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7-31-14 12:10pm Garland: on political parties

Jul 31, 2014|

Garland talks with former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and asks if political affiliation is more important than progress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where oh where in -- embryo produce our world were rendered talked about impeachment talk -- and Obama is suing the pros in the all of the things that are being considered in congress in the immediate today. And tried mightily to get the liberal side of the Democrats ought to -- all we go this kid went and sued to terror and Heritage Foundation. So -- to the right. We've found -- we had a chance to talk to a governor and democratic governor. Who has done some things at school that I think we should be very interested. About concerning your museum. Because we need our governor certainly an accomplished some things I'm being told the Chia. Junior program known governor of Michigan book the show appreciated -- and. Garland how great to be Aaron thanks so much. I'm looking at two a number of the -- bullet ports into people's sent to us bump which of the new -- accomplished. A more talk about all of -- -- Tsonga won in particular. You cut -- greater percentage of state government than in the state in the nation. Yeah I mean it was that is in her -- science and of course you have to balance your budget constitutionally has the governor. So in Michigan when I was governor governor between 2002. And 2010. That would be right in the middle. Manufacturing -- the automotive crisis it's better. So we. Loss of revenue as a result of the global shift in manufacturing jobs and sure Louisiana south mentioned it to and consequently. Our budget intake was there he was you know declining significantly as a result of those losses and therefore had to cut more than. Any governor in the history at Michigan and greater percentage. The budget than any state in the country and I would -- that is by far. Now that's not necessarily what you want to do because you've seen a lot of manufacturing jobs but it's certainly was what was required. We ended up cutting Maurer. Public employee used by -- -- any states. In the country are -- and that. Flashing. A quarter of the State Department. Out of state government. That it's great news because. You've of course wanna provide basic services but we had to learn that we -- Kyle what was. Important in order define what was essential and so we really got to brass tacks on -- Well this that's what aboard function and you can. Let me give an example. It's tightly bread state. And we say that privacy at all pummeled for small government and Washington know what they're doing so -- -- down a little picture of it. And then we say. Incidentally we B fifty billion minimum to rebuild wetlands are the ones we can't live here. -- we made over a billion -- for broken drinking water pipes have we don't have to we'd like it of people that. In and we get down to the nitty gritty will reduce show after show after show. Medicare social sector Medicaid. In trouble financially. And we'd say to Washington. We want -- to cut. -- -- -- -- Picked except for -- I've Medicare except for mine medic. How did you. Old -- column. Called room with a -- as long journal -- me. Well that's. I mean -- that human thing ever say that would -- some very important like your health care or something. Maybe maybe some would considered so important like a program -- it in a beautify -- street or something like that. I I I think what's really important part that basics. So. If you have I mean one of the basics its health care now I agree that Washington is completely in -- ineffective at the moment. But it -- it does seem crazy to me honestly as a governor. To say the citizens of Louisiana are paying. Their taxes they're paying in their paychecks. Money to Washington to the federal government for Medicaid and Medicare. But when the federal government offers to send that money back to Louisiana to provide health care basic healthcare for children. 40000 or whatever the numbers of Louisiana. That Louisiana has no. I'm not gonna bring my own money back and so -- and paying for the care of citizens in Michigan thank you very much. By by using that Medicaid expansion of that doesn't seem to me to be Smart and strategic move especially since. When people are without health care it taxes -- Hospital system enormously so to me that was. Decision. I understand a thing about smaller government. And all of that -- by an -- and understand the government should be nimble and not bureaucratic and that's a real struggle for many states but. The morning talk about the basics. Health care for citizens is one of those basic thing that helps an entire state and that did not seem to be a good move and by the way it's secrets. The -- state governors like like the one in Michigan right now who have decided to take their money back to find. The health care for for citizens. What do you say to our governor who looks at who's in says. This is typical audience federal program set up to were in the beginning they're paying 100%. And I don't know here two years seniors on the road we -- have to pick up tendered 20%. And -- so we're just gonna have. And and once again. We're getting didn't to a government program that had some good points -- when it comes push comes -- we're gonna have to pay him growing of the month. -- isn't it -- for Sully your ear rejecting sixteen billion. Dollars and that if -- it comes down -- cut. That the responsibility. Is 10%. Past 20/20. So the question is in all of these match program for you -- of state contribution federal contribution. If you hit every budget director of every state in the country. Is would be pounding it on the table not to take. -- 9010 match. It when you have time to plan for it if that means providing health care for citizens. That is right now you. -- match for what you pay for basic. Medicare. Medicaid excuse me and that matchup probably around the state paid about 40%. And the federal government is about 60%. It's different every need and exactly what it differently and a but try to take advantage of that you