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Jul 30, 2014|

ESPN panelist Stephen A. Smith is off the air for a week following a comment he made about women being aware of the things they do to provoke men into abusing them. Smith apologized for the remark. Is punishment of Smith justified? THEN: Does a southern accent make someone sound dumb? A national lab in Tennessee was planning a class designed to help employees get rid of their Southern accents – but the class was cancelled following complaints. What do you assume about someone with a Southern accent? Are there any other things that make Southerners seem dumb?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you don't walk around if you're driving around with the top down open a sunroof for liberal underwent just because you can often do that this time via. Coming up in in just a few minutes I wanna do -- the we do at the beginning of the show I found the original trailer. For the the movie reefer madness which came out in 1936. -- this was all about the evils of smoking marijuana. And it tries to create such a panic in America it was actually part of a part of a propaganda campaign. To fight marijuana in America. And wait to hear this this original trailer from reefer madness since you haven't seen the movie I do recommended to you whether you smoke or not it doesn't matter just a show issue. What the thought once about marijuana. In the 1930s so will line but we'll play that for you coming appeared in just a few minutes also -- it was a night of several crime walks around the New Orleans area. Are these just symbolic or do they actually work. -- actually work toward reducing crime. And what can citizens do what can citizens do it would make neighborhoods safer because the police can't be everywhere. If you -- -- show with a comet tonight are numbers 2601870. Totals 386688. Parents early seven at Texas 87070. Also as far as I know this guy is a still on the -- he's a suspect in the stabbing death. Of a woman industry hand and apparently this is a guy from a prominent family in industry hand. And he is. He's wanted. For allegedly stabbing his girlfriend at a house -- or lot of states. They're really nice neighborhood. Got a -- sister standing -- norm on worth noting that he was out on pro patient probation for armed robbery in the world ends. It was in the -- a few months ago this is why. Our crime and other places affects everyone everywhere. It's not like people once out of probation remain confined to one place he puts everyone in danger. Win people who commit violent crimes are out on the streets. I don't know what does this a person understands his but it it's my understanding that this person is from. The -- estates area but I mean this is -- this is just a real tragedy and I don't know what to is is going on with this particular situation by as far as I know this guy is still -- on the loose. And hopefully they'll until finding soon bring him to justice but you know this is not his apparently is first drive. And here's a text you got it right if you don't raise your kids it doesn't matter if you're wealthy or poor. In my area the rich kids have more opportunity. To get into more trouble. I I love hearing from from people who were so judgmental of people who live in the city. Those people a city those people. And who are on government assistance they're not raising their kids. And yet there are a lot of people with money. Upper middle class upper class there a lot of people with money. Who do properly raise their kids. And in some ways they might actually be more dangerous. Because they have financial resources. -- L Europe this crucial and every WL. And yet. On that constantly about southern accent thing I think yeah yeah it is negative. You know. It just in my opinion. And I think one thing is that it could be a cultural thing to me via mom you know like you know it's like America travel country. And -- point in New York. Though. You destroy our country and -- from the pulpit here so. Mean the -- -- you. Say that I'll really probably been put out. You know. Women and different -- -- it really like that you know and so. The -- you know because trial at certain -- at all what people thought would meet. Did you actually abuse you know a couple of weeks ago. Pick him. That's what Nicholas is telling women think guys with the British accents of Australian accents -- sexy they that you're six partnership with subjects who. Do you think anybody says that somebody from non. -- I don't know like in Minnesota area anybody says energy when you see -- -- you really succeed. And what about. Like I had a tough issues smell it -- -- -- it. We -- -- to the -- who you are dispersed now do you can really talk between apartment you know so. I think maybe -- -- would -- -- to the person you know what you're in New York good you know play you know all sorts -- elements that the you can open. People respect -- you know regardless with the fact that so. I can't think that is this got personal. You don't think. An ally suggest that you take advantage of the fact the women like your southern accent. -- Allan appreciate you calling him a great night. From homer -- -- under the W a good evening. It's -- yeah and I. And the crying in new audio of the you know a cram more. Did it it's there you know that we time -- -- -- -- -- you -- inside and -- -- -- walk through -- the criminals. They -- -- -- Saudi you know you know I'm -- c'mon you know Korea object -- would. That's solution is I don't know what I don't think anybody know. You know our -- Sure you can bring you wouldn't. The more cups into the city but that tiger and hope. I mean. Well it might help but it's it's my site and prevent all crime because there'll always -- those pockets of society where there are no police at the time and the -- take advantage of those moments. That you're right -- C a born and raised in Norton security. And you know be a pewter color born a lot dark you know the end yet Yo-Yo and a mentally yeah you know. And I couldn't let you can't get it back -- and -- Castro that -- Cubans -- year. You know and the other crime -- picked up then you know in the city area. You know solid ER I mean it don't matter what part of the city year end -- again -- -- That is -- and and we we hear about crime in Tibet know and homeland in the address it. Dead right you know maybe that it might do you know in the but we stood -- crime here. You know army of civil and you know on the beat you can go anywhere in the country you're getting -- crime. You know so you know but you know. I would love to teach you know that you get a handle on year old the murder case. Well -- our -- in a lot of ways the city hands so we're just constantly reminded that crime inspired and it it should be an Colorado something really accord earlier that is. The perception. -- may indicate that crime is worse that it really is because crime violent crime here as far as I know violent crime is down in this city. But it doesn't mean that it's not prevalent enough for to still be very big issue and there or somebody young criminals who are so brazen. That they -- -- crimes anywhere and I still I I love talking about this idea. That these these I will call them thugs -- There their vehicle broke down by double they had guns -- they were so nervous about being in Jefferson Parish with guns. Carjacked the car so they could get back into oral. -- -- telling you that right there right UWO. I mean you know Justin Darrius you know they don't put up when there. Well you know shouldn't put up with -- unit in new -- right you know you are eligible that would either you know you know hey you know. Well you -- you are on that deal on you know the marijuana thing yeah. I'm sixty years old. The smoke and you know -- 45 years. There hasn't changed my outlook and change yeah my attitude. Is now. You know. -- you know. As long as you do it responsibly. And I think it can be done I don't smoke but I think it can be done responsibly I know people who start responsibly then I don't think there's anything wrong with -- -- -- -- -- enjoy it was going to be a lovely July evening down the volume tonight. Our idea are here are right through -- thanks solicit. Some New Orleans Cameron you're on WWL. -- Cameron. I. All I want -- eight I hit it. Most. That are -- -- hurt and I don't want. Law or call the -- double what order calling it a bit. I just -- that are. On the spot on the road somewhere. In the current -- -- And it people. Like. People say -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think that -- be Gary and the big divot and -- a lot -- so our our. To what. -- -- Davis of poisonous snakes and I don't know if I've done quite figured figured that out yet there are. No I don't I understand and that's why I'm about to play this original trailer for the movie reefer madness which is hysterical. I did it but it's supposed to be serious it's supposed to really instill panic and fear -- people about the effects of marijuana in our society. And obviously this. This trailer from the movie is not really reflective of reality. Are. All purposes -- her story. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or. Will. Actually be. Out there. That are currently taxable. There -- I know you're you're right I've heard those stories too and I don't understand why anybody anybody would oppose legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. I think it should be legalized recreational use well I don't smoke it that's my belief but I don't see how anybody. With compassion for human beings could be against it when it comes to using it for medicinal purposes camera I enjoyed our conversation -- thanks listen to -- turbulent night. If your -- -- -- -- to your conversation coming right back for more vehicles but first before the break. I wanna play this original trailer on the movie reefer madness. Re tremendous came out in 1936. And it was a part for propaganda campaign in the fight against marijuana. So. It's it's analysts funny. But it's serious. Listen to what the impression was of the effects of marijuana on a society. In 1936. Having the heart of the local store. Innocently they then. Innocent of a new and deadly menace lurking behind closed doors. The burning we need to win its roots. Didn't have -- And you'll dvd you -- which is ambitious plan can be grown in your neighbor's yard rolled into harmless looking. Cigarettes. -- didn't get an event. Or watch case. You'll meet build. A one stroke. Really strong. -- -- Destroying Greensboro they -- behind the moment's pleasure. Okay. -- It is too -- to. That it's an original trailer from the movie reefer madness did you live when they said it is. It's. It turns. It turns into like a harmless cigarette. Like cigarettes are heartless but I guess in 1936 marijuana is bad cigarettes were considered to be heartless. Murder suicide. Really. -- bureau holds -- to a -- is your comment -- and any talking about a number 260170. