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7-31 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jul 31, 2014|

Dave talks about if you'd want your stolen car back? A naked man in your bed, and too many Daves?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this that the author refers. It's 131. An eagle and long month welcomed the last day. The line and the day before -- well let me be the first which union and happy Friday he. It's -- today. David -- mean David Ortiz and -- again David -- gave just three days of the -- on the program like. To thank him. I don't know why I was thinking this morning you know I've been doing this programs. For more than a -- -- Has really -- them. And we're actually the longest running. Show on him to pop up Amare it and yeah no it's an atomic Tucker. Hasn't been decades. -- and you know. Obviously bill. Bobby -- now it is it over Indianapolis. -- -- Can forget exactly when it started out at eleven years maybe that about him on Hughes views a month and then. We judge everything it seems by the storm veterans you know -- yeah I'd always -- -- -- before the storm advisors say yeah everything everything is life revolves around when the storm was mostly what you did before and inaugurated as and I try to there how many years before Katrina or gallon and I can't remember a lot of things before the storm. And I don't know yet on becomes a blur it's funny how we make that a benchmark in time and we still Tuesday. And were coming up on nine years Hurricane Katrina. And we say it was -- after the storm. OK yeah but before us room before supplies that we create that and. And it just I don't know allied. It doesn't matter where our goal by I hear people. You know using that that very phrase term whatever reason and the war. And he used sometimes or Katrina here in there but usually it's the storm dust to dust storm if it says that tree campus. -- I've heard that. It is wealth -- you talk about schooled in baton get minister and my kids go back to school week from the mark how. First day -- school. The week from tomorrow my children around do -- school shopping yesterday with my wife. And funny -- met my wife wants to get everything taken care of now all the uniforms all shirts pants. As you want to get the sweat shirts taking care estrogen and have to worry about that later getter done can't find a hooded sweatshirt anyway all I bet those are heard. Even the uniforms stores. On confining but it's what you wanna going get a -- now with this school logo because everything they whereas three uniform. A pro oh yeah and confined. But it's what you are not ready yet now. I got a question. If someone stole your car god forbid but it's almost earlier and the police recovered. Which you want him back. -- a second about this yesterday were two cases. One they found the vehicle that was carjacked in Metairie okay gals on and -- -- OK police recovered that. And -- -- the system mother. Want her car back out pitchers forced out of at gunpoint here fourteen year old daughter. On probable. That Baton Rouge police. Located. In banners. And they say that as they approach the vehicle the driver presumably McCarthy's the store in -- out. Killed himself in the -- Aaron. I'll have that back. -- When that case I'd really think that the ghost of a car thief is now in your eyes eyes when we probably I'd be trading that when manner -- -- and I don't think the insurance company has a policy to replace a car there where in which someone killed themselves now. I was told I didn't resurgent but I was told that under state -- you don't have to if you're selling it disclose that to commit suicide not unless -- asked. And I don't think. And I can't and that the car that's guys healed himself and yet you have to buy your vehicle for your few questions -- have been flooded now. Have you ever -- now is there have been in a major crash now it -- kill themselves. I don't think that's a question people generally and outlasted that I was thinking and if my cars stolen and you're gonna wanna get out of it I don't wanna ever -- in and -- -- wouldn't you know I'd -- may be with you on the argument in what you do with it probably would depend on how much. You know law of their was from the car. You know if I -- 665. -- must ask them anyway share OK well then that's a little different. But it is this year are you had a couple years narration or maybe you know he had the car seats and there and the kids Europe in the backseat eating cookies when you. Trading ended a few good road trips it's not all that's that's I don't think I wanna back with installed he's been driving around and I just something that. But then again -- on burglarizing your home. You can't gods that idea now I don't wanna be here anymore as a -- in the house forget it I don't wanna walk through that door again. I'll put the listener who they cast somebody might you know what though as drastic -- that would be somebody might not be able to handle it and now. And -- a move long view -- -- feel safe on the market. And we got to talking. A lot of houses have had people buy them. You may be living and -- -- if you had it built up or someone died or something horrible could have happened. I get -- cosponsor yeah and I've never been the victim of cars that up tomorrow home burglary. I'm very fortunate that that's never happened man never had to confront it but just some mostly something to think about -- and it's -- it seventies it was just a car breaks in your house but he did you want it through sellout to sell the car. 515. Sports Steve -- it back on the practice field today you'll find out what they did yesterday. From West Virginia to forecast the three days -- man in the early edition of WWL first news happy Friday the five wanting to -- in the early edition of WWL first news. Text messages coming 87871. Person like that down to -- Johnston mourning has been on forever you are correct I don't know how long has been on. But he and the good show. -- 24 years. 