want to get that match -- that you can bring home health care for years that the -- have been nothing he can't match after 20/20. I'm telling you that it -- hurry he further states you believe that you can -- -- respects it's time to plan. It didn't. That you don't conducting a lot more to the hospitals who have to page. For providing care for people who are uninsured that -- pay a lot of money right now to the -- -- for uninsured care the state does that as well so. It's just that the it's the -- -- that helped to lift Louisiana and and helped -- -- -- -- unfortunate distinction and we all everything it's got bad numbers straight and one -- the band members through read you know that. I'm sure you're aware of is that it's considered on all of these lists support. States in the -- the largest percentage of citizens who are in poverty. One of the ways you have to address that one of the greatest cause of poverty. Is failure to have health care if you want a -- indices ended. Taking advantage of a 9010 match is such a good deal for Louisiana. Governor which I departments open argue we view but that is. So what can make a lot of sense can -- can -- for a couple more men. Are coming right back forward government should engine program to launch date will those Columbia. Particular about bill former two term governor of Michigan junior program and whom who joined to. Governor. A brain dead. You got the second highest rate of children's health care. Pew Center on the States as one of the best managed states in the nation. We already talked about you cutting the budget deficits by more than fourteen billion more than anybody -- And all this was in the midst of economic challenges such. -- when you're in a big big big downturn. In the economy like like cute guys were. How how do you improve. Child health care. Well you'd you'd take it -- Children's Health Insurance Program that the federal government actually through our and our state -- is sending to that. Federal government they expanded what is known as chip. Which is the state children's health insurance plans and we decide that we were gonna put a lot of effort into outreach for that. Because it was such a good deal for the states and obviously agreed deal for the family. And so we need we engage in a full throttle effort to identify the kids who were uninsured. And we got them ball and roll and settled between our private health care system and our outreach efforts for as chip. It was it was a very successful effort we also get a lot of creative things you know when things that contracts are up. -- -- to do a lot of partnering with other entities and so you know we we created we cool our. Pharmaceutical. Dollars so that we can leverage negotiating with the pharmaceutical companies to bring down costs. Those drugs that are we get a whole bunch of things that. You know necessity is the mother of invention that we are very creative and. In part of the private sector and -- -- partnering with our with the foundation in Michigan. They helped to do a lot of this regional difference from of that as well -- -- foundation office inside the governor's this began their foundations were. Hand in -- partners with that in making this happen and I had a faith based offices well and so my. Opposite faith and community based relationships went into the churches. Should be able to identify those kids and help will enroll them. Once you close thirteen prisons the economy. Yeah well we had been decided that we were going to take a look at. Expanding. That parole for people who were convicted of nonviolent. Offenses. And maybe possession like marijuana etc. -- expand our Parole Board to identify which. People would be either age to like they may be over sixty they may have. They may be in firm they may be dying. They need to have committed a crime that subsequently laws were changed and it would -- been. Of the offense that they were in we identified a series. Inmates that were in there that we're not endangered two states. And believe we. Put them on the poll we released -- in -- -- way but as a result of that -- of clamping down. That we were able to shut prisons and so therefore we set a huge number of prisons which again was part of that. Cost cutting strategy that also. A way. In any of that that we saving money for the citizens could -- paid 50000 dollars a year to keep somebody who's that. A nonviolent. Marijuana protester in jail or in prison or you could release them with parole and -- -- be much less expensive. Board cure take on the the talk of impeachment and lawsuits against some pros. I think it is hopefully ridiculous. Spending millions of dollars to. Come. I mean if you -- -- and the governor former governor of Michigan so our number one priority is hopefully jobs and the economy. Only members of congress -- and if you. If you. It into the -- -- -- earlier this year by a group called PPP and they get tired of polling congress' approval rating because it was so -- that they decided. That they would start to compare congress to a bunch of unpleasant things. And that sound like -- the approval rating is worse. Then. Donald. Worse than light worse then hot. And arrow and the only thing they were better then -- Charles Manson and meth lab so you know. It just felt that the -- kind of activity that they're doing right now which is completely counterproductive unproductive purely political. Is nonsense please don't work for -- I'm expecting the same frustration that you probably have a lot of people have. But it just a huge. Waste of human. Energy to be doing the president especially over something that they wanted to happen in the first place the subject of that being that. In the enforcement of obamacare. Would jumps. Interviewing political analyst -- -- The terror in organization. And I said throwing. So. There there there have been some political pundit and certainly in the pan out -- said you know I. These two groups on all the -- ever reduced in argue. And we go to Jerusalem endure until something collapses and then we'll have all get together and picked it. And and basically about what gridlock is an -- was actually elected -- -- and he's right. James Madison in the Federalist