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WWL>Topics>>7-31 9:10am Tommy, beatings in St. Roch

7-31 9:10am Tommy, beatings in St. Roch

Jul 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to anti-crime activist Captain Black and Robert Jenkins, a criminal defense attorney, about

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now before we get to our guests on and in a couple of calls and we'll get the guests on Jordan about that is because these people have held so long. And give -- -- behind the scenes look at at what goes on here man. Like yes you marry. While -- talking to Bill Murphy. About being beaten up while and talk continued to Eric Floyd about the other being that happen in saint like neighborhood. After you'd tell me about a friend of -- in one happened on Bourbon Street. Attacks comes in from my lovely daughter. And says do you need a permit to carry an air assault pistol and it looks similar not to scare off potential attackers. This does happen right after the news there's affirm your daughter yes well and trying to talk to these -- yeah now. While it's scared the big jeepers out of me. Later I find out she's sitting in the car -- go to work -- in the show so she is wonder if any case like that. -- she's you know coming up on eighteen would that an idea or a way to. Prevent crime from happening. Meanwhile. I'm saying and what the hell was -- on that you didn't tell me about. Why do you wanna carry -- -- of pistol and it had nothing to do it there was at the top I -- you see it and I -- so he's got you into him and yeah I'm trying to keep my mind on what I'm doing meanwhile wondering what what what what has been going on that you didn't tell me. Crazy world -- You had earlier zionists it's dangerous there's a no doubt about a year the people right here now he had to prove and something else at generating a lot of a lot of -- -- -- feedback. Is my comment about social media being the same in a lot of cases as breaking wind and I would -- after you make at do you eat popcorn. Because what happens is a lot of people feel a lot of pressure and get very fired up so they'd let it go on social media. And a couple seconds later on it disappears it disappears so while it's happening it's very up -- job you know I mean it's very powerful but then the and -- social media has been used to bring down government has happened already. It led to the greens protests in Iran which did not bring down the government. But I think that Derek had a good point we should do a show about that one day in that may be social media allowed you to -- But it just leads -- nonsense OK get -- -- yes Larry good to talk to anybody know. Are you gonna get involved you're right -- or no absolutely not I let. Political and social media and a couple of seconds later on in advance and move on exactly. You know what I'm never used that before but -- have to use that. Event. What did you do I -- this -- in Metairie. Anyways he had blew by use some 92 females seventeen to twenty years old. They move ahead have you in line and you say yes go ahead that's fine but dynamic confrontation apparently ahead of view. With mother and a daughter an older lady hole was a lady. But it. Sacred or you know our department about twelve years old. -- of 34 and twelve. They're beaten they're down you get involved in one person tell you I guess a -- there's nobody jumps in. They'll we got absolutely got -- one act articulated it would carpet at the lady doctrine that new program meets or make an arcane and aren't. But at that point it is they -- I. That was not an elegantly he did beat on -- caller -- you know may -- -- -- tactic yet little -- -- it's an honor it. It was stolen because I probably -- the local content on you know money -- did not -- -- minute -- As active duty unit to abuse you you know caught on the world gets up to you aren't experts say -- lady right now. You big guy -- And former bodyguard. I'll be worked. Out -- a -- you big 63 guy when. Six or you want their principal or you know I hear you so he knew the police came what happened what did you wanna say about the city before we went Carla. A lot of in this city and new money and Portland noted that couldn't -- Indy. It is it there and black are seeing that it may end. -- -- Eight ball flight back when you fight back or at school making it community. Artistry. They are who. -- at the ground and I am not able. You need to go to school don't want this going on your city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can key on and athletic compound into the city where people. Talk about his -- and what they needed and we. Didn't make breaks picturing like Jerry do. Where one has that you mr. different it would be. It's our approach to -- to and -- Q -- you -- Right now -- -- out or you're not legitimacy. To a construction and our unemployment and out parts for aggregate record. And a lot of that that a felony. I have ever you know -- -- vehicles and people look at that stopped and able to work it out on the out there right now. People in offices look -- you know pertinent. -- an -- to me you're a hero you sound like a guy that would. I would wanna be around with with. With my daughter and and with your kids and everything else -- you seem like -- you've got your finger on written and you seem like a good guy. Can we laconic trader in what kind of craft what are. And -- and outward -- -- -- the senate seat for two years without basic concrete we go to mock facility. -- -- -- It is so much I'll put you on hold I want Jordan take your information. And just from what you said he seemed like a pretty honorable man in me enabling him Kanye job all right. They're not made the 42 year old not