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WWL>Topics>>7-31 8:10am Tommy, beatings in St. Roch

7-31 8:10am Tommy, beatings in St. Roch

Jul 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bill Murphy, the VP of the Faubourg St. Roch Improvement Association and recent beating victim, and Derrick Floyd, the Pres. of the Faubourg St. Roch Improvement Association, about attacks by groups of teens

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- David Blake thank you -- to talk about this horrific beating senseless beating in my mind and what government trying to justify any of this at all. But if you know. It's wrong and I again choose my words carefully here -- wind up like Stephen A Smith but. It's one thing. That is. Criminal that's wrong if you gonna beat somebody and you get a problem and I'm not advocating that people do that right clearly we're not. But this gentleman's -- -- as a second. Bill Murphy got got the heck beat out of him by a group of teenagers that. Is that it's an interesting horrifying fascinating story all the same time. Because he wasn't robbed in cash on him and he just says. And I don't mean it's quote Billie exited joins in the second but that. They were just not to -- somebody that that is what he said zone -- -- been other cases like this we get a call from a lady -- Son was in the French Quarter and actually. So wound up having a move because in this case they'd win her case rather was. Days in her son's case it was boys and girls combined. In routing me they're just look at the beating mounts on -- of this trend in crime and in a Crescent City or not I I you. We had that thing going on for -- with a baseball bats. And bicycle riders you know religious come -- and black -- you know on an Arizona robbery and I had -- about -- yeah that was going -- so we'll talk about -- we come -- we'll -- -- story and I don't know what's going -- -- I don't know why people could be so -- what are -- so angry -- -- with a strikeout. At a victim that's got nothing to do with their problems at all so a lot coming up thanks for being mothers and you'll they're fascinating story horrifying at the same time under the W -- Tommy Tucker it is 816 were joined by dale Murphy who is vice president of the -- -- -- improvement association he's a victim of that beating them happen happen rather and there influencers well. The president. Of the -- over saint -- improvement association and gentlemen thank you both permanent. Let's start with you bill and I guess we get -- that microphone equally close. Just tells let happen again well let me -- little -- about your first you've you've. You're originally from Brooklyn New York yeah and what brought to down here and and -- need to decide to stay. I married a woman from here and there was you know Paris Hartford live anywhere else as its usual story that's how these people -- -- and she won known anywhere -- she tried but now I'm in the northeast the she felt the people were colder in the winters -- and I'm -- the tentacles of the family pulled there is strong family tentacles but tell me what -- tell me what happened to you and and I gotta tell you and you still sore but. Compared to the pictures. I saw of you you must via quick healer. I guess. I mean that's all I can say. Could you look at the pictures -- terrible in the console but it tells how little things started what day was it. It was Sunday evening. And I decided. Take a quick jaunt that -- a couple blocks away -- over. To the fruit crop in the -- senator just to pick up a few little things for Monday morning. And you know it's right. To block -- months it still has a bunch employed you know there's and you know there -- a big lack of street lights in the area and it's like there's a dumpster right at the corner some walking down. The block in right at the corners kids just come running around the corner me and Justin jumped. How many kids he talked about and what ages and yeah there there there there are mentally teen sang a long period of them. Did did they say anything to you did day to day Kirsch who did they use any kinda language -- and indicate to you why they were doing Manson. -- just. They just want to beat somebody I mean that's you know there you know I wouldn't put in the realm. You know hate crimes particularly in his site near the beating you sure man you know it's right here bit. You know this you know I mean. You don't just happen to be wrong person in the wrong place. Seizing give if you went and got around that ninety that time if he has. When a pass by on that side of the street maybe if if if the would've been somebody else they'd be sitting here instead you. Improbable. That I mean there there's another guy than the night before. You know so who -- speech tonight did. Did you know about that at the time I heard about it you know. In them but you know you you hear about stuff like this and you know you don't think if I mean. There a couple of things ago through your mind others are being there you know so. Pat how random it you know -- almost like lightning that it can't yeah yeah it's almost like to I mean and how often do these things happen you don't expect Eric continual rash of it you know. Especially you know you XP you expect. A police response in that immediate area. And you know increased police presence and had since it had happened. So you know sometimes it's safer to golden where you know the incident happened I mean we often see that you know certain users. -- crime committed in the police beefed up presence in the here and obviously this did not happen. Sooner you have that same group of kids sitting. Two blocks away from their where they beat the other guy at the previous night. And they're not new you know I mean you know there's. No police Kurz or anything in the area and the street lights are still you know out out and people had been before. Christopher got injured. I mean there's -- campaign I mean actually we've been dealing with street lights on saint rock area. Since the -- in miniature version. I mean. I remember talking to Mendoza about it and neighbor meetings before he got fired and you salary ever gonna get them done and over or whatever. You know so there you were were talking about his. A civil breakdown on the number four levels -- do you think it would happen anti had you been street lights work and well you know and that's and that's just you know you can't say this one particular thing -- got to have a gut feeling about it. I would say the gut feeling is they chose that area because it was dark. And Ireland as -- anything that makes you really have anything or make you uncomfortable bullet goes through your mind when something like that happens did one guy come up and he -- first and -- tank is simultaneous aerial attack. And I issue go to the ground pretty quickly and in his. The thought in your mind at that time did. Sir you -- you just -- survival you know it's a slight. I mean you know. You don't have time to think it's right you know you're just. Defending yourself here. Which is so I guess she did try to fight back as much as you could I'm not trying to it to judge you we I'm just curious as to what hand. What goes he mine when something like that is going on it's it. Gotta be a -- Seattle wondered they gonna kill me houses and -- Yeah I mean you hardy fight -- eight people you know -- say. And so today you have no idea. It's gonna have some sort of -- attack where you just try to protect yourself yeah GG Kenya and at the time where you think in these people gonna kill me did you see any weapons. No -- you think and houses in and then finally get honest. I mean your just defending yourself and it's well I mean. Did you think you -- lightening and no no -- so it was. No you know. You know afterwards I was you know just wondering what the daycare and you know -- when you -- Knows that and the motive but you know I I hadn't. Imagine that the motive was just to beat me I thought there must be trying to rob me I mean that's what you typically think if you did John you know. That's been what's happening in downtown more often is people just getting jobs for. You money or what have you and -- and not this so you're aware of that sort of crime but. You know I mean. This sort of thing where they just one or attack is different. I needed them to stop large monument he had to guess how long do you think this all -- you know you're there's no arming. Compliment and cabinets. I will continue our conversation we come back Bill Murphy. Vice president of the October saint -- improvement association news victim of this. Senseless to me beating happened also talked to -- Floyd. The president that association about as they're being an increased police presence since then considering again I was beaten the night before. And about some of the problems of saint -- in general and I'd love to hear from you all to six 187803866. 889087. Any of your felt intimidated in your drive and walking through a neighborhood that. That either -- honored -- around. Sold take a break up for traffic right now connecting some calls also talked to our guests it's a 23 time a look at that traffic on that WL. Then we go to Terrell province. Tommy Tucker talking to Bill Murphy used beaten in -- -- -- neighborhood on them. On Sunday night the day before that the gentleman's name was -- Africa. Christopher from Christopher Brownfield and and do they believe please -- was saying. Gang that did this same group of teenagers. -- through their reports they don't believe that the incidents are really really we do. Believe that they are related as relates to the footwork and rock improvements analyses is that if the -- something at the same person and retirement two games. Of kids -- well that that that could be. Something that that that's -- relative. While bill -- new -- commercial break and he's he's seen it just have a tremendous attitude about this and they had a lot to do with helping to rebuild the city after Katrina. And I asked you if if this would com. In any way make you want when a move away from where you live because I could see where there could be some. Some trauma some bad memories of what happened to be as you're walking along the street so I mean what about that are Euphrates got an idea of any residual effects you've seen. Remarkably resilient to me. And no I mean it you know others. I mean in this. Maybe subconsciously there maybe something there but I'm not aware. So at the time now I just physically and -- and you had to normal as I normally I mean you know it's like I've lived in the neighbor for awhile now and up I had no illusions that it was you know the safest place in the world to live. But -- he felt safe enough to well yes Stewart doubled which is having roving -- Of you know. -- morning veto people you know ports. Well which you may you made the comment about. You don't think this is. I guess and anomaly that this kind of thing happens and -- his numbers on pro and has going on around for a long time. No this has not we haven't had roving bands in the neighborhood of for a long time I mean. But it it throughout the history of the country and so forth brother Everett I mean there have been roving bands of juveniles. You know send in cities since the urban cities. But you know I mean it so having said that being we're hoping we're in and advanced. Culture. You put those things in place to. Ameliorate those things I mean you have to do those things to keep juveniles occupied you have to have the police presence. -- a major pay the same neighborhood initially. Had a friend there who invited me down there psych and post-Katrina you know the place had been living there and wasn't. I noticed a slight staying with my friend over and sorry and -- place and there's an opportunity there look you know lot of houses were taken an