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Jul 31, 2014|

ESPN panelist Stephen A. Smith is off the air for a week following a comment he made about women being aware of the things they do to provoke men into abusing them. Smith apologized for the remark. Is punishment of Smith justified?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Friday is August the first and that is the anniversary in TV going on the air so Friday night -- show we're gonna celebrate the birthday of MTV. Went on the year for the first time in 1981. And I in half of very vivid memory those early years of MTV and I'm sure many of you do it's well. So we'll we'll talk about that on the show will play some of the music that reminds us of those early videos and we'll talk about what MTV meant to us. In those early years and -- the show off Friday night I just after 8 o'clock we'll talk to Nina Blackwood one of the original BJ's. From MTV. Here is a text. -- Sarah and are getting to text nobody MTV. How one of my favorites with some Michael Jackson video I miss the days when MTV played actual music videos CI understanding here's a text. The first video played an MT was video killed the radio star how ironic. That it didn't work. True -- -- talking about all of that Friday night on the show. There is. A murderer on the loose. As somebody suspected of stabbing someone to death in or -- states but very. Nice comfortable. Neighborhood. Neighborhood perceived as being very safe neighborhood. A 34 year old Bruce bush walked. He is a suspected of stabbing his girlfriend to death and an attacking his girlfriend's mother the mother was taken to the hospital for treatment for injuries. He's believed to have driven way in his great Toyota site on XD license plate number is TTE. 461. And this is not the first time. Bruce has been in trouble now we don't know if he's guilty of this crime but he's been in trouble before. And for some reason he never. He never learned his lesson. Here is attacks the breeze I thought I would do one of the safest neighborhoods I felt so safe here. In ninth district had high school. I don't even lock my doors. Turns out I was wrong the person. Who. Who stands. Who stand to two people. What are who allegedly armed a throw that in there who allegedly stabbed two people. What's my neighbor. I learned today. That having money does not mean you're a good person my teenage daughter was home alone. And she. Is the neighbor. And she is the name oh she's the neighbor that helped out the lady who was stamped wow. I appreciate you sharing that with us. I don't know anything about dissembling. I've got a text from people who say. They have money. And somewhere along the way. Lessons were not -- I guess. And I I do you know and I've talked about this on the show before. -- there are a lot of people. More fluent. And they condemn those who -- government assistance for not raising their kids elegant I don't know if this applies to the Stanley Cup but I do know. That there are rich people. Who don't do an adequate job of raising their children. And sometimes kids without access to. Our resources. Can be more dangerous than kids that don't have access to any resources at all. If you are -- and Russia with a comment tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Series seven. And -- -- Amber's late 7870. -- or W a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you judge people with southern accents as being less intelligent. 71%. Say no. -- 9% say yes. It is your opinion by going to our web sites to be if you -- outcome. Is it fair to judge accents but here's -- pile with a southern accent. All that's good -- cannot find his form of the massacre did not in any enemies take his capture banner and what they've done must thank tickle his faith. And they drop water on his -- than smoking is -- Now there are some people who would think well you know he doesn't sound that intelligent. -- -- because of his southern accent Erisa because it's the homer -- a character. I so here's another kind of accent that bothers a lot of people this is surfer dude -- calling with a California accept. Certain -- not a sports to live life your hobby to a really good kid that lives -- and then. -- go -- do Australia. Hawaiian news nationals. Me. Yeah just. So that kind of a surfer stone dude. -- bothers a lot of people. And then here is Joseph Pesci wins the typical. New York accent. So would you say you've got a better shot at him -- and in -- not so much coming out. You could say that I did say that would you say yet. Is it possible. To cool you eat your -- to quote. Cool what was that word. Forward. To what. What. Did you say you won't pick who you -- what do you used. -- excuse me on to use. Soul what accent bother you who. I know a lot of people in the south in particular bothered by the extent that we heard in the movie Fargo. That North Dakota. Minnesota. Accents. -- she sat -- -- just trying to be just trying to do my job still on the -- You know that -- it is some of the blends into the Chicago area as well that it bothers an awful lot of people. If you producer initially with a comment our numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. Series having a Texan receipts have -- seventy. Also a conversation about ESPN a panelist Stephen A Smith who has been suspended for a week from ESPN. Four -- suggesting that women need to be careful not to provoke men into abusing them. He's apologized for the comment and coming up in just a few minutes will play his original comment and