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07-30 11pm Scoot/ Southern accents/Kids in cars

Jul 31, 2014|

Does having a Southern accent make a person sound dumb? What can be done about people leaving there kids in hot cars?

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Tonight there were a number of crime walks around the city and I hope these are not just symbolic I hope they actually worked toward reducing crime and I guess the message is. Two to not be afraid to get out to not be afraid to bond with your neighbors. They are should be relationship between police officers. And neighborhoods and I don't I know that a long time ago this was more prevalent than it is today. But it's -- police officers get to know the neighborhood if we get to know neighbors and I hope that's still is the case today but I I note that was -- it was very prevalent. On in the past. But there is a lot that the citizens can do to make neighborhoods safer so if your citizen in a neighborhood. Just remember that it's really easy to blame the police for crime but the police can't always be here. They can never always be there no matter how many police we have they can't always be there. If you are Jewish -- comment about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Enter text Amber's late 7870. On the movie shark NATO to the second point what a creative title for a sequel short NATO to the second went. The much anticipated sequel to last summer's scifi phenomena and short NATO it premiere tonight on the scifi channel. I it's going to be ought to get you mr. tonight it's gonna be on again August 2. At 4 PM and 6 PM now. This movie. Has always been kind of well maybe it just came out last year for the first time it's kind of a cult classic. It's. It's so. Stupid. That it's actually -- I don't know if terror read the young actress who is playing the same role she played in the racial she's in net in -- NATO -- by the way we we talked a little bit last night. A short NATO to set a New York. And the Jerusalem were set in Los Angeles and what happens here. Is. On a tornado a big storm. Tornadoes sweep up sharks suck up sharks into the tornadoes. And then they move over land deliver the sharks onto the land. Tara Reid. The actress says you know it can really happen. Here's a quote I'm gonna do the best I can't quote her she said. Which is crazy. Not that it. The chances of -- barter like you know it's probably. Like pigs could fly. Like. I don't think pigs can fly but actually sharks could be sucked into tornadoes. And their could be -- -- Silencer quote from terror -- in short NATO. But is that possible. Is a short NATO even possible. Well there there is on record. Animals being picked up by water spouts and thrown Overland. But this is usually frogs in small fishing worms and thinks like that not something heavier like a a shark although I didn't get a text very early in the show from somebody said that I think you posted during Katrina. On to bull sharks ended up like on the highway somewhere up presumably from a tornado but I you know I don't know -- -- out of it from a tornado however. There is a report in 1980s I'm sorry 1887. There's a reported 1887 from the farmers. Who found an eight foot alligator. No wait I'm sorry let me read this right. -- 1887 report from farmer who found eight alligators up to twelve inches long since -- a small. Thrown onto his property by a -- -- to the water -- sucked up all these little alligators. -- threw it onto his -- properties that would be a Gator NATO I guess. Now the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Climatologist. I was asked about this and he said it would take an EF. Five tornado spinning it speeds of over 250 miles an hour. To create the updraft needed to suck sharks sharks. Up into the tornado and then to deliver them on land. So as dumb as this movie seems to be I guess there's just some slight possibility that it could really happen. But yeah is it seems as if the scifi channel which was trying to do movies that it would be taken seriously but it. Quite often their movies were so hokey that I think they decided well you know bustling as people are lantern movie sending to their hokey bullets just really make it. It just. It's just ridiculous it in and hokey and that's the whole short Dana thanks again I haven't seen it yet. -- premiere tonight it's going to be on again August 2 4 PM and 6 PM shark NATO to. The second point -- tomorrow and -- show at 1 o'clock it's what's trending -- WL every afternoon right after your lunch hour. At 1 o'clock -- Angela for a candid fallen in depth discussion about today's events that top trending stories. And tomorrow -- David Blake from WW well. Catch from buy you 957. And Tom Manassas -- you well. Plus -- 2 o'clock. -- Louisiana have the worst drivers on the road and could that be why are insurance rates are through the roof. -- so much unfair. About our church race. But is it because people -- texting and driving an eating reading the newspaper about the driving Angela talks about that at 2 o'clock to join that conversation. Then at 3 o'clock the battle over Cuba vs the taxicabs and the -- industry does continue in the city council's transportation committee. Has now approved a proposal to let. Uber black operate in the cities -- really interesting concept