subject to live long enough we need Omnicom unit. But once you do it -- -- it is. We're selling a Smart man I start asking them but we ran out of time if there was any resentment about the gentrification about new people move and and -- hang on. Mean did you contact information he's a BC rigor. Rigueur thank you I'd -- an construction worker and he seems like a good guy enemy looking for -- have a hard time find and it. Got a couple of tattoos but really who today dozens -- yet some for. Give us a column will make the connection we take a quick break when we come back and talk to captain black. Anti crime activist that's. On double WL a lot he's a friend of buyers and get his take on these beatings and apparently beat downs and not just happening in the French Quarter and on around the city and as you -- case ages now. At blew by you in -- in them Baton Rouge and guess where that is ran outside of that group so it again. Jason's -- good guys greater. Construction guy and if you get some reform would love to hear from -- -- -- connect GTT six 187 until 386 X. 889087. He Tommy Tucker back in a flash that the W. I Tommy -- talking about seemingly a new. Think it's gone into long ones with with. Groups of people beaten up people that are alone and and only one problem seemingly -- black joins us right now on anti crime activist of randomized morning -- night on. They don't allow Tellme tell me what that means and and your take on -- Greetings fellow hostages. There. A mile away. Connecting with people. Because Europe's where Americans were read against what freedom has been kept on the -- would do. As you and the rest of the media reports regarding these two -- And out like a -- breeze clerical. You have to turn region. -- -- -- -- -- Alberto about racial violence and it's not a mistake it wasn't an accident that these two or -- Were you sort of -- -- options but very angry. Black you decide to target them and beat them. And I'm not running for its normal politically correct so. I don't have any hesitation in saying that these were racially it will that it checks. Need to be very honest about this is not mr. Jones well you know this -- Does not mean that they have a right to be beaten within an inch of their lives and I would ask anybody -- -- reversed. Can you imagine what many national and international. Purple -- -- nobody has -- right -- -- and want and let -- be very clear and young people do groups. And her parents need -- you -- -- war was totally unacceptable. I'd so you know we're talking on the guy and he -- Bill Murphy seems you know. Of a very understanding I hate to bring politics in this old liberal or conservative but very. How can it freezes -- black and a main political but he he makes it seem as though so problem of education so relevant and and I said -- severe punishment harsher punishment. The way to deal with this he said no -- -- if you needed the eight people would be you are arrested what he went on -- and wanna punish so I think. But down that left and the man I respect the man. But I and -- are not CNN but you get where I'm where I'm saying where I theoretically it's one thing but when it happens you may -- maybe not so much. But it is it captures. What -- -- perilous just prisoners. When you have what winter and also -- Politics so what are we have people -- extremely. Tolerant. Accept and -- the -- to bring the worst environments and you move them higher crime matters -- On the time status in the stratosphere. Lobby for the -- And in order the cultural dynamite. Of queries. Yes even you know him pastor is a grouper. But. The facts stool -- -- We neighborhoods where people move -- Now in their minds briskly as Greenwich Village. Epic thing -- prevailed or everybody's -- get together and late night Stanton yet yes or regrettably that's not the case. So when we've seen from America to send our it is what were loose. But mystery worth something you art and Stan well we have been seeing over a war and over and over and over again. Is it in essence turf protection but it has nothing to do with. Gangs there's nothing to do with drugs it -- Young black uses as you were saying that. Feel as though they're neighborhoods being invaded -- they wanna protect their neighborhood or is it just paid over perceived transgressions. Are really presidential. That is -- -- -- -- The person should be beaten up on the were were cracked Leo. But if you if you have to you need to get out here and -- people the attack people you your -- your community people like -- Mercury. And all of those who get out here and chart so. Young people not want to should protect their problems and problem you shouldn't attack and quite frankly. He was also -- open and just throwing captain real quick he was open people at this soft second mortgage program trying to get in the house after Katrina. Want to hear so much trying to actually help there may be disadvantaged people. So is -- war people directory personal responsibility and an absence personal responsibility. There and residents have them and so. And we've. -- on musicians. But we need to be very clear things are not Gordon Chang is not a political. Problem matter at all or even an obesity. -- well not troops to really pretty -- at all. And until that happens and also citizen there us. It is self defense well that's awareness. What a society that you wanna -- in the concealed her permit whatever your corporate zone -- -- what you need to that people believe in -- And -- to do that but also Stan grant in one church. One of the attacker. Actually have been taught by one of the Beckham's. Home sadly the news. Not even lead the traditional. Exemption it would soon but so much so let's go -- and not