we'll also play his apology. I fraud New Orleans Clifton your on this crucial WQ well. Tea movement it -- -- that. I wouldn't call it has to be that's normal human shaped industrial and so folks can get collected about two years ago -- -- -- the flight. Thank you themselves and illustrator soaked in the moment that you say industry and -- because deploy neighborhood. Is border control. It is unfortunate that we've learned a crime can be anywhere and then there was that carjacking -- -- do any any dancer or injuries as far as I know but the carjacking on bubble boulevard 940 Saturday night mother and a fourteen year old daughter. It goes to show you that crime can. Happen anywhere. True and that's what it called it is to look comet that was the real estate industry and in -- -- But. And so. A couple of years ago and so I was just cause it to -- from the -- result we all. Inaudible. Across. Closed and I'm sorry for your loss and I appreciate you color show thank you look at it on -- -- from Kansas Larry you're on -- VW -- leaving Larry. Good did does does our accent down here about the I mean I I I'm from here but I know I don't really have an accent. I'm on doesn't. Had came -- from there hung around Daniel Orton and wanted to go -- to me back in the day and that came online came back to kill and the bottom and yeah entirely up pretty close from Savannah Georgia this. And came up to visit to and you never did eventually work out. But I tell me. He of course being punctual man and wish -- And that's a real southern access a lot farther north in New Orleans but that's a real southern accent. She took to -- in danger she came here and just an Arctic. However her parents came upon encountering. And her mother. And just absolutely floored him. And really embarrassed that her daughter connection she has worked hard. To get rid. Also there is and perception you know and spark that. That he would not work you did. You -- him. It -- Larry I don't orbit just people in the north where people in the UK. And. I don't know what it was about me when I was so young I guess I was there are young teenager and I had friends in Gulfport had friends in Natchez Mississippi and -- somebody from Chicago. And they made fun of the way I talked. And I notice that they. Spoke differently and in terms of their accents and so and -- at a very early age in my life and I don't know why I I. I started to make sure that I pronounce things and situation that I I really didn't have an accent. But the southern accent that the southern charm accent is. It's. It's it's a guy slayer when it comes to a attractive women. It worked for me there aren't Larry and let Scully showed thanks listening tonight in Kansas. Hears it checks I speak Japanese. With an Australian accent. Makes many people laugh. I don't know if I could do that. Lately he's trying. To do Japanese. With an Australian accent. A -- does culminate. Put pressure much inmates. I guess that would. Stay with two -- somehow I don't think that sounded very sexy. I -- it -- I take out my aggression in the video green game Grand Theft Auto five I don't attack women. On that game. Isn't that interesting. -- do we have those comments from Steve Mason put -- a -- comments before the break. ESPN analyst Steve A Smith. Got into some controversy he's apologized for the comment. I understand what he was saying but again it wasn't the right thing to say that you know we've all said things that we realize -- the right things to say. Here's what Stephen A Smith originally said because this controversy that led to his suspension. But at the same time we also have to make sure that we'd learn as much as we can talk about elements of provocation not it is a real provocation but. Elements of probably DC got to make sure that you address that because what we've got to do is do what weekend to try to prevent the situation from happening it anyway and I don't think that's grossed well enough. That's all I'm saying. As Stephen -- Smith was referring to the NFL punishing a Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Two game suspension for allegedly knocking out his fiancee. That led to the conversation earlier from a caller. About how Ray Rice punched her first -- I haven't heard all of these Steve tales of the incident so he had a right to punch her pack. So if you have a right to punch somebody back should you -- -- -- Going back to Stephen A Smith I understand what he's saying nobody should provoke anybody. But when talking about -- is almost as if he said in the context of suggesting that. On women are partially to blame if they provoke a man to punch them or to abuse -- here was a Stephen -- apology. On Friday speak right -- on first take on the subject of domestic violence I made what can only amount to the most egregious error of my career. While elaborate new book concerning the NFL's ruling -- Ray Rice following a domestic dispute with his then fiancee. I've ventured beyond the scope by discussion by alluding to a woman's role in such heinous Mattis also fought us to use the word pro bulk in my diatribe. My words came across that this somehow a woman's fault. This was not my intent it is not what I was trying to say. Yet the failure to clearly articulates something different lies squarely on my shoulders. To say what I actually said it was foolish is an understatement to say I was wrong is obvious to apologize. To say I'm sorry. Doesn't do -- -- its proper justice to be quite honest. But I do sincerely apologize. As a man -- got a greatest mother