papers and -- from federal newspaper number ten. Virtually said that our constitution calls for gridlock. The pure actions by the federal government the better or blow your thoughts on this this institution. Can't -- city. Well I I -- think that it can be saved you know you've got people like Mary Landrieu is a great example of somebody who goes there. It's really mention that the -- in lockstep with her party she is interested in serving. You know we've seen and which is exactly what people should be doing but I that this means that there's gonna be a greater emphasis on states. I I would love to see a sort of -- sort of economic liberalism if you will be pushed down to the states. The ability to craft solutions for them like for example workforce training dollars you know the Department of Labor such -- the workforce training dollars. You know how the states to be able to craft solutions. For that that makes sense for each of our citizens get hit by economic development dollars that you would be spending -- at -- the -- put -- In partnership in the state level there's a lot can happen. At the state level that then yeah obviously it's not happening at the federal level and to me that's a great days could be a bipartisan way. Reaching people. And providing -- service rather than having everything blocked and in Washington. We don't have a governor anymore -- for president could. -- -- -- -- Well my goodness well it's coming I don't have to get applied has been reap what you have to hand it to -- and governor Ed Rendell former governor of Pennsylvania are both coming that the against the -- began to speak to that the Democrats. Jefferson Jackson day. Dinner at. The Hyatt on Sunday the night and so I'm really looking forward to a had a daughter. Who did the first DD year year and it said -- high school -- also visited. A lot can have a great time great -- there's so I'm really excited to come back. So we don't did you get cajun food for you you know where to get -- I don't where magnetic image that gumbo and. Are very governor thank you for the time to look forward Jude for a Google's call when you get it. I do regular -- of a deal that was its to do and in. Former governor of a Michigan two term governor general programming. Common bright that would -- Welcome back -- -- you couldn't be in via think -- -- how follower of pupil in the common -- a couple of items and they did you think give me call 26018. Celebrity of what it will back to law. Last -- war where we were talking about sticks in my extra Reid's campaign. Lake Butte civic association putting together. A plan that -- two -- -- the whole city. -- had a meeting in those 79 and ten days ago. Hundreds of people showed. And -- definitely. The streets when -- terrorists and when -- -- at all on children people aboard. Or who wins I mean that some of them -- little bit -- -- And they're getting together and and try and figure out. How -- I even did term. How many streets will be in trouble. One or the priority. And how -- we paid for. How to -- and you funding group we can't report. And and so forth console and -- a welcome back to them because we have caller. They're both to comment on the UW we adjusted revealed former go over Michigan. Welcome back to the streets and also one coverage you would think. Soon and that -- Russia appreciated the call. Yeah. Dude dude you. A couple of is there. Am wondering you know make the -- Getting back out. And talk about how. -- -- -- -- Our practice and you don't mind watching it out in the they're not about -- -- -- higher dollar. -- Populist. And -- occur at that out there that we are. Not illegal alien. Wrap up our support that the at her back where it. What are you about that trillion dollars in health care in the danger that these illegal -- and -- it -- -- With that help the late entry could be that the a -- on our current. Haven't been the country -- -- -- your senior year and now it's a -- -- our our top. -- -- I'd like to hear you know. Let me. And what's your take on. You know we've we've done the show on the if you yesterday. And -- head. Done to all of the national organizations -- very much the way you do. And and I eskimos simple question as -- okay what he wondered do about. And one of them should close the border. And it's OK. We get cured and 67 miles of border that we've hello whose. We've got a proposal to close 700 more -- -- but no money for it or no money dedicated for. And even if you do that it's -- 2000 mile border. And both the bureau tell him you can't close the Texas border because of Rio Grande meanders central point. It would be impossible close so. My question is. For the people would feel like Q and and sound like you've got some very good ports what do you do. Problem and now it's become a very -- act its goal our current government yet again. A bit of a big partner. It's on its worst. Starting a year and a half ago but it has been a problem I've been doing shows on this. Or seven years. Yeah out uptight out out out back and let it let it play. That. -- that I was playing a huge part in they are they are getting paid. Back these people -- -- -- choose the border in California governor being there and that mom and yet every year. But I'm I'm still looking for ways to stop it. Well -- and -- I get we need together to talk had -- -- a government site for every -- in that on the border will be here app which you can't attack it it. I think and -- it -- appeal. -- You know we're really got in -- would get him bastard who's talking to him but I I don't think talking with the the Mexican government. -- -- -- Count me. That at the aptly -- I mean -- yeah. Actually you know talk yeah. And this I've gotten from -- rule news sources. All of the countries surrounding Nicaragua. Guatemala but they're being flooded with -- young people to. The the gangs. The drug gangs. That we don't want to stop. Because we wanna keep doing the drug war. It's costing goats and our family. Ensuring no product what shall ever. Today you are living -- to which words getting so bad. The gangs. Going to the teenaged boys UConn joy in the getting will kill your parent from what I have. So parrots and the kid or afraid to live