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And a text number is 770. Will be right back and well. A class of and. And our extreme coverage of saints training camp from West Virginia continues on WWL dot com. Team WBO is they are we've got the latest information you put a sign up to be part of the -- group that gets text alerts. Simply text the word sports to a 787. Now we don't charge for text but your bright individual generates a necessary respect apply. But this is a way to get updates on the saints LSU which coming up and the pelican -- throughout the season so simply text the word. Sports. Too late 77 here's a quick update on -- -- -- you'll pretty general opinion -- do you judge people with a southern accents as being less intelligent. 68%. Saying 032%. Say yes. I wonder what this poll would be like if I was on the here in Minnesota. It was revealed different of course you know that's an accident that can be rather you're taking this award by geez you guys on the -- to Garrett. You know that accent really bothers me. I give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com -- fatal stabbing in or among the states are really nice neighborhoods in the greater New Orleans area. This happens apparently this afternoon -- Charles parish sheriff's deputies are looking for 34 year old Bruce bushel as far as I know he hasn't been found. You know if this is somebody who has. Money. I wonder fees. Out of the country by now. -- unity came up to think about those things. It's my understanding from what I've read that this is not the first time that he's he's been in trouble. And if whether it's from a rich neighborhood or a poor neighborhood. If somebody continues to get in trouble and just get a slap on the -- or if they're if they don't really face any real consequences for their behavior. Sometimes that leads to. Further. Negative behavior. -- We don't know who committed this crime but the suspect is said Bruce which if you are dressed like the comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recipient tech's number is 877. As unbelievable as it seems. It has happened again. A Florida mother has been arrested and faces felony charges for child neglect after leaving her two month old baby in -- hot many -- The child is okay in Children's Hospital in the Orlando area. On the mother has been -- will talk about that coming up a few minutes and discuss blog again tonight is about that and I I figured out one sure way. That you will never ever forget your kids and hot car it might seem ridiculous but as far as I know it's only sure way to make certain you don't leave your kids at -- car. So if you have kids or if you know people with kids -- you might wanna read the blog ensure within. It's on our website at WWL dot -- toward your text here in just a moment and from New Orleans -- a year on the Scotia good evening. Thanks to good evening just wanted to say my own personal opinion not being from -- -- old -- called. And I mean that her great year intelligent thinkers. They have a different -- quite frankly. I thought it was definitely nice and the way that children well. Or is it doable he helped people acting out it didn't work. -- -- Bigger topics -- proper. In order to understand every little word they say people call. The weighted communicating. To the ones certainly. Europe Europe while -- I appreciate you calling me were not robots and you know when I hear about the southern accent -- -- New Orleans we don't really have southern accents here. -- accent is little -- or more like Brookline it's a little bit more like areas of the northeast. We don't really have a truce southern accent here. Parts of the north Louisiana real southern accent like Dallas and Shreveport human -- and that whole swathes of the of the country. And over toward Atlanta and that's real southern drawl through Mississippi to Alabama and Georgia and -- even parts of the northern Florida. But we've really don't have -- southern accent into world but the Jewish people with a southern accent. This stories that come delight because there isn't a story of a class that had been scheduled for a big national lab. In Tennessee. And the class was gonna teach people that if they lost their southern accent. They might be more successful. While there -- lot of complaints about that excellent class was ultimately canceled also tonight we're talking about cravings. That we all have cravings. Summer better controlling -- than others. A new study shows that is the relationship between the region of the brain associated with pleasure and reward. And the region of the brain associated with self control. The study showed that some individuals have more activity in the region of the brain that deals -- self control. On when faced with cravings and and others don't. What is it that you crave. And do you have any advice for people who were having a difficult time resisting. They're creating temptations. To join Russia with your comments and -- -- -- Somalia are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668. Non answer point seven. And a text number is 8787 here's a text we learn in schools that will pronounce words and proper grammar is the sign of learned intelligence. And should be an