in the world and -- all the sisters are religiously spoken out against domestic violence all of my life. I've done so repeatedly over twenty years in this business as well as over these very airwaves right -- first take. My primary reason for doing itself is because I've experienced and dealt with the matter within my own family. Unfortunately. I didn't incredibly poor job of asserting my point of view this past Friday through that again I am truly truly sorry. Particularly the victims of domestic abuse -- my female family members and loved ones I've disappointed and no I'm no better. You all deserve a better profession. And quite frankly about a man last Friday sitting on this very reset. In this very chair. My heartfelt apologies to each and every single one. Stephen Asus apologize and ESPN and I think that was a contrite and very sincere apology and I totally except that I can't speak for you that -- that's up to you. But you when your live on millionaire. Sometimes you say things and they're not receive the way you intended and and things like this radio show. Things like Stephen A Smith that there're so many programs where -- wide spontaneous. Talking. And it evidently human beings will say things. That were taken out of context or just didn't. Didn't really conveys what they felt in their hearts. One thing I learned in communication theory and and college ones. That they are there are two processes that take place at two parts of the communication process the areas intent. I say something and I intend to say a certain thing. And mean a certain thing but then -- reception. And sometimes the reception of a communication. Is different from the intent. And it's somebody acknowledges that and realize is that the intent was misunderstood. I don't see why that's not forgive -- If he wrote this out. And it was plant. Wouldn't that be different -- just being part of a part of a -- show. If you wanna join us for the -- tonight about any they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668. -- hear what you think. Enter text number is 877. Here's a W a pretty general opinion poll did you judge people with southern accents as being less intelligent. Here's a song that Stephen since you -- probably. Saying to everybody. You should cover this health insurance and we'll do this going to break I'm student will be right back on debit if you will. One. No way. When we were kids we were taught that boys don't hit girls. And as we have evolved as a society into a world where there is equality between men and women there are people who justify men hitting women. I don't think I'm old fashioned and very many ways and it would depend on the situation. A certain woman in a certain situation. Attacking me would lead me to defend myself. But if a woman hit me I wouldn't feel the need to hit her back. Just out of retaliation. Or to punish her for because I had equal right to Nazi hit her. Here's an interesting -- have reached astute I don't believe a mansion -- hit a woman but I also think. That -- perpetrate the problem because there will inevitably. And be there will invariably. The some women who will knowingly exploit that belief and that's escalate a situation into an unfortunate incident. No one should aggress against another when an anger. Least you bear the responsibility of retaliation. Right or wrong. Tommy -- gonna continue this conversation tomorrow morning WL first news is one of the things -- talk about. And he's gonna have the information about what Oprah now report to Whoopi Goldberg said. On the view. She said if you hit somebody. You can't be sure if you -- get hit back. So women have to basically understand that living in the world that they live in the can't expect mention to do the chivalry thing. If you hit a man you should be expected to be possibly hit back. Is Whoopi Goldberg right or wrong now be great discussion tomorrow morning tummy tuck here and to VW -- from six to ten -- days into the W. I'm from uptown. I don't who buried on that are beyond Asia thanks Louis. I have even a -- saying it. I think everything he's I've known. I'm home I applaud him for being an American and apologize and make him in the policy even though I don't believe there it was that necessary. He did a lot of technical guidance. In. Home that I believe need to be exit. Now the problem. With these situations. That -- discuss that night is that. I don't believe that he did anything different bands jump into the extent of the I -- to run into. Someone who wanted to know how straight the French Quarter as well. I would tell them well. Well you can walk through the quarter should be exe. Don't Wear camp out -- camera equipment don't have money in your pocket and -- -- building that you're in the I think that's equivalent would say because if you do when you. -- as well that it may be human responsibility. -- Yeah I I do understand -- and I've been very open about the responsibility that I dared when it came to they being assaulted by four people in the in the CBD and it. It wasn't my fault that it happened but I was responsible for putting myself in that position. With a briefcase looking like somebody who. Might be somewhat -- though I'm not I was there I was the perfect target and I allowed myself to be in that situation. I really thought Stephen -- Smith's apology was heartfelt was contrite. And should be accepted by everybody and I do understand what he was originally trying to say it came across though in a way that he did not intend. -- right and and and for that reason I think it put a man and a to a pilot. Virtual enough. And a situation in India with them and not right and I know I mean I am a control a man hitting a woman. I'm a firm believer that -- -- -- -- right that is not right by any means. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't hear it if your football player and you're with a woman who is. Who is petite. It doesn't matter I mean it. I'd like she's actually threatening your life and not with words I just I can't see the need higher. I -- real laws that really cute but I also believe are also -- -- -- bad man are human. As people all we argue. And on any given day you catch any person on the right turn and say what do the right thing. And I think it's possible. Obviously it I would never gotten -- I would look at it and -- -- -- -- to be a very called patient person. But apparently on our card check -- the lifting off the somebody the good cop at the right you know. They're -- -- don't you dare we we talk about -- racial all the time and there are times when really sane rational calm people. React to this to stealing out of road rage. Exactly that science that we are human I mean. About Havoc and I don't mean I think he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and punished. It ten times over total putting it and on one. But. -- -- -- Have to bear the responsibility. Of her part in the code and -- and the matter is if you are vehemently. 200 plus -- -- -- he may go to jail he may be prosecuted. What the damage he's done. Their -- -- -- put back into you know I'm being paired. -- Yes like -- if you're a pedestrian I may be I may have had the right away across the street bit of negated by a car what good is that. What good is that exactly what you would doubt about the car but it you have -- right away and innuendo. A paraplegic. You know I think times like this that -- in our our good reminders or whether it's -- -- road rage or septic like Leo -- provoking you. I think this is a good time for us to realize hey you know what if I ever get to that point. I don't wanna be in that situation I don't want imitate this behavior so I'm not gonna do that even though if I had heard about this I might be tempted to do. True. -- yes you're you're absolutely right I agree. The alleged co show -- specialist into your debit -- -- if you wanna join -- -- with your comment your thoughts are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. A chart we've also talked about as several crime walks. That took place around the city tonight. Are these clamp walks just symbolic. Or do they actually work toward reducing crime. Do they change attitudes. And he can't expect criminals. Too which is brilliant in the crime walk. But is there more than its citizens can do. To fight crime. Because the police can't be everywhere. And I don't care how many police we have that can't be everywhere. They can't stop every crime. So it really is up to the village. To do a better job of policing itself. What do you think citizens can do. To make their neighborhoods safer. Do you know your neighbors. Would you report something that was wrong had a caller earlier from the plots. And he was a minister with a church. And talked about something that they've instituted calls the bullets. -- said that if if people see that somebody is. Is maybe on a path to committing a crime maybe they haven't really done anything yet but people that are showing signs of a real negative behavior. Signs of mischievous that goes just beyond my child mischievous. -- tedious things. He said there are people who are reporting their names. And this group from this church. Goes and talks to families. And talks to these be showing people who may be heading down the wrong path. He said it first there are confronted with mutually coldness. But then people open up. You know the truth is most parents know. If their kids are heading in the right -- wrong direction. Not all but emotional. And most -- one who admitted I don't know most but many parents don't want to admit that their child is is heading in the wrong direction. And this has nothing to do with socio economic status. Or race. This has everything to do with just people who don't take the time whether they're rich or poor. To be good effective parents to their kids. So I like this idea of reporting so right now you know nobody's that they don't call the police. But they call this group at the church and it seems to be working in this particular community. What is it that you think. Citizens could do better. When it comes to. Making their neighborhoods safer. Because citizens are all you're always in your neighborhood it. The police can't always be there but you're always there. And so often we just don't gonna get involved in any thing. And I understand the fear of consequences when it comes to getting involved -- something. But. If we did become more vigilant collectively as a community. As communities. Then. Maybe criminals would not feel so safe. Living among us. Your neighborhood. By neighborhood it may be criminals would not feel so safe and secure with us. If they thought that we were likely to turn them. Or we were likely to report things that. Appeared out of the ordinary. I still have to go back to something that we talked about the other night on the show it I think just says a lot. These four I'm gonna call them thugs. They carjacked this woman's car last Saturday night on Bobble boulevard. 