WWL>Topics>>7-31-14 3:10pm Angela: on Uber and cab companies

7-31-14 3:10pm Angela: on Uber and cab companies

Jul 31, 2014|

Angela talks with former New Orleans taxi chief Malachi Hull, Sheree Kerner of Nawlins Cab, Jason Coleman of Coleman Cab, and Bruce Giles of Atlas Financia about the possibility of Uber coming to New Orleans and challenging the cab companies.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The battle continues between the New Orleans taxi cab and -- world. And then of over San Francisco based company that allows people to Haley camp with the now. Well we're gone one step closer to being allowed in when the city council's transportation committee moved. Legislation. To the full City Council. But did so without making a recommendation. Will -- -- taxis out of business. Or will just add to options that people have the transportation. Again this is a program we have done before and we're going to continue to do this week we learned about more and more about -- We passed representatives of -- were to join us they were unable to today. But we have in studio mallet kind well who's the former taxi chief for the city of New Orleans he is now talking to private citizen. Not sure recurrent or by phone owner of New Orleans -- Knowledge scams. Jason Coleman -- owner of Coleman -- And also we're joined by a Bruce Giles. Was vice president and development and of undermining atlas finance. I can't thank you'll enough for calling calling him into a lot this happens. In the last few days with the transportation. Committee passing on to the council what ultimately will be a vote for or against you for coming. I would like to -- -- on note that you testified Malick -- concerns. Angela thank you for this opportunity -- like thank god forgive this opportunities we'll be here. I have some concerns. When I first came to the city of new awards. My focus has always been known to ensure public as safe reliable accessible. And affordable transportation. We went throughout reform process we did those things and that was always at war makers who we have public safety and consumer protections is the forefront. These reforms this ordinance which is coming in now seems like it removes a bunch of the protections that we had in place to protect the public to -- the public is safe as well with consumer protections but there's five major points that I wanna touch on the -- public safety. How would -- service how it impacts consumer protections. -- -- quality of life. And let's just talk about consumer protections first in order for you to download this. You have to wait your rights as a passenger. To hold who were account. We think that that's that that's observe. You never you never waive your rights when you fly delta you never waiver -- rights when you get it in a normal text to to have more than losing. You don't waive your rights when you get on a Greyhound bus. The public should not be subject to these type of. Specifically what do you mean it went waiving our right to do waive your -- to hold them accountable if you -- involved in an accident. OK so. You know what for those who -- listening who may not know what -- is it is an app and you'll. A pitcher credit card information and and you will then call for a car. And it will arrive at your destination and no money tree and it changes hands it's all done but in what you're saying his. That person who is driving that car is not insured. If -- if you're in a racquets were in Iraq. That's what you're saying that is that's exactly the -- if I'm driving on all talking to -- Shareef and two Jason who both have can't companies. If you pick me up and -- in Iraq. Your insurance is going to handle it. -- Our. Yeah. Actually. Happen and -- out there. And it's. You're -- meet everybody. Okay and and likewise with you. Jason. -- merchant here and ranging or and it took 500 dollars per month. Day at the amount of the charter ear and it's unfair for someone in. Or insurance via columns the current situation -- it. OK but we'll let this go to Bruce Giles I appreciate you joining us did you could you explain to us. Your concerns. Well. You know I think I think he when you're when we're talking about this subject we need to compartmentalize it and in the two different -- There's. -- and uses the vehicle and oftentimes they sign. Vehicle. And -- One sport and commercial sure there's probably. For the passengers. Will need. To do business through the movement to. And you got to separate election which is really do like cheering. Which comes down to people using their private passenger automobile. To transport passengers. Now. Virtually every. Private passenger automobile insurance policy do what you would buy your own vehicle. Hasn't -- collusion in there when the vehicle was used them for higher -- there is smoke and return your personal carrier. That vehicle. You can imagine. I raid on normal person would not contemplate. The fact that they're gonna be hiring they're going to be hauling passengers for higher. And and charging that need to do it. Besides sharing companies have policies that they now that are gonna provide coverage. For the passengers. But there's. Between those cartridges and determining is that being personally news. Is it being -- we use. The album was the apple line and they got some contingent country get the -- on in -- other regions there's a passenger in the vehicle. But the bulk -- on why don't -- has been schedule through the application. Now -- -- -- in -- the book value a number of drivers develop relationships. Regular passengers. -- passengers -- cab drivers. On a regular basis when they need to go from point a to point B. And then back home again that's gonna happen with the picture involved so they -- developed relationships they will be calling these drivers. And has been instances where that's been documented to have occurred. There's so. It there's there's the -- color TV station down in Houston. That it import the just the -- moment explained witches. There. Directly. The driver of the rights -- company. And agreed to pay to actually. In