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7-31 6:10am Tommy, domestic violence

Jul 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chuck Drago, a police practices expert & President of Drago Consultants, and Brian Pinero, the Director of Digital Services for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, about domestic violence and Stephen A. Smith's controversial comments

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake we're gonna have a busy busy day to day we get the cash code word coming up summer splash cash contest nationwide. You via word right for the top of the hour news it. 7 o'clock Israelis to about 659 actually but between now and then and after that were to talk about this whole. Stephen A Smith Whoopi Goldberg controversy as it relates to. Ray Rice and his fiancee in an elevator I'll life. Some outlets are reporting it is Ray Rice. Punched around in drag around the elevator is as though it was unprovoked. But. They were initially both arrested kind of like your cave man seen -- -- kind of but initially there were both arrested. And charged with -- -- they didn't charge her with assault and of course re right Ray Rice got a two game suspension for that yes again. And there was a lot said about what happens with players that violate the league's drug violence policy in what is says about domestic violence towards women. And -- other incidents of course on lines in cheesy didn't into it and an elevator. Which was started by beyoncé scissors -- lines as I understand it. Whoopi Goldberg at that time said if anybody -- she -- they write to him back out. And she said the same thing in this case and and I'll read you her comments. And Stephen A Smith of course a controversial. I guess commentator for ESPN analysts were -- calling. He was talked into another ESPN reporter. And basically said and I am paraphrasing here will play the sound -- yeah later that. You know women need to be taught not to get men and and as a paraphrasing him when he -- who but you -- Teach women not to get man or -- man or not to push him to the point out single vial don't get on mad. You may not like him. And then Whoopi Goldberg said the commented Stephen A Smith made which will play for you won't come back was based on what the young lady said she did she -- I hit him. I know how many catch a lot of hell for this I'm quoting Whoopi Goldberg now but yet to teach women do not live with this idea that men hand they chivalry things still whip them. Don't assume that still in place so don't be surprised if you hit a man any hits you bet you hit somebody may get you back don't be surprised. Don't anybody -- anybody don't hit anybody but. If you make the choice as a woman whose four foot three era and you decide to hit a guy who's six foot -- a near the last thing he wants to deal with that day. Any new Chip Beck. You cannot be surprised then she says let's not -- anyone. -- -- but what do you -- an iPod point three your cat's out of the bag well. And I think it brings up a lot of points and talk to our police expert we come back if you know it's new loans expression about you both go. Okay you both on and -- and it means you on a GAO that money growers say ya right he goes he goes out he doesn't edit the third guy says some and the cops usually go -- -- So we'll talk about all of this and basically the question is. Is there ever a reason where it's acceptable for man hit a woman and I think the other question is witnesses. What is he quality factor into all of this are we oh let's say memorial equal treatment be chivalry as is their Davis wearing men and women if they areas. Then Heidi it -- the difference between well we're all the same world different so I don't know about Dallas morning and really when he from dollars to 601878203866889087. Inning Stephen A Smith the Whoopi Goldberg said anything wrong or should Ray Rice be more severely punished in any ends we'll talk about it when we come back Tommy Tucker David W. I Tommy Tucker with yet controversial subject this morning and when he knew what you think. Like some domestic. Violence incidences as of late. So long range who lives here beyoncé Knowles sister it's a tax hit cheesy yes right slaps and punches when she DO. -- went on both slapping and punched him in an elevator caught on video he did not. Retaliate. Tim McGraw country singer at a concert a woman slaps him on his rear -- five times. Over a period of time and and tries to -- jeans and -- tennis lancer across the face. And and we got the incident with Ray Rice where he and his fiancee get into it and an elevator both originally charged with assault. The charges against terror eventually dropped Ray Rice gets suspended for two games by the NFL's Stephen A Smith from ESPN make some comments. And out -- -- it would label thing for -- he implied women shouldn't provoke me NC anger when it comes to domestic abuse and Whoopi Goldberg. Defends him by saying you know what if you do aside. That yeah a four point three as a woman and you hit a guy six feet in -- the last thing and world he wants to deal with that date don't be surprised if he hit Chia. And then says you know but nobody should hit anybody. And