9:40 in the evening she's with a fourteen year old daughter. Let's say she made a mistake by trying to help people and it's sad to say we've -- this last night. Said to save it of people. Our. Are paying a consequence for warning to do something good did help somebody. But these these guys their vehicle had broken down on viable. They were so nervous about being in Jefferson Parish with guns. That they were willing to use the guns to carjacked that car so they can get back to New Orleans. And that sends a message that they were nervous about being in Jefferson Parish with guns. But they weren't nervous about being new worlds with -- If you wanna join a show the comments tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is 87070. America's hysterical response to marijuana dates back to the 1930s we did this earlier if you missed that I wanna play for you again. I found the original. Trailer for the movie reefer madness. Reefer -- was a film produced as part of a propaganda campaign to fight marijuana to talk about how horrific. The effects of marijuana will be on American society. It sounds like a comedy. But it's actually serious. -- -- came out in 1936 -- gonna play the original trailer from that movie coming up next on this crucial WL I'm glad you're with us on this Wednesday night it really does it feel like late July it was comfortable it was hot today but it was very comfortable this morning. It's comfortable again denied. It's not gonna last it's gonna get human again and it will continue to be hot -- chance of rain was we get into the weekend but. Just a joy it is while it's here here's an update on IWW a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you judge people were southern accents as being less intelligent. 72%. Saying no -- percent say yes give a shipping by going to our web site WWL to count. So I played this earlier you know we've talking on an author and talk about it will be at last night. About legalization of marijuana this is a continuing topic of discussion in America. The movie reefer madness which are seen once. It is hysterical. It's hysterical because it's designed to be part of that propaganda campaign to make Americans fear. The impact of marijuana. I'm not promoting marijuana. And I'm not saying that marijuana is totally. I mean it's not like you're smoking your daily vitamins I'm not suggesting that it's healthy. But the first impression of marijuana in this country. Many years ago. Is just. Not realistic so I want to play for you this this trailer. For the movie reefer madness which came out in 1936. This is what America. Was telling people about marijuana. Having -- heart of the local soda fountain innocently they then. Son of a new and deadly menace lurking behind closed doors. The burning we need to win its roots. Didn't have -- -- you'll dvd -- who -- this vicious crime can be grown in your neighbor's yard rolled into harmless looking. Cigarettes. Didn't and it. Or watch case. You will rebuild. The ones from the any strong -- -- -- Destroying Greensboro they behind the moment's pleasure. Okay. The. It is too late. Payne was described as an important film. Murder. Suicide it's the ultimate end of the marijuana addict hopeless. Insanity. I think more like hopeless cravings for chips or don't answer Hostess Twinkies or something like I just right. It's just really funny but that's. That is reflective of the foundation upon which would be hysterical fear of marijuana in this country is it is still based. If you wanna join our surely wouldn't comment about anything. 2601878. -- free. And are you we're gonna -- children got 86 86688970. Lives. And Texas 60s70s. Again I don't smoke but I think it's obvious. Is like. There is a text about hitting women. Are ex wife. Physically attacked me kicking me and hitting me. After I call police because I feared that she was a danger to meet our children and herself. After she hit me I never hit her but I restrained her with duct tape. I was arrested for unlawful restraint and domestic abuse the law is on the woman's side. I never hitter. Here is attacks that Reid says -- you're you're absolutely correct about socio economic status being irrelevant. When it comes to problematic behavior. In the 1970s I grew up in an affluent area Jefferson Parish. There's a good deal of heavy drug use among kids. As our parents spent weekends. Drinking heavily often driving afterwards. Unfortunately even domestic violence. Was no stranger. Cops just less likely to arrest. At least back then they were less likely to arrest. You know I like talking about this because there is a lot of hypocrisy in this in this country. When it comes to the judgment of those who are properly raising their kids in those who art. And there are. Wealthy families. -- families with a lot of resources. That are really not doing an effective job raising their children. And society. Is suffering the consequences. In the same way that society suffers the consequences. Of those who. Are having children. As a career. With no intent to actually raise those children. Are from Metairie Anthony year under the WL. -- -- The leader of the oh record keeping your topic about marijuana yeah in nineteen certainly hurt -- guys are villains and Chuck Robb and that. Who provided that marijuana card found. You're not been -- -- a lot of our work he certainly eager you know anti worker anti -- this is going. It's going to -- Federal Bureau of Investigation bought it guys are not provided as -- ought. Right into the other you know the period erupting there I don't believe you're sure -- that I don't believe your story. What are you believe my