. And nobody nobody paid attention to those and it doesn't mean just because you're involved in certain activity that doesn't mean that -- going to be criminal. It click it could be a symptom of a problem to come. Being proactive in Iraq War top and back so. -- apology at the local high school. And it's -- and now. -- interact with these young people be cool. So. Don't. Get election. Are so much more effective -- -- -- Not an -- Donald or you will receive when you go to talk to a family about their child. You know all parts when we all. Want but -- days. Real. It could like anger it lacked direction and all and the biggest. Did that would give it one. Step at China are addressed the groups that. Seven cents. Protect much so and started Ayers. But when we get on mark their -- much -- respond. -- and and a lot of parents not all parents but a lot of parents are just really overly protective when it comes to their kids and they think their kids can do no wrong and that's something that contributes to crime. Yeah but we saw a -- to enable. We got other we got brand that brand -- whatever doll. -- it is now. One thing. You'll -- and somebody -- Yeah so. Quote -- actually what that person and then the one that our support. Or Donald that makes so much sense to you said the program is called blitz. -- -- -- -- Yes sir it ourselves and to Austria my minister. Ordered. All across table and we have an intelligent. And -- popular rebel. And what you're talking about is if somebody sees something that might be an indication of bad behavior to come. They report that TU and that gives you a chance to be proactive and go talk to parents and the child may be before something happens. Yes sir yes Africa again at the messages. I'll watch your art in the system has -- that we can. I don't. -- legal system. Chester Cha yeah. Is needed to that person right connections so that -- -- -- and can get off track. Donald a -- hearing that plan I appreciate you sharing that with us on nine -- if you don't tonight today this is a part of this idea that we're talking about tonight and that is what can citizens do. Because police can't be in every corner I don't care how many police we have they can't be everywhere. And police can't be -- every section of every city in every neighborhood and they're not even. Oh alerted to be in some neighborhoods that are nicer neighborhoods that carjacking took place on -- Pocket police have prevented that. But there's things that go on in neighborhoods. That I think citizens could could do a better job of stopping. What do you think we did it would it would change your neighborhood should citizens be more open. About reporting. People who appear to be headed in the wrong direction or maybe they know they're going in the wrong direction. From New Orleans JD your on this crucial -- VW well. Get. Your act in about Albert. It can't walk and do it it it really turn to crime or is it. -- and volley again in my opinion as it is a light. You know I'm. Not locked in our -- on every. Week. Do not think. I had pain that you know that. Each and every. I'll let you know what it opinion it would really hit me up well and -- it hosted it will be able. And it. And able app I would ever thought I would ever out. Can't really feel like it. In my little girl that what we're. Airing now Iraq now I have being. Beauty. And not realize. That we are all year and the currently see it and we do not leave. Now we have not only -- an uncle and attitude and at all. It is mind control. When you look at the numbers -- -- met and murdered. Maybe now I -- And an impact on the -- -- -- should not been elected -- are. Equal and Matt and I. Because -- Italian shot at. And it's really -- I don't know I don't want our. Deal. T in any page booklet out and -- will never -- OJD last night on the show I mentioned but there's this carjacking we are fighting a more information about the carjacking a Bible and -- -- Saturday night at 940 woman and a fourteen year old daughter. And one of the things that came out what this was. The the four guys with guns there SUV had broken down on barnacles overheating of the interstate they got off the interstate and honorable. They were so nervous. About being caught in Jefferson Parish with guns. That they were willing to carjacked that car to get back into New Orleans Michael it's why aren't just as afraid of being in New Orleans on. You might that be that -- are acting exactly correct and let me like ticket I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Police and away -- note that. But I'm not. The case is -- he removal elect somebody -- French -- -- -- -- -- I don't everything -- -- -- -- it was it a little strategy at all been at Rickey that not seeing -- are. Double talent in the image -- the men and women. And I'm not a detriment and -- don't even. That. Protecting you and that. I'm angry I'm is I'm a little bit like the outline though. -- -- -- -- Until. It. It's not it can -- -- it I think it and not. I think an apology and -- Actually not not. I'll come -- elect are at the end you bet that I. -- it where you -- JD employee had a chance there's pressure -- thanks for calling her show our viewers join us for your comments tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Nines are sending text -- -- seventy. Will be right tackle him WL. If you have just Joyner show in the top -- today we played the the original trailer from the movie reefer madness which is of movies net winners. Was really a part of a propaganda. Machine to. And make everybody really afraid of marijuana. There has been hysteria about -- one in this country since the 1930s. Reefer madness is really actually a comedy went to look at but it was an intended to be that way. It came out in 1936 if you missed it coming up after 9 o'clock we're gonna once again played the original trailer for the movie reefer madness. It's not so serious and so hysterical. Dead it's actually -- -- I -- hysterical I mean their attitude -- trying to create panic here's a WW a project opinion poll tonight. Do you judge people with southern accents as being less intelligent. 