25 years them being told he and the food show with Tom market I think as that beat. Have been around longer so where the longest daily program on WWL. -- -- -- -- As currently skewered on Dubuque and Tom Fitzmorris. That weekend programs have been around longer than this programs. That he also people Texan and it's and it's seventy. About whether or not you'd wanna keep your vehicle is it was stolen cars it was there coming your home if it was burglarized. On person to act as a member of -- -- was stolen. -- was murdered an insurance totaled and it and sort of attack. The president of the car batteries will be considered contaminated. And considered by the -- -- -- be totaled I hope that's true I honestly don't know. Us as I would wanna keep Mike Carp who was on you would not Bentley and hot rotted or drugs -- it or if you can get busted drive it with drugs and interest -- forecast. Asked what makes a sunny clouds today will be pretty warm out there a little more Cuba but still not that bad with a slight chance for coastal shower and -- high around 89. Fortuna will keep some clouds around making a mostly cloudy -- be mild and little more humid too with a low around 75. Your Friday mostly cloudy mild than a little more humid again with that 30% chance for an isolated shower turning to the forecast. -- can sit around 89. And the pitcher Saturday expected mix -- sunny clouds once again to be hot and humid with 830% chance for some isolated showers and thunderstorms and a high of 91. But the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- bomb. And I do you feel this morning at an early field lowering imagine this morning but there is still around 76%. Humidity at the airport -- and 72 degrees that's a little -- slide out clear and 66 degrees. Sports time now on WW wealth. In their 50s in the morning up in West Virginia that refine Steve Geller is the saints returned to the practice field today. Good morning to you gave and that -- detonation expectations have been high for the saints entering this season and the team continues to strengthen that thought every training camp practice the voice of the -- Jim Henderson is a believer. Well coached with a great leader in Drew Brees. And a great amount of talent and I think if you look at the roster were some of the additions they made you gotta think that maybe this is a team that's going to be a championship caliber. Quarterback Drew Brees says he wasn't joking when he said he wanted to play -- was 45 years old he's currently 35. And is well aware playing another ten years is a lofty goal. They'll give your got a job playing well she's got played a high level we've got to find a way to secure your body and make good decisions in regards that. I believe I can do the. NFL network reports that folks within the Cleveland Browns organization say that Johnny -- Zell has brought a first in the last out mentality -- training camp despite his off season party in the club also states that man's cells doing fine with the playbook. After coach Mike -- -- described it as a pre camp obstacle for the rookie. LSU football head coach less miles has not been shy about propping -- -- highly touted freshman running back -- format as he compared some of his -- to Michael Jordan that SEC media days well miles was that it again when he -- last year's number one overall recruit speed saying -- that is either the fastest -- the second fastest guy on the team at six foot 1230. Pounds today have four on sports -- here from saints coach Sean Payton plus Marcus -- -- Jordan Iran Armstead and more from saints can't do West Virginia Steve Geller WW -- sports. -- stay right there. In just a moment we'll be back with you wanna find out what the saints did and that they -- do we know what activities they participate at it as they were away from the practice field. We'll find out what the answer appears to return to the practice field today as well here and WW well. Five point six. Dave -- Norah O Steve Geller in West Virginia nine the F 40 is this morning are you back into the bombing fifties to start the day. Yeah 52 degree on the morning man heat wave -- you. We know what to say it is -- -- away from the practice field. Didn't see anything about what the team did together all week and -- sort of social media from at least -- was that. Safety -- the Karros built his we'll keep on blue and -- give it back so that he was really the only action I thought off day from the states. It really just a good day out and realize what the poking into the Greenbrier wanna know what the Pokemon blue. I'm guessing it's a game boy a lot of positive I'm not some look at while they're back on the practice field today and what -- -- look at this is the second week of camp gets underway. Well excited to see obviously more of rookie greatly cooks who doesn't look like a rookie out there at all every one at a time he catches a pass kind of hold their breath. In waiting to see him as Kirk linebacker Curtis Lofton said being shot out of Iraqi. He's really don't be don't now on the sidelines by the media as ludicrous beat. Because he's he's so much fun to watch it also are more the battle on the offensive line but at the center position you know every day it's kind of been alternating between. Jonathan Goodwin and then will the toes out running with the number one at the center position. I'd the first pre season game for your saints a week from tomorrow about the asset -- And we have the hall of fame game