the activity there would be no comment vehicle the -- -- -- it would denies any claim. Because it's being used bookmark for pulpit. And that the right sharing company would be diet because it was scheduled to happen they're concerned that -- didn't know quarter. Because acted in the 20%. Which is is that the that they take off the top for providing insurance and services. That person would need -- let's it was Hoover wouldn't be worth -- they have we're taking a cash deal just an independent person. Using their car to pay some money. -- -- But -- these relationships. Start developing through the -- sharing networks. And Angela -- just chime in with you speaking out. We see this happen right now what they'll PSE vehicles which are not nice but you know once they establish relationships with dormant. In dormant with direct answers to these vehicles through and are going to have those vehicles are just sitting around waiting for individuals to put somebody in that vehicle. And once that individuals and that vehicle they're not covered under the insurance. Requirements. That -- set forth in the city code it and it is with a rush hour program they would not be covered do that either because they did not go to happen. But then going back to the consumer protections -- talked about earlier. You waive your rights to hold that -- company accountable in the first place something else we talk about accessibility. In order for you to access this -- you have to have a Smartphone. 42% of the US population does not have a Smartphone which means now you discriminating against those individuals because the cannot access to transportation. 30% of the US population does not have credit courts you must have a credit court in order to access this transportation. We have. Something that you wanna hear -- debate is. Archaic. Old regulations -- look at the competition. But will we need to always remembers that for the last. Several decades we call these things community standards. Because we want a vehicle that's safe we want a vehicle that's been inspected we want a driver that's professional we want. The type of things that make sure that we have safe reliable and affordable transportation. I think that's the bottom line everybody was aware that you'll have this transformation. We had -- new updated cars you had to have. The ability to use a credit card you had to have. The various things that make camps where people would want to drive an annual fulfill that. And now it seems like. With -- or any of these groups coming in the short changing the rules. That they don't have to be as accountable. As what you'll have to be in the in the -- world. We're gonna take a break we've got to stay with the statistical 260170. If any thoughts on this. But will be right back well we're back talking about over an -- this very quickly but done. Very important but was taken by the transportation committee of City Council. Sending it to the City Council and ended the gentleman who was talking earlier is correct your two different kinds of -- services. The one that is before that will go for the City Council is called over black. And it is essentially. Like a limousine service. The concern has always been because it's happened in other cities that once -- black -- in which is the limo service. Then -- were acts which is in direct competition with taxis. Will just come -- and and then if there in kind of stopped them. So we have I'm so thrilled that we have so many people here Malick -- all. Who was the former check to cheek with the city of new world to -- testify. Against -- at the most recent transportation committee. Sri Carner who is the owner of knowledge -- Jason Coleman whose father owns Coleman camps and Bruce Giles who was down part of the underwriters at -- Insurance. And we have other -- people calling the concern is what lets try to simplify it for the listener. Angela you know some things we talked about on the break. You have an ordinance which is in place where -- telling us that their brilliant blue we're black. Over black does not financially feasible for the -- city of new one is promising companies nineteen out of the twenty licensed companies. -- said that they cannot. Function where they cannot work for the those arrangements because. They would go broke it. It took over blacks and we're gonna work with. The limo companies is what yourself. That is what they're saying put the nineteen of the twenty in listening companies say that we can't work with you because -- you gonna run us out of business because we won't be making money. So the one company which did say that there will in the work with them only has about 23 courts so that probably run into with when you passed an ordinance which allows for the economy and overcomes back and they say we cannot serves the public so what they do what they turn on the over X application. And over X they've been taking applications for those already and that's where the danger comes that because the public is going to be getting into vehicles as I personally don't. Private insurance just like Bruce Johnson in the opener and you talked about. My family my friends -- famine difference getting in these vehicles and not being protected and that's something that I think that we need to. Guard against and we to make sure that we keep their rules or regulations in place that are currently there we can find some things we can define what -- -- We can make any idea if a transfer fee. To the airport we can do those things those -- things that we discussed on the reforms would never were introduced. Michael ranks always talks about. The meetings that we had when -- in for the -- care reform we actually had about 100 ordinances to introduce. But we'd say that's too many -- to introduce all we introduced its 32. They're still more ordinances which were to go in which we're -- to reform the industry one of the main ports that ordinance was the one that. Put transfer -- which was a minimum 75 dollars one way trips. To the airport that's something that in the housing industries in favor