accident. If you do if you are from some of the part of the country. Or if you're from New Orleans and you don't have a southern accent. And you judge as ignorant people with southern drawl like -- Then this is an opportunity to realize that's an affair. And in so many ways we stereotypes. In very unfair place. Whether it's they look gay or they sound stupid because we have the southern accent. These are opportunities for us to -- it would have it. If I think that way. And I need to change because now when I'm confronted with the reality of it a -- it's wrong. Not to join Russia with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here recipient tech's number is 878. I Joseph you're on -- children WL. You know -- this story about the other -- you -- there's this historical legacy. Being from. A region of the country that that one time. Was conquered another region. Are. But -- the legacy of being. All congress people that people -- I've taken to answer not really. If you know. Is if the other stories. Body. The native Americans. -- Our what the government -- government -- the -- reservations. Or even government run off that ball prodigious. They were discovered. Severely at this hour. Not to speak their old American -- American Indian. Language like six republic like the deficit. Language. -- what do you it was a it was partly. They wanted to speak in and being. This is not what -- that these. I would just say that at all but this is. That's where the power -- for a that the -- the sound when the south got up but he got out of place seeing different again. -- -- -- to try to establish that little bit. And this this historical reasons for this a judgment of people with southern accents is something I guess is passed on from generation to generation. And you know when you hear about. The you know southern. The comedy tour of such and such a comedian I mean they actually make fun of and and relish. In the hold the southern accent and ignorant mentality. I think that the two Brothers who Rodham trip it's been like to write books so lot of and what this really is is cultural imperialists. The -- was the first all. It's not just America but actually the world -- felt the first. -- of cultural. Comparable period. -- -- if we're getting into history let's not supposed to answer it will what what's so good why is there this judgment of people were southern accents. Well. To I think it's because. That. Unfortunately. Because we also applied to. But land with regards to -- and adversary we didn't really go through the industrial world they should experience that they. I don't know what -- that have to do with the judgment of people were so that access is being less intelligent. And because that the president didn't really push -- that the going up higher education. They want the cheap labor market. And the south is isn't whether this is true were not the perception is the south is relaxed and I don't wanna say lazy but the perception is the south has. You know the southern way of life southern living and maybe they're not as ambitious as -- people in other parts of the country which. You know I don't believe but I do understand that that collective observation Joseph and I'm glad you called. If you wanna join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- -- seven at tech's number is 87870. From reserve fill -- -- under -- W a good evening. Are back in 2000 answered but -- the commonwealth of Virginia fort Walton actually on. Look at an apple -- the order on the house it's I want to go applied what most popular -- -- in the area close to my problems. And they turned. Now Kovalchuk on the so gluttony you know -- -- not to some. Chips are bitter Russia doesn't most of my life. They certainly don't forge a legitimate competitor. -- -- -- Doug Doug -- -- -- dictatorship there tomorrow and never called back since they did double. Quite well that because it's -- to do and you know you and Morgan slightly -- quote -- At all albeit a call now people know me and move back -- -- mud on the -- and shut down completely because all the ultimately. -- As impressive. That won't culture. Yeah well -- You know I mean. Yeah. Yeah you got it all year if you're from New Orleans if that's on your -- that goes along way when it comes to the hospitality industry in the restaurant industry in particular. Yeah Ann Arbor upon mall Pall on the lecture our outdoor or better rove -- on the high cut usually three years ago. Which it now possibly more -- then you're able. -- I appreciate you sharing your story where there's an official ST two WWL. Friday nights it's August 1. Friday night -- show we're gonna celebrate MTV's Thursday. It was August 1 1981 and TV first went on the air. And we'll play a lot of the music from those early videos of MTV. What video do you remember what song remind you of those early videos event TV and of course MTV necessarily play videos and much anymore. And so we're gonna or reminisce about to all those early videos of MTV so we'll talk about some of -- some of your favorites. And we're gonna talk to Nina Blackwood one of the original BJ's. On MTV. In the beginning of the 8 o'clock hour right before our top -- to date as we get into a celebrating MTV's first they've talked to -- like which party night. I've -- edit your -- -- -- -- -- right back with your comments on every WL. Do you judge people with southern accents as being less intelligence. That's our -- W a party general opinion poll tonight. 