empty and you know there's opportunities down there are so. Well it will talk about that won't come back and also wanna bring Derek and this in terms of police how cooperative they've been after this. You said there wasn't a lot of increased police presence after the first meeting I wonder if there is any now and after the news will also talk about some of the challenges that you guys have been facing. Just with something as minor street lights in the street lights up in the neighborhood which every crime external Dahlia seemingly minor but it has a lot to do with Stephen. The areas safe by your calls you hang on we'll get to you as soon as we tend to. -- wanted to add sound sensor user from the newsroom not five minutes ago. I am talking to a friend of mine who I haven't talked to two weeks -- where she tells me about Palin on Bourbon Street and and her husband. They got them about two weeks ago while pummeled them. ER stitches. Completely messed up no robbery. Just two males that so wandered welcome. CN and only deal was saying earlier this kind of thing has gone on long time but it seems to be happening with increasing frequency. Here's -- and particularly current quarter and man Ernie and because -- -- that. -- would expect that it's probably time for -- W offers news that we don't think Davidson just to reiterate this is a friend viewers who says her husband was beaten up. Two weeks ago -- there -- no robbery not enough. No robbery. Apparently these two. Whatever you want a column hadn't had a little dog. And RDE bound over to pat the little dogs at what a cute little dog. And as he did that they went to work on and -- when they were finished TE basically crawled home. And the and his wife came -- and -- and it was off to the hour. And -- to people bill -- beaten up by eight people yeah it comes to it. Christopher and Africa -- last name from field from field. Twelve -- helping cheeks. So I don't know what's going on a city I really don't -- it takes some phone calls so ought to talk to Derek Floyd verso the president of the Covert sand -- improvement association. About doing first off viewing your. Feeling of being in the neighborhood given what happened says. To bill and Chris. Did things that David Blake is tell us about apparently I would think this is something nets. Gone around the city because it would seem -- coincidental for all of this to be happy and at the same time are you concerned about the the neighborhood about walking around the united nine. I I I am not I'm not going to be afraid or scared by the east. Individuals that that they just wanna make a name for themselves. We live in the wonderful tool in this city. Saying rockets that community that is diverse with racial makeup that person. As relates to the those that live there in their job. In their careers this is a great neighborhood and in spite of the challenges that we're seeing from murders and rapes there is some great quality there and that's what we're here to do we're here to. Shine light on the great things there happening insane right -- Spain's. That have taken place on disheartening they are discouraging. But the community in saint -- have to be encouraged. And we have to take a stance against what has taken place there and say that these things are not are unacceptable to our community. And tell the police. Get involved with over -- marked improvement association that advocates for our businesses and residents. Whether there renters and owners because we believe that we have something great with affluent and the working class can work together. What we've seen in recent days it's there has been increased presence. On with police presence yes. We we we are appreciative of the fifth district can command a -- For the increased presence but we want that all the time. Right and out as ability -- too little too late. Well its. For me move my particular incident but I mean not want to staff and as anybody else obviously it's. Too late but it's not too little net and you but you can't do dishes for a couple days says you know that -- on this is this this is an ongoing thing I mean we were having a rash or rapes. In the neighborhood you know. So what we're talking about is. You know. You know the after the factor of the -- you know the police presence but also. How are we handling the juveniles what are we doing to. You know socialize them into. Decent human behavior. We'll put an address that leaves him next salary address that with a couple of people about as easy answers that things formed to do is it psychotherapy. Isn't post-Katrina stresses it. Did -- harsher punishment I don't know. Well I mean no harsher punishment we incarcerate more people per capita than anywhere else in the world I mean we can't get any harsher than we are. I mean in perhaps we've overdone that. Published by you know it's like you're you know if you're incarcerating. Such a large portion of your population then. The juveniles are coming from broken families I mean. You are -- you had your fascinating got a little got to tell you because I presume you had. These feelings about society before and rather than god bless you again rather than -- Haven't changed after what happened to me that terrific thing -- beaten by a teenager's rather than have a change what you think you kind of reinforce what you think they just. That and it hasn't changed any thing I mean it's. Are proven and I guess I'm saying right well I mean it's it's like if I had -- -- the probably would've taken from making you know it's like. You know let's say mutant you look at George Zimmerman he had one guy you barely got the gun out you'd -- him to me about eight. Guys you know I mean. And now they'd be running around with a gun. But you know I have -- I mean as I mean you know it's like. You try to be and say you know their their carjackings. All around the metro area -- -- near over Jefferson and stuff. You can you know