and I think that that just produce more work. Let's be clear. So this injury has been on point she asked that will work. Of representatives we'll -- operate under the law. We are you not bring and who were -- -- one answer. There were not comply they basically say it. Hey this talk about it later what that means the -- as a regulator or as a city councilman is that you know they gonna come and break the rules. And so we make these laws on paper that we can't enforce because we don't have enough policeman as it is but it crimes on the street. He better let you gonna take them off the street to mess with. Illegal operators we know we have an issue with -- we know we have -- -- enforcement so why -- you gonna put this on top of -- men and women are out there trying to service all the calls we currently have. We can't handle it as a city and he'll be you're responsible for those people who we elect to represent us to actually represent these. California cup is what we do have individual us from California on a city -- I guess that's some of the problems that we have to deal. It. As of what. -- I think that that Jason just brought up. Over the past few months I've been getting beat up over the media. Based -- -- must cease and desist letter to. Well most individuals do not realize is that I sent over email on September the 26 which -- which was actually fifteen days prior to the cease and desist letter. That in them know to come to sit down with this we can tell you how you can come on board but -- -- motto is if we're not gonna follow rules and regulations. So we saw that they thought to recruit drivers we saw that the start recording drivers so we worked with our city attorney to craft. If cease and desist letter to -- these individuals that's why we sent. And five days after we sent an email us -- come down to come sit down with this the start recruiting drivers. So that's something's that's not on the public right now which the public should be aware of our overall goal is to ensure public safety. To ensure we have reliable accessible and affordable. Actually isn't you know this is this is competition. But to me just from one I'm reading and listening to it's two different sets of rules. And how can that be a -- out. I think that's the issue we have to go to news we'll be right back stay with this give us a call 2601870. Were talking should Cooper come to town. Well we're talking about Hoover and the controversy surrounding it again this car service that wants to come and first the caller who were black which is like a -- but we for an explanation of the difficulty that may pose but the bigger concern is that they will also bring an uber X which is in direct competition with our taxi services. Let's go to a lot Richard in mid city and you say you're in favor of -- Hey annually you know. I just tend not to go in and -- pol pat -- at the things I'm here. I'm a young young person and in the city and every you know. In earth mover was the idea where in Berkshire so many. Major cities in the -- that there's there's no possible -- BD species that would come -- -- -- I haven't been one where -- The insurance you know OK so people getting into cars with personal injured. Been operating in New York LA -- major city. Without having left out one player but I guarantee that that -- well as and our solution or at least a proposal she another thing that -- be seeing that I'm here. -- -- -- -- just say this to become the. Let me add something let me ask some Richard do you think that it fair that if if this company comes in it doesn't have to play by the same rules as the tax accountants and the tech company has to have. A lot not just to license. Specialist lessons it has it is dictated to by the City Council what fees they can charge. Over what knocked it. I mean -- a series of things that you really looking at two different. -- playing fields is that right. -- Do you think it's. Now and I'd I completely disagree with you know your your standard rate of 75 dollar -- European or being to begin. Think that that you know that that ought to -- Now -- it. -- -- the petition to me. It's the the tactic and our time competing with it because the -- them because you know -- entrepreneurial you know people can earn money went well. Everybody. Benefit. From -- and it ends up. You know I've benefit the -- -- -- benefits. Are but you know really the only people you see don't benefit from our. Companies and. You know the industry. The automobile industry you know game and you know things -- It's something can be done cheaper and better. The wave of the future and the new Amare you know this is something that's been going. The larger. Laura and I and I think about it. You can't elect and I make a comment on the shore. One of the things that people understand and even bring our view is we make actually money actually equity would be operation of their car in liquidating in -- So even though Amy saint that they need to money. In another year to depend on how. It may use their car. Now they simply buying Arctic is taking new investment they may in their car in liquidating and into cash so QB in China. Now what I -- saying the cut. I do absolutely agree that market is there -- step with the taxi industry because when they have they cap. And influences pick something up on -- web site in the Elmer that the -- at tech services that guarantee of service is not high. It wasn't on the way in an industry lies. But the market is telling everybody that he is ready to he captured different -- Other than we've. Calling on the financial. Expert came out everybody was very excited like -- by camps paint well. -- and on reports second. To reflect on or second Angela thank. The public forgets is that although the cap companies -- private companies public transportation. They have fixed rates. The council sets those rates death for consumer protection they can outsource less than 354. I cannot -- more than two dollar amount that's too short that the residents and visitors are protected now that's just go back to over for example. In New York