and if -- -- not -- and total understanding of this. You might archer financial show tomorrow at three to remember every day at 1 o'clock show ends who -- starts off with. What's trending on WL. And it's the top trending stories of the days of get caught up on everything that's going on. 1 o'clock with Angela tomorrow it's an open mind with a legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays from 14. Here and every W well. RWW a project -- people tonight is do you or judge people with southern accents as being less intelligent. Give us your opinion by going to our web site of behavioral dot com here's a Texan -- a new world doesn't have what most people consider to be a typical southern accent. But we do use southern slang such as you all. Yeah that's true I mean there are a lot of things that you were -- saved it in all honesty bother me. And they all acts for you or acts for this any acts as opposed to a SK. I guess in some ways it's. Endearing but I never say. I'm going Obama -- house. Not just because my mom passed away but I just never used for Jews alive and going by my mama's house on the go see my mom and them. But -- of those are typical New Orleans colloquial. Phrases that you know I guess in some ways they're there they're quite endearing. A second new Orleans police officer. Has been arrested -- suspended this week two officers have been arrested and suspended this week the latest is officer Willie a -- senior. Put on emergency suspension without pay for being arrested. For two counts of indecent behavior was juvenile. And two counts of sexual battery on a juvenile. I realize that police officers are human beings. But it seems like it's worse when they break the law. Almost in the same -- if a priest or minister or somebody who is of religious leader. Gets involved in some kind of sex scandal. That almost seems worse. And maybe shouldn't seem that way but it it it does. The problem with these police officers and how's it been for this month have been arrested. The problem with -- police officers being arrested is he gets a bad thing to all officers. And there are a high grade officers all on the streets. But yet we tend to judge groups by the extreme members of the group those that get the attention on the news and it's clearly not fair. And I'm sure there -- people whatever group you belong to. Your profession -- personally whatever group you're your part of their people who do wrong in your group when you don't wanna be judged by the whole group so. Let's not judge all of NO PD by the officers. Who do get in trouble. But there is this sense from from average citizens. That sun. Police officers. Take advantage of their position of power in the community. And they allow their position of power. In law enforcement. To become part of their personal lots. And against believe they're above the law or their police officers. Their god like. They can do anything and everything. And get away with it. This. This is jester a series of four officers. Are being arrested and suspended. And I think the positive messages. -- -- PDs gonna find out about this and if it happens. You're gonna get arrested the bad news is. That this is something that does seem to continue this -- -- mean that it's gonna continue at a rate of for a month. There's a timing involved here so it's all concentrated. Right now with these particular. And -- cases. But this does feed the fear that the public can -- that some police officers. Feel like they're above the law and feel like their godlike and they can do whatever they want and that's not good for. Police law enforcement and a public relations with the community. Also as far as I know he is still on the loose 34 year old Bruce -- off from district and there was a stabbing and hormone the State's one of the nicer neighborhoods in the greater New Orleans area. Is industry and a police believe the 34 year old Bruce which was stabbed his girlfriend to death. And then attacked. The mother when she came home -- mother was taken to the hospital. And decide treated for injuries as far as energy is going to be okay. The last I heard was Bruce bushel was driving away in a Toyota -- on XD license plate number GTE. 461. And apparently this is not the first time. This young man has been in trouble. And you know if if people. In their young lives. Continue to get in trouble. And if they continue to get bailed out if they continue to get away with it doesn't matter which end of the socio economic spectrum they come from. They get to the point where they feel like. Well nothing's gonna happen to me got away with a before. I get away with -- again. Unfortunately at some point sometime you've reached this moment when. You do something. And that's the crime you're not gonna get away with again. It has not been established this as a suspect 34 year old Bruce -- -- a lot of people in or month a lot of people in -- hand are really surprised and shocked. That this would happen in their neighborhood. A team WWL is in Greenbrier West Virginia covering the saints we've got extreme coverage. The latest updates on our website at WW real dot com. Kristian -- is there Bobby Hebert hokey guy -- voice of the saints Jim Henderson in fact. -- talked to Jim Henderson and that article about what Jim Henderson sees and he likes what he sees in