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7-31 7:10am Tommy, domestic violence

Jul 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino about domestic violence situations and the law

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David Blake we're gonna have a busy busy day to day we get the cash code word coming up summer splash cash contest nationwide. You via word right for the top of the hour news it. 7 o'clock Israelis to about 659 actually but between now and then and after that were to talk about this whole. Stephen A Smith Whoopi Goldberg controversy as it relates to. Ray Rice and his fiancee in an elevator I'll life. Some outlets are reporting it is Ray Rice. Punched around in drag around the elevator is as though it was unprovoked. But. They were initially both arrested kind of like your cave man seen -- -- kind of but initially there were both arrested. And charged with -- -- they didn't charge her with assault and of course re right Ray Rice got a two game suspension for that yes again. And there was a lot said about what happens with players that violate the league's drug violence policy in what is says about domestic violence towards women. And -- other incidents of course on lines in cheesy didn't into it and an elevator. Which was started by beyoncé scissors -- lines as I understand it. Whoopi Goldberg at that time said if anybody -- she -- they write to him back out. And she said the same thing in this case and and I'll read you her comments. And Stephen A Smith of course a controversial. I guess commentator for ESPN analysts were -- calling. He was talked into another ESPN reporter. And basically said and I am paraphrasing here will play the sound -- yeah later that. You know women need to be taught not to get men and and as a paraphrasing him when he -- who but you -- Teach women not to get man or -- man or not to push him to the point out single vial don't get on mad. You may not like him. And then Whoopi Goldberg said the commented Stephen A Smith made which will play for you won't come back was based on what the young lady said she did she -- I hit him. I know how many catch a lot of hell for this I'm quoting Whoopi Goldberg now but yet to teach women do not live with this idea that men hand they chivalry things still whip them. Don't assume that still in place so don't be surprised if you hit a man any hits you bet you hit somebody may get you back don't be surprised. Don't anybody -- anybody don't hit anybody but. If you make the choice as a woman whose four foot three era and you decide to hit a guy who's six foot -- a near the last thing he wants to deal with that day. Any new Chip Beck. You cannot be surprised then she says let's not -- anyone. -- -- but what do you -- an iPod point three your cat's out of the bag well. And I think it brings up a lot of points and talk to our police expert we come back if you know it's new loans expression about you both go. Okay you both on and -- and it means you on a GAO that money growers say ya right he goes he goes out he doesn't edit the third guy says some and the cops usually go -- -- So we'll talk about all of this and basically the question is. Is there ever a reason where it's acceptable for man hit a woman and I think the other question is witnesses. What is he quality factor into all of this are we oh let's say memorial equal treatment be chivalry as is their Davis wearing men and women if they areas. Then Heidi it -- the difference between well we're all the same world different so I don't know about Dallas morning and really when he from dollars to 601878203866889087. Inning Stephen A Smith the Whoopi Goldberg said anything wrong or should Ray Rice be more severely punished in any ends we'll talk about it when we come back Tommy Tucker David W. I Tommy Tucker with yet controversial subject this morning and when he knew what you think. Like some domestic. Violence incidences as of late. So long range who lives here beyoncé Knowles sister it's a tax hit cheesy yes right slaps and punches when she DO. -- went on both slapping and punched him in an elevator caught on video he did not. Retaliate. Tim McGraw country singer at a concert a woman slaps him on his rear -- five times. Over a period of time and and tries to -- jeans and -- tennis lancer across the face. And and we got the incident with Ray Rice where he and his fiancee get into it and an elevator both originally charged with assault. The charges against terror eventually dropped Ray Rice gets suspended for two games by the NFL's Stephen A Smith from ESPN make some comments. And out -- -- it would label thing for -- he implied women shouldn't provoke me NC anger when it comes to domestic abuse and Whoopi Goldberg. Defends him by saying you know what if you do aside. That yeah a four point three as a woman and you hit a guy six feet in -- the last thing and world he wants to deal with that date don't be surprised if he hit Chia. And then says you know but nobody should hit anybody. And up ready jaguar bring you people asking you can't a woman in anyway be held responsible because a man gets angry and hits that are. Tucked -- Jones right now Drake oh please procedures and practices expert former police chief president of -- consultants. About police philosophy I -- policy when it comes to nesting incidences like this morning -- It. Good you know one thing and I struggle with here is it happens with race it happens with the underwear either grow same or world equal now if a man word to yeah punch