67%. Say no and 33% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to our web site editor of zero to not count. We'd like to help be out this summer by helping you win 1000 dollars now we can't win it -- you have to do that that we can just tell you how to do it. And we had a WWL winner very recently right here from New Orleans and every week day you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars. In our nationwide summer splash cash contest listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news. At 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code worked. And Texaco were to seven to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting on your phone. That's seven to 81. Every -- day for lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each. And don't miss out on the money don't selling your chance to get an alert before we asked the before we mentioned that the Covert. You can become part of the -- Euro cash club and we will give you a fifteen minute reminder right before we mentioned the the code word so you're certain to. To tune -- You have to do to become part of the WW a cash club is text the word cash. To -- 77. And you can do that right now unless of course you're driving. Text the -- cash to wait 7715. Minutes before each code words announced you'll get a special alerts on your cellphone. It's a nationwide 1000 dollar summer splash cash contest right -- -- WW on to forget the time solicit. Right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM. And good luck for Smart pretty bitter -- And all of the certificate you remember we never charge for Tex but individual play and text and data rates may apply -- from -- Brian your on the -- show good evening. Anything now they're odd about Stephen A Smith yeah but I have a little context -- -- now we need to keep in -- in this particular situation. -- -- This was a 11 way street rate -- it smacks his wife for no reason the golf against women act is -- -- and he will be and -- And he would have been suspended for a year. So what that tells me at this with reciprocal which means they traded blue. He was not he was now -- -- once it's. Now all the Stephen A Smith moved with Stephen A Smith at all like it should. You know that was simply the -- under the -- about obligates. I won't say if we were Twitty said about the culture having outlasted judgment and we come these situations pop pop. You know we wanna make the pitch looked in the Manhattan. Column if you look at intimate partner Obama statistics. You'll see where and when it's reciprocal which means to -- traded. Well I mean view instigated in the cockpit view what are. And that's what I mean at that goes against popular culture but he can look at. Though so I needed that he is that is effect if a woman hits you are you gonna -- back. And different -- but -- are you that if a woman a woman hits you or human header back. At right. You article. Only fourteen so another words regardless of the size of the woman you're gonna punch -- back. Well. You U I you're gonna punch -- back. Right -- Probably fourteen. What's wrong what's the quality not into the -- and lollipops. Well I understand that Brian -- it we do apply not. I enter I understand that I mean you might. If you have a right to do a lot of things but it doesn't mean it's the right thing to do and if that's what you're comfortable doing wonderful woman. He hits you when you and a punch or back and you wanna do that. I'm not to to judge whether or not you could be arrested that's going to be up to law enforcement. Well I -- -- -- on -- I know I didn't think it is and I'm being proxy -- or would you medical well. That's -- -- -- that's gonna come up in court it did you deserve it did you provoking did she provoke the problem with what Stephen A Smith said in my opinion. Is that he suggested. That women need to be mindful not to provoke men. Which is a suggestion. That if their provoked. Men have the rights to -- a woman. Or -- defend themselves. -- -- -- But without a right Brian if what do you mean by defend yourself mean defend your life because if a woman punches you your life's not necessarily in danger. -- All right but there are a lot of places she could hit you in your life would not be in danger if you punch -- back that's revenge not -- So -- what it is but admit that it's revenge and not defense. And let's go back to work and right let's go back to a woman so what you're doing is sure seeking revenge is opposed to defending yourself because of a woman hits you you'll admit. -- your life might not be in danger at that point but you'll -- back because she hit you first and you have a bright -- that's revenge. -- -- -- -- Self self thanks Bryant self defense means you're protecting your life and property. If you were punched by a woman and your life is not threatened figure punching her back out of revenge. No not you know you've been a white night. That got this straight white Knight -- giant thought out there. Well Brian -- good luck with your life if you punch a woman 'cause I you know that might not always lead in the direction that you think it's gonna leave it. It is to it amazes me I mean there's a difference between. Self defense. And hitting a woman. Now is it fair for women to hit then of course not. -- have a right to defend themselves absolutely. If