be tomorrow. None of that matter you know we're -- and nuclear. Wearable for the -- presumption simply do not. So obviously it's it's a pack mentality it's let's splits beat this person let's send a message which in a lot of ways. You know young you don't throw terrorists -- here but they're definitely trying to terrorize people. And mark Woodward did did the angle or the anger rather comes from where and and the ultimate goal is just. Act out or take it out on this one person in order to send a message to the entire neighborhood. Certainly it's about it nearly is about harming people is about power and also want to -- -- -- -- better word whirl. Wind you serve. The level of disorder did you it's on to the senate Parker. And when people in Britain how close or -- people can. Hang out on street corners looking like extras and Matt -- -- when you receiver on the dear readers. If you are you better. Broker went posters faults your conclusion as well. Alters appear cops don't care where -- care we can do we want. So it's no accident -- our usual like the dark side of the night. -- shall we used to attack the orchestra players were all so all the preconditions already there. And the combatants matter nearly took advantage. So he takes and how you sir industry provides increased police presence. Well -- six to blow people responsible for her actions and not excuses. -- were buried. And it is about people. Making intelligent decision that in apps and suppression responsible doldrums -- You have to lawfully different and so. However you declined. But which you don't. It is -- on the issue. Pretend not that was just what it is going to injured if you go blah what direction the -- rock her world -- -- -- -- -- Involved. Were as low as ten to a notable porting. So we understand those problems are bigger. -- Oakland barred Yasser what we get to given and I -- people and give them aren't scared that -- people them people were gonna be you know responsible for the urged. And that government cannot do the citizens regrettable. Kept doer but the standard and so were Bedanova options and capital competent organ outlet -- -- -- simply -- I -- open it -- -- No -- well intentioned outs are. The government's change is got a compliment rather brutal top down solutions. And in the very person those are responsible or you used to be -- Or seventy if you picked the wrong person the summer tour and not -- a third option. Before -- run a news I would I would have asked did you know I mentioned that the idea well you know terrorist -- to figure out what that word means for -- -- but. Every cell -- ideas terrorized neighborhood I often tell people look you can't negotiate with somebody that's willing give their life. And fly a plane into a building or or blow up this of that the other thing. And is of the same thing with the with the mindset that would go out and beat a guy up there a gang of -- beat a guy out that there. Did it for these people EEE it's it's over the only thing they understand his -- brutality a violence and NC only way to get their attention. Or if you wanna put it in in less harsh term and short some people wince and you -- -- regular. You have a right to -- so state law. You have a right to lobby your elected and appointed officials to reassure us. What you do not have a right to be used to be a bit so each one of process so with me -- him ever so. Am I going abuse victim or am I going to protect -- -- the rules to ban did not. To detect in this manner and that these these stated over and over again. People who protect people in the apartment -- As a potential of this call the pairs fruit and just what are they graduate to even worse -- when they go to angle that's. That's that's a career. Captain I appreciate you time -- which we -- talking again I know thank you sir. My jet lag and anti crime activist who come -- doctor Robert Jenkins a criminal defense attorney. Who has an interesting ideas well when it comes to teenage crime and youthful offenders and how to deal with it right now though time for debit WL first news -- David -- -- David so many times something happens and then it happens again and you wonder -- we just focusing on answers -- something going on out there and at what point does it become. A trend in not a coincidence Robert Jenkins joins us right now friend of -- criminal defense attorney and a former state public defender and he first got our attention. When he when he said you know what when it comes youthful offenders and Robert correct me if -- misquote here but basically Danny to go to real jail and and and that DA ye -- missile facilities need to stop being country clubs and accurate paraphrasing appointees and. That's exactly and it's. What ourselves it's remembered that -- true amount you have become more than boys club and it's not that it turned. Stop them from Columbia accident that doing so you can get tougher than a -- it and maintain that. -- would do what's going on with this you know addicted to gangs of people -- -- -- -- -- word gets out on the street where one game doesn't then. And I mean an organized gang necessarily or maybe I should ask you that these are not organized gangs for say army. Not an organized a group of kids in the neighborhood. And for whatever reason. They intend to try to use it to the group dynamic certainly it's an excellent activity here people in the -- -- But in the real and once we hit them where we. Want to -- -- where we are a say in jail or whatever have been expert in the troop and they respect here but no program and -- it would mean that count it top. How how did you do that -- we have this conversation so many times and now think you can legally force. A parent to do the