the saints for 2014 so far. That article is trending on our website you can read that you share with all of your -- friends for saints fans friends. Saints fans friends saints friends that look if you've got saints fan if you've got -- It's late in the show if you've got friends and their saints fans you could share with them. Did that make sense I hope so also like cheap big chief Deke Bellavia -- -- -- baby -- Jersey Steve -- are all working to bring you. Just extreme coverage of the saints' training camp and we were not far away from the first pre season game. -- so far there's just a lot of excitement about this particular saints team. But as Mickey Loomis said at the very beginning of the press conference at the beginning of training camp in West Virginia. This is this is just part of it it's a long season and anything can happen even though they like. The way this team looks and all the pieces are in place. That doesn't mean anything they have to go out. And actually doing in addition to all of the of the comments from all of our thirteen WW members who are in West Virginia. How we've also got interviews with the saints coaching staff and coach Sean Payton daily take on the practice that day. And exclusive interviews with players and -- training camp updates. Nvidia's all of that on our website at WW dot com and don't forget to listen to double coverage live from Greenbrier West Virginia every day. From six to 9 in the morning on our sister station three WL thirteen fifty. A BA and I. And join us here for sports talk from 48. That is a lie from saints' training camp and don't forget about the -- training camp specials Saturday and Sunday. From three to six we are the hub for everything saints football the flagship. WW well. There is one certain ways to make sure that you never forget your children in a hot car. With all that has happened so far this year yes it's happened again. A Florida mother left her two month old daughter in -- hot minivan in Orlando. That story is next on the -- -- -- WL. Remember the early years of -- TPR yes this video reminds me -- -- early years ago. This was a van that was born on MTB -- Friday night August the first we will celebrate the birthday of MTV August 1 1981 is today and MTV went on the air. Talk about these early years of MTV the impacted in TV had on your life. What are some of the early videos that you remember we'll play songs going in and out of breaks from all of those early videos. And sorting -- the show in the 8 o'clock hour we're gonna talk to -- the black woods one of the original. BJ's. On MTV. I was seem to remember older days. -- don't have this economy. There was Alan hunter suddenly he was on first. And then there was. Martha Quinn. And I don't remember who came next but I know there was -- need a black hood. JJ Jackson. And I think it was mark Goodman. I think those were the original features. I can remember them the same way I remember the original seven astronauts. For NASA I don't -- I don't -- -- but I do but. You know MTV had a tremendous impact on my life and I I talked about the first. -- during concert I went to which uses in in my opinion didn't even have been a great concerts at best concert I've ever been to. One of the reasons that I was so interesting going to that -- concert was I wanted to see how a band that was born and MTV was gonna manifest this image. To. A generation it was used to seeing them in close ups. And that was the first concert that I ever saw large video screens. Being used along with the concert. So those who were sitting far away from the stage still got all the close ups. They were used to on MTV but we'll talk about MTV and what it meant to you and some of those early videos that you remember Friday nights we'll celebrate diversity. Of MTV in the ski show here went over to you well if you enjoyed as for the comment about anything we do talk about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- -- is 87 B seventy. On the subject of accents here's a text -- reads the recent southern accents sound like people are stupid is because they use horrible grammar. For example they don't use prepositions. They say are you done your homework instead of -- -- -- also phrases like. Where you exact. Or. I don't like that food me. Or. What you was doing. In the business world that's stuff sounds like you're stupid. Here's an update on -- WW a pretty general opinion poll do you judge people -- southern accents as being less intelligent 74%. Saying -- Only 26% say yes. And you can give us your opinion Michael which are reflect a bit of -- to count from Algiers David you're on the -- showed good evening. -- that would flow -- caught Ukraine. All the -- and world and mind you repeat your additional. And that is an accident David that cajun accent to me is just it's it's it's charming and news. As the as as a French accent. Right now -- Is not what you secrete addiction need or you could. You know you don't get out now on. Any and he's a character he's he's done it in a businessman doing -- -- a businessman and yet here's a guy who is literally carry the. Yes debate at Sony and did he went on strike you'd like that currently but he he gets -- get -- -- well Karl -- In many people agree that -- here but I -- this for him. How bad guys who cure yet there were you describe