another man an enemy and punches back. You're taken to jail let's make -- a male thing first. I'd like you and and you punch me back. Like any old days in the movies where you know when -- punches the other and another in a nose and they shake hands and have a beer which I think was -- movies and really happen in. In light -- what happens in case. Well in a domestic violence situation could be correct sir is the one that's going to go to jail. The person has directed that and themselves. Regardless of what relationship it can dependent styles. Of course that that that means that. If the man punches the woman. And then -- the walk away and she jumps on him start crunching impact that she's defending herself because she has an annual Gerson what she's become -- becoming the aggressor. So it's just like anywhere else whether whether they have relationship program mystery person could defend themselves but that doesn't mean they can become -- aggressor and start beating the first. But is it well -- -- is -- size proportionate in other words if I'm a small guy and I know after. I got -- CT -- beer is a huge guy and I punch him in this comic and he laughs as he had a responsibility to just hold me. I don't mean and a center was way just mean it did to restrain anyway can't hit -- anymore or any not me out because I hit him initially. If he's the ending up on our -- thinks that he's just Q and he's going to you would give him. And you have to ask yourself you can do whatever is necessary to defend yourself. And a reason I bring that up is where it is physical size and gender enter into this if as Whoopi Goldberg said. A four foot three woman. Hits a six foot man a -- professional football player and and I she may have said that. -- to just as an example I don't know how to all of woman in question is here and I'll tell ray -- but. If that happens and there's a big size and weight differential. And she punches -- a guy in the face -- -- and a small woman punched a big man in the face. And the big man throws are down underground punches heard does whatever who's known in jail and a case. -- that there. Probably an indication both gonna go to jail because he or she started out as the aggressor so she's guilty and and he he went way beyond -- What is he supposed to do and that's why I'm asking you chuck what is the difference when it comes to size. Or gender because we just established. That apply as small guy pick on a huge guy he can knock me out if he feels quote that he's being threatened anyone to neutralize the threat. But when it comes to a small woman and a big man. If a woman hits the man and and a man -- are you tell me they're both gone to jail because he went way over the line. Well it isn't just that the get it back and eat it to get her back in -- -- down. And there's no longer he's got to stop but the picture knocks it down to and so our global well there are law. Then he's no longer defending himself he's become the aggressor. In his it is just that killed the machine -- at that point and it doesn't matter the size. That ain't even want to be immigrant street want -- do. Severe damage to other. On a date they just the person right now it's you know imperial and that the problem domestic violence is mint or make that complaint because there's big burly man standing in front of the top single missile tiny woman meet. One reporter near the report but the woman can do just as much damage to me and that the conditions are right. Went and Whoopi Goldberg said was that if you think this humorous it's chivalry thing it's alive it's not but. When it comes the police officers and other a lot of female police officers now alert is their preference given to the woman and that well I don't care how small she is not hear what she did or. How angry you got you should never ever as a man put your hands on woman. Well I don't think it's still the police officers working within the law and the law treats everybody equally so well but a -- Oxford. Don't want except. You do -- in Kenya and as a matter of maintaining a woman -- chivalry hear anything like that Junichi. Initiating it exactly. So whoever initiated whoever's the aggressor. Whoever is they're there for breaking the law is -- -- it's going to be arrested. Now society the way it is we tend to suspect the man more often and the woman and and by statistics. It is more often than in in the one. However if -- -- credentials that the woman was the aggressor. It doesn't matter the side that the man that she don't want any demand. Under the laws appear. -- I appreciate your time and I'm glad you joined us this morning. Thank I thank you -- -- police procedures and practices expert former police chief and president. A -- consultants I'd love to hear from you all on a 660187. -- till 3866. 