story my story my story now at the air figure in the people. So the FBI brought somebody who was selling -- into your neighborhood. There is very pretty occurrence again. Don't under why did the FBI do that argument -- or hear any. Other people to sell it and I don't -- forward. It turned them all -- in the world -- there. Why did he do that. Might the FB argue that. -- -- So you -- really but you really believe that the FBI since the body into your neighborhood and Whitney Houston as this went on for a couple of years. -- What village. -- in the United States. Well Anthony you know if if if if that happened obviously that's that's terrible. I and and you know when I when I think back on and maybe I shouldn't be so quick to discredit your story because when I look back on it there are we there were. There was more of -- temptation to try to entrap people. And to use marijuana. As something that -- lead to people's arrest and the the the first images marijuana was some very irrational. So I AI I probably should have been so quick to discredit your story Anthony may be that it happened. Or via the agency -- air into the greater area. He I -- the Katrina. He. The younger than 28. Year old. To. War with and EPO. Land -- the Mets beat error. -- inspire these young men look at what in the -- -- war and the a -- It's my story can check out our line back -- all about it. Yeah and I never heard about -- dinners athenaeum. I don't I don't I don't believe that at times I appreciate you sharing the story with us. Now it's entertaining. If you wanna join our show with your story your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 point 78. And our tech's number is 8787. I don't know -- I mean like I know there are bad FBI people who are bad people in every. Every group every business every branch of government they're bad people everywhere. And I don't think fits the government was totally. And totally innocent when it came to. Treating people fairly. With marijuana and a lot of things back in the sixties and seventies but America only stories were kind of hard to believe this is dispute show -- will be right back. Hundred of Euro and national lab in Tennessee was it. Ought to have a class. That would is going to teach people to get rid of their southern accent because they would be more successful without their southern accent. While that received a lot of complaints that class was cancel out of their plans to reschedule it. But it's kind of brought up this question about whether or not people -- southern accents are. Considered to be less intelligent. And that's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight do you judge people with southern accents as being less intelligent. 73% say no. 47% say yes. Give -- -- thing by going to WWL dot com and I guess it's also makes us think about the accidents that are that are fairy appealing. I think of French accent. Is really sexy. Some people like Italian -- stupid that that's that's crisis well a British and Australian accents. Are really nice. I think -- the next answer -- charming but what's interesting about the southern accent is. Even though you and I would see this in movies are quite often. There's -- southern accent. In -- world it's it's totally different it's more like. The northeast that it is India. In the south and the southern accent structurally in north Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama and Georgia and northern Florida and at Tennessee and -- -- you know is South Carolina North Carolina. Even as far north as Virginia which at one time was the self. If you enjoy pressure with a -- tonight about any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seven at Texas 877. Here's a Texan re -- I'm not saying that guy's story is true. But it's completely believable which is a sad statement about our nation's law enforcement. The -- I would not I would not discredit. A story. About the government being involved in trapping people. And irrationally. Using marijuana. In the past. -- and maybe still to this day. But I don't know there was just something about those particular stories that I'm not sure about but like -- If if if they're true the guy had a chance to tellem and we have a chance to decide whether we believe from an -- We can look for more information to decide whether or not they're true here's the text and no matter what you. -- no matter what you should not hit a woman. How bad. She hit you. You're a man. The little woman a man. Does it -- it's a woman and you know and I understand and that's -- instinct now that doesn't mean that there are exceptions. There might be a case where. A particular woman. It's a particular man. And demand might literally. Have to defend itself. The idea that you're an NFL football player. And most NFL football players seem to have attractive. Petite. Girlfriends or -- Even if she hits you. If you hit her back. Is that really about self defense. It seems to me that it's more about. Immediate retaliation. Or punishment. Or you do that to me I'm gonna do this to you. And that's not a reason it's about. In so many ways and subtle fashion I respect totally equality where it comes to race sex sexual orientation. It doesn't matter I respect equality. But in general men have greater strength in women. And in most situations men just shouldn't hit women. Shark NATO to premiere tonight we'll tell you when it's gonna be on again coming up in the next -- also I've got the one certain way you'll never forget your child and a hot car that's coming up next.