your -- at -- immediately after. Well the suspect it -- mr. -- -- But yes it. -- exciting news and -- important do you combat and anywhere. You know he did on the Internet that neighborhood -- respond to. Random and and a lot of people want to -- a lot of people know this family so they're really a lot of people in that area are shocked. Right right I know that you cited what about apple -- abort abort pretty deeply critical. I know what Ralph -- Currently live there but the suspect is is there. I believe he's from the the -- on -- -- Okay well that steps in that -- meet all of the intensity and -- and -- -- I. Mean he's like in danger and in -- Yeah well yeah that was a long time ago I I'll I liked -- and it first started. Of course that -- the shows that they have on the air that they're not targeting me they're targeting an entirely different audience and that's and that's fine. But I have great memories of the early years of of MTV and an erratic distinctive you know I was in music radio with the times so it was exciting to just to watch this phenomenon. And the very first video ever played was by the boggles video killed the radio star. And that didn't really happen. It was a very first video. While and put it. Michael Jackson's -- -- -- black but fortunately most days. Well. To think that's something that. They may they may have been. Taking victory at the start -- it played more. It. May be. Able to head into. The scene just. Do you -- it. Well that's right. Here. And they'll prosper. I understand -- she was she was I know she was so cute it just had a very com com way about her she's very personable yet they don't. I believe Shanahan is our radio a radio show on satellite radio and I'm not positive I think -- -- -- political show and thanks for listening in Algiers here's a Texas says downtown Julie Brown. Julie Brown was one of the originals she came she came later and she did an afternoon the national. There was a time in the late eighties where and I was of course that after after MTV than it was VH one. And I actually went on an interview in New York I was called by VH one to come up and into a -- and I was almost hired by VH one. And the person that was about hired me. Guy either transferred or fired so that never worked out so. Uranium into the WL and couldn't be happier. With all of the national publicity about parents leaving their children hot cars. -- wouldn't think this would happen anymore. But he did it. And like many of these stories about parents leaving their kids and like cars this latest story just defies common sense. A mother in Florida left her two month old daughter in hot minivan went. There's a number of reasons why this story so incredible. The mother left her baby. In the minivan outside of the pediatricians office where she had taken her nine year old daughter to see the doctor. At some point the doctor's office. The mother within nine year old realized. I left a two month old in the car she rushed out to the minivan. Grant the child fortunately she was right there to doctor's office doctors were able to stabilize the child who was then sent to Children's Hospital where she's now recover. The mother's name has not been released. A lot of details have been released but she does face a felony charge. Of child neglect. It happens again. Statistics vary but approximately forty children die from being left in a hot car every year and Paris. Now in relation to the population. Forty children dying annually is a tiny tiny percentage. But child deaths from being left in hot cars or 100%. Preventable. Also the very idea of forgetting your child in a car. It should be such an inexcusable thing in our society. And yet people understand that people get busy. Now this is not just a threat during the summertime is also a threat in parts of the country where it's it's below freezing freezing it for extended periods of time you you can digest is. Just as rapidly from the cold weather I think it. And as hot weather or maybe can and I know that when our air conditioning goes out it's really miserable. But when -- parts of the country where it's it's below freezing for an extended period time and and very very cold sometimes sub zero temperatures. -- being without heat being without power. Can be deadly. The the articles in new stories. That have popped up recently suggesting. How we can make certain. That we don't forget our children and in a car. You know their appearing everywhere now. And you know many of these suggestions. Win the approval of people saying well you know at least we're thinking about ways to not forget -- kids in the car. We're thinking about things that we can do to remind us and I guess there's a sense of relief that now there's this information out there. It reminds people about what they can do to make sure they don't leave their child in -- car. And the growing number of these stories about not forgetting your child -- the cart to me. Only seems to legitimize the excuse. That parents need help in remembering their children are in the car. A teenager has invented a car seat. That will send some kind of heat generated alert to parents on their cell phone. If the child is still in the seat and the seat reaches a certain temperature in the car. And I talked about this CNN legal analyst. Who received a lot of