889087. A couple of text coming in them woman who wants to fight like a man loses the protection of being a woman. Elements as as a man you can control a woman by grabbing her arms without striking her regardless of the anger she may have an exhibit towards you. Including a physical attack it is a poor excuse to use because of woman struck a man first. It gives a man a right to strike two strike back that is not a man it is a -- will. What happens in the case and I'm not trying to be funny here a gay relationship where he had to win under two men. Then how do you determine who's the aggressor the of one. Little -- man and one big giant. Man and a gay relationship does the little man and get the benefit of the doubt because he hit the bigger man or does. The bigger man automatically. Go to jail that he figured that point Melissa guys wail on each other I don't care we'll talk about it six point five time related traffic and for that we go to terror Robinson. I Tommy technicality like a little look behind the scenes here -- Abby -- but he texted me and said. Like -- you're gay lover beating you up LOL. And I texted back -- but your -- to -- going to be -- ask her about it I turned -- down -- kind of -- interplay we have. Whether techsters here in debit WL bury but to listen to morning under the W well. Didn't want it done and that's what we're Goldberg is right on a huge intimacy it nobody nobody nobody kimono. It nominated -- sort of fictional and he received by notably economy it is it's all all one. I want what -- want them -- Britain and we are. Well does one deserve preferences as opposed the other -- if if one guy wants at its the other guy is and allocate it to punch each other nanos and it's settled but is a completely different. When it comes to a woman and if it is is that because of physical size are you saying with that argument. Women are physically weaker than man. And as a result they need more protection than -- -- but if if you make that argument then argue saying while. There are jobs that a woman physically. Can't do in terms of strength at protecting themselves and that brings you to women's police officers in the military it's satirist sort Ellis out 26 1878. Toll free 86 exit eight nines. 8890 -- and we will also. After the news talked to Greg jump on this saint Charles parish verified deputy sheriff is what he has and got to manhunt going on there for a guy and it's stamped his girlfriend to death maimed her mother. And now -- eyes on a -- get a -- and that guy comes from a great family he never had to want for anything you as a drug pro. Mom on any of that but -- you can't -- -- your girlfriend to death and and name somebody l.'s drug problem or not right now time inevitably you offers news for that we go to David -- -- I think the only good thing David about this whole rate rise. Stephen A Smith NFL's saying is that it it probably pushes to the fourth running conversation about domestic violence down. Absolutely gonna do shouldn't happen now and and what's happening Yang industry and right now the manhunt that continues for a guy that allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death and then. Cut up his mother in law pretty badly. We will talk to the sheriff's about it of saint Charles parish great jump on when we come back but it. I think this did the -- In trouble has been going on for a long long time. Yup I -- reality -- sort of the other day with a guy that got on too late. And his. Better have put a knife in his life -- -- now know that cigar on. But somebody wrote apiece for. ESPN news and it will women in nine years ago so. Ray Rice it's two game suspension. For. Him and his wife and and basically not turnaround in and then drag an error out of the elevator depending on lot of money well yeah and you can talk about who. Cause blood but then she says same on season one only pass rusher Robert Mathis got four game suspension for. According to him now using an unapproved fertility drug is he and his wife try to get pregnant so she queries is the NFL's and it knocking on your fiance. Is that's problematic for Italy and trying to knock up your wife. So I think another consideration is this is. The NFL. Is that enough of a penalty for Ray Rice and does it take two to tango in terms of I guess hitting a woman ready jaguar opinion poll majority of people that have answered it. Two thirds say yes a woman can be held responsible for Maine gets angry and hits her some of the questions. Negative there is no excuse for a man hit a woman I've been there and it's not right they make you feel inferior in beat you down physically. And mentally. And and in terms of -- of chivalry I guess emirates and I still open a door for women treat him like a lady you know women can handle -- around. But chivalry is certainly not dead. And then there's this one they say act like a man hit like a man. And then this one's really brutal way of the woman is dumb enough to hit a man she needs to be tough enough to be hit by a man. While will continue the conversation I would hear what you all think T six at 187 until 366889087. Ian. Do you think one thing theoretically and another thing if it comes to your wife or daughter. And have you ever been involved in something like this either. In law enforcement or. As a woman or man and a domestic relationships and -- about it and 400 -- 742 Tommy Tucker back in a flash. With saint Charles parish sheriff's Greg champ on. The manhunt going on there investor Tommy Tucker definitely. Hi Tommy tiger talking about domestic abuse morning -- Ray Rice in the NFL's. -- -- him for two schemes. After. Some domestic trouble violence and an elevator in the video shows him dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator. Greg jump on and will continue the conversation Robert and leaning on a when he which you have to say that. First Greg jump on joins us from the saint Charles parish. This actually sheriff center aeration. Gregg Morton thanks for taking the time and you busy. Tell me on the if you can into the listeners don't know what happened yesterday in and where the situation is now. Well. -- regular. We -- -- responded to an intranet yesterday Obama -- and if it. The call to the scene of where he -- reportedly. On initial