75% say no 25% say yes to -- -- by going to -- web site of behavioral dot com. Also tonight was it the night of -- crime walks around the world and Syria are these crime -- symbolic or do they actually worked toward reducing crime. And can citizens do war. To reduce crime in their neighborhood are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- it's happening tech's number is 87870. From Metairie dale you're on the -- -- to -- WL. Oh good deal. A couple of things that bondage and recommit. That that the one thing that. I think might I might even be the and I actually do it. And outlook and I waited in Atlanta somebody. Individually. And in. You know they -- -- body and and do what -- did it. Everybody. And it would know -- Like -- that these enemies. But. There where women need to -- and Hulu. Is really. You know an LL. All that it -- an. Issue whatsoever. They want to get -- -- to respond. In Cotton Bowl legally. And quick. It. I thought I would I would agree with you I'm familiar with that neighborhood have a friend who lives in that neighborhood near violent and EI -- and I would agree with you that it's. A safe neighborhood but what the carjacking points out is. Hit some criminals are so brazen that they don't care what neighborhood Korean. If they wanna commit a crime they commit a crime and again I think there's something really telling about the idea that they were nervous. About having guns in Jefferson Parish so they wanted to carjacked the car to get back in Orleans -- Should actually agree with you I had -- really -- I don't care where you'll well what this situation. You know it and it is there on this situation is -- they have to do it do -- survive. Absolutely. It doesn't -- -- you walk but. And didn't see your point you're in it ultimately it. You can minimize. You'll. Problem. If we keep it tangible. Realized early today that they gave him locking in -- -- A -- you do bring up a good point there was a time to write an article about. And everybody there was a time when everybody knew their neighbors in and that's not always the case. Well and Canada on on the situation would be accent. Yeah. That an incredible. Deal and I heard percentages currently. I'll say this about that. It is is something that people. I'd join the military Infiniti -- Good -- -- real low and not made him so basic Schilling and go to west chairman of the walls down. And you the opportunity people to -- And I definitely definitely being taught school graduate. And appellate from Louisiana. -- made to retake the decorated think that possible. Other remarkable Louisiana. And those can. So they judged you as being ignorant because you're from Louisiana so. Well they may be killed by probably didn't get that obviously. You know on Ott scored better. Today at night it would it would. -- -- Question and it's -- Immediately let -- stick in Easter. Absolutely. All our AP the outcome -- That is out there -- And it and actually. You know. Dispute that it is actually in Watergate we. Because it could be accents around New Orleans are more like new York and Boston in the northeast and they are now you know that the -- when you would you know would we used to see movies where people had the southern drawl from New Orleans is like -- Marlins that's an Atlanta. -- -- But -- you know acting that that that's going on into the nineties and rarely do you. Dale I'm gonna get to break man I enjoyed our conversation sexual listening to WWL. At night. So this is another opportunity to talk about stereotyping. And if people around the country do judge people with a southern accent is being less intelligent. That's the same as judging somebody who looks like they might be -- is is being gay. We'll be right back your comments on target of zero. You judge people whether southern accent as being less intelligent -- it stands it's a show covers at 38 states at night. If you're another state you can give us your opinion by calling her show it to 601870. Toll free 866889. Series having a -- -- 77. And here's an update -- WW a project -- painful. Do you judge people with southern accents as being less intelligent. 71% say no 29% say yes so give us your opinion by going to -- revealed -- -- of HI poll. Coming up here just a few minutes also later in the show talk about the ESCO blog tonight which is a trending on our web site. It's titled one sure way. To never forget your child and hot car. Yes it has happened again. In Florida a woman left her two month old baby in the hot -- and while she took her nine year old child into the pediatricians office. In the pediatricians office she realized she left a two month old in the car. For -- she was close to a doctor. They stabilize the child the child is now in a Children's Hospital. Recovering tonight was also a big night for crime walks around the city -- crime -- symbolic or do they actually worked towards solving problems and what is it that you think citizens can do. To make neighborhoods safer from New Orleans big John your into the have you well. They grew. Benito was crab walk terrible is symbolic. -- I wanted to touch on the assessment cracked and -- you know requirements are now managed -- pre K how quickly China. And we are now. What I believe it -- the perception of crime is rampant because it happened to protect. -- The -- yeah people there. -- hit it and to not blow up the that it -- more but not actual. Where Nadia but for the people didn't -- and also -- -- now the city. And they mean the big thing the book. Saint Louis this Crabtree not ignore what is happening independent program. What are I think we should always considered to be unacceptable even though crime is down there's there's -- as far too much of it the big -- I understand the point you're making and I think. It's very important to recognize the difference between reality. And perception although in the minds of a citizen's perception is reality. And I also you know there is it is this crying victim right now. It goes into -- every neighborhood and we've got -- a stabbing somebody was stabbed to death in. Beautiful warm on the State's. Now this was -- isolate this wasn't a random crime this person apparently was allegedly. Stand by her 34 year old boyfriend. And the mother withstand this well and visited the carjacking on bottles so there's just that constantly this reminder that. They crime can be in any neighborhood. -- -- And have been helpful it leaves and perception -- -- everywhere. Not just localized with an individual incidents like -- electing. Well I needed but I like to point out the crime is everywhere and there are. There are parents in upscale neighborhoods who were not doing a good job raising their children and they're the ones who are critical of people who live in the city. Who were on welfare who don't raise their kids there's really no difference if you don't raise your kids you don't raise your kids. Crime crap and and the cult leader and gender and and yet it. -- -- -- -- -- And you know we're getting close to the news breaks so if you -- on hold our wanna give -- a chance express your opinion if you're -- stay with us. If you wanna join -- like with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Or seventy. And a text Amber's age 7870 here is attacks that breeze I'm listening and I just heard what -- caller earlier. Said about the bullets and that is an excellent idea. I work in -- health and I see people every day that have that do not take responsibility for their actions. And their family just lets them go. -- and says they have a mental health problem. It's. It's great that somebody's actually going to talk to them before they do something and hopefully. Make them accountable for themselves coming up after the news had nine more viewer calls and also in the first segment of the next hour we'll play the original trailer. For the movie reefer madness all about marijuana. We'll be right back.