attention for something that she does in her personal life. Two reminder that she shares gets in the car. Which he gets in the crush she puts her kids in the car she takes her shoes off. And she places her shoes in between the two car seats in the backseat. Now since she would immediately realize that she doesn't ever shoes that would remind her which is getting out of the car oh. I don't have my shoes on that means the kids are in the backseat I gotta get the kids out of the backseat. That must be one. Distracted -- can't remember your kids but if I get out barefoot. Then -- then I'll remember the kids. You know I understand the people of this. And I realize that we cellphones. Tablets and laptops. We're constantly. In work mode. We were constantly thinking about work and and maybe it's just keeping in touch with friends in kids and family but. Many people are constantly in work mode. But is it ever excusable to forget your child's. In a car. When you put the child in the car. That there's a current downfall. Of some aspects of American society. And I think one of the problem is problems is that the it's convenient excuses. -- deflect. Personal accountability. Now left talking about this it's a prominent topic on the show every night here on WW personal accountability. That's something that is being lost in America. You can find all the things you want to blame for the problems we have today. But in my opinion the lowest common denominator. Is a loss of personal accountability. And it civilized society if individuals are not responsible for the behavior. If we can't expect to have a civilized society. So the more excuses our society tolerates. For inexcusable behavior the more inexcusable behavior will become acceptable. Children come into this world and they need us to protect them. The innocent. Defenseless there helpless. They couldn't do anything if they weren't strapped in it but think about this -- literally strapped their children into a car seat known as a child restraint seat. And leave the child helpless to die in a hot car. Any excuses for leaving children hot cars. And the inventions in methods of reminding parents that they. And have left their child and not in a high car you know to me this is reaching ridiculous proportions. Some might argue that. Are right it's forgive oval because the Florida mother left her two month old baby in the car wash she took her nine year old. Into the doctor. Well the chart was only two months old so maybe she wasn't used to having that child in her life yet of course she -- and forget that nine year old because she had nine years to Obama that child. But the two month old no -- baby may -- she didn't remember that she had a chuck there's only two months old even though she carried the baby for for nine months. Again I think that's a ridiculous excuse. But there is one way that you can never. Ever. Forget your child in the car. You can never forget your child anywhere there's one thing you can do. And I thought about this today. And wrote in a blog. And I thought I would talk about it. If you -- make certain that you never ever leave your child anywhere. Don't collect the umbilical cord. This group blog is titled. One way you can make sure you don't leave your kids about car. And that's -- on our website at WWL dot com. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seven. And our tax receipts have VA seventy I'm stooge repellent right back with your comments. On WL. Now back to -- news talk and sports leader. WW well to have your say it's too old Bible for 2601870. Virtual free at 8668890. -- seventy. This is a little preview for a show Friday night's first video MTV impropriety. You know Lincoln and then. -- And that. So that was -- there is a time like god you put your foot videos -- -- music. I mean you put you put videos with with songs if people can see the music they're not gonna wanna listen to -- on the radio anymore. Well video never killed the already started it so we'll talk about MTV -- TNT Friday night on this crucial here into the WL. There's it to -- story about a Colorado woman who reported seeing young boy left loaner car. And because she reported it to the mother of the hit left in the car got really upset I'll tell you what she -- coming appearance of it from pearl river Smith a year under the WL. Good. Remember. We -- we're not out to roach who -- on the -- a little more in school plus appearing Europe -- real. Long. -- -- yet it's due to the the drivers. And again. They kill it so they could do what -- -- what was going on line a kid yeah. Say displayed in the back -- and actually the car is the show her cheek. Correct which -- its position where right. And then on to it here you are now. And I don't know when -- -- cheers. -- you know what I on the road -- yeah just make sure everything cool -- you know Archie and nobody joke and on. Keeping -- or something like you know I mean. These people that are to give their children and their call. Complete era swell up and I don't. Steady where when you were with your kids in the car. I mean did you talk to them did. You have to -- them act more that Iraq should I mean even -- -- worked all. You know I mean you can't step in Iraq. You know unit and I don't give -- group. Sitting idle and let I don't know greater what the