this weekend -- you more about that when we get to beckoned you with more sports and 25 minutes here on WWL IMF them back on thanks Dave. Iraq Steve -- in West Virginia forecast here in New Orleans where. The date today expect to have a partly to mostly cloudy one it will be very warm out there are just slightly more humid than yesterday. Could see a 10% chance frustration -- on the coastline with a high around 89. Heading into tonight we'll have mostly cloudy skies it's going to be mile than a little more humid with low around 69 north a lake in 75 south of lake. And Friday expect a mostly cloudy mild and more humid day with a 30% chance for an isolated shower. High temperatures can interact 89 degrees. For the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- Bob. Clouds 72 at the airport in -- and clear and 66 in Salina. Coming up. Problem with people more detects that the density 78 then again it's Friday 37 minutes after 5 AM at the air routes that day before Friday I don't happy Friday EU -- last. Thursday of July's the last day of July I'll be August August not soccer gear box 2014. Movement and August already like you blanket anymore and after years is disappeared now gone nowhere piecing Halloween stuff in the stores. But first we got you back to school right -- -- my kids at school week from tomorrow I'll. Again ago week from tomorrow is also the saints' first. Pre season game yes that's -- Poker room there planning were there playing. I just wanted to -- -- we have the hall of fame game this weekend that we have some football -- straight weekend we saints football. On Friday through the first pre game will be. That to do it and ask that you both Texas and it's 77 diskette the thank him as they recovered the -- taken it carjacking. On bond -- And then they also found a stolen car in bad writers. That was stolen Jefferson shipment the bad police approached the car and it is. The it took his own life and -- somewhat stole your car particularly. -- would you want it. And the majority of people attacked as -- -- -- -- one don't want it in the factories you'd never look at that car in the same way ever again -- -- to detect -- edit them in the eighth avenue with the other side of the issues today some and broken in my -- three years ago my house. Every morning walk out of my house and expect to find the name that terror. Lee and his arm move mean now. You've got to move on I understand but I just affected mentally this happens to this person and I think -- -- -- that you don't get rid of your car because of that are objecting the area where it happened. -- -- -- That the car I don't know I think every demagogue and the cart path he was sitting in my driver's exactly and at least have to have a detailed in champ food and cleaned out really well really well just because I just feel. Sitting in the are. All well and no -- the AK forty -- on polishing product in the barracks I'm. Yeah yeah am I put my kids in the backseat out where the carjacker was sitting with his AK 47. I don't know -- enough that one. -- might wanna get a new bad in this case it not a whole new house after what happened a couple of Albuquerque, New Mexico on know he had a New Mexico man faces charges after authorities say couple found him naked. And sleeping. In their bad. -- All man investigators say thirty year old -- Shelby of Albuquerque was arrested after the homeowners called police to report. And make it and are bad. Called three bears the McDonald's actually got a lot of that otherwise but it won -- -- it was this. Long haired scruffy naked man now according to a criminal complaint Shelby broke into the couple's now that are window. Grabbed -- sprite from the refrigerator. And fell asleep in the master bedroom I'm surprised -- have a couple of sandwiches. And Ankara at some point all the clothes off it's not authorities say. And I guess you get broken and authorities say the homeowner found a disruption LB in a deep sleep. Officers arrived and call to the man but he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- later woke up all after an officer. Pulled the blankets off. Aussie who's a snuggle it underneath the point of your country and cozy and on the streets and Kelly told officers he was sorry. He thought he would onto his girlfriends. Are real. He says it was just in the case of getting going to the wrong and was apparently is waiting naked in the -- for the girlfriend on street did surprise here. Well but he's got the surprised analysts Greg Julian. Well as much really now. Ease gradually I can just tell him that you have started breaking and entering it wasn't immediately known. If he has an attorney -- this defense that he does. In the wrong. All right that they -- you keep it that bad. I definitely get -- in the blanket oh sure that make -- -- to sleep it was in there. I don't know my wife made that you know -- -- out come on now economic after we get new bad yeah argue about that house is -- naked -- drink -- -- -- sleep in your. It. But hell is wrong on. Evil ladies. It and that's nothing -- drunk -- -- something that's maybe why he did think he was in the wrong party -- he was in another route. Thank you David -- twenty minutes -- more first name is Chris Miller joins us on the fact that. While for the first time in a generation. Will have summer in the leadership. Of the ruling party in the House of Representatives easily becoming majority whip today. In the the United States congress and regulations and go back to hale Boggs and yet someone that was in that I've. Livingston almost as speaker of the house but then he had resigned from congress after admitting -- there. And never actually. Let's suck up that's on as we go live and direct to the Eyewitness News