up ready jaguar bring you people asking you can't a woman in anyway be held responsible because a man gets angry and hits that are. Tucked -- Jones right now Drake oh please procedures and practices expert former police chief president of -- consultants. About police philosophy I -- policy when it comes to nesting incidences like this morning -- It. Good you know one thing and I struggle with here is it happens with race it happens with the underwear either grow same or world equal now if a man word to yeah punch another man an enemy and punches back. You're taken to jail let's make -- a male thing first. I'd like you and and you punch me back. Like any old days in the movies where you know when -- punches the other and another in a nose and they shake hands and have a beer which I think was -- movies and really happen in. In light -- what happens in case. Well in a domestic violence situation could be correct sir is the one that's going to go to jail. The person has directed that and themselves. Regardless of what relationship it can dependent styles. Of course that that that means that. If the man punches the woman. And then -- the walk away and she jumps on him start crunching impact that she's defending herself because she has an annual Gerson what she's become -- becoming the aggressor. So it's just like anywhere else whether whether they have relationship program mystery person could defend themselves but that doesn't mean they can become -- aggressor and start beating the first. But is it well -- -- is -- size proportionate in other words if I'm a small guy and I know after. I got -- CT -- beer is a huge guy and I punch him in this comic and he laughs as he had a responsibility to just hold me. I don't mean and a center was way just mean it did to restrain anyway can't hit -- anymore or any not me out because I hit him initially. If he's the ending up on our -- thinks that he's just Q and he's going to you would give him. And you have to ask yourself you can do whatever is necessary to defend yourself. And a reason I bring that up is where it is physical size and gender enter into this if as Whoopi Goldberg said. A four foot three woman. Hits a six foot man a -- professional football player and and I she may have said that. -- to just as an example I don't know how to all of woman in question is here and I'll tell ray -- but. If that happens and there's a big size and weight differential. And she punches -- a guy in the face -- -- and a small woman punched a big man in the face. And the big man throws are down underground punches heard does whatever who's known in jail and a case. -- that there. Probably an indication both gonna go to jail because he or she started out as the aggressor so she's guilty and and he he went way beyond -- What is he supposed to do and that's why I'm asking you chuck what is the difference when it comes to size. Or gender because we just established. That apply as small guy pick on a huge guy he can knock me out if he feels quote that he's being threatened anyone to neutralize the threat. But when it comes to a small woman and a big man. If a woman hits the man and and a man -- are you tell me they're both gone to jail because he went way over the line. Well it isn't just that the get it back and eat it to get her back in -- -- down. And there's no longer he's got to stop but the picture knocks it down to and so our global well there are law. Then he's no longer defending himself he's become the aggressor. In his it is just that killed the machine -- at that point and it doesn't matter the size. That ain't even want to be immigrant street want -- do. Severe damage to other. On a date they just the person right now it's you know imperial and that the problem domestic violence is mint or make that complaint because there's big burly man standing in front of the top single missile tiny woman meet. One reporter near the report but the woman can do just as much damage to me and that the conditions are right. Went and Whoopi Goldberg said was that if you think this humorous it's chivalry thing it's alive it's not but. When it comes the police officers and other a lot of female police officers now alert is their preference given to the woman and that well I don't care how small she is not hear what she did or. How angry you got you should never ever as a man put your hands on woman. Well I don't think it's still the police officers working within the law and the law treats everybody equally so well but a -- Oxford. Don't want except. You do -- in Kenya and as a matter of maintaining a woman -- chivalry hear anything like that Junichi. Initiating it exactly. So whoever initiated whoever's the aggressor. Whoever is they're there for breaking the law is -- -- it's going to be arrested. Now society the way it is we tend to suspect the man more often and the woman and and by statistics. It is more often than in in the one. However if -- -- credentials that the woman was the aggressor. It doesn't matter the side that the man that she don't want any demand. Under the laws appear. -- I appreciate your time and I'm glad you joined us this morning. Thank I thank you -- -- police procedures and practices expert former police chief and president. A -- consultants I'd love to hear from you all on a 660187. -- till 3866. 