law. -- -- -- Irresponsible. Individuals. Didn't. So really I appreciate you calling your show and I do share your outrage here's a text that Reese leased or not monster rise. People that lead their children in their car. It is an injustice to other children. In that people will separate. And vilify them and think it could never happened to them. It happens to good parents all the time. They are not all monsters. Here is another text I don't believe there is any reason or excuse for forgetting your child. Or children in a car as a parent. I can't even imagine doing something so horrible. Here's a text reads. This is an organic function of the brain. The routine. The auto pilot. The recent people can forget. It is real. Here is attacks I always put my purse in the back seat next to my little one's car seat. So he remembered the purse. If you forget your kids at least you'll remember. The -- I realize that things happen. And I realize that good people have left their kids in cars. But if we continued to express. Such sympathy. For those who do. And it ends up in death. Then. It seems like we're only. Diminishing. The importance of people being required to remember that you have your child in the car. Is that too much to expect -- It's your child. Your child. Needs you. And I don't think it's wrong. Two. Stigma ties. Those people who are so preoccupied that they might. Forget their kids in a car. Here's detection Reid says forty kids a year. As deplorable as the front elect -- Could just the evolution. How many children die sticking their fingers into sockets per year. I understand it and when I was talking about this a moment ago forty children a year die in car -- -- -- from being within a hot car. That relative to the population that's of ferry ferry minuscule group of of of kids. Precious as each one it's. It's a really small small percentage. But since it is so 100%. Avoidable. And since it is so hard for most of us. To imagine somebody forgetting their child. And you in this world that we live in where there's so much talk about. Raising your children and and being a good parent. The idea of simply forgetting that you have a child. If you put your child in the car I just can't imagine forgetting it. And if you child's not with you in the car and you have a child wouldn't you constantly be thinking about where that child news. Okay I'm on my way to work in my Charles a daycare. On my way to work and my mom's taking care of my child. On my way to work and my child is at home with a baby sitter. On my way to work and Childs in the car with me. Mean. When you have kids have to constantly think about where they are different times in your life. A Colorado woman who reported seeing a young boy left alone in a hot car misses -- -- a city just north of Denver. She was allegedly run over by the the child's mother and she's now in a wheelchair. A 43 year old mother her boyfriend she her portrait called 911 after they saw a small boy. Left alone and hot vehicle outside of the store and Lamar Colorado. Police arrived. And a woman -- an ambulance -- the the child's mother 27 year old Christina Riddell. Was so in raged. Which you found out that the couple had called the police she left her kid if the car. The 47 year old mother was so outraged. But she apparently punch this woman's boyfriend. And then ran over the coupled with her white Honda. You know sometimes when you confront people. They don't really know about it. Except the criticism. And they violently react. And we talk about things like well if you see somebody throwing a cigarette butt on the ground. Do you say something immunity is really up to you and how you determine that individual situation there whether you do that or not. There have been times in my life when I have done that but people become very defensive of acts that are not really defensible. You do something wrong somebody call issue on its leader -- car some articles of police. Why you man at the people call the police. You really should be mad at yourself. But some people don't even know how to deal with conflicts resolution. -- within themselves. Here's a text the reason this occurrence of leaving kids in cars has increased likely due to car seats. Now being required to be in the back facing back. -- vs the front seat. Well again I I'd I do understand it. But. Isn't that kind of a wave of making an excuse. I realize that that car seats are different. And I realize that for safety reasons we've learned. To handle kids differently in it in cars. With car seats that are. Really fortified. I mean the city's car seats it looked like you can go down. You look at you go to the site of a mountain and can we survive in the in the car seat. Okay. So. Coach you know where your child it's. My remember always thinking throughout the day where my son was. And so even if you're cellist in the car with you don't you think about where your child news. Here's a text scoot you're not understanding. The brain tricks itself into believing that child was dropped off. It's a scientific fact. We need education and prevention. Not chastise. This is not helping to save these children. Sometimes the brain. Tells people out of a moment of rage. To kill somebody. Do we. Do -- punish them. Or do we say well the strangest you know the brain just reacted to that moment of rage. I