pinpoint forecast that -- say good morning to the third day of our crew. David does bomb joining David Blake and Dave -- so it's it's got a -- of Canada. Three days in one place may be too much data may be over -- over. Don't have enough. Do you think that -- that how your ride can ever have enough low humidity either but start in the kind of -- laden. Today we it's gorgeous where the last night because -- began enjoying and everyone was walking round -- on them about neighborhoods and it's still pretty good for the is that early risers out there trying to get that walker running before work especially and or Sharia -- and it gets 66 degrees but it is 90% relative humidity and flied out. Yeah it is a little humid -- of -- -- -- that victory it's it's not in the seventies which usually. On seniors who were enjoying themselves who were currently sitting at 72 at the airports and but still that's pretty nice that -- town here right now -- do we get today everybody 89 degrees there is slight chance of a -- about 10% mean the -- -- north device maybe in McComb area possibly -- seat him differences. But then as we head into the next couple days chance Franken is back up along with the humidity because our front. Is in retreat back to the north as a war -- now manned AM brings them what you whether -- you know to and so line the low humidity like this is crazy. Yes so the front that came down brought us this drier air from the north. Kind of hung out in the gulf and now it's backtracking and you bring -- that moist gulf there and some rain with it. That's writes it seemed when the springtime in the middle of the summer is this is the -- hottest time of the year right now. And hey this has been great eyes the upper eighties will take it and went and our best chance to finish our tea. 30% Friday Saturday but Sunday Morse who at 50%. Or anything in the weekends can be when it looks decent. Our I would give an eye out on this area of disturbed weather way out in the Atlantic does that turn and anything yet. -- still to stay invest 930. Were kind of it's kind of fighting some wind shear at this point so we're trying to see if they can sustain itself or not but that's -- getting to the islands we head into the weekend out there. And then likely curving to the north that toward Puerto Rico but it will stay far away from. It's -- and it has become tropical depression three or even tropical storm -- looks like. Almost all the models haven't serving in the open Atlantic and that's all right well I like an eleven I want some more of it. -- is not easy to tropical weather when I think I can handle the heat. Even coming back. Ever driving down the road and something hit your windshield may be a rock Europe pebble or something nothing you can do that you know thing where you did that jolt of adrenaline and you start to England -- to -- one expected them to bounce off the windshield. Well imagine an ax coming through her windshield. It happened in -- field Massachusetts. Where. -- would you say. State police say the act to bounced out of a landscaper dump truck. Yesterday at about 11 AM on southbound I 95. They have a picture of it which I'm gonna put on my page at WW out like -- that shows the -- coming through the windshield. And embedding itself in the dashboard of the car would they handle still sticking out the window. -- there was someone sitting in the passenger seat who was -- shake it up but not -- For a whole week now. That is crazy people securing your facts. Your -- bounce it around a mile away let's use the driver who lost the acts. For throwing it in the trailer and in not securing it -- the 200 dollar fine. Well all he was cited for failing to secure the act penalty at the actual. Charge but for the Clinton and I don't of that charge on the books in matches failure is your acts. Muster carrier acts at all times yes if they could go maybe it was a small lack the hand acts thank goodness ticketed if it'd been one of those long into the longhand on the huge. Blade forgotten on big -- is that it could have been much wars that. As patina that that the car's driver. Also had minute being the speed limit at sixty fives there's there may be charging him beating as well. The that the Nazis but yet people keep keep Yankee -- acts -- at all times I want axis line. That would scare. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Business. I'm in direct from the heat and point four listeners in the lower. People sports -- gala. From West Virginia sent it back on the practice field. This -- next -- that we can talk about an accident. That's it on like that two other people that to me about the Albuquerque couple that came armed by the naked man sleeping in their bad. Presence that I slept on a mattress -- -- died on it didn't bother me at all. The other person says. Worried about naked people slipping bat ever slept that a vote now. And that a lot of naked people were in most hotel bed and weren't just sleeping sports time now on WWL. -- go to the West Virginia and they -- morning to Steve -- Good morning everyone seeing the saints' practice at training camp has reinforced to many that the black and gold have what it takes to be playing on Super Bowl Sunday in Arizona this season at the voice of the saints Jim Henderson says. But the teams made nice additions to a roster that wasn't far from making it to the big game -- last year. You lose by a touchdown and two point conversion. To the Seattle Seahawks and then see what Seattle did to Denver in the Super Bowl and I think it just reinforces how close you are to maybe being as good as any team in the NFL. Quarterback Drew Brees recently made comments that he'd like to play another ten years meaning he'd be in the game until