call came out the victim was the the mother in law. -- who -- what junior is comparable life. Who had been stat and it went to a -- trip or where we call. She was taken to hospital now. Has -- -- surgery and is in critical condition. Of further investigation revealed that mr. -- watched common law wife. 33 or you'll be at -- You wait boot off of what he's an awful welcomes multiples stay. A manhunt is on the wave forms to -- right now we posted. Photographs you know we posted -- -- An identical version of vehicle. Which he fled in which was the mother in -- people. Are we also posted the license plate I don't have a moment. But we get we already ration out. We -- The search is. Both in and out of sync shall -- we are fairly -- that -- Mr. Bush led parish. You'd be you'd like -- like. Neighboring agencies. You know the -- Marshal service. On. Probably -- forced to re utilizing all the resources and effort and locate the law should be considered or in danger. I evident from the sheriff it's as Toyota's -- on license plate number -- 461. Could be driving graders over. And an instant text here about the Stanley perhaps having international connections is is it is there any consideration or thought dollar fairly good chance that he might be trying to flee the country. We are leaving no stone record I I do not -- -- decision but I can tell you that. We are looking at all options. -- -- -- Had there been trouble between these two before had the neighbors reported any kind of a lot of argument -- is is does come out of nowhere. No it didn't come out of nowhere. There have been mr. rouge -- -- as Eddie long and troubled past and it criminal history. Com he has a history of drug abuse. You know it is psychological issues. There have been an issue. Between this couple in the past. In fact we have just learned recently that you feel. It. Which did not -- them just should -- alert. In connection with drug abuse he is known to commit robbery. Even think burglary. And -- right now our -- Not so much focused on on bat but it's focused on apprehending and eager as limited resources. At this time -- About so sports access to cash or money. He's got this vehicle. We expect that he will be happy to sell the vehicle possibly commit. October robbery which is why he should be considered armed and dangerous and he does not. Stay out of on street to the party and -- people. Do something. To survive so. Everyone. -- you deputies had your deputies in the house floor domestic violence complaints out there and miscellaneous issues summon him shortly domestic violence issue where. Things were reported stolen which we later -- not stolen. Drugs and now if you like that. I'm not aware of prior incident. That were reported to -- where he actually physically or. -- normal -- but there is the issue of domestic issues. And trouble. Sheriff thank you I appreciate your time and you busy and if there's anything and we would love them to hear from Mueller -- spokesperson. You -- that answer right saint Charles parish sheriff Greg champ on they're looking for. -- -- it let me just clear this up -- is considered armed and dangerous. My B drive and a gray or silver Toyota sign on with a license plate number -- 461. And I think reading between the lines there -- needed to know that there's. Some consideration that he may be trying to flee the country. So. Keep that in mind if you -- which was in the man's name and if you know I think about it definitely tells internals parish sheriff Robert -- quickly tell me what happened with you. -- -- -- -- Area -- the article and here. A little episode. Few years back and not really proud I was worried. Right. But my mother who's beautiful woman my grandmother -- beautiful woman and you know you respect women supposed to. Liquidity and all that business but it there at that one -- that the order that was where. Judy extremely abusive. Verbally emotionally. And we were in this argument and she just would not. Would not stop and there's -- real ago. Home. And that -- taunting the over -- -- and do what unity and it would be in theory it like eight. And she would not respond to -- -- -- -- reasoned with whoever you choose. Do everything she cut to the and they'll. The force go home and opened -- this kind of look better blankley. And I flat there. It -- acceptance not critique. What that what. Anger. Oil actually -- option though. After laughter. Should -- activate the quietly that again. So like a flat area and we did -- about war by there are finally she should realize that I'll stop -- -- you gonna keep put out there. An issue. After that. And an L -- public. In no way and today. They're just act like the ladies there were were brought up through. A look at after an open doors for it still opened doors for eleven a really good thank you. Look at the statute. Well well. You'll -- women and a walk around is documented example that my mother my grandmother. While I appreciate you being so candid. Robert I well I would say that you when you said there was nothing no she could do you you could a left. I guess but I wasn't there -- 750 formal take more calls on. What Robert had the sages now on. Everything else that that's going on in terms of domestic abuse in the country that we're talking about this morning another time for -- WL traffic and that would go to terror problems. I Tommy Tucker we come back we'll talk to the victim of this saint -- Senseless beating by gang your team stick with the stability.

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