889087. A couple of text coming in them woman who wants to fight like a man loses the protection of being a woman. Elements as as a man you can control a woman by grabbing her arms without striking her regardless of the anger she may have an exhibit towards you. Including a physical attack it is a poor excuse to use because of woman struck a man first. It gives a man a right to strike two strike back that is not a man it is a -- will. What happens in the case and I'm not trying to be funny here a gay relationship where he had to win under two men. Then how do you determine who's the aggressor the of one. Little -- man and one big giant. Man and a gay relationship does the little man and get the benefit of the doubt because he hit the bigger man or does. The bigger man automatically. Go to jail that he figured that point Melissa guys wail on each other I don't care we'll talk about it six point five time related traffic and for that we go to terror Robinson. I Tommy technicality like a little look behind the scenes here -- Abby -- but he texted me and said. Like -- you're gay lover beating you up LOL. And I texted back -- but your -- to -- going to be -- ask her about it I turned -- down -- kind of -- interplay we have. Whether techsters here in debit WL bury but to listen to morning under the W well. Didn't want it done and that's what we're Goldberg is right on a huge intimacy it nobody nobody nobody -- It nominated six foot -- sort of fictional and he received by notably if detonated it's all all one. I want what you want them -- Britain and it might be the developing rapidly being arbitrators. He hit me where they get an artistic component which I didn't try to choke him out to the level of problem responsible would be to the level of the it. So it won't -- you have thrown a woman into the bushes. -- leaked and -- it was suspended in the choke out. And not outlet -- an -- that it would mean a lot of interpret in a great champion and that I ought to particular theater because if you look in the foregone. International this year in the kind of -- -- been a while the -- that he couldn't restrain that woman -- that -- But not how do drag out there will be. Balloting get a text that says mom. EU a woman it is it's ignorance and lost it. I think a lot of it is really blows on a true quality -- truly equal low will always protect the right person. And that's where I think chivalry comes in in this I think equality between men and women comes into this and are women and in the same bar are they different and if -- if a man and the identical size. The only rate -- fiance hit him. Would -- right of the right and acting guy out. Well mansion an athlete's hands or size and strength count in all this because. They're tougher than most people however in a bar athletes tally a lot of guys heal up to on -- wanna prove how tough they are. So I don't I. -- should determine the level. Outlook cut corners of lead a major economies tutored at. That we use -- -- in small. What model that people -- it. People. You have to elect to move away from that please -- you shouldn't it. Shouldn't. Person that ball noted that as all of you know all of a cop -- here and admitted that video. Card to. -- -- -- My question where does this -- -- that she was -- fiance at the time went on -- Marion does that have anything to do with any of this at all. Absolutely not army took a couple of -- trying to -- -- financial situation you know just a bit. Crap beaten -- Amir's two nibbled at it while it it like being written. Barry admire you passionate thank you for Colin and I appreciate your listening phone lines are open one here from L a T 60187 -- -- 8668890878. A six says my daughter's a martial arts black belt. Believe me when I say she can hurt -- worse than most men. So -- apart of the equality question. 632 time a look at news now that would get -- -- a W -- -- now he was suspended for two weeks one week rather for those comments. I think. -- -- You can interpret a couple of different things from what he said and I'd like to know what you take from that it's music so money 7203866. And 89087. I don't pretend to speak receiving basement because if you've ever heard -- more than capable of speaking for himself. But I think the point he was trying to make is once you're not doubt it's too late. So whether right or wrong whatever you can do to avoid that physical altercation not Eddie it's your fault. But once you get knocked out or physically assaulted even -- your family gets there even though the police get -- the damage has still been done to UN it's too late but you tell me. If you agree with Stephen A Smith if you agree with Whoopi Goldberg who basically agreed with him. And -- says you know if your four foot three woman and you hit a six foot man don't be surprised that he -- out. Will be back when -- hear from -- also talked to the domestic and national domestic violence. Hotline people see what they think about all the this Tommy Tucker hot topic wanna hear from you -- WW. I Tommy Tucker talking about Ray Rice Stephen A Smith and his fiance