right thing you you can't take away people's reproductive rights. I don't know -- any idea where even begin with well. Spoke with said -- before. We happened to top programs without upon parent well and and many -- -- could be here. I've been in jail not afraid to go to jail in Japan deterrent whether it be an economic action that we can do that. You know what do about the cause problems -- there -- two properties in the view of defensively and that -- collective commitment it was -- I probably should it will you know put your ritual of an initiative on the right thing -- that the federal government and government and apparently apartment parent. And the thing about it -- that we can then. Scotland and -- part of what could be harsh. But we you know zero tolerance is partly basic things we can do about it being but we can't keep doing what we thought. Robert you got kids. So you know is that I presume from what I know of -- that that you once you have a kid that's the most important thing in your life Friday got to provide form yet take care we got to get ready leave the nest. And that's exactly correct and -- dedicated their had been put out pretty epic human -- brought -- you can't let the group. Ready for purposes what happened in the industry and we -- the -- -- dynamic in jail. So how he did to how this all get off the tracks on to when did the train derailed his. Seems like it's almost a natural human instinct to wanna do that with the kids but somehow people got away from that. Well. This is appropriately epic patent discipline out of school picnic on our own. And when that happened yet the kids running both of those Perry's. Schools in the hole you have children will -- can't say anything to do with being. -- next thing you know the teacher and that brought on chocolate. -- When it comes to parents in jail as a young you just said that about. The parents have been in jail is a feeling and -- sold sometimes deals no big deal. Exactly I mean we talked about the protected. Well we get terrorist treaties and you were indeed. At the tribute we can do that anymore beaten and afraid of jail. We got the public in the juvenile decision it's -- defendant or. From what you seen from what you hear resistant the news saying in crime and Crescent City gangs are -- beating people -- Well. It. It's becoming much more on. Home is it happening before and it's become more move worked because it's happening in areas it is peaceful soul. It brought back in full we have the book early and now in the process. So in terms of motivation and -- and he stepped on the court to join us appreciate that knowledge get back to it but in terms of motivation to do this is it about. Protecting their neighborhood from perceived in -- -- murders or it isn't just anger at and people of a different race we think. It is all that anger is people believe that one old and something we get he would -- great. Outdated troops apparently could not otherwise that it is a bit like -- true you do it he has so. Oh tango update yeah so doctors apparently. Someone to do but I'm definitely here. Robert appreciate -- time early Humana and I hope sometime he got an hour to come sit -- and you're out there I thank you sir. You -- reverend jenkins' criminal defense attorney and former state public defender he pretty well laid it out there captain black pretty well laid it out there. Amy column know what you think you agree with him or disagree -- 627803866. 890 -- an -- -- -- but when I can't get out of my mind. Is Bill Murphy the man who was savagely beaten. By a group of a black youths. And he's -- he's saying you know what the answers more education and and basically yeah you have to give people opportunity and it'll take away the anger and and -- cap and black and -- Robert Jenkins. -- really just the opposite and they weren't necessarily victims of the crimes so did I don't know what's happened in their -- lives is insane in terms of being victims of crime certainly they weren't involved. In what happens they've run neighborhood 2601878. Till 38668890870. Wanna hear from -- When we come back Tommy Tucker -- W well. Tommy Tucker talking about. You know and -- of its new trend Robert Jenkins and maybe it's being noticed more now about. I gains teenagers predominantly black and beating people that are played without robbing them and one as a reason for that. Couple of -- come in -- says Tommy I feel it goes back to section eight housing relocation program which destroys neighborhoods. And then another one says there's a big war in this city its racial. It's class and it's the locals verses of the newcomers they want to change her ways instead of adapting. Tell us. This is the aggression spilling out of the hoods. That are no longer they get knows. And what I think is interesting about it and other allowances as mayors rolled out the red -- to the newcomers and gentry fires slowly puts a tax burden on longtime property owners. And I think. They would have to be some kind of disconnect there because I think it was captain blankets and if you want to form a gang and go beat somebody go beat the drug dealer. Ago beat somebody else it's make in the neighborhood worse instead of better which makes me think. Daddy needs kid's mind it's all -- waters as to what is good and what is bad and somehow that train went off the track in a way to save same an argument hold in -- while I appreciate your patience and ansari took so long to get -- With their particular call even though that we over I apologize deeply. I did it dawn Hudson I am not an. But anyway yeah. First -- all -- Captain black and now ravaging came to a bigger boat black. What's the harm the -- on the money when everything