their kids go to school in their migration. That's one reason. Now did the 2008. Won't change. That Obama had something to do incurred they become more sure they do it. Vanish without a doubt would still with the all that's. How. Do you. Stop it. Right we -- -- about October. And not a rate would get him the right. Are. We. -- Sid 369. Elton last year. Yeah we -- 306. -- 9000 every year and don't. Close the border news people come here and will spend thirty years getting rid of -- levered twelve million that we have and you're just that it we don't have the money. We. Need to. Combat and. You're not gonna give me an -- you remarkably assured -- Why how and why aren't we why are we picking them at the border why don't we march right back. Mortar why are we not been living on June. Delaware. -- a good mood I have 73000. Border guards taken by the enemy and put you cross the border in that they do become right back. Look through that I appreciated call a lot of people. Or is frustrated if you are more dogs and I don't like it's unfortunate that. I would like to see the border closed. But I have yet. To talk to anybody. That explains. How the gonna do it Dublin via. Wrote in a lot of people wanna talk about the issues does go to -- -- and slide a Euro and other rubbed. One of my quite there but it which. They -- The other point. Republican but like I. Can give what you have. And and dealt with. Children. -- -- -- Only point. Like in Garland. Whether where in Europe when I look at what she'd do more to adored. The guy that -- -- to ruin the issue here and I were having been the key buried earlier. I'm beginning to think -- look at gridlock could government. And or remember one New Orleans was. -- Katrina as compared to now. A part of me says she did what she did she was able to current government that much. Able to close there teaching pro is able to do the right -- -- children. -- it's because they had a catastrophe. -- of their of their entire column -- deal's collapse. Businesses leapt pensions collapse people lost her home. And I think I hate to say that but I think that maybe you were were headed. Two world we've got to lose enough. For everybody drawn together and say look good -- think we're gonna get together and figures open. It wouldn't change. A bit. The government. That. -- And him again. And it's changing. -- I agree because you'd viewpoint and interest including. Nobody hates. The government more than Mississippi. And and if you listened to observe Mr. Bush -- and election. They get 43%. Of all the revenue from the beds Alabama's second we're third. But I acted a little bit different -- to you then you a group cajun -- grow pretty pork. And -- wouldn't mind given -- and goodies wouldn't mind. Gore Gordon back in time to bid to what we can look forward. Because I think you eventually had to pull it where you'd -- you can report that you can report that the controllers to. Outwardly at least have one that has done. It's good to covering them to build them. It. And now also appreciated. Former mission and governor solutions through a lot of there's State's problems that that. She's a pledge to -- and should. Yeah yeah I was found at a reasonable doubt that that's the biggest thing I've had this thing get -- elected official visits and that's like the plate politics. -- -- it I think it's -- what was best for their parties. In the American people involved. But do you ever think that'll change. Analysts who get to a point where we. Got to change. It just like you -- everything appetite to -- on a very important listen I had -- -- -- -- suffered especially in that state. I'm and then in the yet. There was -- -- wallet going to lose lose all know how much debt Alice state. Which follows that we can't have concern. And that's as hell hole that we could -- quite some time ago we went by and party politics. Yeah I'm open I'm looking down the road known to be an awful lot of tin canyons. And I think -- -- in Google wrote. A good example -- Jews who ruined streets. And and an example them talking about border. We back up considerable gonna take it Barroso to get this thing fixed. And get the league view people. Civic association. Who's taken -- cell -- and -- pictures rates side. We head the head of the business government. Better government. What is -- York. In -- board there have been ahead of an organization that studies all of these problem. And she said the bid on three major reports in its 2008 on our streets. And the only thing that we comply and money here and is -- said -- and you were on Britain. And non profit exemption. Or nobody wants to do away with the nonprofit. Exemptions. And homestead exemptions or these sacred cow. And the rest of it is is not money that reachable. So unless the lake -- people -- some kind of miracle. The answer is we journalists don't have the money. -- dividends of the GR. So it is gonna take the legislature. Going back and re writing portions of the constitution. Constitutional amendments. And we know what the chances of this legislature. Helping New Orleans more. So that it's more important we keep pointing out problems like immigration. But nobody seems to have an answer -- that bit -- -- wildly and through that we could do. Take -- break but go brigade -- putting immoral 53 yet. Luckily you bring returned to the caller is on the the -- take John in Metairie your window. Girl just. I just wanted to mention the fact that I'm a little bit different spin on edge. When you talk about the money received from federal government if you began -- the money that -- easy. All the oil stripped around -- our coast that we. Don't receive anything I believe we. Be received in so much more and -- and then report indicate. -- were getting more use. And I think I don't think we re actually saying. As much as set records indicate shall agree budget cuts and factory -- What's different about sea salt like on our. Oh believe me I agree with -- -- -- Bernard getting what we dues -- well we should be getting. But it is just not gonna happen to you the other states what that moment -- that on. And really help those that shouldn't do not go we've got a great show is double BO brigades WAM 105 to reopen.