the age of 45. Is -- pull our leg. -- and I'm not delusional I noted that something that would be extremely difficult to do top may have done that. The cowboys have one of the NFL's premier blind side protector is under contract for the next decade Dallas has reached an agreement with offensive tackle Tyrone Smith. On an eight year 98 million dollar contract since Smith had two years left on his rookie deal he's now tethered to the cowboys for the next ten years and a 109. Million dollars overall he also got a ten million dollar signing bonus and forty million guarantees. LSU coach less -- said a decision about a starting quarterback warning come quickly when he addressed the Baton Rouge Rotary Club sophomore Anthony Jennings and true freshman Brandon Harris will battle for the starting gig miles said. I think can't -- Jennings certainly has experience and recognizes the opportunity cats he's a very talented player in his own right I think Brandon Harris is a very talented player may -- a little more naturally talented today have four on sports folks here from saints head coach Sean Payton plus Marcus Colston -- Jordan to run Armstead and more from saints camp in West Virginia Steve Geller WW wells. Boards and I can Drew -- really play -- age 45 last Steve what he thinks about that after a 62 timeout here on WWL I am FM and that kind of become -- from Slidell under the city. Got a couple text messages of this crash on the right side of the roadway just before me shoot. So for the second time Drew Brees is set in camp that he thinks he can play another ten years. Steve Geller says he Phillies 25 up their practice in West Virginia what do you think is another ten years in the tank at the quarterback of the since. Well I had to look it up right away when we got back to see exactly if anybody has done that at quarterback has been kickers that are played well there 454647. Years old but. Steve the berg. From the Atlanta Falcons and Warren Moon last year was with the Kansas City Chiefs. They played -- there were 44 also been tested for Testaverde another quarterback they go to they were 4544. Years old but nobody made it to 45. Drew. -- an example and Favre is the oldest guy but these guys all played longer than Favre did Favre once we have a 424141. Out. Yes so they like you said -- what they are stuck around forever he was real powder light rain that's probably part of it. And he cannot really wallop the whole lot to Africa and -- Bradley that eating at. Right the bottom line Kendra do. You know what I don't doubt that this guy can do so he has a what -- his goals like it's Drew Brees can play those 451 now all right well we'll see the other guys became journeyman. And had to bounce around from team to team and sometimes -- a backup role. I'd. If Drew Brees can do it. And he K am I sure hope he does it with the thing. Yeah I couldn't see true. Amber in that back up roll position battle that you wanna hang around that long ninety's haven't so much trouble is an all these QB challenges -- the thing to do right after practice. -- if he ever loses the starting job. -- think he'd be very unhappy. Probably very motivated but then I think it's back on the practice field this morning he will be -- for reports live from me again in fifteen minutes thanks man -- get them there -- the mountainous West Virginia -- today Steve goes there -- here with the forecast. The date today we'll have some partly to mostly cloudy skies or behind in a tad more humid which is a 10% chance for a straight Charlotte on the coastline and highbrow and 89. Fortune I will keep the clouds in the forecast making a mostly cloudy it be a mile -- a little more humid with a -- over on 69 north of the lake in 75 south of lake. And heading your Friday expect a mostly cloudy mild today and will be a little more humid with a 30% chance for an isolated shower with a high around 89 for the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave. Fastball still unusually cool cool out there are 72 at the airport in -- 66 in Slidell on president's made it 78 -- and I love all the -- no such thing as too many get three -- today David Blake they've gone they've knows -- That too many days of -- next. Several people attack estimates that need to have him through to the story about the naked guy found in the couple's -- in Albuquerque. About how day obviously the hotel -- -- since says how many hotel by the -- Sutton and do you use hotel pillows. You don't replace those -- they don't replace those pillows very often. One scruffy verses hundreds of people that's a good point now my wife brings her own pillow with. And in fact of we're going away for an extended vacation movies that bring Eric -- And because. Adamant he ever suspected maybe they didn't change the seat at the hotel -- committee looked -- -- and they look pretty plain. In change them until I'm gonna believe though that the you know we've changed deceit in the the clean -- On the bad I don't know that it question and here I am worried about a summer breaks and in my house. And sleeps naked in my bet that one a new bad might wanna move out of the house because I wouldn't feel right in that housing morbid. And a prominent -- Someone else wanted to correct the story. In Massachusetts about the ax coming through the windshield that as -- is a two headed to a one handed -- act it is hacked it the came to the windshield. Although that doesn't make any difference coming through your windshield mellow out now I don't everything hatchet or an -- that's -- -- my windshield. Man I can't believe that the president didn't have a heart attack. If that thing came through and that lodged in the dashboard. Who have a great day before Friday we'll do it again tomorrow.