mean I understand what this text is suggesting. I do understand it. What I don't understand is. The -- that tolerance -- their seems to be four. For people who to leave their kids in a car mean they're there should be me if there's if there's ever a time for zero tolerance. This should be a time for zero tolerance. You don't leave your kids in the car. And you should know where your kids are. Here's -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight to do you judge people with southern accents as being less intelligent give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Is -- Jackson has just come -- I agree with you -- excuse for leaving your kid in a car. If you do. I don't think there's a legitimate excuse for a I don't think he should do it. -- this is a new song a relatively new song is called chocolates. By a band called the 1975. Now love to use new music going in and out of -- preacher in the show. Coming up out of this break we're gonna play didn't do release from chocolates which I think is equally as good. Will be right back on WWL. Mean here's the latest release and abandon the 1975. December 19 everybody fiscal 1970 time -- -- girl. Like it's some of the new music that is to findings. Everything that we give you a chance to win the 1000 dollars in cash and WWL had a re. -- of winter and you could be the next winner right here from New Orleans. Every week day you've got a chance to -- a thousand dollars in nationwide summer splash cash contest. Listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM 5 PM for the Covert. And text the code worked -- 72881. For your chance to him without ever putting your phone down. That's seven to eighty point. Every day for lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each until -- on a chance to get this money sign up for our WW they'll cash club. Will send you a reminder we'll -- you -- reminder about fifteen minutes before each code word is announced so you're certain to tune in and not mystical part. If you wanna sign of the -- real cash club. Simply text the word cash. 28787. Text the -- cash. To wait 7870. The 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest and -- WL and don't forget the times to listen right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM and good luck from sort radio in account and all of us here. Attempting to do well we never charge for tax but individual plain text and data rates may apply. Here's a final update on tonight's WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Do you judge people with southern accents as being less intelligence. 75%. Saying no and only 25%. Say yes. You have an opportunity to get free training. To become part of the movie industry. The city of New Orleans is offering a free training program for Orleans and Jefferson residence. Were trying to get into the movie industry. I mean this is a great. Opportunity. In some cases this would be more important then. Been going to school I mean don't drop out of high school. But in some cases this would would really be a great opportunity for. It's the mayor's office of cultural he can now have a cultural economy. Is conducting this this program it's a production assistant boot camp. It's taking place next month it's a two day workshop taught by industry professionals. On production protocol. Etiquette techniques for getting an entry level drop and job in the film industry. In New Orleans this is becoming such a top. Destination for filmmakers and there are constantly so many movies being done here. You can become part of that industry if you wanna find out more about this we've got the story about this free training being offered for film industry jobs. It's on our website. At WWL dot com. There is attacks that -- -- in 35 years of being a parent and fourteen years of being a grandmother I have never forgotten that I had a child in my vehicle. Do people not look at their vehicle when they get out. Do they not look in the rearview mirror no excuse for it. Here's the text. Rather harsh I don't get pregnant. If you can't every kids I mean that's definitely consideration. Here's a text as -- you could just leave the little ones at home. Say with a baby sitter that way you would not leave the youngster in a hot or cold car. And that's from Burleson respond. I mean that that's true but. Don't you know where your kids are. Even when your busy during the day is is is there are a time of of day when you don't like just know where your children are. We have tried to play reform and just one more time than we do this for a quick. Every time fortunately I recruitment -- get this in for the into the show. This is the original trailer for the movie reefer madness in 1936 -- about marijuana. Having a heart of the local soda fountain innocently they then. The son of a new and deadly menace lurking behind closed doors. The burning we need to win its roots. Didn't have -- -- -- dvds who -- this vicious -- can be grown in your neighbor's yard rolled into harmless looking. Cigarettes. Didn't and then it. -- watch case. You will rebuild. The ones from the really strong well. -- -- Destroying Greensboro they behind the moment's pleasure. That is truly original trailer from the movie reefer madness 1936. Sort of thing John -- studio producer and -- have a great night. Love -- New Orleans.