Obama hits you. And you put your backing you knock her out because of your superior strength. That's not the case in every case but generally speaking. Men are stronger than women that as a general. Comment. And there are individual. And their individual examples everywhere. But if you punch a woman back because she punched you -- doing that out of revenge. -- from -- -- when you're on WWL. -- military aircraft entered with a female of ball Washington avenue. And actually swallow it can't try to hit me promote the -- So wouldn't want she'd been -- from being. I mean I had a decent lie so well sorry book there's that we go to wouldn't what did you do when. I didn't do now than it was did it was outside. Well I don't I don't know but that but you said you had to defend yourself what did you do to defend yourself. Well me and I you have I mean you know I'm not rebel. I'm gonna produce up and they did not -- now that let them know that you try and -- -- below the belt. And teaching or. We Tiago who knew who are on to. Yeah. Oh yeah only every situation is different and I and I I I can't pass judgment on what you went through in your situation and and if if you feel like you need to do that to defend yourself that's one thing that the idea of justifying hitting a woman back. Because she hit you sounds more like revenge to me that it does self defense in your case it sounds like you felt like you needed to defend yourself. Yeah but -- -- it this way if you're that depends on what to do that to remain in Vietnam and so -- slapped in the face them enough of that. Some regular insulting when you it's not in the same. Well what all we are supposed -- -- -- because you insult. People in the I had to throw -- the and that's wrong. Well it is it's. -- if you're in a huge you shouldn't be hanging around women who want to slap in the face. -- they did this with nobody that's policy nobody in a bit and everybody should walk all. Go to my -- now. And they come back and talk about it. That's not -- -- you know it's a great way to handle. The secret that the best way to. And it became being out of that within the body goto. Now and I appreciate you calling our show and I mean this really brings up an interesting. Conversation tonight and all this is coming from ESPN panelist. Stephen A Smith who has been suspended they didn't officially call it suspension but he's been suspended for a week for comments that he made about. On the women needing to be aware of what they do to provoke men. -- into abusing them. He's apologized for the comment in fact we have the comment and the apology we're gonna play that for gonna show coming up. But this idea that you punch a woman. Two to punish her. Is that there is at the right course of action. May be a -- session. I'm -- We're coming right at your comments at every WL. Dick has an article on our website about Jim Henderson liking what he sees in the 2014. Saints you can read about that you share with others it's on our website at WWL dot com. The voice of the saints Jim Anderson talking about what he likes about the 2014 states. And our extreme coverage from West Virginia continues with team WL. On our web site sports talk in the afternoon and don't forget to tune into double coverage every morning from six to nine on our sister station. Three WL thirteen fifty and again we've got only information costly appear on our web site. And -- of google.com his quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. You judge people with southern accents as being less intelligent 69% say no 31% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here's a Texan res when I lived in Lincoln Nebraska while attending college or worked at a university bookstore. The lady workers there like to hear me talk through the microphone because they liked my accent. Don't know if it may be more or less intelligent. But the ladies thought it was sexy. And you just take advantage of that from the North Shore Bob your under the WL. -- -- -- Previous. Collared to worry here can amount it's a woman. Exit here. Didn't accurately and thank Vietnam. More accurate. The prediction is retaliation. And not per second bit is it one right. But if you. -- worked out that your department. Retaliation. Is more immediate. And just. I -- really quickly out emotional response. And -- the bigger question is. How do you answer -- Aberration. That perspective. Question well it's it's not normally don't. -- it should be. And our iceberg so. That's an aberration that normal behavior it's society. And do some proposed. Well actually you respond to that. It's like. Just out there in my -- It depends on the situation obviously it depends of the woman did it depends on how she hit you where she -- you what you felt that the time I would agree with you if you wanna reduce it to semantics. Our retaliation is a much better word -- revenge. Because -- revenge is kind of premeditated. That's a good point Bob I'm going to -- the show official listing here's a text it's wrong for mending -- women but it's also wrong for women did meant true. Here's another text I don't know if I would wanna mess with some of the women in my GM. Well I see a lot of women and I wouldn't want to mess with. But that doesn't mean. I have this -- instinct to go around and think about hitting women but EE I guess you have a right to do with the issue first. But is -- the right way to handle it.