it's like. We can't you can't live in a society where you always have to be armed and aware that somebody's gonna jump you mean it's like. You know for gonna call ourselves and advance civilization. You know we have to have the you know process season placed -- -- so that we. Can't live. A decent life and not have to from being an armed camp all the time that's what I want I mean I understand the people who feel like they have -- but. That is not the goal we want I mean that you know that sort like. The policing is a mandate for. Units up a bear behavior. Carrying weapons a band aid but really we've. You know. This season and this is nothing new. Tyson the police tiny people an attack she will would you like to see happen. And -- obviously. You know the they have to be punished for -- crime but what you said earlier -- trying to argue with him just trying to understand that punishment wasn't gonna fix anything you know that's the big. Macro picture and is a micro thing that happened to you but it witch elected have each attacker -- see what exactly went wrong to cause them to do this. You won in a note that there are consequences of their actions yet fix them but I'm just curious -- you seem to be remarkably not bitter about this at all. Yes and and bill isn't bitter about how ever we believe that these. That these gentlemen these guys who nutrients and -- are misguided. -- will be caught. They will have to pay for it there. But their actions. But we believe that steel that they in spite of what it's taken place. That there trajectory can change because we are all addicts some these specifically -- -- -- -- -- -- Eric the that eight at twelve. All of these -- is that a misguided. In have their lives turned around. We have to teach him that this is not a video game and that there are consequences for actions. But at the same time us as neighbors we're not running away from the if you -- this issue take. It's seat in in your eyes and much to the media guides we still have this challenge. And we will focus on these count is as we're moving forward and now August 14. Meeting as wonderful as that will be on crime prevention. Our focus would be on that but we believe. That once they apprehended. As we have. Put out in the news in the media in an hour now formal statements from the association. That we believe that they can be reformed. And and force some of them. Help is inevitable and -- a real and asks what we hope alive we hope. Alive for our all of our planet a different. And one perspective I have is there's been a lot of chatter about these things and social media you know I think. For all of that social media is. Social media is a way of distraction as as opposed to getting involved with the community groups. The police chief does not respond to FaceBook and people kinda have this. Feeling that if -- Post something online and some sort of social media on doing my public duty but really it's -- just chatter. You know distraction where you've got to get out there and get involved and be face to face with your elected representatives. With. You know people from the city. Saying we need this to happen. I don't mean being delicate here but it seems like. To me a lot of the social media is is almost like breaking wind it's. It it makes a lot of impact for about a second or two and and it's gone it you do agree with Aetna and absolutely. Yeah and I mean and so you know if you want you know for the law and order point of view you've got to get in the face of the you know commander of the fifth district berg chief -- past you've got to get in the face of your. Council members you've got to get in the face of the mayor's representatives. And demand these changes unfortunately I mean people love to like. You know complain about stuff on line and then. You know it's kind of like. It's a distraction from creating community as opposed to. Really work. Or in numbers right so we are Arab leaders. Respect to the numbers so that's what we need the community. Thank you both so much for coming in were way -- -- out of time but thank you so much for talking and I. Tommy Tucker double WL we are running way we laid but let me get to that Jake quickly. In same and and -- -- hey Jake quickly if you can. -- That hasn't happened quickly -- apparently put his phone down and he's listening on radio Utley he's ultimately supported do. Is take a quick look at -- WL traffic in and we'll get back try to reconnect with -- -- talking about it in hasn't been happening him. And Stephen Saint Bernard who says one that once they -- a hate crime Terrell how's traffic I Tommy Tucker let's try. AJ. I don't -- good to -- when. Other outlets by it week in apparently late power rod you know and aren't we group of he's come up. I'm in -- compact that program though I think are up about. Instead Obama -- -- told -- something. And that's and I did see people slide everywhere in its army and on. My aunt told me it's that it happened and a -- at the local hard out there and. In granite -- caller about formula orbit and they're screaming -- -- the -- -- only it would meet being and being able -- I want proper therapy -- now. And that -- group that you know I mean they they don't want to open it and. -- that they in. Arctic. That you -- you know people not the way. I've looked at it will be on lady you. Know what you're going to you know you if you are. A lot this lady. Here's the girl's. It. Seventeen -- one Euro twenty year old yeah. Girls and guys out Arctic and it was. And I think that the art. And that he'd been told what to do people do you know I think that people -- you don't. Did you say you were there with your acts. Well let's get a job -- together brought to kids is very next year or -- glad you called the police come arrest anybody -- yeah. It's. City to. They let it hang on 12 you say it when we come back Tommy Tucker David --

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