then his wife son now his wife rather and also Whoopi Goldberg -- to narrow joins us right now. Director digital services for the national domestic violence hotline and operates around the clock -- -- 47365. Confidential free of cost to provide slide stay saving tools and immediate support to enable -- to find safety. And live lives free of reviews abuse the numbers 1079 ninths able to you more about that. Brian little pressed for time good morning thanks for joining us. Stephen -- Smith's comments I'm sure by now you familiar with them Whoopi Goldberg's. Ray rice's apology the video of him -- out of the elevator. The dragging her around the bottom line is there ever a reason for a man to put his hands on woman. Actually not that never -- in the pitcher handle any I think what we saw. It and that is an instance or go to operate on people about this is not acceptable under any circumstances and when we start talking about we -- even at that. Discussion about provoke you don't provoke violence he cannot touch when he did not touch any. In terms of thumb that the rationale for that and I'm not trying to be insensitive and all I always try to analyze things is this about. Physical size is it about chivalry isn't about gender and are there do you ever get any calls they are from men who are being abused by women. Well absolutely I mean we know that they want and three. Women experience he's not a 17 and experience that he's an -- -- -- apt to be physical -- also did you. Come up our control. It talked about put. And so yeah. Of course you have them and we -- at all contact that she can be quick to note that becomes calm no matter what did you enter it. Com but the thing is that took off to think about it the -- -- actually come out and talk about -- -- very typical look at some of the social norms in the things that -- it is difficult to talk. At what point does come on what would you have to say about her being his fiancee at the time. And now being his wife and days in their press coverage back in Maine -- essence took responsibility for her role in what happened that night. Well I mean I think about to do that it that it you have. Who has been in the physically abusive relationship and -- The sit there and be in a press conference and talked about what we're going to do but go ahead and agree and try to. Are likely that she didn't have to go ahead -- Well she didn't and I mean the thing -- -- of course we don't know everything that happened in that situation but what we do know is that I think people still love each other regardless that your abuse the situation it will not change at the power control and personal relationship. Thank you Brian I appreciate your time which we have -- talk to you again okay. -- and I get that number out it's 1807997. Need to 33. And get some highly trained. Counselors there appeared in an abusive relationship one out of three women. Abused by a man and one out of seven men abused by women a woman rather and I didn't know that. At the code word coming up in the a 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash contest hang around for that. And also -- anybody else on hold hang on that audio we played earlier by the way was courtesy of first take on ESP and the audio of Stephen A Smith 652 time alluded Traficant for that we go to Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker talking about men hitting women and maybe the other way around Ray Rice suspended for two games. And then Stephen A Smith had some things say about that that generated a lot of controversy Whoopi Goldberg defended him. And which generated even more controversy and brings in the forefront conversations about domestic violence and about visitor ever okay for Manning a woman. -- New Orleans hi you're under the W out the morning. -- at least. A month. On the grew bigger -- -- -- think there was once and perspectives with certain. Or any war is one. Thanks -- -- all social work. Through that women are very emotional as a you know what we're used to work but it's so great principles or you know little -- were to sort of and man -- -- do you respond that the human being. Senator -- -- man -- put yourself or women due to shoulder -- Nobody Aaron let me tell you I appreciate the call -- him in broad response of the video of him that appears beat him slapping a band of standard concert says. He reacted in an instinctive defense away from his perspective what was going on and as a man have a right. To react emotionally as well to a woman's action say hitting him will continue the conversation right now time of the 1000 dollar. Summer -- cash contest -- this hour is Candice CA ND YMCA. NDY. Text that code word -- be 272881. That's the only number you text C a NDY two. 72881. Text handy for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide without ever put your phone down. Your chance and an easy 1000 dollars summer splash cash used one text away. Now the next code word is coming up over the top of the hour news at 11 AM. Keep in mind we don't charge for the tax and individual plain text and data rates apply -- -- Smart radio intercom and all of us here at WWL.

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