during hurricanes and they have a thing called search -- that it was a minimum of 175 dollars in order for you to get a call. There was a young lady in Los Angeles fourteen mile trip 357 dollars these are things that is going to hurt. Our our population it's gonna hurt a working class you talking about individuals. Early this morning how was that. Provide New Orleans transit. Status state of the union speech and they were talking about how. Transportation impacts workforce and in a -- workforce development. How would also impacts education we talk about. New Orleans residents that are going from one job to another job and they have to pay these enormous rate that's when impact when you talk about a senior citizen. Who has to choose whether or not -- gonna go to the doctor because they can't afford. Search pricing goes to effect whenever demand outstrips supply. That's. Never traffic coming and that's when it rains that's -- weekends. I'm just I'm just the only thing I would like. Is that is -- comes in I don't understand what the resistance news and with all their apps and all their convenience and everything like that I get. But why they shouldn't have to play by the same set of rules that exist or conversely. Just throw out the rules that we had. I think we -- hear it there and think the issue with not so that they aren't. -- That the in the -- And it gonna take issue with the -- that -- where debt debt is mentioned that taxi companies are being considered public station that you know now that. That's not. Richard Richard do we relax building building out -- to allow unlicensed contractors to comment for competition. And there's a reason for that because there's standards -- community standards right. A contractor is not considered a public worker a contractor is in private individual. Working for a try to top. Each one of the -- -- that if a public necessity and convenience and. Electrician to undergo life. And make -- public worker doesn't -- public transportation. And that that you know approved the things that are happening absolutely. Like usual. -- -- Certain mile per hour per mile per minute that thing shut. Consumer protection and maybe that would be consumer protection. And -- -- anything. Whom will be able to check on the cars that -- over hires no one -- No Soviet -- and there aren't a company limited and again let's remember what happened seven years ago. And there was a revolution within the -- to community they had to fix up their things what if we get taxis by Hoover who don't. We'll take another break stay with us we'll be right back. -- talking again about whether. A different kind of from cab service drive service should come to town playing by frankly different set of rules Morgan in New Orleans. Or. Thank them while I'm on the and -- -- more. In the French Quarter. I would have to say united number -- my -- And as each year. There had checked in Ireland I am extremely. Since -- crippled. -- -- -- Have friends family. Now. -- Q well you know. -- try to get. It right -- now. Recently went -- the team now with other people. -- In. People walking out street trying to police. Are. And it turned out. Cap in -- singles or two people three people. People. Extra care. I mean necessarily. Being younger. That -- -- Can not get. Think you're doing very very good point because I like it. Okay. Quickly. She's absolutely right the more on the problem and that was it right where mark is the point in time. The art. I mean sometimes outlook equality the right off the quantity seek out. He'd gone back in fourth and eat it right. On just like mr. college that. Ordinances in the party. Attacked -- one. Because. And the ordinances where implement it it has caught the public million rides -- -- year in our. But what it's gonna bring the -- back that. We'll be there for when people make the call. -- one of the things that I think the public does not aware of -- we have 16177. License text tips and student wants. Less than 800 of them all on two way radios. After Katrina. -- before Katrina there was a two way radio requirement when I came in -- 2011. At the Katrina. They stopped requiring that so -- but the industry on notice that we're gonna go to require everybody go back to two way radio requirement. Under protest -- -- to the 2012 performs at two way radio requirement was removed so whenever Parma was removed individuals removed a two way radios from. -- -- Now the problem at their runs into is now the public does not have access to the full fleet of vehicles it only has access to less than half. Why wouldn't they want that the radios in -- to make the money well on what happened was. -- -- reform we have unfunded mandate. Meaning that the amount of money we're gonna spin out -- secrets of revenues -- getting in. And instead of the City Council having a -- active paying increased to offset that they made a cut in on that service in order to lower the cost for the vehicles. Coleman camp was against it we had just purchased 20000 dollars were from radios and had to pay 5000 Jessica restocking fee because we didn't use. I understand the problem we Guinea camp on -- some people getting passed over because of -- look. -- -- income to the academy. So I understand that but you know an idea are reported a cab driver. And one -- more from me so he's no longer work from. So I understand what happens but we have to do our job as citizens to report these instances Andy's CPAC numbers that we can get these drivers. Out of the business he and if we had to pay raise could have better. And cab drivers employees. Well the bottom line is if if we have a problem we need to fix it if -- were gonna come to town it's going to be up to the City Council is saying on the fourteenth. August 14 August 14 August 14 if you're really passionate about it the way you need to be in this council chambers but I think we really have to look about. I keep saying the word what is fair. What is -- stay with this will be right back. I hall thank you Bruce Giles Jason Coleman and sure -- -- and thank you all the callers will do this again.