mixes. Having met both of them -- I can assure you both are black. Okay well yes -- rather dated on TV quite a bit but -- a case did it with a -- and on the money. You could put them on every day for tolerance and replace those same. Those same competitions and maybe it'll it'll it'll get. Did some people's eyes -- No let let let me ask you that and a TV as much time as you need if we work to do that every day. Would anything change. When myself. Because the -- -- flow and opposite direction. All you know it to I don't know. Captain banks that need it it's obviously it's a blessing and all the way you look -- that it that it. Cadillac. You know -- paraphrasing attorney general saying we're not. Please say we're we're not afraid to talk about racism -- it but now when it comes to racial crime I think is what he says. Well basically he says that it. If the roles were reversed that they'll open media which is of which is true if it was if it was black data got beat up but two white guys it would be written racially we hate crime. The FBI would be the NAACP everybody. But this happens a regular basis and is like people that they had an affair and they don't say anything. I lived in that neighborhood supporting is it -- -- -- exactly the walk Milan. The church so latest on the church -- now at the kid up until I was about thirteen years old. And this is in the sixties now and an inevitable problem but. From 1980. All bodies 82 moved out because the locals around and know that you can't go walking at night the best of your wipers and analysts and that's when you look it's so. Does you know. Beat up without any of these kids just like compact well -- -- who have sort of put forth on this. This problem is when you look at -- light but he's afraid of I don't get it. So why well first off time you know he wasn't afraid to one DC that's -- I would. Love I don't know if it's grave boards. Because he sees things differently look at complexities -- season differently than Robert Jenkins than I do and and I just wonder if he. Actually thought that that was an isolated incident thought he was safe for but he did say. That he thought it was like lightning it basically I asked him that striking in the same spot rate double and probably the safest place to go. Note that bullet like -- blacks said. He has the right to defend themselves -- you can't expect that you just gonna. These these big they're gonna come to the -- this -- you know just because they want to poke fun. You -- say and you gotta you've got to talk them out of it about it but -- the wrong thing to do something like that it's not gonna happen. They had finished. But it he had. I mean on the that I've -- carried on -- the truth. By the public and enabled and I would have -- strapped on a potent a walk at night you know because it does mean just common sense. You know the neighborhood now. So what I'm asking is do you think any of this -- related to new people move and and -- have a neighborhood people -- and. It definitely -- from 1980. So. People in the neighborhood knew that it is slightly this don't walk around at night Alicia looking for trouble. After old a lot of these volunteers came and they've picked up a lot of you. And -- the nice city which -- -- that he decided to live of course that's close to the French Quarter handle everything that's happening big time in the city. That's what I wanna live and it's you know if that's great I'm glad people coming back -- that more educated people and it's gonna solve the problem. Thank you look -- But I -- -- as one of the most cynical by Yahoo!'s and around who has played nine. Right by it but at the same comment. A real. Went and they need to. You know that may happen again concealed carry and that and have a few mornings. He's Paul -- shot. All in that area and it but it may have maybe DePaul might -- and maybe -- -- maybe a minute because I felt maybe it got to go wrong. I'd like to know if there's something that happens in every city that. Where neighborhood gets gentler side or if it's a unique new Wallace thinks Steve I can't tell you how much I appreciate your -- and on and I am sorry that it took so long and if I had done it. If I had done so -- Unplug it had to do get you know before I -- all because. Because they say they're now does that nobody that does the little guy who does knows the area but these guys they got a little -- in his statement. Speak their message more so than maybe. Usually I think you're very Smart man a very analytical manner I don't think you should put yourself down at all and -- set it on -- it a -- well so are you surprised thank you Steve real quickly quickly go to Rondo who has. Woody Allen and opinion on this -- run here under the W -- the morning. Thank you so much strong Christians -- just -- -- and a couple there's that word -- very quickly that you guys. -- got beat down there is in extreme. We have to call this all adds -- -- glider. That all went -- was marred -- -- happens to me in eight -- it's happened. Mark or co opted and god number shall act like it's. Instead those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- City Hall building and stand out there and didn't add more familiar. That so. Much better job. Okay it can't and don't try and programs for epic -- -- Have a chance to. In two jobs to come out they just -- you -- somebody -- to -- -- Mean you can put that many police officers. That you want to -- -- Yup it's all happened on the -- you people need better housing. Better paying jobs. That's what the mayor needs to be concentrate not used to bowl. Hi Rhonda appreciate Colorado at a time thank you so much -- come back into the W.

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